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RE: Smaller Class C

Our 23-foot 2006 Itasca Navion has a decently sized shower (I've never measured it, but I don't have to be a contortionist to use it). The beds are a fold-out sofa and a fold-down table, side exit in both cases. We like the length because it's right below the cutoff point for a lot of things: some ferries we've been on won't accept any RV longer than 24 feet, for instance; and a lot of parks and RV places charge more for spaces for longer units. And I can park it in a supermarket parking lot, as long as the lot's got facing spaces without parking blocks.
BillHoughton 06/15/19 10:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Salesman trying to talk me out of a Class C

He may be under pressure to move the Class A units off the lot, even the cheaper ones. Or he may truly believe that a Class A is better. But he's not you. You are. If you want a Class C, find someone who'll listen to what you want, and offer you useful guidance.
BillHoughton 05/03/19 12:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Intermittent failure to start.

Does it happen at home, too? I'm wondering if you've got a vampire current draw - something that should not be drawing current when you're stopped, but does. Sadly, not all mechanics know how to check for this issue, but any competent mechanic should be able to.
BillHoughton 04/20/19 01:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Non-Cramped Bed in 24 Feet?

Five feet of access to one corner, in a Class C RV? Hard to imagine.
BillHoughton 03/27/19 08:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: what is the shortest class c that people have used?

Didn't use it, wasn't even inside it: we were waiting for the ferry from Seattle to Victoria, B.C., and wound up behind a European Class C (Renault chassis? Can't recall), driven by a couple who had it shipped over from Europe to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and who had then driven it all the way across Canada and down into the U.S. They were preparing to drive it back across to Halifax before going home. It looked to me like the house portion was just about long enough for a bed and a little more room, but they were quite cheerful and clearly still having fun together.
BillHoughton 03/24/19 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 4 seatbelts NOT facing sideways

Buy what you want and install the seat belts yourself. You can buy belts and harnesses online. Well, but... On our 2007 Itasca Navion, the rear bench for the dining table is on top of the heater, which takes up pretty much all of the space under that bench. It would be hard to impossible to install seatbelts on that bench. The front bench (facing backwards) has storage underneath, and two seatbelts. Also, I'm not sure (haven't had occasion to look) that I could get to the underside of the floor to install seatbelts properly, even where I otherwise could. So, if you find an RV that otherwise satisfies your needs, make sure that you can, in fact, install seatbelts everywhere you want them.
BillHoughton 03/18/19 01:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looks familiar but is not

When I was young - we're talking late 1960s here, soon after people stopped riding dinosaurs and started melting them down to make gasoline instead - I remember commenting to my parents that, as I traveled around, I was seeing pickup trucks with camper shells, with a trailer behind, and either a boat on the trailer or a rowboat on top of the camper shell; or a trailbike on a carrier at the front of the truck. But never a boat AND a trailbike; one or t'other. Then, finally, on the road somewhere in the mountains of southern California, I saw a complete set: pickup truck, camper shell, camping trailer, rowboat atop the camper shell, trailbike on the front of the truck. I sent them an excited postcard. Life was good.
BillHoughton 03/14/19 12:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tires LT 225/75R16 load range E

Whatever your final tire decision, confirm with the tire shop before they start the work that they'll have the necessary tire valve stems - preferably by far, metal ones - for your wheels, in the length you prefer. In January, I had all six tires replaced on my RV. The truck tire manager at the tire shop inspected the valve stems and said they all looked OK, but it turned out the two fronts were too funky for re-use. I now have one valve stem that sticks out past the tire, all ready to get knocked off if I lose an argument with a curb, and one that's just the right length to make installing a tire pressure monitoring system valve cap/sender impossible (if I decide to do that later). I've got a Mercedes-based RV, and Mercedes requires oddball valve stems; you may not have an issue with your rig (Ford, right?). But check and be certain. I've purchased the right length stems, from Borg, and the tire shop's going to put them on for no charge; but it's an extra trip to the next town over (although it is close to the Habitat ReStore, so I can go treasure hunting). I'm currently waiting for the backyard to dry out a little - which it's not going to do soon, since we're continuing to get rain every couple of days - so I can be confident about getting the RV out and back in.
BillHoughton 03/09/19 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electrical plug

By the looks of the non-existent photo, I think it is a whatyamaycallit. It controls on the duhicky. And the Model 4 whatyamaycallit, at that. Yes: let's see a picture or two. Then we can speculate with more precision.
BillHoughton 03/09/19 09:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Filling inside rear tires

Coming back to visit this one with an update. After some roaming around trying to get answers, I was referred to Borg Equipment (shows up on the interweb as http://yourtireshopsupply.com/), where I was able to get long valve stems bent specifically to fit my year of Sprinter. I had them installed at a local tire shop, and they look like the solution. They are sold with rubber stabilizer fillers for the vent hole in the outer rim through which they exit, and they're right simple to reach. It was pointed out to me that they'll make rotating the tires more expensive, but I rarely rotate tires anyway, so I'm not worried. I got great service from Kelli there. We haven't taken the rig on the road yet, but I'm impressed so far.
BillHoughton 01/17/19 03:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The sins of the previous owners...

That one with the wire is pretty clever. I'll have to (try to) remember it.
BillHoughton 01/11/19 02:48pm Class C Motorhomes
The sins of the previous owners...

...are visited upon the subsequent owners. The awning on our Itasca is fastened to brackets that stand it off from the side about an inch at the narrowest, an inch and a half at the widest, and about five inches high. One of the two previous owners - I suspect the original owner - decided to glue some weatherstripping, of the type used to seal car doors, at the bottom of this gap. I'm not sure what the goal was. To keep water from dripping down behind the awning (that you're not supposed to leave open when it rains anyway)? To reduce wind noise? Whatever the intent, the effect was to trap leaves and other detritus on the gap, which buildup then trapped water. Fortunately, the awning's backplate is aluminum, and the RV in that area is fiberglass and aluminum; so there's no rust-through (there is some rust on the brackets to which the awning gets fastened; I'll need to address that before putting the awning back on). Removing the weatherstripping took several hours, about an hour of which was dedicated to figuring how to to strip the adhesive off (Goof-off and a sharp, stiff putty knife was the final answer). At least I won't have to do that again.
BillHoughton 01/11/19 12:17pm Class C Motorhomes
Spare tire cover with a drawstring?

All the spare tire covers I've found so far have an elastic hem on the back side, and they're a bear to remove/install. Does anyone make a decent quality cover that uses a drawstring? Is there some reason that the elastic hem is better? According to the interweb, my tires are 29.3" in overall diameter, so one that fits 30" tires is the goal.
BillHoughton 01/03/19 10:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Oooops. ****. Water pump left running empty

I take it "DH" is your shorthand for "dear husband?" Yes, DH = Dear Husband, Darling Husband Now, what makes me think that phrase is sometimes delivered with a little, oh, shall we say, zing? :B
BillHoughton 11/19/18 02:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Oooops. ****. Water pump left running empty

Sounds like one of our oopsies. Several winters ago DH did just that but didn't discover it till Spring. Turns out that it tripped the circuit, so the water heater was fine. We never did it again. Now I double check behind him. I take it "DH" is your shorthand for "dear husband?" Once we're out of the smoke from the wildfire northeast of us (by over 100 miles, but it's made for terrible air quality here), I'll have to explore further.
BillHoughton 11/19/18 01:55pm Class C Motorhomes
Oooops. ****. Water pump left running empty

I blew out the water lines today in preparation for winter, then drove over to the next town to dump the waste tanks. When I parked it on my return, about an hour and a half after blowing out the lines, I could hear a little hum coming from somewhere. Then I noticed the water pump light was on, apparently left on who knows when? I turned it off, and pulled the cover panel under which it hides; the motor was barely warm to the touch (on a cold day, I would not have wrapped my hand around it to get warm). Am I likely to have done some damage? Other than refilling the tanks and running the pump, is there a test for function I should try?
BillHoughton 11/18/18 04:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Waste tank level sensor: spontaneous remission?

Thanks, all. Lots of good information here.
BillHoughton 10/22/18 12:59pm Class C Motorhomes
Waste tank level sensor: spontaneous remission?

On our long trip early in summer, the black water tank level sensor was convinced that the tank was full when we pulled out of the driveway. Fortunately, the toilet opens directly into the top of the tank, so I was able to monitor level visually, and we were traveling in areas with an adequate supply of dump stations. I don't know which type of sensor we have (2007 Itasca Navion). Since then, on a couple of shorter trips, it seems to have alternated working and not working; the last trip, it seems to have worked. I've got an appointment in November for our RV mechanic to pull the tank and fix the sensor. My bride is questioning the necessity for this, since the sensor appears to be working right now. Do these sensors fix themselves, and, if they do, is the fix reliable?
BillHoughton 10/22/18 09:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 24. Or. 30

When we traveled to Victoria, BC, Canada, a couple of years back, we were grateful for our 23 foot Class C; the ferry won't accept anything longer than 24 feet. A "short" unit like ours gives far more choice of campsites, and, now that I'm used to it, I treat it like a very large VW bus; we regularly tourist around in it. Not sure I'd feel that easy driving a 30 foot long rig. So I think the choice depends a lot on how you want to travel. If your main goal is going somewhere and sitting there, a longer rig will give you more room; if your travels are more mobile, a shorter one will be more nimble.
BillHoughton 10/18/18 04:05pm Class C Motorhomes
Tire pressure monitoring system dumb questions

Looking at a tire pressure monitoring system for my 2007 Sprinter-based RV. Folks have recommended TST and TireMinder, and I'm looking into those. I have a couple of really dumb questions: 1. The sensors that take the place of valve caps seem to come in two flavors: just plain caps that you remove when you're airing up, and flow-through caps that you can leave in place when adding air. I'd be using the plain ones on the front (smaller and thus less likely to get damaged) and the outer rear (likely could not get an air chuck in there with a cap on) tires, but the idea of sensors/caps that I can leave in place on the inner rears is attractive, since the vent holes in the Sprinter wheels are small and my hands are not small. Do I need to be concerned about leakage from flow-through sensors? 2. Both the companies I noted above use battery-powered sensors (CR1632 batteries in both cases). How long do these batteries last in use? I would, of course, carry spares. There references to systems that use RFID sensors, not requiring a battery; don't know if there are good systems that use them. 3. How do you teach the monitor which sensor is on which wheel? I was looking at the TST manual online, and it appears to say that, when you set it up, it can tell which sensor is on which tire. Is that right? 4. Does anyone here put a sensor on the spare tire? The current spare tire cover is a bear to remove, although it's failing and I'm replacing it anyway; but the less time I have to spend fussing around before trips, the better!
BillHoughton 10/18/18 03:52pm Class C Motorhomes
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