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RE: Time for new tires already?

OEM tires are not made for a lot of miles. HD trucks will certainly wear out tires MUCH faster than a F150. My RAM has about 100,000 miles on it, and I've replaced the tires three times. The Yokohama's that were the first set I bought got 17,000 miles (Discount Tire did help me out with the replacement). The Bridgestone's are wearing better, but I won't see 50,000 miles out of them. I never believe those that claim high miles out of tires on a HD. Those are probably the same guys that get 20 MPG towing at 80 MPH. And, FWIW, our 2019 Expedition has 36,000 miles and the Hankook OEM tires are also worn out. They will be replaced with Michelin before the snow flies.
Bionic Man 09/28/22 04:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal

Disappointed they didn't bring PowerBoost to the SuperDuty this year, it's a feature I'd love to have in my next truck but I won't be buying another half ton, next truck will be a 1T SRW. The F150 PowerBoost benefits are really limited to city driving and there's really no advantage with towing IMO. I didn't watch the videos but saw an article a few days back (can't find the article now). The new 6.8L is supposed to be 400hp and 450lb-ft. The 7.3 is 430hp and 475lb-ft...hardly seems worth the trouble to have both. Has anyone heard a suggestion of what Ford's logic is? While a modest turbo on either (assuming the block was built for it), would be great. Problem is if they put out a big block turbo for the super duty line, I would assume it would have at least 500-550hp and probably north of 550-600ft-lb of torque. With the turbo, you could dial back the RPM while still putting out lots of power. That would make it very competitive against the diesels. It becomes a marketing problem. How do you talk buyers into the $10k upgrade for the diesel if a gas 6.8L turbo can go toe to toe with the diesel in the toughest conditions for say $3k? I also don't understand the logic for two engines that are so close in rating. If I were guessing, I'd say that maybe the 6.8 is built to accommodate some sort of hybrid upgrade and the 7.3 is not. As for the turbo big block, the answer is also MPG. In that a turbo BB would make the old 8.1l seem miserly. It would likely get less than 5 MPG towing. Which is why you haven't seen the 5.0 receive the "eco boost" treatment either......
Bionic Man 09/28/22 04:24pm Tow Vehicles
RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Productions Ends in January

I have to say I’m sad to hear this. If I could get away with a 1500, that is the engine I would want. Unlike the horror stories you hear online, my EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee was great. Clicky
Bionic Man 09/13/22 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Superduty gas engine for 2023.

I really don't see the need to have two gas engines in the SD? I wonder if it is designed to be more "hybrid compatible"?
Bionic Man 09/12/22 10:33am Truck Campers
RE: Tow vehicle parts shortage

...There is a dealer in Akron OH with a shiny black GMC 3500SRW Duramax sitting in the showroom. Sticker is $72K and change, price is $82K and change. + $10,000.00 market adjustment. ... A lot of it I chalk up to greed. Funny how late last year GM, and Ford, announced that they would be penalizing dealers by reducing or eliminating their allocation for engaging in such BS. How's that working out lol. The automakers can only do so much because of franchise laws. Then you have the customers that buy at MSRP, and sell it higher to others, making the market adjustment their profit. Exactly. If the dealers didn't have the markup, "customers" (i.e. CAR JOCKEYS) would buy them out and sell them for $10,000-$20,000 over MSRP themselves. One way or another, someone's going to be raking in the cash and the end consumer is going to get soaked. It's inevitable. The only way to avoid it is to not HAVE TO HAVE a new vehicle, NOW. Some people just HAVE TO HAVE a new vehicle. It's like an itch that can only be satisfied with a new vehicle, no matter what it costs. If you're not like that, it's no skin off your nose. Sooner or later this will all calm back down. Sales will slow and someone will "blink." Some dealer will realize they can steal market share by selling for less, then the rest will follow suit. Your comment about "HAVE TO HAVE" isn't all encompassing. Sure, some folks want to have latest and greatest. But there is also people that NEED a new vehicle NOW due to something happening to their old one. Maybe it was totaled in an accident. Maybe they have a vehicle that is un-driveable because it is waiting for parts.......
Bionic Man 08/25/22 09:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow vehicle parts shortage

My 2019 Expedition MAX has been waiting for a rear diff for 6 weeks (they will end up rebuilding the entire rear axle). No loaners available either. If the Wagoneer L was available I wouldn’t be waiting.
Bionic Man 08/23/22 10:37pm Tow Vehicles
New 3.0 Duramax Info

New 3.0 diesel announced. I'm happy to see these continue their run. If I were in the market for a GM 1500, there is no question that this would be on my short list. Duramax
Bionic Man 08/20/22 08:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: C&D EV Tow Test

I'm getting my popcorn. Its left over from when horses where king and cars first appeared. So, when electric cars were first around?
Bionic Man 08/19/22 04:13pm Tow Vehicles
C&D EV Tow Test

I can already hear the apologists comments. But I still will post it so we all can see them. Car & Driver
Bionic Man 08/18/22 09:22pm Tow Vehicles
MotorTrend F150 Lightning Tow Test

I will be a late adopter to this technology. MotorTrend
Bionic Man 08/02/22 04:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Is your friend in Colorado as well? I can't imagine that any 150 would have the cooling capacity to pull a 5er over the mountains. I have a 19 Expedition MAX that both tranny and engine temps go above 240* when towing my 7000 pound boat over I70. Higher profile and more weight is going to be a no-go, even if he had the payload to do it.
Bionic Man 08/02/22 10:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel mileage question

My experience is weight makes very little difference in MPG. My 5er is about 12,000 pounds. I often tow my 3500 pound boat tandem. MPG is about the same either way. And it doesn’t really matter if I’m towing relatively flat (not much of that in Colorado) or through the mountains.
Bionic Man 07/27/22 10:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: renting a 5er tow vehicle

My daughter is a senior claims agent for a major car rental firm and I asked her about this. She says no major rental company permits this and if you do tow you would be in violation of the contract and if you have an accident then Katy bar the door. You would 100% responsible for all damages. Strangely, they do rent HD trucks. And why would you need an HD truck except to tow or maybe haul heavy stuff in the bed. FWIW, I rent vehicles all the time for work. And I'm pretty sure that every major rental company has some sort of stipulation that you can't tow with their vehicles. But I also know that unless you buy the rental car insurance, you are using your own policy anyway. I've always wondered what the real risk is, since my personal policy doesn't care if I tow.
Bionic Man 07/22/22 08:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using a Cpap in my AF 27-5

I use this when we don't have power. Without the humidifier I can go 4-5 days without charging. 2 days with the humidifier. This
Bionic Man 07/22/22 08:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Colorado Hwy 50 @ Monarch Pass

I towed over it several times with my old 1998 5.9. Yes you can do it. If you aren’t aware, there is major construction on 50 further west (between Gunnison and Montrose). I’d be more concerned about that than going over Monarch pass.
Bionic Man 07/21/22 05:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ford vs. Ram vs. GM Diesel HP/TQ Ratings

Bionic Man that looks like my 11 HO DRW LongHorn. Nice combo!!! An oldie but a goodie. Thinking about doing some upgrades to add a bit of power.
Bionic Man 07/20/22 07:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs. Ram vs. GM Diesel HP/TQ Ratings

Yep... I may have to book a trip with Capt. Ron But but, he tows his boat to the lunch ramp with his 2001 RAM truck! That could be a life altering event for you. https://i.imgur.com/tSWRXg2l.jpg But he would know exactly how to fix it if we broke down. Would be nice having a "CLOSET CUMMINS GUY" along riding ShotGun!!! Not really... I drove our 05 5.9 Dodge truck fourth July weekend. Also based on my experience, it takes only 1 Ford to pull the boat, camper, utility trailer, etc. https://i.imgur.com/oySE0pQl.jpg If you have a RAM you can pull the boat and RV in one trip. https://i.imgur.com/o61fGKKl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Dw1KMwgl.jpg
Bionic Man 07/20/22 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Installed generator stolen?

Harder to steal and likely more difficult for them to sell for profit. I’ve never heard of one being stolen. The small inverter generators that people just use a cable lock on would be a different story.
Bionic Man 07/20/22 02:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Question for those with an Auxiliary diesel fuel tank

Just an update. I’ve added a inline fuel filter between the aux tank and the regular filler liner. I also added a filter on the aux tank overflow tube since they are inexpensive and it seems like the contamination could possibly be coming from that? The one issue I had is that the one time I left the manual valve open from the aux tank, it did over fill the main tank, probably lost a couple cups of fuel before I saw that. Any idea why that would happen? Im still considering a spin on type fuel filter but not 100% convinced that it will work with a gravity feed. These are the filters I’m using now. Filter
Bionic Man 07/20/22 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Raptor R Scary Fast July 18

Less HP than TRX. Less TQ than TRX. $30,000 more than a TRX. Nope.....
Bionic Man 07/18/22 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
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