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Campsite Lighting

When camping, I try to create as much effective light as possible. I have used propane lanterns, battery powered lanterns, and I have even used a clear plastic water container with a flashlight underneath to help dissipate the light (really cool effect, especially when the water moves). I have thought of using LED lights with battery/inverter setup strung across trees to light up the site. What do you use? What special lighting have you created? Share with us.
BlackSeriesUS 04/11/22 03:58pm Tent Camping
Camping and Covid

During this time of pandemics and lock downs, Many people used this time to their advantage and took to the highways in search of adventure. While restaurants and businesses were closing, people were out on Federal lands enjoying themselves. As campgrounds opened and became occupied, what changes did you notice during the post Covid era within them.
BlackSeriesUS 04/08/22 05:58pm Family Camping
Living Space?

For many people as of lately, it seems to me, that they are torn between an off road camper, or the popular, and very expensive, 4 X 4 van conversions. If you are here, you likely chose the van. Now that you have time in it, what are your thoughts on living space? Do you find that it is adequate and well thought out? Are all necessary appliances placed well, or are there adjustments that can be made? And the big question is, do you feel that you made the right choice?
BlackSeriesUS 04/07/22 02:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Camp Hosting - Pros and Cons

Let me preface this with one clarification: We are retired; we are volunteers. Those who work camp for pay will have an entirely different take on this job. That said, we never had a gig we hated. But camp hosting was the least favorite job. Why? First, I like the definitive hours of VC or retail, similar to my "real" job before retirement. Camp hosting is very variable. There can have a lot of down time during slower times, but the host must still must be available as needed from sunup to lights out. On busy weekends, 10-hour days are not unusual in large parks. Second, the cleanup task used to be okay, but that was before the spike in camping and Covid (which requires more sanitizing = more time spent, longer hours). Also, too many campers nowadays are used to having maid service, I guess. Fewer seem to understand the "pack in, pack out" or "leave it cleaner than you found it" motto of a good camper. Third, rules are not well enforced Fewer enforcement staff; more entitled campers who don't have time to read a few simple sentences. And, we are really tired of campers pulling into the campground 4-5 hours BEFORE check-in time (we have a LOT of sites to clean in those few hours). So, if the fire pit is dirty or there is a pile of poop on the site...feel free to help us out. We love seeing children enjoy themselves, but we are not babysitters. We love the sound of families having fun, but not loud partying into the night. We enjoy talking with visitors who drop by, but do not appreciate being the complaint department for those who don't bother to read the rules provided to them. Camp hosts are supposed to provide customer service -- not be referees and certainly not to be rangers (enforcement). Too many campers want to shoot the messenger! Fourth: Expectations of other camp hosts. We hear more grumbling, more complaining about the job than ever before. Much of that is a result of Items 1-3. But a lot is from unrealistic expectations. We have heard more hosts tell us "not what I expected," and more rangers tell us "too many looking for a free site without understanding the work-in-exchange principle." Camp hosting is NOT a free ride; public parks have limited budgets. For those who need to be paid and want to complain about the low wages: pay for your site and go outside the gate -- there are help wanted signs everywhere! And the final reason is just a personal one. We camped for the solitude, the get-away, the communing with nature and, yes, meeting and helping others who shared that motivation. We see a change in the culture of the camping community. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different from what we seek. We still travel, and take short VC or retail gigs, but no more camp hosting or season-long gigs. There are plenty to fill our shoes. And we will try hard to treat them with respect and gratitude. Yeah, I can imagine it not being the easiest job. I have experienced several of the issues you mentioned whilst camping and we were at a loss for who to turn too. The unruly, drunken idiots, were not going to listen to the host if we got her, and we don't have cell reception to contact the ranger. There is certainly a lot of entitlement these days.
BlackSeriesUS 04/07/22 01:10pm Workamping Forum
Camp Hosting - Pros and Cons

I have met several camp hosts in all of my years of camping. I always try to be respectful of them and the campsite rules. I have befriended most of them during my stays and often enjoy conversations with them while they are making their rounds. Most of them are pleasant, while some have not been.I have heard some real horror stories that have made them leave a campground vowing to never return again. For those of you who have either hosted, or have had a conversation with a host, what is a story that makes you, or them, want to return to that location year after year?
BlackSeriesUS 04/06/22 05:42pm Workamping Forum
RE: Jokes!

The above reminds me..... If you did much photography before heavy transistors came along, and you needed a high power strobe, it was probably powered by a brick heavy 510V battery. These were expensive but fortunately lasted a pretty good time. They did not have visible terminals, and the terminals they did have were under cellophane that would be punctured when the battery was installed. A friend arrived as I was changing a flash battery. He looked it over the removed piece and asked if was really a 510V battery. To this I replied that it was, but it was dead now. I was dealing with other things and heard the scream. Hahahahahahaha He had picked up the leads of my meter and less than carefully put the points through the terminal covers. Yes, the battery was "dead", it was down to about 450V. Matt
BlackSeriesUS 04/04/22 10:14am Around the Campfire

What is your best campfire joke? Let's Hear em!
BlackSeriesUS 04/01/22 02:20pm Around the Campfire
Outdoor Games

Indoor games are great fun, especially with the whole family involved. Outdoor games can be of great fun, and competitive, when everyone is teamed up. Horseshoes and cornhole games are two examples of fun competitive games. What is your favorite outdoor camping game?
BlackSeriesUS 03/23/22 01:43pm Family Camping
Wild Animals

While tent materials have improved to protect us from the elements, while staying light weight, the materials do not offer us much protection from nature. While camping with my Cub Scout Pack, we all bunked down for the night. Within a few minutes of doing so, I could hear a critter wandering just outside my tent. I could hear it sniffing around until it eventually got to my tent to where it proceeded to sniff my head through the tent.I smacked the tent and yelled "Get outta here!!" (I knew there were no bears in the area). The critter ran away but came back to explore some more of our campsite. I looked out the tent door and saw the culprit, a raccoon. He was adorable. They seem like the would make a good pet if they had been domesticated. What encounter have you had?
BlackSeriesUS 03/22/22 12:19pm Tent Camping
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

I can cook almost anything on the Blackstone. I carry an old grate from my Weber and lay it on the Blackstone to get grill marks. Seeing is believing and it magically becomes bbq'd. ;) That's cool! And cheating in the BBQ world, I think. I'll have to check the Men's guide to BBQ-ing to see if you are in violation. Hahahaha (Very cool idea though. Good thinking.;)
BlackSeriesUS 03/22/22 10:54am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

I too love Dutch ovens, I have 5. I don’t get to use them as much as I would like, but then I can say about the 5th wheel. 5!! Wow!! Our Scout troop had 5, but that was a Scout troop. That's a true commitment to the Dutch Oven! I always thought it was cool when they would stack the ovens to cook everything.
BlackSeriesUS 03/22/22 10:49am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

I've thought a lot about purchasing a Blackstone. I am thinking about replacing my outside two burner stove with it. Looking at the response for the Blackstone, I may just have to do that.
BlackSeriesUS 03/22/22 10:47am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Cooking surfaces and tools, What's your favorite to use!

There are plenty of "Favorite" cooking appliances out there, the top one probably being the barbecue. Beside your barbecue, what else do you like to cook with? What special cooking surface do you like to use. For me, when my son was in the Boy Scouts, I learned a lot of the ins and outs of the Dutch oven. So for me, my cast iron Dutch oven with the fancy BSA emblem lid is my favorite. I even use it at home and try to cook different foods in it so that I can cook it again while camping. What's Yours?
BlackSeriesUS 03/21/22 05:35pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Campground Fun Zones

I think for liability reasons a camp ground would be crazy to have a trampoline. bumpy Bumpyroad, If I did this right, here is a picture of what I was talking about. Screenshot 2022-03-21 4.11.42 PM https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x8853689952d22315%3A0x1a95c83f6285b08!3m1!7e115!4shttps%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMp2VnMei1SaYu-D8NJE9pByiE9FfgMwqBAgOX9%3Dw260-h175-n-k-no!5sYogi%20Bear%20Campground%20Carolina%20Pines%20campground%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipN84DpiTId8Uj1t_V4D8bIIYbIp1GBjFQZPthh0&hl=en#
BlackSeriesUS 03/21/22 05:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground Fun Zones

Check out Yogi Bear campgrounds, Carolina Pines CG near Conway/MB SC. I think I've heard of that before, I'll have to look it up.:)
BlackSeriesUS 03/21/22 05:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground Fun Zones

I deleted the snotty post about 80 year old geeezers. I predict a short membership for the New Member who posted that. I missed it!! Gosh darnit. Well Thank you for keeping it clean, or nice, or whatever getting rid of that comment made it. ;)
BlackSeriesUS 03/21/22 05:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground Fun Zones

Are KOA's actually "campgrounds"? Why wouldn't they be? I think for liability reasons a camp ground would be crazy to have a trampoline. Some places have these inground bouncy pads that are like air inflated trampolines. Some call them trampolines but they are more like a bounce house with no walls and the size of a basketball court. The fun for many is watching parents trying to corral their kids who won't get off. Thank you for the clarification ItsyRV. I knew what I was mentioning, just didn't know what to call it. HAhaha My In-Laws took my kids to a campground that had one of those, looked super cool.
BlackSeriesUS 03/21/22 05:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Campground Fun Zones

Campgrounds, such as KOA's and some privately owned ones, will sometimes do their best to create a "Fun Zone" area for kids, (i.e. below ground trampoline, splash pads, etc...) What are some of the coolest "Fun Zone" areas you have seen, and where?
BlackSeriesUS 03/18/22 05:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Family Traditions

Big breakfasts! lol Most important meal of the day!! HAhahahahaha
BlackSeriesUS 03/18/22 04:44pm Family Camping
RE: Family Traditions

When our kids were little, we'd do a thing around the campfire where one person (usually one of the adults) would start a story and then stop at a cliff-hanger and say "and then..." and pass it to the next person for them to continue spinning the tale. Kids were always great at it. Any time we had adult guests though, they'd stink it up and the kids would get frustrated with them. We'd have to repair the story when the next person got their turn. "He didn't really turn into a space alien. That was just a weird dream. Instead, he..." I've been part of that before, as a teen. It can be great fun as long as everyone is on the same line. Some outsider can definitely ruin the momentum.
BlackSeriesUS 03/18/22 04:44pm Family Camping
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