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RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

We downsized from a 32 foot Winnebago Class C to a 23 foot Airstream trailer. We are pleased. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide which advantages and disadvantages are important to you. When we had the motorhome, my bladder could go from gas up to gas up so I didn't have to stop for a potty break. SWMBO could go while we drove down the road. As I aged, my bladder got weaker so I was having to stop before a gas break. That particular advantage went away. We like not having an extra vehicle to maintain and insure. We had a vehicle JUST to tow behind the motorhome. Now, we only have our two daily drivers, and mine is the tow vehicle.
Bobbo 09/24/22 07:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

Keep in mind that propane only has about 80% of the BTUs per volume that gasoline has. You have to derate the generator by about 20%. So a Honda EU2000i that is 2000 watts surge and 1600 watts continuous is only 1600 watts surge and 1280 watts continuous on propane.
Bobbo 09/21/22 09:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

What do you do if you are in an area where you must swap tanks rather than refill them, but the swapper is not the empty one?
Bobbo 09/21/22 07:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch problem

Generator will still run, but produce no power This statement is saying that the air conditioner has tripped the generator's breaker by drawing too much current. You have too much air conditioner and not enough generator. Adding an Easy Start to the air conditioner MAY help. Then again, it may not, depending on the size of the air conditioner and the size of the generator. My Honda EU2000i generator runs my 13,500 btu air conditioner with Easy Start installed near sea level just fine, but at altitude, it still fails.
Bobbo 09/19/22 07:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

I just use an extended run fuel system. The 6 gallon tank lasts a couple of days at moderate amp draw. Extended Run System https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81V85d2+NpL._AC_SL1500_.jpg width=320
Bobbo 09/19/22 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Compressor refrigerator opinons

I am open to other venders if you have one to suggest.
Bobbo 09/19/22 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric tongue Jack blows fuses

Dont think in all my years I ever saw a jack with a fuse. I just put an electric jack on my car trailer and the instruction had me wire directly to the battery. My landing gear on my 5th wheel has self resetting a circuit breaker in line but thats the most I ever saw Mine has a fuse. The only thing that I know of that is not supposed to be fused are the breakaway brakes.
Bobbo 09/18/22 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Finally replaced my propane regulator

I replaced my pigtails with new ones that don't have that one way valve built in. My regulator still keeps the propane from escaping. On MY regulator, those valves were not necessary. I have a Cavagna valve.
Bobbo 09/18/22 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Compressor refrigerator opinons

I think the reason you are seeing a shift is because solar systems have come down so much in cost. That price drop may be illusory. In August of 2021 I bought a solar panel for my Airstream. (Airstream's design requires a specific panel size to fit on the roof.) At that time, I paid $290 for it. This week I priced THE SAME PANEL FROM THE SAME COMPANY at $490 each. Oof. Anything airstream has an inflated price, so not really a good example but even $490 is much cheaper than you would have paid 10-15yrs ago. Not bought (nor priced) from Airstream. This was HTTP://AMSOLAR.COM but made by Zamp to fit an Airstream.
Bobbo 09/18/22 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Compressor refrigerator opinons

I think the reason you are seeing a shift is because solar systems have come down so much in cost. That price drop may be illusory. In August of 2021 I bought a solar panel for my Airstream. (Airstream's design requires a specific panel size to fit on the roof.) At that time, I paid $290 for it. This week I priced THE SAME PANEL FROM THE SAME COMPANY at $490 each. Oof.
Bobbo 09/17/22 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Coach Net experience tonight.

While I understand your point. GS and coachnet advertise that they can provide 24 hour RV roadside assistance. There are no maybe or if's in the advertisement. The ad does not say we can provide a tow truck if we can find one! The fine print may have a disclaimer,but that is just salt on the wound when your stranded on the side of the road. When Coachnet failed to find me a tow truck. I was not in dire staights because I was not too far from home and my RV was in a safe place. The whole situation could have been much worse. Nevertheless it was a wake up call to not rely on Coachnet. If I can't count on Coachnet when I am in a jam, why even have roadside assistance? Why pay if I end up on my own anyway? I've come to realize first hand that GS and Coachnet are just a charade. Sure they may help you if they can, but they will also leave you stranded if they can't. It's simply the luck of the draw with no assurances or guarantees. LOL. There was once a Dilbert cartoon where Dilbert had to spend a week in the marketing department for an orientation. The first day, the marketing manager told him "What you see here may look like outright criminal fraud. But, it's not, it's only marketing." Don't rely on the ads. Read the fine print. Also, your complaint applies to every one of the roadside services providers, not just Coach Net, even though that is who you are currently angry at. (You left AAA out of your post, and I find them even more problematic than Coach Net or GS.) JRscooby may have the best solution for you. Eschew all roadside assistance policies and put some money into an emergency fund, then DIY.
Bobbo 09/17/22 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: My Coach Net experience tonight.

Coach Net, just like Good Sams and AAA, is limited to the services that are available in the area. Not only that, but the services in the area may be unwilling to work with your provider if they feel the provider won't pay enough. It is not like the provider has these services under contract, ready to go. They have to search for them and contract with them at the time you need the service. Rural area? Few providers. Busy time period? Busy providers. Also, the percentage of providers who have the proper equipment to tow a very large RV is fairly small. If you have a big rig, your wait times will probably be much worse than someone with a modest rig. I think all of the roadside service insurers are decent, but you can't expect miracles. (However, I have heard that if you have AAA, but are in an area that doesn't sell AAA RV roadside, then you don't have roadside insurance.)
Bobbo 09/16/22 08:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using pourable epoxy on floor soft spots

The warranty "meter" on RVs just like automobiles does not start until you have signed and taken possession. After that you are at the mercy of the dealership network and manufacturer on how well they handle the warranty and repairs. That is the "gold standard". So, a "2021" model may have been manufactured in "2020" but the "consumer's" warranty clock doesn't start running until the buyer (consumer) signs the sales agreement and pulls it off the lot in 2021. Keep in mind that a 2021 model may be sold and pulled off the lot in 2020.
Bobbo 09/16/22 08:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: charging an EV at a campground

And, as most EVs are only capable of pulling small trailers, you aren't likely to see one campsite pulling power to charge the EV plus run 2+ ACs, 2 televisions, a microwave, coffee maker, hair dryer, electric fireplace heater, electric blanket, etc. Don't forget that you can have a 45 foot diesel pusher with 3 ACs and a clothes dryer towing an EV that needs charging.
Bobbo 09/03/22 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: switching to dual propane

Interesting, one comment on Amazon said that it decides which tank to draw from based on which tank you open first. I like the knob better than that. Yes. But. If you open the tank that the regulator is NOT pointing at, the regulator will show red, meaning no propane at the tank pointed at, but propane will be drawn from the open tank. When you, then, open the second tank (the one pointed at) the regulator will turn green, meaning it is getting propane from THAT tank. If both tanks have propane, and both tanks are open, and the regulator is green, it is drawing from the tank that is pointed at. In other words, that commenter has no idea how it works.
Bobbo 08/31/22 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Daisy chain cable size?

You will get less voltage drop, hence more power, with 1g cables. If you have the option, always go with larger cables. Will the 4g cables work acceptably? Yes.
Bobbo 08/31/22 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning trailer electric cord contacts

We went on a 6 week RV caravan touring the Canadian Maritime provinces, leaving home on July 4th. The morning we were pulling out of the driveway to start the trip, the truck said the trailer's left turn signal was not working. It wasn't. I have a tester that said the truck was supplying current, so I turned my attention to the trailer's 7 pin connector. I filled each contact with carburetor cleaner and used a VERY small flat blade screwdriver to work it into the contacts. I shook that out and filled each contact with WD-40. Did the same trick with the screw driver. I shook it out and plugged it back in. Eight weeks later, and I haven't have a recurrence.
Bobbo 08/31/22 08:02pm Towing
RE: switching to dual propane

This is the switchover valve that I recommend. It is also a regulator, so you don't need your current one. Other than that, you about have it covered. Cavagna Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Regulator w/RV 'L' Bracket. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61qu6WT3GNL._SL1000_.jpg width=320 What is it that you like about the Cavagna? I can see the advantage of one that has a lever to tell it which tank to use first. 1. It is easy to read from any angle. The red that you see in the photo means the selected tank is empty. When you select the full tank, that red turns green. The color is not only visible from the end like the photo shows. The color is also visible from the side, any side. 2. It has a knob to tell it which tank to pull from first rather than a lever. The white ring around the clear section turns with a pointer to point to one tank or the other so you know which tank is selected. 3. I have read a LOT of failure posts about the one with the lever. I have read very few failure posts about this one.
Bobbo 08/31/22 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: Poked a hole in the wall of my refrigerator. Is it toast?

I second the suggestion to turn on the fridge and wait 24 hours to see if it is cooling. It takes a long time to cool down.
Bobbo 08/30/22 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: switching to dual propane

You'll also need a double holder, a rod, and a large wingnut to secure the new load. Maybe a 30 or 40 pounder single would be easier if height isn't an issue? But that leaves him with the same problem, only less frequently. When the tank gets empty, he has nothing. With a dual setup, when the first tank gets empty, you have plenty of time to remove it and get it filled while the second tank is providing propane.
Bobbo 08/19/22 06:31am Tech Issues
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