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RE: Mechanically Challenged RVer

Suggest you also look at Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service. After you break down, they will tow you to a qualified RV shop who can fix your RV. Been a member for 29 years:) Also look at CoachNet.
Bobbo 05/24/19 07:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Leveling and turning on your refrigerator?

Both 4x4van and myredracer did the math correctly. If the RV is comfortable for you to lie down on the bed and walk to the bathroom, it is good enough. My only addition to their point is that the 18" forward/rearward out of level allowed is bumper to tongue. Since the trailer pivots on the axles, and the axles are about 1/2 way between the two, that translates to the tongue being within 9" high/low. (The rear bumper will have the other 9" low/high.) A reasonable way to remember this is the tongue and the low wheel should not be more that 10" off level. Ten inches is HUGE.
Bobbo 05/23/19 07:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: Capping off a propane line: need tips and tricks!

I'm planning to spray it with WD-40 a day or so before unscrewing it, to try to loosen the threads. Contrary to popular belief, WD40 is not a penetrating lubricant! Get some PB Blaster. Best stuff on the face of the planet for what you are doing. On a related note, personally, I prefer pipe dope to PTFE tape.
Bobbo 05/22/19 08:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone ever use one of these

Thanks for the responses. Bobbo - the double post is a result of this website and it's service temporarily unavailable issues. I like the 1lb bottles as I have two different grills and a smoker that use them and while I can convert them to use larger bottles, it's just easier to carry a few of the small tanks with me. Mike Mike Your preference is fine, but there is an alternative hose for your grills and smokers to easily use the larger bottles without having to convert anything. Propane tank hose to grill made for 1 pound bottles https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61NNC2IUm6L._SL1500_.jpg width=320
Bobbo 05/15/19 07:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone ever use one of these

Like the answer you got in your other, identical, thread, I prefer the 1 gallon (5 pound) tanks. Filled and used just like the 20 pound tanks everyone is used to. I have two of them. 5 lb. cylinder LINK https://cdn-tp3.mozu.com/24645-37138/cms/37138/files/c969d990-dba5-4d16-a42f-4ff5dd9c171b?max=300&_mzcb=_1557932346327 width=320
Bobbo 05/15/19 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: At what point do I need a WD hitch?

Measure the distance from the ground to the top point of the front wheel well, both before and after hooking up the trailer. If there is more than 1/2 inch difference, you need WD.
Bobbo 05/14/19 08:35am Towing
RE: converter replacement

http://www.bestconverter.com/9200-148 Call Randy at the link above. He won't steer you wrong.
Bobbo 05/13/19 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water leak through Air Conditioner...

The Winnebago I bought in 2007 had a leak like that from the day I bought it. I finally tracked it down. The AC unit sits on a rubber or foam gasket. The 4 bolts in the corners of your photo that pull down on the AC unit weren't tight enough. I tightened them to pull the AC unit down about another 1/4 inch and the leak stopped, never to return. Didn't even have to go up on the roof. DO NOT CRANK IT DOWN AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN AND SMASH THE GASKET.
Bobbo 05/13/19 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Disconnect Question

My new TT has a battery disconnect. When I turn it off, the electric stabilizer jacks and the tongue jack still work. Is this normal? I thought it was supposed to kill power to everything. Both of those pull a lot of current, and, they don't have a phantom draw. For those reasons, they are direct wired to the battery. Although you didn't mention it, the breakaway brakes SHOULD also be direct wired to the battery. The reason for the disconnect switch is to stop phantom draws from things like the television instant-on function, the radio with its preset channels memory, etc.
Bobbo 05/12/19 08:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical Issue?

Lantley, I've NEVER had a household outlet fail in either home or RV nor did my parents. First RV was from 1954. This is anecdotal and not "proof". Total distance for the RV's is pushing 500,000 miles. Unibox DAMHIK two failures in under six months. I'm neither an electrician nor an R service tech. The RV outlets have been in service for years and yes a small percentage have had issues. No different than your house outlets they are imperfect as well and a small percentage of those fail as well. Converting to all house type outlets would not eliminate outlet failures. Outlets fail in stick and brick houses every day. In the environment that RV are assembled a stab type assembly will be more fool proof in the long run vs. a screw terminal simply because they are easier to assemble and require less effort to make a stable connection. I've had screw type outlets fail. Twice. In the same house. The first one, I replaced that outlet. The second one, I replaced every outlet in the house. (When the wall above the outlet is too hot to touch, it is a hint.)
Bobbo 05/11/19 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: 2 wheel dolly or flat tow?

I used a dolly for 3 years while I had a car that could not be flat towed. Then I bought a new car that can be flat towed, and flat towed for 7 years. I would do either one again if the need arose, but flat towing is, hands down, my preference. Given the option, I would not do anything but flat tow. If you are thinking of replacing her car in the next couple of years, and you will be getting a car that can be flat towed when you do, it might make financial sense to go ahead and replace her car now, and set the new car up for flat towing. Buying a dolly is $2,000 to $5,000. If you do flat tow in your future, you would be lucky to get half of that back on selling the dolly.
Bobbo 05/11/19 09:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: 30 amp to 15/20 amp adapters

As has already been posted in this thread, if you plug a 60 watt (1/2 amp) table lamp into a 15 amp outlet, you are doing exactly the same thing as plugging a 15 amp appliance into a 30 amp outlet. The device will pull the amps it needs, and no more. (Volts are pushed, amps are pulled.) As long as you aren't putting in a multi-outlet device and plugging in multiple items that can overwhelm the rating of the adapter or extension cord, this is all a tempest in a teapot.
Bobbo 05/11/19 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: Screen door latch: don't make this mistake, like I did

In other news, someone asked why this thread is in Tech. I'm not sure where else to put it -- we don't have a special forum for "fumbling attempts to repair under-engineered hardware," but maybe we need one! Sure there is. It is titled Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY).
Bobbo 05/11/19 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp to 15/20 amp adapters

If you mean an adapter like in the photo below, I find those are really problematic. They allow a 15 amp rated appliance or device to operate off a 30 amp breaker. Definitely not allowable by code if it was a hardwired situation within a building except for in the case of motors and welders. This adapter will not provide proper protection for wiring & downstream appliances, equipment & devices. I would say the only time they should be used is if you're stuck somewhere in hinterland and need a 15 amp recept. but there's only a 30 amp one there. When it comes to RV adapters, it's a whole new world and you'll find ones that sometimes don't make sense compared to what's permitted in building systems. But why would you want an adapter like that? If you're in a CG, pedestals always have a 15/20 amp recept. (by code) and if you have a 30 amp RV, you wouldn't need any adapter. Be aware that some 15 amp extension cords only have #16 gauge wire (allowed because they are in "free air"). A 16 gauge cord protected by a 30 amp breaker is a bad idea. I don't think there is such a thing as an off-the-shelf 15 amp/120 volt inline circuit breaker or fuse for outdoor use. One thing to note about adapters and extension cords is that they aren't required to be UL or NEMA listed. Maybe that's why they can get away with selling an adapter like a 30 amp down to 15 amp. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/JZUAAOSw7W5XN1AN/s-l300.jpg width=200 I put a 30 amp outlet in my garage to plug my TT into when it is in my driveway. When the TT is not in my driveway, I have one of those adapters plugged into it. I plug an air compressor into it. Sometimes, I plug in a hand power tool like a circular saw or hand drill.
Bobbo 05/10/19 08:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Screen door latch: don't make this mistake, like I did

If you've got a couple of unfilled holes in the door, put a couple of pop rivets in there. Much less noticeable.
Bobbo 05/10/19 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Airstream table is too big.

Looking carefully at that photo, it looks like that is solid oak?? I say that because the grain pattern wraps around the edge. Very beautiful, whether it is solid oak or veneer. Well done! Yes, it is solid oak. The craftsman took several solid oak boards, jointed the edges and edge glued them together. He then planed the top and bottom perfectly smooth, cut it to size, rounded off the sharp corners, sanded it smooth, and put several coats of a sealer/protector on it.
Bobbo 05/07/19 07:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Airstream table is too big.

Yes. I did a Google search for my town, cabinet maker. I found a shop that is a front end woodworkers' store, teaches woodworking classes, rents time on big woodworking machines, and will make your custom project. Any of the above. The best part is they are only about 3 miles from my home. I took a photo of the trailer's woodwork, and he helped pick out a blond oak. About two weeks later, it was done.
Bobbo 05/06/19 06:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water lines are killing me

Get a fan and let it blow across the carpet for a couple of days.
Bobbo 05/05/19 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12V receptacle polarity

Just bought a 12v cord for CPAP machine use in RV. Instructions state "The Shielded DC Cord is intended for use on 12 volt positive hot electrical systems. These systems might also be referred to as negative ground." Also: "The connector end of the DC cord is constructed so that the outside of the barrel is ground and the inside of the barrel is positive." So I used a multimeter to test the 12v outlet in my bedroom. (I know nothing about electrical stuff.) When I touched the red probe to the center plate at back of outlet and the black probe to the barrel wall of the outlet, the multimeter showed 13.71. Then I touched the black probe to center plate and red to barrel wall and multimeter showed -13.71. So does this mean the outlet is "positive hot", as needed for this cord to work properly? yes What he ^^^^^^^^^^^ said.
Bobbo 05/02/19 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: retreval from mud

My suggestion? Wait till the ground dries out. There are worse things than not using your RV for a while.
Bobbo 05/02/19 08:43pm General RVing Issues
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