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RE: What gauge wire do I use

THHN and THWN is the same wire. Not EXACTLY true. THWN wire is also THHN rated. THHN wire may or may not be THWN rated. Read the label before you buy the wire.
Bobbo 07/15/19 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: The Best Quality 200-Amp Solenoid I Have Yet Seen

The WFCO inverter that Airstream put in my trailer is fused at 110 amps from the battery. I wanted a disconnect switch for it (it has an unGodly draw even when "off") so I got the Intellitec 200 amp unit. It is identical to the Intellitec 100 amp unit that Airstream used for the house disconnect, only heavier duty. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/619tQDhDeNL._SL1000_.jpg width=640
Bobbo 07/11/19 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Older fridge cooling Better on 110 than propane

Wrong thread
Bobbo 07/11/19 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Disconnect load before stopping generator?

While there is nothing that can be done about a generator running out of fuel, my EMS-HW30C ensures that there is no load when I start the generator. Since my generator has a floating neutral, I unplug the bonding plug before shutting the generator down. Doing that ensures that the EMS-HW30C has removed the load from the generator.
Bobbo 07/11/19 07:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Black tank splash shield problem

Typically waste tanks are sloped...shallow end under inlet pipe. Whenever using TP you should FILL the toilet bowl FULL prior to flushing so you have good volume to carry stuff away from inlet area Just the nature of gravity toilets. Shorter the drop the more likelihood stuff will collect if NOT using enough water when flushing If NOT really full before using ~ do your thing ~ hold pedal down 1/2 way (lets water in none out)~ fill to top with water ~~ FLUSH These are the answers. Whenever solid waste (including just TP) is in the toilet bowl to be flushed, FILL THE BOWL TO JUST BELOW THE RIM BEFORE FLUSHING. That volume of water will carry the TP right past the "splash shield."
Bobbo 07/07/19 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone use a TPMS for their trailer?

TST 507 here since 2011. It saved my derriere once when a brake caliper started dragging. It alarmed "high temperature." The wheel was smoking when I pulled over. It was on a Class C with 6 wheels. When I moved it to my new TT with 4 wheels, I had two extra senders. I figured why not? I put the extra two senders on the tow vehicle spare tire and the TT spare tire. Between it and the tow vehicle's built in TPMS, I can check the pressure in every tire. Also, the TST folks provide excellent customer service. After about 3 or 4 years, the receiver battery went belly up. It would work while plugged in, but would die as soon as unplugged. Since it was out of warranty, I contacted TST to ask what battery it took so I could buy another battery. TST replaced the receiver for me at no charge. They even apologized that I had to program the replacement.
Bobbo 07/06/19 09:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Trying to upload signature picture

As a last resort, I created the signature picture as a GIF instead of a JPG, and it uploaded.
Bobbo 07/06/19 09:04pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Generator

A small nitpick is that the ignition and the fuel shutoff are on the same control so you can't shut off the fuel with the engine running and let the carburetor run dry. The Honda generators are identical in this respect. I bought a separate shut off switch from Hutch Mountain and put it on in place of the Honda's kill switch. Now, I can choose between shutting off the Honda with the kill switch, or shutting off the fuel and letting it run dry. I don't know if the Hutch Mountain kill switch connector is compatible with the HF generator. However, you can get an NO (Normally Open) momentary contact switch. Cut one of the two wires that kills the generator, and wire the two ends to the momentary contact switch. Then, if you want to stop the generator RIGHT NOW, press and hold that switch. If you want to run the tank dry, turn it off normally, and the momentary contact switch will let it run till it is out of fuel in the carb.
Bobbo 07/06/19 07:22am Tech Issues
Trying to upload signature picture

I am trying to upload a signature picture. It is 6kb on my disk, it is 198 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. I click the "Choose File" button and the file dialog opens. I click the proper picture, and its name displays beside the button. But, when I click Submit Changes, and it reloads the page saying the changes have been saved, there is still no signature picture listed.
Bobbo 07/06/19 06:47am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Dang Squirrels

My Dad used to trap squirrels in his back yard. Used a "Have-a-Heart" trap. Works well. Then he'd put the trap with the squirrel still in it to a local golf course, and release the squirrel. Once day he got "caught" by a grounds-keeper. They guy was upset. Not sure why as there were no RVs on the fairways or greens. Every state is different, but TN prohibits relocating wildlife that you trap unless you have a state permit. The concept is to prevent the spread of disease from one area of the state to another.
Bobbo 06/13/19 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: RV-Dump parking sloping the wrong way

I agree with Seattle Steve. It only matters on the final dump before going in to storage.
Bobbo 06/13/19 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hose question........

I carry one 10' water hose (spigot to water filter) and two 25' water hoses (to reach the trailer). I carry one 15' sewer hose. If that is not enough, I break camp when needed and go dump. For the tank flush, my TT has a backflow preventer built in. I bought a 6' water hose and two more backflow preventers. I put one backflow preventer on each end of the 6' water hose. I feel safe using the 6' water hose attached to my drinking water hose as a flush. Three backflow preventers would all have to fail to contaminate it. (Those who demand a dedicated hose are still hooking their dedicated hose to the spigot where they get fresh water.) I use a water filter whenever we fill the fresh water tank or use shore water because at one campsite in Florida (in 2009), I got sand in my water system and never got it out again (sold that RV in 2017).
Bobbo 06/13/19 08:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Propane tanks

My Dad laughed at me when I told him I keep one tank turned off, that I manually switch over when one runs out, even though I have an automatic changeover gizmo. No thanks. After a few times swapping tanks in the middle of the night I installed an automatic and life has been wonderful ever since. That will change the first time you run both tanks dry in the middle of the night. :W If he is using that much propane, it won't matter whether it is manual transfer or automatic. The manual transfer just makes him get up twice, once to transfer to the second tank, and again to cuss because he ran both tanks dry.
Bobbo 06/13/19 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with Jeep Wrangler

You need about half of the trailer you are looking at, or twice the tow vehicle.
Bobbo 06/13/19 08:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dang Squirrels

I give all squirrels around my home base site lead poisoning as soon as I see one. I am currently sitting by my back window and a .22 cal pellet rifle beside me. I got 2 yesterday. No takers this morning. My solution is identical, down to the .22 cal pellet rifle. In the last 3 weeks, I have removed 7 squirrels from my yard, and am playing hide-n-seek with another.
Bobbo 06/13/19 08:07am Tech Issues
RE: How does everyone transport their kayak

Not a kayak, but we own a PortaBote folding boat. This is it on top of our pickup truck. https://i.imgur.com/LGJPuus.jpg width=640
Bobbo 06/13/19 07:59am Travel Trailers
RE: 2018 Navigator 6mpg when towing 8k lb camper Ecoboost

With both my previous RV and my current RV, I ran a test. On both of them I did a 500 mile trip at 60mph. Then I did a substantially similar 500 mile trip at 70mph. Increasing my speed by 17% caused a fuel usage increase of 33%. My Class C went from 9mpg to 6mpg. My TT went from 12mpg to 8mpg. All numbers rounded to the closest integer. My personal speed limit when towing the TT is 62mph. (Most people drive on a 5mph division. To avoid wolfpacks, I drive 2 or 3mph off of a 5mph division. Everyone who is not passing me is being passed by me. No one drives along with me.)
Bobbo 06/12/19 07:57pm Towing
RE: suburban water heater flow stopage

Opening T&P can cause air pocket to be expelled vs being established If you depressurize the water system and open the pressure relief valve, it will also re-establish the air pocket.
Bobbo 06/12/19 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: Vent Stack Covers

This has probably been covered before, but since it was such a common search term it quickly became a daunting task so here I am. We bought our first camper last winter and after it's first trip out, I am now missing 2 of my 3 vent stack caps. I was very careful where we drove, so I am think they were so brittle the wind took them. My main question is: is it okay to replace just the cap and not the base as well? If so, is any one familiar with a cap that fits this style of base? It looks different than most that I have seen that are held on by two metal tangs. Your link won't load.
Bobbo 06/11/19 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Title

Drive over to the Virginia DMV, with the title, and ask for a supervisor. That is where you will get definitive answers.
Bobbo 06/11/19 07:49am Travel Trailers
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