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RE: Fresh water problem

how are you sanatizing,just putting it the city water conection or putting it in the tank fill? Are you runing off your fresh water tank or are you hooking up to city water when it smells? I had it when I was hooked up to city water it would taste/smell funny but when I used the onboard tank it would be fine. my sanatize process was using the fresh water tank as the source so it never got that bit bettween the city atachment and the water pump , so now I sanatize both ways. Steve After filling all of the lines with the bleach solution, open a faucet to relieve all of the pressure. Then, and only then, go around and push on the button in the middle of the shore water inlet and bleach water will backflow out of it so it gets sanitized too. BE SURE THE PRESSURE IS RELIEVED FIRST OR YOU WILL DAMAGE THE BACKFLOW PREVENTER!
Bobbo 09/29/20 08:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reverse Polarity code When Plugging in at Home

You can verify or just fix it. Turn off power at the breaker, remove the connector, reverse the Hot and Neutral, replace connector, restore power. http://www.myrv.us/electric/img/30-ampRV-rec2.jpg width=200 http://www.myrv.us/electric/img/30-ampRV-front2.jpg width=200 http://www.myrv.us/electric/Pg/30amp_Service.htm Before I switched the wires, I would want to confirm that it is, indeed, the outlet that is mis-wired. Hence my recommendation for the no contact voltage tester. If he re-wires the outlet, but it was actually the EMS that was wired backwards, he has not helped himself.
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Reverse Polarity code When Plugging in at Home

Bpbbo, If you hare some elcheapo HF volt ohm meters laying around already, won't they suffice for the testing? The no contact tester will tell him immediately which wire is the hot wire. Using an el cheapo VM he will have to test each wire pair to determine which wire is hot. Just faster and easier. And safer since it is no contact and he can't shock himself. But, to answer your question, yes the el cheapo VM will give him that information, if he knows how to use it.
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Reverse Polarity code When Plugging in at Home

Call an electrician and have them check the wiring. This can be done before calling an electrician. Go to a big box hardware store and buy a no-contact voltage tester. They are not expensive. That will tell you exactly which slot on your 30 amp outlet is hot. You can then tell if the outlet is wired backwards. With the round slot at the top, the hot slot should be lower left. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51bXDYpGoYL._AC_SL1000_.jpg width=160
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: Why Didn't I Think of This Before?

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YN2KRWF Your clicky doesn't work. You need to take the spaces out of your link. Like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YN2KRWF I fixed it for him. :) Barney
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Help replacing pendant light globe

Take the intact shade to a lamp fixture store And get two new matching shades that will fit your fixtures I doulbt you will be able to find the exact matching duplicate replacement MrWizard beat me to it. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water problem

You need to drain the hot water tank after every trip and leave it empty until the next trip; otherwise the smell will come back. If that were true, then the fresh water tank would also have to be drained until the next trip. Fresh water sitting in the water heater is no different than fresh water sitting in the fresh water tank. For the last 13 years, I have not drained the water heater except when winterizing in November and not had a problem. Now, considering the OP's water supply is from a well, it may very well be necessary to drain both between trips. We don't know what is in their water that may be growing. That water is not chlorinated to kill stuff.
Bobbo 09/28/20 07:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Wiring , converter , not sure

Unplugged motorhome started the generator everything came on then all started flickering and went out but the generator was still running. Any idea what could be going on? Thanks Sounds like the generator breaker tripped too. Maybe because of the problem in the transfer switch.
Bobbo 09/27/20 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh water problem

If the water from the campground "seems ok" but the water from your well doesn't, you have your answer.
Bobbo 09/26/20 08:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

Four: I've lived a lifetime before TPMS was invented and never had a problem. I've lived 65 years and never needed a fire extinguisher, but that doesn't mean I am going to throw mine out. Driving from Colorado to Tennessee one time, I left Colorado with 80 psi in all 6 tires. When I stopped for the night just east of Oklahoma City, one of my inside dually tires had 0 psi. As soon as I got home, I got my TPMS. (It has since saved me from an RV fire when a brake started dragging. By the time I got pulled over, the wheel was smoking.)
Bobbo 09/24/20 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Surge protector

There is an issue when using a Generator! You will need a special wired adapter to use with a generator! Make sure you do not get an Open Ground indication, you will need a floating ground plug. Not all generators. My previous RV had an ONAN Microquiet 4000 watt and it had the ground and neutral bonded. My EMS didn't have a problem with it. It wasn't until I traded RV's and bought a TT and a Honda EU2000i that I finally had to make a bonding plug. (Bonding plug was less than $2 to make. A trip to a big box hardware store for a replacement 3 prong plug plus an inch and a half of wire that was sitting around my shop.) You definitely want the open ground indicator.
Bobbo 09/24/20 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: TPMP High Temp Setting

It has been a while (a long while) since I set mine and my memory is fuzzy, but, as best I recall, I had to skip whichever setting came up first and set the second one. Then I could go back and set the first one. The temperature, I left at factory setting. (Even at factory setting it saved me from an RV fire a few years ago when a brake started dragging. When it alarmed and I got pulled over, the wheel was smoking.)
Bobbo 09/24/20 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Surge protector

I prefer the hard wired EMS HW-30C, myself. You can't leave it off because you are in a hurry or the weather is bad so you don't bother getting it out. Also, it can't walk off. Mine is currently (pun pun) on its second RV and 13th year.
Bobbo 09/24/20 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: generator question

I don't see any ready-made 50A bonding plugs, so this is probably something to talk to an electrician about. You can bond anywhere there is neutral and ground available on the generator, for example the 120V receptacle. I didn't want to suggest that (even though it will seem to work just fine), because then you're bonding a 50A circuit over a 15/20A path. All you are doing is simulating a house's ground. The wire you use is only 1 to 2 inches long. There is no problem with that. If you are REALLY concerned, use a 6g wire in the bonding plug. Voila, you have a 50 amp bond. (A 22g wire will work just fine.)
Bobbo 09/21/20 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

If it is unlimited only to a specified cap, it is not really unlimited. Regardless of what marketing chooses to call it.
Bobbo 09/21/20 08:19am Technology Corner
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

If I ever buy one with the CO detector, I will cut the wires to it. If that won't let the generator run, I will wire nut them together. I, also, don't run a generator inside an enclosed space.
Bobbo 09/20/20 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: We have a toilet issue......

Exploded Parts List with internal Links to Manual, Videos etc Bowel and base have to be separated in order to replace bowel seal...bolts are accessed via cutout on back of bowel. If you have enough room between back wall and bowel---otherwise toilet has to be removed which would require a new floor flange gasket Check the ball valve for cracks, chips, gouges which will allow water to leak from bowel Good luck! Was "bowel" an intentional pun?
Bobbo 09/20/20 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pump Accumulator Setting

The pressure setting on an accumulator tank should be just barely above the cut-on pressure of the pump. That way the accumulator tank will empty before the pump cuts on. However, the accumulator tank setting can not be why your pump won't shut off. When the tank gets full, the pressure will go up to shut off the pump regardless of any settings. Now, if you are actually talking about the bypass setting on the pump, disregard my post. My post only applies to actual accumulator tanks. If the pump bypass setting is set too low, the pump will never turn off.
Bobbo 09/20/20 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

I wonder why they didn’t make the ECO switchable from the app.At 10:58 in the OP's video, eco is switched on from the app. With being able to shut down the generator and change eco from the app, it does seem to me there are more things to break. For instance, a fault in the remote control system could make the generator inoperable. It looked to me like he stopped recording, went outside to hit the eco switch, came back inside and started recording again.
Bobbo 09/19/20 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

. You cannot just paste links into your post like some other forums allow.I can. Your unformatted links turn clickable when you post them? Never seen that before. Trying Google for a test (just pasted): https://www.google.com/ Clickable version (formatted with url tag): https://www.google.com You have to manually add the formatting. It's not hard, it's 5 characters before the link and 6 characters after the link. I do it all the time.
Bobbo 09/19/20 07:07pm Technology Corner
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