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RE: One battery or two

Buddy of mine is the KING of excess! He scoffs at one battery or two, thumbs down at 4. Try 8 batteries! Yeah, 8 of them in his 5'ver!:B Why? Well, because his name is Jim and my buddy Jimmy has always been known for going to the far end in everything he does! Why buy two batteries when 8 will be enough? Big inverter, fancy this and that, lots a lights.... power a small campsite.. I asked him why? He grins and says, because I can! We go boondock fishing every September for 3 or 4 days. He never runs out of juice. :) While the rest of us launch our gennys he sits back and laughs at us! That's Jimmy, best of friends since high school. Always does everything to excess! :B
BobsYourUncle 02/21/19 06:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: One battery or two

Batteries are like cubic inches: The only thing better than cubic inches is MORE cubic inches! So using the "Bob" philosophy, 2 batteries are better than one! I would go with 2. Forget what the dealer says, he has likely never boondocked a day in his life. For those of us that have, one 12V battery can run out in a hurry if you're not careful. Best is 2 - 6V deep cycle golf cart batteries or similar. I run 4 X 6V
BobsYourUncle 02/20/19 08:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram and Chevy MPG Test Part 2

Maybe the Ram was towing the Chevy......
BobsYourUncle 02/18/19 07:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven weeks on the road...1/2/3/4/5/6..on way home

Gary it has been so enjoyable seeing you post all this! Thanks for sharing with us. Great stuff!
BobsYourUncle 02/17/19 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Windows 'notifications' accesses my photos

I find this kind of junk from MS so frustrating. My data is mine! They don't need it nor do they have any business sneaking in and taking it. This should be illegal.... I experienced one of their data grabs last night. After renewing my Office365 I was doing stuff on a large complicated Excel spreadsheet I created years ago. In trying to turn autosave on, I get a message telling me I have to save my file in their "Onedrive", rather than on my local hard drive. Well, it's sensitive tax information, I don't want it on their drive, I want it on mine! Stay out! Beginning to think I made a mistake subscribing to Office365. So theres another thing to figure out how to turn off....
BobsYourUncle 02/17/19 08:48am Technology Corner
RE: Trailer Roof- Man am I sore!

gbopp, I think you're on to something! :B
BobsYourUncle 02/16/19 10:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need a profile photo?

That's really cool! Maybe I should use one, they're ALL younger than me! Hmm, me too. You suppose everyone is? Yes, most likely. I will only speak for myself though, but when I look in the mirror I see my grandfather from my youth. Bald, showing age, the silver grey fringe..... Blah!
BobsYourUncle 02/15/19 06:28am Technology Corner
RE: Need a profile photo?

That's really cool! Maybe I should use one, they're ALL younger than me!
BobsYourUncle 02/14/19 08:33pm Technology Corner
RE: How would you like this for a pet????????????????

:B My youngest son had one of these. He loved it. It really was an awesome little pet. Cute little guy! I thought it was pretty cool too.
BobsYourUncle 02/14/19 08:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Why ABS instead of PVC?

Stick to ABS... snip I think this is very much Canada specific. Product availabilty is completely different in the US and Canada. I didn't know that. Being a Canadian contractor, all my experience, knowledge etc is from Canada. With the exception of a couple small projects in Oak Harbour Wa, I've never worked in the US. In all the reno projects I've been involved in, I have never once seen anything but ABS used in drain applications. This includes RV's I've worked on.
BobsYourUncle 02/14/19 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Why ABS instead of PVC?

Are you a plumber? No. More like general contractor. I've built houses, additions, basement finishes, siding, roofing, windows, electrical, plumbing, drywall, decks, sunrooms etc etc for 44 years.
BobsYourUncle 02/14/19 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Why ABS instead of PVC?

Stick to ABS for all your drain stuff. That's what it's made for. I've never measured it but the wall on ABS is at least twice as thick as PVC. 2 different plastics here, and each designed for different purposes. You can throw a chunk of ABS off a building and won't hurt it much. Forget the PVC for the purpose you describe. Drain fittings and more are all designed to fit with ABS, not PVC
BobsYourUncle 02/13/19 08:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Where’s Mex?

I heard from Mex today, he lost names and passwords evidently when the laptop went south. I wonder if it was the hard drive that died or the laptop itself, such as motherboard or something. If the latter, the hard drive data can be pulled off easily. I have a hard drive docking station that I just plug the drive into and read it. From there you just move stuff off to wherever you want it, USB stick or whatever. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I have an old laptop kicking around. Got to thinking, it was running hot and shutting down. Kinda forgot about that til now. But I'm still willing to give it to him if he doesn't come up with one. Glad you heard from him. My only connection was via PM here.
BobsYourUncle 02/13/19 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Finding a CG has become such a frustrating pain in the....

Thanks Don, you're awesome!
BobsYourUncle 02/12/19 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finding a CG has become such a frustrating pain in the....

How about going to public campgrounds that do not take reservations?.....snip I may have to do that. We need to book our time off now. Our government websites don't open for reservations until the first week of April.
BobsYourUncle 02/12/19 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Finding a CG has become such a frustrating pain in the....

:) Not too many of those left in the country!
BobsYourUncle 02/11/19 09:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Great underbelly enclosure videos

Bobs, those are great tips -- thanks!! Could I ask you to mention the brands of screws that have given you the best performance, if you feel comfortable doing so? No worries if you are not in a position to do that. And you probably already know this, but the phrase "Bob's your uncle" probably refers to an episode of nepotism in Britain: Arthur was the nephew of . . . No problem mentioning brand names, however the very high percentage of the screws I use come with the product. I used to be able to identify them by markings on the screw, but they don't seem to have that any more. A brand I used to use years ago was the Star brand. They were the best 20 years ago. But, like everything, they vanished and are no longer available. It's a bit hit and miss now. I've had both good and bad screws from the same supplier. Bob's your uncle, yes a lot of funny stuff associated with the name! I first used that moniker when I was younger and I had a bunch of nieces and nephews. I was uncle Bob to them. It just stuck with me and I use it all the time. EEK! Bad typo auto mistake correction!
BobsYourUncle 02/11/19 06:45am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Great underbelly enclosure videos

Just a little comment about self tapping screws: I use them every day in my work, building patio covers, solariums, sunrooms and more. All these applications are done with self drilling, or self tapping, tek screws. After 44 years of this work I've put a staggering amount of these screws in, and I've learned a few things. So anyways, to my point: There are many types of these screws and varying quality. One company whose product I install uses the cheapest poor quality screws available. They just don't want to poke a hole in light aluminum extrusions. Other brands the screw goes in as if the hole is already there. Some have a good drill point, others don't. Pre drilling the holes works, but it is a bit time consuming. A few hints: 1) Buy a decent quality screw! No cheap Chinese soft metal junk. 2) Don't use a screw with too small of a shank. A number 8 screw can and likely will labor to try to get through the metal. Move up to a number 10 or even 12 screw and it will cut its way through a lot faster and easier. 3) If you are leaning on the drill and the screw doesn't want to go through, try rotating the whole drill in small elliptical circles a bit. Not a lot, maybe 10 degrees max. 4) On the same line as point 3, if the screw is being stubborn, stop, run it in reverse while pushing hard for a second or 2, then go forward again. This unloads the drill point of a buildup of metal. 5) If all else fails, yeah, drill a pilot hole! 6) Use hex head screws. The US Phillip's head screws are dismal at best. Canadian Robertson is better, but you have to be real accurate at keeping the bit aligned perfect with the screw. 7) Use a clutch drill. If you're pushing hard and it suddenly goes in, the torque can snap the head off the screw, or the driver bit. 8) Don't use stainless steel screws. They are soft, weak and will break. And they don't drill in worth a hoot. Don't use cheap junk home handyman grade screws or drill bits from Home Depot or similar. Seek out an industrial supply store where the tradesmen shop. Buy your screws and bits there. Don't forget your goggles... you'll be on your back with your work above you. Hot piece of steel in the eye isn't fun. Ask me how I know that.....
BobsYourUncle 02/10/19 08:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Finding a CG has become such a frustrating pain in the....

Well, I'm happy to hear that your current problem is the fact that you're too early! :B Yeah usually I'm always too late! I was going to do something about my procrastination, but I never got around to it! :B I hear you on the real estate pricing in the Lower Mainland. I lived in Surrey from 85 through 2013. I was in Fleeteod, 161 off 96th. Saw lot of changes. Especially what it cost me to build my house vs what it sold for in 14! Wow! Not enough decent campgrounds there. There are a few kinda scungy ones though. Like the one off 160 on 103 close to the Port Mann. Cultus is nice, but in all the years I lived there I never did get to camp there. Place is always full. Never camped at Bridal Falls either. Oh well!
BobsYourUncle 02/10/19 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: What do GM, Ford, Ram do to improve their 2500/3500 models

I bought a new 3/4 ton Chev Camper Special long box Oct 10, 1978. 350 - 4 stick, nothing fancy. No AC, No power anything, not even the slug under the hood. Just steering and brakes. All taxes in, dealer prep etc, I drove it off the lot for $8109.70. I remember the day I drove it off the lot, thought I had lost my mind for paying that much for a truck. Couldn't believe I was that stupid to pay that much.... I paid 500 bucks for the used 67 GMC I was replacing. I paid over 60K for the one I have now. Same thought, I need to have my head examined for paying that much. 380,000K on it now, starting to break stuff. Could use a new one. Major engine breakdown last summer, I priced out a new one basically the same but with a few more options. 83 Grand. This time I retained my senses. No, just simply.... NO! Cost me about 10K all together to fix it. It's paid for, owes me nothing.
BobsYourUncle 02/10/19 12:27pm Tow Vehicles
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