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RE: BC ferries work for the smaller routes.

Steve, I've done those routes many times in the course of doing homeshows for my sunroom business, and building them. They are all straightforward, just have to read the BC Ferries schedules carefully. It's been a few years now since I used to do those runs, I doubt they have changed much. If I was going to Powell River I would pay once at Horseshoe Bay. (West Van) That would get me to Langdale. From there I'd drive to Earl's Cove, where I would not have to pay to cross to Saltery Bay, a short drive from Powell. Same thing in reverse, pay once to make the 2 sailings getting back to the mainland. Crossing from Powell to Vancouver Island, you pay at Powell River to cross to Comox and the other way too. From there you drive south to Nanaimo or Victoria to use one of the 3 crossing points to get back to the mainland. My preference was Duke Point. Half an hour longer, but a nice run, and a terminal kinda out of the way, more peaceful I found. I liked to use the ferry time to relax, enjoy the view and the pleasant smell of the open ocean air. I preferred crossing to Tsawwassen to avoid the always heavy traffic going east on Hwy 1 and over the Port Mann from Horseshoe Bay. Even after replacing the bridge there's a high volume of traffic there. Doing the Powell/Comox crossing, a nice stop is Texada. Small island but it's a really nice drive going around there looking at the scenery. I built a big solarium on Texada years ago and really enjoyed the area. It's been years now and I cannot recall if you can stop at Texada without paying twice. You'd have to check the ferries website. As a sidenote, I was coming back from Powell to West Van once and when driving through the beautiful community of Sechelt, I came across a car show! Well, right up my alley, I found a place to park my truck and TT and spent hours there looking at all the old cars. And there were lots of them. I had my camera and took piles of pictures too. On the way to catch the last sailing from Langdale to the mainland, I severely blew a tire on the TT. Took me a while to fix that mess and I missed the last sailing. There is a nice little government CG near Roberts Creek, about halfway between Sechelt and Gibsons. I overnighted there and relaxed for a day before going home. That CG became a regular stop for me after that.
BobsYourUncle 05/23/22 09:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

Sounds like a woodpecker on steroids. :B:B LMAO, good one, and very accurate description! :B
BobsYourUncle 05/20/22 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Data plate

Have you looked on the sides of the unit, maybe near the front. Many I have seen have a plate or a sticker with the info. Also, on the inside of a cabinet door they sometimes put a build sticker sheet
BobsYourUncle 05/19/22 06:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: I am the truck killer!

Gee if it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all!! :B
BobsYourUncle 05/16/22 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

Any of the brands of cordless drills will fo the job just fine. I have a fleet of Dewalt tools, so I use one of my 20V drills. The use of an impact is absolutely unnecessary. Wrong tool for the job, and they make a lot of noise. Most drills have high and low speed setting. Use low for more torque.
BobsYourUncle 05/14/22 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: New Ride

The blue matches your oval! :B
BobsYourUncle 05/11/22 07:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ride

I like the blue, I think it looks great!
BobsYourUncle 05/10/22 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: We all use different ways.

Amen buddy!
BobsYourUncle 05/10/22 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: New Ride

Nice, looks awesome! Looks great in white too. Congrats on the new ride. :C
BobsYourUncle 05/08/22 09:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No battery power

I had the same perplexing issue a couple of TTs ago. Exactly as you describe. After pulling what's left of my hair out trying to figure it out, I decided to follow the 12V positive wire. I probed it at the hitch where it went under and into the TT. Power there, but nothing inside at the converter fuse panel. I got on my back and slid under the front, behind the frame cross member where the wiring went in. I shone a flashlight up to the bottom of the floor, right behind the front frame and discovered a cluster of connections hidden in there. One of them was an inline fuse for +12V. I opened the fuse holder and Bingo! There it was. The fuse was not blown, but the holder and ends of the barrel fuse were corroded, just enough to make the connection intermittent. I cleaned up the connections, put it back together and voila! End of problem. It never happened again. With any luck, perhaps you can find a similar issue. Try tracing your +12V feed from the batteries all the way back to the converter. When plugged into shore power, the 12V comes from the converter, regardless of whether the battery works or not.
BobsYourUncle 05/06/22 09:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water damage self repair?

Dang Bob that's a pile of work!! LOL, it was! I plead temporary insanity! :B
BobsYourUncle 05/04/22 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water damage self repair?

BurbMan, Nice setup for working on the TC, looks great! Here is one of mine. I had a massive tarp and usually could flip up one side for access to work on it. Worked OK I guess. I had many days, weeks where I couldn't touch it for the constant rain. https://i.imgur.com/m4c9uIzl.jpg
BobsYourUncle 05/04/22 01:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water damage self repair?

It is essential to have a closed place to do this, a shop, barn or something similar. It's certainly nice but not essential. I've done all 3 of my projects outside under a tarp. I say that because I did my rebuild in my driveway at the west coast where there is a lot of rain. Every time I worked on it I had to remove the tarps, take the siding off, take things apart etc to start my days work. Then at the end I had to put everything back together and tarp it off again. A lot was to keep peace with my neighbors. This process consumed a lot of time. Having an enclosed place to work would have been a huge help, to just walk away and leave it at the end of a session, and to start where I left off at the beginning of the next. That's why I say essential. Yeah, it can be done under a tarp. I did but it was a super big hassle.
BobsYourUncle 05/04/22 08:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Water damage self repair?

You have to be careful trying to just piece in patchwork. Everything inside was installed after the floor was built, so the floor sheeting is in one piece across the entire width of the unit. This is needed for strength. To repair it properly, all the stuff in the way needs to come out first. In answer to your question, yes, this can be done as a DIY. It is essential to have a closed place to do this, a shop, barn or something similar. To get an idea of what is involved taking a trailer apart, have a look at my Rebuild Project. There are different construction methods amongst the various brands. Check to see what yours is. Mine was 2X2 wood stud framing, 2X3 floor joists. The aluminum siding was stapled directly to the studs, no sheeting because that adds a lot of weight. The interior was 1/8" wood paneling.
BobsYourUncle 05/04/22 07:44am Travel Trailers
RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

In your original post, you said you fought to "save" the vehicle from being totalled. Just curious why you would have wanted a truck that had been damaged so heavily? Truck was paid for in full. It was a really good truck, zero problems to that date, no costs aside from regular maintenance. A payout would have been well below market value. The BC insurance is notorious for that. I didn't want to get back into financing another new vehicle. This one was so good I didn't want to lose it. The GM body shop that fixed it has a reputation for top quality work, and I trusted them to fix it properly. And they did. Over 9 years later, I know I made the right decision. No issues whatsoever from the repair.
BobsYourUncle 05/01/22 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

Another option, as long as the factory headlight assembly is not broken, is to buy the $30 (may cost more now than a few years ago) headlight restoration kit at your auto parts store.The original style GM OEM lights were poor from day 1. The light they sent out never was very good when new. GM missed the mark when they made these things. But they nailed it with the Denali lights. You can have the best bulbs in the world, but putting them in crummy housings with lousy reflective properties renders them useless. A brighter bulb only blinds oncoming traffic due to poor housing design. The drivers side was still in good shape, but I feel there is no point in restoring a piece of Chinese garbage that was no good the day it was built. I did a huge amount of research on LED conversion, different bulb replacements and more. My truck is too old to have any true good quality headlight conversion available. The best option was to throw the original and Chinese garbage away and put the factory offered Denali lights in with better bulbs, non LED.
BobsYourUncle 05/01/22 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

Bob, reset your saved photo posting. Jerry User error, I copied the pic URL and added it with the image function instead of direct copy paste. Fixed now, thanks.
BobsYourUncle 04/30/22 08:26pm Tech Issues
OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

Last year January I posted a headlight thread regarding the crummy headlights my truck came with. I was looking for suggestions, solutions etc. There was a lot of great input and ideas, and I finally got it taken care of. I did a ton of research and it turns out that virtually every aftermarket LED headlight system is made in China. My truck was hit hard in the front by a drunk driver in Dec 2012. 20K damage and it was very close to being written off. I had to agree to some non OEM parts to save it. One of them was a headlight. This headlight was absolute junk, and got worse from there. See in the photo the side by side comparison of the original drivers side from 2006 and the Chinese junk from 2013: https://i.imgur.com/6h5Fls8l.jpg Based on my experience with the aftermarket headlight, and learning that most all of the LED conversions are made in China, I opted to follow the advice given to me by the owner of Daniel Stern Lighting, a well known expert in automotive lighting. He helped me big time. I bought some used OEM GM Denali projection headlights and upgraded the bulbs to those recommended to me by the above named expert. More lumens per bulb, but the same power draw. These lights are a straight swap, no mods needed. https://i.imgur.com/4biAE8Nl.jpg I'm looking forward to some night time highway driving where I can actually see where I'm going. I just finished installing them a couple hours ago. Back to the title of this thread: I am astounded that the powers that be actually allow and even recommend this cheap aftermarket garbage to be used in vehicle repairs. Insurance companies dictate that all aftermarket be used to save money on repairs. These safety items are very substandard and actually dangerous to safe operation of our vehicles. The big 3 have very strict standards of quality, all stamped and approved for road use in North America. How is it that the regulatory people actually allow this junk to be imported and installed on a vehicle? Sure makes me wonder.... We are talking a genuine safety hazard here. See the OP of my previous thread linked above to see my complaint. I have been whining about my crummy headlights for years. I'm happy to have a great upgrade, and with OEM GM parts. No more of this cheap replacement junk for me.
BobsYourUncle 04/30/22 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: 1983 Midas Kingston - free RV with a locked engine

If you are going to get after the inside, gut it, perhaps my website may offer some insight. It's a TT rebuild, but aside from the chassis, the house part of it has many similarities. Link in sig
BobsYourUncle 04/30/22 02:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Mother Board

I too bought a Dinosaur board for an old Dometic fridge when it went south on a road trip. Pricey, but very easy install and top quality. Check their website to see if they list your model.
BobsYourUncle 04/29/22 11:50am Tech Issues
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