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RE: Wfco8930/50

So far, my experience with LiFePO4 has been that the non lithium rated converter has kept the battery at full charge. My TT is always connected to power in storage so extra charging time hasn’t mattered. I did buy and initially use a standalone battery charger to make sure it got the full voltage needed to equalize the cells occasionally. As long as the stock converter voltage is higher than the battery, it will continue charging. A lithium capable converter puts out higher voltage and amperage to charge the battery faster. I’ve since installed 200 watts of CIGS solar panels with a solar controller (previously had free standing panels) that keeps the batteries topped off. I have no plans to replace my converter unit. I did research that. About $240 or so for the WFCO converter and install didn’t seem to hard for a semi-knowledgeable DIYer. On my power center, its the metal box attached below the fuse box.
Boomerweps 09/24/23 09:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Saying Good-bye/Scrapping a TT

Thank goodness there will be one less trailer to see looking abandoned. The only thing I would bother with telling a prospective buyer about is the soft floor. Tanks and tires age out and you’ll be stating it has been setting for five years. You would not normally point out the battery’s age. Definitely sell it at a low price, as is.
Boomerweps 09/23/23 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank only holds 1/2 to 1/3 of capacity

Sounds like you have a large version of the poop pyramid going on. Someone left the black tank draining during use. Some form of pooper-mache. Choose a good bacterial poop/paper cleaner and put that in the tank, fill it with water, let it set a few days, take it for sloshing drive to really stir it up and let it set a few days more. THEN dump it and wand it out. So far my fav cleaner is Happy Camper. Many swear by the ice cube trick. Best bet there is to make your own large solid cubes so they have chance to knock things around and apart before melting. But if the contents isn’t softened a bit before, it won’t work that well. Also when using ice cubes you don’t want a tank full of liquid. You want the cubes knocking around the bottom. IF you have a direct drop into your black tank, you could lightly use a pressure washer to break the pyramid apart. The reason I say lightly is BACKSPRAY and high pressure water could eat into the tank plastic.
Boomerweps 09/12/23 07:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Fridge beeping

It is because you set to AUTO it' looking for gas also, set it to AC only. There is no “AC” button, just auto/gas and on/off I get the check indicator every time I plug the TT into shore power. If I select the off then on, check goes out. I don’t normally leave the propane on, especially while traveling. I’ve never traveled over 5 hours away so the refrigerator is just an ice cooler for the trip.
Boomerweps 09/10/23 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Hard sided campers under 1500lbs with 6' int ht spreadsheet.

I owned two different cargo trailers. Neither was full listed interior height when loading cargo. They are listed by their nominal EXTERIOR dimensions. The interior has roof bows that you bang your head into. Then, you lose more headroom when you insulate it and add a ceiling. Plan on ducking ;(
Boomerweps 09/09/23 07:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Need Help Playing Apple Music in My RV

I dumped all my CDs onto a thumb drive that resides in the RV, another copy in my truck. A hard connection is best. Get an adapter cable. Most often I have lousy phone reception if any so I can only use downloaded music while camping.
Boomerweps 09/09/23 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: electric RV appliances

I'm thinking of adding more battery power, not sure of the solar because of the shape of my roof. Do a YouTube search on “CIGS solar panels”. Actually rollable solar panels, can be had in self stick versions, very efficient but long. I’m using two of the compact 100watt units with a couple so called flex panels to augment. They might work for you. I’ve never used my propane burners to cook on or the furnace or run the refrigerator. I did use the propane for the water heater when I had electrical issues. I plan on using more propane if I can get SWMBO into more travel. The solar/lithium upgrades were also for that.
Boomerweps 09/09/23 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: add another MPPT

Have you looked into how connecting some panels in series can keep the amps lower while increasing the voltage to output the same wattage? Some controllers can accept higher voltages and still limit the output to battery acceptable voltages. Pardon the pun but panels in series is where the MPPT controllers “shine”.
Boomerweps 09/02/23 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: Predator gennys?

My SIL used Predator 3500 for a several years, just sold it for $400 and had several people wanting it at that price. He used it at a primitive camp and shared the power with a friend’s camper. With proper location, you could forget it was running. He had a toy hauler at the time so he could run it up the ramp, if desired, for hauling. He’s a big guy and had no trouble lifting it into the truck. Me, forget it. 105# & bulky, IIRC.
Boomerweps 08/26/23 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Predator gennys?

I finally figured out the generator name to power relationship. The model number is the peak power rating and the continuous power rating is 400 watts lower on the average. Example: Honda EU2000 has a 1600 watt continuous rating. My new in the box Champion 1800 has a 1400 watt rating (bought for paralleling). After further study, I’ve learned that when two different rated inverter generators are paralleled, the bigger generator is limited to the lesser generator’s output. They try to equalize the load. While the bigger one tries to pull its half the load at higher values, the lesser one will shut down from overload, causing the remaining one to also shut down. I.e., when paralleling a 3600 and a 2000 watt continuous rated generators, you’ll only get 4000 watts output. Hence the manufacturers ALL stating you should use the same make and model when paralleling (aside from selling THIER product).
Boomerweps 08/26/23 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Northeast Family Campground Suggestions

There should be some PA State Parks/Forrest’s within your traveling radius. Many have full hookup camping available. We’ve been booking them during the week but in the western half of the state so I can’t recommend any near you.
Boomerweps 08/25/23 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: 100w panels

My new CIGS panel “taped” to my TT’s rounded dome front has put out more than the 100watts it’s rated for. Using an EPEver MPPT 30 amp controller. At its storage location, the panel faces due south.
Boomerweps 08/25/23 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Charge dead truck battery (LA) from house battery (LiFePO4)

You could use jumper cables to parallel your house battery with your vehicle battery and let it charge your vehicle battery BUT LiFePO4 batteries are not made for starting heavy motors, like an engine starting motor. The power surge could cause the BMS to shut down the house battery, then you’re really screwed. Most auto parts stores will test your battery and alternator because they want to sell parts. Let them test it.
Boomerweps 08/21/23 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: Disabling only charger on WFCO 8700 series.

There should be a circuit breaker (or fuse) for the 12vdc converter. Flip that off. The battery 12vdc should still supply all the 12vdc circuits. Factory transfer switches should stop the inverter from trying to charge the battery.
Boomerweps 08/15/23 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer hitch with sway bars

IF you do decide to get a new hitch, do some online research and get the hitch you want at a far better price than at most TT dealers. My salesman really thought I needed a WDH and I said I wanted to drive it home over 200 miles away to see if I felt I needed a WDH. TV met towing specs for TT I got to tow without WDH. So he offered me a used one that came with a trade-in. They installed it for free, it worked wonderfully (but sometimes noisily), & I was able to adjust it when we upgraded TVs and after “flipping” underspringed my TT axle. I was glad I listened and bought the WDH. PLEASE NOTE: AFAIK, the proper term for the bars a WDH uses is “SPRING BARS”, modern designs do use these bars as part of the sway control vice using a add on separate sway control bar or arm that had to be removed before backing up.
Boomerweps 08/11/23 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Site squatters

Wow! I see no reason under normal circumstances that there is a need to park your TV in another campsite. Just inconsiderate selfishness, too common today. I can think of a simple one. If the site is kind of small and you have to park your vehicle crossways between the hitch and roadway it may be easier to just pull in the empty spot nearby if you're planning to leave again, provided you are there to move it if needed. What they could have done better under the circumstances is watch for the new arrivals and proactively move before they had to ask. Regardless, not a big deal. We arrived to our reserved spot once to a complete setup with 2 tents and bunch of stuff all over the table. They didn't come back from the beach for 30 minutes or more. I explained that it was reserved and they happily packed up while I helped others in my party get parked in their spots. Kind of clueless on the squatters' part but no big deal. Hence, my use of the words “normal circumstances”. There are exceptions to every rule but I refuse to take the effort to pre-justify poor behavior or a convenient but inconsiderate short cut
Boomerweps 08/09/23 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Site squatters

Wow! I see no reason under normal circumstances that there is a need to park your TV in another campsite. Just inconsiderate selfishness, too common today. Bikers (or hippies or any group) going camping in the “wilderness” so they can make noise and have a good time, instead of doing that in town. Gee, don’t camp there or wear earplugs and carry a weapon, openly. If they arrive after you, see part two of previous sentence. Most people doing “bad things” try not to be observed, no witnesses. IMO, camp hosts’ primary purpose is to observe and call the right people for a given event. Literally, keep an eye on things. Checking and posting site tags, minor site cleanup at state parks, all secondary.
Boomerweps 08/08/23 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange Electrical Issues

Before you change the circuit breaker, check to see if it is receiving 12VDC from the converter and that the other wire reads the same as the battery. If so, bad breaker OR it needs reset. They have a small pinhole that you press a pen or hanger wire in to reset, like the reset on a home router. I found it odd also that key electrical components are so exposed on my TT frame front crossmember, like having your truck battery terminals in the wheel wells.
Boomerweps 08/08/23 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Rain Gutter Modification

If it was my trailer, as a stationary camp, I’d build or have built a shed roof over it. In PA where I am, I’d hire the Mennonites/Amish. If you have a lot of pine needles on it, sooner or later, you’ll have a pine branch on or through the roof. Pine needles tend to fall near straight down. So do the branches.
Boomerweps 08/07/23 11:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

My question to you is, when you have the Victron setup and a shunt.... What are you using the multimeter for? Ditto. IMO, yes, wasted $$ on duplication. I have a Bluetooth battery. I didn’t add a shunt type monitor until after I got a second battery paralleled and still debate with myself if it was needed since with them paralleled, the state of charge should be the same. You’ve already bought the Victron, a bluetooth battery is gilding the Lilly.
Boomerweps 08/07/23 11:46am Tech Issues
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