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RE: Ford F-250 Brake Controller Install

HUGE FORSCAN sticky on the F150 forum. Yes, it’s a FREE license that you apply for, good for a set period but can be renewed. You need an OBD adapter than runs under $30 on Amazon and a Windows laptop or Apple with a Windows emulator. Then you can change ANYTHING computer controlled on you Ford truck. Many on the F150 forum who bought the cheap ITBCs off eBay had problems with them. Using a factory ITBC instead of a prodigy or similar integrates the controller with your digital dash displays and controls and tracks each trailer, mileage, brake settings, ect., even checks the trailer lights. That price for the dealer supplied TBC and install costs is reasonable, especially for what we have invested in our trucks. Go for it. Plus it’s covered for 12 months warranty as a factory part. Key in glovebox COULD be for the BoxLink removable bed tie downs.
Boomerweps 03/19/23 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: How To Set Up An F-250 For Towing?

The trailer mounted rear camera is a very nice thing to have. But, remember the acronym GOAL. Get Out And Look. Nothing is better than your eyes looking around for potential problems. A weigh distributing hitch is a nice thing but not usually needed using a Ford F250 heavy duty truck until the weights hit over 12,000#. The F150 specs require them at 500# tongue weight or 5000# tow weigh, this colors many opinions.If you don’t get/use a WDH, air bags or similar May be needed to lessen rear squat.
Boomerweps 03/14/23 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: conversion kit

Yes, for the initial tank fill. Carrying a 30 pound tank inside is different only in scale to bringing one pound tanks for the small outdoor stove or lamps.
Boomerweps 02/23/23 11:48am Travel Trailers
RE: using a cargo carriers on my travel trailer

There are a couple different thick J hook like RV bumper reinforcements available. These take the sewer hose storage tube welds out of the equation. No one has reported probs once those are installed. However, best is to get a universal between the frame receiver hitch and have that welded on. Then you can carry a heavy load confidently, like a mid size generator. Note: even the factory FR rear rack does not depend on the sewer hose storage tube, it clamps to the frame rails in front of that.
Boomerweps 02/20/23 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: conversion kit

Planned on doing the same. After pricing the parts and looking at the labor, I found a cheaper, simpler method to have more propane. I swapped my 20# tank for a 30# tank. Only the cost of the tank and a fill. Same as having the 20# tank but taller. Considered the 40# tank but that would be top heavy in the existing bracket. For extended travel, I’ll throw the old 20# on my rear carrier. Empty propane tanks decently priced at tractorsupply.com and had free shipping, mailed to my home. My local Tractor Supply has a propane tank fill station, so you only pay for gas received. Only minor PITA is the 30# tank is taller than my truck tonneau cover, so I braced it in my back seat floor area. So bottom line, gained 50% more attached propane for well under $100 with no labor. I think having a few of those 5# tanks would be great for a backup if you run out but those suckers are $$ for what you get.
Boomerweps 02/20/23 09:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

I was lucky. I had many 2x2’ cement pavers about 2” from a local source. I lined them up, leveled them (mostly) as two tracks for my TT. Yes, they still sink in some under TT’s tires in storage but they helped a lot. My yard soft spot was the ideal TT parking spot and not much larger. I agree with the bite the bullet crowd. Paving is the best way to go, long term. Depends on your future housing plan for cost effectiveness but a level paved surface is a selling point for future garage additions, patio, entertainment, lots of possibilities.
Boomerweps 02/19/23 09:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I 15 weather/road conditions “App

In PA, it’s called 511PA. I thought I saw similar for several other states. It maps out PENNDOT known road conditions, even shows where the snowplows are. Good for summer road construction, too.
Boomerweps 01/29/23 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Old truck, new look…

GREAT looking truck. Are you going to help him realign his bumpers? They both look misaligned. It’s a proper three man job. 2 to hold the bumper correctly in place and one to tighten the bolts.
Boomerweps 01/23/23 10:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Gear Pro Shipping

Any tongue jack should fit.
Boomerweps 01/22/23 10:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Unable to identify model of trailer

First thing is look for water leaks. If it has water leaks, then you may find significant rot of any wood members. It doesn't take long once leaks start. That might determine if you proceed, or just scrap it. May be just the picture angles, but the structure looks somewhat twisted. Looks like flat tires on the right side to me. Yes, do Not sink a dime into that trailer until you get it titled. There may be a "salvage" title option for an abandoned trailer if you run out of regular options. I like the overall design of that trailer except it appears to have a low ceiling based on the door pictured. Less wind resistance going down the road, looking on the brighter side ;)
Boomerweps 01/18/23 09:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

Here's a little more information for you... The reason I stepped up from the F150 (Eco-boost) to a F250 (6.0) was because I noticed the receiver hitch was distorting from hauling the heavy trailer (1400 lbs. tongue weigh). Crawling under the truck for a close inspection I noticed the hitch was stamped with a 1000 lbs. hitch/10,000 gorss capacity (class 4 I think). I traded in the truck for the F250 with the same trim level. After 10K of towing I noticed that hitch with (2-1/2" reviver) was also distorting. On close inspection it was also stamped with the same rating, it just looked beefier. The F350 has done a much better job towing, but it's equipped with B&W 30K Gooseball. The receiver hitch only gets used for the smaller trailers and I suspect it is the same class 4 hitch, which is fine. I STRONGLY suspect the 1000# TW/10000# towing on the F150 was the “ with a weight distributing Hitch” value and the F250 same value was for the weight carrying tow stats.
Boomerweps 01/15/23 07:47am Towing
RE: Should I Buy The Dealer's Hitch

If you get the F250, you will not need a weight distributing Hitch. If you get the F150, you will need a weight distributing Hitch. Ford requires a WDH for the F150 at tongue weights over 500# and tow weights over 5K#. There was an online seller a couple years back that was selling the Husky Centerline WDH for about $300 and it can be had with various ratings up to 1200# TW, 12K# tow. Noisy on tight right angle turns from the bars sliding on their brackets. Part of the friction needed for sway control. I like mine but it’s the only one I’ve owned. If you go the F150 route, get the Max Tow (53C) for the reinforced hitch & a thicker frame. 9000# towing with an F150 is doable, but I kinda concur with the other poster who said 7500# is the F150’s comfortable tow limit. Above that is more work. And really crappy gas mileage. Towing usually makes for crappy gas mileage but pushing the upper limits is worse. Anecdotal evidence here and at related sites is you’ll get 6-9mpg with 9K# towed by an F150. So the choice is also, better non towing mileage with the F150 or bettering towing mileage with the F250. At 9000#, you’ll likely need the 2&5/16”? ball. Yes, you need big balls! Sometimes the RV dealer will have used WDHs from upgrade trade-ins, ask about those. Mine was, and they installed it for $300 total (& they did it perfectly) I downloaded the manual and watched YouTubes on it. I didn’t have to reset it going from my 2008 Explorer to my 2019 F150 but did have to after moving the trailer axle from above to below the springs for a near 5” clearance gain.
Boomerweps 01/13/23 11:28am Towing
RE: Armada to Pull 33' Lightweight TT

I would not push the weight limits of the Armada. That is a FIFTEEN year old vehicle that is now going to start towing a heavy load. Yes, it was built to pull and Tow a set weight limit but things are worn in from your driving in the previous years. Now you're going to put it under different strains and stresses.
Boomerweps 01/09/23 01:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How much of rise on front of truck acceptable when hitched?

Concur with Gooma and Bobbo. Sounds like I’m talking baby-speak ;)
Boomerweps 11/27/22 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Locked Out...Sorta

If it's like our Cougar, the 2 doors have different keys... Same with my Wolf Pup, different doors, different keys.
Boomerweps 11/24/22 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Ordered new Goodyear Endurance & New GC battery install

Of course, the price posted was each tire. While you might have saved a little going through Amazon, the peace of mind of a local, non shipping return on large, heavy items is priceless. I bought my replacements in April this year from WalWart.com but bumped them up to 215 vice 205. Make sure you install metal valve stems if you are planing on increasing the air pressure in them to max. Or adding on an external TPMS.
Boomerweps 10/06/22 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: WDH needed?

Air bags would do the trick, SumoSprings would also as a one and done, nothing further to mess with. RAS is an option. WDH isn’t needed. The front rising is a result of the rear drop. I added SumoSprings to my F150 for towing without a WDH, IF I can watch the tongue weight keeping it near or under the 500# factory limit. The combo tows my 4K# TT pretty level but I still encountered a tiny wagging feeling on the interstate at 65mph. I have a decent WDH and will use it for interstate travel but with the SumoSprings, sag is minimal & I don’t need theWDH ON local or country roads driving 55mph. “Cue Sammy Hagar”
Boomerweps 09/04/22 08:13am Towing
RE: Simple and inexpensive roof vent modification (Vent Covers)

Even with the vent cover, my vent lid got brittle and cracked in 4 years. Yes, the TT is covered for winter. So I replaced the whole cover. Cheapest on Amazon was about $22 each but I found a twofer for $30 so now I have a spare ;) Replacement is black, I like it dark to sleep. Between that black cover and my reflectix window covers, nap time is much easier! I think I have the same MaxxAir cover as you, it went from white to yellow in two years. I took it off & spray painted it white again. Couldn’t get well around the vent filter, though ;( You really should replace that stock fan with a full size one. Then you can really move some air.
Boomerweps 09/04/22 08:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Best leveler for travel trailer?

I’ve become a fan of the Lego like Lynx Levelers. They have flat tops you can add that I most often use to link two blocks for a wider single level base. They also have locking wheel chocks you can install and back up against, held in place partly by the wheel weight on the block base. I still carry a lot of wood blocks for my attached & extra stabilizers. I’ve had to use them and the Lynx blocks to build first and second steps on hill side lots. Granted, my TT is only a 4K# GVWR.
Boomerweps 09/02/22 10:14am Travel Trailers
RE: towing hitch for new trailer

Don’t have one but it seems the lightest and easiest to adjust is the Anderson. I have a Husky Centerline TS and it works great but is sometimes noisy and heavy for me. And I’m a young whipper-snapper at 67!
Boomerweps 09/01/22 10:28am Travel Trailers
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