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RE: More water needed....

Too much weight. A small trailer would work best.
Boomerweps 07/28/20 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Vehicle for Towing

PA requires trailer brakes at GVWR of 3000# and above. 1000 dryweight pop up probably has a 2000# GVWR limited by its axle, likely on 12" wheels, 13" if you're lucky. Almost any vehicle rated to tow can handle that trailer. It will likely only have a flat 4 pin electrical lighting connection. If it has more pins, it would only be to charge a coach battery if it has one.
Boomerweps 07/26/20 12:02pm Towing
RE: Understanding GVWR

It is odd that the maker would setup the TT with less than 10% tongue weight unless they were expecting the added items to make up the difference. Dealer/sticker tongue weight is based on dry weight. Dry weight is as shipped, empty propane tanks, no battery. WDH moves, by lever action, weight to the tow vehicle (TV) front wheels and some to the TT axle(s). Mine moved 220# forward and 80# rearward with my previous TV. I was a bit overweight for some specs and did a radical cargo review and removal. Haven’t reweighed since.
Boomerweps 07/24/20 10:09am Towing
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

Either trailer would be fine with your vehicle, but... You’ll likely need a trailer brake controller and 7 pin connector with the larger one. The smaller trailer likely does not have trailer brakes and a four pin connector for lights is all that is needed. Most, if not all, states do not require trailer brakes under 2000# GVWR and many don’t require them until 3000# GVWR. A Weight distributing hitch would be nice for the larger trailer if it squatted your SUV much, not needed with the smaller one. I towed a 3877 GVWR TT with a V6 Ford Explorer V6 with tow package. Engine was a little weak on steep or long hills But elsewise fine towing that. I did use a weight distributing hitch. Smaller length single axle trailers are easier to jackknife when backing. Just expect it and go easy and slow while backing. I own a small 2000# 4x4x8.5’ cargo trailer & it is real easy to jackknife. My previous 2995# GVWR (on 3500# axle, no brakes) 10x6x6’ cargo trailer was also easy to jackknife. Just don’t be in a hurry when backing up. Like the Shootist said, “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast”. That also applies when backing a trailer. Take your time and the end result will actually be faster than pulling forward a lot to straighten out, with less frustration.
Boomerweps 07/23/20 08:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Yet another tow/weight question...

Thanks so much for all the info. 1. The two we're looking at have dry weights of 4,883 and 5,120. 2. I'm sure most newbies say this, but, we don't anticipate having too much added weight to the calculations above. Family is less than 500 total. We're not planning on taking anything more than the usual cooler, food, clothes, dishes, etc... We may take our bicycles as well. Yup, that is everyone’s plan till momma starts loading it up with a lot of just in case and we might need it items ;) Forget dry weights. Use the trailer GVWR for weight factoring. My guesstimate is that a TT with around 6K# GVWR is what you should look for and less if it has a suitable layout. The less weight you are hauling, the easier & more comfortable the tow with better truck performance.
Boomerweps 07/21/20 01:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30 amp to 50 amp conversion

Air, motors and heating elements all eat a lot of power. When using my microwave, I turn off the small electric heater or air conditioner during that time. I also added a stand-alone duplex outlet near the dinette fed from a 20 amp inlet I added to the outside wall for those various plug in items, coffee maker, toaster, etc.. I just run an extra supply line from the pedestal. If using an electric griddle or similar load outside on my cooking table, I shift that cable to there.
Boomerweps 07/21/20 01:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expert Towing Advice

A shorter Trailer with a GVWR OF 5000-5500# would be a reasonable Maximum tow with a Colorado. Tow ratings are the GCWR minus truck curb weight. IOW, towing at the Max rating means an empty truck. And the tow rating absorbs the truck load capacity.
Boomerweps 07/21/20 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Expert Towing Advice

That would be a much better match for your Colorado. When we bought our first hard sided trailer I wanted to get the biggest possible trailer that our Expedition would tow. What I found out was that vacation is not very relaxing when you are stressing about driving and the truck breaking down. Wound up trading a 2000 Expedition in 2001 for the Suburban, and found out that you really take a depreciation haircut trading in a 1-year old vehicle. The Suburban was a beast and lasted through 2 more trailer upgrades, I just sold it this spring with 180k miles. You left out what series the Suburban was. They could be had in 1500, 2500, 3500 models. The Expedition is just an F-150 chassis. Excursion competed with the 2500.
Boomerweps 07/21/20 01:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Modern 1/2 ton tow vehicle question

max tow is less. It's really a false narrative; Just part of your reply.... but I would agree on the F150 "max tow" option. Just about every rv website we find where some poor soul bought into Ford "MAX TOW" options thinking it was the max tow even though their new F150 had the small 6800 GVWR and 3800 rawr package. Then found out the truck didn't have enough suspension to carry the load. This happens a lot. Its a great option for towing....but IMO Ford needs to drop the wording "MAX" and just call it a "tow package". If it has max tow it has at least a 7,000 gvwr. Ford already has a regular tow package. Max tow is a great package. Many people tow heavy loads that aren't RVs with 13% tongue weight such as boats. In the 2019 towing guide, there are a few entries with Max Tow required at less than 7000# GVWR with 4900# GVWR on a regular cab 141” wheelbase as the lowest charted. GCWR minus Tow a Rating equals GVWR. Extended range or enhanced tow package just doesn’t have the advertising ring to it like Max Tow. Ford already has three tow package variants plus bumper ball mount to sort through. If I had the larger fuel tank and even heavier rated receiver, I’d have the Max Tow equivalent but with the V8. And I do have a GVWR of 7000#, CCC of 1990#.
Boomerweps 07/18/20 08:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bunkhouse Feedback

I only have small BH TT experience with what I bought. That said, I recommend you look at double axle models or look for one with a 5K axle. Mine, and many, has a 3500# axle which significantly limits CC, even with the 3877# GVWR which counts the tongue weight carried by the TV. Second, I didn’t want to hassle with a Murphy bed. NOW I consider crawling over one another to get out of a East-west bed more of a hassle than a north-south Murphy would have been ;( Lance has a super reputation, Jayco comes close. Your reasons for a bunkhouse are your own. Ours was for our grandkids. I’ve since removed the upper bunk for lack of use and more space.
Boomerweps 07/15/20 10:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Modern 1/2 ton tow vehicle question

Did you consider a toy hauler TT? Might move the weight around enough to meet TV load capacity.
Boomerweps 07/15/20 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: where 2 get water for RV before you reach your destination?

Hey guys, I really would not like to pull anymore weight than I need to, but who does! Is there a way to know if you can fill up close to your destination? There must be way to find out before you get there? Thanks, Ben Weight, a good reason not to carry a full fresh water load. Single axle TT with a weak axle and limited CC. Not replacing the TT soon, not comparatively rich like some here appear to be in their pronouncements. Funny, I see no reference to MPG in the above post ;( Flying J, campground common faucets. For CGs, it’s always full hook ups if available for me. And, yes, there are several posts of dropped and broken water tank straps here and on other RV websites.
Boomerweps 07/15/20 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow weight

A lot of “it could”. Just look at the trailer’s GVWR. If not listed, just add the dry weight and cargo capacity. Use that for your towing weight. Figure 12-15% of that for your tongue weight. The tow rating is determined by subtracting the vehicle curb weight (delivery weight with full tank) from the GCWR. That is why you should not buy a trailer that is near the full tow rating. Unless you are traveling with an empty truck. IOW, every pound you add to the truck gets taken away from your tow capacity.
Boomerweps 07/07/20 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: 22” rims vs 18” rims

3.55 gears are Ford’s Max Tow package gears. 3.73 is a separate option but is included with Heavy Duty Payload Package (HDPP). 3.31 is standard with the tow package. The 10 speed transmission is supposed to take up the slack for towing. TOO much trailer for most F150s.
Boomerweps 07/06/20 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: sway

It appears you have a TV and WDH that can handle your TT. Go over the set up procedure for your WDH. It seems something may be off there. I am one who recommends pumping up your TT and TV tires to their maximum sidewall pressure when towing to prevent any tire squirming. Makes a big difference with P tires.
Boomerweps 07/03/20 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: weight distribution bar

Tractor supply, probably Home Depot too, has Hitch pins of various sizes. If nothing else, you could gear by with a bolt and a nyloc nut to replace the hitch pin. Other types of nuts would require a lot of torque to hold.
Boomerweps 07/02/20 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: shower head

Oxygenics is the brand everyone, including me, recommends. It provides a higher flow pressure and has a built in pressure relief center hole to maintain temperature when otherwise shut off with the flow button on the nozzle.
Boomerweps 06/29/20 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

I would think popup for towing with that vehicle. Sorry, that's just a crazy statement. Just is. I towed a 3877# GVWR TT Wolf Pup 16BHS (normally maxed out) with a 5225# rated 4.0L V6 Explorer. A bit weak on power but towed it fine. I concur with most that stickered Payload is THE major consideration on using a Durango with a given TT. BUT, choosing a TT that is listed at 3/4 your towing rating is a reasonable choice to maximize the size of TT while maintaining a comfortable towing experience. There are many single axle bunkhouses that are in that range. However, I recommend using the TT GVWR and never the dry weight for estimating towing values. It's really easy to load up a TT, especially if you don't want it in the TV because of payload limits.
Boomerweps 06/28/20 10:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford's twin turbo 2.7 Eco-boost V6 (new and older versions)?

Everything I've read about the 2.7EB engine made me wish I had test driven it more, but I got the V8! Actually, most on the F150 forum that have the 2.7EB rave on it for power vs. mileage. Only ones disappointed with it are the ones with maximum options that kill the payload capacity. Lots of positive Utube videos about it, too.
Boomerweps 06/24/20 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

Even if I didn't need it for the temps and outdoor humidity, I'd need it to cut the inside humidity enough for me to sleep. So far I've always camped with full hookups for those reasons.
Boomerweps 06/24/20 11:53am General RVing Issues
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