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RE: New Shock Time

5100 Bilstein’s on my 2012 F350. I like them over the OEM Ranchos that Ford put on their Super Duty’s.
Boondocking2019 05/21/20 08:38pm Truck Campers
RE: How inconvenient is a cargo trailer?

I tow a 16’ Enclosed Cargo Trailer to haul our Polaris General UTV. UTV centered over the dual axles to keep as much weight off the tongue. No issues at all backing this Cargo Trailer and it tows very well.
Boondocking2019 05/05/20 11:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Your next outing??

Boondocking in Central Oregon and riding some back country trails with our Polaris General UTV.
Boondocking2019 03/06/20 06:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Your favorite features.

We are certainly all different. The last thing I want is a propane generator. It is often difficult to find propane while traveling. Gas is everywhere. I certainly do not want a 110v coffee pot. I rarely have hook ups and would not want to blast the generator first thing in the morning just for coffee. I don't "travel" per say, just to where I'm going camping which is almost always out in the mountains somewhere where there there are no other people. I always have plenty of propane with me so I never worry about running out. There's no one around me when I fire up my generator first thing in the morning to brew a pot of coffee. I LOATH campgrounds because they are always full of people. And I don't want to be parked next to some old goat that whines about everything. Now back to the topic..... What do you like about your camper?? Not hate about mine......... Exactly, why I sold the 36’ 5th Wheel and bought a TC so we can get away from those crowded RV Parks and State Campgrounds and Boondock off the highway with our UTV. Yes I’m different, ordered the Adventurer with Solar Power and Generator because Propane is readily available in the Northwest.
Boondocking2019 02/10/20 10:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Your favorite features.

I too like the Onan Generator option on the Adventurer 89RBS. The slide was one option the dear wife had to have. These two options come with a weight factor but for us they were a must have.
Boondocking2019 02/10/20 12:18am Truck Campers
RE: Weights. Am I missing something?

My 2020 Adventurer 89RBS is about 350 lbs wet over my 2012 F350 SRW 11500 GVW Rating carry capacity. So...... I added Air Bags, Roadmaster Swaybar, 4500# rated Method Wheels 18” paired up with 4080 # 10 ply Rated tires. Two different Adventurer Dealers plus a Adventurer Factory Sales Rep told me with those upgrades that F350 SRW can handle that load. I’m comfortable with how the F350 handles the load especially with ditching that small OEM Swaybar. Some will say I need a DRW with the 4500 or higher Carry Capacity, I think not....
Boondocking2019 01/17/20 08:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Roof Vent Security

$2,000 dollar repair bill for our 5th Wheel Entrance Door. They used a crowbar and though the damage was extensive to the door and the frame the perps gave up and went to the next RV in the storage bay where they were successful in getting inside. We have several Keys hidden in the Truck, under the truck frame. Not having a Key won’t be my worry.
Boondocking2019 01/17/20 08:01pm Truck Campers
RE: dumping tanks

When I built our home I put in a cement RV Pad and that included a 30 Amp Connection plus RV Tank dump connection that drains to the Septic Tank. I make a point to dump tanks before leaving Camp site or last option to dump at home. With a Truck Camper I’m dumping at the nearest opportunity don’t need that extra weight.
Boondocking2019 12/01/19 06:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

I have the 2500 Cummings (Onan) LP generator. Found myself in Georgia in a Walmart parking lot one particularly hot/humid evening. Started the generator and turned on AC. By the next morning (about 10 hours later) it had sucked most of a 30 lb tank (7 gal) dry and the generator died because the tanks was so cold that it had frosted up on the outside. Switched over to the other tank, finished breakfast and hit the road. Compared to a gasoline powered (Honda), not a great choice for efficiency or even quietness but it is handier than heck. If I was really going to boon-dock for an extended period of time, I would load up my Honda EU2000. As I mentioned earlier I still have my Portable Yamaha 2000 kw Gas Generator. For extended boondocking with my UTV the Portable Generator can be carried in the Cargo Trailer. Another option is a spare Propane Tank to carry in the Cargo Trailer, equals less weight and fuel.
Boondocking2019 11/13/19 10:35pm Truck Campers
RE: My new to me camper.

Exploring the Arapeen and Paiute Trail System is why I bought a new Truck Camper to pull the UTV Side x Side. Looks like you had some nice unusual November weather. Nice photos looked like a lot of fun. Same reason I have a camper. I live in the heart of the Piute Trail. We went thru Mayfield and up 12 Mile Canyon. Weather was perfect and we had a great time.. Perhaps you can guide the wife and I next summer / September on some of the Paiute Trails. My father took me on many a hunting trip for Elk and Mule Deer in the Fish Lake area. My plans next year are to visit Fish Lake and especially Mt Terrill.
Boondocking2019 11/13/19 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: My new to me camper.

Exploring the Arapeen and Paiute Trail System is why I bought a new Truck Camper to pull the UTV Side x Side. Looks like you had some nice unusual November weather. Nice photos looked like a lot of fun.
Boondocking2019 11/13/19 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

I have read and experienced myself that if the tank valve is not fully opened to tight that I get a slight gas smell ( leak ) . Worth checking . I have had water gate valves do the same thing . That’s a possibility as I usually open valve to full stop (tight stop open) and I’ll apply a practice of opening valve all the way. Good point that is possibly why the tank bled off after 6 weeks of non use. Thanks for the feedback.
Boondocking2019 11/12/19 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

The tank meter indicated red and the 5 gal tank was empty.
Boondocking2019 11/12/19 08:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Any 1st time pickup TC out there to give their thoughts

Same here, sold 5ver in August after 7 years of owning as it was a PITA to find a Campground or decent RV Park to accommodate 36’ RV plus Size of the long bed F350. All set up for Boondocking with TC plus we can pull our UTV Trailer into places we could never think of going with a 5th Wheel. TC opens up so much more opportunities. Adjustment, yes, but the Wife was 100% onboard. Funny I told her she’s limited to no more than 100 lbs of utensils, food, and clothing, that didn’t go over too well though.
Boondocking2019 11/12/19 06:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

Probably not a good choice for a long running generator, thus you won't go through that much propane. Maybe an hour or two here and there for A/C. It is rather noisy (though it is within National Park standards). But for quick & easy power it can't be beat. DW firing it up to run her hairdryer sure does beat the alternative of me getting booted out of the camper and being told to set up a generator! -Eric I had a portable 2000 kw Yamaha Gas Generator for our 5th Wheel and only used it a couple of times, hauled it around in the trailers basement and I still own it. The Camper purchase was for getting into those solitude places plus to pull our UTV Side x Side Trailer. Agreed the Generator is a little noisy and wife isn’t to warm and fuzzy with the noise. Here’s my concern and why I asked the propane usage question. After our first camping trip for three days I ran the Generator 30 minutes, fired the Hot Water Heater Up three times for showers, used Shore power to run the Refrigerator and didn’t run the stove. Took Camper off the truck and I left one tank Propane valve open. I checked the tank compartment to shut off the propane valve after I winterized the Camper and I found the tank indicator in the Red and the tank was empty. I know the tank was green when I pulled it off the Camper and to see it now empty concerns me that I might have a leak somewhere. I sprayed soapy water around the tank valves, lines, regulator fittings and they are all good. I do get a slight whiff of propane when I open the Door to the Tank Compartment with the valves open. I closed off the valves with both tanks now full and there’s no propane odor. I’m thinking it needs to have the Dealer perform a leak down Pressure check as for the little time we used the propane components while camping there might be a leak in the Furnace, Refrigerator, or the Generator. Not my first RV and owned several over the past 30 years, but sure seems concerning that 5 gal tank didn’t last nearly as long as I expected.
Boondocking2019 11/12/19 05:27pm Truck Campers
Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

I have a new Adventurer Camper with a 2500 Onan onboard Generator and enquiring if others with experience with this Generator find it uses a lot of Propane. I have read it’s usage is around 3/4 gal per hour of use?
Boondocking2019 11/11/19 11:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Overloaded wheel Breakage

In my search for upgrading Tires and Wheels for my F350 SRW several large tire / wheel dealers suggested the Method 305 NV Heavy Duty Wheels. I just installed these wheels and they’re listed as having the highest load rating for 18” Wheels that I can find. On the backside of the wheel it’s stamped (6 Lug 3500 lb rating) and (8 Lug 4500 lb rating). So clearly this manufacturer is labeling the weight rating for Lug Nut Application. How many wheel manufacturers stamp the Lug nut weight capacity by Lug application? This thread has opinions on after market versus OEM wheels and my Super Duty F350 SRW is not a grocery getter it was purchased to haul a 12000 lb 5th Wheel or my new 89RBS Adventurer Camper. The F350 OEM Wheels at 3650 # rating would cover my 7000# Door Sticker for the rear axle weight, but the Campers loaded Wet weight is a little over and this prompted upgrading to the 4080# 295/70R/18 Cooper Tires and the wider 18x9 Method Wheel at 4500# Rating. Attention to monitoring Tire Pressures often and checking Wheel Torque especially the rear axle has been a Standard Operating Procedure for many years of RVing.
Boondocking2019 11/01/19 09:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Overloaded wheel Breakage

Just purchased and installed the highest weight rated wheel I could find for a 18” Wheel. Method 305 NV Heavy Duty 4500 Rating for 8 Lug Application. Paired these wheels with 295/70R/18 Cooper Tires 4080 lb rating. The factory OEM Wheels rating are 3650 lb.
Boondocking2019 10/31/19 08:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

Cooper Discoverer LT295/70R18 will fit on the stock RAM 18" rim and are rated for 4080# each. Exactly the Tire I just bought along with the Method 305 NV Heavy Duty Rims with a 4500 weight capacity per wheel. Expensive upgrade? Very much so, overkill for a F350 SRW hauling 4000 lb Camper? No at least not in my opinion.
Boondocking2019 10/29/19 03:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Roadmaster Sway Bar 2018 F350 4X4

I’m installing my Roadmaster Sway Bar on my F350 SRW this week. I’m hoping for a good reduction with Sway hauling my 89RBS Adventurer. Upgraded tires and Wheels to 4500lb Cap. Don’t really want to go the DRW route. You should give us a review of your Adventurer 89RBS and your thoughts on it on your SRW before and after adding the Roadmaster sway bars.. Adventurer truck campers are the most under rated TC on the internet in my opinion..In my search for the last TC in my life,the 89RBS is very high on the list..My only issue is lack of inside storage for food/dishes etc..But I have only seen them in pictures,never in person except the 89RB..There well made units in my opinion but little is ever said on the internet about the Adventurer TC.. I would also be interested in how you feel about the 89RBS on a SRW with the Roadmaster sway bar.. Jaycocreek, it’ll be a few weeks before I load the camper back onto the truck for Sway /Handling test run. . As for the 89RBS the wife liked this model of Adventurer over the under 9’ models of Lance and Arctic Fox. Yes the 89RBS lacks storage space but overall the price was better in comparison to other brands. Also the Adventurer 89RBS was Truck Camper of the year in 2017 and the model has since improved with upgrades in 2020. This is our first TC as we stepped down from a 36’ Montana 5th Wheel because we have a UTV Side x Side that we need to trailer for our trips to Utah and Wyoming. The 89RBS fully optioned out with Generator, Side Awning, Super Step Bumper adds to the Dry Weight and probably cannon fodder for the Forum Weight Cops screaming it belongs on a DRW. However, Adding 295/70R/18 Tires rated 4000lbs, Method 305 NV Heavy Duty 18” Wheels rated 4500 lbs, Air Lift Air Bags, and the Roadmaster Sway Bar won’t change the SRW F350 11500 GVW but it easily helped exceed the listed Rear Axle Weight capability’s over the OEM Tires and Wheels. I’m optimistic the Sway Bar and Tire / Wheel upgrades will meet my expectations for handling.
Boondocking2019 10/25/19 10:26pm Truck Campers
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