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RE: which way?

Consider trying not towing a vehicle for a while. Disconnecting a class C from hookups takes only a few minutes in case you want to run into town, etc. Another alternative is to rent a car or go to a bus pickup point when you want to visit a city that is not RV friendly like Boston. People who are social group campers may need a towed vehicle to trade rides with others to restaurants, etc.
Bordercollie 11/03/21 03:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing a tire yourself

The spare wheel in our Tioga 26Q is mounted in the front of our cavernous cargo hold. At age 82, with "issues", I might be able to slowly remove all the stuff to clear access to the spare but would not be able to crawl in, dismount, and get the heavy spare wheel/tire out, much less get the rig jacked up safely and remove outer and inner rear dual wheel and mount the spare on the side of the highway. I don't like to think about a tire failure underway but carry AAA emergency road service. Know your limits. At least have a usable spare aboard.
Bordercollie 10/24/21 12:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Joined the Class C club

You will probably notice that the ride is harsher because of stiff rear springs. Rattles inside are not unusual, separating pots and pans with rubberized anti-skid stuff helps quiet them. Make sure drawers have good devices to keep them shut. Take glass turntable out of microwave to keep it from falling out and breaking. Anything that can fall down, probably will, when stopping suddenly or turning sharply. Watch right rear with side mirror for motorcycles and cars that sneak in while you are changing lanes or heading for an off-ramp. Enjoy your new toy.
Bordercollie 10/16/21 01:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class A vs Large Class C

Have never driven a Class A MH but believe Class C is safer in head on collision, like shade of Class C overhead, prefer 27/28 foot class C for ease of maneuvering. Don't like huge windshield and heat from sun. Biggest benefit of medium sized Class C is usefulness as hobby, sport and local event support vehicle in addition to touring and camping. We take our 27 foot C to local parks for the day with our dogs, to theme parks, airshows and for kid sports as a support vehicle with rest room privileges. A larger C or A would be out of place in many situations. Correction, I did drive some Class A's while looking at motorhomes, didn't like the huge picture windshield and sun glare, learned about front end construction and finding services for Class A's in the hinterland subsequently.
Bordercollie 10/07/21 12:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smog Test Mystery

Ichabod, I wonder if the rules have changed for the Ford E-450 too?
Bordercollie 10/01/21 09:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries won't hold charge - need help

Try to find a good RV electrical systems technician. Some RV repair shops can refer you to a good one. This may save you a lot of frustration and get the problem(s) isolated and corrected quickly. Watch what the tech does and you may learn from it. Good luck!
Bordercollie 09/26/21 09:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smog Test Mystery

We live in flat Orange County area near Disneyland. Rig has sat mostly undriven after major tune up since the start of Covid pandemic. Hopefully we can get it out on the freeway system and go camping at Cachuma Lake, near Santa Barbara, including some grade climbing and sustained 65mph cruising to exercise the old girl.
Bordercollie 09/25/21 08:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Do you do this in the US?

We've seen seen setups by camp hosts, etc., who are long term residents. Setup is a two person job, storage onboard takes a lot of space, careful packing. We had a '63 VW Westphalia van conversion that had a similar metal frame tent that fit the side of the camper, had a potty/changing room. Took time to set up and take down and stow away on top rack, but looked "cool". We have a free standing octogonal screen room that is like setting up a tent with stakes and support ropes. Have never used it camping but set it up in our backyard once.
Bordercollie 09/25/21 08:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I now hav e AC power in my driveway...

DC, You really need to by buy '48 Indian Chief to go with your modern one. I don't ride anymore and Chief needs minor TLC to get "on the road again". Left hand shift, right hand throttle, left hand spark advance.
Bordercollie 09/23/21 04:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gen-set Troubles

You can try some of the DYI fixes. If they don't work, ask around, get recommendations, and find a nearby honest pro generator repair shop. Diagnosis and repair of your generator, may cost you some $800, maybe less if it's simple. Lot's cheaper and more convenient than buying and using a portable generator plus it will make your rig easier and worth more when you sell it. When you get it running again, run generator with roof AC frequently and maintain house batteries and connections to help it start easily.
Bordercollie 09/21/21 10:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smog Test Mystery

It may be just that the engine really was not hot enough for proper catalytic action. I have never heard before that an E-450 rig needed a 1/2 hour run at highway speeds to pass the smog test. I have idled the engine in my driveway for some 15 minutes then drove city streets, stop and go for about 5 miles to the test place. I mentioned that the tech is Asian because with his thick accent and vague explanation, I could not find out what, if anything, specifically is causing the "no pass" result and what he does to get it to pass. I will try another test place next time. I will 84 by then.
Bordercollie 09/21/21 09:45pm Class C Motorhomes
Smog Test Mystery

I have been taking our 2004 Tioga 26Q to the same smog test only shop for a number of years. Each time the Asian technician tells me that it did not pass the test, but that he would get it to pass, (and he does it). I am the original owner and the engine/smog equipment has not been modified. I recently had the engine properly tuned up by a respected garage. I ask him what causes the test failure. He mumbles in a thick accent that the engine might not have been warmed up enough on the way to the shop, or that the catalytic converter may not be working properly.( no specifics) BTW, the rig has only some 11 thousand original miles I wonder if others have had similar experiences with smog testing on the same E-450 engine.
Bordercollie 09/20/21 11:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries won't hold charge - need help

Call some RV repair shops and ask for the number of a good RV electrical troubleshooting/repair guy. This may cost some money but may solve the problem quickly. You will eventually learn how the chassis alternator charges the house battery(s) and chassis battery while you are driving, and how the converter/charger converts 120vac "shore" power to 12volts to charge your house battery(s) and power your internal lights, furnace blower, fresh water pump, appliance controls, and other 12 volt DC items. Not simple but critical to enjoying your RV.
Bordercollie 09/07/21 10:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quality in a class C

I think most of the name brand Class C's are of similar quality in terms of materials and workmanship (mediocre). Drive trains are mostly Ford E-450 and quite reliable/trouble free with normal use and maintenance. Materials, workmanship and sturdiness of the house box vary. Phoenix Crusiers and Lazy Daze and a few others cost considerably more but are known for their quality of construction. Most motorhomes use the same air conditioners and furnaces, RV generators, refrigerators, water heaters, etc. regardless of brands. Most makers offer entry level and fancier Class C's. Try to learn what you can and be sure that size, floor plan, sleeping accomodations will serve your needs.
Bordercollie 09/07/21 10:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Just Curious

Thanks for the replies. We have a 2004 Tioga 26Q Class C that fits our driveway. I was just curious about the small TT's. We started out in the 60's with a VW Westphalia camper, moved up a Dodge Family Wagon camper van, then an old 23 foot Class C money pit and finally our 26Q. We had a lot of family fun and saw much of the US in all of our rigs, now in our 80's. Our Dodge Family Wagon was a great utility vehicle with very basic "comforts of home", we kept it for some 20 years.
Bordercollie 08/17/21 12:23pm Travel Trailers
Just Curious

There is a new generation of very small travel trailers apparently intended for towing by SUV's. I have watched some YT videos and have some questions: 1. Do you need to install accessory wide view mirrors on your SUV? 2. Looks like most don't come with typical built-in Onan generators, are there options for installed generators and converter/chargers and a house battery? 3.Is the toilet a typical RV flush-type connected to a fresh water pump? 4.Is it necessary to install anti-sway device on your SUV? 5.Is the fridge normally automatic for propane, 110vac camp power, or 12 vdc powered by car alternator while driving? Thanks!
Bordercollie 08/14/21 03:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1984 Ford Honey

Bias belted proper size 8 ply tires are hard to get, many change wheels to size and type that fit modern steel belted tires. House box hardware, tail light lenses, etc. are collector's items. Save your money to buy a much newer current brand rig that has market value.
Bordercollie 08/11/21 01:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newby questions

IMHO there is no ideal motorhome setup, only some will have less compromises based on your (and partner's) personal desires and budget. A lot depends on how you will use a rig, number and ages of those aboard, and how you will store the rig (driveway or RV storage). We have never owned a trailer or FW or towed a vehicle. We started with a camper van conversion, (great utility vehicle) then went to 23foot and currently our 27 foot Class C. I don't think that I would ever enjoy towing a trailer or FW and having to store an RV off site. We have toured and camped in many states and Canada since the 60's and have enjoyed the good and tolerated the "less good" aspects of Class C's. We have never spent much on suspension upgrades. I don't like the tiring harsh ride of stock Class C's but I can tolerate it, stopping at rest stops. I like to keep RV activity as simple as possible, if we were to full-time it, we might want a FW based on what friends with FW's have told us. PS: A Class C in your driveway can be very handy for day trips to the park, airshows, kids events, and to serve as a place for overnight visitors, air conditioned hangout and food storage during power outages. Wife stayed out in Class C during major home remodel and recovery from breast cancer surgery. She and friend play Yahtsee and eat popcorn out there. Use imagination.
Bordercollie 07/27/21 12:56pm Class C Motorhomes
Thank Heavens for Our Motorhome

Somebody must have knocked down a power pole nearby when power went out about 3 PM . Edison estimated power would be back on in four hours, it finally came back on at around 2:30 AM. Luckily our motorhome had a full propane tank. When I returned from Ralphs grocery pickup, I put all the frozen and non-frozen perishables in the RV fridge and brought non-perishables into the house. This is one more example of how a motorhome comes in handy for other than camping our touring, if parked in your driveway. Now I gotta transfer stuff from the motorhome fridge to the kitchen fridge.
Bordercollie 07/24/21 04:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: buying an rv

Instead of hiring an "RV inspector", consider hiring a mobile RV repair man. Get references, call and explain your situation, i.e. you're looking at used RV's and need someone who is well experienced with RV chassis ( engine, transmission, brakes, heater, dash AC, windshield wipers, suspension, and exterior lights) as well as the "housebox" (i.e., exterior paint and graphics, roof sealing, RV generator, house battery and converter charger, roof AC, awning, fresh water pump, toilet and holding tanks, water heater, fridge, microwave, propane system and detecting water damage.) Explain that you will want him to check operation of all items, and give a detailed estimate, parts and labor, of what repairs, replacements and upgrades will be needed. I would expect that type of testing/inspection to take up to two hours and cost you some $200 or more, but it could help you avoid buying a "money pit" that could ultimately cost you much more than it's market value. If you have have read all these recommendations, you are already better prepared than we were when we bought or first used Class C "moneypit"
Bordercollie 07/20/21 01:47pm Class C Motorhomes
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