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RE: Thinking of a Mercedes Class C

No personal experience with diesel but front-engined diesel rigs have annoying engine noise. Smell of diesel exhaust is not pleasant in crowded camp spots. IMHO, most RV's don't get driven enough miles per year to justify "cons" of diesel power.
Bordercollie 08/18/19 12:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Getting ADCO Windshield Cover Into Storage Bag?

The ADCO windshield and side window cover is actually pretty neat. Needs no Velcro or snaps on rig, and see-through panel is nice. Nice to have in hot weather camping and helps with privacy. (I forgot that we had one.
Bordercollie 08/18/19 12:12pm Class C Motorhomes
Stuck Awning

I tried to un-stow the A&E Awning on our rig but couldn't get to budge. Thought it had somehow stuck together from long dis-use. Brett, the local Mobile RV guy got it loose in a second. He advised that the last time awning was stowed it was allowed to slam shut which jammed the up/down mechanism. Moral, let awning roll up gently. BTW, A&E awnings do not need you to jerk the supports upward to release them at the top.
Bordercollie 08/18/19 11:55am Class C Motorhomes
Getting ADCO Windshield Cover Into Storage Bag?

Folded up it's twice the size of storage bag. Mine's the deluxe #2407 version with roll down center see-though panel. Humorous or serious replies are welcome.
Bordercollie 08/17/19 02:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

Thanks, This looks like the easiest way if RV has no OEM or add-on winterizing setup.
Bordercollie 08/10/19 12:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Clean Water Heater

Don't have a winterizing kit, live in SoCal. Want to know if I can fill hot water tank with vinegar/water solution by removing pressure relief valve and filling though the orifice.
Bordercollie 08/10/19 11:55am Class C Motorhomes
Clean Water Heater

Have 2004 Tioga 26Q, Atwood water heater. Have watched You Tube videos about dumping water, squirting inside with wand, draining, and filling tank with white vinegar and water to remove "scale". I don't have a way to draw vinegar/water into water heater tank. It looks like I can remove the pressure relief valve and fill the tank there with a funnel, replace valve, turn on heater, and let vinegar do it's thing overnight, then dump tank to get rid of excess "scale" (Do I have this right?)
Bordercollie 08/10/19 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How do you feel about your corner bed?

Our little, but loud, Morkie gets us up at 2-3 AM to take her out to relieve herself. I'll probably sleep on the open side of corner bed to take her out without much gymnastics. We use two trav-sacks zipped together,and don't make the bed. Choice of bed type and side access should take age/agility and need to get up and go during the night as well as general comfort.
Bordercollie 07/22/19 03:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keeping cool

I have read a number of interesting posts , on various forums and websites, on this subject. I intend to use my genset and roof AC more, with or without the dash AC, and with various settings of roof and dash AC/vent settings. I was merely interested in affects on mpg, out of curiosity. Increased usage of the genset and roof AC and dash AC is probably good for their seals, etc.
Bordercollie 07/18/19 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keeping cool

That's pretty amazing, the engine driven AC compressor doesn't diminish gas mileage. OK, that's good to know.
Bordercollie 07/16/19 09:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keeping cool

I guess we have a choice to believe the conclusion of "somebody's" test a few years back vs some "expert's" silly statement about use of RV generator and roof AC. It would probably be difficult to get reliable results comparing gas mileage with generator running vs use of dash AC, but we could try it on long runs over relatively flat land.
Bordercollie 07/16/19 03:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Proper Class C Storage

Your RV has alarms and appliance controls that draw current while your rig is parked, disconnected from "shore power" . You need to disconnect the "house" battery(s) using the auxiliary battery switch or physically disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent the battery from becoming discharged fairly quickly. House battery(s) will self-discharge in a few weeks even while disconnected. A "smart" trickle charger should be connected to keep the house batteries charged but no over-charged. Overcharging shortens life of batteries. It is wise to check level of electrolytes monthly and replenish with DISTILLED water using a "turkey baster" type battery filler if house battery is connected and aux batter switch is on and rig is connected to 110volt "shore" power. Letting electrolyte levels go below the battery "plates" will damage the battery(s)House batteries last around 4 years if maintained properly. A generator expert told me to run the RV generator with roof AC on for two hours per month to keep the generator and it's fuel system working properly. I just spent nearly $800 on new house batteries and extensive RV generator fuel supply system work. The engine starting batter requires similar care and maybe a smart trickle charger to keep it charged but not overcharged. Keep the tires covered when parked for long periods. The fridge should be as level as practical when running and rig is parked . Running off level in the driveway will shorten the life of the fridge. The water heater and fresh water system also require maintenances. RV ownership requires knowledge and periodic maintenance activity much like owning a cabin cruiser or an airplane. There are some good You Tube videos on RV maintenance and repairs.
Bordercollie 07/16/19 10:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keeping cool

"Dave", the generator expert at Smith Powerhouse, Inc, recommended using the RV generator and roof air conditioner while underway as the generator uses a lot less gasoline than the dash AC requires. I'm not sure that the comfort level in the cab will be as good as when using the dash AC. We'll try using one or the other or both. Best to travel in mornings and evenings when practical to be easiest on you and your rig. I worry about hot tires pounding on cupped concrete or superheated asphalt highways on hot days.
Bordercollie 07/16/19 09:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Low Point Drain Valve Access 2004 Fleetwood 26Q

Photo shows how plumbing is in the way when reaching through small access panel hole from the left. Access must have been designed by someone who was being laid off.
Bordercollie 07/13/19 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lithium batteries questions?

I build and fly lithium polymer (Lipoly) powered model planes. I use a "balancing" type lipoly charger that monitors the voltage level of each battery cell though balancing connectors while charging and is designed not to overcharge the battery "pack". It shuts off and chimes when charging reaches a preset total pack voltage. Charging lipoly packs with a charger that does not balance charge each cell can damage the pack can shorten the life of a pack when cell voltages get un-balanced. Over discharging, pulling too much current, fully charging and not using the pack for some time, all can damage and shorten the useful life of Lipoly battery packs. I am not savvy about special care and feeding of large LiFe batteries but suspect that they require similar charging equipment and user precautions for long life and safety of users. BTW, I use a wattmeter/ammeter to measure current draw from battery packs under load ( full throttle)to assure that I am not exceeding the safe rating of electronic speed controls and motors. Your post indicates that you are pretty savvy about Lithium systems but there is a lot of ever changing technology on these subjects.
Bordercollie 07/13/19 09:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: "Best" RV GPS Nav Systems

Correction: The RV NA 770 MT-S IS NOT a reliable, easy to use, RV nav system according to lengthy and intelligent customer review comments on Amazon. Sounds worse than my Subaru nav system!! Glad I read Amazon user reviews vs ad information.
Bordercollie 07/12/19 11:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: "Best" RV GPS Nav Systems

I read over the ad and specs for the Garmin model "RV NA 77 LMT-S", looks good! Price is $300: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/garmin-rv-770-lmt-s-gps-with-built-in-bluetooth-black/5746810.p?skuId=5746810&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1266837&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkLPW4O6v4w Noticed that it and other units need a "compatible" smart phone for full functionality. I finally found a phone number to contact Garmin Support. I asked if my cell phone is compatible and was told that Android 4.4 or above are compatible, mine is 6.0.1. I also found that my cell phone has Bluetooth 4.1 which should also be compatible.
Bordercollie 07/12/19 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: "Best" RV GPS Nav Systems

Good to know about Rand McNally support. I am not "smart" about maintaining and upgrading PC's, getting the most out of smart phones or upgrading nav devices. The Nav system in my Subaru Forester drives me batty. I guess we may have to invest in a Garmin 3550LM or similar. Thanks for the replies.
Bordercollie 07/12/19 09:52am Class C Motorhomes
"Best" RV GPS Nav Systems

We have a Garmin Nuvi Nav system' but are interested in an RV oriented Nav System that contains useful lists and info about points of interest, BLM , state and county camp grounds and commercial RV parks as well as road construction ,RV friendly routes, low overhangs, weather, traffic alerts and turn by turn guidance. Also interested in free and frequent updates. and good support and ease of use for around $300 Looked for a sticky on this but didn't find one. Any advice appreciated.
Bordercollie 07/11/19 02:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: brake pads

We had a left front brake flex line fail on our previous Chevy powered '79 Delta Class C , as you described, it almost threw us off a cliff on US 101. It would be good to know how often flexible front brake lines should be replaced for safety sake.
Bordercollie 07/07/19 08:43pm Class C Motorhomes
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