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RE: 2nd AC size

Added second air on top of bedroom. Tied into the duct system. Went with the 15K over 13.5K for nickels and dimes more. C.B.
C.B. 06/10/21 02:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

Buy a 1 ton truck vs. a 3/4 ton truck. You want the additional payload capacity Good advice! C. B.
C.B. 06/08/21 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Train vs Motorhome

I am looking for my next rebuild project. This one looks promising! provide address=====Dumpster will be delivered! C.B.
C.B. 06/05/21 09:39am General RVing Issues
Train vs Motorhome

Neenah, WI. Motorhome stalled on train tracks. Owner got out. No injuries. 12 hours to clean up the mess. https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/06/04/PAPN/8132fd91-6b10-4ddd-9b53-75d3a40c7c93-Fox_Crossing_train_camper.jpg?width=660&height=495&fit=crop&format=pjpg&auto=webp C.B.
C.B. 06/05/21 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Backup/rear view Camera Reccomendations

Voyager camera for the 541 has a water leak problem. Ours lasted less than 2 years and others on the net has similar problems. They are expensive to replace at about $250. This is the first I've heard of a leak. I have 2 cameras that are 6 years old no problem. C.B.
C.B. 05/26/21 08:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Backup/rear view Camera Reccomendations

I've been using a voyager WVOS 541 on my 40' Cedar Creek since new. 5.6" Screen Will handle up to 4 wireless cameras. One thing I did do was run camera antenna to front cap of 5er for uninterrupted viewing. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/mH1b2atcpxOuNDzpgKQ5RpSS9wMwxuuWrkOFZmOgMbyfXvLZdtzZ1oAMz8PbCZyL3Cm3xi9lz_XDJ8UdgxmQp9Abezzn6lIFMFr7cpkzIwUX9EAyq0dp-KqQYm5KQM1yAGvw7NO01TAI9kjGfBB8Vme_vo6NJETWMVZnDHOATvyxJxrMFQ3AmvAyUhoLnrHRQ5CLMvwrYf_As0pJEp-WgjqnoKz-ZTamBNYPiYP5efNQ2Hlq9NibRuRWQQ4jEMNm4oyw74w2co9p-rBRpEUyLf_gM3-mSclZepU-9wVL23zVpojp4xi4CZKHS8_GohIEfXTkjxt9mqImqSIXS5E2jY0o78ubpZ0SiI--RUuFDdA-kMEHeEkOzg-2_gu4iDFjk9NiXbiTuYWj1h8HNEpnfoDe7NiUMq6Oh-Y8H_QyRM7xK2NO9G0UUast-tWJnj_2B5fh92rNEcRcP6Ov7FwsTfbqTA0JSPTiq7SiBgp78ZwTHrcYoiigIAHuOqLM5_oFctrMnzoHiJR76Ay8Z2LHOpgb0VhrJkpfR6AlkU2mECO9XnzJSyWxG9jNPmZGKMYGeSpcGuluXQ5XhWQllZWxTKMN7JR4agrC6FJY2LC4SSsk3nOYBgV9HXK0AdEVGLz_EkMXtmHN-GAwh18j_Q4jnCQUAEhsYHmeMOnn0XQ7FR63Ugd4VG29MZEj_tsn7MXEClNtkhDqjmbhtGuJsAx-2JQ=w800-h600-no?authuser=0 C.B.
C.B. 05/25/21 12:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: PullRite Super Glide hitch question

Prior to using plastic wear plates Pullrite recommended using white lithium grease for lubrication. Never used grease on on mine. Grease attracts dirt and grit. Have been using a product Called SlipPlate dry graphite for 18 years with no problems. Below is from Pullrite owners Instructions. November 2009 brings a new innovation from PullRite Towing Systems with the use of plastics. The Turntable Cam Arm Assembly is now equipped with Plastic Wear Plates. It is imperative that you read each of the following sections so you can learn how to care for your hitch properly. The Plastic Wear Plates of the SuperGlide’s Turntable Cam Arm Assembly were designed to glide along the surfaces without the need for heavy lubrication. To protect against rust and to enhance the ease of turning on the Way Tubes, a light oil (WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil) should be applied to the Way Tubes’ top and inward facing sides and between the front and rear openings in the Plastic Wear Plates positioned around the Turntable/Cam Arm Shaft. C.B.
C.B. 05/03/21 01:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dangerous Pranks

here's a solution. Took a piece of round plastic, cut it in half and screwed on so handle won't drop in when swung forward over door. Handle will lock in when swung in opposite direction. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Nw6jJO9kK66F69Op0zW-Jgs4J_FbTK2xUh5stoUwD_tUdPrDTjNHPsv1JXWES10jp7Ou6U1g1dJPKAXcdG9kpO9p_GnIb5Nm63quuiSqwjR4Y8aykKHsBPbdMIb87dQKlmerdVk4bmDFrAinNB4cJq770M4OXgEEMsUh9H1SCxwXpDOXwVFpd7fOl2VkOD8PE229dPeZ8nAmQcO68fLZSPW5e-5ZVS_NMa6WoNNn6fkgmRIVeqfj3CYg6_dBfecNcRDou6kCCzaJ4q9Nu_HT5P5kx9ee5ppqfPLyfOxDeltlzOPNu-RCkp9m2tYYE-ccEw37k_dvY2xothaw5JTAD8cBqYGa0W_oPU_FCgf2CKv6QGEAoTyeFdEI-8C0Vd_8hfirLZQBt3OH6RY6ScBBZCQIots6qzKqmpXw1U6krEJFniz3h6-GG5LkzBD_gtWJo0eVkgWiYSNsQTkC26krfnrchiwsiaL8hfU49WPqnjVGYPpz6_xho1KeXxdKe-Lwcrnnn0njV94P3HEcMEBTkADVDNE0AUfdxK5oeBTWUO9jg80KOjZKGxTA02m3pzP-txML2JsvtfQRSbkAWc95VUHzsMnkafRlS0sOEDmmJIBdClSwiXWYnSFy0ZosE6C1cmKAt2Mg1l1zUtEqXUmIZhb1eIGSPZDIkknbmob3nCYk8vegPnyCLcRnuMBenG4YAWzxdvMy_voUZMZt3qlpzGA=w800-h600-no?authuser=0 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BB3LPBoek1JhZBV13O5HTJEClYJN5WIqUABHylMeWRyJHqfrMSIuueiUZ-ImFuSzCX9l0cjQO3ssRMIil2Zi1XiSwbOHzpFOD5lxrJ3-MIatCCC1xvmHyeXt-wy3pViINQU0a_lXtfWc7X0fvgNJRRY31fXLC1p1Q1dTozafURnlArtPTNk_E-smRsUAYsfymEENEo30f-d8_c2hQOjI8s02WfYc_hnDRcjK4fMh_HE7EXCNi2VHSGzQiA9xjAdAjKbCb7rBWi8bZagMV3g0qacT2MnXinwP5G-k-HSKval5tk4tQlQUUT6rEs5-ZRk_qVY9Pj1ZkwPL8v1oYbYWllK1GjTjd09XReZGT8CphuACSpaUtw2tt_YjpZMCuqX-rirwhefgF171F-O0k0P3pl9XFIHtVgfPbNBBi-Wi5Ddippmr6iKLiMAMWCHRFn8PvG2d1GfNqD1esOKN73aSvr55IO0WImWuvtJx0gngNt8LAzMw2rp6AFnjw3t7KYahgyXwpU5Q_8ShJZGOnJsoPdimKHMkQNDFcG0HnWXH7tyngjvDmbaGco_WvWGVPn4lnhHIdefbVl9SJ4HYxBXMopSLYCiOz0HSfu0b_ahEjiC-1k8SVKuJZO5TSRI64jvEvAIBthot1p36Q_xFkgLHx3R-L-sOHC7zpEkZtZ_PRYKCbObLLy3Y84nIMuXKYobrykc8EobJW3raNBbynBSpa4A=w800-h600-no?authuser=0 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/e7QClWPoxgY1U1hqsYcabIu8S1qJPj9Tc369AS9rIUQt2cI-awlTwDheQILK46PAvT1DFhM5RDudXhUTDCRDrizHOGEHd9roFbud4m18qFvPCBCLecw5FeZn_jE4VldzUDtiKjw8qN2w96JExaBQsDgO9BNIuAaibmD7q_FRaQEa5hQFf_b-xuyDeOOP3fQSlLUsxg_FDHwVa284K5CHwVR45hDdNjo2-vX1U41-CLPNnPcgt6V7YeTiDzfevy7T2mpWhQfR7rCGcaQUTMvXrzypkTfn8m5mwRmOE1VYq0QywAVo_pDwulxFXfbXu5JDMwi1BLYia85AJhpmOM1-bHVJD03kjrRfe-J7Pf5_XGCT9YOu1v0_X7U1418sbz29Nsz7c-auQF8JrAyYJYWygiVC97oaquv7hVh8ni3pGP9it5yrNoV9WCWgPGI9hcOhTQ-_rAHObcy1yAk3rGbvFRyK-71PVXPHH-sY8c_c7fqeIAbDpKhSfkHcWAi2JQb2P1YR_akcEoNsrXBCk8SfDuI_-BLmnKtwlK3OejLGERHNcjSgE9yEhI6GO_5VLC0h6wVEYmRkiWnPLTgSKB7utkKe5W2QThpojue_8isgMEIA3LFTah5t0gByxdVjrzcXn3oc6wPeIe2bQ_KYu_f-kOPHZjmp6Gj2t-7foC9tP09EcQH9392bXYPGOj6QjRD_CWjALC6x_q1e2ECH3I4AUI8=w800-h600-no?authuser=0 C.B.
C.B. 04/15/21 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rear view camera placement on trailer?

You can see the camera just to the right of ladder rail. It's wired into center marker light. From this position I can watch Little Creeker trailer and a wide view of traffic behind me. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Gos8aYyp9O76LGrQlag6sDdDzYvrF1acc7nPJ_uy0zLU3iOacyaUImo9NMoXc4SpNyLVqJ6RFDqbtq9Onb9Va7ocWOo9-okwWYL2Qt4LS0PQUJtGI2gqaogiIC6nDTJY3D20hYAEu8uGY0zWK4QhA7Pgw5oNZ4j42R-3F-BqT2rtVaoNvNxPf3TWu6D3GbYWHtHr_qHs7GcXM3wzmkqmZcuc0-f6TipKaXIveo9cspNN8TGL4JVBOsbtzsAlFTeNhS927nH3JTHxB_WcsZGqNqypYFIUpaL9Kk9ND091vfTPJylG_EGO1jtvqaalKdw0mC750amaiA9qk0qjJde6QiX0AoPi6y0MXxIaz5zMe197yLhPypjWFRW_RfsBQ3sd1jdyw41K8v_z8Wqx_dPqctKPpJTsrKhGWOC7NA3bsrDKKcrPuzhp-no-CxGmaGrEOE6klyj3ZrJy_4HAwSQf0Uj1446EDPshCQcW7YufibkNtdcS9tte7kBjD4XDFM4IzapAXBGUiccGQpH7rOUg4AhvThYWotXdlnwIgkY8UtFXwsOzU4pH-OFmjqQd2mmuZKIcsFT5P6YMtbQrYJCiSy22_wcUXARwS5A7hlQRwwNUhvg9OqSgf73eDJF1wa5c_Klr4eQZeXJYHfS_7ZaZrbgePgcj-fx1OD1vBu3VnrJXGStOYr3V9v4cahDG6FGPlUTco-SmoAzZmgcK9SvHqSI=w800-h600-no?authuser=0 C.B.
C.B. 03/30/21 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Autopay anyway!

Old school here. No auto pay No auto renewal Will you take check? answer-No. Thank you good by. Will you take check? answer- Yes. Check is on the way. C.B.
C.B. 03/01/21 09:06am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: The Horrible RV Magazine

I would like to address my remarks to Mr. Marcus Lemonis: Your motto says that you are not happy unless I am happy. In that case you are a very unhappy man today. I am unhappy because your new RV magazine is TERRIBLE. First let me say that I am not a novice. I started out in a bare bones pop-top trailer in 1965 and since that time I have continually owned an RV and actively used it at every opportunity. I am not, and have never been, a full timer. I first subscribed to Trailer Life in 1967 – yes, fifty four years ago. During that time I have seen the RV industry grow by leaps and bounds and Trailer Life decrease in quality and quantity, but the magazine hit rock bottom with the change to RV Magazine. If I want to read about my dog I will buy a magazine called DOG. If I want to read about food I will buy a magazine called FOOD. And if I want to read about travel I will buy a magazine called TRAVEL. When I buy a magazine called RV I expect to see more about RVs than just a proliferation of ads pertaining to RVs. You cannot be everything to everybody so just don’t try. I renewed my subscription to Trailer Life last year just a few days before your announcement that it was going to change to RV Magazine. I will not be renewing my subscription again unless I see MAJOR changes and I have my doubts that will happen, as I recently received my third copy of RV and it was not a lot better than the first copy. I'm with you. My subscription runs out in July. I'm in NON-renewal mode unless some DRASTIC changes come forth. C.B.
C.B. 02/26/21 12:42pm Good Sam Club
RE: Air ride suspension or not?

wish my F-350 had it. C.B.
C.B. 02/09/21 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitch suggestion

1. I know this has been beat to death, but I’d suggest a F-350, since little difference in ride or cost. 2. Pullrite is still the standard of comparison. Also great customer service. I'll second the above statements! C.B.
C.B. 01/15/21 08:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is the most efficient way to bypass Chicago?

I've taken I90 South out of Madison to I39 south to I80 East to I80/90 east. C.B.
C.B. 01/09/21 10:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Superglide Hitch / Capture Plate Question

You can tow without a capture plate if you stop the sliding action of the Superglide hitch. This is what I use on my 16K Superglide. Slide Stop is placed between turntable ways. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/9016224/124686915.jpg http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/9016224/124686919.jpg Tightened in and jam nutted. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/9016224/124686924.jpghttp://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/9016224/124686921.jpg With Slide Stop installed towing without capture plate can be done. Sharp turns must be avoided so as not to take out rear window of tow vehicle! C.B.
C.B. 01/04/21 08:08am Towing
RE: Collapsible ladder?

Used to carry the collapsable one. Switched to tiis 7'er double sided. Folds up and fits in fence post cover. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/23277802/388237935.jpg Able to get from either side. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/23277802/414390648.jpg http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/23277802/414390647.jpg C.B.
C.B. 11/07/20 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Back tire stuck in wet ground

That is a really poor tow truck driver. Usually they just back their truck up on to solid ground, let out more cable and pull. A snatch block will allow the pull from a different angle. Call a different "Heavy Duty" tow company. C.B.
C.B. 10/20/20 08:08am Tech Issues
RE: Rechargeable Spot Light

Milwaukee M-18 led- spot, flood, emergency flash. Battery works with other Milwaukee tools. C.B.
C.B. 10/19/20 08:05am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 6 Volt Interstate batteries

Got away from Interstates 3/4 years ago. Couldn't be happier. C.B.
C.B. 09/29/20 01:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: No Bumper -- Where do you store the sewage hose?

In our search for a used 5th wheel I have noticed a number of fifth wheels do not have the four-inch square bumper to store the sewer hose in. On these fifth wheels where do you store the sewage hose? Some have hose storage like this on side of trailer. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24300166/405562033.jpg Problem is if you want to used Rhinoflex hose it won't fit! http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24300166/405829439.jpg To cure that problem you need to cut out door assembly and mount fence post cover to it. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24300166/405562029.jpg Rain gutter maks a good tray for hose. http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24300166/405562032.jpg http://pic80.picturetrail.com/VOL992/4288072/24300166/405795092.jpg C.B.
C.B. 08/28/20 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
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