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RE: Converting Small BBQ to Propane (help needed)

FYI From my BBQ manual. The gas pressure regulator provided with this appliance must be used. This regulator is equipped with the required orifice and is set for the required outlet pressure for this appliance. This combination of orifice size and pressure regulation specifications provides the cooking performance intended by the manufacturer. Substitution of regulator for any other device is dangerous and could result in serious injury.
CA Traveler 09/30/20 08:05am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Converting Small BBQ to Propane (help needed)

Virtually all BBQ's come with a regulator and attach to the high pressure side of the propane tank. I went the above route so that I could attach any BBQ plus it's regulated by it's own regulator and that includes the small bottle type. The instructions for my current BBQ state not to use a different regulator which made me wonder about the pressure. Lighting is unique in that it shoots a flame out from the valve about 8" to the burner. Search the internet for the parts you need or go to a propane shop with your hose and BBQ.
CA Traveler 09/30/20 07:55am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Converting Small BBQ to Propane (help needed)

This is my high pressure adapter with a El (for hose routing considerations) and a shutoff valve. The top external tank port came with the adapter. The BBQ connector is the standard 1lb 1" screw on propane bottle type. https://i.imgur.com/9Dcdvkzl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. Hoses with the standard 1” screw on adapters are available. And an adapter for the standard BBQ regulator fitting are available. Propane stores can also make custom length hoses however I use 1 or 2 12' hoses as needed. Here are the parts that connect to any grill. https://i.imgur.com/6DF4wHul.jpg
CA Traveler 09/28/20 10:34pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New truck - but its lifted and towing

Remove the spacers (best) or use a drop down hitch.
CA Traveler 09/28/20 10:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Question on battery charging

Batteries can fail in 2 years or less. A shorted cell means that the 5 cells will be overcharged, bubble etc. and your 10V suggest a shorted cell. Replace both batteries as no doubt the "good one" has been stressed. And look up balanced wiring in case your batteries are not wired that way.
CA Traveler 09/27/20 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: 50 Amp service question

The amp designation is for the highest voltage. Hence your 120/240V RV is 50A at 240V = 12,000 watts. Few RVs have 240V appliances so it's common in RV land to think of the power as 2*120V*50A = 12,000W. My home has a 200A service which is also 120/240V so that's 200*240 = 48,000W or 48kW. And I have a mixture of 120V and 240V loads like all homes.
CA Traveler 09/25/20 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wifi in Remote locations

I use a cell phone hot spot. Antennas and amplifiers can help when a weak WiFi signal is available, same for the cell phone.
CA Traveler 09/22/20 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

See my 7:03am post today. The bypass diode acts like a direct short with 0V and conducting all amps. Well OK there is a small voltage drop (0.3V) across the diode. The other 2 panel sections are still producing 10V each with the amps. So a panel that produces 6 amps at 30v (full sun) would produce with partial shading 6 amps at 20v. How is it possible that a panel operating at 2/3 can still produce 6 amps.Panels contain constant voltage devices. 6A at 30V = 180W and 6V at 20V = 120W or 2/3 of that panel power. MPPT controllers convert power (watts) for the load, PWM controllers pass amps to the load. Hope this helps.
CA Traveler 09/22/20 07:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

See my 7:03am post today. The bypass diode acts like a direct short with 0V and conducting all amps. Well OK there is a small voltage drop (0.3V) across the diode. The other 2 panel sections are still producing 10V each with the amps.
CA Traveler 09/22/20 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

Check your panels IV graphs and you'll see the amps drop with reduced light for the panel. That is not the same as partial shade that triggers a bypass diode to conduct reducing the voltage but not the amps for that panel - think an A/C shadow on part of a panel. The effect of shadows on the controller output is dependent upon how the panels are wired and the type of controller. These days with low panel prices the trend is to just add another panel and enjoy camping.
CA Traveler 09/22/20 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

For me the purpose of a controller is to limit power going to a battery (trailer storage), that and 'sleep' or night mode were it prevents batt drainage. 'Full by noon' means the controller was limiting power before noon and the rest of the day unless you have some other use of the excess power. In active use many things limit power, location, calendar, orientation, temperature, overcast, smog, shade, bird poop, dirt ...Once the batteries are full the unused solar power is available for house loads, ie keep the batteries full until sunset. Some have used the excess power for say hot water but I'm not sure how well that works out.
CA Traveler 09/22/20 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

Detail. Solar panels in series would charge longer during the day. That’s the good news. The bad news is that any part of any panel that is shaded will reduce the output of the whole array. When I bought my panels, I bought 12 volt panels, and because I have shading issues all the time here on the highly treed east coast, I’ve chosen to put half the panels in each of two series and then parallel the two halves. This to try and get the maximum output no matter what. Basically incorrect due to bypass diodes. Serial panels have better output than parallel panels with regard to shadows. Your 12V panels may not have bypass diodes. This shows the effect of 3 bypass diodes per panel and shade on 2 panel sections. Power is reduced by 2/9 vs parallel of 2/3. There is a small (about 0.3V) voltage drop for the conducting diodes. https://i.imgur.com/W8mYZQNl.jpg "border=0"
CA Traveler 09/22/20 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging - can it be so?

Panels start producing voltage at very early morning light, however the amps are low. Maximum power occurs at noonish and their is significant power for several hours on either side. The power produced looks like a bell curve. Other power factors include weather, panel orientation, time of day, time of year, shadows and temperature. As a ball park figure I use 67% of the panel watts for 4-5 hours.
CA Traveler 09/21/20 06:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Question on Jayco cargo carrying capacity

When a mfg adds options the sticker is adjusted for that unit. When a dealer adds options they are part of your cargo.
CA Traveler 09/21/20 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fresh water pump hook up issue

Buy a small square of rubber from any hardware store and cut one.
CA Traveler 09/20/20 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electronic Driving Systems

Not sure what electronic driving systems mean to you. Power steering, automatic trannys, cameras etc are common for at least 20 years. Adaptive cruise control (depending upon what you mean by that) is not as common except perhaps higher end models. I'm wondering if you're focused on the wrong items considering you'll have 6 people living in a very small area? Maybe you could find a MH with bunk beds. ie Living space might be more important than driving considerations.
CA Traveler 09/20/20 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: generator question

All kinds of gens are used to power RVs. My concerns would be exhaust, carrying gasoline, noise/vibration, everything else.
CA Traveler 09/20/20 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Slide out motor

Yes, may/may not be more expensive. Google electric motor repair. Also check alternator and starter repair shops.
CA Traveler 09/18/20 08:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best portable heater (30 amp) for my rv?

We have 2 of the small cheaper 1500W ceramic heaters that are common to Walmart etc. They are easy to store and you can run 2 on high (25A for both).
CA Traveler 09/18/20 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: solar charger

Disconnect the battery (good for several months) or 100W solar panel and controller.
CA Traveler 09/17/20 08:03pm Travel Trailers
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