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RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

They've taken hundreds to jail for violating the stay at home orders. If I were you I wouldn't chance it. Bypass Delaware and any other state that will confine you for being out and about. Better yet, stay in Florida. Wait, what I am reading is that many jails are releasing nonviolents from jail as fast as they can. Gotta call BS on this one without link to something other than world net daily or snopes. OP: please stay in Fla. Its much safer there for now.
CFerguson 03/25/20 07:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

"...The Fed cut rates 1/2 percent this morning in an effort to..." I like how the OP knows what the Fed is thinking. If he can do that consistently, he must be beyond filthy rich. The other option is parroting something he read but he seems much more intelligent than that. OP: if your dealer is quoting 5.49, shop around with your bank and credit union and such. I'll bet you can beat that regardless of recent Fed action. OK, I'll bite. You don't need a crystal ball to understand why they cut rates today. The Fed has 2 prime objectives. What are they? Times up. Put your pencils down. 1 - Control inflation 2 - Reduce unemployment Inflation is below their 2% target (according to their figures). Unemployment is at 50 year lows. So why do you think they cut rates? I guess it had nothing to do with the huge losses in the stock market last week. Class dismissed. LOL. I guess that means you're filthy rich. LOL. I just love it when someone can read minds. I sure would like a headsup here when you know the next Fed rate move!
CFerguson 03/04/20 06:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

"...The Fed cut rates 1/2 percent this morning in an effort to..." I like how the OP knows what the Fed is thinking. If he can do that consistently, he must be beyond filthy rich. The other option is parroting something he read but he seems much more intelligent than that. OP: if your dealer is quoting 5.49, shop around with your bank and credit union and such. I'll bet you can beat that regardless of recent Fed action.
CFerguson 03/03/20 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chattanooga TN

I was listening to a podcast on my drive home yesterday and the person being interviewed was a security expert born in Tijuana. He was talking about his travels through the US giving presentations on security and cartels and he mentioned his visit to Chattanooga. He couldn't have been more in love with the place. He called it "Wakanda for white people". Just like the mythological African hidden world of Wakanda from the Marvel universe, he described Chattanooga as the most amazing place on earth, and none of the locals want you to know about it. I've never been there and have no frame of reference, but I loved this man's description of it. Just stay off the interstates at afternoon rush hour. Not as bad/long as say LA or Houston, but its pretty intense in places. Also be very careful if you choose to attend a downtown 'festival' that they periodically have. Gang-related shootings seem to occur at these about once a year. Don't forget to visit the Moon Pie store!
CFerguson 02/27/20 01:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travel Trailer Advice

See if the Aerolite 242BH floorplan works for you.
CFerguson 02/21/20 12:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who is responsible for discounts?

I notice the question and replies are addressing who is responsible to ask for a discount. Who's responsibility is it? Wrong question. What about rather addressing the issue from a public relation aspect? If a business asks a customer if they have any of their qualifying discount the business will grow in the customers eyes and admiration. If the customer has to ask has to ask for a discount the customer feels negative toward the business in that they have to ask for a lesser price. I remember in my high school days while studying the psychology of business that the customer felt much better toward the business, if for instant they were buying loose seeds, (that was back in the day) and the clerk measuring out the seed would make sure not to over scoop the requested amount but make sure to re-scoop a second or third time making sure to get the exact amount the customer was requesting. It made the customer feel that the merchant was an extremely honest person and desirous to make sure the customer was not cheated. The difference was if the clerk put too much seed into the scale and then proceeded to remove some to correct the amount. It made the customer think the merchant was a stingy and cheap person. The question for the campground owner is which image do they wish to relay to their customers? What lingering "taste" do they wish to leave on their customer's palate? I have witnesses a lot of businesses succeed and a lot of businesses fail in my 79 years and I do not believe any failed because they were overly nice and customer oriented. There is a saying in my neck of the woods; "The customer is always right." One unhappy customer is one too many for any business. Who's responsibility is it to make and grow a business?I put "the customer is always right" in the same bucket as feel good sayings like "follow your dreams" and "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again". Fact is the customer is not always right, following your dreams can be stupid if you have unobtainable dreams and not everything will be successful no matter how much you try. And thousands of businesses that were customer oriented have failed. The local pharmacy has likely lost out to Walgreens and CVS. Your local hardware store and lumber yard went kaput not because they weren't friendly but because Home Depot and Lowe's crushed them. The local cafe lost to McDonalds and goodness knows Walmart put many nice, friendly people out of business. And when was the last time the milkman delivered fresh dairy products to your back door? Customer service is only part of the big puzzle that is a successful business. I fear my post went far over your head. I had the same feeling, PC.
CFerguson 02/21/20 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach - Ocean Lakes, Pirateland or Lakewood

Thanks all - I appreciate the insights. We settled on Lakewood. We want to be at the beach, but also want the amenities and activities for the kids. This is a 'fun' trip, not as much a 'relaxing' one, so we are ok with the energy and activity of the campground. Seemed like Lakewood was likely the best balance all around. I think you made a good choice. OL is next door, so you can mosey on over there one day and see them for yourself if youd like.
CFerguson 02/18/20 01:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: weak Cell Signal

What do you do when you are in areas with weak (one or two Bars) cell Signal? Personally, I live with it. A mountain blocks a lot of signal where I live and a 3 bar day is all but unheard of here. But I aint runnin inturweb on it tho.
CFerguson 02/18/20 07:39am Full-time RVing
RE: Myrtle Beach - Ocean Lakes, Pirateland or Lakewood

For kid screaming activities, crazed golf cart drivers, late night drinking and fireworks on the beach, and employees that will lie to you, Ocean Lakes hands down. Lakewood is more of a 'family oriented' CG imo. No experience re Pirateland.
CFerguson 02/18/20 07:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: which size drinking water hose?

Having a pressure limiting device is much more important than what sized hose. Heed ppine's post. This can be VERY important.
CFerguson 02/18/20 07:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Rockport TX

Black Diamond Oyster Bar if theyre still around. Get the shrimp.
CFerguson 02/16/20 07:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need file repository for sharing large files

Another alternative - large memory sticks are dirt cheap now and you can load your completed project on a stick and send one to each family member. Just a thought. I digitized about 150 trays from various family members a few years back and that is kinda what I did. I snailmailed CDs to remote folks and just visited the homes of nearby relatives and D/L'ed it all onto their hard drive. I encourage everyone to do this. Now if someone sets off a nuke on top of me, they'll have to also nuke several other states to get all my photos. Seriously, you cant have too many backups.
CFerguson 02/16/20 07:15pm Technology Corner
RE: White Sands National Park

Since youre there, I'd advise planning on spending a couple of hours enjoying the park. Its a relaxing park to visit and appreciate imo. One of my top 5 NPs. And thanks to the posters who informed us that this is a National Park now. I hadn't heard that yet.
CFerguson 02/14/20 07:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Enjoy it while we can

When I job interviewed in Corpus some years ago, I asked what folks did in the winter. The answer was "If it comes on a weekend, we clean our lawn mowers." I laughed and thought they were kidding. They weren't, mostly.
CFerguson 02/09/20 06:22pm Snowbirds
RE: When buying a new TT how do you negotiate

You tell us how to best negotiate our next car/truck and we'll tell you our secrets on how to get the best RV deal.
CFerguson 02/05/20 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Will my truck tow safely in the Smokys?

Did you post your intended route or did I miss it? It may make a difference, tho I agree with the majority that if you are reasonably careful youll be fine.
CFerguson 02/03/20 07:43am Travel Trailers
RE: How much do dealers pay for the RV's they sell

I used to work for a very large company. When they first sent me to mgmt school I noticed that Thursday afternoon on the syllabus was the topic "Negotiations". I and every other attendee looked forward to that course, thinking 'o boy, I'm gonna learn from professionals how to screw my car dealer on my next auto purchase". It wasn't anything like that. The takeaway was that there is a price where both parties in a deal walk away happy and it is our job to find that point. A Good Deal is one where everyone walks away happy. If you are happy with the RV deal you got, don't beat yourself up thinking you could have gotten 2 more nickels because someone on the inturweb said you didn't 'win' the sale.
CFerguson 02/02/20 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Passport America

Like most things, it depends on how you recreate. It works great for us and we use it. Read the details and if it doesn't work for you, don't buy it. It isn't rocket science. Same with everything else. Escapees wasn't something that would work for us a few years ago. Now, its a huge bargain. Its all in how YOU camp.
CFerguson 02/02/20 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

My first time going to NFLD was about five years ago. My friends that came with me had been there before, and said we would have to go through a giant "car wash" that would spray the MH from all sides when we leave the island to return to the mainland. I guess they were trying to control some kind of potato bug. I have been there twice now,and we went through the wash station both times, but they didn't wash the rv. I guess the previous threat was not present at the time. I wonder what would happen if the washer was required, and you refused to let them spray your rv. I guess your rv would be a permanent resident of NFLD. If somebody wants to wash down my RV for free, just tell me where!
CFerguson 01/29/20 03:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: good Sam VS AARP.

Lots of the PA places that we have stayed at had a 2 day max at the discount rate or some such. But if its a nice place, we always try to stay a bit longer to support a nice campground. I mean, other than filling slots, that's got to be why a campground does PA anyway- to increase their customer base.
CFerguson 01/25/20 09:48pm General RVing Issues
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