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Grab handle clamped to RV ladder at roof

I have a 21' Werner 375lb multi-ladder that I have been using to get onto the roof of our fifth wheel, which is 13'6" at the highest point. And then take it with us on the road. That ladder is heavy, and un-wielding. So another words, a pain in the ass to use. Plus it takes up a lot of space. I use an old extension ladder while at home. I was thinking of a shorter multi-ladder, then came across telescoping ladders at HD. I like the look of these. The longest one is 15.5 extended. I like the ladder to come up above the roof a little more than that, so as to have something to grab onto when going back down the ladder. When I put up the ladder, I extend it right next to the camper ladder, and tie it off to it. By the way, I am 6'4"/250, so don't want to subject the RV ladder to that. This leads me to start thinking of clamping some kind of sturdy pole to the RV ladder, that extends up maybe 3 or 4' above the roof, that you could remove on the way down. Not something to apply a lot of force to, but just as a backup to keep yourself steady as you put you foot onto the ladder rung, to start down. I am actually getting ready to install the extension pole mounting system for the Starlink dish today. I'm not sure that would make a good candidate for this. Although I may just ops check it and see. I was thinking more of securing a clamp to the ladder, then run a rod through, and clamp that. Has anyone tried this? Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 08/24/23 09:54am Fifth-Wheels
Garmin RV 895 and Fifth Wheels

I just ordered the Garmin RV 895 for travel with our fifth wheel. During setup where you enter all the vehicle and camper information, it says for fifth wheels "Note: This trailer type is not available in all areas". It does not say that for any of the other camper types. Given that a tow behind could have the same length as some fifth wheels, I don't know what to make of that statement. Anyone have information on this? I understand that these units aren't 100%, and you have to do your due diligence when planning. I will back up/confirm the routes with RVLife, etc. I just don't get the specific call out for fifth wheels. Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 08/19/23 07:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Too late. Just got off the phone with Alliance. He said it is normal, that is the way they wire the coach. Stated what is now becoming the obvious - not grounded to earth. He said since they wire it that way, IF there was a problem, it would be covered under warranty. I'm not sure what I have learned from this whole thing, but I certainly climbed around that unit and traced a whole lot of wires. That was quite enlightening. Also installed a Renogy BT-2 on the solar controller while I was in there. I appreciate the time you all took to send your replies. Very much. Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 06/22/23 02:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Just got off the phone with a mechanic from Cummins/Onan. He says it is normal to have an open ground in an outlet when on gen power. He also said it was up to how Alliance installs it, as most folks have said He said since the coach itself isn't grounded to earth, you would have an open ground. I brought up the bonded plug. He said they do that on the smaller portable gens, but again it was up to Alliance, and how they wire it. I am now going to call Alliance. I'm leaning towards the this is normal category. Otherwise, it's a trip to the dealer. Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 06/22/23 11:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Also, per the Onan Quick Start Guide - Status of Neutral Conductor Neutral conductor bonded to frame (NEUTRE MIS A LA MASSE AU CHASSIS) unless modified by or according to customer's requirements. As of a point of interest, that was the only foreign language in the whole guide. I found the guide in the plastic wrap tucked in a crevice back behind one of the panels.
CYCLEPATH 06/22/23 05:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

I will call Cummins/Onan today. Having a heck of a time finding the transfer switch. Will try to trace the line from the gen. The shore power cord goes directly into the WatchDog, then heads for the panel. Also, the Renogy Inverter has a transfer switch function. All connections I have checked so far are tight. I don’t want to make a trip to the dealer if I don’t have to. Is anyone else out there showing an open ground while on inverter or gen power? I appreciate the input.
CYCLEPATH 06/22/23 04:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Is there such an answer? It is hard to sort this one out. It will be interesting to see what GRV says. Also, if it is normal, why check the transfer switch? Which I will do here shortly. Just curious if the installation of the WatchDog could/would have any affect Thanks.
CYCLEPATH 06/21/23 10:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Just heard from Alliance: Good morning. Thank you for reaching out. For your unit and the open ground statement I would want a couple things checked out. Check the connection at the transfer switch please. With all power off I would check the lugs on the switch. Make sure they are all tight. Most Generators will show open ground since the unit is not grounded to the earth. All my generators show open ground when I work on my units. On inverter power same concept. The inverter is grounded in the unit but still reads off the coach. There is no grounded lug to earth unitll shore power is plugged in. I will check the transfer switch. Thanks.
CYCLEPATH 06/21/23 09:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

I have yet to hear from Alliance, but General RV told me to bring it in. I will update on Friday. Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 06/20/23 06:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Ground

Thank you guys for the replies. Still haven't heard from Alliance. From what I hear here, doesn't sound that good. I appreciate it.
CYCLEPATH 06/20/23 12:57pm Fifth-Wheels
Open Ground

Hello all. Just made the jump from my Lance camper, which I loved, to an Alliance Paradigm 310RL. It's a beautiful rig. The day after bringing it home, I was going over the electrical system. It has what they call the Super Solar Package. When on inverter power, and onboard Onan generator power, I am showing an open ground on the outlet tester, in all the outlets I tested. On our 30amp home shore power, the outlets test normal. I have read where some say this is normal, others that it is not. Any hard core RV electrical guys out there with an opinion? I have a service call into Alliance, but have not heard back from them yet. Thank you all.
CYCLEPATH 06/19/23 05:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stablecamper Install / Water Tank

Thank you guys for the replies. I think I am going to go the ratchet strap route. One thing I got is ratchet straps. Considering that all I have to do is raise the jacks, disconnect the electric, water is it is hooked up, and roll, I may leave it on the truck. With the camper close to the ground, it looks like doing the criss-cross strap method might be problematic. Appreciate it.
CYCLEPATH 02/20/23 11:02am Truck Campers
Stablecamper Install / Water Tank

I am thinking of getting, and installing, the Stablecamper setup. It mentions to make sure (obviously) that you do not puncture the water tank with the screws. I have a '04 Lance 921, and am not sure where the water tank is. I want to install bumpers on the strips that run down the left and right side of the front of the camper. The cross bars from SC also attach there, along with a rest hook in the middle. I would assume the water tank is not behind those strips? Another issue might be electrical wires running along the side where you have to mount the longer bars. I usually leave the camper on the truck, but will be camping for a while, and want to use the truck. Also, does anyone out there use the Stablecamper system? Worth the money? I have tried using ratchet straps when it is off the truck for long periods, but do not notice much difference on stability. I will keep the camper close to the ground, and only raise it enough to empty the tanks periodically. Thank you.
CYCLEPATH 02/19/23 07:13am Truck Campers
RE: Bicycles

I have to plead ignorance. When you say bunkhouse, or bunk room, do you mean the room at the far end of the camper? I am fifth wheel ignorant. I use a hitch extension with a Thule rack, on my Lance. I can see the bikes in my mirror. With the fifth wheel, it seems like your bikes are in a different time zone. Besides price, is the main downside of the toy hauler the decreased amount of living space? I was quite surprised the first time I went to a dealer and saw that they were more expensive. I would have thought the opposite. If the weather is decent, I’d rather sit outside, anyway. Thank you all for the replies.
CYCLEPATH 02/17/23 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bicycles

By the way, that is quite the set up, raghfo.
CYCLEPATH 02/16/23 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bicycles

Thank you guys for the replies. Langley, when you say “bunkhouse, do you mean one of the rooms?
CYCLEPATH 02/16/23 07:20am Fifth-Wheels

I'm a long time truck camper, and am now considering adding a fifth wheel to the mix. I was thinking toy hauler, but only because my wife and I each have bicycles. I know a toy hauler might be overkill for that, but when the grandkids stay, they could sleep in the toy hauler part. But the difference in living space between the two is quite profound (and also price). For non-toy haulers, if you carry a couple of bikes, how do you haul them? I was thinking of trying to find a way to secure them inside the camper. Not knowing fifth wheels, I don't know if that is practical. I've seen bike racks on the back of some, but it seems a little strange having a bike rack hanging off the back of something so big. Thank you.
CYCLEPATH 02/16/23 06:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good Sam or KOA

Thank you all for the replies. I was able to get a reservation for only a week, at least for now, in March at the KOA in Tucson. I feel lucky to get that. I joined KOA while on the phone with the attendant. Looking forward to staying there. I'll have to figure out a plan for the way down. Probably try the Cracker Barrel/WalMart type deal once or twice. I will play tourist more so on the way back. Would like to have a couple of beers in Roswell:) Thank you all, again.
CYCLEPATH 02/09/23 02:18pm Truck Campers
Good Sam or KOA

I am planning a trip in my Lance TC from Northern MI to Tucson in a couple of weeks. I want to stay at an RV park for about four weeks and ride my bicycle in the desert until I can't stand it. I also plan to do some bike packing in Michigan, which would be tent camping. Does Good Sam's, or KOA, sound like more of an appropriate club to belong to. The rest of the year, I usually just take my TC to a families place in the UP, and set up shop there. No full time RVing, at least not yet. Plan to hit some parks on the way to AZ, though. I belong to AAA, and am old. Also, anyone have any recommendations for an RV park in Tucson that does monthly rentals? They have a KOA in town that gets good reviews. Thank you.
CYCLEPATH 02/08/23 02:12pm Truck Campers
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