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RE: Upgrading WDH hitch, Shank question.

Currently have the Pro-Series 12,000LB 1,200 Round Bar hitch set-up My question is if I upgrade the the Reese 1,500 LB Trunnion Bar hitch, with the capability to add DC sway control later. Will my current shank have the same hole spacing or will I need to purchase a complete new shank for the new head? Thanks Humbert I have upgraded a number of times and still use the same couple of shanks. Hole spacing is pretty much standard so as long as you have the height adjustment that you need no new shank should be required.
CaLBaR 07/21/20 05:27am Towing
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Lots of speculation in this thread. Contrary to popular belief, the Tundra does have more cooling capacity than a 2L bottle, it's not just home in a mall. I've towed with 3 different Tundras, all my trailers were 35' and over and never had it run hot. Only issue I ever had was a bad battery. If I didn't want to haul my golfcart at the same time, I would still have mine. Very much agree with your statements. I have towed 32' and 34' without any issues either. For me it was time for a new tow vehicle and we may upgrade to a 5th wheel at some point within the expected life of this truck so that is the only reason I went with with I did. Otherwise would have bought another Tundra and almost did.
CaLBaR 07/16/20 08:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

My friends 1500 Dodge got really really hot climbing up a canyon HWY last week and he's not overloaded. I'm sure it can happen to anybody regardless of the truck they drive. Was it a new Tundra?? A new Tundra is a timid species commonly found at the mall, it gets a long well with teens and soccer moms. It's existents is doing well even though it is heavily preyed upon by dual axle trailers. It's too bad that you really don't know what you are talking about. The Tundra is a very good tow vehicle and will tow very well up to and even slightly over it's rated specs. Much like the rest of the vehicles that everyone tows with. I suspect that you have never even driven one let alone towed with one. I have and for many 10's of thousands of miles and they are very good tow vehicles right up to the ratings.
CaLBaR 07/16/20 05:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Guess just need to bash some guys bad luck at the side of the road. It happens all the time. :( Unfortunately. More and more on this forum. When I joined there was a lot less of the bashing and more of the helping. It's too bad. :(
CaLBaR 07/14/20 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

I suppose we never see and F150s, Silverados, Sierras or RAMs sitting on the side of the road overheated or broken down. Lots of reasons for this to happen to any vehicle even a car that is not towing anything. Guess just need to bash some guys bad luck at the side of the road.
CaLBaR 07/14/20 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Small Dicor

Hello all, I always wonder if I'm missing something... Why can't I find, or why does Dicor not make small squeeze tubes of lap sealant? I very rarely need a full caulk tube. I check the roof every month or two, and if I see even a small crack in sealant I like to seal it right away. Once it's opened it seems that I can wrap the end and save it for maybe a month or two, but beyond that it starts getting hard. Cant count how many 3/4 tubes I have thrown away over the years. I would so much rather buy multiple very small hand squeeze tubes. Anyone ever see anything like this? I put a large framing nail in first and then use the red caps that were mentioned in a post from above. I have some tubes that are over a year old and no issues.
CaLBaR 07/13/20 05:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Grand design 2400BH

My friends have a grand design 2400 BH. There are two lights above the dinette however we cannot find a switch to turn the dinette lights on. Does anyone know where this switch is? We are done Dumbfounded. Not sure about the Imagine line but it might be the same as the Reflection line with a black switch near the dinette. Like Second Chance stated check out the 2 Grand Design forums as you might get a more accurate answer there.
CaLBaR 07/13/20 05:40am Travel Trailers
RE: reese hitch question

Hello all I am back from a long absence. Feels good. Anyhow We are camping again.My rig has reese weight distribution with trunnions bearing the marks 22210.I had them from my last camper and I am moving up to something bigger soon. I was thinking rather than buy a whole hitch why not get heavier trunnion bars.Are they interchangeable? I would like to step up to 12,000 lbs gross I ended up buying a new head when I went from 800 lb bars to 1500 lb bars. I think it depends on how high you need to go on the new bars. I would give Reese technical support a call. I have done that numerous times and they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Rob
CaLBaR 06/26/20 05:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Advice o WDH after CAT scale

Finally got our new TT loaded and went on our first little trip, with a stop by the weigh station. As such, we had pretty much everything fully loaded to where we would need it in both vehicles. Only exception is our 105 pound dog/crate that won't always be with us. I'm towing an Apex 288BHS(GVWR 7000#) with an F150 with a payload capacity of 1596# and GVWR of 7000#. My weights were: TV only Front: 3400 Rear: 2800 Trailer: 0 Combined: 6200 TV/TT without tension Front: 3060 Rear: 4040 Trailer: 5380 Combined: 12480 TV/TT with tension Front: 3300 Rear: 3680 Trailer: 5500 Combined: 12480 I had the hitch installed by dealer, but have given it the once over. Anyway, I am wondering if I should add another washer to try to get me more wiggle room in payload capacity. With a hitch weight right now of 880 and a trailer weight of 6280, I am at over 14% hitch weight, so I have the room. Honestly, I'd rather not have to make adjustments if the consensus is that the set-up seems adequate. Even if you add a washer you will not get any margin on payload. WDH does not affect the tongue weight. It will be what it will be. All another washer will do is put more weight back to your front axle. I like to set mine so unloaded the front axle comes back so in your case add another washer to bring back 100 lbs or so. Check your owners manual as I believe Ford does not want you to put it all back so it seems you are all set to go. Rob
CaLBaR 06/21/20 05:31am Towing
RE: 2020 Ram 2500 CTD owners

So when I was towing the 5th wheel at 24,500 combined I towed at 60 MPH in 5th. Then came the little commuter TT with a combined 16K weight, and towing at 60 in 5th it got almost the same mileage was the heavier 5th wheel. So I have learned to tow without TH in slower areas like California and let it shift to 6th gear. In Az, Or and Wa I towed at 65-66 in 6th and mileage was better. Thanks for the input. This sounds like a good idea as the Cummins and Aisin only shift to 6th over about 64 to 65 MPH from what I have noticed in tow/haul mode and I highly doubt that towing a 10,000 lb bumper pull will be a problem in 6th at 60 MPH. Rob
CaLBaR 05/20/20 04:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2500 HD or 3500 HD?

I would keep the 2500 for now if it does what it is meant to unless you just want to get a new truck. Wait and see if/when you upgrade the 5th wheel and then match the truck to it. If you want the new truck get a 3500 though. Rob
CaLBaR 04/13/20 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Westlake tires

Grand Design has, until recently, put Westlakes on all their RVs. Earlier on, there were issues with the Westlake LR E tires. Since GD started putting the Westlake load range Gs on the Solitudes and Momentums, there have not been any documented issues on either of the Grand Design forums (and folks do like to complain about tires). Our new 2020 Solitude came with the load range G Westlakes (we had Sailun Gs on our previous fifth wheel) and I plan to run the Westlakes for now. I may replace them a bit earlier than I would have the Sailuns, but the Westlake Gs are developing a good reputation among those who have them. When replacement time comes, though, it will be with Sailun S637s. Edit/PS: no matter what tire you run, I consider a good TPMS to be critical. Rob Thanks for the honest report, I remember a few years back about the Sailuns, and we know how that turned out . There is not much I have been able to find out about Westlakes ,and their manufacturing procedures . There is one website I found that does not have the current weight ratings . It showed the tire I have ST 235/80/16 as an E rated tire with a weight rating of 3620, and the 235/85/16 @ 4080 . Now they are 4080 for the 80's and 4400 for the 85's both max psi 110, same as the Sailuns . Yes I run TST 507 , bought last year for my TPMS This Canadian Westlake site has the ratings information that you are looking for. https://www.westlaketire.ca/tire-details.php?title=CR960A&id=13 I will also echo what Second Chance stated that so far no reports of the G rated Westlakes failing. The E rated were failing on heavier Grand Design units that now use G rated. I am happy so far with my E rated Westlakes but then they have 1000lbs reserve capacity right from Grand Design. Rob
CaLBaR 04/06/20 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for advice on purchasing a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup

About the only difference between a HD 3/4 ton and a SRW 1 ton is $200 and the 1 ton can haul twice as much. It never makes sense to buy a 3/4 ton. Your choice should be between a 1/2 ton and 1 ton SRW. Have you got an exit plan? This. I would never buy a 250 if a 350 SRW was available. I had the same discussion with DW when we bought the new truck. There were so many more 2500s on the lots and took a bit more time to find a 3500 that she liked. In the end this was the right choice for us and didn't cost anymore. AT least now when DW decides it's time to move up to a 5ver less chance of saying "sorry dear the truck won't carry that one". Rob
CaLBaR 03/22/20 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Maintenance free CCV filter for 2021 Cummins?

...L9 and B6.7 will have a maintenance free crank case breather/filter for 2021 along with several other updates... ECM will also be updated to CM2450 and will have increased computing capabilities which likely means more fuel maps for greater efficiency in more scenarios. For those that do not know, 2021 is the start of phase two of the EPA's crack down on emissions in diesel trucks. ...increased fuel economy standards which these trucks have been exempt from until now...diesel manufacturers are adding things like 10 speed transmissions, higher pressure injection pumps, tighter clearances, and thinner oil. They all increase fuel economy/efficiency. That will be a nice improvement. Currently I can get 20-21MPG HWY driving my RAM solo. Not too bad for a truck that weighs 2.5 tons. Improved efficiency will be great but let's hope we get reliability too. Don't want to repeat previous reliability issues of the last 15-20 years as new tech has been introduced in the trucks. KJ Factor in a regen and that 20-21mpg drops to a realistic 17-18mpg 17.8 hand calculated when I filled up today and had a regen on this tank of diesel. With cold winter weather and winter tires I can see it go up to nearly 20 once warmer weather and summer tires are on the truck. Rob
CaLBaR 03/06/20 04:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SHANK question

I have a 23ft trailer and I recently went from a GMC Yukon to a Ford F150/Raptor. The shank and old hitch works fine after some adjustments, but I noticed today I can't open the tailgate without it hitting my tongue jack. The fix would be to go from a 12 inch shank to a 18 inch shank. Not a huge difference, but was curious if others have done this and does it compromise ride, etc.? I've always had motorhomes and 5th wheels so I'm sorry for the NEWB question and thanks in advance for your thoughts. Here is a picture of it with the 12 inch and it rides great. Hate to compromise that, but I would like to be able to open the tailgate while hooked up. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/eBepQDIw6I1ENa8geXg1ceOhL3xLxNGy2Ds1o7BfR1hfZR2MZezNkdDeT6tIn1Rtfkaa7H0Pm2CESqN5ZRUH7kprBsHdvU-tRbCztOOfERr0vcN7eIWmUHUEvNsGHGA501yk32Dv7yfeO14mTdERFVK-mG89a9nvamvdlIR9MxQhSfBSnZWCj3ezxi99rXq6caBJ-SPmCxQv49URys92JbBbHo07dPK7c2ekvTri_sxfnfv5_7n-KXwiAJRRY0RL5RZC4ybrMzbkK4CVvTHS6UIcJejW7LyqQi05gXAwmzrK6hPYyCnfPm9czHJ0m3jMAd_x3vFmIZbLYh1qttTfMwmB2SXqPjLFYzTvhdbeIzPh8ugS-SfnKnOuzeljAO-4k6VGcyH6nwB1luZHO0X381myZ-6PIZw76UxTX5TiNWRVxVRa9HYaYPHYGez-QG3ajPLOWtBBxy4toRqEbRZmT1sFQbAtlaiKTOItqqTBllCJCO3WsmCvHrB1rvSTvGvhWJwBkg93n0OQ0scKBqoDVmAR73Dt_McJqlcFDFxdTHGSifUnOAyANMzyo9tcnFQJCTby83UFDxdM0-UlADmhtToUwLQT7YOfLxlOaVvTLcMva1R0CYU2y628ODsgFJ5mVC4jf7rF-3xsGrkv12DgpQ3COx4v4nlUyfKiCQAcJpwvQ1TUE4QajYU=w620-h465-no You could try to go to an 18" shank so you can open the tailgate. It might not tow as nice because now the trailer is another 6" further from the truck's rear axle. I have always had that problem too so I just lived with it and it never bothered me. I always wanted to get the trailer tongue as close to the rear axle as possible for towing stability. Try it if it doesn't tow as nice you will only be out the price of the shank. Rob
CaLBaR 03/06/20 04:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 3500 MPG test

I honestly wouldn't care about any trucks fuel efficiency during the short times I'm climbing a mountain. I'd rather see mileage results for a 100~200 mile run on a normal stretch highway. Thats what this test is .... not 100 miles but a 66 mile loop of regular highway driving. I actually would consider a Ram if I thought it would get better fuel economy than the Ford. I'm pretty sure the Ram can display the DPF level so it is very unlikely that the Ram did a burn but maybe? If the Ford will actually go 30% further on a gallon of fuel than the Ram I can't see anyone buying a Ram over a Ford. On the other hand I can't help being somewhat sceptical of these results. This is my guess as well that the RAM did a DPF regeneration during the loop. I can tell right away when mine is doing a regen. Mileage drops quickly. Based on the mileage I get in my RAM towing a big sail I am pretty sure it did a regen. It takes about 1/2 hour or so to do a regen on the highway in my experience which would mean that it was regenerating for just a bit more than half the drive. Would skew the results badly. Rob
CaLBaR 03/03/20 04:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 IKE raw and unedited

Yeah, I watched the power stroke help video on various Ford engines. He really likes the Ford truck itself from the 6.0L years and once he does the bulletproof job, he says that truck is one of the best out there. It probably is up there on reliability with no emissions controls. So he’s either right or a good salesman. But again just anecdotally, I saw two videos where 2019 Fords with low mileage had the death wobble. One was a factory out of alignment job at like 20000 miles but the other was worn parts at 40000 miles. Also I saw a 2019 Ram w the normal Cummins where the tranny had failed due to the driver not using tow haul and not locking out the higher gears. I know mine has to be in fifth while towing not sure about the 8 speed. The good think is Ram still stood behind the repair. I know nothing about the upper comments but I call BS on the last paragraph. AISIN or 68rfe? Ahhh well it was the 68rfe and I was as surprised as you. To be fair, they didn’t know the full diagnosis and they were pulling it into the shop when I saw the truck. Every once in a while someone thinks I’m full of bull malarkey and I might be 50%. Haha. But that story is a true one, unusual to be sure. Unless they changed things, tow/haul does not lock out the higher gears in the 68RFE. Mine tows in 6th with tow/haul all the time. On my 2015 with Aisin and 3.42 gears, in tow haul it will not shift to 6th until just over 65 MPH. 4th to 5th gear shift is at just over 55 MPH. Without tow haul on it shifts much sooner even when towing. HOWEVER I do not believe lack of being in TH caused a 68 RFE failure. Dealership service departments are noted to tell tail stories from time to time. In my 2019 with Aisin and 3.73 gears it does the same and will not shift to 6th gear until 65 MPH but once in 6th gear will hold it until speed drops below 60 MPH. Rob
CaLBaR 03/02/20 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Ram Ditching Aisin Tranmissions

Actually watched it on the internet and provided the links. It's funny how you guys have to defend the ram for whatever reason. It's a great pulling pickup. I was close to buying one. Chose GM cause it drives better unloaded. GM has their weaknesses too, a lot were addressed in the new generation but still the RAM does some things better. Such as the air ride, the big screen, etc.. I bought a one year old 1993 RAM/Cummins, then a new 2001.5 and finally a new 2015. For 26 years I just have not realized that I was driving a sub par daily driver, as each one having been better than to one before it. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/OfficialFrigidCommongonolek-size_restricted.gif I usually don't get into these conversations but I am about 6 months into a RAM 3500 with the Aisin. Came from a 2009 Toyota Tundra. I also use the RAM for daily driver and towing. So far about 75% towing and 25% daily driver. I did find the Aisin clunky for daily driving at first. But after nearly 10,000 miles this has gone away and it drives very nice. Sure the Tundra was still smoother but the RAM is still very nice for daily driving and with the Cummins and Aisin tows a much nicer, which is why I bought it. Rob
CaLBaR 02/29/20 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 IKE raw and unedited

But But RAM was the safest of all with ZERO brake applications. Not really anything more important. Also had had a good time climbing with nice cool temps and guess what the fan NEVER came on. I totally agree. And if it wasn't for that silly CP4 fuel pump that is now bolted on to it, it is the truck that will do it reliably for many years to come. I can certainly see a person buying a Ram for the air suspension or because they prefer the interior of the truck and I can even understand some people liking the idea that they have a Cummins under the hood. It is even possible that the Cummins has a slightly better exhaust brake .... As far as this downhill braking test demonstrating anything I don't think the testers understood the workings of the braking systems well enough to conduct a proper test: I posted this comment on another thread and although I realize that I could be wrong I feel confident that I have come to a proper understanding of how these braking systems work: The TFL guys said they had the Ford EB set to auto which is the best setting on the Ford for the downhill test they were doing. However there is more to it than picking a speed to hold the load at and measuring brake applications. For instance, The maximum reverse HP an engine can create occurs at maximum exhaust back pressure and engine redline. So 35 mph was an excellent speed for the Cummins to function at. It put the transmission in a low enough gear to get high torque to the rear axle and had the engine running very close to redline .... At the 4:00 and 6:00 minute marks in the video you can see the EB gauge all of a sudden display 236 reverse HP when the engine reaches redline. I believe the gauge is displaying this value while the computer applies the wheel brakes i order to prevent the engine from over revving. You can see that while the EB gauge displays a value, the speed of the truck slows from 37 mph to 35 and then the wheel brakes are released. If they had chosen 42 mph as the speed they wanted the truck to hold to the Ram would have had a disadvantage because the truck would have shifted to 3rd gear and the engine would have dropped to about 2400 rpm. At 2400 rpm the engine would have been producing considerably less reverse HP, third gear would have put much less torque to the rear axle and Mr. Truck would have been applying the brakes prior to the engine reaching redline. I didn't watch the Ford downhill portion again but I suspect they tried to go 35 mph with it as well. The Problem with that is 35 mph puts the Powerstroke in 3rd gear at 2800 rpm and in order to get maximum performance out of the Powerstroke EB they would have run the truck in 3rd gear at about 3400 rpm where it would have been travelling about 42 mph. And better still they could have slowed the Ford to to get it to drop into 2nd gear and ran at 32 mph and 3500 rpm. Had the Ford been running at a higher rpm the computer would have been applying the brakes when the engine rpm reached redline. (I'm not sure what rpm the 2020 Powerstroke needs to reach before the computer applies the brakes .... my '17 redlines at 3600 but I think the 2020 might be even higher) I think the computer applies the wheel brakes at engine red line, so the Ram computer was performing multiple wheel brake applications where as it was Mr Truck applying the Ford wheel brakes prior to engine red line. A tester really has to understand the workings of these trucks well to perform tests that demonstrate the full potential of each truck. What is the evidence that the Ram is using the brakes on full auto? The Ram will not only take the input from the cruise control speed but uses the exhaust brake to the max and also transmission braking w the Aisin. I have never experienced this on my Ram. I believe it was a major achievement to go down the IKE w zero brake applications and this was understated. Similarly I think if TFL would have used the cruise on the way up set to 55 mph, that the engine instead of loafing along at 2200 rpm would have downshifted and worked to get to redline which wouldn’t have been 55 but would have got up the hill quicker. I’m not saying it would have beat the Ford up the hill. This is cat and mouse w the manufacturers. I still think Ram has the advantage since this 6.7 Cummins is used in many different applications. That Cummins programmed right would have made the bill in the same time as the Ford in this winter test.”, there is no doubt t in my mind. Question is how would they all do at 95 degrees in the summer? You have to wonder on the way down would an engine go into limp mode because of excess heat., which could be a disaster. I think we saw that on Ford’s 3.0L diesel test last year. That would be bad towing 30,000 down the hill with one of these bigger diesels. I still think Tfl ought to run the Ram up the hill using cruise. However, another thought, what % of these truck ls will tow 30,000 lbs? Certainly for the RVers not many and any one of these trucks we’d all be proud to own. They are all fantasy trucks 10 years ago and all are amazing to watch how three manufacturers get to the near same result 3 different ways. Peace I guess everyone needs a different degree of "proof" to be convinced of something. For me the proof that the Ram was using wheel brakes was when Andre and Mr. Truck noticed the Cummins was holding back in 3rd gear at the top of hill. Then we heard Mr. Truck explain that the new Ram has a computer controlled exhaust brake that controls the brakes, trailer brakes and lights. Further "proof" for me was seeing the exhaust brake gauge read 240 reverse hp pop up suddenly and then just as suddenly disappear after the truck slow down a couple mph. Per the owners manual the as long as the RAM has Adaptive Cruise Control which this truck had it will apply both truck brakes and trailer brakes to keep the truck at specified speed or distance based on settings. The owners manual specifically says do not use after market brake controller as the truck cannot apply the trailer brakes in Adaptive Cruise Control as it is meant to. Seems like proof to me. Rob
CaLBaR 02/26/20 04:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Cummins IKE pull

With the Ford the brake lights only come while the wheel brakes are applied. The Ram is probably the same. In my owners manual it states that the brake lights come on when the exhaust brake is active letting other drivers know that you are slowing down. Rob This must be new for 2019? Does it say anything about actually applying the truck or trailer brakes when EB is active? It only says that it will show the brake lights from what I read. I don't have the adaptive cruise control or the towing technology group on mine. From the brochure it does say that the adaptive cruise control will stop the truck so it will apply brakes. Makes sense to me that it would apply brakes with the towing technology groups bells and whistles but will need to look that up. Adaptive cruise control applying truck brakes and no trailer brakes would be dangerous in my estimation so the truck braking with trailer brakes makes total sense to me. Rob It applies trailer brakes as well. As I previously posted I couldn't find any mention of the Auto exhaust brake applying wheel or trailer brakes in the Ford owner's manual yet it definitely does apply both but my suspicion is that it is only on the trucks with adaptive cruise. From the Owners manual: Towing A Trailer ACC while towing a trailer is recommended only with an Integrated Trailer Brake Controller. Aftermarket trailer brake controllers will not activate the trailer brakes when ACC is braking. It applies the trailer brakes with the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) so it if they used the adaptive cruise control going down the IKE the truck would have applied brakes to both truck and trailer to maintain speed if the exhaust brake was not enough. Rob
CaLBaR 02/22/20 05:22pm Tow Vehicles
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