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RE: VIDEO: Installing an AC Coolingstat for temperature control

The coolingstat control is going to come in handy on my next trip golfing.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/20/18 09:49pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Installing an AC Coolingstat for temperature control

If your AC is constantly running and does not drop the temperature adequately it is undersized. If it is too cold and the unit does not shut off, the control that sets the temperature is not working correctly and should be replaced. It is an easy replacement. The advantage of a working factory control is it does not shut off the fan so the continual air circulation is helpful in maintaining an even temperature. I think the Coolstat will do what a correctly working control should be doing, but it also will shut off the fan, if I understand its operation correctly. I have had to replace them over the years, but they tend to be pretty reliable so it has not been often. I am not sure whether any of the controls off the new remote control units could be swapped in, although I suspect it would be possible with some research on the schematics. My brother and I have the same situation with our Dometic 13.5K BTU units. It gets cold inside but both units run all the time. Compressors kick on and off, but the blower fan motor never stops. If your unit shuts off and is silent and cycles on off fine. Ours do not .
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/19/18 01:59pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Installing an AC Coolingstat for temperature control

Okay, I am totally confused. The video says the AC is either on or off and has no temperature control. That is simply not true. The knob on the left side selects the mode, fan, high or low cool etc. The knob on the right sets the temperature the AC cycles at. My AC turns the compressor on and off depending on how I set the temperature. I can set it so my camper will freeze me out, or hardly cool at all. Every rooftop unit I have ever worked on with the controls in what is called the air box works this way. My AC unit is always running when it is turned on. There is a dial to set the amount of cooling but the unit runs constantly until it is turned off. The purpose of the coolingstat is to shut the unit off when the desired temperature is achieved, then cycle on and off to maintain the desired temperature.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/19/18 01:40pm Truck Campers
VIDEO: Installing an AC Coolingstat for temperature control

VIDEO: Installing an AC Coolingstat for temperature control When in use, my Truck Camper AC unit is either on or off. It has no temperature regulation that shuts the AC off when the desired temperature is achieved. I installed a line voltage, single pole coolingstat, KING K101C, $40.00~, wall mount type, to the AC ceiling junction box, to see how it would work. It does work but I think the regulation of temperature would be better if the coolingstat were mounted to an internal side wall not directly heated by outside sources like the ceiling. I plan to relocate the coolingstat down near the breaker box shown in the video which I think will be a good non-interfering with other things location hopefully taking advantage that cold air is heavier than hot air and will drop down to the proposed coolingstat location. My AC unit seems to be able to lower the internal temperature down about 20 degrees F from what the outside temperature is so a limitation is that in practical use, I will have to not set the unit for more than 20 degrees F below the outside temperature or it may simply continue to run as it does now. I hope it will be better on those plugged in nights in hot areas so we can set it and forget it. For normal fan or heat strip operation, turn the coolingstat set temperature all the way down and it will be in a run all the time condition down to 40 degrees F. The AC unit is generally only operated in summer so it shouldn't really be an issue since for heating I use either an electric baseboard of the main furnace. J&K
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/19/18 08:17am Truck Campers
RE: Gotta Love Alaska Roads

Check your shocks and air down the tires...
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/19/18 01:48am Truck Campers
VIDEO: Reverse Lights Installation On Bumper Below Camper

VIDEO: Reverse Lights Installation On Bumper Below Camper https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WTla0khc5oI/0.jpg?time=1528872896097 Truck Camping Reverse Lighting I wanted better reverse lighting For when we're camping in The Forests The Mountains, The Middle of Nowhere And want to see where I'm Backing into I show how to install Truck-Lite Reverse lights, Drilling Cutting a slotted hole To accept a rubber grommet seat The reverse lights are wired to be Operated by the shift lever Only activating when in reverse gear By using the 7 Pin trailer plug center wire For trailer backup lights Works great, looking forward to getting Up in the woods for real usage J&K
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/11/18 08:47am Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Installing Ditch Flood Lights - No More Dark Roads

:) Hi, Thank You for the video. I want to do something similar. In the 70's when I worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer, Many of the cars had what was called "Cornering Lamps". They would come on with the use of your turn signals. And they would allow you to see where you were going on dark or unlit streets at night. There were a few cars in the 30s and 40s that had headlamps connected to the steering linkage that would point lights into the turn. https://goo.gl/images/GJnwHZ
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/11/18 01:38am Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Installing Ditch Flood Lights - No More Dark Roads

Camper Jeff - I was always doing things like this back in my Jeeps days and always had to pay the price of ripping things off the jeep so it could pass DOT safety Inspections.. On on my off-road POPUP trailer... I ran into problems mounting my own version back-up lights. was not DOT approved and I had to remove them to pass inspection... I think the main reason on the back-up lights is they are required to only come on when you place the tow vehicle in reverse... A separate ON-OFF switch not allowed... Of course these lights did not have aDOT approved lens on them either... I think you can mount almost anything to the sides of the road vehicles but not sure if that is good in every state.... My 5thwheel has the two large 8-inch scare lights mounted on the side at the roof height and no one has said anything about them at the State inspection Station not being approved lights... Just bringing it up hehe... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40 Hi Roy, I had the same road/ditch lights installed on the front bumper for over a year before the bumper got crunched. Never had an issue with them. In Washington, we don't go through inspections other than emissions testing. The reverse lights will be addressed in another installation video to be posted soon. Still editing. For those, they do only work in reverse via the shift lever. An additional switch would be able to turn them on only from within the truck camper which is parked off road when in use. The power source for the reverse lights is from the center pin of the 7 pin plug on the bumper and grounded by the white negative of the 4 pin plug next to the 7 pin. The reverse lights are by Truck-Lite and are the same as the reverse lights on many large trucks and trailers. The people at Six Robblee's thought I should be OK using them this way. No problems as yet. Take care,
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/10/18 12:18pm Truck Campers
VIDEO: Installing Ditch Flood Lights - No More Dark Roads

VIDEO: Installing Ditch Flood Lights - No More Dark Roads I Installed Side Mounted Road or Ditch Lights On The Truck Lights made by ECCO and Truck-Lite These lights will greatly improve Road visibility while driving remote roads at night trying to find a camp spot in the dark In pitch black conditions like on mountain roads at night, you simply can't see if you are turning into a ditch, boulder, or stump In full dark conditions, these ditch lights will cure that A future project is to make these lights switchable from within the truck camper for night lighting and security lighting J&K
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/10/18 11:19am Truck Campers
VIDEO: Truck and Camper Project Day Ditch and Reverse Lights

VIDEO: Truck and Camper Project Day Truck Camping Projects: Front L-R Side Looking Ditch Lights Reverse Flood Lights Truck Camper Fridge Outside Cover Spray Painting Windshield Wiper Arms Example Of Night Time Lighting Results
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/07/18 08:39am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Campers Ain't For Everyone

It wasn't me...
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 06/07/18 03:50am Truck Campers
RE: Ten Years On RV.NET - 2501 Posts

Thanks for posting. There is really no way to calculate how many thousands of people have been helped by your contributions over the last decade. I'm sure there were 10 or 20 satisfied customers who attended Truck Camper University in there somewhere. Nobody has asked for their money back, yet. Take care,
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 05/13/18 11:09am Truck Campers
RE: Ten Years On RV.NET - 2501 Posts

I'm guessing the first source I used for picture hosting wasn't working as expected so I relinked to a different source. Feel free to speak up if you aren't seeing pictures.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 05/13/18 11:03am Truck Campers
Ten Years On RV.NET - 2501 Posts

I just noticed I'm a 10 year old! It's been ten years since I started on RV.NET In that time, I somehow made 2501 posts! Make that 2502. It's been a lot of fun reading all the great posts on various topics and the trip reports, many of which have given Kelli and I good travel tips and places to go. Met some great people along the way both in the forum and in real life at rallys and other events. This place is still one of the best places on the internet. Here's to you people of RV.NET for making this such a great place! Here's a few of the memories, Jeff and Kelli, Charlie Cat too! https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32525886_10212525218465647_7447730993596727296_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=cf6b5dab19813b792e9e95630633501f&oe=5B96ABA6 width=600 Neah Bay. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32349924_10212525218105638_6319188788513865728_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=dfe806eaa34dfee259ccd89caae6ec73&oe=5B8F9EDF width=600 The Gorge in George. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32349871_10212525217785630_3752568168384561152_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=abc484fe31e49b614ff807224ab20f94&oe=5B886AB3 width=600 Concert Camping at the Gorge is Eekspensive! https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32407099_10212525214225541_2349819488595083264_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=84b15a6f990f8dd29cd93eaced9e0d84&oe=5B839FE7 width=600 Kelli walking Charlie at Kettle Falls State Park. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32440456_10212525213465522_2740086742827663360_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=fa5255d4f8759813d0ba31d1b0af4e61&oe=5B50BE80 width=600 Rally in Glacier National Park. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32324246_10212525215865582_5223099420744089600_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=95ec7d0240966fd7bfc527d4bfbda69a&oe=5B4F082E width=600 Fort Ebey State Park. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32472033_10212525217185615_6389304739506421760_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=f2ff033e7ca5188eba6ceeb6ea414ee6&oe=5B51386D width=600 Who says bathing a 22 pound cat is tough. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32264029_10212525216705603_7933998665339764736_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=31237d849d2dcf20e601dfad2697a2ed&oe=5B86250C width=600 Wenatchee National Forest. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32294093_10212525214945559_4274864817535188992_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=4e8aa88791e7f9c4a6ae595b31056fed&oe=5B8958BB width=600 Getting to this location is a story in itself of roads and hills we shouldn't have taken, Mt Rainier in distance West of us. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32336853_10212525214705553_9097307668611072_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=cbd9b4e5006d8fc3a77d9d6aaf7546e9&oe=5B9AFA20 width=600 What better place to kiss your sweetie. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32313701_10212525213825531_6176810369248395264_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=e460467c7348dee00dbd3f5d28215e8e&oe=5B873A31 width=600 The Beast Within... https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32474111_10212525215385570_8671816146338447360_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=1442a979fe9a85eb0ed0a4ed3fa1a3a2&oe=5B518A4C width=600 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/32313136_10212525215745579_150103837070327808_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=3769a0a86dbd69df70b8c49564fe7d30&oe=5B879B70 width=600 Deception Pass State Park. We're looking forward to many more years of RVing. See y'all on the road. Jeff and Kelli
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 05/12/18 10:44pm Truck Campers
Ocean Shores Washington, Kite Festiva, Truck Repair

VIDEO: Ocean Shores, WA. Kite Festival A nice weekend escape. Enjoy!
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 05/11/18 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Trip report: The TC fools (The Bros) do Anza

My camper's going to have to lose some weight and the truck workout and get in shape to squeeze through there.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 04/05/18 10:40pm Truck Campers
RE: The "Walking TC"

Interesting but I'm waiting for the drone model. I'm waiting for the one that can "beam" it up to Scotty !:E I've decided I'll get one when I can play fetch with it. :)
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 04/05/18 08:03pm Truck Campers
RE: The "Walking TC"

Interesting but I'm waiting for the drone model.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 04/04/18 01:05am Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO TR: Fidalgo Bay & Anacortes Waterfront Festival 2015

Three local gatherings that I know: Central WA in May, Eastern OR in July and Eastern WA in October Baker July 11 Prosser? NE Washington?
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 03/28/18 06:57pm Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO TR: Fidalgo Bay & Anacortes Waterfront Festival 2015

I just remembered Baker City Rally. Need to check that date.
Camper_Jeff_&_Kelli 03/28/18 04:54pm Truck Campers
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