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RE: What gps do you use?

I don't use one,, my phone has "" MAPS"" Lets not get this argument going again. A phone is not a GPS. It shares some features but falls way short, assuming of course that one knows how to work a real GPS Huh? My iPhone has a GPS radio chip and a full database no different than any other GPS does. In fact if you have the right software on your phone, and have access to a public (free) RTK base station you can take 1-2 cm RTK GNSS positions on a smartphone. This is accurate enough to legally make a land survey with. How is that falling ‘way short’ of anything? This is my question. Maybe 10 years ago that was true. However today, aside from maybe not having access to bridge height into, what is the difference? we rarely use our dedicated GPS anymore. Set a destination, download the maps, turn data off, and enjoy turn by turn voice navigation.
Campfire Time 03/22/19 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Check Engine Light

CEL = Check Engine Light. Its a fault indicator that something in the emissions system is faulting. There are dozens of things that can trigger a CEL, some single incidents but mostly multiple readings over test cycles or starting cycles. Even when you get the code(s) you may still have to dig deeper. For example a code may specify an issue with an O2 sensor. But the root cause may be something upstream. The trouble with having the code read by a parts store is that they will always try to sell you parts based on "their interpretation" of the code. In the case of cylinder misfires though they are probably right. But still, check the plug. BTW, how old are the plugs? Next swap the coil with another, at least I know you can do this on GMs. At 120k if the plugs have not been changed I would do the entire set.
Campfire Time 03/22/19 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: CB Radios??

We used to carry one, a hand held with a magnetic antennae. The last time I used it had to be more than 10 years ago. We started carrying it for safety reasons and when we traveled with others caravan style. Cell phones have pretty much done away with the need for one.
Campfire Time 03/21/19 01:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone make drawers & slides from scratch?

My trailer came with nice pantry cabinets but no drawers, so I made my own inside one of the cabinets. I'm no carpenter so I ordered from Barker Door. You can order any size you want and they are very easy to assemble and well made. I used ball bearing slides as referenced above.
Campfire Time 03/20/19 01:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Laptop dies when AC outlet is turned off.

I do not think the battery is bad. It is less than 9 months old and I almost never use it. Older laptop, 9 month old battery. I'm thinking you bought a 3rd party battery and not the OEM HP battery if you are only getting an hour out of it. In 3 months you'll only be getting 20 minutes out of it. Just so you know...
Campfire Time 03/19/19 12:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Laptop dies when AC outlet is turned off.

Make a habit of unplugging at the computer. Get a new battery. You should get at least 3 hours out the battery, more on newer models.
Campfire Time 03/19/19 06:50am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

Same types of restrictions from the cable companies on a cable box with a DVR,.. If you want to think there are drawbacks, then you have not done the research.There are no restrictions I'm aware of with DTV DVR recording...with the exception of PPV. I just did research on the brands mentioned here. I'm pretty sure my reading comprehension is up to the task. You said it yourself. Cost. That's the biggest restriction. You pay far more than I do for TV. I'm done with that racket. But if you like throwing money away just for an extra, and small, convenience, I guess that's OK. It's not my money. ...True to a degree, but not "lots". Same types of restrictions from the cable companies on a cable box with a DVR, actually the cable companies are far more expensive... to what kind of restrictions are you referring? 2oldman tried to make a point about add-ons and restrictions to streaming packages. Cost is the biggest restriction of using traditional cable and satellite. Spectrum charges a DVR fee, in addition to a fee for the box. I know others do too. Either way if I had to pay an extra $5 a month for a cloud DVR for a streaming service, that's still $95 a month less than I was paying before (including $15 a month for the DVR and the box). Again, there are not "lots" of restrictions on streaming services. Regarding fast forward, keep checking. These services are rapidly maturing and adding new features all the time. That's why I mentioned in my first post about this to do your research. What was true 3 months ago probably has already changed. I've been watching the cord cutting options for 3 years. A lot features we wanted just were not available until last year. When I started getting serious about it, within 6 (roughly June 2018 to Dec 2108) months several things we were looking for were added. Then it was no-brainer. Bottom line, how would you like an extra $1200 a year in your pocket?
Campfire Time 03/18/19 01:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

Hulu, Directv Now, and Sling all have Cloud DVR services. I'm sure others do to. As I said, all that info is out there.Caveat Emptor. There are lots of restrictions, costs, and time limits. Some you can't fast forward, so, be careful. True to a degree, but not "lots". Same types of restrictions from the cable companies on a cable box with a DVR, actually the cable companies are far more expensive. The point is, that what you suggested was not possible, is. We saved $100 a month by dropping cable, using an OTA DVR, and a streaming service with cloud DVR. We have more available to us and are not missing anything about cable. We haven't found any caveats to cutting the cord. If you want to think there are drawbacks, then you have not done the research.
Campfire Time 03/18/19 11:48am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

Still waiting on how to dvr a live Internet streaming service (record, not download) It was already mentioned. Hulu, Directv Now, and Sling all have Cloud DVR services. I'm sure others do to. As I said, all that info is out there.
Campfire Time 03/18/19 10:12am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

Wow, I'm speechless. There is so much mis-information in this thread I don't know where to start. All the info anyone needs about cutting the cord is easy to find. And even then not all of that is accurate because this is changing weekly. Here's a good place to start: https://www.cutthecord.com/. Info about Directv Now is already outdated as they have changed plans available to new subscribers. And yes, they have an online DVR, as does Sling TV. OTA DVRs are getting common, two of the most popular are Tablo and Amazon Recast.
Campfire Time 03/18/19 06:51am Technology Corner
RE: Travel Trailer Buying/Financing Questions

Even if you could pay cash, get the loan and simply pay it off early. Nothing is better for your credit than actually using it and making payments on time.
Campfire Time 03/15/19 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: 14 inch vs 17 inch Laptop

I'm 55 and I find a 14" screen too small. I have a 15" laptop and sometimes that's too small. My laptop never leaves my house but a 17" is too big to lug around the house. However if you are used to a 17", you will grow to hate a 14" very quickly. If the keyboard feels too small, use an external keyboard and mouse combo. How do you use an external keyboard with a laptop? . . . . :h Wireless keyboard & mouse. Ain't technology grand? :)
Campfire Time 03/15/19 06:57am Technology Corner
RE: 2001 GMC Yukon 1500 as TV

There is a lot to be said for having something that's paid for! I think you should try it. As said, unless you are doing a lot of mountains I think you'll be just fine. Even then, don't be in any hurry. There is this prevailing thinking on this and other RV boards that you've got to keep up with traffic going up 6% grades. I've done it at 45mph. Stay in the right lane, put your flashers on and relax.
Campfire Time 03/15/19 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer Buying/Financing Questions

The best prices I have seen are during and right after RV shows in are area. The dealers require nothing as they are not the ones financing. They go through banks and credit unions just like car dealers. You might want to check out credit unions ahead of time as they seem to offer some of the best terms.
Campfire Time 03/15/19 06:44am Travel Trailers
RE: 2001 GMC Yukon 1500 as TV

We never travel with water in the tanks. Most people don't. We've always camped where we either have a water hookup or are able to fill the tank when entering the CG. And you can visit the dump station before you leave the CG. That may not be possible if you are planning a lot of boon docking. Just something to consider. Always plan 13% tongue weight if you are unsure of actual weights. The trailer weight does not change. The tongue weight calculation is to be subtracted from your available payload. And don't forget to include the WDH weight as well. Could be as much as 100#. I'm curious, you did not mention, 2wd or 4wd?
Campfire Time 03/14/19 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cats in a CG without cover?

Cats should not be allowed to run free and kill the songbirds and other wildlife. Hmm... Cats should not be allowed to do what they naturally do? Our cats have never been allowed to roam free. Too many dangers out there to the cats. But we do have a few neighbors that do let their cats out. The cats eat the mice that are in the brush along the creek that runs behind our house. I am grateful for those cats because we've never had mice in our trailers in the 25+ years we've parked trailers on our property. Cats feel safest if strangers (human, canine, or whatever) are not noticing them. Your cats perhaps. All of them are unique and not all are "fraidy cats". We've had 2 that were terrified of anything and everyone but us. Neither of them wanted anything to do with the outdoors. We had 2 that couldn't wait to get outside. One of those loved everyone he came into contact with. Our current one loves people and he seems very interested in the outdoors. If they are going to undergo any trauma, if I was you I'd leave them in the RV, or leave them home.
Campfire Time 03/14/19 06:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: 2001 GMC Yukon 1500 as TV

A couple of things I think are missing, as I'm not seeing them. Page 4-53 in your owners manual breaks down your actual towing capacity. A Yukon XL with 4:10 gears and 2Wd with 5.3 V8 is the one equipped to have an 8800# tow rating. Are you sure this is your truck? I suggest before you proceed you do a bit more research and validate what you really have. If it's 4WD with 3.73 gears, you are down to 7,600 lbs capacity. You can find out your gear ratio by cross referencing the RPO code in the glove box. 3.42 = GU6 3.73 = GT4 4.10 = GT5 4.10 is pretty rare. 3.73 is very common. https://my.gmc.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2001/gmc/yukon/2001_gmc_yukon_owners.pdf Either way I think the 6400# trailer should be just fine. With an XL I would not worry about sway. Watch the payload, and just make sure it's setup correctly, which you should with any rig.
Campfire Time 03/13/19 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you guys carry bicycles inside?

Have you thought about posting this question on MTB forum? A lot of RVers are avid riders but in my case we ride state trails that are relatively flat and gravel. We have no need for expensive racing bikes. I've only ran across a couple of people with your passion in the past 10 years or so on 2 RV boards. In other words I think you are asking in the wrong place. I get it though it's important to you. I'm that way with camera equipment. What I take with me in a camera backpack on a bike ride or hike costs about the same as one of your bikes. Because that's not a common scenario for many RVers, I wouldn't get the same answer on an RV forum about how to carry or secure my camera equipment as I would on a dedicated photographer's board. I hope you find a solution. I did actually post it on there, but there aren't a lot of people pulling large RVs in that sphere either. Many of them prefer vans and other small vehicles so they can use them as a daily. I already had a truck and I wanted to take my friends, so I have a toyhauler. And they're set up better for boondocking anyway. I don't have any expensive racing bikes. I generally ride "state trails" as well. When I ride gravel, I do so on a touring bike with wide tires (a mountain bike is not needed for gravel roads, although I do ride mine on them sometimes to get to the real trail). From what I can tell from reading your posts, it sounds like you have never experienced a bike shop bicycle. If you enjoy riding, you'll enjoy it a lot more on a bike that fits you and the terrain you're riding. A $2,500 trail hardtail mountain bike is really not "expensive." On any given Saturday, you could spend an entire morning or afternoon at a trailhead and never see a bicycle that inexpensive; most mountain bikers are on full suspension machines that cost $3-7,000 and if they don't own one, they rent it. Part of the reason I made this post is because while I don't have an expensive bike, I can't afford another one, so I have to try to keep mine going as long as possible. If you've only run across a few mountain bikers in your time riding, I suggest you branch out! Out east, bike shops may cater to 50/50 mountain and road biking, but here in the west, mountain biking is extremely popular, especially in the same kinds of destinations we all go for other outdoors stuff (places like Sedona, Moab, many places in Colorado, etc.). I have been riding bicycles for about 9 years but only been riding mountain bikes for the last year or so. Even a modest, real mountain bike (that is, one with at least an air fork, hydraulic disc brakes, 1x drivetrain, modern geometry, and a dropper seatpost) is a blast to ride. Rent one and try a beginner level trail somewhere and you will be hooked. Honestly, I'm getting too old for "real" mountain biking. $2500 is a lot of money to me to pay for a bike, for the type of biking we do. Ours were bought 5 years ago for $400 each and purchased from a bike shop. They are called mountain bikes, but I view that as a marketing term. They are far too light duty to be ridden on a real MTB trail. Touring bike with wide tires is a better description. Lots of the gravel state trails in WI have ruts that you'd get killed on with a road bike. Even the better maintained ones. We can ride the better part of the day and they are pretty comfortable. The bikes I see on the trails we ride range from $70 Walmart bikes to $10,000 custom bikes. Most bikes I see on the trails are in the $300 - $1000 range. I may decide to upgrade at some point, but my upper limit would be $1000. I just don't have a need for a $2500 mountain bike.
Campfire Time 03/11/19 12:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: Insurance company that insures rebuilt title 5th wheel.

Here's a thought. Talk to an independent insurance agent. One who sells insurance from several companies. They may not be able to insure you, but they may be able to offer advice and steer you in the right direction. I doubt you are going to get much useful information here. Best wishes, hope you get it figured out. One more thing, was there any paper work stating that it was rebuilt back to factory specs? It's something that an insurance company might require.
Campfire Time 03/11/19 09:40am Full-time RVing
RE: Brake Issue - 2007 Tahoe - 106,000 Miles

Try bleeding the brakes and see if you spot any air bubbles. That would be my suggestion.
Campfire Time 03/07/19 09:50am Tech Issues
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