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RE: Flaky Furnace Thermostat

" Leaving the red wire connected to the existing tstat, I plan on tapping off the red wire to provide 12-volts to the new tstat. Then I would disconnect the white wire from the existing tstat and connect it to the new tstat" Does a voltmeter confirm you got 12v to the new Tstat? ISTR on my furnace- only Tstat, the two wires are "positive" from the furnace and are switched by the Tstat. Not sure where "negative" is. Note the fan switch position. It is confusing that you have a heat pump, but this is for the furnace. EDIT--the furnace operates its own fan, so not sure what that is about. Not clear on whether taking the red and white from old Tstat gets you the wires to put on W and R with the new. Also the new has its own battery, does not use 12v from the RV, not sure where that applies in this case. Here is how the original one is supposed to work --if the wires from that are in cut -out with the heat pump even with that white one removed, not clear what is going on. http://old.rvcomfort.com/rvp/pdf_documents/t_stat_electric_heat_function.pdf Thanks for the help. Your mentioning that the CT87K had an internal battery caused me to re-read the owner's manual (more closely this time). It is for 24 VAC systems - not 12 VDC systems. So I think my plan is sound, but I need to get a compatible thermostat. Here is how I understand the OEM tstat works: It connects to the furnace via three wires. It gets 12 VDC on one wire, ground on another wire, and uses the 3rd wire to control the furnace. (The 12-volts and ground are used by the tstat for the digital display as well as other funtions so I have to leave them connected to the tstat. That's why am tapping off of the 12 volt line to go to the new tstat.) The OEM tstat "energizes" the white wire from the tstat which connects to the furnace's control wire. Basically, (I think) it receives 12 volts from the furnace and when heat is called for, it returns the 12 volts to the furnace via the control wire. It essentially shorts the red wire from the furnace to the control wire from the furnace to turn it on. As for the fan mode and fan speed switches on the OEM tstat, they control the air conditioner's fan both in cooling mode and in heat pump mode. I'll let you know how it goes after I obtain the right tstat.
CarnationSailor 11/08/19 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Flaky Furnace Thermostat

With no thermostat as a switch, you can touch the two wires together to make the furnace come on. If it does, then it is the Tstat or its wiring that needs looking at. If it does not, then the furnace needs looking at starting with whether there is any 12v to the furnace. Please read the entire thread to gain an understanding of the unique problem I am dealing with.
CarnationSailor 11/08/19 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Flaky Furnace Thermostat

Not sure I understand your response, but, yes, I did follow the instructions that the link you provided references. What went wrong is that after making the connections, turning on battery power, and increasing the setting to well-above the ambient temperature, the furnace did not turn on.
CarnationSailor 11/07/19 08:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Flaky Furnace Thermostat

I wired the new tstat as I described in my previous post, and it didn't work. The new tstat never turned on the furnace. The tstat I installed was a Honeywell CT87K. Any ideas?
CarnationSailor 11/07/19 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditioner

I think the OP wants to add an air deflector to the top of his RV by attaching it to a roof-top AC unit. He is concerned that the force of the wind might be too much for the AC structure.
CarnationSailor 10/27/19 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Show type of RV on question page

“most stuff for TC's is of little or not concern to most of the rest of us.” Speak for yourself, please. Maybe we should start a new discussion titled, "Is a truck camper really an RV?" ;)
CarnationSailor 10/17/19 10:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Albuquerque Balloon Festival Questions

Stay on-site at the dry-camping area adjacent to the entrance to the launch field. You can fill-up your water tank on-site. It's a tremendous experience! Call for reservations on the Monday after this year's fiesta closes.
CarnationSailor 09/24/19 07:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Flaky Furnace Thermostat

OK, I'm ready to give up on finding the cause of the tstat resetting. I am think of installing a mechanical, 2-wire thermostat next to the existing tstat, but I want to be sure to wire it up correctly. The existing tstat is supplied with 12-volts via a red wire and there is a white wire that is labeled "Furnace" in the tstat manual. My assumption is that the white wire supplies 12-volts to the furnace whenever the tstat calls for heat. Leaving the red wire connected to the existing tstat, I plan on tapping off the red wire to provide 12-volts to the new tstat. Then I would disconnect the white wire from the existing tstat and connect it to the new tstat. Sound like the right way to do it? Thanks
CarnationSailor 09/20/19 04:25pm Tech Issues
Backup Cameras

I am looking to replace the Voyager backup camera on the rear of my 5th-wheel trailer. I don't like the current one because it makes vehicles behind me appear to be much further away than they are. By the time they are barely visible in the monitor, they are usually too close to change lanes. When stopped at an intersection, a vehicle a few feet behind me appears to be about 25-30 feet back. Is this a function of all wide-angle lenses used in backup cameras, or do you know of a system that realistically displays trailing vehicle distances? Also, looking at some wireless systems, they are described as having a range of 42-feet. The distance between a camera and a monitor on my rig is about 46-feet. How well is a wireless system like this going to work? Do you know of any systems with greater ranges?
CarnationSailor 09/07/19 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

If there were no restrictions, what would be the distance the jack travels from fully retracted to fully extended (ignoring the extendible section)? Just measured, since they are completely extended right now ... 13.5 inches. That the length they extract. The inserts can add another 8 or 9 inches in total length, but not sure, I've never had the trailer high enough to completely slip them out of the sleeve. So, really don't know how long they are. My Level-Up jacks can extend at least 24 inches - probably more although I would get nervous if I ever had to have them extended that far. (They are a single solid piston rather than having a manual extension.) I think the heart of your problem is that your jacks can extend only 13.5 inches. It doesn't matter how far you extend them or how tall the blocks are that you put under them. You are not going to raise the front of the trailer more than 13.5 inches after backing onto the site. (Unless you employ the solution that involves support under the frame which seems like it should work.)
CarnationSailor 08/17/19 10:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those with auto leveling systems

I just can't bring myself to manually level the 5th when I have auto-level available, so I never pre-level by putting blocks under the tires. At first I was concerned about the tires being off the ground, but then postings on this forum convinved me that the jecks are designed to carry the weight of the trailer when the tires are off the ground. Also, after observing all the Class A's with their front tires off the ground on sites that are barely out-of-level front to back, I am further convinced that tires off the ground is not a problem. However, on an unlevel site, I do use blocks under any jack where they are needed to prevent the jack being "hyper extended".
CarnationSailor 08/17/19 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

If there were no restrictions, what would be the distance the jack travels from fully retracted to fully extended (ignoring the extendible section)?
CarnationSailor 08/17/19 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

I have been on sites like the one pictured with our 36-foot 5th. A stack of 8 to 10 "leggo" blocks under each front landing gear solved the problem. Your picture shows you are using a very short block under your landing gear. I find it hard to believe that the short stack is the max that will fit under your landing gear.
CarnationSailor 08/17/19 08:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hooking and unhooking of axis

If you have an auto-slider hitch, the truck and trailer centerlines have be parallel to within about 5 degrees. Any other type of hitch will allow you to hookup at almost any angle. I have never found unlevel ground to be a problem. I suppose if the truck and trailer were sitting on seriously different planes that could be a problem.
CarnationSailor 08/07/19 08:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Rotation Not Needed?

And as a tire wears down the tread depth doesn't wear as fast. Are you saying that the first 1/32's wear down quicker than the last 1/32's?
CarnationSailor 07/27/19 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire Rotation Not Needed?

I forgot to say that when I bought the truck, it came with 20 complimentary oil & filter changes and 20 complimentary tire rotations. I think I still have about 17 of each left, so that makes the situation even more galling!
CarnationSailor 07/27/19 12:07pm Tow Vehicles
Tire Rotation Not Needed?

Took my 2015 Silverado 2500 to the Chevy dealer for a regular oil and filter change, and tire rotation. The service writer told me the tires did not need to be rotated because the tires with the most tread were already on the rear. (I have 8/32's on the rear tires and 7/32's on the front tires.) I have never heard of such an idea. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
CarnationSailor 07/27/19 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Insurance?

Take a look at PEMCO. I haven't found any company with lower rates, and they have been good to me.
CarnationSailor 07/24/19 08:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pullrite Superglide or Demco Hijacker?

I've had the Demco Hijacker for about 4 years. You do have the truck/trailer alignment requirements for hitching or unhitching, but we got used to that quickly. We also get chucking at uneven expansion joints, but I don't think it is caused by the Hijacker. Ours failed when it was 3 years old. I didn't realize that the hitch head becoming easy to rotate by hand was an indication of excessive internal wear. (Even today, Demco will say that being able to rotate the hitch head by hand is not a reason to be concerned. I think they are wrong about that.) Demco provided numerous replacement parts at no cost to me (and I installed them) even though the hitch was a year out-of-warranty. Good for them; however, I would not buy another Hijacker having gone thru the one failure already. And if the hitch ever becomes easy to turn by hand again, it will be history.
CarnationSailor 07/14/19 08:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air Ride Pin Box

Looking at a used Trailair tri-glide air ride pin box. Any feed back would be appreciated. SARGE Check it for side to side movement. If tight it's in good condition. Some failures but MANY don't understand there are "9" ZERKS to grease. Mine is rated at 21k, I tug on it with 23-25k full time for 4 years. Grease it PROPERLY and I doubt you will have issues. https://i.imgur.com/Kfw9Bftl.jpg Maybe they don't understand there are 9 zerks because the owner's manual says there are 6. At least, that was the case with my manual. After 3 years use, I could no longer move the mechanism fore and aft by hand so I looked closer and found the 3 zerks on the bottom. After greasing them, I could once again move the plate by hand.
CarnationSailor 07/14/19 08:20pm Towing
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