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RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

I've had a lot of tire plugs in my life. My local mechanic says that the insurance won't let him use them anymore. Too bad. Then the right circumstance they would work fine. But, the picture of the tire with the big bolt in it is not something I would do. It's to big of a hole. A nail is fine but, a bolt is to large of a hole for me to feel good about it. To each their own. Have a nice day.
Caveman Charlie 06/30/22 07:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning Water Jugs

I'm sorry... I've drunk out of too many garden hoses. When I finish using my extra water containers, I rinse them and let them dry out and then recap them. When I want to use them again, I just rinse them out several times and use them. Been doing that for a couple decades. Not dead yet! Me too. You must let then get really dry. If they are dry then a lot of nasty things can not live without water for very long.
Caveman Charlie 06/30/22 07:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Everybody must get stoned, rock on...

Cool :C
Caveman Charlie 06/30/22 07:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Fridge Died

Up to you of course! Gotta take the fridge out anyways to fix it, wouldn't take long to try it. It's actually not that bad to remove. I had mine out on the floor in about half an hour. Short term fix? Like anything, it's a tumble of the dice. 6 years later mine was still going strong, and I know the guy I sold it to. Last time I talked to him it was still working. Good luck on your repair, hope it doesn't cost too much. :) Let us know the outcome. OK, I will give it a try. I think the fridge will fit though the door of the camper. I will take closer measurements this weekend. The camper is at Gull Point State Park on Lake Okoboji Iowa right now. That is about 1.5 hours south of me. To get a spot for the 4th of July I had to set it there 14 days in advance at $16 a day. When I am down there this weekend I will take better measurements and look for a plug to put in the propane line. After I come back from that park on the morning of the 5th I work until Friday the 8th and then I have a camping spot at a county park only 35 minutes from home. I will remove the fridge at the park and try your suggestion. I'll take along a old car battery and I should be able to tell if it works at the park. After that I come home and work for a week. Then the weekend of July 16th and 17th I'm taking some kids down to Arnolds Park Amusement Park on Lake Okoboji Iowa. It's a small amusement park but, in the 80's the were going to turn it into condos. It was saved by chartable events and is now a non-profit. I try to support them by taking some low income kids there every year and paying for their day at the park. The week of July 18-23 I'm towing an old pop up camper I bought that I named "Plan B" to the Minnesota's north shore of Lake Superior that's about a 6 hour drive for me. I have 6 days to see the whole north shore and Duluth. It will be a busy week. I come back from there on a Monday and work Monday afternoon until Thursday morning. Then I hook up to the main camper again and head to MN Whitewater State Park 3 hours east of me for 3 days. Then I have a wedding the first weekend in August and a concert to go to that weekend. Then I have to stay home for a week while my boss takes a week off to go camping. Then I have the weekend of August 19-20 planed to go to a county park a hour south of me. Then I work for a week. Then I go to MN Camden State Park 1.5 hours north of me for a weekend. Then I don't have anything planned in September. So, as you can see this was not a good time for something to break. I wish I could just hire someone to fix it for me local but, there is no one around here. Hopefully shaking it around fixes it. It really sucks that it broke but, ship happens, I guess.
Caveman Charlie 06/28/22 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas regulator

If it's not the regulator then you have a spare. There have been posts about oil in the propane lines which comes into the tank with the liquid propane.I've never heard of the oil issue. Interesting. Propane since it is a "byproduct" of refining/cracking crude oil and natural gas into other products (at one time, propane, Naptha (cousin to gasoline were considered worthless byproducts and was flared off at the well head in the early days of crude oil production) which can contain small amounts of oil. Generally very harmless but since the actual content can vary some depending on how much processing has been done may be enough to make it out of the cylinder as you consume the gas (liquid form in the cylinder converts to gas as you draw it out of the cylinder). I don't think so. Or, at least not all of what you said. What they were burning off at the well head was Natural Gas . That is not the same as propane ( Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ) which is made during the oil refining process.
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 07:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Warm Fridge - Dometic DM2882

I'm sorry to tell you this but, that style of Dometic fridge SUCKS. My brother has one and has the same problem. My 29-year-old Norcold works a lot better than his brand new Dometic. I don't think you are going to be able to fix it. I'm sorry.
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 06:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do NOT blow air into onboard water vent

I've had mine plug. I did the coat hanger trick. It worked fine after that. I know that what ever the plug was I pushed it into the tank but, I don't drink the water from the tank anyway.
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 06:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

Thanks for some of the suggestions but I am not looking for grocery stores to shop at for gas discounts. I ask about credit cards, so PLEASE keep the posts to that topic. That is what drives me crazy trying to get information on this forum. Chuck Gee dude I was just trying to help.
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Fridge Died

Charlie this may be a long shot, but let me explain how I resurrected my fridge when it died. I tried everything to make it work, but no sale on that deal. It lit, the burner, 12V was fine etc but no cooling. I was FT for 2 Alberta winters and it was really cold out. The fridge died exhibiting the symptoms you describe. I bought a small bar fridge to hold me over until I could replace / repair my unit in the spring. I removed the fridge from the TT and took it outside to the parking lot of where I was set up. I then "took it for a walk" From the upright position, I laid it over on its side, waited I think about 30 seconds, may have been longer, a minute or 2, don't recall for sure. Then I turned it upside down and let it sit a for the same amount of time. Then on its side again, then back upright and so on, waiting in between flipping it. I repeated this process about 20 times or so (20 complete cycles from upright to upright), finishing with it in the upright position. I gave it about 15 minutes, then reinstalled it. I then waited for quite a number of hours, it may have been overnight, again, don't recall for sure. After the wait was over, I turned it back on and voila!! Success!! The fridge not only resumed operation, but worked 100% like a champ for the next few years until I sold it! It was I believe the spring of 2015 when I did that, and I sold the unit last fall, the fridge still working perfectly. I figure a chunk of something internal came loose and blocked a pipe, and "taking it for a walk" dislodged it. It's worth a try before you spend a gob of money and a bunch of effort on a new cooling unit or replacement fridge. What have you got to lose? Mine was a 1997 model Dometic. **On edit, I think it was maybe only about 10 times that I rolled it over, not 20. and I think I left it for at least a couple minutes in each position. Seems to me it took about an hour once the fridge was out. It has been a while, I forget exactly** I've heard of that before. I've also heard that if you flip it upside down and let it set for awhile that will sometimes loosen stuff up too. But, I've also heard that this is a short time fix. If it wasn't so hard to remove it then I would be willing to try it. But, I think I'll just bite the bullet and rebuild it while I can still get the parts. Before you know it they won't be making them anymore. If I sell the camper I will remove the fridge and keep it. The Da**ed thing just works so well!!!! My brother has a 2 year old 5th wheel and his dometic fridge with the adjustable thermister on the coils works poorly and doesn't cool well. I think I will fix this one and keep it. Thanks for the post though !!!
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 06:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Fridge Died

Thank you all for your responses
Caveman Charlie 06/27/22 07:56am General RVing Issues
My Fridge Died

:( :( My Norcold model 6053 fridge has all the symptoms of a plugged up pipe. I've tried to keep it level over the years but, I'm not the original owner of this Travel Trailer and,, it's 29 years old. I guess nothing last forever. It still sucks. I go dry camping sometimes and I have no wish to convert over to an all electric fridge. I've been looking around the internet for a replacement cooling unit and I think I've found a good place called "RV Cooling Unit Warehouse". Does anyone have any reviews on this place or recommendations of other places where I can get a new cooling unit? Has anyone done this job before and do you have any advice? I'm not looking forward to the job and wish I could just buy a rebuilt fridge but, it doesn't seem like anyone does that. I just have to rebuild it myself. I've found a couple of You Tube videos on it but, none for exactly this fridge. Does anyone have a good tutorial I can use to help me though this? Thank you for any responses you can give.
Caveman Charlie 06/26/22 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

The local grocery store chain called Hy-Vee teamed up with the local convenience store called Casey's and they have a way to get some cents off per gallon if you purchase certain groceries at Hy-Vee. You have to be careful though !! If you are buying a grocery that is more expensive and getting only, say, 2 cents off on their 20 gallon maximum you might not be saving any money. But, by being careful on what I buy, and only purchasing the cents off on stuff I really want, I've been able to save quite a bit.
Caveman Charlie 06/26/22 07:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furrion Glass stove tops

Glass bowls, drinking glasses, and such, don't like me. If I look at them wrong they break. I converted everything I own over to plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. If I had a glass top stove I think I would swap it out. Haven't I herd somewhere about a type of travel trailer or 5th wheel RV that had a glass front and they would break at random ? Or, did I dream that ?
Caveman Charlie 06/23/22 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I'm still here! Do I count? :B Have to admit, I'm in here almost every day, mainly lurking, reading stuff, posting here and there, not so often any more. I don't do Wastebook of myface or yourspace or flutter, twistedgram or twitface or any of those things. For me it's a waste of time. I like this forum, always have. But yeah, I've seen a lot of folks come and go, and many just disappear. But I'm still here! And somebody, somewhere, owns a camper that they bought used and they are wondering why every time when they turn on the furnace the camper smells like butter.
Caveman Charlie 06/23/22 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I still check the posts here about once a week or so. There isn't as much traffic as there used to be and by the time I read the question it has already been answered by someone. I've learned so much here that I don't have many questions of my own anymore. It seems like things change on the web and sites ebb and flow. At one time I was very active on a car site called "Ford Vs Chevy" . Then it kinda dried up and died within a year or so. The last time I checked it didn't even exist anymore. Things change and people move on.
Caveman Charlie 06/23/22 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Recall

Goodyear knew they had issues with the G159 22.5" tires over 20 years ago. Goodyear stopped production in early '00s. Goodyear could have done the right thing and issued a recall but being big business they chose business 101.... section screw the customers.....ignored they had a unsafe product....closed production hoping it would all just go away. This topic should be posted in the MH forum where they use 22.5" tires. Your right It should be in the motor home forum . The rules say that I can't post it in more then one place. Could you post it over there so they can see it ? Thank-You.
Caveman Charlie 06/08/22 11:47am General RVing Issues
Tire Recall

https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2022-06-07/goodyear-to-recall-rv-tires-9-years-after-last-one-was-made I haven't read the article yet, I have to go to work. But, if I'm reading the headline right it's a recall of tires that were made 19 years ago. Who is running 19 year old tires anyway ????
Caveman Charlie 06/07/22 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: How long has your AC run ?

My 1993 Emmerson is still going strong. That's good because Emmerson doesn't make a RV AC anymore and I don't know how I would get a any parts. It sure works good though. My brothers new 5th wheel AC doesn't work as well as mine.
Caveman Charlie 06/05/22 04:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Remember to keep alert while driving..

We had a near death experience coming home on 93 in Nv this trip that is our last and almost was. following a semi that was wandering I decided to not pass because we were going 60 mph, soon the line up behind us was growing with MH trailers and semi's. so keeping a nice distance from the truck ahead and looked behind to see the last truck inline starting to pass. At that time I let up on the throttle to make out distance longer but soon It seemed to not be enough and hit the brakes and the passing semi was going around the truck in front of us. when he hit his brake and his truck went to the right I was on the brakes hoping the folks behind us saw what was happening. Just as the passing semi pulled over the semi that was coming toward us just passed within inches or a foot or two. So I feel I was alert to what was happening. chevman So, this is a two lane road I'm guessing. What is the speed limit ? It sounds like ; if I were you ; I would either have passed the semi in front of me or have pulled off at a safe place to let people pass. By following the semi in front of you for a long time you made it so that no one could pass the two of you and you caused a unsafe situation that led to someone needing to pass the whole line of cars. The guy behind you was causing some of the problem too !! When it's SAFE ! and I want to emphasize that !!! you are better off getting out in front and pulling away instead of following behind and causing a traffic jam behind you. Or, pulling off somewhere and getting out of the way. He stated that he leaves enough room in front to let vehicles in so they can pass in two stages. That's he right thing to never tailgate and leave plenty of room. He even slows down to let others in he said. I would be copying his driving habit as to what he said he does.:) You are right. I apologize. I tend to speed read things and it sometimes screws me up. I should unlearn that. I started it in high school so I could read the boring text books quickly getting just enough info to get a passing grade. lol It's a hard habit to break.
Caveman Charlie 05/31/22 06:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: No shortage of RVs

From south LA to TN there is no shortage of RVs. That covers all classes. No shortage,, but are they affordable ?? Maybe the reasons the lots are full are because people aren't willing to pay inflated prices !
Caveman Charlie 05/30/22 07:30pm General RVing Issues
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