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RE: RV Life unexpectedly comes to a sudden end!

I should add that we weren't full-timers but did travel around for five months each year. I knew we'd have to slow up or quit one day but I'd naively assumed that the "when" would be more planned. Full-timers can learn from us and ensure that you have Plan B ready to go just in case. Had we not had a home to go to immediately after my wife took ill we would have been in a real pickle. We follow a lot of RVers on youtube and that gives us a lot of continuing enjoyment... we're out there with you in spirit. Please stick around and keep us updated on RV'ing in Australia ! Even if you only have to hear, and read, about it yourselves. It's always great to here about things from what we call "Down Under".
CavemanCharlie 10/16/21 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: At least I was honest

I get it. My point is simply that there is no reason for the industry to change because they are making a better profit as is. Until they start getting sued for quality failures or people simply stop buying the products or standards are legislated there is no reason for them to do things differently.People are buying RVs in record numbers just like people are emptying the shelves at Wallyworld of cheap Chinese goods. Price not quality drives the market. Which was what happened with the auto industry. They started making cheaper and cheaper products. Until the consumer started buying foreign, class action suits were brought against the manufacturers, and legislation was enacted to require a certain level of safety. Suddenly the industry had to produce a better quality automobile. Except that AMC is gone, Chrysler is basically gone and owned by some foreign owners, GM is broke, and Ford mostly only makes pickups. Detroit , once the manufacturing pride of the USA, is in shambles. It would have better off for us all if we had bought the shoddy USA cars.
CavemanCharlie 10/16/21 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing black and gray tanks

I drain them completely then I add some pink antifreeze to them just to keep the seals on the drain valves lubricated.
CavemanCharlie 10/16/21 08:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

OK folks, let's all take a deep breath. No where in the text of the actual bill does it mention or allude to generators. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220AB1346 It does specifically address small, gas powered equipment like lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Small is the operative word. Thank you.
CavemanCharlie 10/10/21 10:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Touchy subject - proper toilet paper for black tank

A common test suggested for septic tank owners--- "How to Check Your Toilet Paper for dissolvability? There are many different types of toilet papers — but not all toilet papers are created equal. Some dissolve in water faster and more completely than others and, as such, are more suitable for your septic tank. This DIY toilet paper test is ultra easy and allows you to see what happens when you flush down your favorite tissue without having to open the septic tank lid. Take four sheets of your toilet paper and place them in a jar or a Tupperware container Add two cups of water and wait 20 minutes Stir the jar or Tupperware container for roughly ten seconds. Now let its content settle down Did your toilet paper dissolve? If yes, congratulations — your tissue is septic friendly! If it didn’t, perhaps it’s about time you dump it in favor of a toilet paper that break down quickly." Yup
CavemanCharlie 10/04/21 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Nowhere to go

MN State Parks reservations are done 120 days in advance and you can only stay for 14 days. The really popular parks are always booked right away during the booking period. The less popular ones will have room at this time of year. And,,, if you keep looking sometimes you can get a spot in any park when someone cancels for some unforeseen reason. I've done that. Just have to stay diligent.
CavemanCharlie 10/04/21 10:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Do I Want to Break Down Solids?

I would think that if your "Solids" are so solid that they don't break down in water easily anyway that you need to eat more fiber.
CavemanCharlie 10/04/21 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Why ? trailer jacks so tall ?

Many complain that they can not open the tailgate on their pickup while hitched to their trailer . Me too ! My jack is ten or eleven inches taller than needs to be ! Probably the same for most of you . For you it seems that you don't have to crank the jack that far. But, for some of us we need the extra screw that is that taller jack. I agree that it is a pain opening the tailgate with that jack in the way. Plus, the cushion part of the handle fell off of my jack and now I have a scratch on the tailgate where it hits the jack . They do make tailgates with a dip in the middle that you can purchase if you want.
CavemanCharlie 10/04/21 10:01am Travel Trailers
RE: toilet

Is it possible that there's a lip or sharp edge damaging the seals? Any obvious damage to the old ones? This is good advice. Also, is it possible that you are damaging the seals when you install them ? Maybe the damage doesn't show up at first but, after awhile it causes the seal to fail ?? A little vegetable oil after instillation might help too , as someone said.
CavemanCharlie 09/28/21 08:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge project for the fall

Don't stuff it with food. Use a small circulation fan inside. My Dometic is in a slide, no fans, and works great. As long as what you put in there is cold going in, not much of a issue in my experience. A fan helps, but the taper of, and shape where the lids force gaps for air flow. When I spent a month in 100+ weather I figured out just how many and what size of the square/rectangle shaped containers would fit. When I took a full 1 out I would replace with MT. With most of the cold air contained, and knowing which I wanted when opened so closed quick temp recovered much quicker. During really hot weather I've seen folks remove the back cover and place a house fan blowing at the coils. Big air flow is not as good as forcing the air to flow thru the right places. Some RV fridges don't work very well not matter what you do. Others are much better. Maybe you just have one of the bad ones. I don't like to post brand names on this forum though. The technology of a absorption fridge is pretty simple. A little bit of work with the insulation and air flow can overcome the label. I have a 1993 TT with a absorption Fridge that I dearly love because I like to go dry camping. It has the controls for the fridge on the Eyebrow and there is a slider for the temp control on the front of the fridge. ( I usually run it on 3, sometimes 4 on hot days, it goes up to 5) My brothers and a 5th wheel with a absorption fridge. (Neither of ours are in slide outs) He his fridge has just a button on the eyebrow to turn it on and off. To control the temp he is suppose to slide the Thermister up and down on the coils in his fridge. When going down the road his fridge will not cool. After getting to the park it will cool down after 8 hours. I've also have some friends with the sliding Thermister fridge control on their TT. They struggle to keep there fridge cold on a slightly warm day. It will eventually get cold after 12 hours of running. My fridge will cool down in 5 hours or less. If you have a absorption fridge with no temp control on the front.... Where the only temp control is by sliding the thermister... Then you are screwed and it is never going to work well. (In my experience) Sorry, that is just how it is. I sure love my gas electric fridge but, I know what kind to look for now when purchasing RV's
CavemanCharlie 09/27/21 08:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Catalytic converter anti-theft

The best thing to do is to slow them down by building a cage around it. If they are committed they could still get it off. But, if you make it look harder for them to do maybe they will move on to a easier one.
CavemanCharlie 09/27/21 08:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Touchy subject - proper toilet paper for black tank

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDLXXRVe2pc Watch the Video. There is your answer. Personally, I like Scott's RV Rapid Dissolving TP. It's feels nice and seems to break up easily.
CavemanCharlie 09/27/21 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: jayco small travel trailers

Got that video makes it look awful.
CavemanCharlie 09/27/21 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: electric fireplace

No reason why that won't run without the glass. There is no heat on the glass. All it is a a small electric heater with a blower and the "log" and light is just for looks. I agree.
CavemanCharlie 09/21/21 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge project for the fall

Some RV fridges don't work very well not matter what you do. Others are much better. Maybe you just have one of the bad ones. I don't like to post brand names on this forum though.
CavemanCharlie 09/21/21 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Eye

Went in to town yesterday and the road has a series of curves that generally prevent much passing. Ahead of me was a Class C RV followed by a semitruck. Speed limit is 55 but our pace was 40 to 45. After several places for the RV to move over the guy in the semi let loose on his diesel horn. Didn't phase the RV at all. Passed a few more places to turn out and the semi laid on his horn to no effect. Finally a place to pass and the driver looked like nothing wrong. This is always a topic of concern but I don't know how you can go along in La La Land with a big semi on your tail with horn blaring. It gives RV'ers a black eye and shows an extreme lack of common courtesy. I agree. It's not always just RV's though. Some people have no care for anyone but, themselves.
CavemanCharlie 09/21/21 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Got mice try this

Good old fashioned mouse trap some peanut butter & cheese. Found evidence that we were not alone in a cupboard last night. Set the neck breaker. This morning, one dead mouse. Easy meal in the tall grass behind us for something. I store my camper in a shed at home. A hungry cat in the shed is my first line of defense. The second is a trap like in the post above.( But, I like the type of mouse trap where you just squeeze the back of it to set it and then squeeze it again to release the mouse.) Those bucket traps like in the video look like a goo third option but, I've never had to use it yet. They look like they would work even better for the occasional RAT that I get here on the farm ! I HATE RATS.
CavemanCharlie 09/21/21 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Saw a unicorn F-150 on the road yesterday!

Rona inflation aside, these types of three are always hilarious to hear all the “back in my day” comments. Vehicles are even funnier. Can’t even compare the best swill that came out of Detroit in the 70s to even the cheapest “comparable” vehicle in 2021. And some things cost more, comparatively, and some things cost much less. And some weren’t even around back then to compare. Would you say a IPhone 10 is terribly overpriced compared to a 1976 telephone from Kmart? I mean the only thing in common between them is you could talk to people on both of them. Sure it’s fun to complain about, but if you actually believe you’re getting overcharged now, in general just asked on the inflation rate, then you’re pretty clueless. I had good luck with that Swill that came out of Detroit in the 70's because it was easy to fix and made in America. I'm mechanically inclined and can fix things like that myslef. New vehicles are great until they break and it cost a arm and a leg to fix them because you can't do it yourself anymore. And, I have had a few friends where once some computer part of the car broke nobody could figure out how to fix it and they had to give up and junk out a perfectly good car because of a broken computer part. ( Actually, my 2011 F-150 Pings when towing under load and no one can figure out why) As for the I-phone thing. I got by without one up until now and I have no reason to buy one now. I do have a cell phone now but, I use it just for making calls (And I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the text generation) . There are tons of little button things on my cell phone that you can push and I don't know what they do nor do I care.
CavemanCharlie 09/21/21 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Latest safety recall information

What does this have to do with RV's ??
CavemanCharlie 09/12/21 07:51pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Man, they don't make 'em like they used to

I love my 1993 Cobra Sunrise for many of the reason you said. The water lines are inside, the fresh water tank is inside under the bed, and I think may my floor might even me plywood. Another reason I love it is that it's simple, basic, and only 22 foot long. These days the new ones are all to super long, and have slide outs. I don't want either of those. Unfortunately the roof is getting purdy bad and it's been though 2 hail storms. It starting to look like a golf ball. lol Finding a replacement like the one I want is getting so difficult I'm thinking of just getting a really nice big tent.
CavemanCharlie 09/12/21 06:05pm Travel Trailers
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