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RE: Water Heater Help

I'm no expert but, I'm thinking that maybe your circuit board has gone bad. When a old propane fridge quits working and acts like you water heater it is often the board. I wonder if there is some way to test it ????
CavemanCharlie 07/14/20 07:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Celebrating our 50th anniversary...

Cool, Congratulations! I'm glad you found a way to celebrate your anniversary , even if it is not exactly the way you had originally planed.
CavemanCharlie 07/14/20 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacing Microwave

I know many have done it and not had problems, but... check where the vents are on your new counter top microwave. Make sure you have proper ventilation for those vents. X2
CavemanCharlie 07/14/20 07:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

You're going to see more and more of these types of reviews as the flood of new and inexperienced RV owners hit the parks. Things aren't going to be as rosy as the RV salesman told them it was going to be and the bad reviews will roll in. We just read between the lines and try to find the appropriate information that actually makes sense and ignore the rest. Reviews can still be used to determine the right choice, it just takes a little more work. Chuck I have read reports of record sales of RVs in the last few months. Have also seen reports 32% of households missed July housing rent or mortgage. I think we need to face the fact many of the RV sold will not be used for recreation. CGs will be the new Hovervilles I'm thinking the people buying brand new RVs are not the same people that are missing their mortgage payments. I'm in some local camping Facebook groups and the people who are newbies there are ones who normally vacation differently... going to Disney, going on cruises, etc. They all still have their jobs and some even have extra money because of the way those stimulus checks were sent out... even people who didn't need it, got one. I mostly agree with you. But, in some ways I am one of those people that got a stimulus check that really didn't need it. The check I got was for 1200 bucks. Not going to purchase a very good RV with that. I don't think the stimulus checks are part of the thing. The people vacation differently is part of it though. I wonder in a few years if the market might be full of slightly used RV's ?
CavemanCharlie 07/13/20 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves long road trip

Someone earlier on this subject stated that one shouldn't drive 55. Well, the great state of California reads that when towing, one is held to that speed. It's like being a rock in a stream with the water damming up behind. No one said politicians know what they are doing...and this was instituted by politicians not traffic engineers. Unfortunately, it's a no win situation...you either risk a ticket or risk an accident. Take the ticket. It's cheaper then an accident.
CavemanCharlie 07/13/20 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: update from maiden voyage 2020

FINALLY got out, got a lot of heat and rain but it was a success. The kids had a blast, lots of food and beverages and a fairly nice local site to boot....... hows everyone doing this season so far? We have been doing good. I usually stay close to home and this year I am doing that even more so. Some friends got a new (used) camper and we have been having fun teaming up with them. By staying close to home I get the chance to get the boat out. I'm always a little nervous because my Silverline boat was made in 1973. So far it has been doing well and I may push it a little more. It is a different sort of year for us. Last year we went to a lot of concerts and other public events. This year I am avoiding crowds and keeping my groups smaller. Every year has a different style and flavor to it and this is just another one.
CavemanCharlie 07/13/20 08:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: ac maintaniance

I use compressed air to blow out my roof top condenser on my AC. What ever you use be careful to not bend over all the little fins attached to the tubes. I agree with Traver8 you probably not be able to oil the motor bearings.
CavemanCharlie 07/13/20 07:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Remember the bike box?

What a great idea ! With room to spare. Might want to make sure it tight . It's tight. Double lipped, double attached. Gary I'm sorry, I meant to say: Make sure it locks tight. Thieves are going to assume that there are very valuable things in it and want to break it open to check. The latch on the door looks like the sort of thing you could easily pry open with a crow bar. Maybe that's OK though. They won't do as much damage that way breaking in.
CavemanCharlie 07/12/20 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves long road trip

I drive, and tow, mostly on two lane roads near my home. My biggest pet peave is someone that is driving faster then you are coming right up behind you, tailgating, and then refusing to pass. Either slow down and follow at a safe distance or pass me and go back to whatever speed you want to drive. I will often wait for a spot where it it safe for them to pass . Then I will slow way down and hug the right side of the lane hopeing they will go past. You would be surprised the number of people that still don't get it and continue to tailgate me for mile and mile.
CavemanCharlie 07/12/20 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves long road trip

You opened the door..so, I will step thru. I have a lifetime of professional driving and as time went on, dealing with accidents became a much more dollar driven science. It went from...who was at fault to...was it preventable. And there...right there, is the defining view. Was it preventable. Accidents..no one wins. Injuries..so what if you are in the right? The injuries sustained can change your life. Will change your life. Without a long winded lecture that no one is going to read...try this...you see an upcoming situation. You are in the right. But..a potential accident is now in view. If you get off the go pedal..if you move over..if you throw on the 4-ways...if you take action to prevent, never mind being 'right'. Look what you gain. One of the tings is less anger. Less frustration. Taking control of a situation is key. You can do that, by driving to prevent. A 4 way stop...you know what happens, right? 3 or 4 vehicles all get there at the same time...let them go thru. Control the intersection. Control the outcome. Same same traffic circles...control the environment. You win. Gary Haupt I agree. This is one of the hardest things I've had to try and teach young drivers. They are all "It would be his fault" and I try to tell them it doesn't matter who's fault it was after you are dead.
CavemanCharlie 07/12/20 10:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Mach 15 a/c not cooling well

On our Jayco 33 RLDS we had only had 1 15 thousand Btu A/c. I took all the vents out of the ceiling and wrapped tape around the cone part then put the vents back in. Also on the very farthest vents away from the a/c while the vents were out I took some styraphone and blocked the duct past the vent. So when the a/c is on the cold air does not go past the farthest vent and comes out. Made a big differance in the way the a/c works. Also installed digital thermostats. In 105 temps kept the trailer 75 degrees. nice and cool Did the same mods to our Jayco Bungalow and the new Jayfeather. Made one big difference. Good information to know.
CavemanCharlie 07/12/20 10:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Remember the bike box?

What a great idea ! With room to spare. Might want to make sure it tight .
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I always get a kick out of reviews about parks that complain about the bugs. Sure, the bugs might have been bad the day that they were there. Then a few days later they might have been no bugs at all. Their bugs, this is just how they are. If you happen to be there after a recent rain the bugs will be worse. If you are there during a dry spell the bugs will not be as bad. You can't review the bugs after a single trip. Now, do any of you want to make some money ? I have a idea for a money making idea ....Bug Reports !!! First learn about the life cycle of bugs (specifically mosquitoes for example ). Then using modern computer technology,, and the local rain reports,, you should be able to build "Bug Computer Models" that will predict the amount of bugs in a certain area over a certain length of time. Then, giving time ,you could add in bug reports from people you get to volunteer (or pay a few bucks) that catch bugs in their back yards. With each passing year the computer would learn from past reports and get better and better at predicting. Sure wish I was smart and knew things about computers. If any of you want to work with me I seriously believe that we can do it.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I mainly use negative reviews whether they be for a park or a product to see if people are complaining about the same things. If there are a number of negative reviews that all complain about the same thing, I give more weight to them. If the reviews are just the "This park sucks" type, I generally dismiss those unless that is the prevailing review. Yes
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

Couple things to add, That 12v fridge is bad news for boondocking. They are very inefficient. Normally only find those in popup style rigs. But, I guess you're stuck with it. Get more battery. I like the Vmax line of 6vdc. And with those AGM, you do not need to put them in a battery box. They are safe in any orientation. That might allow you to get even more than 2 of them, but you do need pairs. Unless you look at the Vmax 12vdc AGM. I don't have the 12v, but I would trust the name. The cheap club store batteries will need to be in a box, and you'll likely end up replacing them sooner. Depending on how you maintain them. Might or might not be worth the savings to you. One of the main reasons I chose a Danfos compressor style 12V fridge /freezer was because the they are a favourite of the ultimate boondockers which are yachters. They can't use propane fridges because propane is heavier than air and could sink to the lower decks if there was a leak and could cause an explosion. Our camping style is 98% dry/boondock camping. For 5 years, we camped with a 7.5cuft NovaKool fridge/freezer which when cycling used 4.4A. They are more efficient than absorption fridges using 1/3 less energy. They cool much quicker, for the same outer dimensions, have 1/3 more volume, keep more consistant temperatures in hot ambient temperatures and are not a fire hazard. We almost never needed our 2000W genny as we had 4 6V AGM batteries and lots of solar. People who use the term"12V fridges are bad news for boondocking" have never had this kind of fridge. They are becoming much more popular for so many reasons as long as you figure in more electrical capacity(batteries, solar) if you don't want to run your genny. I have a 6 cuft absorption fridge in my TT which came with the new unit. If it gives up the ghost down the line, a 9 cuft NovaKool will fit exactly in the same opening and as I already have plenty of solar and 4 6V GC-2 batteries and more room for extra solar, this is the route I will go. Dave That does sound like an efficient 12v fridge. My concern as a boon docker is I hate.........did I say hate?.... Generators. I'll do most anything not to use a generator. And I like camping year round. That include weather that gets down in the teens. I'd need enough battery to run my furnace to heat the the belly of the coach to keep the tanks warm enough. I can keep up with my furnace pretty easily with my solar, but I think if you tagged another fairly high draw unit on the 4-6v's it'd get critical. Bottom line is you really have to prioritize your usage choice. I want a furnace, a C-pap, no genny and winter. Prolly nixes the 12v fridge...for my boon docking needs. Howdy, to another Creekside owner. Another neat plus for compressor fridges is that they can be operational without problems out of level for long periods of time.( Again, think of yachts). No question, the NovaKool was the largest single draw of battery power bar none.So if you had to choose, get rid of the OEM heater fan and put in a Cat heater. I have no experience with these but some say they work well. My absorption fridge works fine but I would replace it in a heart beat if it quit. Dave Problem with the CAT heater will not heat the belly in real cold weather. I personally am big fan of propane fridges. I don't see any reason to use anything different. I've also found, as I get older, that there are an alarming number of people that really don't care what my opinion is! Everyone will use what they need that fits their use needs. Sorry to jump in on the middle of your conversation. Could a person use a CAT heater and a 12 volt fan to push heat into the underbelly ? I've often wonder d about this. I too love my propane fridge that I have in my 1993 Travel Trailer and I have no problems with it cooling. My brother has a 2018 5th wheel and the propane fridge that he has will not keep food cool when he is traveling down the road, or in days when the outside heat is high. I think the newer ones are not built as well and are giving the whole industry a bad reputation.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: old furnace replacement help on ducts?

Hi all, first I had fresh water tank questions, now I'm onto furnace questions... Restoring old holiday rambler 25' trailer from late 70s. Furnace doesnt seem to work (have 12v power and gas hooked up, when I turn on thermostat absolutely nothing happens). Figured I'd be better off replacing it anyways. It's an old suburban. Found someone selling a new from last year suburban on craigslist and looks like it will fit the space/heating capacity etc however, MY old furnace is ducted directly into the floor via a rectangular "mouth" cut out of the bottom. This goes into three separate ducts to heat the rest of the trailer. The one he's selling (a Suburban NT20SQ) has holes in the side for ducts. I'm a first time RV owner so I don't even know if they make furnaces like mine anymore that vent into the floor? I would really appreciate any insight anyone might have to offer on how to convert/adapt/etc. I can't really do much floor modification at this point, so would really like to not have to cut new holes etc. Would it be completely insane to cut a hole out of the bottom of the new furnace to line up with the hole in my floor? Would appreciate any advice! Thanks I think you could do that. Without seeing the whole thing it's hard to tell. You would need to Plug the old holes in the furnace after you cut a new one.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 05:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Axle and Hub Question

Try a different shop. It looks fine to me in the photo. It's hard to tell from a photo though. Get a second opinion. They could very well be trying to rip you off.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/20 05:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

My sensors quit working because the switch that you push to read them got broke. After that I didn't have to worry about cleaning the tank to try and keep them working. It's bee 4 years now and everything is just fine. I should have broken the switch sooner.
CavemanCharlie 07/07/20 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: need help with electrical

Give these guys a call. They sell replacement converters and can answer your questions. I think it's owned by someone named Randy Here us a link to their site. http://www.bestconverter.com/
CavemanCharlie 07/06/20 10:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Flashlights

I have a handheld spotlight with 1,000,000,000 candlepower not sure how many lumens it is but it will light up a football field...only problem...is it plugs into a cigarette lighter. I wonder if they make a 12w volt batter pack that would handle it. The Sear Diehard is just too heavy. Back in the day, when I was a boy, I had a friend who had something like that. He plugged it into the Cigarette lighter on my wore out 1964 Chevy Biscayne. After awhile the light went out and flames started to come out from under the dash !!! (The dash was made of metal so it didn't hurt anything) I had to slide under the dash and blow the flame out. The lighter never worked again.
CavemanCharlie 07/05/20 11:56am General RVing Issues
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