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RE: i got lucky

I'm sorry that your weekend didn't work out. Are there any other places you can go ? Even if they are further away or not as nice ? That being said: I'm a bachelor. When I see a post titled "I got lucky" I think of something else. lol
CavemanCharlie 05/17/19 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: This is just what we need

Is this for real ??? If not it's a great joke. If its' real it should be a joke and then be destroyed. Wouldn't last long around here before someone would sneak into your campground one night and throw it into the lake.
CavemanCharlie 05/17/19 06:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Maiden voyage is over and I got christened

I had a hose split once, I think it was just because it was old. Thankfully it was at a camping dump station that had a great design that allowed me to just rinse everything into the dump port. I was kinda grossed out but, I had a friends 14 year old son with me and he just grabbed the rinse hose from the pole and washed it down without any problem or being squeamish. That kid has a future is fixing broken sewer lines.
CavemanCharlie 05/17/19 06:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: 8 years

Looking good !
CavemanCharlie 05/10/19 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Legal or safety issues carrying diesel fuel containers in RV

Diesel fumes venting from a fuel can are not volatile like gasoline. It ain't gonna blow up your rig. I remember when I had a diesel Isuzu pick up. Periodically I had to drain the fuel filter water separator assembly. The first time I had some cardboard and personal papers to burn. I poured the drained fuel into the barrel wetting the paper and cardboard. I stood back and flipped lit match after match into the barrel expecting the whump of ignition and the barrel to shake. Nothing. I finally grabbed a piece of paper with diesel on it and lit it with my lighter. A small spot lit not much bigger than the lighter. I watched as the flame very, very, slowly spread and threw the paper into the barrel, again nothing. I looked into the barrel and nothing, no flame of anytime, only a smoldering piece of paper. Throwing the paper in blew out the flame. I grabbed a piece of cardboard, lit a dry spot which burned faster, held the cardboard so the diesel fuel would ignite and waited till it started burning good. Then slowly I added the burning cardboard into the barrel waiting for the explosion and the fast run to the faucet to put out my engulfed limb. It didn't happen the flame slowly spread through the cardboard and paper. The flames spread and grew faster only as the heat warmed the diesel fuel. Diesel fuel doesn't go bang or whump unless it has pressure or heat to help it. The next time I added a couple ounces of gasoline to the burn barrel just for a little excitement. Good story. :D
CavemanCharlie 05/10/19 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping season

I am just a weekend camper that lives in southern Minnesota. I have been out three times already. Iowa had there fishing opener last weekend. This weekend is the MN opener. A lot of the state park campgrounds are full.
CavemanCharlie 05/10/19 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water lines are killing me

Sometimes when it rains it pours. Hopefully these events will mean that you got all the bugs worked out early and the rest of the year will be event free. I have a low point drain for my water heater that had a plug screwed into a collar that goes around the line. The collar got old and cracked so that there is no way to get the plug tight anymore. Last year a bolt with a o-ring on it screwed up into the line got me through the season. This year the bolt would not hold. The other day I tried a self starting bolt with a flat rubber washer on it screwed into the line. That has been holding for a few days and I have my fingers crossed.
CavemanCharlie 05/10/19 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailers : Any Color you Want

It's fun for now. But, will these colors still be "In Vogue" a few years from now? You might be buying something that falls out of style quickly and deprecates . Whereas , someone buying something with neutral colors will fit in for years or decades.
CavemanCharlie 05/10/19 07:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator while traveling for travel trailer

If you do it then you might want to run a chain over them and lock them down. (I don't like being the paranoid guy) But, it's possible that if you leave them back there and stop for lunch or something then someone could grab them and go before you even realized they were gone. Same thing at the concert. While you were off watching the show they could disappear.
CavemanCharlie 04/30/19 05:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power Inverters

Hey guys . Just a follow up, turns out the heater does work off the battery alone. Turns out you still have to ask yourself the simple questions “did you turn it on?” *face palm” No problem. We all make mistakes sometimes and then wonder why we did it. Thanks for letting us know that you got it figured out.
CavemanCharlie 04/30/19 05:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer safety chain hooks and F150

I had this problem on my 2012 F150 until I learned to put them on correctly. Point the hook end up and pull it through the loop from front to back, or towards you. Works slick as a whistle. Taking off is just as easy. Ya, this is what I do on my 2011 F150 as well
CavemanCharlie 04/30/19 05:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sloppy socket fit on lug nuts

Gee, go buy one.... Problem solved. Harbor Fright has them everyday. Gee, Harbor Freight doesn't carry 20mm sockets. If it's not a standard size, they don't carry it. And see my last post. Not trying to get in the middle of your guys fight. But, 20mm is not that awful unusual of a size. It's not super common but, a lot of socket sets would have one. It's like 11/16 in a American standard set. Some cheap sets don't carry that size either but, a lot of sets do.
CavemanCharlie 04/30/19 05:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas prices, weather and wildfires...

We use Gas Buddy and look at prices along the route. We generally never let it get below 1/2. If we see a good price not found on Gas Buddy we stop and fill, if it is convenient to do so. It gets below 1/2 then we may stop just for convenience not price. But saving .50 per gallon, not uncommon, a mile down the road from Interstates, that's a 50.00 savings on our small 100 gallon tank. Many times we cannot take advantage of the prices though, such as some Wal Marts and Coscos. Just too tight to get in unless it is very early or late. Our Flying J/Pilot card get us five cents off a gallon. I don't want another credit card or I would Get Penn Fed and save 5%. Between the two. on 300.00 roughly for 100 gallons of fuel that's 50.00. $50.00 x 8 tanks round trip across country etc that's 400.00. So I suppose I ought to get it. Yeh I know. The Pilot/Flying J card is only good at their stations but occasionally we have found hem the price leader, but rarely. Your big RV and traveling in different areas I understand is not the same as me traveling around local in my pickup and Travel Trailer. But, stopping to get gas at a half a tank sounds silly to me. Stopping at a quarter of tank is OK though. Again, if you don't know how far to the next station that's different but, in my area they are never that far apart. On my pickup I sometimes run until the low gas light pops on. Then I have to find gas within 50 miles or so. Though I did see a guy on You Tube that tried to see how far he could go with a pickup like mine when the gauge said 0 and he went another 40 miles before he got tired of trying and put gas in. He was still running though. I would never go to that extreme but, stopping at half a tank sound a like the other extreme. Some places out west and in the desert are probably different I suppose.
CavemanCharlie 04/30/19 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge only works on 120AC

Bet your new frig works better. Your old one is done. Either a replacement of the cooling unit or replace the entire frig. I suggest complete replacement as the newer ones are better insulated and are fully automatic. Of course, a residential type is also an option if you never camp without 120 VAC. Boy, I'm not sure the new ones are better. Maybe some of them but, I've known people that have the style where there is no adjustment except sliding the thing up and down on the cooling coils. My brother even has one of them. It doesn't work worth a ****. We have tried everything and no luck. He has given up and packs all his food into coolers with ice.
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Bees in my 5th Wheel

It could be worse: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2825507/Terrified-driver-discovers-10-FOOT-nest-containing-350-000-wasps-camper-van.html :E
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 10:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas $$$.

Hate to say "I told you so" to the manufacturers eliminating most vehicles that get the best MPG ( lite weight compact, sub-compact sedans, wagons and hatchbacks). If gas continues to go up, consumers will go from not caring to wanting their economy cars back overnight. I know, the smallest SUVs do pretty well but are they really an "SUV"? Yes, the same thing happened back in the 80's. That's how the Japanese took over and the once power house American auto industry died . Might be that history repeats itself. Then again, maybe not.
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas $$$.

A 2019 GMC Terrain SUV is rated at 29 MPG city and 38 MPG highway. That is much more fuel efficient than any small car from a decade or two ago. Fuel prices are rising not only because the price of crude has risen, but also because the costs of labor have risen. There is a shortage of oil field workers. There is a shortage of drivers for fuel delivery trucks. The corner convenience/gas store has trouble finding employees. All those rising costs play into the price of a gallon of fuel. Then there is the fact that several states saw the depressed price of fuel as an opportunity to raise the taxes on fuel and fly under the public radar. We will likely see more increases down the road. The fact that vehicles are more fuel efficient now than in the past has had a detrimental effect on the tax revenues collected by the Federal Government for highway funds. Those taxes have always been cents on the gallon. More fuel efficiency means more miles of wear and tear per gallon spreading those tax revenues thinner and thinner. Add in electric vehicles and it is even worse. A day of reckoning is coming. In this case I agree with you. I think it will become necessary to change from a gas tax to a user tax. They will tax you based on the amount of miles you drive each year. It will suck for me. I drive a lot. And because I live in a rural area I often need to drive long distance to get some products and services. But,something will have to be done in the future as we drive more using less fuel.
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 10:19am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you two do?

Around here many places now have a Mini Library at each park. You can borrow a book if you return a book of any kind. I don't read enough to make it work but, I have donated them some books for the people that do..
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken leaf springs - third time!

Best solution is to convert to TORSION AXLE Wider track and are fully independent. TT is FAR more stable. AND has a smoother ride. Leaf spring on travel trailer has been obsolete/unacceptable for more than fifty years. Maybe they are better. But, don't they have rubber bushings on them that will go bad after awhile too ? And, can't the Torsion Bar wear out ? I remember back in the day you had to crank up the front Torsion Bar axles on your Mopars after a few years because they would start to sag.
CavemanCharlie 04/27/19 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: What do you two do?

We were camping when a tornado laid down trees about a mile from us. NO POWER. I got bored so I made a sign that said. Play Dominoes with a champion. (I'm not one) We had half a dozen campers answer my challenge. I lost more than half the games. I confessed I just wanted something to do. I cooked a big Dutch Oven of Beef Stew for the day. Great time. The next day we played Rook with several people at someone else's trailer. That was a great camping trip. BTW: That was the trip that pushed me over the edge to change all my lights to LED's. Good Story. To answer the Original Posters question: It is rare that we are not doing something outside but, if we are not then I carry a Yahtzee Game, Sorry Game, and a version of the home game of Password. It all depends on if I am camping with the girlfriend, some of the kids, or friends. I have never used the home game of Password but, I love the TV show and I bought it at a antique store.
CavemanCharlie 04/22/19 06:45pm Travel Trailers
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