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RE: Need help, hot water tank fail.

While igniting, there is an override that allows propane to flow even without a flame. Once ignited, there is a thermocouple that must heat up or the water heater assumes the flame went out and shuts off the propane. (eventually, it tries to ignite again repeating the process) 1) Is the thermocouple in the flame? If it got bent to the side, it may not be heating up. 2) Is the thermocouple gone bad? 3) Is the circuit board failed, so even though the thermocouple says there is flame, it still shuts off the propane once the ignition cycle is complete. If it's the model with a termocouple. Some use the flame itself as the sensor. We are going to need the brand name and model number to know for sure. It should be on a sticker on the outside , inside, of the water heater, along the side. lol
CavemanCharlie 08/03/21 06:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Need help for locating a new Generator box

Sorry, but, The rear bumper is not a good idea for a whole bunch of reasons. You will have to find a different place to mount it. I know it sucks, but that is just how it is. Sorry again.
CavemanCharlie 08/02/21 06:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Problems hitching and un hitching

This thread is as inane as the one above it about a cinder block and a person who is afraid to level his camper up. Honestly, if you folks are having issues with these types of things, motel rooms are a better choice. Also, in 30 + years and 100s of different trailers, I can count on zero fingers how many times I’ve had to remove the pin from the “hitch ball shank thingy”, or receiver, in English, to unhook a trailer. That is a dumb idea on most accords and not a great suggestion. The original poster is asked for help with a problem he is having. And looking at the responses, there are a variety of different ways to solve his problem. This is normal back and forth for an internet forum where people can ask questions with a problem and get a variety of answers. If helping people with campers annoys you, just stay out of threads where people are asking for help. I have a Anderson Weight Distribution Hitch. I'm not sure you are suppose to grease the ball on this type of hitch.
CavemanCharlie 08/02/21 06:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

but I have a similar size/same brand trailer with 2 new 6V GCs (cheap ones from Costco, but that trailer with minimal power use: 1 time on the electric jack, water pump, fridge controls on LP and a couple hours with a couple lights.......... the batteries were good for somewhere around 36hours. And that included firing the genny sporadically to run the microwave and a short AC blast to cool down. ... 36 HOURS is all you could get ???? WITH 2 6v GCs batteries ??? You have a problem somwhere. Something is pulling down your batteries. To the OP. Have you considered taking along a couple of extra charged batteries ? I'm not suggesting buying new ones. Pull the one out of your car and anyplace else you can fined one. Then as your main battery starts to run done use jumper cables to give it a boost from the extra battery. Yes, yes, I know this is not the ideal situation. But, he only has to do it, ONE Time !! Anything to give him a extra day would be helpful.
CavemanCharlie 08/01/21 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about lowering unhitched 2 wheel travel trailer

Yes you can raise and lower it after unhooking from the tow vehicle. Don't use a cinder block. A good solid wooden block is best.
CavemanCharlie 08/01/21 07:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Problems hitching and un hitching

I almost always have to jump up and down on my bumper to get it to unhook. I just consider that part of the job. I can feel by how hard I am turning the handle on my manual jack when it is time to start jumping. I don't have any trouble hooking back up. I camp in slightly unlevel places but, not to bad.
CavemanCharlie 08/01/21 07:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wheel Stop vs Wheel Chocks

I have some Orange Wheel Chocks that I've use or years. I don't see them for sale anymore. The great thing about them is if you forget about them after you hook up you just run them over. They pop back into shape. The yellow ones break into sharp pieces and I worry that if I ran one of the over it would flatten a tire. When on a real big hill I have in the bed of my pickup 2-4X4 held together by a piece of plywood screwed to the top. They are the perfect length to fit between the tires of mt TT. I actually have to kick them in between the tires. To remove I pound them back out with a hammer.It's not easy though and I don't do it often because I'm worried about what could happen if I can't knock them back out. If I need something better then that to keep from rolling down the hill I'm camping in the wrong spot.
CavemanCharlie 08/01/21 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

I have 2 6V golf cart batteries. I can go about 3 days very easy before I need a charge. I could probably go longer but, I am just a weekend camper and I don't get out for that long. But, that is just me being frugal. Some people are not as frugal. Watch out for "Parasitic" draws, they will drain your batteries over time. For example the radio has a memory and the propane detector. Is your smoke/carbon monoxide detector powered by small batteries or is it plumed in ?? All these little draws add up after awhile.
CavemanCharlie 07/29/21 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric bikes !!

I bought this folding CCM carrier for our regular bikes. I didn’t trust it for our e-bikes so I replaced all the folding parts with heavy wall tubing. It is rock solid now. https://i.imgur.com/YkoznLgl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/kPbTl1Ql.jpg That would get you a ticket around here. First, and most importantly of all, you are blocking the turn signals !! Second, you are blocking the headlights. Third, you are blocking the front license plate. Forth, you could be interfering with the operation of the air bag system (might not get a ticket for that part though) .
CavemanCharlie 07/28/21 02:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: 8 people killed in Utah sand storm

I don't know what sandstorms are like. Here in SW MN if there are going to be whiteout conditions in the winter it is announced on the TV and radio ahead of time. That's not to say that there can't be a temporary whiteout conditions on a windy day as you pass a snowbank on the side of the road. In those conditions it's best to just take your foot off of the gas and keep going until you get past it. But, a sandstorm caused by a thunderstorm would be hard to predict I bet.
CavemanCharlie 07/28/21 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vanlifers are parting ways with their vans after Covid

CavemanCharlie 07/21/21 07:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: MN changing to EZ-Pass

I did not know MN had any toll roads. What DrewE said : Apparently they don't have any toll roads, per se, but some HOV/Express lanes that carry tolls at certain time periods for non-HOV use, and a couple toll bridges
CavemanCharlie 07/18/21 08:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Highway speeds - Keep your distance!

The ones that tick me off are drivers that come up in the left lane, get even with your back bumper and stay there mile after mile. Yes, that is bad too. But, that one is easy to fix. Stop the cruise control for a little while and let them pull out in front of you.
CavemanCharlie 07/18/21 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Highway speeds - Keep your distance!

I wonder about another phemo...phenoma... situation that I experience on lonely western roads.. You are cruising along all by yourself at whatever speed... and in the mirrors another vehicle appears... It catches you after a few km/miles... And then settles in 1 point 5 seconds off your stern and drives there ... Why? I HATE THAT. I try to slow up , move over as best as I can, and let them pass. There have been times where I've had to safely find a place to pull off and let them go by.
CavemanCharlie 07/18/21 07:42pm General RVing Issues
MN changing to EZ-Pass

It was announced on WCCO Radio this morning that MN is changing to EZ-Pass. Up until now they have had something called MN-Pass. They have now decided to go to EZ-Pass because 19 other states are using that system. It will cost Minnesotans nothing to change to the new system. I have no idea what any of this means. I have lived my whole life in the rural part of MN. However, I have seen some other members here talk about it so I thought I would let you know.
CavemanCharlie 07/16/21 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Consequences of RVing’s Unprecedented Surge

A friend was a first time RV buyer. It was so big, so roomy, so comfortable, so livable, so big, did I mention big? It was all these things, but the problem is he says most weekend trips he does not want to bother with it because it is so big, cost so much in gas, is such a hassle parking or pulling in, so much to clean after, the holding tanks (on any size) are not worth the trip (no his wife n daughter are not going to NOT use it), and me with my little small-as-can-be trailer (after many previous rvs) just hook and go with no thought of any of these worries... I also have a small 22 foot TT. I go out every weekend because it is so easy to hook up and unhook again. I don't worry about things like a outside mat, fancy lights, and all the other things they talk you into buying and using. I have friends that own RV's and hardly ever use them because they say it's to much work. It's all in how you look at it I guess.
CavemanCharlie 07/12/21 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Consequences of RVing’s Unprecedented Surge

Like many on this forum we have had to adapt. We still seldom make reservations but we now look for someplace for the weekend on Thursday rather than Friday this year. We are seeing an awful lot of obviously very new units with very clean frames out there. How long the fad continues remains to be seen. Availability depends on when & what is wanted.Sunday to Thursday is easy.FHUs on the weekend, near impossible. Adapterbility is the key. Yup, I've been adapting for decades. I'm miss a lot of the older, simpler times. But, I just had a good weekend of camping at a spot I reserved a few hours before I left home. I was able to get into it because it was a non-electric spot and I was prepared for those places. The weather was cool and the camping was great. I worry about the future though. In my area all the smaller public parks are becoming seasonal campgrounds. How can it be a "public" park if the public can't use it ??? Why are my tax dollars going to a campground that I can't ever use ? I think about this a lot.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/21 08:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pros and Cons of Tankless water heaters in RV

Your in florida, for home or rv use you only need to heat the water 30-40 degrees to get the temp you want, from an rv tank you may not need even that much, but as temperature range changes increase, the difficulties regulating it do as well. I have used changing water pressure less than 20 lbs to 60 lbs (a well pump system) with no problem regulating water temperature. The main point is to have only the hot water faucet turned on. Having he hot and cold water turned on provides a path for cold water to the shower head, and causes the tankless heater to have less water go through it. That situation causes the tankless heating unit to turn off prematurely, and cold water continue to flow.(burr!) The tankless heater should be set to the desired shower head water temperature. Let it do its job. So it sounds like in a home that it's a learning curve. Most people don't want to change their habits and don't want to learn new things. That being said, it also sounds like it might not work as well in a RV where the parameters of flow usage and other things can change.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/21 07:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Glad it worked out for you. Once you get the corner molding fixed on the back no one will ever notice unless they look really close. Smooth of the scratches on the right front lower corner and paint them with some matching black tape. No one will notice them after that either. I'm glad you got it working to save your camping season.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/21 07:06pm Travel Trailers

I'm from southern MN. I have a friend who's son it going to college "up nort ta Doolute" this fall. I rented him the movie Fargo so he could learn the language up there.
CavemanCharlie 07/11/21 06:55pm Travel Trailers
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