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RE: 5050 miles in 9 Travel Days

I'm 70 and recently widowed. While my husband was alive, I did all the driving of our 40' Phaeton towing a car. We fulltimed till he died. So I sold my Phaeton and kept my 22' R-Vision mini motorhome. She's all loaded and ready to leave on a 2-month excursion tomorrow. I'll start with an overnight at my son's across the state, then heading north to Virginia to see my daughter and family. That's a 3-day drive. From there it's on to Indiana to see my almost 96-year old Mom. I have always loved to drive and it will be easy for me to drive a 22' (no toad) as opposed to a 40' DP and towing. I'm looking forward to it. I have always been a cautious driver, but more so now that I don't have another set of eyes. I don't feel my skills are diminished though, so plan to keep at it for several more years. Dale Sorry to hear about your husband. I love to drive too and you are inspirational to me. I hope that I can still be driving comfortabley at 70. Keep having fun !
CavemanCharlie 04/19/21 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dangerous Pranks

On my first travel trailer the door lock didn't work so I just added a hasp door hatch clasp and used a pad lock. Went to a party at a buddies house and I didn't want to drive home after drinking so I took the TT. I though nothing of just leaving the pad lock hanging on the door. The next morning I woke up to find some friends had locked me in the TT !!! :B The door had a window in it and the screws for it were on the inside. Using my Swiss Army Knife I was able to remove the screws and take out the window. After that I reached out and unlocked the door. I never left the pad lock hanging on the door again. :B
CavemanCharlie 04/19/21 06:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dangerous Pranks

If someone tried to fold up my manual fold steps on my TT it would bounce the camper so much and make so much noise I would wake up. Seriously, those things make a awful screechy/klunky racket when you move them. It would probably wake up the neighbors.
CavemanCharlie 04/19/21 06:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air Flow Deflectors

The days trip plan trumps aero aids (any spending to save). It’s basic as to all stops planned, travel speed below the crowd on cruise control, and maximum vehicle separation while traveling. Zero idling. “Trip plan” is a term used by truck drivers to account for all the days details — the how to — to maximize hours available at the best rate of speed (where speed is governed). With RVs otherwise identical, your aero aids and my better trip plan will cause me to “win” the MPG game on a daily basis. Once one understands how little time over the course of a full day one actually spends at cruise speed, the pieces fall into place. I’m hardly against an aero rig, I spec’d both TV & TT for longest life with highest reliability at lowest cost of operation. Aero (plus a high compression engined TV) is central. But it has to be built-in at vehicle specification to be truly effective. Average Speed (Engine Hours vs Odometer Miles) is related to Average MPG, directly. The aero wall is at 60-mph. No one gets better MPG above this. The rate of increase rises so rapidly above 65-mph that most big trucks are governed at 65-67/mph. “Time saved” no longer works past this (traffic volume and driver stress). The RV lane in all this (Interstste) is from 62-64/mph. Not faster. No lane changes. No accel/decel events of any note. CONTROL of pre-planned stops and off-road minutes (driving, too) is major changes in AVERAGE mph & mpg. Which is the game. I drove Chicago to Fort Worth in a rental identical to my sons car. He likes to run 70+. I eased along at 64-mph. His lower mpg meant he lost enough time for extra fuel that — on a trip just over 1,000-miles — his DRIVING time savings would have been 40-minutes (assuming he controlled time at pre-planned stops as well as I do. He doesn’t). He’d have burned 2/3 an extra tank of fuel to have done the same work. And likely arrived no earlier (is the point). As a transport-rated ex-military pilot he certainly understands all this. So, you retired guys and budget-pinching Rvers pay attention: chasing pennies at a remote fuel stop WILL COST MORE. Risk, time and stress. Save money during your commuter daily miles and it underwrites travel. Ten years ago when fuel was $4 and higher I figured out how to save enough annually in my daily driving to pay for 5,000-miles of “free” vacation fuel. You can too. Keep records of all gallons used and watch out for Average MPH. If yours is below 27-MPH as an average you’re a poor driver and abusive operator. Apply a common sense attitude BEFORE you try spending money to save money. Keep records and apply some discipline in ALL driving. I think I understand and agree with most of your post. I don't understand the part you said " If yours is below 27-MPH as an average you’re a poor driver and abusive operator." That has me confused. Most of what you are saying is to just plan you trip in advance, get on the highway, set the cruse control, and avoid starts /stops / idling etc. That all makes sense. But, don't travel to much below the crowd speed. You are a hazard to traffic when everyone has to change lanes to go around you. There are limits to this of course. If everyone is going 80 I'm not suggesting you should go 80! But, 65-70 is good towing speed on the interstate. If you want to go slower then that find a nice back road. One that is listed for 55-60 and enjoy the scenery. That is fun too and I often do that.
CavemanCharlie 04/19/21 05:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to remove tail light from 2020. Rock wood mini lite

I was surprised to learn that newer pickups have a fuse for both the left and the right turn signal trailer light. Check the fuses first.
CavemanCharlie 04/19/21 05:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: a good weather radio

Always carried a 110v/battery weather radio in our trailers. Never a reception problem as long as it was positioned in front of a window. Guess we weren't sufficiently removed from civilization. That said, that radio passed on to electronic heaven last year. Replaced it with a Midland 110v/battery model for about 30 or so bucks on Amazon. Works great and will absolutely raise the dead at 4am when the alarm goes off. If you get one with a alarm, and it would be a good idea to do so, get one with SAME installed in it. This allows you to set the alarm to only go off for your area. I've have had a regular weather radio without the SAME in my house and I got tired of it waking me up for a storm that was 40 miles past my home already. I live in the upper midwest. In the spring in my area there are a lot of storms that car cause the radio to alarm , again and again all night long. Even when it is no where near me. The SAME feature blocks out most of those false alarms.
CavemanCharlie 04/13/21 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Besides Amazon where?

2oldman..... We live in a rural area and the USPS in our are is awesome....Good, send some of that awesome here. I have a rural mailbox which is in a stand with many other mailboxes. Included in this setup are several larger boxes where packages too large for the boxes can be placed, leaving a key for that box in the smaller mailbox. That *should* work, but the driver often just ignores that and Amazon tracking says "mailbox full", and driver leaves a slip of paper telling me they'll try again (why?), or go pick it up at the post office yourself. And that's what I have to do. And heaven forbid the mail driver goes another 1/4 mile to my house and drops off the packages. UPS often hands off pretty large packages to this system, and delivers small ones to my house, depending on the circumstances of the delivery instructions, over which I have no control. That makes no sense. Want more?? My mail forwarding was scheduled to end 3/31/21, and there was a note taped in my box saying so. A week into April I checked the tracking on a package, and it said it was being forwarded!! What??? So I raced to the PO and just in time was able to retrieve my package, and told them to PLEASE STOP the forwarding. Why it was continuing was a total mystery to me. So... the USPS in my area is pretty far from awesome. Sounds like your local postmaster is the problem. If they are incompetent all the people that work under them learn to be too. Because I've never had that problem I don't know what advice I can give. Who is the next person up the line in your area ? In my area the local postmasters report to someone in the area office. If there is problem you can't solve locally you go to the area office. I've never had to do that though.
CavemanCharlie 04/13/21 04:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: a good weather radio

Radio Shack is back in buisness and I recently bought a crank weather radio from them. Might have been able to get the same thing on Amazon cheaper though. I didn't check.
CavemanCharlie 04/11/21 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer demand and prices

I think it's going to be another bad year for me. I am trying to find a different used Travel Trailer and the supply of them is limited and the prices are just crazy. I still have hope that in a year or two things might get better. Yes prices are higher. That said, there is NO shortage of used TTs and even some decent priced ones (not steals by any means, but not high priced like many out there). And you're in the midwest. I've been shopping used private party trailers for a month r 2 now, and in the much limited market I'm in (bumper pull toy hauler), if the timing worked, I would have drove to Minnsooota for a couple different rigs. It's all relative. I sold our 18 year old TC last fall for the same price I paid for it 6 years ago and sold the 14 year old truck under it for $4k less than I bought it for 13 years ago. If you perpetually play the market and buy at the right time, sure you can come out "ahead". But how long you wanna wait? Now if I could get the flakes on FB or CL to call me about a couple rigs currently advertised, I'd be making a road trip next weekend with a shoe box full of benjis and coming home with a fair priced trailer! PS, if anyone here knows a guy in Reno with an Attitude TH for sale, tell him to call me if h actually wants to sell it! LOL As you said it's all relative. Ten years ago I bought a 18 year old TT 30 miles from me in good condition for 3500 dollars. That is the one I am still using. But, I use my TT's hard and go out every weekend. Ten years, and a couple of hail storms later, it's now 28 years old and needs to be replaced. Looking on the internet now I can't find a similar 18 year old TT within 300 miles of me for less then 7500 to 8000 dollars. If you can find one at all. I am having a hard time spending 8 grand on something that is almost 20 years old or older. I am kinda picky though and want a certain style.
CavemanCharlie 04/11/21 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are 16" tires still common? South america.. And disk brakes

Before you swap out the rims between the trucks make sure the hole size (the part that goes over the hub) in the middle of the rim is the same. It's quite rare that it would be different but, there was one time; back in the day; when we tired to swap rims like that and found it would not work. And, way ;back in the day; Dodges used to hare reverse lug bolts on one side of the vehicle. Don't twist them off. If the don't come loose easily try turning them the other way.
CavemanCharlie 04/09/21 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer demand and prices

I think it's going to be another bad year for me. I am trying to find a different used Travel Trailer and the supply of them is limited and the prices are just crazy. I still have hope that in a year or two things might get better. A lot of things are in short supply around here due to the hiccup in the supply chain. Parts for our Agriculture Equipment are hard to find. Tires for Ag Equipment are in short supply but,, available. I've heard that parts for Semi Trucks are hard to find. Shoes are in shorter then normal supply at some of the local stores. And, lids for my jars are in short supply locally and are still higher priced then normal. ( I have a few months to look around for them yet though)
CavemanCharlie 04/09/21 08:32am Travel Trailers
RE: EverChill Refrigerator

OP, let us know what you decide on. I have no decision to make. I just happened to see something about it on You Tube and I thought I would ask what all of you think. I am very happy with the gas/electric fridge on my 1993 Travel Trailer. It works well and allows me to dry camp. On the other hand, my brother has a 2018 5th wheel and his gas/electric fridge will not keep things cold in slightly hot weather. It will also not keep things cold while towing. His fridge is one of those with no temp controls on the eyebrow. You are supposed to slide the thermister up and down on the coils to control the temp. I had a buddy that had one of those fridges too and it never worked with a darned either. The poor build quality and design of some of these never gas/electric fridges has killed the industry. My old TT is wore out and I'm almost afraid to get a newer one. Besides the fridges not keeping things cold in newer RV's. The AC's in newer RV's seem to be awful too. I can turn my TT into a refrigerator setting in the sun on a 90+ degree day. But, many people say that they can not. Oh well, I'm going to squeeze one more year out of my rig. After that I will see what happens. .
CavemanCharlie 04/05/21 08:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converter/ Furnace Issue

A lot of converters have a fan on them to help them stay cool. With the furnace running the converter is working harder and then the fan will start. It may be that the cooling fan on the converter is going bad, or , if your lucky it just has something stuck in it.
CavemanCharlie 04/05/21 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Poop in outside sink

I don't ever recall any sink being plumbed into a black water tank on a rv. Either something else is happening or it plumbed wrong. My indoor bathroom sink is plumed into my Black Water Tank and I'm glad that it is. It helps to keep the gray tank from getting over full.
CavemanCharlie 04/05/21 07:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

"I've tried to help but, then I get yelled at for doing everything wrong. " Hmmm, that's never happened to me...in the last couple of hours. :B
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 05:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Coleman Propane Bottles

My biggest concern is finding lids for my canning jars. I have found a few but, they are so expensive I could by the pre-canned food cheaper then the lids for the jars. I did get some generic ones, I hope they seal well.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lock em up... a long story

I think I will go look for a hitch lock right now. Not to much chance of mine disappearing out of my shed in my yard. But, I suppose if I take to the campground and leave it for a couple of days someone could notice I'm not there and tow it away. A hitch lock could slow them down some I suppose.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 04:58pm General RVing Issues
EverChill Refrigerator

I know that there has been discussions about 12 volt fridges on here before. But, has anyone had any experience with these EverChill 12 volt fridges ?? I heard a person saying that one of the popular RV manufactures were going to discontinue absorption fridges and switch to only using these. I sometimes like to go dry camping and I wonder how long these would run off of a couple of batteries ? Here is a couple of videos claiming they will do OK but, neither video was taken in a real world set up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUHwxxwNuOQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNCnwXOh1ng
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 01:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

My wife is the one that puts down the jacks with the electric drill.. It just sits in the side storage compartment. She has a harder time figuring out which way to set the drill to put them down or up! ha, ha... In the end, we both have our 'duties' to do in setting up camp. It takes maybe 20 minutes from the time we agree on the position of the rig to where we are sitting under the awning and enjoying our favorite adult beverage.. :) Good luck! Mitch https://i.imgur.com/XG8H0uzm.jpg?1 Yeah, 20 minutes is about right... First, Thank you original poster for the tip. Second, if I am going by myslef I can be set up in less then 20 minutes. If the girlfriend is going along I can still be set up for myself in less the 20 minutes. She, on the other hand, takes forever to get things set up the way she likes them. I've tried to help but, then I get yelled at for doing everything wrong. I've tried to tell her that she doesn't have to do all that stuff but, then I get yelled at for trying to change her ways. So,,,I've just learned to stay out of her way and let her do her own thing.
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 12:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Two Easy Questions (hopefully!)

You can't stay overnight at MN rest stops. You might get away with sleeping for a couple of hours, I don't know I've never tried it. There is an attendant on duty 24 hours a day at MN rest stops though. You could try asking them if they will allow you to stay a few hour and then ask them how long they are at work. (No use having the first guy say it's OK only to have him leave and the next guy say it's not.)
CavemanCharlie 03/29/21 12:17pm Travel Trailers
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