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RE: Mexico Beach Florida

I read where Presnell's which is south of Port St Joe, is open again. People seem to like it, I have not been there. Charles
CharlesinGA 03/09/20 12:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rv park south of Atlanta

High Falls State Park, less than a mile east of I-75 at exit 198. Also Indian Springs State Park, about 5 miles further east, same exit. Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Claystone Park, on the north side of the lake, a couple of miles west of I-475 exit 5, and Arrowhead Park on the south side of the lake. These are county parks. Charles
CharlesinGA 03/09/20 12:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I can’t find transfer switch or onan now putting out power

Onan generators usually have a rather hidden circuit breaker in the generator itself. On my 3600 (LP, 4000 if gasoline) you remove the cover and it is located down low, and is a toggle type, that pushes away from you/toward you, near the starter switch. Very hard to spot. Many motorhomes also have the "manual" transfer via a receptacle you plug your shore cord into. Always plug the cord into the receptacle when storing it, then if you stop midday for lunch, you can run the generator if needed, without having to make a special trip to the cord compartment to make the connection. Just make it a habit to ALWAYS plug it into the generator, you cannot go wrong. Charles
CharlesinGA 02/25/20 10:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a WFCO 9855, Options?

It depends on what panel the WFCO converter is installed in. My trailer has a Parallax panel, but had an unusual steel insert with a WFCO 9545 installed in it (appeared to be a unusual factory installed combination, the steel insert was not the Parallax converter box repurposed). I used a Progressive 4645 upgrade kit from Best Converter to replace it. If the converter is in a WFCO panel, you only need the converter and not the steel box that comes with the 4600 series upgrade Progressive units. You discard the steel box if installing in a WFCO panel, and use a small plastic clip to retain the front of the converter in the WFCO panel. The instructions detail all of this. As an alternative, Best sells a Boondocker converter (which is a PowerMax relabeled.) to replace the WFCO. Charles
CharlesinGA 02/25/20 10:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Glass Pantry Doors

I have the same delimma, where the previous owner modified five of the cabinet doors by disassembling them and removing the wood inserts and installing frosted glass (yes, plain glass, not tempered). The glass was not tight and the doors were brad nailed/glued back together. I think I will wait until next winter and take the doors and have a local cabinet shop make new ones, using the original wood inserts (which I was given when I bought the trailer). An alternative is to put safety glass film on the glass, which will prevent the glass from shattering if it is broken. I did pack screen wire spline in the gap behind the glass and that stopped it from rattling, but clear RTV pumped in behind the glass would be better. In the end, I will get new doors, there is no chance of again disassembling these without destroying them. So for the OP, my best suggestion is to use the glass safety film, such as this, https://www.tapplastics.com/product/window_films/window_tint_films/safety_window_film/313 Charles
CharlesinGA 02/25/20 09:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bleu Ridge Parkway

Tunnel list for BRP https://www.virtualblueridge.com/parkway-places/tunnels/ Everything from MP 397.1 Grassy Knob Tunnel on down are south of Ashville. They are all round roofed, the height is at the edge white line. Max height is at the centerline. You need to know your height accurately, not just guess. Otherwise, its a nice ride. Too many people want to drive thru like its a freeway. If you drive 40 or so, people will tailgate you, honk horns, look annoyed, etc. (speed limit is 45). The last section from US 19 to the south end in Cherokee is bad pavement, broken up. The rest is nice. There are numerous pull offs and overlooks, so lots of places to stop and look, or simply get out of the way of others. Once on it at Ashville, with your big rig, I would not get off until US 74/23 at Balsam. US 276 and NC 215 are steep and winding going down. Lickstone Ridge and Bunches Bald tunnels are both between US 19 and the south end. They are the shortest ones that could be a problem for you, so you might consider getting off at US 19 and taking it south to Cherokee. Follow this link to the official maps of the BRP. Click on #4 to see an enlarged version of it. https://www.virtualblueridge.com/maps/ Charles
CharlesinGA 02/20/20 08:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: campgrounds in destin or pensacola fl

Good luck to you. We've been wanting to go to Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island (COE Park) for quite a while and finally the other day an opening/cancellation opened for 4 days in May and we jumper on it. Many people now a days make their reservation for the up coming year as they are leaving the park. As I always say, " Dang all those retired Baby Boomers and their RVs taking up all our camping spaces. Oh, wait I are one!" I have been to Ft Pickens several times. Just so you realize, it is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and is administered by the National Park Service (not COE). I prefer the A Loop but have also stayed on the C loop. Hopefully you have a America the Beautiful Senior Pass, as this will get you in free (normally a $20 gate charge for 7 days) and get the campsite for half price. Walking trail goes from A loop to and thru the C/E and B/D loops and then thru the day use public parking and past Battery Worth, and on to the Fort itself. Also be sure and walk past the fort, thru the parking area, to a couple of old barracks buildings, where the Ft Pickens/Penscola Bay museum is located (I think this is called the Discovery Center). If you are up and around in the morning, you will hear the anthem being played during the flag raising on the NAS across the bay. Most everyone pauses to pay their respects during this time. Walk the stairs to the very top of the observation building of Battery Worth, for a tree top level view of things. Battery Cooper loop road was closed due to concerns over the possible collapse of the metal observation tower on the road. Not sure if that has reopened or not. Charles
CharlesinGA 02/06/20 09:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yet another what can I tow question

You also need to consider what length is safe to haul. Have seen this formula for length, pretty sure there's some science behind it but wasn't quoted: "Rule of thumb (20’ for 110” wheelbase + 1’ for each additional 4” of wheelbase)" That was adopted (plagiarized) from a veteran RVer on this forum. With this formula, my previous GMC 1500 was right at the safe limit of (27.9' calculated) and my RV is 28' hitch to bumper. For what it's worth. I sometimes see that rule of thumb using 113 inches for the beginning wheelbase. I also see a rule of thumb that the distance from the ball coupler to the centerline of the rear most axle should not be more than twice? the tow vehicle wheelbase. Charles
CharlesinGA 01/16/20 05:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Replacement Assistance

If your frame will handle two 6v batteries end to end, here is the battery box you would use. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QJ2MBRD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Charles
CharlesinGA 01/16/20 05:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heave-Ho

That looks like a Roamer truck camper. Those are very rare, take care and not damage it. Will bring a premium in good condition. I would love to get ahold of one in good condition. Charles
CharlesinGA 01/03/20 10:04am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Small bunkhouse RVs? Have I missed any?

Winnebago Micro Minnie. current production models include the 1700BH and 1800BH and 2100BH. The 1700BH is single axle and the 1800BH and the 2100BH are both identical floor plan/dimensions w/tandem axles, the difference being that the 2100BH has the dinette in a slide and the 1800BH does not. Older 1800BH models if I recall were single axle. https://winnebagoind.com/products/travel-trailer/2020/micro-minnie/specifications These are well built trailers compared to most on the market. The Micro Minnie models have rubber roofs. If you want a little better, go to the regular Minnie models, they have fiberglass roofs and I think are wider (and heavier) https://winnebagoind.com/products/travel-trailer/2020/minnie/specifications Charles
CharlesinGA 12/25/19 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: What;s Wrong With My RAM Truck????

On my 2003 Ram the evaporator freezes over the air won't pass. High humidity triggers it quickly. If I park the truck for 15 minutes or so with the ac off water gushes out the drain onto the asphalt. My '03 2500 standard cab does the same thing. Blows extremely cold, especially on the drivers side, and eventually the air flow slows. Turn off the air for a while then it will blow fine again when you turn it back on. I think the issue with the passenger side vents is some missing seal foam behind the passenger LH vent, It is drawing hot air from under the dash, venturi style. When it gets cold enough inside those vents finally get cold. My '03 has 5 dash vents. My coworkers early '04 has four vents, they eliminated the passenger inboard air vent in the air bag cover panel. The fan clutch is a viscous fluid clutch with electric controlled valving. If you start up from a stop with the A/C on, the fan will roar very loudly if it is working, up to about 20 mph, at which point the computer sees forward speed and cuts out the fan (mostly) and the roaring stops. If you don't hear the roar when you start up from a stop, with the A/C on, the clutch is probably bad, or the wiring has been damaged. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/28/19 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Clean Water Heater

I've seen home water heaters where the hot water smelled like rotten eggs. When the anode rod is removed the rotten smell goes away. Atwood RV water heaters have aluminum tanks and no anode rod (the OP says his is an Atwood). Suburban RV water heaters have steel tanks and DO have anode rods. I think the Atwood water heater is by far, more popular with the RV manufacturers than the Suburban. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/18/19 09:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: laurel Creek Rd Tunnel Height

Some pics of the tunnel. Use the right and left arrows in the pics to scroll thru the pics. https://www.loc.gov/resource/hhh.tn0281.photos/?sp=2 Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/19 05:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: I 75 thru Atlanta

Atlanta traffic is insane and getting worse every day. I have been thru twice recently on trips to NC. First trip I took 85 north to 285 around to 85 again. I went thru noonish on a Thursday. It was crazy. The return was on Monday. We left Mt Pisgah early so to beat the afternoon rush, again horrible. Second trip I left on Wednesday morning, 85 right thru town. Just as bad or worse than 285, again mid morning, should have been after the rush hour. Lanes in downtown are narrow. Return on Friday, we left Cherokee fairly early and it was still a mess on 285. Only time the Atlanta traffic is pleasant is in the middle of the night. Quite frankly I would plan my departure from Knoxville so I went thru about midnight or 1 am. I live south of Atlanta off of I-85 and work at the airport. I get all over the south side and enough elsewhere to know I don't like it. Be sure and check the TDOT web site for closures, there may be some nighttime ones on I-75 https://www.tn.gov/tdot/news/2019/8/9/weekly-east-tennessee-construction-report-for-august-8-14--2019.html Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/19 05:30pm Roads and Routes
RE: Leak between Awning holder and RV

The awning is a Horizon model that lag bolts to the side of the motorhome just below the gutter. The bolts thread into aluminum structure behind the sidewall. Here is the installation and operating instructions for it. http://bryantrv.com/docs2/docs/operating/aehorizon.pdf OP may have to remove the entire awning from the MH, clean the area, and install new foam. I am not real familiar with this as my '07 View (same MH) had the awning removed before I bought it and I never reinstalled one. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/19 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: rv registration

What kind of RV does the OP have? is is motorized, or is it a trailer? If a trailer, in GA you pay property taxes on it each year just like any other property. If motorized, you pay the one time title tax when you register it in the state, there after, only pay the $20 tag fee. I do know that as a former Georgia county Tax Assessor, I would deny a homestead (and have) if we discovered vehicles registered to addresses in other states, or even other counties in Georgia. There have been court cases in Georgia to back this up. If you own a home and were to lose a homestead or be denied one, it would cost you a lot more than whatever you might save registering in Tennessee. For homestead most counties will ask (we did) where all of your vehicles are registered. We also look at drivers licenses. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/19 02:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: need a trailer that is low to the ground

Winnebago Micro Minnies. Some have only one step outside. Possibly one inside, or none. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/12/19 11:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are these stickers needed??

RVIA sticker indicates compliance with a multitude of requirements all rolled up in a set of rules established by the RVIA. It could be possible to run into a situation where registering or operating the vehicle or trailer as an RV is impossible without the sticker. Quite possible dealers would not take it in trade with the RVIA sticker missing, and knowledgeable potential buyers would walk away if the sticker were missing. I do not know if border crossings (US/Canada) would be an issue, but a missing sticker would probably make a cross border sale impossible. A campground requiring an RVIA sticker is simply trying to eliminate school bus, and cargo trailer conversions (which look like **** anyhow), and is a simple foolproof way of doing this. An RV in Canada that is missing the "Meets all Federal Safety requirements................" sticker would be impossible to import into the US, as this certification sticker is mandatory for importing into the US. This same sticker will have a statement about meeting Canadian requirements, and again, missing, makes cross border sales impossible. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/09/19 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing all my bulbs with LEDs

To expand somewhat. I bought the plate type LED lights from M4. http://www.m4products.com/plate-style-led-lights/ And removed the existing sockets in the ceiling fixtures, and cut off the socket adapter ends on the wires and spliced in the wires in the place of the original sockets. I removed the heat shield/reflectors and stuck the flat plates in their place. I used both 24 and 48 element lights depending on the area I was lighting. I used the natural white, not the cool white (bluish) or the warm white (yellowish). having the LEDs mounted on an aluminum plate spaced from the circuit board with the driver, makes it operate very cool and they last forever. For the bi-pin (G4) reading lights with halogen bulbs, I used the Elite series and had one fail in the motorhome, M4 promptly replaced it. Only failure of any kind I've had with their products. I started out with cheaper LED lights to replace the original bulbs and the LED elements failed very quickly, no heat sinks. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/06/19 09:49pm General RVing Issues
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