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RE: refrigerator door prop

My 2019 Rockwood came with this fridge door clip things. At first, I didn't know what the heck they were! https://i.imgur.com/mdJFs1ul.jpg But, since they were in the fridge when I found them, figured they were for it Played around with them and figured out they fit this way. https://i.imgur.com/IuRjpozl.jpg So, here is how they work. The leave a gap in the door and so far as worked great. You have a Dometic fridge, OP has a Norcold, those won't work. Norcold I am familiar with (N611 model) have a little slider at the door handles that holds the door about 3/8 inch open. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/20 09:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: ACME nut destroyed

Marshall Excelsior 2020 RV LP catalog This catalog is quite useful as it has lots of good information in it in addition to being a catalog. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/13/20 09:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Onan Indiana generator stalling

Just watched a Youtube video about this on 4000 (and I suppose the 3600LP). The guy described the symptoms as starting fine, running fine, suddenly shutting down, and later starting up fine. He claims that TOO HIGH of an oil level (within the normal range on the dipstick) was causing it and that many others commented that they too experienced this and that servicing the oil to just above the ADD mark solved the problem. https://youtu.be/vzXDlln8aUw Another video said it was the fuel pump. You can test the pump/filter by taking the line at the carb off and putting it in a container and pushing STOP and this will operate the pump to prime the carb. If you don't get good flow, you may have pump problems, assuming you have a quarter tank or more of fuel in the RV fuel tank. https://youtu.be/U72Zmk0BF-o Charles Charles
CharlesinGA 08/09/20 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: airtabs

Russ on the Youtube channel RVerTV has a Sprinter with Airtabs on it. No idea what he thinks of them, just that I have noticed them on the van in some of the videos. Charles
CharlesinGA 08/09/20 09:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: ACME nut destroyed

Buy pigtails made by Marshall Excelsior. They will be USA made, including the hose. I buy the steel braided version. You probably have the hose with the reverse flare on the regulator end, and probably 15 inch. 15 inch, green nut, steel braid LP tank pigtail Charles
CharlesinGA 08/09/20 09:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: mt.pisgha

Frustrating isn't it? I've camped at Pisgah several times and really like it. We go in the summer to stay cool. Last week we wanted to go to Balsam Mtn, but its closed also. Ended up and Mile High, a private campground off the same road as Balsam Mt. They were pretty much full, but we got two spaces and it was nice and COOL, about 72 for a daytime high, at 5400 ft elevation. Its a shame all the Federal stuff is closed, its pushing people to the private campgrounds and they are overrun. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/28/20 10:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Kind of a dumb question, but I'm new

Due to the fact that the bars on a WDH are specific to ranges of tongue weight, you really need to wait until you get the trailer. Equal-i-zer® brand hitches DO NOT have interchangable bars, they are removable but due to design differences you have to replace the entire hitch head (but not the shank) and the bars, as a unit if you need to go from one weight range to another. Other hitches have interchangeable weight bars, such as the Blue Ox Sway Pro, its available with 350 lb. 550 lb, 750 lb, 1000 lb and 1500 lb weight bars. The hitch head is the same, you just change the bars (but thats a $200 plus proposition). Many dealers do not really know how to set up hitches. An Equal-i-zer in particular is not the easiest to set up. Shop for a good used WDH, they are on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you just gotta search for them, and know what you are looking at. I just bought a 7 month old, possibly used once (ball was not scratched) Blue Ox Sway Pro hitch with 1000 lb bars for my 800 lb plus tongue weight. Paid $300 for it, cheapest I can get it delivered to my door for was something over $600, plus the cost of the ball. I made a 900 mile round trip in the car to get it, but I got a bunch of other camping stuff also, the guy was cleaning out his garage. New Camco lego blocks, Zero Gravity lounge chairs, dogbone adapters, and a couple of other valuable items all thrown in. Camping was not his bag and they were moving. One thing to pay attention to is that whoever sets up the hitch has TORQUE WRENCHES to tighten the ball and the two bolts that retain the head to the shank. Many people think "German tight" is good enough, but you are playing with fire if they come loose on you. A ball will generally have a 1¼ inch threaded shank and (fine thread) will be torqued to 450 lb/ft (yes, you read that right) and the 3/4 cross bolts holding the hitch head to the shank are torqued to 260 lb/ft (and yes, I own the proper torque wrenches). Charles https://www.amazon.com/photos/all/gallery/EQA9E_MPRJm7vuzzfbUQyQ
CharlesinGA 07/28/20 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

Not sure if your Jeep's 5 spd auto is the Mercedes transmission or not (the diesel and the V8 used the Benz tranny) but if the shift lever moves left and right from Drive to allow you to manually up shift or down shift, that is what is referred to as locking out the overdrive. You would bump the lever to the left and a 4 appears in the shift indicator rather than the D and this means that the transmission is restricted to gears 1 thru 4. 3.6L Engine When in the DRIVE position, the first tap to the left (-) will shift down one gear and will display that gear. For example, if you are in DRIVE and are in fifth gear, when you tap the shift lever one time to the left (-), the transmission will downshift to fourth gear and the display will show 4. Another tap to the left (-) will shift the transmission into third gear. Be proactive going up hills and downshift manually and keep the revs up rather than waiting on the transmission to decided that the engine is too loaded down, its too late then and you have lost speed. Going down hills, go ahead and bump it down to 4th or even 3rd to control your speed so you don't use the brakes so much. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/28/20 08:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: where 2 get water for RV before you reach your destination?

Many fuel stations such as Loves and Pilot have faucets in the pump islands, but they are almost always marked "non-potable water" to prevent or discourage use. I have read (no personal experience) that out west, most Maverick stations have free dump and free potable water. Some state rest stops or welcome stations may have water or dumps or both. Allstays, Sanidumps, and other apps are good to use for finding water and dump stations. You sanitized at home? No fun to find water once you arrive at a campground. What if closest water point is closed, contaminated or otherwise unavailable? No stopping to dry camp or boondock...no water. Your choice. If 400 pounds of water makes that much of difference to you, you need a better TV. It may not have anything to do with tow vehicle, but everything to do with water tank location on the trailer. I have a trailer with the water tank at the very rear, under the bed. Yes, it should have been put under the floor, forward of the axles but it was not. It was located inside to make the trailer a "four season" trailer, but in the process put water where it should not have been. I have never seen an established campground that didn't have water available somewhere on the property. If you're rustic camping or boondocking all bets are off. Was just at one earlier this week that had water for shower and commodes and I wondered why the commodes seemed to fill very slowly. Then walking the campground I spied a large round poly tank of 1500 or so gallons up on the highest spot on the campground. There is no power at all in the campground save for a large generator near the office, so either the tank is refilled by tank truck every so often or it could be pumped from a well by the generator when they needed to refill it. It was on top of a mountain at 5400 ft ASL. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/24/20 12:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Florida Title

Okay, thanks all. It was pretty simple after all. The previous person I talked to evidently though that I was trying to title a 15 year old vehicle for the first time. She was leading me down a rabbit hole with instructions that police of some flavor (or a dealership, on their letterhead) had to verify my VIN, it had to be notorized, etc, etc. The person I talked to today (Thanks, JoeH!) simply gave me a form number, asked that I copy my Driver's License, and send a check for $10. She apologized that the online feature doesn't work for out of state residents. Simple! Sorry for wasting your time. No, you didn't waste anyone's time, you gave us good information, that someone else might be able to use in the future. Thanks. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/24/20 12:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Converting table to bed

You don't say what model Sunseeker but looking at the 2018 Sunseeker brochure there are U shaped dinettes of 41 x 76 or in one case a U shaped one of 44 x 82, while the straight dinettes are 42 x 68, so you possibly may not be doing the conversion to a bed properly. Dunno. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 11:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: 30 amp to 50 amp conversion

Given that many RV parks do not have 50 amp at all and some have it only at preferred sites that accommodate big rigs (extra $$$) you probably would be better off learning how to manage your power consumption. A 1500 watt hair dryer or heater or anything else that has that kind of wattage will draw about 12-13 amps. The A/C unit also draws about 12 to 15 amps. It all depends on how much you value convenience vs $$$ to do the work. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 11:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2013 KZ Sportsman converter problems

WFCO converters are junk, so it is reasonably safe to assume it is at least part of the problem. Randy at Best Converter can steer you straight on a non-WFCO replacement that will be a easy swap out that is designed to replace the WFCO. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mechanical Mystery...

This is a chronic problem on early 2000's GM products. You need to go to a GM/Chevy forum and do some searching. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 10:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading WDH hitch, Shank question.

Virtually all shanks have 3/4 holes spaced 1¼ inch apart. Most hitch heads attach using two holes with one unused in between. Some of the Reese hitch heads attach to the shank with two holes and two unused in between (not sure how else to describe it). I discovered this when I was looking for shims to use on my Blue Ox Sway Pro to keep from crushing the mounting ears in toward the shank. (either the shank is a little narrow, or the ears on the hitch head are a little wide (both were Blue Ox parts). In any case, I ended up with Reese Pro Series shim p/n PS58444 which has 2½ inch hole centers and worked well on the Blue Ox just fine (0.042 thick). I also discovered the Reese 58207 that has 3-3/4 inch hole centers which is somewhat unusual. The Blue Ox and Equalizer have the 2½ hole spacing. To make a long story short, the shanks are pretty universal, the differences being how many vertical holes they have (rise or drop), how long the shank is from the receiver pin to the vertical row of holes (8 to 12 or so inches), and the size of the receiver portion of the shank (2 inch or 2½ inch). Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 10:36pm Towing
RE: Understanding GVWR

Your hitch weight is unrealistic. Optimum is 13% of the trailer weight. So if you take the dry weight (which you will never see) and multiply by .13 you get 783 lbs. If you use the max gross weight, its 1196 lbs. Figure about 110 lbs for propane, take the water capacity and multiply by 8 lbs per gallon, then take all the cookware, grill, dump hose, potable water hose, power cord, etc and clothes and personal stuff, extra shoes, etc, it adds up fast. A realistic tongue weight is more like 950 to 1000 lbs for your situataion. Simply put, your truck is no where close to being capable of doing this. You need to gas up the truck and go to a scale and spend the $12 or so and weigh it, then you can have some real numbers to work with. Towing capacity is calculated by the manufacturers using a flat bed trailer loaded with (take your pick) bricks/railroad iron/lead/etc and is not representative of towing a big box down the road that reacts to wind and buffeting of trucks. Its simply what the engine, transmission, and rear axle are capable of pulling, and the brakes are capable of stopping, without breaking the first time you tow. Charles Charles
CharlesinGA 07/23/20 10:14pm Towing
RE: Axle and Hub Question

Axle in the photo looks normal. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/11/20 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Changed profile with no results

You add a Signature at the top of My Forums > My Preferences. Once you add your Sig, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Changes button. https://i.imgur.com/UaULfKE.png Problem is, when I got to My forums > My preferences... there is no Your Signature box like you show. That screen has General Preferences, Private Messages, Privacy, and Email Preferences........... Nothing about Signature on the Preferences page. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/06/20 11:29pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

For a single battery box that will hold two GC2 golf cart batteries and usually fits in the frame work provided in the A frame of many trailers, is the CAMCO 55374 (batteries turned end to end, like a huge 12v.) the NOCO HM426 Dual 6V GC2 box puts the batteries side by side for a more square footprint but not the way that many travel trailers have brackets prewelded in place for. https://www.campingworld.com/camco-double-battery-box-118120.html Charles
CharlesinGA 07/05/20 10:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving breakers in the camper on while away?

Virtually all single pole 15 and 20 amp breakers are Switching duty rating (SWD) (UL says no more than 20 amp for switching duty rating), so the argument about wearing them out is nil. However, breakers up to 50 amp that are marked HID are also switching duty rated for use with HID circuits and as such are not prone to failure with repeated use like non rated breakers would be. Charles
CharlesinGA 07/05/20 10:10pm Travel Trailers
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