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RE: Towing with Jeep Wrangler

Consider a hybrid trailer if you must tow with the Jeep. They will be shorter and lighter for what they will sleep and hold (fold out sleeping platforms on the ends) Its like having the beds of a popup with the body of a regular travel trailer in between. Hybrids are not allowed in certain areas and parks, due to bears. Same areas will not allow tent camping either. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/13/19 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Tires are 265/70R17E 2731 lbs. So does that mean for the pair of rear tires I have 5462 lbs of capacity? Well under what the axle can handle... what a flaw of initial design... You do not have Light Truck tires. What you have are NON-LT, possibly P series tires. Were they original to the truck? or did you install them. LT265/70R17E tires will be rated 3195 lbs at 80 PSI. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/12/19 06:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Michelin LTX tire prices??

Besides having to buy a replacement truck and to spend a grand on new tires and $1500+ on a canopy, it's getting to be an expensive camping season If you are referring to a Cap, topper, camper shell, or whatever else one might call them (made by LEER, ARE, and others) I would hope with a little research, you can find one much cheaper. I know in BC things are harder to come by, and more expensive, but you probably can find one across the border rather reasonable. Here in the Southeastern US, toppers bring $500 to $600 and thats about it. Last year I bought an '03 Ram 2500 longbed and long bed toppers for third gen trucks are a little rare. I finally found a LEER made in 2014 (but for a 3rd gen Ram Longbed) for $600 that even had a Thule roof rack option on it. The guy has paid $2600 new for the top in 2014 to fit his 2002 1500 long bed (3rd gen began in '02 with the 1500 and then in '03 with 25/3500 models) and so I got a nearly new top for way cheaper. This is an average going price down here. Looking at Bellingham WA, I see they, on average, bring more money, and of course, long bed models are hard to find (if that is what you have) but I see a couple that might be fits for you. Good luck. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/11/19 01:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Michelin LTX tire prices??

On the upside, going with the smallest tire size you can will give your truck the most oomph up n over the mountians. But Lynnmor might tell you different, since torque doesn't matter apparently. Effective gear ratio might not either, lol. The tires are $92 on Tire Rack, basically car tires on special. See, I can say something intelligent, try it sometime. Got a link to that? what I am seeing is $227.99 each. Tire Rack Michelin Defender LT245/75R17E Oh, never mind on the link, I found it, NON-LT tire. 245/75R17. Only has a weight capacity of 2469 lbs at a max of 44 psi, and only weighs 32 lbs. THIS IS NOT A LT TIRE AND YOU DO NOT WANT IT ON YOUR TRUCK. NON LT Michelin 245/70R17 Charles
CharlesinGA 06/09/19 04:50pm Tow Vehicles

There are small electronic modules you can install on the 3ed brake light circuit that will cause the light to flash repeatedly and then go steady. They can be programmed for different number of flashes and different flash rates. I see these commonly used on motorcycles, occasionally on cars and trucks. There are many different ones offered on Amazon. Also, get an LED strip that goes across the truck under the tailgate. These add a lot of light and are quite effective at getting attention. Lastly, if you have a cap, topper or hard tonneau cover that has a third brake light in it, hook it up if it is not. You will find a short pigtail sticking out the harness on the LH side near the spare tire, which is for powering this High Center Mounted Brake Light, AKA 3rd brake light. If you have a cap or other installed item on your truck, that obscures the 3rd brake light on the back of the cab, some states (Texas) will cite you, if you do not have a visible one on the cap or truck body. http://www.3rdbrakeflasher.com/ instructions https://www.atcomp.com/services-view/recreational-vehicle/ This is the correct connector to plug into a LEER or other brand topper wiring to hook up the 3rd brake light. https://www.ebay.com/p/American-Technology-C90-907-Center-Mount-Stoplight-Wiring-Kit/567842466 https://www.atcomp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/C90-907.pdf Charles
CharlesinGA 06/09/19 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine torque

Changed the oil & filter yearly, had about 140K miles on it and it always ran great. The oil pressure was good right up to the end (unless that gauge was defective). Understand that a Ford truck oil pressure gauge is not really indicating pressure. It is operated by a on/off pressure switch and has a resistor in the circuit on the back of the gauge to hold the gauge in the position you saw it in. If you think it fluctuated it was due to variances in system voltage. My '91 Ranger has the same thing, and it has been done this way since some time in the '70's or '80's right up to the present on all Ford trucks. You may have only had enough pressure to make the switch make contact (10 psi or so) and no more. Google Ford truck oil pressure gauge for more info, and ways to jumper the resistor and add a real pressure transmitter to the engine. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/09/19 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Michelin LTX tire prices??

Michelin is steadily discontinuing the Defender series tires, in favor of the Agilis tires. However your size LT245/75R17E is still in the list on the Michelin web site and the part number is 48588 (this is the LT tire, weight 44.2 lbs, carries 3195 lbs at 80 psi and 121R rated). MSRP is $232.99 The Agilis LT245/75R17E is the same 3195 lbs at 80 psi and it weighs 47.64 lbs and is also rated at 121/118. It is part number 09917. Tread is 12.5/32ed vs 13.5/32ed on the Defender. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/09/19 01:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Muffin fan in Norcold fridge

Pick up 12volt from the back of the fridge, at the spade where the power attaches and feed the wire up the drain tube from the drip pan under the fins. Double spade connector https://newcontent.westmarine.com/content/images/catalog/thumb/P02411197_TMB.jpg Charles
CharlesinGA 06/05/19 08:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Newbie help - keeping cool

A bear can rip a door right off a car if they smell food inside. Tents and Hybrids are very easy for a bear to tear into, and easy for them to smell food inside of. A hard side camper, especially if the food is well sealed in containers, etc, is more difficult (but certainly not impossible) for a bear to smell. They are less likely to tear a hard camper apart trying to get to food (or people, don't forget, your scent is easy to detect for bears, who have good noses). Sometimes you will go into a campground and they have heavy steel containers at every campsite. That is for the tent campers and the hybrid folks, to store their food inside of. The containers are (hopefully) bear proof. Some campgrounds have heavy steel trash containers scattered about for you to put trash in. It is picked up from these containers daily rather than having a large dumpster that a bear can easily get into that will sit for a week with rotting trash in it. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/02/19 10:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: First RV Purchase - Need Advice - Venture RV Stratus

Nice large 8cf fridge, but in the slide, adds lots of weight to the slide when operating it and that is not a good thing, plus fridges in slides require a high sidewall outlet vent which is not as effective as a roof vent. I actually like the fold out steps, the ones that stow underneath and you flip out one step, then pull the rest out can be a finger getter, plus a hassle to operate at times. Disadvantage of the flip out type is that you MUST deploy them, even if you don't want or need them. At 7000 lbs it probably has 3500 lb axles, and of course some of the weight will be on the hitch. I do like the 15 inch tires. Like everything, it has good and bad points. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/02/19 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie help - keeping cool

Thanks Mitch. It's a hard-side trailer with beds on each side. I hadn't thought about the noise. Rob W I was thinking "pop up" when I first read this, but...... Sounds like a hybrid, a hard side/roof trailer with the pull out/fold out tent sections for beds? They used to be popular, but are less so now. Advantages are lighter weight and more compact size, but still with room for beds, etc. Disadvantages are that you have to be sure and dry them out good before storing them, and some areas with bear problems will not allow them. Just so you know how to describe it. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/02/19 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie help - keeping cool

Suns up! Get out of bed! So true. While at home on an off work day, I usually have stayed up late the night before (internet :D ) and have no trouble sleeping in till 8:30/9:30 however, when traveling, I end up going to bed earlier and am up with the first light in the morning. After exploring walking trails and others sights all day long, plus having to fix something to eat, I sleep good and wake up early and rested. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/02/19 10:26am Travel Trailers
RE: LED Bulbs for trailer interior in a real store, not online?

For my motorhome, I initially bought these flat panel bulbs. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FSIN0U6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/415-EIEZTmL.jpg Which as it turns out, had no heat sink capability and no name LED elements. They looked great, were easy to install, has the 4500K natural light color, and a lumen capacity similar to the 1141 bulbs I was replacing. What could go wrong? well, they were cheap junk, that is what. They all worked but in the course of the first year of light use, the elements, one by one, started failing, making for less light from the panel. Eventually, I gave up and that is when I did a full conversion to LED flat panels with the elements being separated from the driver circuity by an air gap, and the capability of dissipating heat. https://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server5100/db08d/products/367/images/5004/ALPLATE481NW__96443.1547836176.1280.1280.jpg?c=2 Companies like M4Products and SuperBrightLEDs, while charging more for their products, go to great lengths to provide a product that won't fail, provides the expected light and color, and back them with a good warranty. I consider spending the extra money to get a well made long lasting product, worth every penny. Disclaimer: I have no connection to M4Products other than being a satisfied customer. I learned of the company and their products thru the RVGeeks videos on LED upgrades, and in fact, if you do order, watch one of the videos, and specify "rvgeeks5" as a discount code to get 5% off the purchase price. Charles
CharlesinGA 06/01/19 12:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: LED Bulbs for trailer interior in a real store, not online?

Chatsworth, California, on the NW side of the LA metro area. M4 Products. I have bought from them, and while pricey, they quality is way above the other crappy stuff on the market. Look at and read their homepage. Showroom by Appointment. http://www.m4products.com/ I had Progressive Industries lighting in my Winnebago, with bayonet base bulbs, and removed the sockets and dished reflector plates, and made new flat plates and installed the flat plate LEDs that M4 sells and then hardwired them in (the fixtures do not have switches. Sold the motorhome.) Bought a travel trailer (interim unit till the Unicorns bring me what I really want) and just the other day converted it to the flat plate LEDs, same thing, removed the sockets and hardwired the flat plate LEDs to the switches. These are the very common fixtures that have the round rocker switch in the middle, use the 921 bulbs with the wedge base and have a tiny little metal reflector. I removed the reflector and the sockets (they just snap out) and rewired and reinstalled a fixture and then removed the next one and off to the bench. Flat plate LEDs are great, they project all of the light down, where is should go, and the lenses scatter it enough to provide side light. I used the larger flat plates this second go round and may have outdone myself this time. Will have to order some of the smaller ones for a couple of the under cabinet and bathroom sink alcove fixtures where you don't need as much light. I prefer natural daylight color, about 4500K. Cannot stand the bluish light or the yellowish warm light. These flat plates DO come with both wedge and bayonet base adapters to plug in but I just do away with the sockets and cut the adapter bases off the wires on the lights. Really freaking bright, love it. http://www.m4products.com/alplate-48-5630-nw-natural-white-double-aluminum-plate/ this one is about the same brilliance as the original bulbs, http://www.m4products.com/alplate-24-5630-nw-natural-white-double-aluminum-plate/ They also have many other bulbs and also in cool and warm color. Charles
CharlesinGA 05/31/19 09:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: TV breakdown 2 days into trip

You do not say what year Taco you have. EDIT: I see its a 2011 according to your second post. If it has an alternator decoupler built into the alternator pulley, they are prone to seizing up and this will cause belt whipping and breakage. The purpose of a decoupler (or overrunning clutch on some vehicles) it to prevent the alternator from becoming a flywheel between power pulses and pushing on the belt, which causes the whipping. I am sure they do, but I have never seen a serpentine belt fail, don't care how many cracks you see in the ribs, they generally just don't break. To determine if you have a decoupler or ORC on your alternator, look at the front of the pulley. Usually they have a cap on them, instead of the typical exposed nut and end of shaft. A good video to watch to see the comparison of non-decoupler vs decoupler vs ORC on the same engine. https://youtu.be/4EXYP1CmL9Q and a video to help identify the various types of pulleys. https://youtu.be/U7MD85ogCEo Charles
CharlesinGA 05/31/19 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rafter J-Bar / Custer / Rushmore

With some 400,000+ in attendance at the rally, odds are, you will not be able to enjoy slow scenic rides thru the hills, and the crowds at various venues in the area such as Rushmore will be heavy. Charles
CharlesinGA 05/27/19 11:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What to do

While parked overnight at a casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, a lady parked next to me in a Sprinter Class B conversion. She was having trouble getting the twist lock power cord to connect so I straightened a bent pin and got it hooked up. She said after her husband passed away she sold the large diesel pusher, and bought the Class B. She was off to visit relatives when I met her. So, yes, people do downsize and continue to travel, and one cannot feel bad about doing something you enjoy. Charles
CharlesinGA 05/25/19 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need a lift for my 5th wheel hitch

I sometimes leave the hitch attached to the trailer , pull the pins and the trailer jacks will lift the hitch and trailer off of the truck . Never have to lift .Leave the hitch hang until you need it again , reverse to install !Literally!!! I saw this suggestion previously, and thought it would be a pretty good idea. I have a portable gantry crane 12 ft high and 12 ft wide with an air powered chain hoist on it, so I would be lifting it out with a strap and setting it on a harbor freight furniture dolly, but I don't have/don't want a 5th wheel, so that wont happen, but leaving it attached to the trailer is a pretty good idea. Charles
CharlesinGA 05/25/19 04:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: dual AC on 30 amps - I think I made it work

RVGeeks just did a video on running two A/C units on 30 amps, using soft start modifications to both units (and conservative use of other power users). https://youtu.be/1mCeNRODDxc Charles
CharlesinGA 05/25/19 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: reese specs

I was gonna say, its pretty high, my Equalizer calls for 320 lb ft for those 3/4 shank bolts. Charles
CharlesinGA 05/21/19 07:28pm Travel Trailers
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