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RE: iOS vs Android

My wife and daughter use Iphones. I'm an android guy. Here's why. I use my phone for almost everything. I store my music on it (95 albums worth). I store my pictures on it and use it to take pictures of almost every event I go it be it camping trips, races, concerts, family get togethers etc. I can't tell you how many times my wife and daughters phones filled up and they had to do the hurry up and delete stuff (Old apps/pictures/etc they are no longer using) to free up space. Prices range from $749-64 gig, $799-128 gig to $899-256 gig for Iphones. I can buy a 256 gig memory card for $69 for my android but apple wants to charge me a $150 premium to build in 256 gigs of memory and not give me a memory card slot. I don't think so. They also did away with their earphone plug and now use their lightning plug which made all their users go buy new earplugs. Apple reminds me of HP Computers a few years ago when they started building computers that wouldn't fit anything but their overpriced parts if you wanted to upgrade or replace something that went bad. Power supplies that cost twice what anyone else was charging for them so it was either pay it or junk the PC and go buy a new one. Oh how the mighty fall once people catch on. So for me, it's become a matter of your not charging me more for what I can get for less and is on a more popular platform. If everything else I had was apple, I guess I'd have to hold my nose and buy one but thankfully I never got sucked into Apples marketing and have Samsung tablets, Windows PC's and Android phones, All of which I love.
CincyGus 12/12/18 10:54pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV HD Charge

I use my VZ unlimited data plan to stream Playstation VUE on my phone and then cast it to my TV. Rarely due I not have 2 bars which is what I need to keep a stable picture with only occasional buffering. 3 bars and we are buffering free. If I don't have the required signal, we DVD it or watch movies I've downloaded from Amazon Prime onto my tablet. I'm allowed to have 20 at any given time and I replace them after watching with something new so I always have 20 we haven't seen yet. Never been anywhere we couldn't get OTA, a decent cell signal OR power to watch TV. If it was raining so bad we couldn't go out and I didn't have any of the above I have Yahtzee, UNO cards, regular playing cards along with a travel backgammon board. Bring on the apocalypse!
CincyGus 12/12/18 10:30pm Technology Corner
RE: question about powering outside kitchen fridge

Save your money. our camper is plugged in and drinks loaded 24 hour before. We freeze water bottles in outdoor kitchen mini frig. freeze area. Never had an issue defrosting. While all the answers are good, I think this is the best one. As long as you stock a couple days prior to leaving and everything is down to proper temp, if your only traveling 2-8 hours, you will be fine. Fridges today are insulated very well and if you don't open them and they are not having to cool warm items, they will stay acceptably cold for 8 hours easily. For drinks, condiments, etc, if you have everything mid-high 30's before leaving, it won't rise above mid to high 40's after 8 hours in 90 degree heat. If you have anything frozen you can put in it that you need to thaw, that helps also. I've put frozen steaks, burgers, hot dogs, chops, etc in mine and not turned it on because I was out of propane until I got to the campground 4-5 hours away and got my tanks swapped out. Stuff was still frozen and just starting to thaw. What gets people in trouble is stopping on the way and going grocery shopping and opening the door and putting in a bunch of stuff that isn't down to temp and then expecting the camper fridge to bring the temp down 20 degree's. All that said, the inverter and a couple extra batteries is a great safe guard and will be a benefit if you take a longer trip or have an emergency that requires the trip be be longer than planned before you can plug in.
CincyGus 12/12/18 10:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Outside kitchen.

I have a Camp Chef 3 burner stove and a weber 220 grill that I setup on a folding 6' table butted up against the end of the picnic table. We put a 10' popup canopy covering half the picnic table and about half the folding table so if there is rain or high temps, I have a place to stay dry or in the shade. We use the inside only if weather makes it impossible to cook outside like high winds, blowing heavy rain. If we can wait it out and eat a little late, we do that rather than cook inside. I think in 6 years of owning my previous camper, we cooked inside maybe 2 meals. usually it's microwave stuff only and the stove has a cutting board on top of it for use as a prep area. I really prefer outside cooking. Thats why we go camping is to be outside. Plus it keeps the camper smelling better and cleaner. I'm not sure I would like the stove in an outdoor kitchen built-in to a camper. I prefer a beefier, higher BTU stove so I have plenty of adjustment from 200-500 degrees. As for the storage, I keep my cooking supplies (tongs, spatula's, serving spoons, fork, serving platter) in a tub and other than spices, oil, plates and silverware, I don't need anything from inside other than the food. My wife has a nice little basket that she puts those things in and passes it out and then the food. Once I start, I have everything I need. We wash everything outside and out in a dish drainer on the end of the grill/stove table and take the items in or put them in the tub for the night before we go to bed. To me, the interior storage or space you give up for the kitchen throws the balance to the I don't need that side of the equation for me. But that's why they make options and different floor plans for everyone's preference. G;lad you found one you love. Enjoy it as often as possible.
CincyGus 12/12/18 09:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank Problems

After I dump the black tank, I put water in the black by holding down the foot flush until the black tank reads 1/3 full. This accomplishes a couple things. One, I never have dry anything in my tank. Paper or solids always have water working on them to break them down. Two, I have never had a pyramid of paper or poop in my tank. Three, my tank meters have never gone to the stuck on an incorrect reading situation that is common to some because TP got hung up on an sensor inside the tank and is conducting electricity through it. My old TT had 30 gallon gray and black tanks and I never filled the black unless I was camping for over 10 days (3 of us camping usually, occasionally 4). Gray alway filled first and I would use a tote to dump it and the black would last generally until we left. I think one time I had to dump some black into it, top off with gray water and go dump give us a couple days worth of room on a 14 day camping trip. So my point is, be generous with the water, Don't be afraid of starting off with a few inches or more to make sure everything gets broken down good. Then you can just fill the bowl to a normal level, do your business and flush without worrying about anything. Lastly, if you put water in after dumping, it sloshes around on the way home and works on anything that is stubbornly sticking to the bottom or sides of your tank.
CincyGus 12/08/18 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable generators question

You may want to look at one of these Harbor Freight genset Another vote for the harbor freight Predator 3500 generator. Just bought one this fall. As quiet as any 3000w+ genny I've been around and 1/3rd the cost of a Honda EU3000. If it doesn't last 10 years, I'll buy another one and still have $400 in my pocket. Sound Test with DB meter.
CincyGus 12/08/18 07:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hatch door repair?

I've never done a repair like your talking about but I do inspect and touch up silicone on the edges of where the metal frame of the hatch door meets the hatch face during inspections. Sounds like they failed to silicone the edges of the lock when they installed it in the hatch. You have me curious about mine now so thank you for the post. I'll be checking. I think the interior of the door panel may be plywood or pressboard sandwiches between the outside finishes and glued on both sides. I'll be interested what you discover.
CincyGus 11/30/18 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Storage compartment organization

Well, IMO no sewage stuff should be kept in the same compartment with any fresh water stuff in a tub or not. Been using this method to store my sewage gear for 6 years ago when I bought the TT and had a black tank (Popup didn't have one). Never had any cross contamination causing illness or breakout of any zombie causing disease. I will add that I do rinse out the hoses and the sewage container with soapy water and then fresh when I wash the camper a couple times a year. Then I let them air dry in the sun before putting them back in the tub at the end of the day. To each their own. This works for me. There’s also a “drying” issue (rinsed or not) at least for me. Wet stuff in a closed container? I'm guessing you hook your fresh water hose up to an air compressor every time you tear down camp, blowing it dry before putting it in a storage compartment? Too much work for me. Containing a few drops of water left in a hose (fresh or sewage) after I have drained them (and then rinsed for the sewage hose) in a tub is much better than putting that in a storage area uncontained, IMO. At worst, I have found maybe a quarter dixie cup worth of water in a tub after a trip home or upon the next time I opened the tub to setup. Usually none. But I'm glad it was in the tub and not in my storage bay. It's very easy to wipe out with a couple paper towels vs. having it soak into my storage area floor.
CincyGus 11/30/18 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: dead air

FB like most things has good and bad. Makes it easy to post pics and get things out. Don't have to host the pic and share a link. But with that, you get a lot of social media yahoo's that feel like they have to comment on everything sometimes. Even stuff they have no interest in or for that matter, knowledge about. And the Ad's! Oh well, Like I said, Good and bad,
CincyGus 11/30/18 12:16pm Toy Haulers
Storage compartment organization

I spent a lot of time over the years modifying my storage plan as we moved from a popup with a front storage compartment, to a travel trailer and now to a toy hauler. Storage is almost always at a premium in a camper so tips to maximize it along with make it easy to find what you want is what I was striving for. Nothing lights my fuse more than knowing I have something but not being able to find it. Just imagine how many times my daughter heard "A place for everything, everything in it's place"! LOL! When we moved from a popup to a TT, I measured the dimensions of the passthrough doors on each side along with the interior dimensions of the compartment. I went to my local Walmart and found a combination of the plastic storage containers that would fit through the passthrough door and then be stackable inside. These containers would stack three high and two side by side, using almost the entire dimensions top to bottom and side to side. I believe I was within 2" on each. So using 6, I took up half of the front passthrough storage area, 3 high, 2 columns wide. I put all these on the drivers side. We recently got a Toyhauler which has a Genny Prep Storage cage on the drivers side and about 2/3's the trailers width passthrough only to the passenger side. So a little reconfiguring had to be done along with buying a few different size containers to fit the new dimensions. I now have 1 each labeled Sewage, Water, Electrical, Tools/lube, Kitchen, Misc. Contents below SEWAGE (Thin)-2 Rhino hoses, a few adapters, clear adapter. Anything that has dirty water flow through it goes in the container after it's rinsed out. No chance of contamination that way. WATER (Tall)-Clean Water supplies (Regular water hoses, elbows, water filters and regulators). ELECTRICAL (Tall)- Power cord, the surge protector and a 30 amp extension cord along with the electric dog bones. TOOLS/LUBE (Thin)-WD-40, Silicone, Dry lube, hitch grease, a few wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, socket set, drill bits, Gorilla Tape, Aluminum tape, Electrical tape. KITCHEN (Tall)-2 lanterns, tongs, spatula, fork, propane quick connect hoses, 6 small propane tanks, grilling gloves, mantels, a propane tree that connects to a 20lb propane tank and allows multiple feeds to appliances. MISC (Thin)-tent stakes, small 5-lb sledge hammer, claw hammer, rope, rubber bungees, misc stuff. The Sewer, Water, Electrical and Tools all stack in my generator prep storage on the hookup side of the camper since we did not get the Onan genny. Works out well since that's the side of the camper I need everything in those tubs generally. Fit nicely with room for the crank arms for the manual slide out/spare tire and a few small odds and ends. The Kitchen tub comes out during setup to go under a folding 6' table I setup to use for the campstove and Weber Q220 grill. The Misc tub stays in the storage area unless I need to fix something. This method has worked out well for me after some adjusting and deciding what I needed to have and what I just needed to have available IF. When we go somewhere to camp thats power only, I just grab the kitchen tube and the power cord and everything else stays where it is. I also like the way the plastic tubs slide on the floor of the storage area making them easy to get out. We have done the same thing with the storage under our bed by putting the sheets, pillow, blanket and comforter for the happijack bed in a single tub for when we have guests that will be using it. Out of the way but ready at a moments notice. We have plenty of room for other things there also but area leaving it half empty for the time being. Looking forward to hearing everyone's organizational tips so I can borrow a few and step up my game to the next level! Hope this spurs ideas or solutions to others as its all about making camping easier and more enjoyable.
CincyGus 11/27/18 09:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: WiFi Monitors for interior of camper

We decide each time we go camping if we are taking the dogs or not. When it's not, they are either left at home with friends/relative stopping by numerous times daily to let them out and feed them, or we take them to my mother's house and she keeps them for us. They are very well behaved and she knows them well and them her. She has a fenced in yard so it is no trouble for her. About 90% of the time, we take them with us. My dogs get excited the minute they see me carry a clothes basket to the camper because they know what that means. When we go camping, we generally don't all leave the area we are camping in at the same time. If we do, it's to take a hike, walk to a lake to go fishing for the day, go canoeing or boating, etc. All activities we take the dogs on. If there is something that they can not participate in, I generally stay behind with the dogs. I like solitude as much as anyone and reading a good book or hanging in a lawn chair tending the fire with so soft music playing, enjoying a brown pop with my 2 faithful companions is never a bad day. This was something we thought of and discussed prior to becoming pet owners. I've never regretted having them and never been tempted to leave them alone even though they would do fine if I did. They behave at home and would only bark in the camper if someone knocked on the door or was in the campsite and it would be a brief 2-3 woofs and they quit. I know because I have tested this numerous times without leaving, knocking on the door and then just sitting outside.
CincyGus 11/27/18 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: First timer looking for TT...so confused

Congrats on the new trailer and best wishes for a great experience!
CincyGus 11/25/18 09:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Justifying the cost of a Travel Trailer

Justify a boat? Justify a car that costs over $15,000 when that one will get you to work? Justify a 55" big screen when you can have 21" for $99 and watch the sme programing. There is no justification for many of the choices we all make in life. It comes down to what we enjoy doing. What is it worth TO YOU! As many have posted above, to them RV-ing is priceless. Building memories with family and friends. Staying places with amazing natural views and activities. Detoxifying from the rat race and disconnecting from technology for awhile by the side of a campfire? Just as with buying a boat, a second vacation home, a dirt bike, an airplane, a sand rail, a motorcycle, name your poison, You have to use it for it to feel worthwhile. If it's something you think you will love and will become your main activity other than working and other family commitments, that it has a chance to be third on your list of activities, GO FOR IT.
CincyGus 11/23/18 07:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Go For It! Repair or Replace it Yourself..You Can Do It

I'm not sure if it's a gene or not but I think environment/experience comes into play and I also think everyone's brain is just wired to excel at different things. My Dad had no "fix it" skill at all. I have an uncle on my mom's side that did most of the remodeling/fix it work around our house for a good meal and some beers while dad would assist and be the gopher. I learned a ton from him as a teen about construction, electrical and a little plumbing. Enough to have me grow an interest in it. So I'm the guy for our family to work on things when something broke. An I can usually fix it after a little investigation into how it's supposed to work, why it isn't and how can I repair it. Youtube is helpful in many instances. That said, I'm clearly a left side of the brain guy. Logical, Reasoning, Math, Science, Language, etc. That Right side stuff (Art/Music talents, Imagination, etc.), That stuff is like DAVID COPPERFIELD MAGIC to me. When I see someone talented in those areas I'm in awe because I am as inept at that as they may be at fixing my stereo's broken ground wire. My stick figures still look like they did when I was 7.
CincyGus 11/20/18 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailer Weight w/ My Truck

1677 lbs CCW - 700 lbs Cab/Bed ------ 977 lbs left of CCW 5595 UVW x 15% Tongue weight = 840 lbs 6495 x 15% Tongue weight = 975 lbs 7495 GVWR x 15% Tongue Weight = 1125 977-840= 137 spare CCW if trailer is empty 977-975= 2 lbs spare CCW. 977-1125= -147 lbs over CCW if loaded to GVWR So if you load less than 900 lbs in the trailer, it's possible you will squeak by your CCW limits of your truck. Understand that is that its theoretically possible and will need to be verified by weighing at scales. My opinion is it won't be any fun to be constantly worried about if you loaded the trailer properly, not being able to add water to the fresh water tanks to take with you without having to pull the calculator out and figure what you have to leave home to feel safe. And it certainly isn't going to be a nice relaxing drive to a wonderful weekend or vacation. I'd look for something smaller, lighter and shorter that fit the trucks abilities better.
CincyGus 11/20/18 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Can I pull this travel trailer?

"I have the same tv and would say to be on the safe side you're probably looking at a 25-26' TT under 6500lb's" And this would be at most. Your truck has plenty of engine, just not enough payload to pull something that large which is common among 1/2 tons of all makes. I just traded in a 25' TT that weighed 3740 according to the sticker (Old Trailer). Once I got it loaded for camping, it was close to 4500 lbs (Weighed at scales). Add another 450 in the truck (Wife, Dogs and myself) and another 500 lbs in the truck bed (Cornhole boards, Big Cooler, Table for the grill and outdoor stove, extra propane tank, pop up canopy, a couple 4'-2"x12" boards to level the TT, Bikes) and I was at my 1/2 ton trucks limits. I was always mindful of keeping weight forward and putting heaviest stuff near the truck cab in the bed and in the front of the trailer to keep tongue weight up. With the W/D and sway control, I could manage 65 mph as long as it wasn't real windy and would get a gentle suck towards semi's when being passed. It was unnerving when I first started pulling it but I became used to it and as a previous poster said, watched for semi's in my mirror and expected and counteracted the suck in when I saw them. If they snuck up on me and I was caught off guard, it certainly wasn't any fun being 6"-8" inches from the side of a semi trailer. If it was windy, I often would be relegated to 50-55 mph to feel safe and in the 6 years I owned this trailer, I had 3 occasions I felt it was unsafe to drive and pulled over for extended breakfasts/lunches until the weather settled down. I'm an extremely confident, defensive driver. I have driven over 50,000 miles a year for 30 years due to often working in a different city than I lived and having a 60-100 commute one way. I've done this without an accident that was my fault. I estimate that 2,000-3,000 of those every year were pulling either a horse trailer or a camper. Take the advice of almost everyone here and do not buy that size or weight trailer.
CincyGus 11/20/18 11:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Youtube TV, a positive experience

I dropped DTV about a year ago as a cost saving measure. My bill was $135 a month along with a $80 a month Fiberoptic internet bill, I was running about $215 a month on entertainment (Internet+TV). I downloaded Playstation Vue (Don't need a playstation to use this, available app on any smart TV or RUKU/Amazon fire-stick/etc. I got all stations that we watched, More sports channels and HBO and Showtime (which we didn't have in our $135 DTV package) for $80 a month (Their max channel selection package), cutting my bill $55. I also got the ability to watch everything I get at home on my phone and tablet. It has a DVR function that records programs you select and keeps them for 30 days. I use it to Cast/stream to my camper's smart TV through my cell's internet connection when we have good cell service and watch OTA/DVD's or Amazon Prime movies I have downloaded on my tablet that I can cast to the TV when we have poor internet connection. I'm not a big TV watcher when we are camping but we have the bases covered if it's raining cats and dogs and get stuck inside or want to watch a movie before going to bed.
CincyGus 11/19/18 12:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Same Travel Trailer...new or used? Worth the warranty?

I just traded in a 2012 TT that I bought new for $14,500. The dealership I traded it in at gave me $6,000 for it. I cleaned it and left a bunch of additions that I would not need in my new trailer (Towel holders, Storage improvements, new curtains, new LED TV, Privacy curtains for the bunk bed area, new sink fixtures, Storage rail in front storage compartment, New LED lights throughout, newer group 31 battery, all Manuals in a binder). The dealership had it advertised on their website for $10,500. There is plenty of negotiation room on almost every used trailer. A minimum of a couple thousand would be the rule, not the exception. If they can't get that much room on the trade in, they usually send them to auction.
CincyGus 11/19/18 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Hot spot and data drain

The short version is that it depends on the quality of the content you're streaming. From their Help page: “Watching movies or TV shows on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video.”Jan 24, 2017
CincyGus 11/18/18 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: MPG loss carrying Canoe on TV?

Another option is to buy a toy Hauler the next time you shop RV's.
CincyGus 11/18/18 05:40pm General RVing Issues
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