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RE: Camping World survey by RV Travel (not so good)

The truth about Camping World My personal experience with Camping World has been only as a Good Sams member to get the discount on purchases and campsites. Generally I buy my camping stuff on Amazon an only on occasion buy stuff from their store, usually RV specific parts I can't find somewhere else.
CincyGus 08/19/18 11:24am General RVing Issues
RE: LED Lantern Brightness and quality

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N523B2E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I've got a couple Coleman Propane lanterns I'll pull out when we have a big group or a double site and need to light up a large area but for the times it's just my family and a friend (3-4 people), I use the above. They are USB rechargable, last me about 4 hours, have magnetic mounts and carabiner clips (which fit perfectly on my pop up canopy and can therefore be aimed). They also stick well to the arms of my manual canopy on the trailer giving us enough light but not blinding anyone. A couple of these and a couple Mag-light flashlights take care of us unless we have after dark cornhole tourneys going, then the colemans come out. I'm on my 4th season with the first two I bought and bought 3 additional last year just to have some extras for friends that join us and tent camp. They work wonderful for the inside of a tent and 1 lights up a 14x14 tent well. They also have 3 settings (Low, Med, high) and an emergency flashing strobe. If the price on the first one scares you off, they have one that is slightly less bright (150 vs. 180 lumens) for under $10. This is actually the one I bought first and the most recent order was the brighter ones.
CincyGus 08/16/18 10:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Do diesels make financial sense?

Every time I go up a long uphill grade and don't have to listen to 5500 RPM's screaming at me, I feel like it's worth every penny to me. My accountant would disagree. But isn't life in a free country about making choices that are good for you? There are hundreds of things I've paid more for in life because it suited me better than something less expensive that would have done the job at a cheaper cost. So decide if the benefits are worth it to you and make a choice your happy with. After working hard for 30 years and recently retiring, It's time to do what I WANT now, not what someone tells me I should do ;-)
CincyGus 08/12/18 07:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Garage without beds or couch

I currently full time in an ‘06 Raptor and I would like to consider a new toyhauler. But every new one I’ve looked at comes with those beds/couch in the garage that raise up to the ceiling. Nice for a crowd but I’m recently divorced and want the space rather than the accessories. Dealers tell me to just take them out. Then pay to keep them in storage? I like the looks of the Momentum trailers, but the specs say garage accessories are mandatory. I also want as large a garage as possible. If you have any suggestions on a make of toyhauler that doesn’t force you to buy accessories you don’t want, please let me know. Or maybe you have a different suggestion? As mentioned, they both raise to above 6.5-7 feet. I'm not telling you that what you want isn't a good idea, I'm just questioning why you would want hurt your resale value so badly for something that to me, seems out of the way. What are you going to use the space between 6.5' and the ceiling for? Do you have large cabinets or something that is so tall that it won't fit under both the couch and bed when they are raised to the ceiling? 99% of the people that are looking for toyhaulers are doing so BECAUSE of the additional living space and sleeping space they give while still allowing toys in the garage. So you're going to be significantly reducing your audience for resale if you don't have them available when that time comes. Good Luck in finding the solution that gives you want you want.
CincyGus 08/11/18 08:39am Toy Haulers
RE: 35' toyhauler recommendations and what to look for

Rob, Here is the one I'm leaning towards currently. My hauling needs is just a golf cart so this may not work for you if you have bigger toys. But I love the TV Placement, Closet slide, Bathroom access and the bonus outside kitchen I wasn't really looking for but I would like. Frig slide has to be out to load so I'd have to work around with a cooler or park somewhere I could slide that one out for roadside lunch breaks/restocking. It's as close as I've come to meeting my full list and I had to bump my original 35' limit to 37' to make this work as a first option. A little more detail
CincyGus 08/06/18 01:41pm Toy Haulers
RE: Hitch SetUp Question for new TT

I'm guessing since you say you have just purchased, your only trip has been home with it so you don't know how the truck would handle it. I'm not a fan of long TT's because of how challenging it can be to get the hitch angle, proper weight distribution while loading the trailer. I've never owned one but a buddy I used to camp with had challenges, mostly based off the water tanks location and his loading of the inside. Not dumping his tanks and not being careful about weight distribution caused his trailer to be more susceptible to sway and give him white knuckle rides on occasion. Might be overkill (and I'm not telling you my way is the ony choice) but I think I side with the folks that suggest something like an Equalizer hitch or some other brand that has built in sway control vs. a second friction bar. Might just be I'm over sensitive to safety and clean shorts but after towing something (Two horse trailers, stock trailers, gooseneck trailers, popup's and TT's) for 35 years and having my share of scary sway situations, I don't want anymore, even if it costs me a few bucks. Besides, I go camping with my family and friends in my truck usually and have to be concerned with their safety as well. Good Luck in making the decision that's right for you.
CincyGus 08/06/18 12:18pm Towing
RE: Cheap tires + Speed = Blown tire

My daughter told me not long ago, one of the things she loves about going on a camping trip with the wife and I is that I make it feel like vacation from the start. We have a planned time to leave and we prepack the trailer as much as possible with the clothes and whatever we are bringing that isn't already there. We usually grocery shop a day or two prior to leaving so everything has time to cool in the frig prior to going on propane for the trip. When someone asks me what time it is while we are on one of these trips, I ask what day is it. Because if it isn't the day we need to come home, I'm not concerned with what time it is. So my point in bringing all this up on a tire thread is slow it down a little, take your time. Check your tire pressures prior to leaving, drive at the speed limit, make sure your tires are not getting beaten by the sun when it's parked and stored and check their condition regularly as most of the tire issues I've had are age, improper pressure (When I was first starting out) and tire condition related. ANY one of those being wrong/bad and you add in excessive speed, your asking for a blowout and likely some damage to the underside of your camper. Just my 2 cents! Happy Camping!
CincyGus 08/06/18 11:16am General RVing Issues
RE: shutting down the Refrig or keep it On between trips

On shore power at home from 3-7 days before the first camping trip (usually March) until I winterize (usually in November). I generally don't have to defrost during camping season. I run it on propane during travel unless unlawful (some tunnels require no open flame). Thats been the process for about 7 years now and has always worked for me. Just make sure your camper is level when your at home.
CincyGus 08/06/18 11:04am Beginning RVing
RE: 35' toyhauler recommendations and what to look for

I'll be following this post closely. Seems we and possibly many others are looking for the same things in a approx. 35'-37' toy hauler. There always seems to be one of them missing and often more than one. 35'-37' so we are not campsite limited as much in the older campgrounds that have very few +35' campsites.Frig and bathroom accessible without deploying slides for packing and rest stops for lunch while traveling.Bedroom closet slide for those fulltiming than need more than a dozen hangers.60-80+ gal tanks so we can dry camp for more than 3-4 days we can make on the 35 gallon gray and black tanks.TV placement that doesn't require chiropractic visits if you like watching a movie before bedtime once in awhile.Decent size shower for a 6', 200 lb person to be able to turn around in.Enough counter space to put a cutting board for meal prep somewhere other than on the stove or on the sink covers. I look forward to seeing if you find something that fits or comes closer to my list than I have so far. Good Luck!
CincyGus 08/06/18 10:45am Toy Haulers
RE: What to look for in purchasing a tow vehicle for my TT

I just traded in my 2011 1500 Silverado 4x4 extended cab for a 2016 2500 GMC Denali 4x4 Extended cab. I pull the trailer in my signature which was 4100 lbs dry weight and is around 5500 loaded as measured across scales. I can tell you that by the time we loaded it, put a few things in the bed of the truck like coolers and cornhole boards and an extra propane tank for the grill and outdoor stove, we were within a few hundred lbs of the limits of the cargo carrying of the truck. It was important to have the WD hitch zero'ed in properly and even then, there were times in windy conditions, I wish I had more truck. Going up mountains to the Smokies was bounce between 2nd and 3rd gear with earplugs needed when it dropped to 2nd and reved up until it shifted to 3rd. Knowing what I know now, I would have gotten the 3.73 rear end as I think that would have helped significantly but I have to tell you, I don't even know it's back there in the 2500 now. If you can swing the extra a 2500 will cost you, I would advise to get it. Much more comfortable towing and lets me load the bed to the brim if I so desire. Wind and semi's passing are non events with the extra weight of the truck. If finances are challenging and you decide to go the 1500 route, I wouldn't get anything but the 3.73.
CincyGus 07/26/18 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar kit

If you have a 30 amp controller, then you are likely prepped for roof panels (wiring likely in a junction box on your roof). That and the fact you have an inverter already seems to indicate that. Make sure you have plenty of AMP Hours in your batteries and find out what kind of panels you want and you should be good to go boondocking for as long as your tanks hold out. If in doubt, call the manufacture of the trailer and ask exactly what the package you describe has with it. Here's a video to get you started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blPafBzIqVs 3 parts should give you a bit more info than you have now. Google RV solar and watch as many videos as you can and you will get the questions you should be asking yourself about how you want to camp to find the answers you'll need to plan your solar setup.
CincyGus 07/23/18 09:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Suddenly Swaying

Going to suggest adding water to any front tanks you have to increase the tongue weight if you have room to with your GVWR. I had a similar problem (without the tire change) when I first got my trailer and it was from not enough tongue weight, loading too much heavier stuff (cases of drinks, gallons of bottled water/etc) too far aft of the trailer axles. Realized that between the rear loading of the trailer and driving without water in the fresh water tank (at the front of the trailer), I had significantly changed the balance of the trailers weight over it's axles, inducing a sway problem I had never had in the 3-4 previous trips. Now that I know to put my heavier stuff as far forward as I can in the trailer, I can travel with or without water in the tanks and not have issues but was one of those things I had to learn about as a new RVer.
CincyGus 07/20/18 08:23pm Towing
RE: fifth wheel front landing legs

Dead battery or disconnect switch in off position. What he said. Legs run on 12v power so the motors not getting power until you plug in. $ to a donut it's one of the two or a bad ground from the motors negative wire.
CincyGus 07/20/18 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for small Toy Hauler with one "must have"

Does a queen bed happy jack or jackknife sofa work for you> If so, there are plenty with that floorplan.
CincyGus 07/20/18 07:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Full time with two vehicles?

Have you considered a 5th wheel toyhauler and a side by side 4 wheeler for your offroading? Seems like the best of both worlds unless your talking more about rock crawling. Something to check out.
CincyGus 07/20/18 09:16am Full-time RVing
RE: Special shade for fridge vent area??

Wiring a 12v computer fan in the bottom vent to push air up through the cooling stack seems like a easier solution with a much bigger chance of giving improved frig performance. I did this on a frig once to fix a frig that was struggling to stay cold on summer days. Another helpful mod is to make some baffling out if aluminum foil wrapped cardboard to eliminate dead air space and direct tree he airflow of the fan better. Just a couple ideas to consider. Good luck.
CincyGus 07/19/18 07:16am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Solar kit

Google RV solar. There are a ton of very good videos on solar system installs, and right sizing for your needs. Most of the solar ready systems are just a plus and wiring for 10 amp flexible or suitcase systems to trickle charge your house battery. If that's all you're looking for they're fine. If your a boondocker and looking for more, you'll likely want to go with fixed panels on the roof and upgrading your battery bank to more amp hours to run for an extended period.
CincyGus 07/19/18 07:05am Toy Haulers
RE: Weight distribution

My understanding of the way it works is the less links you have between the bar and the link you are hooking, the more weight you are moving toward the front wheels from the rear wheels. And yes, I was instructed to do the same number of links on both sides. Initially, I used the 4th link from the end of the chain and when loaded I still felt a little light in the front end steering. I measured the fenders and decided to use the 5th link to increase the weight shift towards the front of the tow vehicle and it resulted in a better driving experience.
CincyGus 06/16/18 02:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Using the RV on short stops

I'll throw out there that Vent covers helped greatly in keeping the camper cool on trips when we would run in to grab something from the fridge or use the bathroom. I have two vents, both covered and both open at all times when traveling. Never had rain issues blowing in and the inside temp is generally pretty close to outside air temps. We stop, I turn the fans on crank one window open and it cools down additionally pretty quick, especially if we can park partly shaded or if it's cloudy.
CincyGus 06/14/18 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Fridge Fan?

Here is a link showing how to properly vent a refer. Most installations do not follow installation as recommended by manufacturers. RV venting IMO and experience one of the most common problems with almost all refer installs is that baffle at the top of the refer to close off the dead space is missing or inadequate. This causes a "air bubble" of warm air to reduce or prevent heat to properly escape thru the roof resulting in poor cooling. This issue can come and go depending on when/if/how severe this blockage forms. Larry I'll second what Larry is saying here. Factory baffling is generally somewhere between inadequate to missing completely. This takes the whole heat will rise through the air tunnel causing cool air to be pulled across the coils process to a crawl. Verifying and fixing or installing baffles is step one, adding a fan either at the top of the vent to pull warm air up or at the bottom to force cool air up over the cooling fins is step two if you want maximum refrig performance. I've done this on both a popup I had and my current TT. Both work wonderfully now, regardless of the temps outside and I never have to turn my frig up to max to keep my freezer stuff frozen and my frig stuff in the high 30's, low 40's.
CincyGus 06/09/18 08:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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