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RE: Newbie help - keeping cool

There is a product called popup gizmos. They are placed over the tent ends to reflect the sun away. Popup owners swear by them. Worth looking into. Used them prior when I had a popup. They certainly help. Reflectix in the windows to keep the Sun from radiating in also helps.
CincyGus 06/02/19 11:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: tested the blue camco filter with a TDS meter

I use the Camco filter, not to make campground spigot water drinkable but to remove small debri particles from what goes into my camper. I'm more concerned about a rust flake from plumbing from a old campground plumbing system that may have been built 50+ years ago getting into a check valve or my water pump and causing a problem. I haul my own drinking water for week long trips and use a pitcher filter for longer ones.
CincyGus 06/02/19 01:35am Tech Issues
RE: RV Blinds

Of the Aluminum Blinds, Pleated Shades and roller blinds I've used, The aluminum blinds gave me the least trouble. I kept them in their clips at the bottom, properly tensioned and only rolled them shut or open with the twist handle. Mine never came loose, never caused and issue. The pleated shades were dust catchers and impossible to keep clean. The roller shades after awhile failed to go up without numerous attempts and way too much time to get it to do what it was supposed to do. When any of mine fail going forward, I'll be making a reflectix window cover and curtains. A little velcro and it's in, and when I want light, I'll remove it, stick it below the window on a second piece of velcro and open the curtains. I go camping to relax and destress. Getting aggravated over fighting with window treatments is cause for replacement.
CincyGus 06/02/19 01:24am Travel Trailers
RE: How do you share camping expenses?

I only camp with a couple situations: My Daughter and her friends. I pay for site, food. They pay for extra curricular events like boat rental, horseback riding, fishing licenses, etc. that they may decide to do or not do. A large group of friends (About 10-15 most years) that we have had a yearly campout for about 35 years now. one person goes shopping for all main meals. Everyone brings their own drinks and snacks. We total all expenses except the drinks and snacks (Site fees, Ice, Food, firewood, etc) and add up how many days each person has been there as some come in on Thursday and some Friday. Total them up and we have how many Mandays (1 day x 1 person) If it's 45 man-days, we divide the total amount by that number and then each person pays that times the number of days they were there. Lastly is if I invite someone to go camping with me, they get the same treatment my daughter and her friends do. I pay for everything I normally would, they pay for extra's. I invited them, I plan on feeding them unless they decide to bring their own stuff and then we can cook together or they can do their thing, whichever they prefer. If they get their own site, then their on their own other than welcome to share in our meals and campfires free of charge.
CincyGus 06/01/19 04:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Disclosure when selling

I've always been truthful when selling, unlike the first popup I bought. Whole front wall/storage area was water damaged. My problem is if something isn't working, I usually fix it before I sell it to get the best price I can. Had the water heater go out on my last TT. Didn't replace it but told them about it when I traded it in to the dealer I bought my current one from. They appreciated it I'm sure but the trade in price they give people has a significant margin built in to do needed repairs if they discover something unreported.
CincyGus 06/01/19 03:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Rust Under Brand New Camper

I'm the type that I would rather do many things myself than take it back to the dealer as I'll generally do a better job and know exactly what was done. So that said, I think if this were my RV, I'd invest in a couple wire wheels and get my drill and go brush off the rust underneath and then put a coat of rustoleum on everything I could. The pics look like it's just surface rust but like you I'm sure, I wouldn't be happy about it. I'd just be scared they would screw one thing up for everything they fixed. But that's just me.
CincyGus 05/26/19 11:28pm Tech Issues
RE: New member - toy hauler brand advice?

I went to the local RV center where there are 4 or 5 dealers in a small area. Looked at all the trailers and picked a model I liked. After that I went home and found that model at a dealer for 15k less and only an hour and a half drive from home. Do your home work and you can possibly save quite a bit. 2nd stay away from camping world. Some very shady practices by many of their salesman. Too many like stories around the country for it to local dealership issue. Add on's, service charges for a bunch of nonsense. Just google Camping world problems and watch until your eyes are blurry. I did exactly as 59bisquick described. Saved about $3000 and got Fiberglass skin instead of aluminum siding, electric stabilizer jacks, Roof Ladder, Upgrade to a residential fridge and an inverter for free other than the 90 miles drive to a farther away dealership.
CincyGus 05/25/19 07:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Jayco X19H Roof does not support weight of solar cells?

Sounds CYA to me. If you have 1/2" Plywood laminated to foam, the screws should hold. If you have Wood trusses in some sections, that would be the ideal mounting point obviously. You're not risking warranty and I'm confident you will be fine in either situation as far as roof structure. If you don't have trusses to screw into and will just be going into the 1/2" plywood, buy some extra mounts and put 8 on each panel to add some additional strength instead of just 4 if that makes you feel better.
CincyGus 05/23/19 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide question? My first slide on K.Z. spree 261RKA

Check the rubber seals regularly and treat them occassionally with something like THIS to keep them pliable and working properly. I use THIS to lubricate my slide mechanism.
CincyGus 05/23/19 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping or Glamping?

I started Camping when I was 20. I'm 57 now. Tent, sleeping bags with no air mattresses or even bag pads. A couple of coleman lanterns, a coleman fuel stove and a couple milk crates of stuff to cook and eat with shoved in a 1978 Camaro trunk if you remember how small those were. Tent camped until I was 49. Bought a used popup that we used for 3 years before it rotted out from the "repaired water leak" the previous owner told me about. Bought a new small TT that we used for 6 years. Last fall I bought the toyhauler that I wanted for retirement camping a few years early along with a golf cart to match it. Yea, I got a 40" TV in it and a residential fridge. Yea, we are likely going to be spending a great percentage of our time in campgrounds with full hookups in or close to places we to be. I've loaded a canoe with a friend and a couple dry bags and camped, canoed and portaged everything we brought along the South Fork River in Tn plenty of times so I've roughed it. Most of them 4 day or longer trips. I've had enough roots in my back, rocks under my arm that I used as a pillow for this lifetime. I earned that badge already. Was time to move on. If I had access to the money needed, I would changed a lot sooner to a "GLAMPER", lol.
CincyGus 05/23/19 01:32am General RVing Issues
RE: De-laminating

Water damage you can see is the Proverbial "Tip of the Iceberg" almost always. While your patience may be tested in finding the right one, you made the right choice. Hang in there, keep looking and don't jump until you find the perfect one for you. Because if you settle, if you lose patience and buy something your not in love with and thrilled with, I promise you one that is perfect will become known to you within 90 days of your purchase. It's like the cute girl in high school you wanted to date breaks up with her boyfriend a month after you start dating someone new. Happens every single time, lol!
CincyGus 05/23/19 01:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Rocker Recliner - Toy Hauler

Search EURO-Recliner. It's what many of the TH's come with now and most say they are very comfortable and lighter than normal recliners.
CincyGus 05/23/19 01:04am Toy Haulers
RE: Fridge Vent Fan Questions

I have a residential fridge now but in my previous camper, I mounted one of these on the lower of the two vents by the fridge with a simple inline switch. 200mm Fans are used often in the top of computer cases for high powered gaming computers for a couple reasons. One, they move significant amounts of air at a lower, quieter RPM. Because of being oversized from the 120mm fans most computers have and being on top, they act much like the attic fan referenced earlier and do so nearly silently. I only turned it on when it was 85+ but it made all the difference in the world of the fridge struggling to stay in an acceptable range or it doing a great job on the dog days of summer. NOCTUA 200mm Fan This is a top quality computer fan brand.
CincyGus 05/20/19 02:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

I have a couple of the Blue 7 gallon Water Jugs from Walmart that I fill with water from the house when I fill the fresh water tank. They go in the bed of the truck and once we set up camp, on the end of the picnic table. This is drinking water, coffee water and dogs water bowl water. I make the coffee in a percolator and it's the best darn coffee we drink all year. One of the reasons my wife won't leave me. She's a coffee addict and I'm better than a Starbucks when we are camping. We don't buy plastic water bottles except for these two jugs that we have been using for about 7 years. They get sanitized with the campers water system every spring.And we never have the "Explosive" issues with us or our dogs, lol.
CincyGus 05/19/19 11:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: So many questions!

I recently purchased a 1979 Midas travel trailer. I have no experience with campers or anything related and knew it would be a project. I have so many questions! 1. When I purchased it there was some water damage on the ceiling at the front. I tore down the damaged sections and will need to replace. When I tore it down it was wood, foam, wood. This is how I plan to put it back up. The rubber molding between the wall and ceiling was cracked and broke in pieces so i assume that will need to be replaced. What is this called so I can find some to replace it? Does it have to be replaced? We will be resealing the roof as well 2. Water tanks: I understand the tank under the camper with the valves for drainage is for the dark water or sewage, but there is a smaller blue one in in the camper. It has a connection to it from the outside labeled "city water hookup", is this for the fresh water? It has to be replaced d/t a giant hole, but I'm trying to figure out the purpose of the tank. Does water go in there for shower, sinks, toiet, etc, then cycle through the trailer when the faucets (sink, shower) are turned on? Do you have to turn off the water from the outside once the tank is full? Doesn't seem like it would hold enough water for a shower if water isn't constantly fed into it. 3. There are other exterior and interior pieces that will need to be replaced is there such a think as an RV or camper junkyard you can go to and pull these parts? I'm in central NC. 4. The wiring is a mess and will have to be redone. Any tips or guides for this? My husband is a certified electrician but has never done anything like a camper. What do we need to know about the fuse box, etc? A lot of the lights were torn down in the demo of the inside (not by me) what do we need to know about wiring and replacement lights? 5. The A.C. Is there, no idea if it works. They said it did but who knows because we haven't had it hooked up. If it doesnt, repair or replace? I know replacing can get expensive. There was once a heat source-there is a gas line that runs to a compartment in a closet, what do we need to know about purchasing and installing a new one? There is a thermostat control on a wall that I assume connects to the area where it once was. 1) Not sure exactly what you're referring to so can't help on that one. 2) Generally on a camper there are two ways to get fresh water to the faucets, toilet, shower. One is with a hose connected to the water system from a spigot at the campground or house that you screw on and leave connected and on, pressurizing the entire water system. The second is with a "fresh water tank" that you fill with a garden hose and then there is a water pump that pressurizes the water system that you turn on once your at the campground. I will add that most campers actually have 3 tanks, 1 black for the toilet, 1 Gray for the shower and sinks and then the fresh water tank to hold clean water. So make sure your blue tank doesn't have a pipe running out of it that merges to the other tank as it could be a gray tank. 3) Here's one Here's another 4) If he's an electrician, he will have no problems. Basically it's a 12v system tied in with a normal household like breaker box that only has 30 amp service instead of 200 amp like he's used to seeing. Have him check out This link and if he still has questions, searching YouTube for video explanations of a RV Electrical system might be helpful also. 5) If the AC is in as rough a shape as the rest of the camper, I'd say make the investment in a new one and only have to do it once. As far as the heating system, there likely is a propane based furnace in the camper. If thats something more than your wanting to tackle, depending on how you are going to camp (In places with electric hookups or not usually) You might think about forgoing the furnace if your almost always going to have electric and just use a 1500 watt space heater. In fact if It were me and those circumstances (almost always camping with power) were going to be the case, I think I would wire the camper for 50 amps so I could run a couple heaters or the AC and the microwave and a hairdryer without worrying about popping a circuit breaker any time two big draw items are running like sometimes happens on 30 amp circuits. Just a thought to share with your husband. Last tip, Stay away from WFCO power converters. Hear nothing but bad mouthing them on most forums due to their poor recharging of batteries. Best of luck in your adventurous rebuild and don't be afraid to ask away. Plenty of opinions here and most of them are born of peoples actual experiences so they sometimes differ ;-)
CincyGus 05/19/19 11:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Guys with generators ....

Only 2 (legal) solutions to this that I see. 1) boondock as far from people as possible and move again if you have to; or 2) camp at established sites that have electrical. There ya go. I camp at state parks often and most have electrical and I never have had a generator sound. Picking sites that do have electric or at least sites next to those that do would be a prudent thing in minimizing the changes of running into Open Frame Genny guy. I don't like them any more than you, they aggravate the heck out of me anywhere but at a race track or a worksite, where they are expected.
CincyGus 05/19/19 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lifting and handling heavy generators

I bought a toy hauler TT that has a ramp and room for it in there, lol. Expensive solution but I won't be lifting it to the back of my truck anymore ;-)
CincyGus 05/19/19 03:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: ? Housefly/Flying Insect Trap for Coach?

A lot of fun! Even MORE FUN!
CincyGus 05/18/19 01:33am General RVing Issues

CincyGus 05/18/19 01:29am General RVing Issues
RE: WTB Small bay TH like GD Solitude

#1 #2 Couple options with small garages for just a bike.
CincyGus 05/16/19 01:26am Toy Haulers
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