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RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

I'll add it to the crematory fund.
Cloud Dancer 04/03/20 08:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nascar Follies

Luck is random,..... Except in aviation,....where pilots screw up.
Cloud Dancer 04/03/20 07:54am Around the Campfire
RE: kinda light posting

The problem which we are facing came with a significant shock factor. We're trying to work it out, but are realizing that we need help. That's where we are.
Cloud Dancer 03/31/20 08:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

Some of us try it for the adventure of it, and due to the necessity of it. We fulltimed for 3-1/2 years, in a special-ordered 40 ft Dutch Star/Spartan. We knew that at some point we would be going back to a brick house. People have told us that we didn't totally commit to it. That's TRUE. But now, we have more options on where we live. We prefer mild winters. And, we don't have to fly in "petri" dishes.
Cloud Dancer 03/30/20 05:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Speed

The secret to my speed is multitasking. I do NOT multitask, therefore I am slow. However, if I'm the PIC in a jet aircraft I go very fast,....while single tasking.
Cloud Dancer 03/28/20 05:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Rallys

It's going to sink in one of these days.
Cloud Dancer 03/26/20 11:23am General RVing Issues
RE: virus

Has anyone mentioned dollar bills? Does the virus live on money? Many people have touched the money in my wallet.
Cloud Dancer 03/25/20 04:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Nascar Follies

In this kind of imitation racing, it occurred to me that it can easily be used to experiment with different formats (that might produce better racing). I would like to see the elimination of unrealistic pit stops. One way would be to have four 3-minute pit stops (equally spaced). And, pay the winner of each leg, and pay points throughout. Then determine the overall winner of the event, by points,...and pay all positions by overall point system. Try it for a couple of races, and if it works it works, if not......
Cloud Dancer 03/24/20 08:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

You would need to have identical full-motion simulators for All the drivers,....PLUS much better visuals, in order to have a chance of seeing satisfactory i-racing. It just ain't going to happen. The cost would be prohibitive.
Cloud Dancer 03/23/20 04:52am Around the Campfire
RE: They mean well...

I wish I could buy dry cereal in the retro single-serving size package.
Cloud Dancer 03/21/20 05:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: My brillant plans

I've gone through worst than that,...just to be there when the big fat female large mouth bass get on the nest.
Cloud Dancer 03/20/20 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

We have a national emergency going on, and it's getting worst (in a non-linear manner). Many will lose their apartment or house. The economy will tank, and we'll witness the recession go into a depression. More and more of us will have needs, and nowhere to turn. Yeah, I sound like doom and gloom. Wish, wish, wish that I'm wrong. I sure hope I can keep working on my RV, and get to do a little more RVing.
Cloud Dancer 03/20/20 04:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Unfortunately, even if you get an HD receiver which is capable of High Def, if you are using a dome, the dome can only receive SD programming and the picture will be small and it will be cr@ppy. However, it will be a more simple setup as you just select the appropriate HDMI input. That will also allow you to connect your existing OTA TV antenna to that one coax connection, do a new channel scan and you will be able to watch all of your favorite local TV channels in FULL HD! The OTA TV is the VERY BEST TV viewing available as it is not compressed like the other options. Want to watch the Super Bowl and you have Cable or DTV or DISH? Switch to the OTA antenna for a substantially better picture! If I read you last post correctly there appeared to be a complement in there. If so, many thanks! * Compliment,...yes. I just didn't want to get too mushy. :) * All of this has been in a brick house. The only exterior antenna is the Direct TV unit on the roof which has double LNB and azimuth, elevation, skew adjustments. The large TV room is where the 46" Sony TV lives, with large Spectrum HD receiver (HDMI connections) AND with large Direct TV HD receiver (HDMI connections). Both feeds deliver excellent picture quality. What I should've said in my long post is simply that I might spend the money to duplicate this arrangement for the new Viscio in the master bedroom. Obviously, I'm not a TV guy. * The 2003 40 ft Dutch Star(special-ordered, picked it up at the factory), parked in the backyard, is the one with the Trac-Star dome (nothing like in-motion feature). Except that it got hurt by large hail about 5 years ago, and the parts for the Trac-Star were no longer available. I've been using a small portable dish that I set up on the ground. Gotta go get some shut-eye. Thanks again
Cloud Dancer 03/19/20 08:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

I hope you weren't looking for 'tunners' :) Glad you're making progress, but that TV really deserves a new HD receiver!! * Yeah, I get it wrong sometimes, sorry. Yes, it was "tuner" and "tuner mode" that I was searching for, with no luck. It didn't matter, as it turned out.
Cloud Dancer 03/19/20 08:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

I was motivated by Bill.Satellite's explanation (for obvious reasons). Then, I was motivated by wnjj's instructions (made it look easy). SO, I went to work using this info. I went to MENU, and learned that in MENU it gave me these choices: Picture Audio Network Timers Channels Closed Captions Input Settings Systems User Manual * I could NOT find the word "Tunners" anywhere. The thought of returning this Vizio, and calling it quits came to mind. And, I almost did it! Except that I had already taken the first Visio back (they gave me another one),....plus, I'm not known for being a quitter. I started trying different things, even things that didn't make sense. FINALLY, somehow I ended up with something about channel scan. I don't remember what I did, but it started what looked like a scan (I saw that the rectilinear indicator started moving). When it was done, it started showing a program that I recognized to be from Direct TV. BUT, the picture was low definition, AND it was NOT full screen (it's 30 inches diagonally, instead of 40). I changed channels with the DT remote, and it worked, except NO improvement in picture quality and size. But, it proved that this Vizio is capable of receiving Direct TV via co-ax. One interesting thing is that in the list of inputs, on the screen, it changed CABLE 1, to CABLE 3. SO, I'm assuming that if I'm willing to pay for a larger DIRECT TV HD receiver for this Vizio, I can have a high quality picture from the satellite. I'm an ole timer, and it just seems like the people at Best Buy should've told me all this. The bummer is that the wife and I are hunkered down and a quality TV picture has become more valuable. Thanks for everything, and if I discover anything interesting I will post about it.
Cloud Dancer 03/19/20 12:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Thanks to wnjj for the instructions. It'll take me a while.
Cloud Dancer 03/18/20 11:32am Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Cloud Dancer. You only need one coax input for your TV to work properly with a DirecTV receiver, assuming the DTV receiver has ONLY a coax output and that coax output reads something like Sat. Out or Out to TV. In the TV settings you should be able to select various input options like HDMI 1,HDMI 2, Antenna (or TV) and likely a couple of other options. You need to select the Antenna option (not cable) and with the DirecTV box on do a NEW Channel scan (search or similar). When it's complete it should show it found only a couple of channels (maybe only 1). Pushing the channel up/down button should get you to channel 3.0 or 4.0 which is where the DTV receiver output will be found. * On the back of this 40" Vizio model V405-G9 it has ports USB-2.0, HDMI-3, HDMI-2, HDMI-1(ARC), and one(1) CO-AX port marked CABLE/ANTENNA. The Direct TV small receiver is model D12-100 without HDMI port. The input options displayed in a line on the screen are: SMARTCAST, Watch Free, HDMI-1, 2 & 3 , COMP, & 1-CABLE Yes, I know how to select the input I need. * My next step is to learn to perform the scan operation for the Direct TV channels. Thanks, I will report later.
Cloud Dancer 03/18/20 11:22am Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

Just a thought because we have a Vizio on the camper, did you make sure you selected "Cable" and not "Antenna" when you selected the source? Ours has that selection and nothing happens if the cable is hooked up and you select "Antenna". * This would be such a simple solution,....if only this Vizio had more than one place to connect two(2) co-ax cables. BTW all of this is in a BRICK House. The Dutch Star is a different subject (it's a 2003 model with the original CRT type Sony TVs).
Cloud Dancer 03/17/20 09:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

The Spectrum receiver, using the HDMI-1 port, with the HDMI cable that came with the Spectrum receiver, has ALWAYS worked just fine, no matter which TV I connect to,....of course it has to be a TV which has HDMI ports. In other words, I have never experienced any problems UNTIL I bought this Vizio (no problem watching Spectum cable channels). I would have NO problem if the Vizio would receive the Direct TV channels, through the co-ax port and cable. Switching from one to the other would not be a problem. Even if the Direct TV signal comes into the Vizio in "low definition" it would be OK (would live with it). Heck, the existing quality of Direct TV signal is the only quality of Direct TV we've ever experienced (many years).
Cloud Dancer 03/17/20 09:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Brand New Vizio 40 inch TV problem, HELP

These Vizios do NOT come with a manual. It puts guys like me at a great disadvantage. For the initial channel scan, I followed the instructions on the TV screen when I first turned it on. Both the Spectrum small receiver box (HDMI one connection) AND the Direct TV small receiver (co-ax connection) were hooked up. It displayed a progress indicator showing the rate of scan. I assumed it scanned-in the Spectrum channels. Showing my ignorance, ......even if I can find the way to do it, how would a 2nd scan help if it doesn't recognize the Direct TV cable? Yes, I do know how to select the different inputs (sources) with the remote controller. There's only ONE labeled CABLE ONE. There's 4 HDMI ports. If I find the info that I want to find, GREAT. But, if I do not, I'll somehow get in touch with a Direct TV technician and find out the cost of receiver box which is compatible with this Vizio. Or, find a Sony or Samsung model that works with my box (co-ax). I have a 46" Sony AND a 32" Samsung which receive the Direct TV co-ax signal just fine. I bought the 40" Viscio because the 2 HDMI ports on the 32" Samsung quit working. I chose a 40" Vizio because the wife wanted to max the size that will fit in the cabinet where we had the 32" Samsung. Thanks for all the information.
Cloud Dancer 03/17/20 05:20pm Technology Corner
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