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RE: First front tire blow out....

In the example of the topic that is described in the beginning of this post, there is only ONE principal vector,...and it is of a much greater force than all the resistive forces put together. AND, the fact is that a front steer tire suddenly failing does not significantly increase the total resistive forces. I've concluded that what happens is that the rolling resistance of the blowout tire becomes significantly GREATER than the inflated tire. BUT, as long as the inflated tire remains on the pavement, it will maintain, or increase, its traction, while the failed tire will NOT. The blowout tire does NOT cause the MH to yaw. The other thing is that a resistive force is resistive to only the forward motion of the MH. In fact, a resistive force only exists due to the forward motion of the MH. And, a direction of a resistive force is opposite the direction of the travel of the motorhome. What is needed is simply the correct explanation of exactly what causes a change in the direction of travel of the motorhome. I like things to make sense. Therefore, I suggest that a much better and useful approach to this subject(steer tire blowout) is to analyze why some drivers lose control and most do not. The main problem that I see is that the readers of these forums seem to prefer videos instead of text. It takes a lot text to explain what needs to be explained. I'll do the video if someone will come up with a sponsor. One problem is that I'm not selling any products.
Cloud Dancer 01/15/22 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First front tire blow out....

I have never drove a MH, let alone blown a tire in 1. Do they have enough power on tap at cruising speed to instantly create a forward force? Oh sure. I can stomp on the go pedal on my gasser and instantly go from 60mph to 60.1 mph! LOL Did you ever watch the video? Not sure if anyone posted it on this topic yet. I'll go look for it and try to link it to here. ON EDIT: Here it is, it was sponsored by Michelin: How to Handle a Tire Blowout in your RV. I know what you're saying, but according to the video, it DOES make a difference. I think stepping on the gas is a plus on two counts. IF one steps on the brake, they're cutting back on the forward force, thereby the sideways force of the blowout begins to dominate the direction of the motorhome. Hence it "jumps over", as it's typically described. I think that's the MAIN reason not to step on the brake. Stepping on the gas WILL increase that forward force somewhat, but I think it's mostly there to help compensate for the increased rolling resistance which is tending to slow the rig down as well. And if one is on the gas, they're NOT on the brake. I've never had a blow-out and hope I never do. If I do AND I remember to stomp on the gas, I'll let you know how it worked! ;) ~Rick **** There is NO "sideways force of the blowout"!!!!! If you're referring to the energy that's released by the compressed air escaping,...THAT force is NOT organized,...it is NOT a vector. ITS direction is scattered all over the place. The fact is that it takes a steering action in order to result in the motorhome changing direction. Yes, I can explain the whole thing. HOWEVER,....it might cause someone to start arguing about it. And, most of these forums do NOT allow arguing. And, I agree that it's a good rule.
Cloud Dancer 01/10/22 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Feliz año nuevo

Gracias. Muy amable.
Cloud Dancer 01/01/22 09:34am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Merry Christmas Y'all!

Thank you. That's nice.
Cloud Dancer 01/01/22 09:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Where has Executive been?

Boy, it IS starting to look like Christmas! I WAS starting to worry.
Cloud Dancer 12/24/21 08:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Scary GMC commercial

IMO as long as the vehicle requires the operator to have a state-issued license in order to operate the vehicle,...it follows that the safe operation of the vehicle is in the hands of the operator. Equipment of many description can be turned into lethal weapons. I can name a few examples, but then it might become argumentative.
Cloud Dancer 11/16/21 06:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Scary GMC commercial

Yes, it begs the question. Exactly who is responsible for the safe operation of the motor vehicle, the human driver OR the adaptive electronic features of the vehicle? BTW I'm a retired commercial pilot.
Cloud Dancer 11/15/21 05:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Larson wins

I agree on both counts, and congratulations to Hendrick and Knaus for hiring Kyle Larson, AND providing him with an excellent engineer/crewchief plus crew members.
Cloud Dancer 11/08/21 09:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

"The car got away from him." Exactly what does it mean??? (I'll spare you my 60 years of serious involvement in motor vehicle racing)
Cloud Dancer 11/02/21 11:44am Around the Campfire
RE: In a quandary

On topic, my wife and I feel that it's up to us to protect ourselves as much as we can. We hope that our family members and friends understand. Some of them became infected and died. We didn't attend their funeral. Some of them offered services by Zoom, which worked for us. I'm 81 and we enjoy life.
Cloud Dancer 10/20/21 07:48am Around the Campfire
RE: In a quandary

There IS the science of it. I follow it, but others have a problem with it.
Cloud Dancer 10/18/21 06:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

"Winning is not everything,..... it's the ONLY thing." That's the way racers are.
Cloud Dancer 10/18/21 05:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

And, Bubba becomes a free agent after this season. I suspect Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin have first dibs, but Richard Petty might be in the mix. Sponsorship offers are coming in. How about Tom Hanks, maybe he's interested. I just hope they have Bubba in the simulator, for the Austin race coming up.
Cloud Dancer 10/08/21 03:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

Why do the headlines not say simply Bubba Wallace wins rain shortened Talladega? Why in the headline and not in the article do they have to bring up colour? Don't get me wrong I just thought we were moving forward. * IMO we ARE moving forward (this time). We are trying to direct more money and effort towards NASCAR. What's new this time is that a famous and rich BLACK person was behind Bubba's effort. If I were a newsperson, or NASCAR, I'd be playing it for all it's worth. The color of money remains the same.
Cloud Dancer 10/07/21 08:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

Is my man Kyle Busch still in the running for championship? How about Penske, in or out?
Cloud Dancer 09/27/21 11:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

The large crowd was impressive. The fans sure got treated to some exciting racing. Kyle Larson's driving talent was on display, but I also enjoyed the fact that he gave Chase Elliot credit. IMO luck is random.
Cloud Dancer 09/21/21 05:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Not much posting

What gripes me a lot is when someone decides to reply with baloney on a subject that is bases on science. I get the impression that some people give equal credence to hearsay as they do to science. It's happened to me. I've been warned about being argumentative. HOWEVER, I've realized that you can't get any scientists who will serve as moderators. It's a problem alright.
Cloud Dancer 09/18/21 01:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obesity in America

BMI or not, it doesn't matter too much. Just use your eyes, don't you know FATNESS when you see it? It's everywhere you go. It's a sickness. Do not deny the science of it either.
Cloud Dancer 08/31/21 05:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Samsung Phone

I'm gonna take a sledge hammer to my android system Samsung phone,...and try a Apple I-phone 11
Cloud Dancer 08/29/21 12:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

There's a reason we're looking for a suitable planet to visit. I know a little bit about it. In the 60s (yes the sixties) I was a member of a team that was tracking the content of ozone in the atmosphere. We've known about the seriousness of the pollution problem for a long time.
Cloud Dancer 08/22/21 11:10am Around the Campfire
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