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RE: Transferring fresh water when dry camping

Our fifth wheel no longer has a gravity fill like the TTs had. Its a hose connection. The tank is small 44 gallons we doesnt make the week with the tow of us. We have 4 6 gallons green water jugs from our TT days. I have a electric transfer pump and found that the tank needs to be elevated for the suction to work. Once it grabs the water, 6 gallon tank is empty in about a minute. When the jugs finally die Ill replace the 44 with 75-100 gallon tank. Thats more than enough for our needs for a week which is how long we dry camp. After a week we need to empty the black tank......Such problems....
Crabbypatty 04/29/21 04:18am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: EZ Pass with and without trailer

You can use just the EZ pass however you will receive a lower rate if you also get the trailer Ez Pass. It doesn't cost anymore. We have them both. We didn't know about it and was royally over charged bringing home our fifth wheel and learned about it on another rv thread.
Crabbypatty 04/29/21 04:13am Roads and Routes
RE: Help! Hitch stuck in ball mount.

Backing up places all the weight of the TT on the hitch, especially on uneven or different surfaces. Next time straighten out, chock the trailer wheels once you get it where you want, place truck in neutral and let the tension releases from the hitch. If on a hill, you may need to place it in gear with a foot on the brake, to release a little bit. Dont go to far forward otherwise you placing tension on the hitch in another direction. I almost always place in neutral even now with fifth wheel and it takes the tension off the pin.
Crabbypatty 04/16/21 03:59am Beginning RVing
RE: Myrtle Beach with Large 5th Wheel

We went to pIrateland alot when our daughter was young in a 27ft tt. Found our favorite spot. We upgraded to a 30 ft Sunny brook and booked our favorite spot but could not get in.. Seems people lock their cars on the corner of their site and disappear. had to call the office and they showed up with a tractor. I unhitched and they placed it in. Now we have a 37ft fiver and there are only a few spots on the beachfront that we would even consider. Loved the place but the rig have gotten larger and its harder to maneuver. As a kid dad used to take us to Myrtle Beach Travel park but DW not interested.
Crabbypatty 04/12/21 04:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: '18 F150 with 5.5 box tow a 5th wheel ?

They are now making light fivers. Certainly you wouldn't get anything large, but I would look at the smallest one you could find then go from there. Certainly you are limited by capacity. That's why in our entire rv life I have always waited until I had enough pesos to buy at least a 3/4 ton. (Im not ragging on you its experience) We started with a 3/4 k2500 Suburban and towed 2 tt's for 14 years, now we upgraded to a 3/4 ton cc f250 short bed with the 6.2 l gas and tow a lite 37 foot fifth wheel. It works great and is a perfect match. As we only tow around a 1 month a year I wasn't going to waste $ on getting a diesel and we do fine on the hills. This model has a 6 speed. Perhaps consider trading in your TV if you cannot find something that you like and can safetly tow. BTW we have the Pullrite Sliding Hitch and it works perfectly with the short bed. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 03/25/21 04:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Roof Coating

My Sunnybrook had a EDPM Rubber roof, so I assume you have the same. I sued the Dicor two part system, primer and top coat. Easy to do and it came out like new. We now have a 37' fiver and the roof, in good shape was tan. I used the same Dicor for the EPDM roof but this time used Cool Beads Dicor and painted it White. Reduced inside temp by 15 degrees. Great product along with dicor sealant that I used when mounting 6 solar panels.
Crabbypatty 03/24/21 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Drilling holes in trailer roof to install solar: worth it?

I made angle brackets for my 6 panels. Each panel has 4 brackets for 24 holes and 2 brackets for my circuit box. Drill the hole, fill it with dicor lap sealant, add a generous amount of sealant to the bracket and screw it down. Then add sealant on top of the screw and around the bracket. The sealant self levels for a clean finish. Some rvers drill a large hole for the wires to go into the rv. Same deal, generous amount of sealant around that elec box. I ran my wire down the awning arm then drilled into the bay where the controller and on off switch is.
Crabbypatty 02/15/21 04:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: camping outlook 2021

Our local county and state parks are packed. Need to book 6 months out. We were going over the road in January but had to cancel for med reasons. However we were having difficulty booking parks in South Carolina. They were full. As far as Newbies? Yes ran into a bunch.
Crabbypatty 02/15/21 04:19am Full-time RVing
RE: Battery Meter

Tri Metric 2030RV. Ive been using it for more than a decade to monotr my Trojan 125's flooded wet cells. %charge, Amps, Voltage, works great. My batts are $900 for the 4 so its a worthy investment.
Crabbypatty 02/11/21 04:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Slider

Ive seen those hitches but being new to fifth wheel towing, after pulling a TT for 14 years, I was concerned with clearance issues. The Anderson will allow full rotation so in theory, you could jack knife into the cab. We have a short bed CC and that's a concern. So my choice was the Pullrite slider. My driveway doesn't have a lot of clearance and I jack knife the Pullrite in order to back in. I need 90 degrees. I went for the Automatic slider as after towing and unhitching or dropping the weight bars in the rain on the TT's, I just wanted to spoil my self and not think about it. That said I do see the Anderson especially on commercial tows, like car trailer transports. So they must be very good hitches as well and easy to remove so you have a flat bed again.
Crabbypatty 02/07/21 06:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV roof sealing project

I did exactly the same thing and my roof wasn't as bad as yours but was tan. Tan held more heat than white. How did I know? We just bought the fver and hadn't sold the TT. The TT was coated with Dicor and I was freshening it up for the sale. Climbing up the ladder on the fver tan roof was noticeably hotter than the white roof of the TT. We dry camp as such do not use AC so anyway to cut the heat down was paramount. I used the Dicor Cool Beads coating. When done inside was a full 15 degrees cooler than before. We also use HVAC insulation in the windows. Bought a roll at home t and cut to fit. Just install on sunny side and take down when the sun passes. Big difference and a good product.
Crabbypatty 02/07/21 06:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Removable 5th wheel hitch?

JRScooby Do you think that little crane could be a issue when loading TC? Not at all it tucks in behind the wheel well. The bed is completely clear.
Crabbypatty 02/05/21 04:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to improve ride on my F250Silvarado Cummings DuraStroke?

Unless I missed it, you did not say what your towing I assume a TT. If your TT is loaded out of balance, that can add to the bouncing. Tail heavy TT like a fulcrum will lift the tongue and that gets exaggerated over bumps. Our F250 was a bit of an issue with the steering death wobble. I swapped out the OEM Shocks for Bilsteins 4600 on the corners and the 5200 steering stabilizer. Made a difference. Hope that helps
Crabbypatty 02/05/21 04:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Morryde Rubber pin box

I have a stock pin box and Pullrite Autoslide 2600. (FR Heritage Glen 326). While I haven't driven to far yet I haven't noticed much of an issue with chucking. I am wondering having seen air ride and more ride boxes at cg's of they raise the height of the fw? Im 13'2" now and not looking to get much taller. Any thoughts on that?
Crabbypatty 02/05/21 04:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Removable 5th wheel hitch?

I have a Pullrite automatic slider 2600. All you need to do is pull the pins and its back to a pick bed again. Easy. We are a F250 CC Short Bed. Great hitch. If I ever find an inexpensive TC for a short bed I might get one. we will name it "Quickie" for fast trips and fishing. The Pullrite is heavy, which is good but takes some moving to get it out. Either a winch in the garage or tree or what we have is a small bed crane from Harbor Freight. Cost $99. Tucks in behind the wheel on the side. Swing it around attach pump it up swing it over and let it down on saw horse. Good to go. Do the same thing for bring the 3000i into the bed.
Crabbypatty 01/28/21 04:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Restrictions Coming

"They are fully within the law. It's still perfectly legal to fly across the border and shipping via commercial truck is still perfectly legal. RV'ing is one of the safest ways to self isolate. Really the numbers using the loophole are so small as to be irrelevant." Statistically correct but would you park next to them? Now is the litmus test as everyone, including us, want to break out and go somewhere. However with virus running rampant and the vaccine very hard to find, i'm not interested in seeing how well I can battle COVID. US is averaging more than 1,000 deaths per day. Staying home and away from people for a bit. Making reservations for the summer but will cancel if this isn't under control.
Crabbypatty 01/25/21 04:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Mass Pike Boston to Venice FL

Its all about timing. You can do the 95 boogie but need to time your self around the major cities. Up early stop mid afternoon and go again. When Towing we have taken 78 to 81 sb to 66 to 95. Brings us out near Fredericksburg where we bed down for the night. That's the hardest part of the trip. Wake up and head dwon 95. 77 takes you further west to make the cut over. As you pointed out the biggest issue is around the major cities. Last sb trip while towing we left Long Island 3 am and were in fbergs around 1:30. took a power nap went to dinner then shoved off the next morning after bfast and it was easy sailing. Hope that helps
Crabbypatty 01/21/21 04:20am Roads and Routes
RE: solar

We dry camp around 40 nights a year, have 648 watts of solar and 4 trojan t125s wet cells. That gives us 250 amps usable power, that is if you want your wt cells to last. they are designed for full draw down, but then you'll get around 3 years out of them. I sold my first TT after 10 years and they were still going strong. All you need is either a volt meter plugged into the 12 volt house system, or check them manually. I would love lithium but prices haven't come down enough for me. As stated a back up gen is a good idea. Since we solar-ed we no longer carry the 3000i, but rather the 2000i. We seem to use it maybe 2x a year as we also work while camping. While im a solar fan, I am wondering what the cost would be for a propane rv fridge vs cost of solar & batt set up.Just a thought. We seem fine with up to 4 people for a week in terms of food storage typically without a cooler outside. Good Luck and happy trails!
Crabbypatty 01/20/21 04:45am Tech Issues
RE: Honda Eu3000 Problem

Thats interesting. I have my carb cleaned once as it was running rough. I always run the gas dry. Ive owned this since 2004 and always use Startron in my gas which cleans and stabilizes the fuel. Great machine.
Crabbypatty 12/22/20 03:21am Tech Issues
RE: Which pick up to buy for towing big fifth wheel?

Depends on what you really want to do. You can tow 14,000 with a SRW. We went with a SRW short bed Crew Cab as we only spend around 40ish nights at the moment. My point is this is an everyday truck when not towing. A long bed dually is like driving a bus. Yes that's probably the best tow truck but you cant wheel around town in it to well. Has a large turn radius and you need to park away from people. So when you towed and at a cg and want to go exploring, into town etc, when unhitched you'll have to deal with parking/driving issues on tight streets. This was our decision. Our F250 CC Short Bed Gasser is perfectly matched with our 37' Heritage Glen Fifth wheel. If I change the rear end I can pull 15,000 and do not see the need to spend an extra $10-$15k for a diesel. We do just fine with our setup and 4x4 on the beach with the fiver. Actually that's where we spend the most time. In the sand. So think about your use and after towing use. That will answer your question. Happy Trails
Crabbypatty 12/21/20 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
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