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RE: Ram 3500 Air Suspension - How Does It Work?

No Idea how well it works with a slide in camper. Here is a pic with over 5K sitting on the rear axle. It will look the same with 6. http://i.imgur.com/SW0iKDUl.jpg
Cummins12V98 05/28/15 06:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator for 5th wheel RV

6500 watt Onan LP. Does what I want when I want it. I bought for the convenience. I have auto gen start so if the park electric goes out when we are away my three dogs won't roast in the rig. in hot weather. If I want a hot meal on the road I just stop fire up the genie and turn on the micro. If I need air 24/7 I go for hook ups. Same here but thanks to another person I have a 240V Cummins/Onan 6500 that will run my 240V dryer. Sad they offer the 240V dryer and the 6500 gen but they won't work together. After I did the legwork with Cummins I am sure MS will be offering the Commercial 240V Gen as an option. They would not allow Cummins to do mine so the dealer had to do it. Was NOT very happy about that!
Cummins12V98 05/28/15 06:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are Toyo Open Country HT Good Tires

My dad has run nothing but Toyo for years cause he's a creature of habit and always buys tires from Les Schwab. He's actually done really well with the Open Country AT. I'm sure he's not getting a great deal on them, but you'll never convince him to go anywhere but Schwab. I've kind of gone away from Schwab the last several years but they do have a compelling advantage if you live in the northwest, and that's that there's generally a Schwab store in most of the little towns you go through. It's pretty handy to have them readily available like that, but you are going to pay a premium for it. If you like someone up your AZZ before you can get out of your truck they are for you. If you want quality tires at a fair price they are not the place. If you are ok with 40 out of a tire they are for you. I can tell so many horror stories about them it would make you sick! The missing grease seal I posted earlier is just one.
Cummins12V98 05/28/15 06:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The new Montana

Nice Rig! You will be happy with the GY's for sure.
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 08:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RAM 2500 Oil.

Very normal. I usually let my engines drain overnight when doing oil changes. Even then the 6.7 leaves at least 1/3 quart in the pan. So when adding new oil add about 11 2/3 quarts end you will be on the full mark. Mine was always black as soon as I started the engine. Now the 15 is a completely different animal. They oil is still not black at 2,500 miles.
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: First 5th Wheel Purchase!!! Want quilty

Here is your combo. http://i.imgur.com/A0recbFl.jpg
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 05:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

They call it a " Long Hauler" or something like that. Mega cab long bed with a big fuel tank. No three point turns for it though :W Close, but not quite the LongHauler. That was a concept truck that was floated a few years back. It had an additional fuel tank between the bed and the cab. This one does not. There are a few aftermarket places that will do the converstion to a Megacab long bed. The one in Utah is what I hear the most about. I have seen a few of them driving around town in person. Glad someone is willing to spend $65k on a truck, then spend another $15k on a conversion, and likely void the warranty on the truck. It sure wouldn't be me. I think he said it was $8,400 including the B&W hitch.
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 05:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

love the 2 tone color. chevman Larry, if I were ordering a new one that is the color combo I would get. Chris This is what you should be saying! Larry, I am ordering a new one that is the color combo I will be getting. Chris
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

Love our '13 Ford F350 with a 6.7 diesel. But please consider getting a dual rear wheel truck. A 38' FW will have a lot of pin weight, and if you get a diesel truck, your payload will probably not be sufficient with a single rear wheel truck. My 38' Montana has a pin weight of 2440 verified by CAT scale. My SRW legally handles it just fine. Not calling you a liar but did you have any personal belongings inside the 38' Montana? That's a very light pin! I will back him up, my 38' foot Montana has a pin weight of 2420, partially loaded. Everything I haul in the basement was loaded ,only thing added up front was clothes, the fridge food, but thats far enough back that it is not getting the total weight on the pin . I too was surprised that the pin was that light. I am going to be fully load here in about two weeks for a trip, and I will weigh again, but I don't expect it to be over 2700. Hopefully that 2014 Ram will handle it. I don't haul a bunch of junk like some I have seen . I have been towing fifth wheels for about 10 years, and pretty much got it figured out what I don't need. I like to be able to see inside my basement , and find what I do need, not like some I have seen. My 2016 36ft Montanna has over 3k lbs on the pin with no water but it does have a washer and dryer in the front closet. My Ram will pull it all day dropped into 5th gear with the cruise on at 70 mph on any hill around here.(not the west where the hills are bigger)The only part that hurts is watching the fuel mileage drop to 4. My Ram handles that Montana fifth wheel of mine with no issues. I have yet to pull any mountain pass here in Utah, Idaho, and Montana that I can't maintain the speed I want. Actually I have never got worse then 8 , and 12 at the best towing. Those weights blow me away! My Pin is twice that.
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac28/mingoglia/truck/0E95D79A-49F5-4EE6-A13F-BF96EA403E8B_zpsdcqfym0t.jpg I thought at least the RAM/Dodge boys would pick up on this special truck???? Cummins12V98 and NC Hauler know, and should let others figure it out. Chris It is a unique beauty! Personally don't need a MegaCab but if I had one I sure would do the long bed conversion. Very nicely done! I keep looking at that color!
Cummins12V98 05/27/15 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT guy with a 5er question

Tripod came with our Avion Platinum. Tried it and gave it away. Roto chocks held it in place much better. The best is when I see someone using one with a air bag kingpin. Unless they put a lot of pressure downward on the tripod it does no good.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The come back of I-6's

I've driven and owned my share of inline sixes. My two favorites were my Datsun 240Z, and my Honda CBX motorcycle. The sound of that CBX from 6,000 to 9,000 rpm was like ripping silk ! Sweet sounding motor. You made me remember my 240Z ! Fun car to drive.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 08:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are Toyo Open Country HT Good Tires

If you want a 40K tire have at it. Probably made in China. Not made in China and for what it's worth Toyo makes some good tires! Do a quick search and see for yourself. Look at the Toyo Open Country A/T's. Well the Toyo's that were on my 98 I bought last year were Made In China. They were E rated tires. They came from Les Schwab. The same place this fine work was done! Notice anything wrong? http://i.imgur.com/NEZRKy8l.jpg
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are Toyo Open Country HT Good Tires

If you want a 40K tire have at it. Probably made in China.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 06:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires for class B motorhome

Probably will get better responses in the motorhome section.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 06:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

Thanks mich800! I "thought" I wanted a Laramie when looking for a truck when I bought the 11 Dually. I had seen my parents LongHorn before looking and the leather in the Laramie was just not nearly as nice so I ended up with a LongHorn and again a few months ago with the new 15.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

ChuckV1 --- What does cruise control have to do with it. It just applies throttle similar to the foot pedal. I found the issue with my second gen that had to much slack in the pedal cable to the APPS because the cruise control pulled hills faster than the foot pedal. Throttle is throttle whither the cruise control is applying or your foot. Chris Dare I express my opinion? As stated, I have not towed out west, but there are 5 & 6% grades in the east. With my TV I set the cruise control and let the computer and engine handle the grade, going up you are correct, should make little or no differance. Going down it is another matter, with cruise control on the system uses the engine to keep the speed in control, downshifting as required to hold the speed within 5 mph of the set speed. Otherwise I would have to continually stab the brakes to keep the speed in check! Convential wisdom is you should go down at no more speed than you went up. Good rule of thumb for descending a grade with cruise control. Select the gear you would come up the grade set cruise and it should hold the speed no problem. Works for me.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 01:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator for 5th wheel RV

For a RV the "Commercial" Cummins/Onan is the way to go if you want a 240V dryer. Mine is a 6500 LP 50 amp.
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

Here's your answer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPXaWEZMxLk Interesting when they talk about HP and Torque on the Duramax and carrying over the same engine and tranny. We all know that the Duramax can produce a lot more power, so it is my belief that the smaller Allison 1000 is the limiting issue! The Ford torque shift and the RAM Aisin trannies are more robust! And if you have not looked at the RAM interior lately, then you should. These guys rated it the best of the three. Chris Chris knows! He drove my LongHorn to dinner a few weeks ago and his wife, my wife and myself had to pull him by his feet to get him out of the truck so we could have some good Italian! http://i.imgur.com/E50I55Ll.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/F4xbxiQl.jpg
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 07:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Truck For Mountain Driving

ChuckV1 --- What does cruise control have to do with it. It just applies throttle similar to the foot pedal. I found the issue with my second gen that had to much slack in the pedal cable to the APPS because the cruise control pulled hills faster than the foot pedal. Throttle is throttle whither the cruise control is applying or your foot. Chris In most TV I have driven, the cruise control drops off at between 45 to 48, some a little lower. The statement was made that they would leave the cruise control on going over the passes on the west coast. The size of trailer in the picture and his truck I don't believe they can climb up a 6% grade between 10 to 12 miles and not have the cruise control drop off I have no idea if mine will drop off at those speeds you listed because I have never seen those speeds along I-5 with cruise on. As I said 53 was the lowest. Westbound on HWY 20 I did not have cruise on because some of the places I have to slow for corners. I guess my question have you towed with a 2010 or newer RAM and have the cruise drop off at 45-48?
Cummins12V98 05/25/15 07:56am Fifth-Wheels
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