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I’ve discovered why there aren’t many 80 year old RV Techs

I finally finished installing the wiring for the rear lights of the towed up to the round 6 wire socket and for the Invisibrake System. The wiring of the lights was fairly easy, the wiring of the Invisibrake, installing the brake away switch and all the other parts of the brake system was an ordeal. I came out fairly good bruise and cuts wise but my knees and back are another story. I tested the brake system this morning and everything worked fine. This coming week end will be the field test. I’m going out to the DD’s place and get the Winnie out of storage. The first phase of testing will be the new 6 conductor umbilical cord and the static test and then a road test and fine tuning the brake system pressure. I sure will be happy to have it all done and behind me. This is also my farewell post on RV.NET. Goodbye, it’s been a good run for most of the 18 years I‘ve been a member here and I’ll miss a lot of you and few of you a lot. I’ve learned a lot about RV’s and I hope I helped out a few of you… David
D.E.Bishop 08/28/19 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camera facing front for lowing branches - anyone use.?

Just a thought, have some of the radar sensors you see on the rear of car bumpers up on the front edge. We have them for front and rear of our DD. I'm adding them to the rear of my towed as they are only a few dollars and I have the panels off and wiring exposed at the moment.
D.E.Bishop 08/26/19 07:46pm Class C Motorhomes
You're right!

At least those of you that have asked where everyone is. There aren't many folks left who are polite and helpful or read the posts they respond to. I'll be around but with less and less involvement in the posts. I'm too old to put up with those who know everything about everything. To Craig and Doug, bless you for you patience, I certainly have lost mine. To the new members, good luck, to the mods, want to know where everyone went, PM me. Oh yeh, there is a big, really big difference between a S%X bolt and a hex bolt.
D.E.Bishop 08/26/19 04:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Learn about solar for rv's

Well I guess I know everything I need to know, I started at 14, some 65 years ago for the EC my older brothers worked for. I spent a few years involved in the traffic signal field from an Electrical Craft Helper up to and including a District Supervisor with over 100 electricians, electrical craft helpers and laborers. My job evolved over the year from repairing and prepping traffic signal heads for installation in the field to supervising the installation, maintenance and repair of fiber optic cable communication systems. I don't know squat about solar systems and the equipment involved in RVs. I guess I already know all I need to know about solar. The sun shines, the panels collect the energy and the wires transmit it to the batteries. By the way I'm 79 years old and I have been retired for 24+ years, longer than most of you have been members or even smart allecks. I'll just seek some pros for help.
D.E.Bishop 08/26/19 04:07pm Tech Issues
Learn about solar for rv's

Any suggestions about books for the novice DIY solar installer? I have searched but I don't get much from the subjects I try and I would like to learn a lot more than how to use my Deltran 15 watt trickle charger. I am interested in series or parallel setups, controller features, wiring, mounts. I have looked at several big brand components but I'd like a Solar 101 book. I want to learn the basics of solar. By Solar 101, I mean basic, like English 101 or Dumbbell English. I did find a S&B solar supply store near me where I can actually see and pick up and feel what I am learning about.
D.E.Bishop 08/26/19 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Looking aft used trucks - "?' flood damage

Just a simple question, aren't vehicles that are salvaged out due to flood damage, cleaned up and then resold listed as such in DMV records and in insurance company records? It seems that a Carfax or such would turn up that information. Insurance companies don't like insuring flood damaged vehicles, very expensive when problems arise.
D.E.Bishop 08/24/19 06:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Solar Panel

Could also be the controller or even wiring. To check the panel: Look up the specs. Then locate the panel wires (not the controller output wires), disconnect one and then with good sun check the voltage which should be very close to Voc (open circuit). Next short the 2 wires and the amps should be close to Isc (short circuit). These 2 measurements are a very good test of a panels performance. Ok, I don't wish to appear dumb but if he were to short the two wires from the panel, where would he place the meter leads. When shorted it would appear to be a close loop.I use a AC/DC clamp on ammeter to measure amps, just clamps around the shorted wires. It also measures voltage, ohms, etc. Or use an ammeter on the wires and many meters have 10A capability. Okay, that I can understand but when you went from an open circuit to a short circuit Using a clamp on sort of slipped my mind.
D.E.Bishop 08/24/19 06:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Panel

Could also be the controller or even wiring. To check the panel: Look up the specs. Then locate the panel wires (not the controller output wires), disconnect one and then with good sun check the voltage which should be very close to Voc (open circuit). Next short the 2 wires and the amps should be close to Isc (short circuit). These 2 measurements are a very good test of a panels performance. Ok, I don't wish to appear dumb but if he were to short the two wires from the panel, where would he place the meter leads. When shorted it would appear to be a close loop.
D.E.Bishop 08/24/19 10:51am Truck Campers
RE: Bathroom light fixture wire terminals

Okay, now I get what connector you're talking about. Here is a link to Orvac's catalog with several different sizes. I'd still use a wire nut, it would be bigger than the crimp fitting but what the heck. Thanks to rj for the URL. I didn't compare prices but the specs for the connectors on ZORO is far better than on Orvac. Orvac is a store for the trades and customers usually know which size they want. I seldom know, so I bought a selection by visual assessment at the store when it was close to my home.
D.E.Bishop 08/24/19 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom light fixture wire terminals

Hi Munk, Welcome to the RV.Net Forums. You'll find a great amount of knowledge here and some very helpful members. In my opinion you are as well off using wirenuts/twistlocks/merretts, what ever you want to call them, especially if you want to make a change sometime in the future. I'm not sure exactly what the fitting you are referring to looks like but that's not unusual, there are so many crimp fitting today. If you are interested and get over toward Orange County, look up Orvac Electronics. They are at 1645 E. Orangethorpe Ave, phone # 714 871 1020, they have a huge display of crimp type fittings. They also have an online catalog. They have been slow to add stuff to the catalog but what your looking for may be there. If you take a look at the forums by title you'll find a great help section Titled; Forum Posting Help and Support. Look in that for, RV.NET Tutorials and Picture related FAQs. I'd love to know what your talking about and a photo always helps. Also, when asking for help with your water heater, don't just say "water heater", give the Brand Name, Model and if you know it the Year. There will be someone with the same year and model WH, Converter/charger, Leveling system and can help if they know make and model, they may have had the same problem you did and know a good solution. In addition to help posting pictures, there is a whole section on doing searches, that's another good read. Some members will answer a question by referring you to the search engine, so you might as well learn about searches too. So let us know what RV you have and fire away with the questions.
D.E.Bishop 08/24/19 07:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 6 diode isolation with Invisibrake System

So the Susuki leaves the vehicle battery connected while being towed? Obviously, if the vehicle battery is disconnected then there is no issue withe the activation of the towed brake lights. have you considered jst disconnecting the battery or pulling the brake light fuse(s)? In answer to your question, yes to that, the invisibrake will keep the towed vehicle charged if your tail lights are on. In my case it should not be a problem. I have found, however, that instructions for the six diode system really are less than helpful. I've been in and out of the labs for years and their nomenclature is simple but not really too awful clear. so far the lights are working as specified. Tomorrow, the vacuum and electrical part of the controller.controller and
D.E.Bishop 08/23/19 03:14pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Canyon de Chelly

Sorry I don't see a big distinction between NP and NM, Crators of the Moon has signs, so does Ft Castillo, Devils Tower, Dinosaur and so does Hovenweep along with just about every other one we've been to. I will say Grand Staircase and Alibiades are both de-signed. Grand Staircase because it just isn't developed at all. And neither was Alibiades when we last looked in there. But they are exceptions. No I didn't complain to the Rangers, we never saw one. And we were camped in Gallop and the sun was setting... And none of you really answered my questions. And furthermore I am not in any way interested in a guilt tour over something that happened in the 1800's. I haven't seen any Potato Famine tours or museums for example. Nor a tour over what happened in Magdeburg in 1631. Both of which could of injured my ancestress. Or any of a hundred or thousand other injustices over the past. Get over it and live your life. Oh and something just came to mind, I recall seeing the official Apache tribe website years ago which bitterly complained about the unjust reputation the peace loving Apaches were given. Don't know if it still is that way but any of you who ever visited the cemetery at Ft Apache might have a contrary view. More revisionisma and whining. So IMO the Navaho should run CdC the same way they do Monument Valley, as a Navaho concession since they obviously don't want to run it as a benefit to the American Nation. How sad.
D.E.Bishop 08/22/19 08:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Canyon de Chelly

Both Hubbell and CdC are totally on Navajo Land as are many sights in AZ, NM and else where in the S/W. Personally I found the Trading Post to be quite a prize and my wife sat and talked with the women in the VC for a couple of hours. I talked with the silversmith that was there the day we visited and it took about a half hour before he began to loosen up and talk to me. I had just read about The Long Walk and the Treaty that Returned the Navajo Ancestral Lands to the Navajo and wanted to learn more about the culture of the people. A very amazing afternoon at Hubbell and with a true Navajo elder who also holds a Doctorate in Sociology. The bottom of Canyon de Chelly is Sacred Land of The First Nations People and has been designated as such. To them it is as much a church as any structure built by European or African people. The Navajo happen to be the custodians of the land and if you notice that there are no cell towers in Navajo-land nor are there any on the Hopi Reservation. It is not part of their culture and they don't feel the need for our cell and internet systems on the reservations. They do not like nor do they want huge arrays of signs on their Sacred land, but if you approach them politely and with respect, they will teach you many things. Just remember what the US Army, the 7th Calvary in particular did to them and how they are treated by most non-First Nations People and you will begin to understand why they are the way they are.
D.E.Bishop 08/22/19 06:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Answer Your Phones

I have tried to stay away from CW stores since they changed from having Work Kampers on the floor, Oregon has two stores I like Hillsborough and Wilsonville. Wilsonville is a GREAT store, at least it has been for us for at least 20 years. Two years ago we had tried to find a shop where we could have the oil changed, drove from Cal/Or boarder up 101 to Cape Disappointment, leaving CD, I had DW call Wilsonville, got us in the next morning, spent the night in the parking lot to be there at opening. One rig in front of us and one on the other rack from previous day. DW got us McDonalds and while she was gone, one of the gals in the office was making a donut run and ask if we would like something from the donut shop. Valencia CA store was great but back 20 years ago they had work kampers on the floor, they knew what we were talking about and went to parts and told the staff what it was in their auto parts vernacular. Then suddenly, there were all these guys in insurance, car salesman, shiny flashy suits and then the dealership opened and nobody on the floor. Went in one evening during the remodel and the staff in the store were joking with a customer they knew(all six of them). Between the graba## and ignoring us, we went home without the $400 or $500 worth of accessories we went to buy. All the other stores we have tried to deal with were like those mentioned earlier in this post. Sure glad there is a fairly decent parts store within a reasonable distance and that the internet is available too.
D.E.Bishop 08/22/19 09:46am Camping World Accessories
RE: Restrictions on older RVs.

We have never run into an age restriction(other than those really high end private parks) but in Las Vegas the one question about my rig that surprised me was "do you have any cracked or broken windows?".
D.E.Bishop 08/22/19 07:46am Snowbirds
RE: Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

In a recent post someone suggested looking at Amazon they have a 100 watt kit for $158.98. It is fully compatible with the standard connectors and controllers, the HFT is not. you would have to only buy stuff from them. With the Windy Nation kit you can add equipment from almost any mfg.
D.E.Bishop 08/20/19 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 6 diode isolation with Invisibrake System

Thanks for that suggestion, I kind of like the thought as I need to tap the brake light wire for the SBS. I found it adjacent to the SBS install location and tapped off there.
D.E.Bishop 08/20/19 08:06pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Beginner RV Owners and the Sonora Pass

Hello Lauren, welcome to the Forums and it sounds like you two have jumped into it with both feet. Congratulations. Here is a little post that I found regarding grades on the I?S Hwy system. https://i.imgur.com/d1jUqHal.jpg Enjoy
D.E.Bishop 08/20/19 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
Testing signature

Testing signature
D.E.Bishop 08/18/19 06:55am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 6 diode isolation with Invisibrake System

I thought I answered that in the original post and my answer to your original post. It is avery difficult job to work under the dash of a Suzi and I'm 79 years old. There isn't any eazy way to install the relayor a swict. I really don't think it is complicated, I did stuff like that when I was working. Adding a SBS to a towed is by itself a fairly easy task if you can keep the two brake/tail light systems straight.
D.E.Bishop 08/17/19 09:04pm Dinghy Towing
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