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RE: STRANDED - no power to slide controls or jacks

The best piece of advice you have been given is to go to winnebagoind.com, go to the resources tab and find the schematics for your rig. The electrical schematics are a little confusing at first but they give the general location of almost everything electrical. After see your pictures and the fact that you keep asking for a ground wire location leads me to believe you are not very knowledgeable about wiring practices in motor vehicles. So to start, do you have a meter or a 12vdc test light? If you do not, your going to need one or the other. Trouble shooting a lack of power to a system usually starts at the beginning. Find the fuse and check to see if there is power to that point, if there is power on both sides of the fuse, the next point is determine if there is any pint at which the wire from the fuse goes to a junction point before you get to ON/OFF switch on the control panel. You will need each junction point until you get to the switch. If there is power to the panel and it goes through the ON/OFF switch, I think you are going to need a tech guy to help you. Usually, there is no ground WIRE per say. Most devices use the chassis ground. Judging from the photos you provided, you could well have problems in your battery box. I think that there is a lot of possible damage to the system judging from the lack of maintenance on the HWH system. It needs cleaning. Good luck and let us know what happens.
D.E.Bishop 06/24/19 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Terrible factory splices in brake wiring

Where you mention the factory putting three wires in a std butt connector, it is not good practice and shouldn't be done. A closed end splice/connector is better and designed for that situation. I have done both without any problem but I have probably made several hundred thousand splices in my life. Maybe it's just luck but I think it is experience coupled with skill. Some circuits should never have inappropriate splice and others it don't really matter.
D.E.Bishop 06/23/19 05:03pm Travel Trailers

Dilan, Sitka is not an Island, it is a town on Baranof Island. Juneau is the only State capitol not reachable by road. If your leaving an RV there, how did you get it there? I would add to the OP's list about entering Canada. If you are wearing sunglasses as you approach, leave them on until the CA Customs officer looks at you and then remove them while he is looking. I do this so they know I an not afraid to let him see my eyes up close. You eyes tell a lot about you emotions. Second is answer as much as possible with Yes and No. If he wants to yack he will let you know. Excessive talking and jokes generally alert the Officer to nervousness on your part. Dimensional lumber is not firewood, it is kindling, if asked about firewood and you have only dimensional lumber tell the Officer yes dimensional lumber in X cabinet and here is the key. They are really cool guys that have a very tough job and have to deal with all sorts of people, treat them nice and have everything you can think of handy. I your wife is like mine, remind her to keep quiet and look at the Officer but don't answer for you and only talk if addressed. A nice touch is to say thanks when he waves you on through.
D.E.Bishop 06/23/19 02:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Flowjet Waste Pump Blessing or Curse...?

I built my own from illustrations on SteamPunkGarage. Found a brand new .5 hp badger disposal on line for $35 and went from there. I keep it at home because if I need to dump on the road, I'll find a site with either a dump site or sewer at my campsite. It is not that loud and only runs for a few moments anyway. I have a built in tank flushing system so it's easy to dump and then flush and dump at the same time. I did find a campground that did not allow using a macerator, they wouldn't say why.
D.E.Bishop 06/23/19 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Suburban oven will not lite

Marksar, try lighting the heater and or water heater, it usually speeds up getting gas to the oven.
D.E.Bishop 06/22/19 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Coffee on the road

Because I'm usually up by 05:00, I use a Presto My Jo, coffee maker. About $0.30 cents per cup, pre-roasted in a self contained pod and just a small amount of propane per cup.
D.E.Bishop 06/21/19 10:02am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Virginia I -81 corrider gas tax.

Well for once I am going to bash California, I have led the anti-bashing of CA for several years here on RV.Net but this is ridicules. Some years ago the voters in CA elected Gerry Brown as governor. At that time our highways were a model many states aspired to, today nobody has anything good to say about them. It was apparent to most of us that when Brown's Director of CalTrans decided to eliminate the entire budget for maintenance and construction of state highways and interstates that we would someday come to rue the action of the Giant Turkey as the director became known. Fast forward a couple of decades and the public elected Gerry Brown two more times and to counter his actions of the seventies he instituted a long term incremental tax increase on gasoline. The first increment in 2017 was $0.12 per gallon, the second increment this year will be $0.05.6 per gallon and in two more years a third hike will occur, not to mention the COLA increases on all California fuel taxes. On July first when the second increment takes effect, California will have the Highest fuel taxes in the nation and overall tax rate may rise from forth highest to third highest in the nation. Not withstanding the old adage of "Recent studies haven proven that recent studies are useless". A resent study shows that based on an estimate of $130 Billion needed to bring CA's roads and bridges into good repair, the tax revenue will fall short by $65 Billion. All of this was by votes of the people, did the voters ever revolt?, yes, we forced out the Governor who doubles our registration fees by a recall election and a fiscal moderate was elected and he turned liberal in all other areas of taxation but stopped a doubling of registration fees. Now the fees have returned, taxes have risen and the electorate seems happy. Where am I going with this information, Arizona if I could but because I can't move, I'll be going to fewer places in my RV.
D.E.Bishop 06/21/19 09:47am Roads and Routes
RE: Atwood Hot water heater drain plug

Dave; Actually it is the same size as the brass fitting you replaced the original plug with. David
D.E.Bishop 06/20/19 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Family (wild) Camping

A little off the Wild Family camping idea is what our grandson did last year. He did over two weeks of wilderness camping in the Alaska Bush. Hiking, cooking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and being independent of parents and other family members but supervised. They carried with them all they needed and then had to bring it out. They even had to use the plastic waste containers for their bodily waste and bring that out. This was for a 16 year old kid, virtually the end of a great time as a member of the Boy Scouts. He found, not his divorced Mom, a troop that camped a lot. and joined that troop when his old troop started concentrating on physical development over camping and leadership. We provided the money for the trip as a congratulation on achieving the rank of Eagle.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/19 09:21am Family Camping
RE: Hot water heater drain

I would not use a standard pipe tap on the threads, turning that tap past the point where the corrosion inhibits fully inserting the tap will eventually remove metal as well as corrosion. If you ever see the thread cutters in both a tap and a die, you will notice that there is a little space left in the valley between the cut of the two. the sides of the threads are supposed to mate not the entire thread. That little valley is where the corrosion gathers and make fitting the two pieces together difficult. A medium hard brass brush mounted in a rotary tool is about the best solution. A bore cleaning brush from your local gun shop is probably among the best you could buy. Even then care in use should be taken. In an Atwood water heater, extreme care must be take when using a rotary brush. A chemical solution is best in that case. I have used the nipple with groves cut perpendicular to the threads on several occasions and when used in conjunction with a chemical agent is pretty good. There are a lot of chemical cleaners available for dissolving the crud in the threads. They are caustic and not for human consumption but then, neither is penetrating oil. So no matter what you use, wire brush, Lime Away or similar chemical solution or god forbid penetrating oil, flushing with clean clear water. Now if you are as old as I am, you may have heard of thread chasers. They are a tool with normally one row of what look like the cutters of a pipe die. We used them for cleaning pipe threads in steam powered torpedoes back in my Navy days.
D.E.Bishop 06/20/19 09:02am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood Hot water heater drain plug

Considering that nylon plugs are rated at 220psi and cpvc at 200psi, and most of us use a regulator set a 55psi or less, pressure really isn't an issue. Operating temps are 220 degrees and 200 degrees respectfully, also not to low to be a problem. The reinforced clear plastic hose falls pretty much within the specs of cpvc, still not a problem. I don't know what the heater thermostat is set at but I'd bet no where near 200 degrees, closer to 120 degrees. In my mind reaching either of the max ratings of a PT valve is time to kiss your water heater and much of your plumbing goodbye. Camco does recommend 3-5 wraps of teflon tape on the threads of the plugs.
D.E.Bishop 06/19/19 10:19pm Tech Issues
RE: auto door lock (coach)

If I remember correctly, at my age a big if:D, You can set the locks to only unlock the drivers side,with the remote. I seldom use th keys but I know my Suzi has some weird lock and unlock features too. I did change my wife's 2017 Explorer from only unlock the drivers door to unlock all doors. Best bet is to ask the Service guys at a dealership how the thing should work.
D.E.Bishop 06/19/19 08:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping with a baby

Our first camping trip with our girls was when they were 4 and 5 years old. We were financially restricted at at that time and while we had camped as kids, our families did not camp at all. We borrowed everything, tent, slipping bags, stove and packed our kitchen for that first trip in a plastic bucket. 12 years later while in a young womans organization they became state wide officers and had to travel all over the state and even to Manitoba. They traveled in groups and were amazed at how little the travel buddies knew about travel and in actuality this State. They thanked us then and still talk about those travel days and tenting, cooking over a wood fire and exploring the area where we were camping, even their first encounter with a bear in Yosemite. Letting kids explore life was expected back then, no helicopter parents. Our grandkids have been raised that way and their first camping trips occurred at about 3 or for months for both of them.
D.E.Bishop 06/19/19 07:36am Family Camping

Test to see signature
D.E.Bishop 06/19/19 07:14am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Flat tow mini truck Honda Acty Daihatsu Hijet Carry Sambar

This link will tell you which common mini-trucks are towable. LINK Rangers are tricky as the towability changes from year to year. It seems all Dakotas are okay, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are twins and okay. Best to check years and compatibility. Base plates are sort of but not exactly matched to tow bars. You can use a Remco towbar with a RoadMaster baseplate but with special adapters. I'd look at buying a matched set. Some like mine are very heavy but some are much lighter. Not familiar with Demco or BlueOx instructions but remember sometimes like with my GV, there were changes throughout the years they were made and the instructions were not perfect. YouTube usually has videos on installations.
D.E.Bishop 06/19/19 07:04am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

The reason there is no overflow to the ground is that in most if not all states it is unlawful to discharge waste water on the ground. Water from the bathtub is considered waste water.
D.E.Bishop 06/18/19 10:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Black Hills in October

In Hill City are wo we've used Crooked Creek and Rafter J Bar Ranch. Rafter is about $70 and Crooked Creek is about average, in the fifties if I remember correctly. It September on year it was 19 degrees and the motor in the heater choose to seize up that night.
D.E.Bishop 06/18/19 10:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Two aussies

I cannot answer your questions but perhaps I can give you somethings to look at. I assume you are past the bearing and raising years and perhaps even have kids out on their own, if so, talk to them and ask about their friends who have had an OE. For those of you who do not know what OE means, Overseas Experience. We have hosted quite a few kids from NZ during their OEs and they have bought and sold vehicles here and in Canada, it isn't rocket science. There are networks of younger folk that have or are planning on visiting and buying here. Google and YouTube are your friends for finding help in this and many other ways. You don't need to pay a fee for this help, Uni's have a lot of kids who can help. There are folks on this site that are doing what you are thinking of, perhaps some of them will chime in and help. A lot has to do with how you title your enquirers. We only know one couple living in Oz who have done this and they may be able to help, if you give me an email address in a PM, I'll ask them to respond to you. Several of their extended families have done OEs and purchased vehicles here and sold here.
D.E.Bishop 06/18/19 09:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Flat tow setup

I just completed installing base plates on my 2006 Grand Vitara, it was about $500 for the base plates and the adapters for my tow bar. There was $50 in miscellaneous parts and another $500 in common tool sets needed(I already had the tools). It took 5 hours for the installation because of Mr. Murphy and mid-year design changes in the GV. Here is my post about the install. One of the guys commented that now I know why the shop wanted to charge 8 hours for the job at $150 and hour. The big savings is cool, I bought a new radio and it will pay for the aux brake system, the BIG savings is I know how it was done and how the base plates and BP's were put together. Correctly! There were lots of U clips and screws used to replace the plastic push pin body rivets that were broken during disassembly. The torque on the bolts is correct and was stressed and checked before being covered by the body. Absolutely none of the bolts can be re torqued without removing the front body assembly. Shops often don't pay attention to fine details like broken plastic push rivets. Today another two hours putting the cable in for the brake and tail lights. Two weeks to get the Aux Braking system ordered and installed. The big reward is of course the sea trials afterwards. Going to see the DGD and her husband in OR where we dropped them off to start their new life in the slow lane.
D.E.Bishop 06/18/19 08:05am Dinghy Towing
RE: How to remove/replace bolt

Assuming you're not a newly wed and have some disposable income, try using the tool you have drill a hole next to the nail and put a screw and nut in place. Don't mess with the old one, leave it there. Just remember in the RV world, things brake more often than in the S&B world and eventually you will need to make more repairs. My Thought For The Day I'm 79 years old and yes I have accumulated stuff over the years, including the practice of buying better tools and making repairs that last. I still have a set of box end wrenches my DW bought for me about two years after we married. We were poor at that time, entry level job and educated at sea, no college. She Bought a Good set of wrenches and I still have them. I no longer rebuild an engine or do heavy work but I still try and repair what I can. I have now started passing these tools on to the maintenance guy at a BSA Camp, my grandson, and granddaughter's husband. Like marriage, good choices last a long time.
D.E.Bishop 06/18/19 07:06am General RVing Issues
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