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Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

I have been using the Windows "Thunderbird" email program for many years now and the DW is now comfortable with it. Within the last several weeks, our primary Email Account has been flooded with scam emails and after checking the address on each one, if spam I label it as trash. All of these emails contain xxxxx@gmail.com address as where they came from. This particular mailbox address is one that is used for other legitimate emails, but the number of SPAM/TRASH emails received is getting bigger each day. Thunderbird won't let you block a domain like gmail.com but something has to be done. any suggestions / ideas. I don't want to use another email program as the training period for the DW would be beyond my patience and to delete this particular email box and use another one would take forever to notify those who correspond with us using it.. Maybe the answer is to just open a cold beer in the afternoon and instead of "Happy Hour", call it "Trash Cleaning Hour"..
DD716TED 05/13/22 11:13am Technology Corner
Samsung Galaxy S3 Watch??

I have a S3 Samsung Galaxy Smart watch and have a question.. Hopefully you can answer my question.. I am an avid sports fan and would like to change the watch faces as the sports seasons change.. To do this, it seems as though I have to purchase and download the "Watchmaker" android app for my phone to apply various faces on my watch. Anyone have any experience with the Watchmaker App and is it worth it??
DD716TED 05/10/22 12:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Extending Wifi Range???

Thanks for inputs.. I used an inexpensive wifi extender and now all works great..
DD716TED 05/10/22 12:00pm Technology Corner
Extending Wifi Range???

My trailer is stored a small distance from the house. In view of ever increasing theft / vandalism, I installed a wifi camera near it. 50 % of the time, the camera works great and I can see / record anything going on...BUT the other 50% of the time, the camera looses wifi connection... would installing a wifi extender half way between the router and camera work or are wifi range extenders a waste of time and $$$? Appreciate any comments..as crime is on rise
DD716TED 05/05/22 02:29pm Technology Corner
Norton Lifelock had to ask

I have been a Lifelock customer for years now and rally never needed them.. Today I received a message on my phone that my information was accessed and I needed to sign in to see what was asked..GOOD LUCK.. nothing appeared on my account..but I wanted further info.. Nortons "Chat Feature" doesn't wor, can't send them an email, and NO PHONE NUMBER IS LISTED.. anyone else have problems / solutions with Lifelock/Norton?? They are not accessible or responsive in my opinion
DD716TED 02/01/22 07:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Champion 2000 w Dual Fuel Generator

Not sure of your exact model, but my Champion 2K model 100565 gas only, has a setting on control knob to run carb dry. It also has a drain, with hose out the bottom, if you'd rather empty carb that way. Jerry Thank you for the response.. my generator does not have the run out of fuel setting on the switch..SO I just pop the cover, and open the drain screw on the carburetor and put the drain hose is a cup to drain the machine. I thought there would be an easier way such as what you have or my Yamaha generator has..
DD716TED 01/14/22 04:34pm Tech Issues
Champion 2000 w Dual Fuel Generator

Any Champion Generator owners out there that can answer this.. My other generator is a Yamaha 2000IS and when I wasn't going to use it for awhile, I just shut the fuel valve off and let the carburetor run dry.. With the Champion there is no fuel valve to shut off.. I was led to believe that turning off the fuel tank vent valve, the fuel would run out and shut down. I have tried that but it continues to run on and on even with the vent shut off.. I want to store it for over several months. How do you run it dry or do you?
DD716TED 01/14/22 03:45pm Tech Issues

Next week, Xfinity will be replacing my older Comcast / Xfinity modem / router with a new unit.. It was requiring a reset almost every week. When they do this, can or will they transfer the WiFi security code from the old modem to the new one OR will I have to enter a new code on all my WiFi devices like cell phone, Samsung Pad, laptops, tv's, printers, etc.. Had to ask..
DD716TED 12/30/21 02:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Battery Issue?

New converter installed..All works great.. Thank you for all the inputs / help..
DD716TED 12/25/21 01:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

Thank you for the response..The one question I have is.. when installing the circuit, do you only connect the AV 115v.. then adjust the switch/potentionmeter to the correct DC Output, then turn off AC ,then connect the battery / dc circuits (fuses), re-energize AC and check that all is working properly..thanks again for your help..
DD716TED 11/28/21 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

I am replacing the MBA in my WFCO WF-8955PEC power center with a Boondocker BD 1255MBA 55 amp, 4 stage MBA. No instructions came with the Boondocker unit however, I believe it is the same as the "Powermax" PCMB-55-MBA. I found some instructions on INET for Powermax, but they are very poorly written and make little sense. Installing the circuit board and associated wiring is a breeze, but the instructions on how/when to adjust the fixed voltage circuit switch/potentiometer are a joke.. they jump all over.. Has anyone installed this particular Boondocker board and did you even bother to adjust the "fixed voltage"? or maybe even a better question, did you find better instructions on how to do it?
DD716TED 11/27/21 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

Bottom line, WFCO 8955PEC MBA was bad.. I ordered a replacement (not WFCO) from Randy at BEST CONVERTER.. Since the trailer is stored out of the area, I want to make sure that I take with me everything needed to do the changeout. Looks really simple but have one question for anybody that has done it and I can't look for myself. The Black AC wire that comes from the MBA connects to the main breaker along with another black lead combined using a pin terminal under the same breaker lug screw. QUESTION..WHAT TYPE OF PIN TERMINAL will I need to have with me? As said before, I would look for myself, but the trailer is miles away for now.. Thank in advance for any information.
DD716TED 11/22/21 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

I previously reported all was well BUT it is not. A recent camping trip showed me problems again. New batteries seemed at first to help but that was incorrect.. Same thing started to happen again.. With nothing turned on, batteries connected and pedestal power applied, DC Voltage read 13.6 VDC. Then within 30 seconds of turning on either the water pump or furnace, everything dimmed or slowed down.. I the disconnected batteries and again applied pedestal power to the trailer.. as long as nothing (pump or furnace) was on DC Voltage remained about 13.5 vdc.. The minute I turned on wither the pump or furnace, DC voltage dropped to 7.5vdc, overhead lights flashed on/off and furnace or water pump started rapid on/off cycling... Given this, I now believe the WFCO WF-8955PEC has failed failed and needs a new power converter circuit assy. Am now searching for an exact fit / drop in replacement power converter circuit assembly at a reasonable cost.
DD716TED 11/17/21 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

Thanks for all of the responses.. Tested batteries..they were failing.. replaced with new batteries and all is well.. __________________
DD716TED 10/11/21 02:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

when pedestal power is disconnected, fridge still works and furnace still runs.. but for how long?? didn't want to find out..
DD716TED 10/09/21 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Issue?

It appears the converter is is working to supply that 13.7 to the monitor somehow, but that the fridge and furnace are on battery. Something is blown so the converter's 13.7v is not reaching the fridge and furnace and also note the battery is getting lower with use, as indicated by the voltage drop when the furnace comes on. You can keep going that way until the battery bank gets too low and then you will need a battery charger, or else get the converter back on line. You don't need new batteries now, just a battery charger. BTW the fridge on 120v does use a little 12v for its controls
DD716TED 10/09/21 10:50am Tech Issues
Battery Issue?

We are camping and I noticed something that I had never noticed in the 11 years we have owned the trailer.. We are plugged into pedestal power. When nothing that requires 12 volts is on, the 12v power monitor meter reads 13.7 volts dc.. However when the refrigerator is on (not on gas), the dc power drops to 12.6 vdc AND when the furnace cycles on with refrigerator on, lights dim and 12 v power monitor meter drops to 11.7 volts dc.. Don't ever remember seeing this in the past..ARE MY BATTERYS FAILING? Help please.. easier to find new batteries on Saturday than Sunday when camping..
DD716TED 10/09/21 09:40am Tech Issues
Rental Car Question

For the first time in many moons, we are going on a trip without the truck and Trailer or Driving the family car.. This time we are Flying and RENTING A CAR.. Just a question about Rental Car Insurance... Is it worth it to buy the additional coverage the rental car company covers.. I have good insurance BUT just don't know about extra insurance to protect me for $12 a day? Thoughts / Comments? Stay safe around the campfire..
DD716TED 10/05/21 11:33am Around the Campfire
RE: DIRECTV Real or Not

Direct TV is now ATT. Email should be showing ATT and not Direct TV! Scam! As if this past week this is no longer true. AT&T has spun off Directv and now it is its own entity. Dave this is email address it came from.. reply@message.att-mail.com
DD716TED 08/07/21 02:44pm Technology Corner
DIRECTV Real or Not

Yesterday I received an email from DIRECTV.. Everything in the from address looks right and it came to my email address that I only use for specific accounts, Directv being one of them...BUT SOMETHING LOOKS / SMELLS FISHY.. There were no links or anything to click on in the email. Anyone else who subscribes to the NFL Sunday Ticket package from Directv get this email??? Ironic that I am cancelling the NFL package this year anyway because of cost / politics.. https://i.imgur.com/ArjXV4Dl.jpg
DD716TED 08/07/21 11:11am Technology Corner
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