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RE: Both AC's quit.

If it's the "start" capacitors that are blowing that quick it's because they're in use too long. The start capacitors are usually round in black hard plastic cases. There is a "start relay" that should take them out of the circuit (disconnect) them as soon as the compressor reaches 3/4 full speed (that like the blink of an eye). They're only designed to do that 60 times an hour without damage. If they're in the circuit any more than that they overheat and fail very quickly. That could also damage the start windings inside the compressor.
DFord 07/20/19 11:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice from South Western Snow Birders

The Grand Canyon Railway operates an RV campground and it accepts Passport America members at 1/2 price. Highly recommend you gather early to take in the show before the train leaves in the morning. Be sure to leave valuables behind - the train is likely to be robbed! Williams is 7000 ft. The air is quite a bit rarer than at lower levels and you may need to accumulate. Because it's so high, expect cold weather (and snow) until late March.
DFord 07/19/19 08:24am Snowbirds
RE: Advice from South Western Snow Birders

The last full week of January is RV week in the tiny town of Quartzsite, AZ. It's the Meca of RVing. The land surrounding Quartzsite is BLM land. It's estimated over 100,000 RVers find their way to Q for RV week when the Big Tent is open. https://www.quartzsitervshow.com/ https://www.tysonwells.com/ It's the RVers' version of Sturgis where bikers gather once a year. We stay at La Posa South where there's a dump, fresh water and trash dumpsters. The cost is $40 for two weeks. Pull in, pay your camping fees (cash or check) and pick a spot. We always pick a spot where we can see the dump station - when the line is short just before sundown, we do our business with little or no waiting.
DFord 07/17/19 10:37pm Snowbirds
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

When you're dumping and it stinks, you need Happy Campers. If you want to use regular TP, you need Happy Camper. If you want your tank level sensors to work reliably, Happy Camper will help with that too. For all those reason, I'm a happy camper using Happy Camper tank treatment. Your mileage may differ.
DFord 07/17/19 09:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trojan T-105 Storage

Battery Minder on sale at Northern Tools https://www.northerntool.com/images/product/2000x2000/167/167981_1_2000x2000.jpg height=300 I have several of these BatteryMinders - I use them on my lawnmower and the chassis battery on my MH. I have 4 vehicles - I tow one and leave the others at home over the winter. I remove their batteries and connect them to BatteryMinders so their well charged when I get home. Never had to add water to them. This sale price is very good right now.
DFord 07/17/19 09:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Issue with Dometic 3314080 A/C unit

1. That is NOT the Model of your AC unit. It seems to be the p/n of your 10 button CCC wall tstat. 2. How long does it take for the compressor to trip? Usually that indicates a BAD compressor and is pulling too many amps. The amps increase the longer it runs until the breaker trips. Doug Doug, it seems like a bad season for capacitors and starts kits going bad. TCI, you may need to call in help to check the capacitors. Start capacitors go bad when they're in the circuit too long. They make a mess when they overheat. You can check that with visual inspection. If it's bad change both the start capacitor and the relay or solid start device that controls it. The start capacitor is usually black plastic with a star washer holding the top down. The "run" capacitor is usually a metal can. If the top is bulged at all, replace it. The best way to test capacitors is with a meter. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=capacitor+meter+tester&crid=1GJBBK0OSKNIZ&sprefix=capacitor+meter%2Caps%2C203
DFord 07/17/19 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: 10 foot CAT5e Ethernet Cable not working

Put the ends of the two cables together side by side to see if they're both made the same way. There are two kinds of Ethernet cables you can make, Straight Through and Crossover. Making Ethernet Cables - Simple and Easy STRAIGHT THROUGH Ethernet cables are the standard cable used for almost all purposes, and are often called "patch cables". It is highly recommend you duplicate the color order as shown on the left. Note how the green pair is not side-by-side as are all the other pairs. This configuration allows for longer wire runs. http://www.groundcontrol.com/galileo/images/Standard_Ethernet_Cable_RJ45.gif CROSSOVER CABLES - The purpose of a Crossover Ethernet cable is to directly connect one computer to another computer (or device) without going through a router, switch or hub. http://www.groundcontrol.com/galileo/images/RJ-45_Crossover_Ethernet_Cable.gif
DFord 07/17/19 08:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadside Assistance

When my daughter was going to college in the late 1990s, I covered her with AAA. She had trouble with the battery / alternator / fusible link between the two. This resulted in 3 requests for assistance. I got a letter advising me if there was one more call it would be at my expense. I dropped them immediately and have never given them another chance and won't either. The CoachNet of old is not the present CoachNet. It's been taken over by an investment company. They lost many good people right afterward. One of them started another roadside assistance company - Saferide Motor Club. http://saferide.vehicleadminservices.com/ Saferide was chosen by FMCA to provide roadside assistance for their members. Along with roadside assistance they provide several other services to members: http://fmcara.vehicleadminservices.com/ I dropped CoachNet and went with FMCA's offering and I'm going to continue to renew my membership with them.
DFord 07/17/19 08:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

By adhering to recommended practices with every RV I've owned over the past 45 years, I've never had any issues with my sensors not reading properly. So what are the recommended practices? Read my previous posts in this post. Keep you dump valve closed till your tanks are at least 3/4 full. Never leave the dump valves open while your camping - sure recipe for problems. When you do dump, use the flush to refill the tank for a couple of minutes and repeat till the water runs clear. Twice a year use the wand to blast the sides of the tank. Use Happy Camper tank treatment in both the grey and black tank. I installed a flush kit on my grey water tank and it helps.
DFord 07/17/19 08:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking to upgrade suspension and add a steering stabilizer

If the links are too short, you can buy a set of adjustable links. Here's a listing on Amazon for them: https://www.amazon.com/Hellwig-7962-11-14-Adjustable-Endlinks/dp/B001UFRWBO/ https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41EjjdhWAWL.jpg height=200 I bought a set but didn't need them. By the time I got the swaybar level, I had the adjustable links the same length as the originals.
DFord 07/16/19 08:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking to upgrade suspension and add a steering stabilizer

Somebody explain to me why everyone is eager to spend a lot of money on upgrades before letting the OP try the F53 cheap handling fix (CHF)? If you don't have a Ford V-10 chassis you really shouldn't be offering a solution for SOB (some other brand). Moving the swaybar links and replacing the bushing results in a world of difference in handling. What works great on a diesel pusher doesn't have any connection to the F-53 chassis. Even the gas Workhorse chassis has it's own unique problems and fixes that don't relate well to the F-53. It's hard to believe that something as simple as moving the links on the swaybar can make such a profound difference in ride and handling as the CHF and you won't know till you try it.
DFord 07/16/19 02:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

By adhering to recommended practices with every RV I've owned over the past 45 years, I've never had any issues with my sensors not reading properly. On the hand, if you get lazy and sloppy and don't follow those recommended practices, sensors are useless. It's one of those pay me now or pay me later scenarios.
DFord 07/16/19 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking to upgrade suspension and add a steering stabilizer

With the F-53 chassis there's a "cheap fix" for that top heavy feeling. All you need to do is move the bolts for the existing factory swaybar closer to the axle. The factory position has the bolts in the outer holes. Moving them closer to the axle does wonders to minimize the lean present in the stock arrangement. However, because it puts a bigger strain on the stock swaybar, the original bushings will fail shortly after the change. You'll need to replace the original bushing with polyurethane bushings so they'll last. These changes will the least expensive and most effective ones you'll ever make to your chassis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MozieIP58PY There's a lot more on this available - just try a search for "F53 cheap fix" and you'll find them.
DFord 07/15/19 09:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Tank Maintenance

The best holding tank treatment available is "Happy Campers" It's available from better RV supply stores, Amazon, Ebay and several dealers websites. Here's a link to one of those dealer's websites where you can learn more about it: https://www.happycampersworld.com/ https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91yAP35cH3L._SL1500_.jpg height=300 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Campers-Organic-Holding-Treatment/dp/B007S0H5DU One scoop per tank is all that's needed. Fill your toilet 3/4 full of water after flushing your tank, swish it around with your bowl brush, flush the toilet and fill it again with enough water to rinse the brush. It was recommended to me by some Trek friends and I've been hooked ever since. We use Charmin Ultra tissue and don't have any problems with out tank sensor. It does a great job of killing the odors too. Disclaimer - I have no connection to the company but when I find something that works, I share it with others. With all that being said, nothing will ever be any better than flushing your black tank with a wand hooked to a hose and stuck down through the toilet. Blasting a good stream of water around the tank a couple times a years is a good practice that should be followed no matter what tank treatment is used.
DFord 07/15/19 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Window that leaks, replace or repair?

Best place in the nation to take your window problems: https://www.motionwindows.com/ Address: 6005 NE 121st Ave Vancouver WA 98682
DFord 07/15/19 10:50am Tech Issues
RE: Battery box size

Seal the battery box and vent it to the outside to avoid problems.
DFord 07/14/19 10:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Do You Need The Outdoor Package ?

I was told by Dish support this spring that I couldn't different channels on my receivers. While snowbirding and requesting local channels for my updated service address, the receiver at my house that I left behind would stop receiving the local channels there. As long as that was the situation, I wouldn't be able to use the MyDish app to update my service address but I could use it to reauthorize my receivers without calling them. Dish Outdoors is intended for full timers. The agent said there was a lot of thought about other options but for now, that was the way it was. To Dish Network's credit, for the past couple of years, I've talked to agents without any accents that made it hard to communicate. Up until the past couple of years that had not been the case despite repeated requests in prior years. That's a huge advantage over AT&T support which all seems to be located in southeast Asia. When calling for repair of U-Verse service at my church on Sunday, they refused to switch me to an agent stateside despite my complaining I wanted them to because I couldn't understand them. We were never able to communicate and the service remained down until Friday when a tech showed up to replace the modem. I decided during that 3 hour call I'd never have anything to do with AT&T again. Because they own Direct TV, I'll have nothing to do with them either. Why would anyone put themselves at the mercy of AT&T's failed system of customer support?
DFord 07/14/19 10:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadside Assistance

FMCA Roadside Assistance - $74/year. Membership in FMCA = $60/year includes repatriation of your RV and occupants and you or your remains at no extra charge. You couldn't buy this kind of coverage by itself for that kind of money on your own.
DFord 07/14/19 09:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: BOTH Panasonic lcd tv's are clicking and will not turn on

Run an extension cord directly from the pedestal to the TVs and see if they work to isolate your problem. Is it the wiring inside your RV or the TVs themselves.
DFord 07/13/19 10:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Owners Manual

Our previous MH was a 2001 Residency made by MHC Group which superseded Mountain High Coachworks. Mountain High Coachworks was a spin off from Thor West. They operated about a year as MHC Group and made their last MH about Just 2001 when creditors closed their doors for the last time. Gordie Hakes was the owner at the time. They had new models on the books and in press releases at the time they ran out of money and financing options. Like has been said, all of the appliances and accessories are industry standard as is the chassis. There is plenty of documentation about those items available by searching for them by model number. The Summit was their entry into the diesel motorhome market. I don't know the mfg of your chassis (Spartan?) - just that it's a diesel pusher. Thor Industries West Operating from 1991 to 1999, Thor Industries West constructed a range of Class A motorhomes. Ranging from 26 to 36.5 feet in length, Thor Industries West motorhomes features comfortable accommodations for family vacationing on the open road or at the campground. Thor Industries West motorhome business would be known as Mountainhigh Coachworks past the 1999 model year. Attached to Class A motorhomes, Mountainhigh Coachworks was assembled in 2000 after prior connection to Thor Industries West. Selling the Pinnacle, Residency and Summit series motorhomes spanning from 31 to 39 feet, Mountainhigh Coachworks were premium equipped recreational products featuring the additional interior space of up to two slide-out sections. Mountainhigh Coachworks ceased operations after the 2001 model year. Production of the high end model Residency model began in 1994 and continued into June 2001 when Mountain High Coachworks then operating as MHC Group ceased all operations. Notes: Manufacturer note(s): MOTORHOMES - All model prices include air conditioner, generator, spare tire/carrier, TV/VCR, water htr with DSI, microwave, back-up camera and leveling jacks. Residency models also include solar charge for A/C, convection/microwave, awning, drivers side door and 4 door refrigerator. After model year 2000, units are produced by the MHC Group.
DFord 07/13/19 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
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