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RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

Yes! This is one of the reasons we got an RV. It's packed with everything except change of clothes and a few food items. Otherwise, absolutley everything from toiletries to condiments are always in it. We can "pack" in less than 30 minutes. Same here. Takes 30 minutes if I poke. By keeping "stuff" in the camper camping is relaxing from start to finish.
DSteiner51 11/24/19 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: It's called a Tiny Home?

My tiny home is a '15 Cougar XLite 29RET. Makes more sense then what they call a tiny house at a third the cost.
DSteiner51 11/24/19 07:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Questions about pulling a fifth-wheel with a half ton TV

You can tow a much larger, heavier travel trailer than 5th wheel. If just towing with a half ton it makes no sense to get a 5th wheel. This is the kind of advice I don’t understand. 1. Hitch weight is extremely ft aft of factory Recommended CG for ANY truck, 1/2, 3/4, or a ton making it inherently unstable but load it down, hook it up then bandaid it with WDH. 2. Being it is unstable add another type bandaid, an anti sway bar although some are built into the WDH. I would MUCH more be slightly over Trucks GVWR and have an inherently STABLE rig, not relying on bandaids which I don’t have to ‘dial it in’ to make it tow safely. Some of the travel trailer setups I’ve seen on the road are ridiculous and no way I’d tow. I love my half ton 5th wheel behind my half ton and enjoy the tow. Towing is, and should be, half the fun of going camping.
DSteiner51 10/27/19 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What good are low point drains?

My last 5th wheel the low point drains had a valve up inside the trailer. I never used them but they channeled cold air up to the lines so if the line froze while winter camping I knew exactly where the problem was. Solved the problem by opening up the area so interior heat could get to them. My ‘15 5th wheel has two lines hanging down with caps on them. I don’t use them and so far... down to 14 degrees F have not been a problem. I’ve forgotten they are there until reading your post.
DSteiner51 10/12/19 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Lippert ground clearance issue

I had the same concerns on mine when I took possession of it. 4 seasons later 300+ days and half the time boon docking, I no longer worry about the rear jacks. It is the rear bumper that drags for me. On mine the top of the rear jacks are up nearly against the floor so they can't be raised any higher. Only dropping off a curb would tear the rear jacks off. Why would you do that? Question I have is who was the smart one to design the spare tire carrier so the tire hangs below the bumper? I moved it up as high as I could which just makes the bottom of the spare approx. 1/4" higher then the bottom of the bumper and it still drags at times.
DSteiner51 09/17/19 06:59pm Fifth-Wheels

Just get a 50 amp to 30 amp adapter. You plug your 50 amp plug into it and then into the 30 amp pedestal. Easy peasy. and no, a 50-amp RV pedestal is not 220-volts. it is two separate legs of 120-volts, each leg capable of supplying 50-amps. you can safely connect your 30-amp RV to the 50-amp RV pedestal using the 30-female/50-male dogbone adapter My house has 2 120 volt wires come into my main breaker box and a double 200 amp breaker. Farther down are several double breakers, 1 for the dryer, 1 for the range, 1 for the well pump, and 1 for my 5th wheel. In my 5th wheel the main breaker is again a 50 amp double breaker. If in fact my house is 240 volts and my dryer, range, and well pump, then my 5th wheel is also 240 volts. When I use a volt meter and jump between my two hot bars in my RV it reads 240 volts. Horrors!
DSteiner51 07/28/19 12:41pm Tech Issues

Since the old topic is closed and I can’t do it there... as I posted on the other topic I had ordered and paid for the new baggage door then realized I had insurance for such things, I tried to get reimbursed for the cost over the deductible. After a little apparent confusion I was told that I would be reimbursed. Well, yesterday the check went into the bank and all is well! They followed thru in spite of me not following normal procedure so I am happy.
DSteiner51 05/23/19 05:07am Good Sam Insurance

I have a car dolley. The car dolley has surge breaks. Surge breaks are a curse sent to enrage us to the point that certain four letter words are used. I would dearly love to change out the damnable surge brakes for electric brakes. Installing new electric back plates with shoes does not seem to be any more complicated than graduate level nuclear physics. But I do have a couple of questions. 1 - How heavy does the wiring have to be to support the solenoids? 2 - Can the electric brakes be connected to the existing brake light circuit or does it require a separate dedicated circuit of it's own? 3 - Any ideas about what to do with the now abandoned surge brake actuator? Thanks in advance. 1. I prefer nothing smaller then #12 wire. Too many trailers, especially two/three axles, have too light of wire. 2. NO! a good quality brake controller is needed. NO time based controller. 3. Sell it? Paper weight? Put it on a shelf?
DSteiner51 04/26/19 02:44am Towing
RE: Night stops with RV

Some trips I’m short on time as worked during the day, family gathering next day noon. Almost never stop at a campground but use church parking lots, Cabelas, Walmart, etc. Some trips are leisurely so I drive a few hours then find a campground for a night. Sometimes the campground is a base to visit sites in the area then move to another area. Sometimes the campground is the destination. I have my 5th wheel so it fits my need for whatever need/want I have. Hotels I don’t believe would fit the wants/needs I have. I spend enough nights in hotels for work that fill another need. Why vacation much like work?
DSteiner51 04/20/19 07:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: pull rite auto slide problem

When the jam nut is adjusted properly not only will it eliminate this play but the hitch head will stay in position without needing a bungee cord when unhooked an will make hitching much easier if the truck is not the same as the trailer side to side.
DSteiner51 04/20/19 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: DC inline fuse blows when battery power turned on

You hooked the battery up wrong and blew the reverse polarity fuses on the converter thus no power from the converter. Most likely did damage to other appliances too. You are lucky if you didn’t blow the furnace, water heater, and refrigerator circuit boards too.
DSteiner51 04/15/19 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Am I allowed?

I have quoted Wadcutter on other forums and people that do not understand the Federal Bridge Weight laws, still do not understand them when presented with the facts. So it is kind of a waste of time trying to enlighten internet Weight Police! Like Marty, JIMNLIN, many others including myself have hauled commercially we understand the laws. It would be very difficult for any pickup to exceed the weight laws. https://i.imgur.com/kpwXG5Fl.jpg I’ve hauled commercial too until 10 years or so ago which is why I know nothing or little compared to those who never did. Which is why I spend little time here.. too many people knew too much that wasn’t true.
DSteiner51 04/14/19 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would gas engine opinions change if.....

If a 440 hp gasoline powered engine in a Ford f350 wirh a 7.1 rear end made its peak hp at 5600 rpm and made its peak torque of 465 lbft at 3600 rpm it would pull exactly the same as a 6.7 Powerstroke with a 3.55 rear axle ratio. You are correct but don’t confuse the ‘experts’ with facts. Sarcasm on... it is all with that amazing torque, horsepower means little to nothing...
DSteiner51 04/14/19 12:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would gas engine opinions change if.....

When I buy my trucks the Manufacturer states xxxhp at xxxxrpm. I paid for that hp so I’m gonna use it and always have. Some say I’m hard on engines but by the time 200,000 miles roll around it is the bed and cab that rot away, not the power train.
DSteiner51 04/14/19 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Am I allowed?

I'd use it, but link it or equal. Especially if said experts are quoting laws incorrectly. I've had folks on here not like me quoting the correctly. My 02 Marty Thank you! The threads I want to use it on are not related to rv.net in any way that I am aware of.
DSteiner51 04/14/19 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Am I allowed?

I have not used it anywhere yet. I thot it only right and fair to ask permission first. I have copied it to my iPad but before I post I want permission. I’ve been saying basically the same thing in other forums for years and one recently I got permanently banned after making several posts because I challenged the “experts” as a newbie on that forum. I have always appreciated Wadcutter’s post on the topic.
DSteiner51 04/14/19 06:47am Tow Vehicles
Am I allowed?

Marty, am I allowed to copy/paste Wadcutter’s post from page two of the federal weight laws thread to other sites on the web? There is so much bs on the net and since ‘I read it on the net’ makes it a ‘legal fact’ I think his posts should be much more widespread.
DSteiner51 04/14/19 05:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Westinghouse 2500 with MicroAir EasyStart

Yep! I had an old Coachman with a 13500 ac that my 2800 Subaru genny wouldn’t start so I installed an easy start. When I bought the current 5th I didn’t realize it had a 15k ac and no way, it didn’t even seem to attempt... like a dead short. I installed a MicroAir and it starts easier then the 13.5k did although the running requires slightly more throttle on eco mode. Well worth the cost and simple to mount.
DSteiner51 04/09/19 01:53pm Tech Issues
RE: What is the truth?

Good news! After making a few phone calls, Good Sam will cover any cost over my deductible. The man that sent me the low ball quote admitted he had no clue what door he was quoting. Not sure why he even sent a quote? Now if they follow thru or not we will see. I hope they can be trusted. I tend to trust people until I get burnt so hopefully all is well. Admin, sorry I missed the phone call but I believe it is well taken care of.
DSteiner51 04/01/19 05:07pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: What is the truth?

I have $500 deductible and thot the door would not be enough to meet that so I called Camping World to order part. It was then that they quoted a high price that was well over the deductible so I thot I would get insurance involved. Insurance said the price was well below the deductible while Camping World, who would fix it says no way. Who do I believe? If I can get it replaced at the insurance quote it is less then $300. Great! If in fact it costs over $900 which Camping World claims getting it directly from Keystone then ouch! Is Camping World taking me for a ride or is Good Sam quoting me some used inferior door to keep from paying anything? Or a combination of both? Hopefully I will know by tomorrow evening. We will see...
DSteiner51 03/31/19 06:57pm Good Sam Insurance
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