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RE: Winter weather without winterizing?

I don't have a basement so my FW tank was basically inside the heat envelope. I just left the cabinet doors open so the heat could get to the plumbing. I didn't worry about the waste tank. I mostly just wanted to point you to the Thermo-Cube since it's designed to keep a space just above freezing, though they do come with different temperature settings. Most thermostats you'll be lucky to set below 50.
DWeikert 12/06/18 04:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Winter weather without winterizing?

I went a few winters without winterizing. I plugged into shore power, put in an oil filled heater and plugged it into a Thermo-cube. It turns the heat on when the temp gets to 35 then back off again at 45. A much lower setting than the typical thermostat. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41WsCxZSBAL.jpg height=124 width=250 https://www.amazon.com/Farm-Innovators-TC-3-Thermostatically-Controlled/dp/B0006U2HD2
DWeikert 12/06/18 03:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper Suggestions???

Northstar makes some campers that fit your requirements. The 8.5 Adventurer and Laredo SC are options for a 250/2500 series truck.
DWeikert 11/08/18 06:07am Truck Campers
RE: Silly me....winterizing

I removed the drain plug (which is also the rod) and on the last turn it shot out like a bullet and hosed me down like a firehose at which time I went "DUH!" and opened the relief valve and let the remaining pressure out. Yup. Did that the first time myself. Don't think I'll ever make that mistake again. Experience: noun That thing you get right after you need it.
DWeikert 11/01/18 02:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance camper draining battery

What should backfeed there? All pins used for lighting have 0V when the truck is parked and everything is off. And the +12V line is not connected. The computer not going to sleep for whatever reason might be a good theory. Incidentally, that would explain what happened with my own Silverado. I'd still try to measure the base current with and without the camper plugged in. The backfeed would require a problem with the wiring harness in the camper. Somehow a stray voltage getting applied to one of the lamp leads feeding back into the truck from the camper's battery. A long shot probably not worth pursuing. Another place to measure current would be the ground lead of the plug. If current is returning to the truck through there then that's a sure sign that the 12v is getting there somehow. Only problem there is the 8ga line bolted to the chassis is an alternative ground path. Maybe check current on the ground leg with and without that 8ga wire connected?
DWeikert 10/18/18 05:48am Truck Campers
RE: Lance camper draining battery

Can it be anything with the 8 gauge ground wire that I have bolted to the truck chassis but I don't have the 8 gauge hot wire to the batteries? I was just figuring the ground needed to be hooked up in order to make the turn signals and brake lights to work. That shouldn't matter. The ground for the signal lights is normally picked up from the ground line on the trailer plug. The line you added should just be in parallel with that, basically providing lower resistance to the battery negative, but other than that... The backfeed sounds plausible though don't know how that would work-being on light circuits wouldn't think they could trigger truck, even less how power could be trickling back on light wires of camper other than something looking for ground? Yeah, that was really a reach. I was thinking along the lines of a computer seeing odd signals on an input could prevent it from going into sleep mode. Not sure if that truck has a turn signal module or are the blinkers and associated bulb tests handled by computer. Like I said, a reach.
DWeikert 10/17/18 05:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance camper draining battery

This is a tough one. I'm starting to wonder if it's actually the camper, or something else you use while the camper is loaded. Do you have a backup camera or anything you plug in inside the truck that you only have hooked up with the camper loaded? You did say with the camper unplugged you don't have this problem. Was that with no other changes than the camper plugged pulled or was that with the camper unloaded and maybe something else also disconnected in the cab? The truck's computers are supposed to go into a low power mode sometime after shutdown. But I have a bluetooth OBD-II reader that apparently keeps mine active and will kill the batteries in a few days if I forget and leave it plugged in. Not sure if/how this could happen, but check if you have any stray voltages on the camper side of your plug. Maybe a stray voltage being back fed into the truck is keeping some electronics from going into low power mode? Just throwing out ideas, just in case. You've covered the obvious stuff. Now it's time to look for the weird. :)
DWeikert 10/17/18 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: 2014+ RAM 2500 owners: have you stopped the sway?

Firmer shocks can help also. Don't know about your Dodge but the OEM shocks GM puts on are intended to give a nice ride during the sales test drive, not with a camper loaded. Doesn't help with the lean on corners but does help dampen the side to side rock once you straighten out.
DWeikert 10/06/18 05:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Here's a new one. (tires)

The S&S adds a little more than 100lbs to the front so it doesn't matter for me. It’s not just the front suspension travel; it’s the angle of the frame compared to the ground. When the rear squats and the front doesn’t it can change things. ^This^ Even though the weight on the front tires barely changes, lowering the rear means the front tires aren't contacting the road at the same caster angle.
DWeikert 10/02/18 09:00am Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

Regarding "jumper cables," many TC owners will install "jumper cables" permanently in their truck, running directly from under the hood, to their camper batteries, underneath, out of sight, to maximize the charge rate. Minimum 6ga wire, preferably heavier. It's not 100% but it is better than the factory charging system and will help you extend your batteries on longer trips. On longer trips the heavier gauge wire isn't really needed since you'll have plenty of time to get the batteries up to charge. It's getting the batteries topped off on short trips that calls for the heavy wiring.
DWeikert 10/01/18 11:10am Truck Campers
RE: Northstar 12 STC

Does anyone have a source for a floor plan of the 12? I do not see on on their website. 12stc article on Truck Camper Magazine
DWeikert 09/30/18 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

Pretty sure your PD 4000 is a converter meaning it only charges the battery when plugged into shore power. The voltage on the 12v pin is what is applied to the camper batteries. Using the truck to charge the batteries works fine, provided you don't have any other significant 12v loads in the camper, like running the fridge on 12v. The current driving the other loads causes a voltage to be dropped across the charging wire, limiting the voltage applied to the camper batteries. Hence the recommendation for a heavy gauge charge wire in the truck. The larger the wire the less voltage will be dropped at the same current. Provided you don't have other heavy loads, the existing wiring will work fine. Initially you'll have higher current going into the camper batteries and that will cause a voltage drop across the lead meaning you won't have the full 14.13 at the battery terminal, but as the battery takes a charge the charge current will drop causing the voltage dropped by the charging wire to decrease, bringing the battery voltage up. There's nothing wrong with charging the camper batteries off the truck's alternator, but be advised that, at idle, your alternator isn't going to be putting out the full 150 amps. This makes it difficult to give you an estimate how long it would take. ++ on the solar suggestion.
DWeikert 09/30/18 04:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Storing TC on lawn

I stored my camper on bare grass for years. I just put an 8x8 paver I had left over from a walkway project under each jack foot. That spread around the load enough that the pavers sank very little into the ground. The only problem was waiting for the ground to firm up before I could back the truck under the camper to load it. If you plan to load/unload in early spring or other times the soil is saturated, either a stone bed a few feet thick or a concrete/asphalt pad would be your best bet.
DWeikert 09/23/18 12:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Xm radio blocked by camper

What I’m really interested in is where is the xm unit in a 2015 Silverado Just scanned the Diesel Place forum, it seems for 2015 the XM antenna connects directly to the radio. The XM receiver behind the glove box is no more.
DWeikert 09/21/18 11:34am Truck Campers
RE: Simple Guy Looking for Simple Truck Camper (Short bed)

Take a look at the Northstar Liberty. You'll have to leave the tailgate off but there's little to no overhang.
DWeikert 09/21/18 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: New Style Vertical Motor Happijac Spy Photos

Anybody remember that's how Atwood attached their motors? Since Atwood is now Dometic and since it appears Dometic isn't marketing camper jacks, I wonder if there was some previous patent that prevented Happijac from doing this sooner... That lever is on my older HJ's. It just disconnects the motor so you can use the hand crank if you have motor problems. I did not know that was the function of the lever. I assumed it was the quick release for the jack leg. Any way to tell from the photos if they are acme-screw or ball-screw? On some models, the lever is for both of those purposes. I think they only used acme on the lightest rated jacks in the past. I have to imagine it’s ball-screw. I just checked mine and even with me almost standing on the jack foot I couldn't get the leg to drop with the lever in the free position. Maybe if all the gears are aligned just right, and we're at a specific phase of the moon, the leg would drop. Or, maybe it's the difference between the Acme-screw, what I have (HJ-4150), and the ball-screw that lets the leg drop. In either case, I leave mine in the lock position to use the electric motors all the time. I only discovered the lever uncoupled the motor when I had a motor seize and needed to get the camper off the truck.
DWeikert 09/20/18 10:38am Truck Campers
RE: New Style Vertical Motor Happijac Spy Photos

That lever is on my older HJ's. It just disconnects the motor so you can use the hand crank if you have motor problems.
DWeikert 09/19/18 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: Can't find TC meeting my simple need.

yes expensive but also they have some already done campers at $45000 maybe one of them might fit the needs Dave Still, a luxury price for a luxury camper. Luxury price, yeah. Luxury camper? not so much. That's $45k for just their shell camper. :R Available for short bed, long bed, or flatbed trucks Available length up to 16’ Marine vinyl or interweave fabric upholstered wall paneling, available in a variety of colors R-12 insulation Standard exterior lighting package- LED stop/tail/turn/reverse lights and marker lights Marine grade vinyl flooring Aircraft tie down system integrated into the floor for securing items Stainless steel camper tie downs Standard exterior color choices are white, battleship grey, or desert tan Standard entry steps That's a pretty stripped down camper for $45k, IMHO.
DWeikert 09/18/18 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: payload

I see the OP has already made up their mind, but just to add a little to the discussion. I have basically the same truck but am carrying a camper that weighs a less than the 811 (no I haven't been to the scales yet). To make the ride acceptable I added Helwig Load Pro springs, replaced the factory shocks, added a rear sway bar and upgraded the tires and wheels from the factory 3042lb rated to 265/75R15 3415lb rated. You are showing wisdom in taking the advice and passing on that camper.
DWeikert 09/16/18 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: payload

Not this again. You literally made all of that up. How about citing one real world example where that ever happened? From a 2007 Legislative Reference Report prepared for the CT state legislature: March 20, 2007 2007-R-0214 *CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR OVERWEIGHT TRUCKS* By: Zachary Schurin, Legislative Fellow You asked how Connecticut's criminal penalties for the operation of overweight trucks compare to the penalties imposed by Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. *SUMMARY* Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island all enforce maximum truck weight laws through fines. There are no laws in any of these states that explicitly provide prison terms for maximum weight violations. However, Connecticut and these other states have criminal statutes such as manslaughter and assault that can be used against the owner or operator of an overweight truck. . . . *CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR OVERWEIGHT VEHICLES IN MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK AND RHODE ISLAND* As is the case with Connecticut criminal law, the absence of specific statutes in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island regarding the operation of overweight trucks does not preclude vehicle operators or owners from criminal prosecution. All three states have laws that punish criminal negligence in its various forms. The ancient legal doctrines of manslaughter and assault are codified in the penal codes of Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, and provide the structural basis for charges against owners and operators whose overweight trucks cause accidents that result in death or serious injury. Had you posted the rest of that... Maximum Allowable Commercial Vehicle Gross Weights in Connecticut Two-axle Vehicle · 32,000 pounds (no axle weight restrictions) · 36,000 pounds with axle weights limited to 18,000 pounds maximum · Option to use the Federal Bridge Formula for up to 40,000 pounds · 40,000 pounds if a four-wheel construction vehicle operating within 25 miles of the construction site Three-axle Vehicle (Straight Truck-Not a Tractor-Trailer Combination · 53,800 pounds · Option to use the Federal Bridge Formula for up to 60,000 pounds Three-axle Combination of Vehicle and Trailer or Semitrailer · 58,400 pounds · Option to use the Federal Bridge Formula for up to 60,000 pounds Four-axle Vehicle Engaged in Construction Work or Transporting Material or Equipment to a Construction Site · 73,000 pounds Four-or-more-axle Straight Vehicle or Vehicle-Trailer Combination · 67,400 pounds if the wheelbase is less than 28 feet · 73,000 pounds if the wheelbase is 28 feet or more Five-or-more-axle Straight Vehicle or Vehicle-Trailer Combination · 73,000 pounds · Option to use the Federal Bridge Formula for up to 80,000 pounds Maximum Allowable Axle Weights Connecticut's maximum axle weights are the same for all sizes of commercial vehicles. A vehicle cannot have more than 22,400 pounds on a single axle or more than 18,000 pounds on axles spaced less than six feet apart. Thus, the typical "tandem" axle on a truck is under a practical limitation of 36,000 pounds. CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR OVERWEIGHT TRUCKS Obviously, they're talking about commercial trucks here. So as long as your 2 axle pickup scales in at under 32,000 lbs...
DWeikert 09/16/18 02:24pm Truck Campers
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