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RE: Cybertruck will not have a door handle -- best news ever!

I think people need to step back a bit. Some people are dodge truck enthusiasts , others like Fords or GM’s and others will like new brands like Rivian, Hummer or Tesla SUV’s or trucks. Everybody has different towing needs and wants. What works for and is exciting for one is not someone else’s taste. Live and let live folks. But they do not post every day regarding an option or feature on the truck.
Dadoffourgirls 03/26/21 11:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cybertruck will not have a door handle -- best news ever!

This is news? Grit - I think certain tow vehicle friends have been assigned this forum to ensure a proper "social media positivity rating". If they were really focused on all EV news, there are many more EV trucks with exciting news that they do not report. I was surprised to see that I finally got through to one of them that the GMC Hummer was real, and real versions in testing on roads. Maybe we need to create a survey to see if Tow Vehicle owners prefer door handles? I wonder if there is a difference between those that believe you need a diesel. Maybe our engineers can explain the weight savings without door handles, or how they meet the FMVSS. :)We will probably have all summer to dream about this lack of handles.
Dadoffourgirls 03/26/21 04:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Loooow Inventory

Anyone really think this "shortage" is not by design? If so you have rocks in your head. ... The only thing that can change it is demand dropping like a stone. So I think all OEMs would like a little less "shortage". So maybe pebbles, definitely not rocks. And yes, a drop in demand would be the only thing to grow inventory.
Dadoffourgirls 03/24/21 04:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric 1/2 tons will have similar netwrk to Tesla.

Pilot versions of the 2021 R1T five-passenger full-size electric pickup are being built for validation and testing in the real world in preparation for a June launch of vehicles earmarked for customers. There was pictures of the GMC Hummer Pickup charging as well this week, with several sightings of real vehicles. As I predicted when another company said that they would build a pickup, they will be beat to market.
Dadoffourgirls 03/23/21 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Loooow Inventory

It is that way all over the US. If dealers have inventory, they are not trying to sell them. I am glad I got mine built in December.
Dadoffourgirls 03/22/21 06:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tesla competitor in question

... Tesla uses ultrasonic sensors and radar. My son, a techie in avionics, said it's so sophisticated that it can recognize if a block of white ahead is a pile of snow or concrete barrier. The latest is Tesla's FSD beta -- still being under road (real life conditions) tests, It also uses a bunch of cameras. Ability to tell a pile of snow or concrete, uses camera, but will let inattentive drivers smash into the back of emergency vehicles with lights on. Might need some more help.
Dadoffourgirls 03/18/21 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tesla competitor in question

yep - great job - blame the driver Self driving Tesla crashes into MSP EATON COUNTY, MI – A Tesla on autopilot hit a Michigan State Police car early Wednesday morning, officials confirmed. The MSP car was parked with its emergency lights on while investigating a car-deer crash at 1:12 a.m., March 17 on I-96 near Waverly Road in Eaton County, when the Tesla hit it, police said. The Tesla was on autopilot and failed to move over, hitting the patrol car, police said.
Dadoffourgirls 03/17/21 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tesla competitor in question

I would be careful throwing stones from a glass house, or throwing steel balls at the window.
Dadoffourgirls 03/16/21 01:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

So I am just a youngster that managed to drive an hour to use leftover Moderna vaccine on Saturday. They even let my 20 year old daughter get vaccinated, as they had many cancellations. I would have preferred that someone with more urgent need had been there, but did not want the doses to go to waste. Both my arms and shoulders ached, but I had already worked hours putting the gravel that had been plowed with the snow back into the gravel driveway. I also took advantage of the time to catch up on sleep. Not sure if it was the shot, or just a good excuse for nap and early bed. In 4 weeks, all four in the family will be vaccinated both times. One daughter works in the ICU, and also worked the Covid wing at the nursing home. Others are teachers and a veterinarian student who received her shot since she is in contact with pet owners.
Dadoffourgirls 03/16/21 10:24am Around the Campfire
RE: If you are from Texas...Cybertruck can power a house

...Ugh. I wonder if it will be another Nikola. I think the race to production will be won by Rivian followed by TESLA...or maybe ford. Time will tell. Jmho. I suspect Tusk would have been exposed the same way! Where are the semi's with those deposits? Or the model 3's? Seems they may have mislead investors as well. And you keep forgetting an electric truck. The GMC Hummer will be this fall. There are more sightings of real GMC Hummer than another brands semi and pickup combined. Might as well make that three specific companies combined. I really think that you get paid for the number of times you get E man or his T company posted in the public. You are really careful to never mention gm, the company that will have 30 electric vehicles globally by 2025, and actually shares it actual deliveries by countries.
Dadoffourgirls 03/15/21 04:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cybertruck: Musk "better than what we showed."

Meanwhile, the Rivian is real! Just like I said years ago
Dadoffourgirls 03/10/21 03:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Powered Lawn Mower

My daughter has both a corded electric mower and snowblower. It makes it so I do not need to help with maintenance, old gas, etc. During Covid I was working from her house, and mowed her yard. It was really easy, and yes, start next to plug and work away. I have migrated to Milwaukee pole saw, chain saw, weed trimmer, and hand-held blower. Definitely migrating to electric tools.
Dadoffourgirls 03/05/21 02:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

If the only thing important to a driver is driving 900 miles non stop I see nothing wrong with staying with diesel. I don’t know anybody who does that other than commercial reasons but hey. To each his own. A long travel day for us is about 600 kilometers (400 miles). A 900 miles range of a vehicle would not be an asset for me. To each his own though. Yes, if I want to go to Kansas to see my daughter, it is nice to get up in the morning and be there for evening! Would rather have more time with her!
Dadoffourgirls 03/05/21 02:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

... Coal is irrelevant. It is a smaller and smaller component of North American power makeup. Coal’s forecast share of electricity generation rises from 20% in 2020 to 21% in 2021 and to 22% in 2022. Short Term Energy outlook
Dadoffourgirls 03/05/21 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

20% generated by coal is significant. I can see two coal burning generators out my doorwall. The coal is delivered by ships, that use heavy fuel oil with high sulpher levels. The coal is moved by large dozers. Using my Bolt EV is not for clean environment. It was about price per mile.
Dadoffourgirls 03/03/21 04:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

Bottom line, HD SUVs would sell like hot-cakes for a while at least until the market is saturated with them, the economy goes in the tank (along with all new vehicle sales) or we're all gassing up with a SO cord plugged into a transformer. ... It took about three years to saturate the market starting in 2001. Their sales continued to dwindle as a percentage of all full size SUVs for GM in 2007 (and it might have been the bumper tongue weight). I think you underestimate the cost of engineering, producing, and certifying a low-volume, short-lived demand vehicle. Additionally, GM is constrained currently with plant capacity.
Dadoffourgirls 03/02/21 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

GM has been making 1 ton Suburbans for several years. However, the tow rating was 4k, but there was over 4k in payload. The are sold fleet, and what was hauling all those key individuals in DC in January. And how many of those suburbans can you go buy today at the chevy dealer? I'm pretty sure the OP's post/query wasn't about something that is unobtanium, just for the sake of someone saying, "told you so." Grit - I know you are always correct. This was to highlight that GM had the engineering complete on a 1 ton Burb. If it was cost effective, helped the contribution margin, and was worthy of building for the retail public, they would. The sticker price was in the $80k+. At the end of the day, my $22k off rental Express 2wd can tow the same 9500lb travel trailer. And do I miss my 2500 Yukon XL with the 8.1? Absolutely not. The Express does the same job, and almost 40% more efficient.
Dadoffourgirls 03/02/21 04:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

GM has been making 1 ton Suburbans for several years. However, the tow rating was 4k, but there was over 4k in payload. The are sold fleet, and what was hauling all those key individuals in DC in January.
Dadoffourgirls 03/01/21 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

... Plus electric vehicles are a fraction of the cost to operate... A fraction like 9 over 10! My registration is more, my insurance is more, fuel cost slightly cheaper, and no oil change at 7500 miles. That is not including the cost to upgrade electrical to have a charger in the garage.
Dadoffourgirls 02/23/21 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: oh joy...........

If I can get brake controller installed tomorrow. I'll be pulling trailer Saturday ... Marty If I remember correctly, the wires for the brake controller are already installed. They are taped way up in the dash. I used a P3 when I had mine. Connect the wires, used a zip tie to connect P3 under the dash, and was on my way. Also, it will tow 10k lbs. However, you will need weight distribution if you get a heavy tongue weight. Enjoy the truck!
Dadoffourgirls 02/19/21 05:29am Tow Vehicles
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