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RE: Fuel economy and additives

,,, Questions: 1. Do fuel additives work and which ones do and don't. Fillups are around 50 gallons on a 75 gal tank. 2. Is going to 100% gas (no ethanol) cost effective?. 3. My Class A is 2008 (11 years old) with 53,000 miles. Is it time for a tune up and what gets tuned up? Spark plugs, injectors, wires? I am not a mechanic and am only guessing. What works and what doesn't? ,,, 1. For the purposes of increase fuel economy fuel additives do not work. If one did every gas RV owner would be buying it in by the pallet load. 2. Cost effective? No. 100% gasoline fuel does have a higher percentage of BTUs and may increase mileage slightly but it is unlikely you will see enough of an increase to make up for the higher cost of the fuel. 3. The plugs are good for 100,000 miles. Coil packs (replaced the plug wires) area replace on failure item. You could try an injector or "top end" cleaning service but if the coach is performing adequately at speed then do nothing. What works to help with mileage?. Pretty much nothing you can buy. Best practices will help the most. Stay on top of routine maintenance and inspections. Keep your load and associated coach weight as low as possible. Watch your speed and go easy on acceleration from a stop. Consider a Scan Gauge which you can use to monitor instant and average fuel usage to help lighten your right foot. When you see an instantaneous usage of 1.2 MPG it has a way of getting you to back off the throttle.
Dale.Traveling 06/13/19 01:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator Change in a Class A Gasser

My coach is in my signature. I replaced a Norcold N611RT, the cousin of your Dometic 2862, three years and 16,000 miles with a Magic Chef HMDR1000BE 10 cuft residential. I was pressed for time after the Norcold died and needed to get something in place prior to a two week summer vacation trip in a few days. Don't know if the Magic Chef was the best option but it fit after removing a small overhead cabinet that I never used and was available from Home Depot for $300 and change. Plus it fit thru the coach and the four extra cuft makes a big difference with meal planning and food shopping. If it ever dies I could easily have it out of the coach and a replacement installed in about 45 minutes. https://i.imgur.com/4ZEhsqcl.jpg
Dale.Traveling 06/09/19 04:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Both AC's quit.

If you find the "why", that "why" is probably hanging out with the "Meaning of Life". Caps blow. Had the start cap on the much newer homestead heat pump failed last year with no warning on the first 90 degree Friday evening a few months after the warranty expired. Replacementing caps are easy to do. Additional info - Installing Hard Start Capacitor
Dale.Traveling 06/09/19 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado, TX

Because the reply was grossly mispelled:B Doug I'm 57 and half the time I need to look at my ID to remeber what my name is let alon speel it correctly.
Dale.Traveling 05/28/19 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CHF 2018 Thor, F53, Rear do I need Z brackets

There are two possible Z brackets you might have read about. First set are already there on the rear are already there but will need to be spun 180 degrees. A before image - https://i.imgur.com/Q2BbFTul.jpg Second are as shown in the MountainAir05's second link. These are to return the setup to the original geometry and are optional. There are multiple ways to achieve the same result. Those that choose the option usually do both front and rear. Regarding torque specs, I can't recall but 60 lbs and blue loctite sticks in my mind.
Dale.Traveling 05/08/19 04:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Williamsburg/Langley

As far as campgrounds there are several in the Williamsburg are that might have what you are looking for. Been a while since I last stayed on Newport News City Park. It was getting a bit tired and in need of some updating then. Not sure if anything has occurred. The Army campground on Fort Monroe was turned over to a commercial operator and you might be able to get a reservation. Lots of stuff to do as others have listed. Lot of history in the area and take a day and head to Richmond if the opportunity presents. The Colonies RV & Travel Park Williamsburg RV & Camping Resort American Heritage RV Park Campground There are a few more closer to Richmond but your drive to Langley is getting longer. Another option if your nephew can work it and sponsor you is the Air Force Fam Camp which is about eight miles from the base. You'll need reservations. Have your son check the place first. As I understand it was come up a bit but not long ago the place was pretty run down. Bethel Recreation Area - Park and FamCamp
Dale.Traveling 05/07/19 10:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Battery

The Ford Owners Manual on page 112 list the part number (BXT-65-750) for the battery. Specifically it is a Group 65 750 CCA battery. For the house two deep-cycle Group 24 batteries were the original equipmentment per the sales brochure. Group 24 batteries are a bit on the low side regarding amp hour capacity. I would measure to see if two GC2 6VDC batteries will fit in the space provided.
Dale.Traveling 05/05/19 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Tires, should the lug nuts have a re-tighening check?

Wouldn't hurt but difficult to do on a motorhome with 22.5" wheels considering the torque requirement is several hundred pounds.
Dale.Traveling 05/01/19 04:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need a bit of 'educating'...

Tow haul changes the transmission shift patterns slightly to help when the coach is heavily loaded or when ever you want to use it towing or not. It does not restrict a gear such as OD on/off. When in Tow/Haul and accelerating moderately hard, such as a freeway on ramp, the transmission will hold a gear a bit longer before upshifting to get every bit of power available to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Floor the accelerator and you'll probably get the same effect. The cost is a bit more engine noise with the higher RPM, more fuel consumed and maybe a slightly higher shock when the shift does occur. Slowing down is when you'll really feel the change. The transmission will get a bit aggressive dropping into ever lower gears as you slow down naturally or when using the brake. The torque converter will also stay in lock up much longer also. The goal is to help slow the coach down with less use of the brakes. Somewhat like using the shifter to force the transmission into a lower gear sooner. When to use is up to you. Always? Never? Only when towing? Only on hills? There really isn't a right or a wrong answer. There are a couple of short paragraphs in the owner's manual that describes the feature also.
Dale.Traveling 04/30/19 04:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yes, another 'wandering' rant...er ... post...

A couple questions: what is the length of your motorhome and chassis and what are your tire pressures? 32', rear 85, front 90 Sunstar rigs are all built on a 18,000 GVWR chassis with a front axle rated at 7000 lbs and a rear at 12,000 lbs. No idea why the GVWR is derated by 1000 lbs. The tires size will be 245/70R 19.5. Front axle pressures are way too high for the axle and can cause straight line handling problems. At that pressure you have a load capacity in the tires of 7780 pounds. Dropping to 80 PSI cold, the low limit of Goodyears chart, which still gives you a tire load capacity of 7280 pounds, 280 beyond the axle limit. Same for the rear. 85 psi = 14060 capacity with a 12,000 pound axle. Drop to 80 psi cold also which will give you 13,666 pounds. Lot a wiggle room with tire capacity if weights getaway from you. I suspect you'll find the coach will be a lot easier to drive. Goodyear Inflation Tables (PDF)
Dale.Traveling 04/23/19 12:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2018 Thor ACE 27.2 tire pressure question

Placard pressures are not factory empty weights but are the pressure needed for the tires as supplied and the front and rear axle maximum capacities. The Ford placard will list the same pressure as what the Thor placard lists but how does Ford know which make or model house is built on the chassis or how much it might weight? Stick with 82 psi which. It's a safe number that you can verify by cross referencing to Goodyear's tables against the placards for any make or model. Next opportunity drive across a CAT Scale just to ensure the coach doesn't need to go on a diet. I to the scale run every spring and the first stop when we head out on summer vacation.
Dale.Traveling 04/12/19 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dealer never put TITLE in my name, am I stuck??

Cut to the chase! If you bought in ‘15 you’ve had it legally in your possession for 4’ish years. File a storage lien and take title for unpaid storage fees. Dozens of company’s will do it for you, should be $200 to $300 Done. No use making it more complicated than it needs to be. Now that's an idea I haven't seen before and it would probably work.
Dale.Traveling 04/09/19 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shortest Class A?

25 foot 6 inches short enough? 2019 Thor Motor Coach Axis 25.6 Not sure if you can really call it a class A. Built on an E450 chassis, rather than the F53, with the cutaway front end removed.
Dale.Traveling 04/04/19 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Peeling clear coat and faded paint on class A

Considering the topic is problem with a peeling clear coat owners experiencing problems should avoid using Zep or at least consider it a nuclear option (once used very difficult to unuse). For dull and chalky gelcoat fiberglass it does work well and will stay on the coat for at least a year before needing attention. Painted rigs, which is what clear coat is, the result have been mixed and biased towards not good. There have been problems with the coating starting to peel off after a few months. I use Zep on my gelcoat rig and it has worked well for me. If you dealing with paint and clear coats problems work it the same as you would you daily driver. Wet sanding to feather the edges and applying the clear or head south of the board and redo the entire coach. Navarros Body Shop My 11 year (at the time) Zep coach - https://i.imgur.com/MXvonqal.jpg Your results WILL vary.
Dale.Traveling 04/04/19 04:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ace 27.2 RVTrader motor home ford v 10

Can anyone give me a heads up on this motor home ? What do you want to know? Nice weekend summer vacation coach. Low initial cost and low maintenance costs. With drop down bunk and fold out couch has more sleeping area than the average rig. It's a low cost lightweight rig that will get you anywhere in North America on paved roads. Its a basic, simple coach. The V10 based Ford chassis will out live the house built on it plus Ford is the only game in town for a gas power rig. Maintenance isn't anything you probably haven't already experienced with your Artic Fox and Chevy 3500. Stay on top of roof seal inspections and follow Ford recommended schedule for the chassis. And when people start to mention post production problems with Thor products may who post have never owned a Thor product. Maybe it's a neighbor, relative, camping bubby or where ever they get their info. I'm in my ninth year of owning a Thor and the coach has never seen the insider of a RV or Ford Service Center. Every manufacture, every single one, will have a lemon roll of the production line and with Thor having the largest market share the averages will naturally be higher then the more boutique manufactures. My one recommendation is find a coach with a model year 2016 chassis. The 2016 chassis has the 6 speed transmission. Bit better fuel mileage with a second OD (sub 1:1 ratio) and a bit quieter at cruise speed with a lower RPM.
Dale.Traveling 03/31/19 07:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pleated Blind and Fabric Covered Valance Replacement

We're on our second go around trying to pick a color and pattern.
Dale.Traveling 03/31/19 06:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how does a battery boost switch operate?

A little light reading - Intellitec Battery Control Center This is just one example of multiple configurations. Specifically this version includes the disconnect switches, AUX Start and changing of both the chassis and house batteries from either the alternator or the converter/charger.
Dale.Traveling 03/31/19 08:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First class A, tippy feel when driving

Did the front at a COE campground on a Saturday (gives you an idea how easy it is). Made the three hour mile drive home Sunday and changed the rear that afternoon in the driveway. Can't recall driving the coach immediately after doing the rear for a before and after performance check. 2012 was a long time ago, at least to me.
Dale.Traveling 03/28/19 10:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First class A, tippy feel when driving

I went thru the long post about the cheep handling fix, and watched several you tube vids on it......what im seeing is people talking about the front sway bar, and hardly a mention of the back one. It seems to make sense I should adjust both, but is there a reason no one mentions it? My guess would be because the front is easier to get to some will change it first to gauge the change before diving deeper and climbing under to get to the rear. At least that's what I did.
Dale.Traveling 03/27/19 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Double Towing Behind Motorhome

Really need a delete option. Misread the opening statement. Can't comment accurately as I have never towed more than a single vehicle behind the coach.
Dale.Traveling 03/27/19 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
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