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RE: How early is too early?

Being at the far west side of a time zone has its benefits: there's a point where "too early" is also "too dark". We live on a big lake on a private street - one would think that noise early morning wouldn't be an issue - but you can't believe how much noise 50 Bass Boats can make at 6 AM when taking off for a tournament....LOL!!!! (Fortunately they are all fishing quietly within minutes; and I can sometimes fall back asleep again) I'm another light sleeper who gets by with a sound-masking machine. And as a rule, most of our neighbors wait until 8 am or so before mowing/firing up the motorcycle, etc
Deb and Ed M 06/23/19 06:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Just checking.....

Here in Michigan - it stopped raining and there's a big bright thing in the sky. We are all outside in wonder and awe......
Deb and Ed M 06/23/19 05:47am RV Lifestyle
RE: Turning your heat off at home while in Florida

We winterize the plumbing (in case of power outage) and then set the thermostat to 50. No problems I also added some Amazon Cloud cams, which allowed me to see that a person was shining a flashlight around our living room at 3:15 AM one night... they must have noticed the stickers near the doors that say I have surveilance, because nothing ever happened
Deb and Ed M 06/20/19 07:09am Snowbirds
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Ken56 brings up a good point about mail: being able to recieve bills/pay them via internet is wonderful. Otherwise, have your post office hold your mail (or a trusted person handling it). When we go south for the winter, we pay the insane price for premium mail forwarding, so all our junk mail catches up to us (rolling my eyes) but at least we wouldn't miss out on something critical. Back to the internet: RV parks' wifi is not always good (or overloaded). Either get up before sunrise to log on; or bring your own hotspot.
Deb and Ed M 06/20/19 06:59am Beginning RVing
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

LOL! "In the beginning" we mapped our trip with Streets and Trips; and made reservations using a combination of the Good Sam campground book and RV Park Reviews. We found some beautiful RV parks that way. Then we went to Alaska. Since there's not many routes or available campgrounds, you take what you can get: some were nothing more than a gravel parking lot with a power stanchion. I remember one "bath-house" was a converted cargo container with a pallet floor. Whatever - you still get just as clean. Since then, I've found that making reservations ahead of time is good if you want to stay someplace spectacular/popular/elegant/easy-in, easy-out. We have downsized considerably (converted Transit cargo van) and since we fit just about anywhere, we just wing it. I have an app called Allstays that will find us a place to overnight - and remarkably, some of these little out-of-the-way RV parks are the best fun!
Deb and Ed M 06/20/19 06:49am Beginning RVing
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

I do not pickup the phone when it rings due to spam calls - otherwise I would never get anything done. OMG - YES! I can't believe how many spam calls our businesses get in the course of a day. It was bad before; but our website now includes adding listings to Facebook Marketplace. Being there has added a whole 'nother level of "Spam Hades" I don't even remember what company was supposed to be at our home at 8:30 AM (and of course I was taking time off work to be there), but I DO remember calling at 12:30 PM, quite peeved because nobody had shown up. The cheery girl on the phone said "Oh, you'll like "Joe" - he's very professional" I replied "No, he's NOT professional because he would have taken 10 seconds to call me and tell me when he hoped to arrive" I think in most cases, just a bit of communication would help overall customer service for ANY company. Back to spam calls: my favorite is "Your vehicle warranty is about to expire" because if I have a free moment, my next question is: "Which vehicle?" (We own a used-car lot....LOL!)
Deb and Ed M 06/19/19 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Toby is now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge

Toby clearly had a long and very-loved life! So sorry for the loss of your Buddy :-(
Deb and Ed M 06/18/19 05:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: trailer shade

I have purchased several "mesh Tarps" from Amazon - they work perfectly as a shade screen, are available in assorted tarp sizes and colors; and have the binding with grommets already in place. Also search for "fence wind screen" - same idea, only they tend to offer longer lengths.
Deb and Ed M 06/18/19 07:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Plain Black Wrapper

OK - here's my question: in this day and age of low-profile roof lights/flashers (now every SUV with a roof rack in my reaview mirror gets scrutinized....LOL!) - why does the ichigan State Police still use the old gumball-machine red light on the roof? You can spot a state trooper a mile away!
Deb and Ed M 06/18/19 06:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping with Dobermans

And lastly, the one comment I love from pet owners whose dogs are NEVER leashed in a campground. . . "It's okay, he's friendly." I say, "Well mine might not be." In truth he was, but again. . . if a dog charges up to mine. . . all bets are off. I suspect most dogs who see a strange dog running towards them (or more importantly, towards "their people"!) go on the defensive? Even my social-butterfly dogs get edgy when the grandkids need to be protected. I had a loose Border Collie come happily bounding towards us where a trail intersected - no owner in sight. My Cattle Dog went into full attack stance - I yelled "Call your dog!" and a voice answered "He's friendly". I yelled back "Mine is NOT!!" Fortunately, it was a well-trained BC who immediately returned to its owner, who then gave US the stink eye for having a dangerous animal.... a Cattle Dog would face off a charging grizzly if it was coming towards "their people"....
Deb and Ed M 06/18/19 06:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping with Dobermans

I have been lucky enough to camp next to a few Dobies as we traveled - in every case, they were exceptionally-trained. Arrived once to see two sitting loose on the patio rug with their owner, and thought "uh-oh". Before we even set up, I went over, introduced myself, admitted that we had an idiot, rescued Cattle Dog with a really bad attitude towards big dark-colored dogs. The owner laughed, said he understood, said his dogs are trained to not leave the patio rug. I kept my idiot dog from seeing the Dobies, and we had a great weekend! Th Trailer Life campground guide book used to tell what campgrounds had pet restrictions; either (B) breed, (S) size, or (N) number. The OP will have to watch for the (B) parks, but aside from that - happy camping! And on the "plus" side - Dobies are one of those breeds that people ususally don't send their kids, en masse, to "go over and pet". At least you won't become the campground babysitter.....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 06/14/19 07:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: Lightning and what it can do

When thunder roars go indoors. ^^^^^THIS^^^ but then I have to wonder if someone riding a motorcycle could hear the warning rumbles of thunder?
Deb and Ed M 06/12/19 05:40am Around the Campfire
RE: If money was no object,....

If I was going to spend the winter in an RV (we finally bought a condo) - I would stay at Lake Whippoorwill/Kissimmee KOA. It's a beautiful place (gorgeous landscaping!) on a nice inland lake with a boat ramp - and has the most amazing dog park I've ever seen (hey - the pups need to have fun too!). And it's close to everything, while still feeling peaceful and "out in the country". For folks who want a lot of social activity - Citrus Park near Bonita Springs, FL offers nice sites and TONS of activities!
Deb and Ed M 06/09/19 08:59am Snowbirds
RE: Getting rid of campfire smoke odor

Be sure to read up on ozone generators before spending good money. Apparently ozone is not necessarily an RVers friend if you want to purge an enclosure where people will occupy it. Just sayin'. X2 Ozone is a very strong oxidizer. Overexposure to ozone can corrode metal and make some plastics brittle. Agreed! Ozone is powerful stuff (not in a good way). If you wouldn't pour straight bleach on something, don't subject it to ozone. Used-car lots use ozone to get rid of cigarette-smoke smell; but they aren't planning to keep the vehicle very long so the long-term damage to fabric/vinyl/rubber/steel isn't their concern. Re fire smoke smell: Febreeze works well, along with a lot of fresh air (set up a large fan and let it run with the windows open for a few days)
Deb and Ed M 06/09/19 07:28am Beginning RVing
RE: D-Day, 75 years ago...

Freedom is not free. Thank you to all veterans. And when one gazes across a National Cemetery (I have been to Punchbowl in Hawaii) the thought crosses one's mind that freedom is extremely expensive. God bless everyone who has served to preserve ours.
Deb and Ed M 06/07/19 06:57am Around the Campfire
RE: light bulbs - Grrrrrrr

I did a quick search, and most of the stuff I found goes back to one study in Madrid. I suspect that looking INTO an LED light (or at a bright screen) might cause some damage, but I doubt that the illumination provided by overhead lights does much harm? (Also - there's a bit of data about the bad effects of "blue light" - I notice my new laptop switches to a warmer hue on the screen after dark) I am slowly switching all our lights to LEDS - I like how cool they stay compared to halogen or even incandescent.
Deb and Ed M 06/02/19 06:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Red carpet stains no more

Thanks for the tip - and this is one reason we don't feed a dog food with "colors". (Natural-colored barf is bad enough....LOL!) But I get it, that you wouldn't change foods on a sick dog - sorry for your loss....
Deb and Ed M 06/02/19 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World about to go under??

Merchandising is mesmerizing. I just buy what I really need. There's too many ways to entice you to buy. We recently took our 9-yr old grandson to a "city Cabelas" (not as massive as some of their places) and he was just overwhelmed.....LOL! Regarding CW and GO - it would seem to me that merging the two would make sense - IMO, "campers" are outdoor people who also shop at outdoor stores.
Deb and Ed M 06/01/19 03:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

Taxes are high in Michigan on non-homesteaded property. We are Snowbirds; our property taxes in FL are about $200 higher because we aren't homesteaded there. They'd be $2000 higher if our Michigan home wasn't also homesteaded.
Deb and Ed M 06/01/19 03:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you share camping expenses?

I guess my attitude would be that if I was camping by myself, I would have paid a campsite fee anyway, so having her pick up the extra car fee seems fair to me? When we invite our kids camping, I buy the sites; then we divide each day into meals, and everyone signs up for "meals for the group". That way items don't get forgotten; we seem to have "balanced meals" - and the burden of cooking falls solely on the shoulders of whoever's meal it is. Works for us, anyway. Lastly - camping should be enjoyable/restful/rejuvenating. No matter how much you hoped to assist your stepsister, if there's tension between the two of you, then maybe a camping trip was inviting "drama".
Deb and Ed M 06/01/19 02:44pm General RVing Issues
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