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RE: Traveling to California

Keep in mind that a complete shutdown of large sections of I40 between Albuquerque and Flagstaff is a fairly common winter event due to heavy winter snow. I10 is far less vulnerable/likely to have those conditions. For the record winter is creeping in very early in Arizona and New Mexico. Yesterday we had a couple of inches of snow and awoke to a crisp 25 degrees here in Payson {100 miles north of Phoenix at 5,000'} and my calendar still says it is "Fall". :h Flagstaff got quite a bit of snow as well and this storm front is rolling through New Mexico today. We had just enough snow to be pretty but not much work but hey, it was only November third: https://i.imgur.com/wLSUWkBl.jpg :S
Desert Captain 11/04/22 11:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

I have been towing our 6X 10' {8'tall} cargo trailer behind our 24' E-350 V-10 for 3 and half years and 25,000 miles. Usually we are hauling either our Can Am Spyder at 1,000# or the Rzr SXS at 1,300#. The trailer is single axle and weighs 1,200# for a net weight of 2,200 - 2,600# depending on what else we load. https://i.imgur.com/BFDtOEEl.jpg As you can see even when loaded with the Can Am Spyder I still have lots of room to store additional gear: https://i.imgur.com/83KkS6Kl.jpg For the OP I highly recommend a single axle trailer as double axles will be not only be much heavier but a lot more money. Having an enclosed {cargo} trailer is ideal as it is for all intents and purposes a portable garage that follows the coach like a faithful puppy. Everything inside is out of the weather, completely protected from not only road debris but out of the prying eyes of bad guys. If towing with a Sprinter you really want to keep the max loaded trailer weight under 3,000#. Towing the trailer costs me about 1 mpg {8.5 vs 9.5} typically cruising between 60 - 65 and often in the mountains here in the southwest. The V-10 while a tad thirsty is a torque monster that hauls the trailer over 9,000'+ passes without even breathing g hard. While at 8' our trailer is tall it is sufficiently smaller than the rear profile of our coach so it does not suffer from excess windage as evidenced by the total absence of bugs of the front face of the trailer. When I tow it behind my Honda Ridgeline the top 4' of the front of the trailer is covered with bugs. The coach and trailer are 38' overall. :C
Desert Captain 10/31/22 08:51am General RVing Issues
RE: What is your secret trick for cleaning your front cap?

I just use a telescoping car wash brush for cleaning. X2 sometimes the simplest way is the best. Removing bugs becomes much easier if you use a product that cleans and leaves a smooth film { I like BugSlide and many recommend Rejex}. Bugslide comes in a small pump spray bottle making it easy to spray the cabover. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then power spray off the bugs finishing with the extended brush. To kick it up a notch spray some additional BS on and use your telescoping brush wrapped in a piece of towel to buff it in. By standing on a step ladder at each wheel I can reach about two thirds of the cabover. Our 2012 Nexus has huge bug catching cabover {101" wide with 7' of interior headroom throughout the 24' coach} but these methods have been working for me for 9+ years. This pic wast taken a couple of months ago... not too bad for 10+ year old coach with 74K miles on it: https://i.imgur.com/RFOrcTWl.jpg :C
Desert Captain 10/29/22 10:17am Class C Motorhomes
another great trip...

We just returned from a 900 mile trip to Buckskin Mountain State Park on the Colorado River {10 miles north of parker AZ} followed by extending the trip out to Borrego springs California. The Borrego leg was to attend a birthday bash for a good friend which due to Covid had to be canceled for the last 3 years. A couple days on the river opened up when I was able to score a gorgeous site at Buckskin Mountain. The river is still a pleasant 76 degrees and with highs in the low 90's made for a delightful late season break. It is a great cg {one of our favorites} but know that reservations are usually a good idea. Had no need to pull the cargo retailer with our toys so we were traveling unusually light. About 80 percent of the trip was on interstates 10 {basically an 80 mph truck route} and 8 which is a lot more motorhome friendly. I upped my cruise control setting to 68 - 70 while on the interstates and hid out in the right lane for most of the trip. Even at the higher cruising speed the V-10 of our 24' C got a very respectable 9.1 mpg with regular gas averaging just under $4 a gallon. Jim's place in Borrego Springs is awesome as he has 3 acres right in town complete with two golf holes. It was a large crowd with multiple RV's setting up for the weekend on his property. BBQ was the featured event with a custom smoker and huge BBQ handling the Trip tips, Brisket and chicken with all of the trimmings. We had 35 + mph west winds all weekend but it did not dampen fun and a great time was had by all. It worked well to break up the drive west with our side trip to the river and we made the 380 mile return back to Payson AZ in 7 hours with a couple of brief stops on Sunday. Here are a couple of pics: https://i.imgur.com/E3qlmgUl.jpg One of Jim's friends custom built the smoker and boy does he know how to use it. the stack on the right is filled to the top with charcoal and it will burn for 18 hours feeding smoke to the two lazy Susan's loaded with tri tip and brisket: https://i.imgur.com/BS3WkWNl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/DYI9cgZl.jpg The "golf course" consists of two greens on the lot he owns across the street. We hit from his driveway from a grass mat. Everybody antes up a buck and closest to the pin wins. Yep, a lot money changes hands... absolutely hysterical! https://i.imgur.com/VvXB7EUl.jpg :B
Desert Captain 10/24/22 09:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Route 89A in utah

89A through Oak Creek Canyon {north out of Sedona and south of Flagstaff} prohibits any vehicle or combination that is 50' or more... and they enforce it. :C
Desert Captain 10/14/22 02:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Found: The perfect campground???

Houston Mesa CG is a very nice but largely unknown by most folks passing through Payson. I' ve never seen it full so keep it in mind if your travels leave you anywhere near Payson at the end of the day. :C
Desert Captain 10/08/22 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Found: The perfect campground???

As scary as this kind of boat launching/retrieval appears it sure looked like these folks knew what they were about and I sincerely doubt it was their first rodeo. The lake is around 66 percent full so there is a lot of room for more water, hopefully a good winter of heavy snow in the surrounding mountains will generate the runoff needed to top the lake up. At least it is fresh water... can you imagine what salt what salt water would do to those nice new trucks? :S
Desert Captain 10/06/22 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Found: The perfect campground???

OP here, Yes we live in Payson Arizona which is 40 miles north of the lake. :C
Desert Captain 10/06/22 03:37pm General RVing Issues
Found: The perfect campground???

We just returned from a 3 day 2 night trip down to Roosevelt Lake. We had driven by the Bermuda Flat camping area dozens of times but never stopped to investigate what it has to offer. :S First of all it is dry camping, ironically right on the northern end/western shore of Roosevelt Lake which stretches for more than 20 miles. You just drive down to the water on decent dirt roads and pull up as close to the water as you like. It costs just $8 a night {you purchase a Tonto National Forrest use card/permit at any of a number of local merchants}. Tuesday through Thursday there were a couple dozen rigs at the north end but weekends really see a huge increase in the crowds. This time of year the water in the lake is in the mid eighties with daytime highs in the upper 80's, with frequent thunderstorms rolling down over the lake from the surrounding mountains. Yep, the views are spectacular in every direction. Not ideal swimming conditions as you have to get 40 yards off shore to reach 3' of water. Watching folks launch their boats is not for the feint of heart: https://i.imgur.com/EcG1eMil.jpg Best of all it is 41 miles from our house and the spectacular drive down the mountain takes less than an hour. The off road riding is awesome with Forrest Service road 445 heading west over the mountains just outside the entrance to Bermuda Flat. Next trip I will definitely haul our Rzr for even more fun. Here are a few more pics... That is our 24' Nexus on the right: https://i.imgur.com/J2TPWael.jpg this is just the northern section with a far larger area to the south: https://i.imgur.com/4DIRgH6l.jpg Our neighbors to the north as we await another afternoon thunderstorm: https://i.imgur.com/6RrOOpNl.jpg :B
Desert Captain 10/06/22 01:13pm General RVing Issues
The impact of Ian...

The incredible impact of hurricane Ian won't be known for quite some time but it will indeed be far reaching. Living in Arizona, one of the three primary snowbird destination {Florida and the Rio Grande Valley being the other two} we will be seeing its effects here very soon. I am guessing that a very large percentage of the RV parks in Florida will have been significantly damaged with many completely out of business at least in the short term and probably off line for much if not most of the 2022/2023 season. With the damage so devastating and widespread getting things repaired will be a nightmare. Many folks will be needing to find new destinations which will impact RGV and Arizona. I would expect a huge increase in these areas almost immediately as October usually is the start of Snowbird season. Reservations may go from being a convenience to a necessity for many and I doubt prices will go anywhere but up. Not being snowbirds but active campers year round I anticipate sites being at a premium for the season. So what changes are you Snowbirds making to deal with the impact of Ian? Best of luck to one and all. :C
Desert Captain 09/30/22 09:51am Snowbirds
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

rhagfo, I was so busy trying not to die not only did I not have time to honk I didn't even have time to flip them off! :S Can't remember the last time that happened. :h
Desert Captain 09/16/22 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

I have no idea why there is so much confusion about the lanes and traffic. Here are the first 4 sentences of my original post: "We were northbound on Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page Arizona last Sunday morning. While this stretch of 89 is pretty good road it alternates between 2 and 3 lanes. About 25 miles south of Page southbound it was two lanes with just a double yellow line separating them from the northbound traffic. Southbound traffic was fairly heavy as we ascended a long grade." There were 3 lanes. Two of the lanes were southbound. One lane, mine, was northbound. "Honestly, with the conflicting comments form the OP, we don't know what really happened and if the Class A didn't let off the gas. Going down a grade, letting off the gas may not slow him down much. Going in the opposite direction and admitting he was surprised and in shock, I'm not buying he was able to objectively estimate anything. PS: It appears based on other posters comments that it was NOT a 3 lane roadway. I don't know why that red herring was thrown in because it confused the discussion greatly. This was a simple passing situation on a 2 lane 2 way roadway." No conflicting comments were made. Sorry you just don't get that. Yes I was surprised but not in shock, just a little busy doing my best to save our {and probably others} lives. Could not care less that you are 'Not buying" No "Red Herring" was ever thrown in ... except by you. :S
Desert Captain 09/16/22 08:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Sounds like a road rage incident more than someone being drunk. The minivan didn't like being behind the motorhome and the motorhome didn't like the van to pass him. No excuse for any of it but as they say, you can't fix stupid. Vigilance is always needed. Glad you avoided the wreck. I think you just nailed it. Thanks. :C
Desert Captain 09/16/22 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

My original point in sharing this rather harrowing episode was to remind everyone just how quickly things beyond our control can change and lives needlessly lost. It saddens me that the desire to argue in the face of simply stated facts seems to be taking precedence. While I still believe there was nothing else I could have done to mitigate this disaster {short of giving up all hope and driving my rig off of the highway for a certain rollover} it never should have happened in the first place. valalla360...A couple of quotes from my previous posts that seem to have been overlooked: 1. “Southbound traffic was fairly heavy as we ascended a long grade.” 2. “Neither the Class A or the moron in the mini van slowed and actually it looked like a death race to see who could get us all killed first. 3. “Yes the mini van was the primary malefactor here but the motorhome by his actions elevated everyones risk when he did not back off. As noted he appeared to be trying to hold off the van from successfully passing him and THAT nearly killed my bride and I.” You state that you were unclear if the Class A was accelerating or not...then you say he was...lots of speculation. No, please review #2 and #3. These were my observations not speculation. Nope, you have no idea if the minivan driver was impaired or not...just doing something stupid. I submit doing something stupid while driving reflects serious impairment regardless of the source. Until he failed to back off the motorhome driver had shown no signs of impairment. Just as easily both could hit the brakes simultaneous as described. The only confusing part is why no one used the other SB lane. Again see #1 above. Also again I submit that when stupidity of the magnitude of passing over double yellows in heavy traffic occurs the usual “best practices {which require all involved to participate} are off of the table but for the sake of argument if both the motorhome pulling a toad and a mini van both hit their brakes who slows the most? Not much chance their braking could/would be effectively even so a gap would have been created. I sincerely hope that none of you ever have a similar experience. Obviously it affected me deeply and yes I will strive to "Get over it." Sigh. Opinions and YMMV. Be safe out there. :C
Desert Captain 09/15/22 08:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Valhall360, You need to go back and reread my original post. Was there someone in the SB right lane forcing SB traffic to run 3 wide? No. How steep was the grade and in which direction? About 3 percent with northbound traffic going up. Were there other SB vehicles in close proximity? Yes. Quite possible, the Class A wasn't expecting or watching for a crazy to cross the double yellow. If there was another RV behind, was the Class A worried that RV behind couldn't stop? I made no mention of another motorhome because there wasn't one. There was no, none, zip, nada excuse for the motorhome to not be aware of what was taking place. When driving you are responsible for knowing what is going on around you at all times... it is not optional. With hindsight it may have been better if the Class A hit the brakes but when being passed, the appropriate response is to hold a steady speed. That argument goes out the window when the van crossed completely into my { northbound} lane making it everyone's responsibility to take any requisite action to avoid what in this case would have been a catastrophic collision. If the Class A had hit the brakes and at the same time the minivan decided he didn't have enough room to pass and hit his brakes, the minivan could have been trapped in the oncoming lane. By holding a steady speed, you allow the passing vehicle to react without having to worry about what you are going to do. That is fine if you are not dealing with an impaired/ moron of a driver. The motorhome, had he been paying attention, had ample time to back off and allow the idiot to pass without killing some or probably all of us. Instead he held his speed {and may have been increasing it for all I know}. What I do know is that he took no action whatsoever to mitigate the situation and chose to make things worse. When you are traveling at roughly the same speed and trying to pass a 65 +/- feet long motorhome it takes a time to pass which would have given the motorhome time to react safely had he been paying attention. If I'm understanding the situation, the blame is squarely on the minivan. No need to drag others in. Clearly you are not... Yes the mini van was the primary malefactor here but the motorhome by his actions elevated everyones risk when he did not back off. As noted he appeared to be trying to holdoff the van from successfully passing him and THAT nearly killed my bride and I. :R
Desert Captain 09/15/22 01:13pm General RVing Issues
Grand Canyon North Rim via Jacob Lake CG...

We just returned from a 4 day/3 night trip to the North Rim staying at the Jacob Lake USFS CG. The CG has 51 sites and sits at the top of the grade at 7.900' on the {very} scenic stretch of Highway 89A south west of Page Arizona. From the junction of highway 67 and 89A it is 47 miles due south to the North Rim. We planned to ride our Can Am Spyder down to the National Park and explore the area for a couple of days before returning home but the remnants of tropical Storm Kay had other plans. We got a great ride in on Monday morning but had to scurry back to camp to beat the incoming thunderstorms which unfortunately lasted through Wednesday morning and our return home. Jacob Lake has Vault toilets, fire rings and concrete tables. They provide drinking water {but not for filling RV's}. The entire CG is gravel and the hosts do an excellent job of keeping up all of the facilities. Sites are $24 a night and $12 with our Geezer card and weekends reservations are recommended. It officially closes on 10/15 or the first serious snowfall which ever comes first {put your money on the snow}. We have stayed here half a dozen times as it makes for a great overnight stop when we would travel to Zion, Bryce Canyon or Capitol Reel NP's. Here is a shot of our site:: https://i.imgur.com/1gy24HAl.jpg :)
Desert Captain 09/15/22 10:42am Class C Motorhomes
Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

We were northbound on Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page Arizona last Sunday morning. While this stretch of 89 is pretty good road it alternates between 2 and 3 lanes. About 25 miles south of Page southbound it was two lanes with just a double yellow line separating them from the northbound traffic. Southbound traffic was fairly heavy as we ascended a long grade. I was doing 63 but the southbound sound traffic looked to be traveling at closer to 70+. Suddenly as a large class A approached in his left lane I briefly thought his toad had come loose but quickly realized it was a small mini van attempting to pass over the double yellow lines and completely filling my lane. :E There was only about 3' of paved shoulder which quickly dropped off steeply so my options and time remaining were disappearing fast. I jammed on my brakes and thankfully the ABS did it's job seriously slowing my 24' Class C {I was towing a 2,500# 10' Cargo trailer} with no loss of control and I was able to move right to the edge of the shoulder still traveling at more than 40 mph. Neither the Class A or the moron in the mini van slowed and actually it looked like a death race to see who could get us all killed first. The minivan squeaked by the Class A and started moving back across the double yellows nearly hitting the motorhome and missing my drivers side mirror by less than a foot. Had we all collided another 6 to10 southbound cars would probably have been involved. It all took place in matter of mere seconds and my hugging the edge of the shoulder while braking hard were the ONLY things that keep us and probably several others from being killed. A few inches more to the right and we would have rolled our rig right off of the highway. Once we got out heart rates back undef 100 my bride and I continued on for nearly 5 minutes before even speaking and what we had to say is not fit to print. What in the heck is wrong with people? :h While the mini van was the scariest driver I have ever encountered and probably impaired beyond being terminally stupid the Class A driver could have diffused the situation by simply getting on his brakes and letting the idiot squeeze in... why kill us??? :M:M:M
Desert Captain 09/15/22 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Highway's 260/87 to Payson, a 4th of July nightmare...

Labor day weekend was a repeat of the traffic challenges here in Payson. From Friday morning early the 87 was jammed, bumper to bumper and dead stopped by noon from the Matzatzal Casino all the way down into Payson and the 260. The gas station {with three free dumps} on 260 as you come into town is backed up with folks wanting to dump their tanks before heading down the mountain. Drove by in our Rzr and there were about 15 rigs waiting to dump their tanks, probably an hour and half wait. There will be lines again tomorrow as some folks wait until Tuesday to return home but should not be as bad as today. Things should settle down now that the last big summer weekend is in the rear view mirror. Most off the CG's above 6,000' will be closed by the end of the month which is a shame as the weather is getting nicer everyday but snow in October is not unheard of. Took this shot looking west on 260 from the Speedway gas/dump station parking lot at 2:30. From here it is .75 of a mile to reach Highway 87 {the Beeline highway} to make your left turn south and back down the 90 miles +/- to Phoenix. The bumper to bumper backup extends east for 3 miles all the way back to Star Valley: https://i.imgur.com/x1BuDgsl.jpg :C
Desert Captain 09/05/22 02:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: tire pressure

Grit dog... " check tire age on a 2021 unit to see if they’re over 5 years old." You got me, my bad for not catching that the OP was talking about a 2021. My old boss used to tell me: "If you are going to read at all, read it all" :S
Desert Captain 08/21/22 09:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: tire pressure

"To really set it right you need to weight the RV fully loaded and get axle weights. Then, look up your tires on the manufacturer's load inflation table and inflate to the pressure for that weight. " Yep, using the sticker and blindly inflating to the max on the sidewall is a very bad idea. Also, how old are the tires? Check the DOT codes and if they are 5 years old or more plan on replacing them soon. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 08/20/22 09:05pm Beginning RVing
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