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RE: Tow hall mode

.... The other huge benefit to TH use on descents is that you are not burning a drop of fuel regardless of rpm. TH locks the the torque converter and shuts off the flow of fuel to the engine enhancing not only control but fuel efficiency as well. :C Tow/haul shuts off fuel flow? I've not heard that. I may be misunderstanding. I was referring to long descents, watch your real time mpg display when TH is engaged. Your mileage will pin at the max, 99 for most displays, as the engine is giving you lots of braking without burning any fuel. At the bottom of the grade when the engine braking ceases your real time mileage returns to reflect the fuel you are now burning. I have been down hundreds of long 6 to 8 percent grades from 6 to 12 miles} in Tow Haul and virtually never had to touch the brakes. I set my speed as is appropriate for the road/weather conditions and my fuel consumption is zip. IMHO: Pretty hard to come up with a legitimate reason not to use Tow haul. :C
Desert Captain 09/21/21 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Broken black water valve

About 4 years ago I noticed a small crack in the grey tanks dump handle on our 24' Class C. It still worked but the coach was definitely giving me a warning/heads up. I went on line {Amazon } and ordered an entire new dump valve assembly {for both grey and black - if one is going bad rest assured the other will not be far behind} for about $100. I was able to do the replacement at home with all of my tools vs stuck somewhere on the road if I was even lucky enough to be able to acquire the requisite parts. There was more reaching under the side of the coach vs crawling under It took about an hour and half and was fairly easy to do, just reverse engineered the removal of the old valves. Now picture reaching for that valve and having it break off in my hand at a crowded dump station... :S Order the parts and do it yourself or ask a buddy if you have one with more expertise than you. As noted above look for any RV repair shop to be backed up weeks/months and about three times the cost of doing it yourself. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 09/20/21 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

While most of this thread has been about someone dying the situation need not be of a fatal nature to require some serious assistance. A simple fracture or other non life threatening injury/illness can easily render the primary driver incapable of getting the rig home. Also remember your pet{s} as most of us consider them family. Those who have family and or friends that can drop everything and arrive prepared and capable of driving what for many are very large rigs with toads and trailers are very fortunate. This is not the case for me and even if I had someone that is a very big "ask". For several years we have carried the Good Sam Trip interruption coverage {no, it is not insurance} but does provide for a professional to drive the rig home to include a spouse, kids and pets. There are a lot of other services folded in and the yearly cost is around $125 +/- or basically a nice steakhouse meal for two. Much like fire extinguishers, ERS and full coverage this plan is something I hope to never need but my bride and I sleep better knowing that it is in place. We came very close to needing it last month... I was recovering from a kidney stone and while on the mend I elected to cancel an upcoming 3 day trip to a remote CG about 80 miles from home. On what would have been our first night in camp I was struck down with serious liver - gaul bladder failures and after being rushed to the local ER spent the next 7 days hospitalized going through gaul bladder removal surgery and several other serious medical procedures {don't ask}. Between the kidney stone and the subsequent, albeit unrelated medical disasters the running total from the VA is now well north of $100,000. We would have had our 24' Class C, 10' cargo trailer and Can Am Spyder to get home none of which my bride could have handled alone. There is no one I could have called {not that I was in any shape to do so} and we would have relied on the Trip Interruption coverage. Just sayin... :C
Desert Captain 09/18/21 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow hall mode

TH does far more than merely adjust your shift points. Unless your coach is small and lightly loaded, towing nothing, using Tow Haul all of the time is a good way to go. On a long flat/slight downhill stretch obviously disengaging TH is fine as well. The sheer weight of most motorhomes over 24' provide more than enough load for the advantages of TH to far out weigh minimal {if any} decrease in mpg. On occasion I have simply forgotten to engage TH. This bit of foolishness on my part is quickly exposed when I glance at my Scan Gauge on even a slight grade and note the trans fluid temps climbing 12 - 15 degrees. An "Oops' followed by reengaging TH generates an almost immediate drop in trans fluid temps back to normal... :S Following a rig on a long mountain descent it becomes immediately apparent if they are not using TH as they are constantly on their brakes often arrive at the bottom of the grade with significantly reduced braking capability due to their overheating. The other huge benefit to TH use on descents is that you are not burning a drop of fuel regardless of rpm. TH locks the the torque converter and shuts off the flow of fuel to the engine enhancing not only control but fuel efficiency as well. :C
Desert Captain 09/17/21 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black Eye

Based on responses from this thread, we can see why there is no firm pull over, don't impede traffic rule. It seems we all have a different approach / standard as to what s acceptable when it comes to a line of traffic behind you. Actually every state has laws against impeding the flow of traffic. Most state that anytime there are 5 or more vehicles {and yes the number varies from state to state} behind you pulling over at the first available turnout is mandatory with failure to do being grounds for an expensive ticket. Sadly LEO's are spread pretty thin and enforcement is spotty at best. Additionally any LEO can and will cite you if you are in any way impeding the normal flow of traffic, their call. Just sayin... :C
Desert Captain 09/17/21 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Extended Warranty: Why do I need it?

I agree with what's been posted so far. A couple more thoughts... If you get a warranty from the dealer you probably will have to bring it back to them and they know it. So what happens when you are hundreds of miles from home? Be self insuring, put the money the dealer wanted for the warranty into a financial product that permits easy access but grows {even a little helps}. Failing that set aside money every month as consistently as you can to cover any unforeseen repairs down the road. When you are self insured in this manner you get to decide who, when and where yourrig gets worked on and have the option to take it somewhere else if they can't or won't get er done in a timely manner. :C
Desert Captain 09/11/21 09:26am Beginning RVing
RE: What’s the normal CCC for a 30 ft. Class C?

A few more factors to consider... The larger the Class C the less, sometimes a lot less, CCC you will get. Options like slides and levelers draw heavily from the preexisting CCC. My 24' E-350 has over 3,000# and we often use most of that. The venerable E-450's usually have around 2,000# +/- which is fine for most folks. If you find one with 1,000# or less "Run Forrest run!" as you will quickly exceed it. As noted above watch your rear axle weights as they are often exceeded and creatively load, which can mitigate somewhat the CCC/rear axle shortcomings of the larger C's. If you can't run with a full water tank {assuming black and gray ere empty} without exceeding your CCC you probably bought the wrong coach. As always... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 09/06/21 09:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Consider trip interruption coverage???

Others seem to be interested. Is there a reason you won't post the name of the coverage you have? Sometimes these threads drift a little sideways and to keep the focus on the issue vs brands I left off my choice. For the record I have Good Sam Travel Assist which I renewed last June for $100. I keep their contact info, policy # etc. in my phone so either my bride or can easily contact them. Sure hope I never need it but knowing it is in place is nice. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/21 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Consider trip interruption coverage???

Those little stones sure do hurt. Were they able to determine the likely cause? Probably 69 years of living well... there are some serious dietary adjustments currently being made. That and the worst luck of my life... sigh. Getting back to the original topic, Our rig, a 24' Class C, 10' cargo trailer and the bike probably are worth around $60,000 but everywhere you look are combos worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I doubt that every spouse is capable of driving these large expensive combos even short distances {alone and under the stress of having their partners incapacitated} much less hundreds - thousands of miles. Knowing that professional help would be made available to get everything home is a serious comfort. Also I mentioned pets in the original post and while we no longer have our pooch she went on every trip with us for years. Seems like there are as many folks out there with multiple pets as just one or none and we all know they are family. When you spend a couple of weeks going through what I am now, thankfully crawling out of you have a lot of time to think about stuff like this sort of thing so sharing seemed timely based upon what almost became real world experience. Because it is rarely needed the cost for this coverage $100 +/- really isn't much vs the investment you have in your rig not mention the family side of the equation.... just sayin. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/21 10:33am General RVing Issues
Consider trip interruption coverage???

Several years ago I started carrying trip interruption coverage in addition to ERS and the usual full coverage. We were hauling my motorcycle on almost every trip and doing a lot of riding all over the west/southwest. While I did not anticipate an upcoming problem for around $100 a year it provided some comfort to my bride and I. Should we have a mishap on the bike just getting the coach and trailer home could be quite a challenge. The coverage deals with a number of other issues and happily we have never needed it. About 2 weeks ago we had reservations at Pinegrove {which are very hard to come by}, one of our favorite CG's located about 25 miles south of Flagstaff. Again we were taking the bike and were looking forward to this trip even more due to the unexpected kidney stone that rocked my world {and NOT in a good way} the week before our scheduled departure. After 4 days in the hospital I returned home and reluctantly canceled our Monday reservation on Saturday assuming that I still might not be up to the trip. This turned out to be a very good decision as Monday night I had to be rushed to the ER with serious Liver and Gaul Bladder issues. Long story short, I spent the next 8 days in two different hospitals, no longer have a Gaul Bladder or the errant stones that had escaped it. Had we gone to Pinegrove it would have turned into a serious 911 event with my bride, myself and our Class C, trailer and bike all 80 miles {which easily could have been hundreds or even thousands} from home. Had that occurred I would have been calling the trip interruption folks to get our rig and my bride back home. I won't name the coverage we have but based upon other reports believe they could/would have dealt with these issues. The key is contact them first before contracting with anyone to move the rig. It is not insurance per se but they will pay to get you, your family, the rig and even pets returned to your residence. I think we really dodged several large caliber bullets on this last incident, you can't imagine the pain involved and being medevaced out from an isolated CG certainly would have complicated things {vs being 2 miles from the local ER}. So now I ask: Do you have this coverage and have you ever needed it? What issues/problems {if any} did you encounter in using it? Will you continue to carry this coverage? I certainly will hoping that I will never need it {much like my fire extinguishers, EMS system and ERS}. :h
Desert Captain 09/02/21 09:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: A cautionary tale... Pack a "Go Bag"

In reading the OP, I'm wondering why the medically uninvolved partner couldn't make the 4 hour round trip to gather the needed clothing and meds? After 24 hours without her meds my bride was incapable of driving, not her strong suit in the best of times, especially in the insane traffic of downtown Phoenix. As far as the law enforcement community I'll deal with any unlikely intrusion/questions about the meds we are in possession of. Our prescriptions can be easily verified as we are not talking about recreational drugs.
Desert Captain 08/23/21 09:36am General RVing Issues
RE: A cautionary tale... Pack a "Go Bag"

OP here with a couple more thoughts... Yes having one GoBag is probably a lot simpler as long gas you ALWAYS remember pack it. Perhaps storing it near the door, in the garage next to your vehicles etc. will make it work best. As far as meds it will be simple to rotate meds from the bag back into daily use a few times a year much like changing batteries in your smoke alarms with the time changes {whatever}. For many most daily meds can be skipped for a few days to a week or more without serious consequences but some are nearly life changing if not life threatening almost immediately when discontinued even for brief periods. The simple comfort of having a change of clothes while not critical can certainly help to turn a bad day around. Toiletries can usually be replaced but having a few of the basics on hand just gives fewer things/comforts to have to stop and seek out. :C
Desert Captain 08/22/21 07:57pm General RVing Issues
A cautionary tale... Pack a "Go Bag"

We learned the hard way {so I share this with you now} to always be prepared for unexpected delays out on the road by keeping a "Go Bag" packed in each of your vehicles. We drove 90 miles down to Phoenix for what we expected to be a 4 hour round trip to the VA hospital for a followup appointment as I was dealing with an extremely painful kidney stone. Long story short, medically things went south quickly and we ended up 3.5 days out without so much as a change of clothes and more critically my brides meds which she desperately needs. Her car, my truck and our motorhome will all be getting thoroughly packed Go Bags to include these items and more {toiletries, snacks etc}. We survived the nightmare with the much needed support of our daughter, a CNA, who flew in from San Diego but had we been better prepared things would have gone much smoother. It is said that when you get free advice you get what you paid for but folks trust me... Do this! :S
Desert Captain 08/22/21 10:11am General RVing Issues
RE: AC doesn't keep up with heat

Well you have a 32 foot TT with a large slide. 13.5 Dometic will never do the job in that size of a trailer. I would think that even a 15k would have trouble keeping up. You are seriously under air conditioned in my opinion. My thoughts exactly. A 13.5 BTU AC is only good for anything 25 - 27' tops. Secondly no RV AC, regardless of size is going to cool more than about 20 degrees {F} below the ambient temperature. Since the manufacturer skimped so severely on the AC I would be wondering what else they cheaped out on... just sayin. :h
Desert Captain 08/15/21 08:26pm Tech Issues
RE: We've had 8 years and 68,000 trouble free miles...

Nice... Thanks for sharing. :C
Desert Captain 08/14/21 08:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The used RV market is getting nuts...

"Seriously though, if I saw someone attempting to steal my motorhome, I think confronting him would be out of the question. Like you say, that's why we carry insurance, and even if I'm armed to the hilt, the thief might have different plans. Nothing I own is worth my life, nor is it worth taking the life of another, right?" Right. However, if someone is brazen enough to come on my property, negotiate all of the deterrents that I have in place chances are they will be armed and certainly dangerous. Calling 911 is always going to be Plan A... but having a Plan B is always a good idea. :C
Desert Captain 08/09/21 12:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: The used RV market is getting nuts...

OP here, As far as security for my rig I am fairly proactive. While I don't disconnect the battery I do have 6 security cameras around our house with three covering the front yard and of course the coach. These cameras have infrared for night use and any motion in range of the cameras triggers the video which is simultaneously beamed up to the Cloud. Smashing a camera only gets your face for a nice close up. Any motion detected on any of the cameras generates an immediate notification to our smart phones. Our bedroom is about 15' from where the coach is parked and we close the gates to both driveways every evening. I do keep it locked and the alarm set. To actually steal the coach assuming you can get in silently and manage to fire it up you cannot simply back down the driveway and out the gate. Directly behind the coach the slope drops off steeply about 4'. To get it parked you have to pull up and back walking it over and even with practice it takes about 3 tries to get it in and 3 more to get it out far enough to reach the driveway, clear of the drop off, with all 6 wheels. We live in a very conservative small mountain town and everybody has weapons and I fit right in. Then there is my neighbors dog... Darbie is 100# of 4 year old German Shepard. We bonded when I moved in and began giving her a couple of doggie treats every morning along with a nice bone whenever I have leftovers. Anyone other than my wife or I come onto our property and she goes off and is easily as loud as the alarm. Lastly I have full coverage, if someone wants it bad enough to defeat all of these measures GEICO can just send me a check although in this market I would have one helluva time finding a replacement. :C
Desert Captain 08/09/21 09:30am General RVing Issues
The used RV market is getting nuts...

We keep our 2012 24' Class C parked in our driveway: https://i.imgur.com/LG13gecl.jpg As you can see it is well back from the street but yesterday, for the second time in a week, a guy pulled up and rang our bell to inquire if our coach was for sale. He had driven 90 minutes up from Phoenix to buy a coach but when he arrived the seller had already sold it out from under him. At least half a dozen folks over the last six months have approached us wanting to make and offer. Fortunately for us we are very happy with our coach having just passed our 8 year anniversary and have zero interest in selling. I can only imagine how much we could probably get for it. :B All I would have to do is turn it around little closer to the street and put up a For Sale sign. No wonder getting reservations {now a must} at just about any CG or RV park are next to impossible this summer. Hopefully once the kids go back to school in September things will loosen up...This market is just nuts! :S
Desert Captain 08/08/21 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

The OP noted: " I’m not so sure if I should expect more out of a Lance or Arctic Fox. The components, construction, and appliances are the same." I have to disagree. Arctic Fox and Lance are head and shoulders above the vast majority of other brands in terms of quality construction, features and equipment {slides, appliances etc.}. My best friend just bought a top of the line Lance 1685 {he opted for 24 of the 27 available options} and that trailer is nothing short of amazing, you really do get what you pay for. Another post indicated that spending an additional 10 percent will get you a lot more trailer and again I seriously disagree. An extra $2K on a $20K trailer {entry level at best} won't even be noticeable. If you want a quality build expect to pay for it especially in this market. As far as paying $5K for a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty I wouldn't. You would be locked in to having all service done on their timeframe/locations, hardly a viable option if you travel. I would invest that $5K into a financial product that would give me reasonable access and some sort of a return. In doing so you get to choose by who, when and where your rig will be worked on, a particularly advantageous circumstance when out on the road. A well built/quality RV given the proper maintenance should not require much in the way of expensive repairs. Better yet buy a lightly used, high quality product, ideally about 2 - 4 years old and you will get the best of both worlds. Any major problems along with the usual minor bugs will have been dealt with and the huge hit on depreciation by in large disappears in the third or 4th year. As always... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 08/03/21 03:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Comments people make

Our first RV was an Aliner. Often when I would pop it up folks would wander over and ask "Can you do that again?" I always laughed and said sure, lowering and then reraising it in under a minute much to their amazement. We kept it for a year as my mission to addict my bride to camping was easily accomplished in that time. We loved the Aliner and used it often during that year. With it being so light we could easily just spin it around and or push it into the best location in our site. The seller was selling it for his parents due to a change in their employment/living situation. He was 6' 7" and told me he had plenty of head room but could not be comfortable on the bed or he would have kept it. They do have a reputation for leaks but ours never did and that included a lot of Arizona summer Monsoon camping. After a year I easily sold it for what we had paid to a buyer sight unseen. His buddy looked at it and assured him that if he didn't buy it { the buddy} would. Nice clean Aliners are very hard to find and hold their value well especially with the significant price increases their entire line has been subject to. In search of a few more amenities {a larger galley and a full bath} we purchased a nice, lightly used 22' Fleetwood Pioneer Spirit TT that we enjoyed for the next 4.5 years before moving on up to our current 24' Class C. Lots of great memories from our "little" Aliner. Here is a shot from 2007: https://i.imgur.com/1TvqnBAl.jpg :B
Desert Captain 08/03/21 09:47am Folding Trailers
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