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RE: 5.4 E350 performance and reliability?

Currently we have 59K miles on our 2012 E-350 24' C with the V-10 and love it. We typically run near or at our GVWR of 11,500# and I often tow a 10' cargo trailer with either my Indian mc or our Polaris Rzr.. My previous rig was a 5,600# 22' TT that I towed with my 2006 F-150 SCAB with the 5.4L V-8... BTDT. The 5.4 was a great motor that delivered decent mileage {about 12 with a Leer shell on the back of the truck and a wind deflector at the rear of the shell} towing the 5,600# trailer but it was as much of a load was I would ever consider. We ran this combo for nearly 5 years without any issues traveling all over the west {lots of serious mountains} and while I always knew it was back there the V-8 got the job done nicely. I would not want to have the V-8 on an E-350 Class C and adding in a 3,500# boat to tow is really pushing the envelope. As noted the V-8 will probably have the 35 or 40 gallon fuel tank which will be a serious PITA on trips of any length especially on anything but flat roads hopefully with not much wind to deal with. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 02/24/20 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tucson area campgrounds

Gilbert Ray, a county park, is in Saguaro NP and about and hour and a half from Tombsotne. They don't take reservations, have hooks ups in many of their sites and is huge. Also Old Tucson {the movie studio/old west town} is about 2 miles up the road A little touristy but still a hoot if you have never been. :C
Desert Captain 02/22/20 08:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Issues with Tow/Haul mode

My 2011 chassis came with the 5 speed torque shift trans which I love but would like to have the 6 speed as it is reported to be even better. Tow haul is your friend, no reason not to use it. :C
Desert Captain 02/20/20 08:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: toad versus no toad

We have a 24' C and never have had a Toad per se but... I do have a 6 X 10' cargo trailer {14' overall} that I use to haul either my Indian Springfield motorcycle or our Polaris Rzr side by side depending on what sort of fun we want to have on any given trip. I guess you could consider either the bike or the Rzr a Toad and they do see duty in that function though their primary purpose is having way too much fun. You have yet see any National Park until you do it from the back of a motorcycle and the Rzr is street legal in most states. We are planning on doing Yellowstone and Grand Teton in June and only need to find a site within 20 - 50 miles of either park and can then easily ride the bike to and through. We went with the 24' C so as to never "need" a Toad and that has worked out very well even when we leave the trailer, bike and Rzr home. Did a 2 month 7,800 mile coast to coast trip a couple of years ago and never even came close to needing a Toad. It was always nice to know that no matter where we went, even if they only had one site we would fit. Sightseeing and even grocery getting was always easy to do and we spent more then half of our nights "Mooch Docking" {I love that term, LMAO} staying with friends and family. While many had lots of room some did not an any rig larger than ours would not have fit. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 02/19/20 07:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Issues with Tow/Haul mode

"So....I put the trans in Tow-Haul mode right away, every dang time I remember." Ron, I occasionally forget to engage TH but my Scan Gauge quickly reminds me as the trans fluid temps begin to rise significantly on even slight grades, :S oops forgot again, a push of the button and with TH engaged they quickly fall back to the proper/normal levels. You do have a Scan Gauge, yes? As noted above TH especially on an E-450 should be engaged virtually all of the time due to the weight and aerodynamics {or lack thereof}. What the OP described does not sound right and the suggestion to have the dealer reflash the ECM sounds like the way to go. I have spoken with a couple of dozen folks renting C's and not one was ever given a syllable of instruction on using TH. This tells me two things, one; most of the folks renting them are blissfully ignorant of this function and two, most rental RV are slowly but surely cooking their transmissions, caveat emptor. :E
Desert Captain 02/18/20 07:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Any couple fulltime in a class c?

If more than one person at a time expects to use the bed, with a full size greyhound, you need a king size bed. Xena weighed in at around 80 pounds, but at least she would sleep length wise in the center, so both of us could hang on the edges. I definitely know what you are talking about... LMAO but happily Millie was content to sleep on her own bed. When Greyhounds stretch out they really take up some serious real estate. :B
Desert Captain 02/13/20 07:22am Full-time RVing
RE: Any couple fulltime in a class c?

While not full timing my bride and I {along with our 68# Greyhound rescue} did a 2 month, cross country, 7,800 mile trip a couple of years ago in our 24' Class C. We did not need a toad and as noted above we did quite a bit of "Mooch docking" {I love that term. LMAO}. Now when we travel on extended trips I tow a 10' cargo trailer {14'overall} and haul my Indian Springfield motorcycle for extended exploration of new areas not to mention some awesome long rides on great new roads. Our 24' C {no slides} has a great floorplan and is perhaps one of the largest 24 - 25' C's out there at 101" wide with a full 7' of headroom throughout the coach. We would hit the occasional laundromat when not Mooch Docking but other than that we had every amenity on board that you could ask for. I carry lots of tools and toys but fortunately our coach has plenty of payload and more storage then we ever need to use. Before trading in our 22' TT we did 5.5 years of extensive travel towing with my F-150 so we have seen that side of the equation as well and have not looked back. For us the C is perfect, takes us anywhere we need/want to go with all of the comforts of home. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 02/12/20 12:51pm Full-time RVing
RE: 25’ Class C. Ford vs Chevy opinion

"My thinking is the altitude seems to impact power. " You are correct sir... For every thousand feet of elevation a naturally aspirated gas engine loses 3 percent of its power. At 10,000' you are down 30 percent. :C
Desert Captain 02/10/20 10:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 25’ Class C. Ford vs Chevy opinion

Double think not getting a slide. RVs without them are pretty much unsellable used. This is complete and utter nonsense... that dog won't hunt, WOOF! :S
Desert Captain 02/09/20 07:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Phoenix to ALBQ to CO Springs to Leadville CO (at capacity)

Nothing wrong with your route, have driven it many times. Just keep in mind that for every 1,000' of elevation you will lose 3 percent of your available power due to the thinner air. At 8,000' you have 24 percent less power to get the job done. Also, IMHO:If you get pushed around when towing in windy conditions you need more TV or less trailer. Whatever you decide, good luck. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 02/05/20 06:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: dry camping

Hanging a heavy quilt, blanket, movers pad etc across between the cab and the rear of the coach will keep the heat where you want it. A windshield cover also will help keep the cold at bay. We have two group 27 deep cycle AGM's and can go 3 or even 4 days without running the generator but our coach is very well insulated. It seems easier to get the rig warm vs keeping it warm. Pull the shades and or use insulation on your windows and don't forget the overhead hatches. Stuff insulation pillows "available at any RV supply outlet} in to the hatches and you will keep a lot more heat in. LED's can help but hardly worth the expense to replace ever light in the coach. We typically spend 13 hours a day outside retreating to the coach around eight. My bride journals for an hour while I read in bed and the two incandescent lights used for an hour don 't consume much power. The only big draw is the squirrel cage fan in the furnace, hands down the biggest DC power consumer in the coach but as it runs so little it is not a problem. Most C's don't have a very large furnace which necessitates them running a lot, we got lucky with our Nexus as it came with a 35,000 BTU monster furnace. It only runs about 5 minutes an hour until we go to bed and drop the thermostat down from 72 to 65 for the night at which point it comes on maybe two or three times all night for 5 or 10 minutes. Our thermostat is right above e the bed and when I wake up it is an easy reach to kick it back to 72 and retreat under th heavy blankets until it works its magic, usually about 10 - 15 minutes. All of the above keeps us toasty even when temps are down in the low thirties to even the mid twenties... below that we stay home. :C
Desert Captain 02/05/20 10:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: purchase

Billy, No offense intended or received. I have had RV salespeople refer to their lines of Coachmen and Thor as "Entry Level" stressing the bang for the buck they offer. Most manufacturers offer a number of different lines at various price point/quality levels. Personally I will always be a buy lightly used guy but recognize that many want to buy new. Both have their pros and cons. My experience is that everything from a Coachman to a Tiffin usually roles off the lot with a few issues and then the games begin. Different levels of initial quality can be mitigated by decent warranty/dealer service which sadly is not always the case. This is why I recommend looking for something around 3 years old that has obviously been well maintained {Complete service records are like finding gold}. The initial bugs have in all probability been dealt with and anything major should clearly show. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 02/03/20 12:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: AZ recommendations

We enjoyed the Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood. Saw my first Roadrunner, (bird not the car) there. X2 One of our favorite campgrounds with great hiking, fishing and even horseback riding right in the campground. The little town of Cottonwood just outside the CG is a hoot. Just up the hill the town of Jerome is a must visit {just not in a motorhome}. If you go, Haunted Hamburger at the top of a very vertical little town is a great spot for lunch with incredible views. :C
Desert Captain 02/03/20 08:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: purchase

You could replace entry level with the word cheap, but I doubt that would help your RVs esteem any more than being called entry level! But sounds like you know your way around RVs so call yours whatever you wish. I agree... Entry Level is a polite way of saying cheap but it does not change anything. The OP solicited opinions {the primary function of this Forum} but he neglected to ask for only opinions that he agreed with. :h When you look closely at any line of RV's it quickly becomes apparent when they are built primarily to a low end price point, there really is no hiding it. When compared to the better built lines the differences are glaring :C
Desert Captain 02/03/20 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 24’ Class C. Chevy 4500 or Ford 450?

" directing the cold air conditioned air to the floor vents whenever traveling in hot weather. " Phil, well said my friend... LMAO... after all of the whining to be found here on the Forum about the "excess heat from the V-10's" and not once {until now} has anyone pointed how how simple it is to address this "alleged" issue. I have never had the problem but then having only logged 53K miles over the last 6.5 years.. what do I know}. :B Perhaps these folks should consider running the heater when it is cold {as I am sure it has never occurred to them}... so much searching for solutions for which there is no known problem {the government does this a lot}... Arrrg! As always...Opinions and YMMV :B
Desert Captain 02/02/20 08:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: purchase

IMHO: Coachmen {much like Thor} = Entry level... they can be a decent value if you find a lightly used {with the inevitable initial bugs worked out, repaired or replaced}, well maintained unit that is priced right but there are lots of choices out there that offer a much higher level of quality. Walk any major RV dealership and the lowest price motorhomes on the lot will always be Coachmen and Thor. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 02/02/20 12:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shock warehouse

Used Shock Warehouse several years ago when I bought the heavy duty Bilstein's for our Class C. Great service and price. Would definitely use them again. :C
Desert Captain 02/02/20 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 24’ Class C. Chevy 4500 or Ford 450?

Ford V10? Get the GM. You would be astounded at the volume of Ford V10's at the mechanic's shop I used in Riverside Ca. Never saw a newer GM there. That is most likely due to the fact that the Ford chassis' outnumber the Chevy's by at least 100 to 1 not due to any inherent reliability issues with Ford. The V -10 is hands down just about the most bullet proof motor Ford {or anyone else for that matter} ever built. Start counting Ford vs Chevy when it comes to Paramedic Ambulances and air port shuttles and other commercial applications then start counting Class C's... :R Now if you are over 6' tall or the first number when you step on the scale is larger than one you may benefit from the couple of extra inches found in the Chevy but the difference is modest. The Ford power drivers seat is the best in the industry with almost infinite adjustability and easily overcomes with comfort the slight edge of the Chevy's extra inch or two. Of bigger concern is any street side slide as these will restrict/eliminate the ability to fully slide back and or incline the drivers seat and this goes for both Ford and Chevy. The ride and handling are a toss up, both are one ton cutaway vans and neither will ride and or drive like your SUV. When selecting either be sure and check the payload as when C's get larger the payload tends to all but disappear, less than 2,000# doesn't work very well and some large C's {anything over 30'} often have 1,000# available or less. :S As always... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 02/02/20 11:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motorcycle on stock hitch

Sorry to rain on anyone's parade but adding anything more than a scooter {read not a motorcycle} to the rear bumper is simply a disaster waiting to happen. The longer the overhang on a C the sooner it will happen. Most C's are limited to 5,000# of towing capacity and the hitch weights are even more restrictive. Even if you have a newer E450 rated to tow 7500# check your hitch weights carefully Unless you beef up that hitch with some serious reinforcement/welding done my a very skilled tech you are going to be in for trouble. Think also of the weight redistribution placing 4 or 500# on the rear end. You will in all probability be overloading your rear axle and I guarantee you will be lightening up the front end a bunch {and not in a good way}. The rear bumpers of a class C are truly it's weakest link and loading it up is never a good idea. If you want to bring a bike {read serious motorcycle...and I do} then do it right and invest in the proper trailer for your particular bike and coach. I have had three trailers over the last 6 years and have towed everything from my BMW R80 RT in a homemade trailer {not ideal}, to my Harley Dyna Super Glide on a nice Kendon folding trailer with great results. When I moved up to the Indian Springfield at 875# I outgrew the Kendon, sold it for what I paid and moved up to the ultimate trailer... A 10' X 6' cargo trailer that is simply my new portable garage going everywhere I go and it not only keeps my Indian out of the weather, road debris and the prying eyes of bad guys it does double duty hauling Rzr when I am so inclined. Either way it tows like the proverbial dream and provides abundant additional storage. Fully loaded the bike and trailer weigh 2,220# the Rzr and trailer come in at 2,600#. I get about 9 mpg towing either way. I cringe when I see generators and multi bicycle racks {much less a mid sized or larger motorcycle} on the rear bumpers of coaches and never follow them closely as they are all just a pothole away from a disaster that they will share with anyone close behind. :S As always... opinions and YMMV. This shot was taken last week at Rice Ranch in Quartzsite, for this trip the Polaris Rzr 570 was inside our next trip it will house the Indian: https://i.imgur.com/6EBga6Kl.jpg :C
Desert Captain 01/30/20 03:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: AZ79 Between Tucson and US60.

I-10 north of Casa Grande is some of the worst interstate in the country. Take EV2's advice and enjoy the ride on 79, drove it twice yesterday. Be aware there is some road work near/at the junction with Park Link Drive which is 10 miles from Oracle junction {where 79 splits off from 77}. They are applying tar snakes and 79 closes down to one lane with the requisite Pilot Truck to follow but its only about a 5 minute delay at worst. Use your headlights on 79 as there a lot of folks who like to pass... Badly! :C
Desert Captain 01/30/20 07:30am General RVing Issues
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