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RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

The payload capacity is kind of a meaningless number on a sticker found on the door jam of your truck .... that can't be changed. If you want to increase the capability of your truck so it can handle a 3200 lb pin weight you'll have to upgrade your rear suspension. Install a set of air bags. This is the real answer from someone who knows and works trucks. The speculation from the rest of the peanut gallery (aka, the RVnet anti-airbag mafia (you know who you are, lol)) is just that...speculation. True story from a different dodge cult member forum: Guy buys new 2019 Fiat 2500 with factory air suspension and brags about what he can tow, shows pictures, etc. The reality is that he has been overloaded for years. Everyone tells him that he's overloaded. A few months into the 2019 ownership, factory airbags blow out while driving on the highway, and the full load falls on the rear suspension bump stops. He demands that Fiat replace the air bags under warranty. Then, he sells the repaired 2500 and buys a Fiat 3500. All the dodge cult members are happy because the idiot gets a new Fiat 3500. Moral of the story. A cult member is a cult member and air bags might not be the correct solution.
Devo the dog 07/28/21 05:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

1600lb payload vs 2700lb payload CTD vs V10... . Guy was referring to the weight difference... Correct Guy (valhalla360) was referring to the payload difference.. Then out of the blue, guy (spoon059 ) points out that the engine type and manufacture needs to be considered. If someone else can make the engine and manufacture an issue, then so will I. Deal with it. Ram still sucks.
Devo the dog 07/28/21 04:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

1600lb payload vs 2700lb payload CTD vs V10... . Only CTD owners believe that the engine is the only item that matters in a truck. And that's why the trucks are substandard. The manufacture knows the type of customers that repeatedly buy their future spot welds because the only thing that matters is the CTD. LOL.
Devo the dog 07/27/21 07:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.8 3-valve towing FW

I have a 2005 F350 V10 with 4:30 gears. Works great. It works so well that when I ordered a 2019 fiat 3500 HO, my wife asked me to sell our Jaguar XJR and keep the F350. I'm glad I kept it because I have a truck to drive when the 3500 is at the dumbass dealers for repairs, recalls, or both. We recently bought a new Jaguar SUV for my wife to drive. But, she still drives the F350 almost everyday. I'm trading in the Peugeot 3500 and am ordering a 2022 F350 with the 7.3. But, we're going to keep the 2005 Ford. It'll be the truck that gets muddy and dirty going to the dump. To be honest, if you're patient and don't mind going up hills slower, the 6.8 is fine. Even though you can spin the engine at a higher RPM, I never have. Getting up the hill a minutes sooner doesn't make sense when you're driving a few hundred miles. Realistically, the 7.3 will be a bit better but still not the same as 1000+ ft-lbs of torque. It all comes down to money. A new truck is a lot nicer than a 15 year old truck in great shape. I wouldn't get anything older than a 2005 because you'll get the 3V and a better transmission. http://www.spikeengineering.com/F350/ECOVILN.jpg width=900 http://www.spikeengineering.com/F350/IMG_5209.jpg width=900
Devo the dog 07/21/21 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I refuse to double tow.

Behind a 3/4t shortbed. Keeps the pin weight light so he doesnt need air bags . Trailer suspension wont take that very long. Thats an extra ton or more on the trailer axles. It appears to be a Ram truck ,so no problem there . :B Leave it up to Ram owners to be blind and stupid.
Devo the dog 07/17/21 06:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Brakes for 2017 F350 DRW

Are you asking about calipers/pads/rotors/brake fluid, or just pads and rotors?
Devo the dog 07/14/21 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I have have enough Truck?

I'd have to agree with every word here, I have a lot of time invested in some very nitpicky things on a lot of my cars that the average guy would never entertain. I also didn't realized OP had dipped out. Cummins swaps on these trucks are not for the faint of heart. Same goes for a Duramax swap. I figure I can buy a lot of gasoline for the cost of the swap. I’ve been intrigued by your truck for a while. Don’t have any real experience supercharging engines. But you must…to have a reliable heavy hauler at those weights in Colorado! This is a perfect example of why I repeatedly stated that if I was to boost the new 7.3 godzilla, I'd put on a supercharger instead of a turbo. They work. Are they as efficient as turbos? No. But I don't care about parasitic loss if the HP and torque still goes up, with a less complicated system and at a lower cost.
Devo the dog 07/06/21 02:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fuel additives

To Devo the dog. Your post show exactly what I said about fuel gelling in extreme temps. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension. You should work on your writing and composition. You clearly stated the following (a copy/paste): "There are no owners manuals that make any mention of using additives of any kind." Where do you say that some owner's manuals might allow an additive of some kind? You didn't, even if you whispered it. LOL
Devo the dog 06/30/21 05:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fuel additives

There are no owners manuals that make any mention of using additives of any kind. LOL. Worth posting again, but a Ford owner's manual. http://www.spikeengineering.com/F350/NoAdditiveOfAnyKindFord.jpg width=900
Devo the dog 06/30/21 05:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: fuel additives

There are no owners manuals that make any mention of using additives of any kind. LOL. Bye-don for brains. http://www.spikeengineering.com/3500/NoAdditiveOfAnyKind.jpg width=900
Devo the dog 06/30/21 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: F-450 V10 Battery cover?

It's probably a battery blanket. It's insulation.
Devo the dog 06/23/21 09:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

The radiator fan on my Fiat Qui-Qui comes on after pulling away from a stop and and stays on until 25 mph. Doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees or 20 degrees. Dealers have said it's normal. Since I'm not familiar with the Qui-Qui's, I have learned to ignore it.
Devo the dog 06/23/21 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

I've heard the fan kick in on my F350 and have other other trucks I've owned. But, it doesn't happen often and the loss of power has always been minimal. The race cars/trucks/etc all have electric fans, and much larger radiators and more oil cooling. The last time it happened on the F350 was during the big heat wave and fires in Colorado (June 2018) and I was pulling our 5th wheel up and over Monarch Pass. We got to the summit a little after 5 pm so it was the hottest part of the day. 2005 V10 with 4:30s, all new fluids, new belts, hoses, etc., plus a clean condenser and radiator. The fan only came on once for about 20 seconds 1/2 way up. The entire trip was hot. But the fan only kicked in once. Here's the elevation profile http://www.spikeengineering.com/F350/Oakley%20to%20Pikes%20to%20Divide.jpg width=900 http://www.spikeengineering.com/F350/IMG_5209.jpg width=900 FWIW, all the other trucks shown in the foreground of the photo were mutual aid Firefighters heading home to Oregon, after spending 3 weeks in Colorado. Every crew truck had a gas engine.
Devo the dog 06/22/21 04:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

I have done some stupid things in my time, made some serious mistakes, but this one is really a major screw up on my part. ... How could I have done such an idiotic thing? How? You answered your question in the first sentence: "I have done some stupid things in my time, made some serious mistakes" It's just what you do.
Devo the dog 06/22/21 07:44am Towing
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

Devo, that is a complicated question. Under the conditions you state, it probably takes no power at all - fan can be disconnected. But When conditions are at their worst, like climbing mountain w/AC and heavy trailer, it takes a lot of power My truck uses up to 23 HP just to turn the fan. If it's a complicated question, yet you have a solution, then it's not a complicated question. You said it yourself: it doesn't take any HP. If the OP is experiencing this problem a lot and "everything" was replaced, then there is a problem that still exists. I also think it's funny that coolant and oil temps aren't even mentioned. But, we know that the fan roars and the truck is 10 mph slower. LOL. Something is wrong. BTW, how are you measuring that it takes 23 hp to turn your fan? Dyno?
Devo the dog 06/22/21 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

How much HP is needed to turn the fan to transfer heat at highway speeds, if the radiator, water pump, thermostat are working properly and there isn't any blockage in the cooling system (airflow or coolant)?
Devo the dog 06/21/21 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

Put on an electric fan. No electric fan can move as much air as the stock clutch fan on these trucks. That's why they use them. As of 2021 all domestic 1/2 tons come with OEM e-fans. The much smaller fan to shroud clearance has a decent increase in efficiency, hence Ram gets away with 900 - 1000 watts instead of the 5 - 10 hp mechanical fan. But in the OP's case, something is not right. Even a 10 hp parasitic draw shouldn't decrease speed from 50 to 40 mph, that's closer to a 50 hp draw. Furthermore, the e-fans used on autos for the last 15-20 years typically outlast the radiators, hoses, etc. I agree with RoyJ. Something's not right. If the fan clutch is kicking in often and you can't maintain speed, you have other problems.
Devo the dog 06/21/21 01:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Loss of Power after New Fan Clutch

Put on an electric fan.
Devo the dog 06/19/21 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Report out of California.

Again amazed that these Californicators, anarchists and freedom loving libs, are still wearing masks and having high level of compliance even before the opening. It's because too many of them are stupid, deranged, or wealthy enough to not care, thus the ignorant compliance. This isn't a political statement. Rather, it's a fact based on 50+ years of observations. If you happen to disagree, re-read my first sentence while looking in a mirror.
Devo the dog 06/16/21 11:57am Roads and Routes
RE: New Truck!!

I guess we should all drive Fiat trucks with a B&W hitch... Oui... Oui... Fiat Qui-Qui's built south of the border and serviced by knuckle dragging morons. LOL.
Devo the dog 06/16/21 10:14am Tow Vehicles
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