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RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

So there you have it... get a bigger truck or bigger gas tank in the current one? If money isn't a concern, shop around and decide which manufacture you like best. Then order the truck you want. Keep in mind, delivery times are much longer due to the Corona. If you don't want to buy a new truck to replace a truck that's only 1 year old, put in the larger fuel tank. The added weight from the fuel will only be 107 lbs and you are still a few hundred pounds under payload capacity.
Devo the dog 11/21/20 11:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

Vicentric aren't experts. I was waiting for someone to post this. The data is generalized, as you stated. Furthermore, it's either one or two years behind (can't tell), which is also a red flag for me.
Devo the dog 10/04/20 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

A Fiat by any other name is still a Fiat. I had a 2005 Fiat TJ Unlimited. That's a fiat. I had '67 CJ5. It was manufactured by Willys, had a Buick engine, a Ford transmission, a Warn Overdrive and Dana axles. Some called it a Jeep. I simply called it a machine.
Devo the dog 10/03/20 12:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

Foreplay to a Ram owner: "Honey, git in the trailer." Foreplay to a Dodge owner: "Honey, git in the truck." LOL.
Devo the dog 10/03/20 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

And if Ram claims it's a Ram, it's also a Ram. http://www.spikeengineering.com/3500/Ram.png width=800 www.ramtrucks.com But I understand why it's also a Dodge to the knuckle-draggers. Once a knuckle-dragger, always a knuckle-dragger. These are the people that held back Dodge/Ram/Chrysler/Fiat/Peugeot from advancing the trucks. All they want is a manual transmission and a loud engine. Nothing else matters. LOL.
Devo the dog 10/03/20 11:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

Still looks like a Dodge to me. https://i.imgur.com/gl3kaJzl.jpg :):) LOL. The photo you selected shows a 1500. Thanks for making my point because that's a great example of a wussy french truck. It probably gets 26 mpg hauling a few bags a groceries. Best name for that car is la putain.
Devo the dog 10/03/20 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

Very true. I still have a 2005 Ford V10 dually, DRW 2WD with 4.30 gears. This truck is bullet proof so I kept it. I also have a 2019 Ram HO dually, DRW 4WD with 3.73 gears (but is it a Fiat or a Peugeot?). I ordered from the factory in Mexico. *snip* You should've got a Dodge instead. Looks like he did?Technically it's a RAM, Dodge became extinct at the end of the 2012 model year. Technically, Ram is owned by Fiat (FCA) which merged with Peugeot. So, a Ram is a Fiat is a Peugeot, and it's made in Mexico. I call it La Puta because it's a HO.
Devo the dog 10/02/20 10:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuelly mileage of the big three diesels

That being said, when you hook up a trailer to them, they all get about 10-11 mpg Very true. I still have a 2005 Ford V10 dually, DRW 2WD with 4.30 gears. This truck is bullet proof so I kept it. I also have a 2019 Ram HO dually, DRW 4WD with 3.73 gears (but is it a Fiat or a Peugeot?). I ordered from the factory in Mexico. When towing the same 5th wheel, I have lots of data that proves that the Ford will get as little as 8.4 mpg on a trip (round trip) and as much as 10 mpg (round trip). Overall, I figure on 9.4 mpg. The new Ram has averaged as little as 9.0 mpg (round trip) and as high as 10.7 mpg (round trip). The only difference is that the Peugeot has better downhill engine braking and is 15 years newer. I won't drive it to the local dump because it is a wussy french truck. The Ford does the dirty work. I did upgrade the brakes on the Ford and they are awesome. But, the engine braking on the Peugeot is nice. The Peugeot cost a lot more. If the overall cost of the truck really mattered, I wouldn't have bought a new truck. The Ford works. But in the end, "the want" was greater than "the need." I also waited for the 2019 Ram because it was so much quieter than the 2018, and the 2019 passenger power seat finally matched what Ford offered as an option 20+ years ago. LOL. If Ford offered a truck that had a decent 12" screen in the cab and didn't have the butt ugly DRW fenders, I would have bought the Ford. But, they don't and probably won't for years.
Devo the dog 10/02/20 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Get me out of here! PLEASE

Then, never take the drive from Three Rivers up to Silver City/Mineral King. LOL.
Devo the dog 10/01/20 07:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Avoid drive thru Salt Lake City

We drove thru SLC twice over the last 1 1/2 weeks and it was no big deal, other than minor construction traffic. It was nothing compared to the insanity in NorCal.
Devo the dog 09/28/20 07:37am Roads and Routes
RE: Utah to Idaho

Last week, we drove Utah thru Idaho and then to the Tetons and then back. We had a steady headwind though on the drive back. The only issue was reduced fuel mileage due to the headwind.
Devo the dog 09/28/20 07:35am Roads and Routes
RE: Avoid drive thru Salt Lake City

SLC traffic is what it is. But, the worst drivers in the world live in Pittsburg and Antioch, CA. They attempt to drive highway 4 but probably learned how to drive on computer games where there are no rules or laws. It's the only explanation. Imagine driving 70 and getting freight-trained by a large number of cars all doing 95+. It's the only place in NorCal where there will be an accident, almost daily, prior to 5 am and sometimes prior to 4 am, when there isn't traffic. How can you get into an accident when no one is on the road? I lived in LA and Orange County a long time and used to think that Los Angeles had the worst drivers. But this small section of highway takes the prize. The bad drivers in LA don't even come close.
Devo the dog 09/10/20 08:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Tried towing after new tires & algnment...it did not go well

We have a 2012 F-250 standard cab 6.2L, full 8' bed. Our trailer is a 2013 Cruiser CT29RLX travel trailer. I have sway bars on each side as well as 800 lb bars on each side for weight distribution. Since we bought the trailer new in 2012, it has towed very easily and consistently. Last year the trailer towed perfectly with little sway or movement. Camping season start was delayed this year due to COVID-19 so I decided to replace the original equipment Continental tires with the same thing at 60,000 miles as they were starting to look bad even though I still had over 1/4" of tread. The tires were replaced and I then had the alignment done. I knew the right front was out because I had quite a bit of wear on the outside edge and the alignment printout showed it. I was running 65 PSI in the front tires and 75 PSI in the rear tires. We hooked up the trailer for our first camping trip and got about 2 miles away from the house on a two lane highway and noticed that the front end felt it was on ice. Very light on the steering and each car passing in the other direction gave me a little wiggle. I was paying close attention and it seemed to do better when I was on a curve and had pressure on the steering wheel to make the curve. I then got on a 6 lane interstate and it seemed that the smallest thing such as grooves in the concrete were pushing me left and right. I had enough and turned around due the risk I felt that it posed to us as well as everyone else. The sway was bad enough twice in about 10 miles that I had to slowly apply the brakes to stop it. Nothing has changed in the camper. No additional weight, nothing in any of the tanks. Sometimes I will carry water; however, having all that weight on the back end behind the axles brings sway on so I rarely do it. On the trip back to the house, I pulled into a large parking lot and tightened the chain up by another link to put additional weight on the front end. It seemed to help a little but not much. I still felt every groove in the highway and it did not accomplish what I thought it would. Without the trailer the front end does seem to have a little slop in it now that I am paying attention. It is usually going straight as again following a curve with some pressure on it seems to help somewhat. I'm going to have to go to the alignment place because they are not answering the phone and are not returning my calls to make an appointment to have them check their alignment work as a starting point. In the mean time, has anyone experienced or heard about anything similar? I wonder it is an alignment issue, new bad Continental tires, a front end linkage problem. etc.. Thanks for reading and any ideas you might send my way. Years ago, I put new tires on my F350 DRW. I tried Michelins, which a local Ford dealership installed. What you're describing is exactly what I felt without a trailer hooked up. I've driven bad handling race cars and this was worse, because you don't expect a squirrelly street car or truck. It had nothing to do with breaking in the tires. Tires don't need a break-in period. There was something structurally wrong with tires. What was odd was that the dealer contacted Michelin and Michelin refused replacement. This was 4 days after installation. The dealership knew something was wrong and dealt with Michelin. They refunded my money and I put on different tires. With the new, different tires, everything was fine. Years later, I put on a set of Michelins because the price was too low to pass up. Truck was fine and still is. I never knew if it was one bad tire, or several bad tires, or all were bad. But, the Ford tech and myself knew there was a problem.
Devo the dog 09/10/20 08:11am Towing
RE: Places to stay from San Jose to Yellowstone

We live somewhat close (east bay, somewhat near the Delta). Typically when we head out that direction, we'll leave later in the day just to get out of California and stop in Verdi NV. Sometimes we stop at the Cabella's in Verdi and spend the night. There will be other RV's, campers, trailers, big rigs in the lot. In the morning, we'll take it easy, walk the dogs, buy some fudge, maybe other treats, then gas up. Last year, instead of making a long drive the 2nd day, we stopped in Elko at Iron Horse RV Park. This wasn't our first time staying at this location but it was our first time on the drive out. They also have a few small cottages but why spend the money if you already have an trailer or RV. The park is quiet and clean. It's not a far drive from Verdi, which gives you a lot of extra daylight to get back into the camping routine. If you forgot something, there are plenty of stores still open and worst case, you can order take out or go to a restaurant if you don't yet want to pull out the camp stove. The following day, we attempted to get to American Falls, which isn't too far from Elko NV, for Sunday Mass but forgot about the time change. So instead of arriving 20- 30 minutes early, we were late. LOL. So, we walked the park and then drove to Jackson, via Teton Pass. I was pulling a long but lightweight 5th wheel so driving the pass wasn't a big deal. But, I wouldn't attempt it with Prius and a small trailer. BTW, there is camping close by to American Falls, ID (about 5 minutes away near the water). From what I hear, people have good luck getting a campsite at Gros Ventre Campground. This year, we plan to drive out a few days early hoping to get a spot at this campground. I'm not too worried because we going late in the season. FWIW, our preferred route when heading east still starts from in Verdi, but then we take 50 across Neveda towards Delta, Utah. Delta has the most amazing city park. It's small but beautiful. From there, we make our way to 70 and stop at Green River State Park (Utah). The bonus is that there is a fun coffee shop in town (Green River Coffee). Obviously, this is way out of the way if you are going to Yellowstone. But, it's a great route to Colorado.
Devo the dog 07/06/20 05:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Florida to Wyoming travel concerns

If you want to stay safe, or merely more safe: 1. Don't drive. It's dangerous. It's more dangerous than death by Corona. 2. Don't ride a bike. The chances of getting creamed by a car is the same as death by Corona. 3. Don't stand out in the sun. The chances of dying of a sunstroke is statistically the same as death by Corona. 4. Above all else, don't drive a convertible or ride a bike outdoors.
Devo the dog 07/06/20 12:41pm Roads and Routes
RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

Here's my new Ram. Details are in my sig. https://i.imgur.com/cPT4Gmpl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/LWn2y4Al.jpg I can read it in English! Thank you!
Devo the dog 01/01/20 08:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading Brakes Question

6 pot Brembos are most definitely a serious upgrade. Similar to yours. Although folks prioritize different things, that's a lot of money for a truck that is still basically new (ish). It's an upgrade, versus installing new parts. IMO, replacement rotors aren't an upgrade. No matter what kind you buy, the truck won't stop any better. A different pad compound will make a slight change. So, let's say it costs $400 in parts for new stuff. That's $400 spent on stuff that really won't be any different. And if he spends that amount of money every few years, he's never going have anything that's really different or a true upgrade. But, if he spends $3000 now, he'd be able to enjoy a massive upgrade for how ever long he owns the truck. And, rotor and pad wear will go down. But, if he doesn't already own 20" or larger wheels, he'd need to buy new wheels and tires and that's when it becomes really expensive.
Devo the dog 12/28/19 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading Brakes Question

Here's an upgrade that fits the 2017 Chevy 1500: Chevy Silverado Brake Upgrade
Devo the dog 12/28/19 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading Brakes Question

Devo, a very nice setup ! Just curious why the calipers seem to be different, or is it just the angle of view ? I think one is rear and the other is front. Correct. I thought he meant different from the stock calipers. LOL.
Devo the dog 12/27/19 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading Brakes Question

^Fronts and rears. I bet that thing dang near stand on its nose compared to OE brakes !! The difference is huge. Today and yesterday, I drove the Ford and the pedal feel make it so much more fun to drive. The 2019 Ram 3500 has decent brakes (it's almost 15 years newer, so it should be) but it's just not the same.
Devo the dog 12/27/19 11:43am Tow Vehicles
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