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RE: Residential Refrigerator – Good or avoid?

We dry camp a lot and would NEVER have a residential fridge. We don't need that much fridge space, for just two people. Retired Firefighter huh!..:R You need to explore the fire hazard potential - and if you're still happy with your gas/electric - add fusible link actuated extinguisher in the rear of the fridge compt. "Space" - Refrigerators are available in all sizes, whether gas/elect or electric only (residential). BTW - NEVER -say- NEVER, ROTFL!! . Paranoid much? ROTFL! Pot calling the kettle black, ROTFLMAO !! Ignorance is bliss GDS! .
Dtank 01/15/20 11:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Goodyear Marathon tires class action?

Man, does this thread bring back BAD memories. :S Kinda makes you wonder where the thread starter has been for LOTS of years - as well as whatever attorneys might be considering a clsas action!! Marathon horror stories (as well as some supporters) were all over the boards here. The bad karma of GY Marathon tires is really ancient history! Even when they were manufactured in the USA. The Airstream Owners forums had a Marathon Failures thread that ran for years - and probably still does. The plus side (if there is one) - GY would replace your Marathons (usually) at no charge AND pay for damage done to your trailer by a failed tire..:) Unfortunately, NO compensation for "down time"..:( BTW - GY lost a major lawsuit involving Marathons (and other GY tires) "way back when" (w/fatalities involved). Common practice to have the settlement "sealed", however the results of that one ran in a newspaper.
Dtank 01/14/20 10:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residential Refrigerator – Good or avoid?

We dry camp a lot and would NEVER have a residential fridge. We don't need that much fridge space, for just two people. Retired Firefighter huh!..:R You need to explore the fire hazard potential - and if you're still happy with your gas/electric - add fusible link actuated extinguisher in the rear of the fridge compt. "Space" - Refrigerators are available in all sizes, whether gas/elect or electric only (residential). BTW - NEVER -say- NEVER, ROTFL!! .
Dtank 01/14/20 10:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Break away cable

I am going to go out on a limb and guess 90% or more hook the cable to the hitch arm. My vote is with the.... "or more". Whatever location - it needs to be where it won't "hang-up" or snag on something during normal driving and trigger an unnecessary braking "event"! .
Dtank 01/11/20 10:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: melting plug

As posters asked: Always at same park (and pedestal)? Happening at many different campgrounds? - (etc.) Help out to determine if it's your problem - or theirs! The 30amp pedestal connection is the most frequently used at parks, and often is not regularly replaced. The slots get "sloppy" and loose from usage over time. (often *years* of use!) An easy solution is to use the 50amp pedestal outlet (assuming the pedestal has one) with a 50 to 30 amp adapter for a better connection. .
Dtank 01/11/20 10:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mail Service? What's available?

What's the best, best value mail service for when you will be away for 2 months or more? One that you can direct where and when to send your mail and don't have to join something for a year or more. based on reviews we selected America's Mailbox in Box Elder, SD. so far the folks there have been very EZ to deal with. X-2 Call - ask questions, get answers. :C
Dtank 01/11/20 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Visible Party Pay

A positive attitude usually works for me. A positive attitude only works for awhile, until they decide to change the plan. They always change the plan. It does not matter who it is, which is why they all include the verbiage in the agreement. All it amounts to is a ploy to get you to switch carriers. It's no different than auto insurance and lots of other things. I wish I had $10 for every time one of the cellular providers changed the agreement/plan since the late 80's. I hope Visible and your positive attitude work out. GDS - carry a metal trash can lid with you at all times! Good prep, as The Sky May Fall At ANY Moment !!..:E Drop and cover, ROTFLMAO :R .
Dtank 01/02/20 10:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

. Active or retired JUDGES - please comment....:R .
Dtank 12/30/19 11:04am General RVing Issues
RE: I expect a 10 cent price increase in diesel

clicky I've been reading a few of the reports on the effect of the 2020 sulfur reduction standards for gas and diesel. I don't see the problem but global Environmentalists are really affecting our pockets. Some say a price increase of 2 cent a gallon. I hope they are right or a bit high. Take your pick: The sky is falling!..:( The sky is *not* falling!..:D .
Dtank 12/30/19 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: US post new Mexican travel warnings

That's why we stopped going to Mexico years ago That's why I don't go to California or Illinois. Dangerous country out there. There was a shooting in my hometown last evening. McAllen, Texas which is about ten miles from the border is one of the safest cities in the United States. Depends on which part of California we're talking about. California's a big state It was a joke. Sorry that you didn't get it. Both great states have their safe as well as dangerous areas. Painting an entire country or state with fear is too common today. No worries, and the state of California is the biggest joke. The problem is, and I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat, is that one party has been completely wiped out, in this case the Republican party. That's not healthy for any state as there is now no debate on anything. The Democrats now have a Super-Majority in the legislature and pass whatever laws or taxes they want. Ron3rd: You need to move to some other (Red?) state...:) The decrease in population (of CA) would be great - really help if you take your friends, acquaintances and kin folk along. If they're not in CA, be sure to tell them to "stay put". Thanks in advance.....and for this thread.... "Adios!" . So you're good with the 12 cent a gallon gas tax nobody voted on? An 20 cents for diesel? Vehicle registration went up too. So if they need money for something in Sacramento, you're OK if they just raise your taxes, right? You don't want a say in it? Here it is: On April 6, 2017, the California State Legislature passed the Road Repair and Accountability Act (RRAA) by a two-thirds margin, raising taxes on gasoline by 12¢ per gallon, taxes on diesel by 20¢ per gallon tax, and it raised annual vehicle registration fees from $25-$175. And - in 2018.... *REPEAL* of the RRAA was *DEFEATED* by the California *VOTERS*!!..:W Maybe too many watched the news coverage of the MN bridge collapse a couple years ago?? ~
Dtank 12/27/19 11:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: roadside service providers

Usual correct terms: ERS - Emergency Roadside Service (Provider). Motor Clubs - What tow service operators call the ERS providers. Who contracts to/with who (whom)? Most tow operators contract with several Motor Clubs. What to expect: Tow Operators do have "priority" clients. Example: State highway Patrol, State Troopers, City PD, etc. The "priority" is both the organization - repeat customer.....whether it's to clear a wreck or just a stalled vehicle in a traffic lane. THEY get the "priority" - you don't. Busy time you may wait. Slow time = short wait. *If* you can access the TOW (operator) forums - some Motor Clubs are tightwads, some are slow to honor invoices submitted, some will question the service rendered to the Motor Club member by the tow operator. All these are "variables". The same Tow Operator may provide great service one day (15 min. wait), lousy service the next day (hour -or more- wait). As noted - urban or rural area? Road conditions - good or bad (lots of accidents that get priority)? Time of day, etc., etc. Soooooo your job as a consumer of ERS - is to determine which Motor Club is "right" for you!! What services are available for what YOU drive - do YOU need to be with the vehicle? - Will the ERS Provider tow both *your* vehicles (Ex: a pickup with a TT or 5th wheel). Does the service cover *every* vehicle you might be driving? Extra charge for multiple call-outs? - during what period of time? BTW - ALL the major ERS providers (Motor Clubs) are underwritten by other major companies. My choices are two you probably never considered: Primary = US Rider. Intended for folks with horses, but no need to own hay burners or have same with you. Tow whatever you are driving and/or towing. Only company that will tow a trailer with live animals (as in horses). Secondary ("backup") = American Motorcyclist. $50 per year. M/C ownership not necessary, tow whatever you are driving and/or towing - with or w/o M/Cs in the pickup or trailer. Nice monthly magazine - whether you want it or not, LOL. Whichever you choose - CALL 'EM and ask questions. Like - who is the parent company? - *If* they don't have time for you, you shouldn't have time (or $) for them!! :W
Dtank 12/27/19 11:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

Community collage, take one quarter CDL class and they use the collage trucks to test. The commercial CDL will cover most anything you want unless you want tanker, double, hazmat, bus endorsements. I was able to get the CDL with 3 of the endorsement trough the collage. Got really dumb then and bought an 18 wheeler because I had the license. 750K miles later I don't have an issue taking a 35ft 5W any where. What "works" - or is "the way to go" in NM (or elsewhere), is most definitely NOT happening in California - back to the original post/topic...:S Community Colleges do *NOT* have "college trucks", nor do they have CDL classes. Might be one "somewhere" in the state, but very doubtful. Several reasons NOT to have a *Commercial* Driver's License in CA: 1. Should you receive a traffic citation, you are not allowed to attend traffic school - as an alternate to a fine and points against your license. (Doesn't matter if you are not driving commercially when cited). 2. Although it *should* only apply if you are driving commercially, the blood alcohol level is half that of a std DL. Can you count on the LEO knowing that? 3. Routine stops. An infraction that may only result in a warning, could result in a citation - as the LEO expects you to be a "professional driver" - and should be held to a higher standard. 4. Of course, you will also need a doctor's certificate every two years. Maybe you can get a free exam - maybe not. Just another expense. For those reasons, some of us "gave up" our CDLs when they were no longer necessary for work related driving (CA has a separate Firefighter license now - at one time you needed a "regular" CDL for various apparatus). BTW - South Dakota may have a better plan for 5th wheel towing?! You're good to go with a standard Driver's License. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you are "competent" to tow whatever it is you want to tow...:h IMO - EVERY state should have a Non-Commercial classification! Many (besides CA) already do. Makes the roads safer for everyone!! ;)
Dtank 12/26/19 12:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ToGo a No-Go

AccorEVERY month !!ding to visible.com it's $25 for the first month, and $40 each month after that. Mike Visible "Party Pay" - $25 per month. - EVERY month !! A party of four = $25. per month (each). See the details on page 3 of thread: "Mobile Hot Spots" in this forum. (See both posts - with links - by Tom on Pg. 3). :C On edit: It's been moved to the "Technology Corner". (Surprised a *Moderator* started this thread in "Tech issues", LOL) .
Dtank 12/22/19 12:37am Tech Issues
RE: dog food for old dog

I have BSL 2 lab work training and experience (testing human blood and serum samples). When your job entails developing new tests for biomarkers in human blood and serum samples you learn about pathogens and minimizing exposure risks. You can read about the 4 bsl levels here https://consteril.com/biosafety-levels-difference/ PhD in chemistry 25 years work experience as a research scientist at a biotech firm that develops, manufactures, and sells 100s of diagnostic tests used by pharmaceutical companies in drug development and research foundations for investigating human diseases. Enough expertise for you? Somebody's underwear is a little too tight! Actually I would say his responses have been very well thought out. He obviously has the knowledge to defend his position and may be the most educated poster on this topic. There is lots of unwarranted push back on a raw diet. Good to see someone so educated share his thoughts. Oh no, having an advanced degree myself, I appreciate an educated response. Its just that Mr. Bionic Man self promoted and was snarky, which was uncalled for. Others who responded in the thread most certainly don't have expertise, just anecdotal comments. Guess that's egg in somebody's face, ROTFL BTW - Amen to the "sanrky"...:R .
Dtank 08/17/19 10:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Does Your Bed Cover, Cover Your 5'ver Hitch

Fold-A-Cover, Pullrite SG. Covers it just fine. Maybe the Q should be... Does anyone have a cover (brand) that does *NOT* cover their hitch?..:@ ....by intent - or accident (bad choice) and maybe wish they didn't have that brand! ~ Good "should be" for the OPs question...... * Maybe I missed it - but did anyone say their cover did *NOT* cover their hitch?..:h :W
Dtank 08/17/19 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels

To AZDRYHEAT: We contacted our area AAA when we finally got home. They appologized all over the place, and gave us our next year membership free. Also the tow truck took us to a Honda dealership that was open on Monday. That in itself was a BIG WOW! Had to stay in the area while they ordered a new tire. And then home. Incidentally I would recommend Five Valley Honda / Yamaha in Missoula Fill Apparently - YOU are in Lancaster, CA. Your AAA plan is in CA also. In So. CA you would most likely have a tow truck in minutes! MANY complaints (here, over the YEARS) that AAA does *NOT* have reciprocity between other state (AAA) ERS plans. Some states = Yes, others = No, still others = "maybe". For a good back-up plan for your MC, check out American Motorcyclist. $50 per year - for *anything* you drive - no need to actually own an MC. However, towing is limited to 35 miles. (BTW) 1. Towing reimbursement by your ins company may have dollar limitations, etc. Read the fine print. Be sure to ASK if usage will increase your premium! 2. My preference for ERS is - "US Rider, Equestrian Motor Plan"! No need to own a "hayburner" or be towing a trailer with same. Will tow whatever you are driving - you just need to be there. Bottom line: ALL tow operators happily accept CCs and paper with pics of Dead Presidents! :W
Dtank 07/17/19 05:26pm General RVing Issues
DRV water intrusion

No dog (or DRV) in the hunt, just a "Gee Whiz" FYI..... (source = Escapees "General RV Info") www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134972-drv-5th-wheel-water-intrusion/ :(
Dtank 07/16/19 01:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: We always unhook, even on an overnight stop

Other side of coin..... Overnighter stay connected in case you have to evacuate In an Emergency. I could have truck/trailer unhooked BEFORE ambulance even got there Ten of one - half-a-dozen of the other.......or vice-versa!...:W Observation: Friend was in RV park (5th wheel) in Paradise, CA. Barely made it out - w/o 5th wheel. (Fire - 2700 homes destroyed). Might have been able to save 5th if hooked up - but might not have been able to "negotiate" the only road out if it was. Ya gotta do what (you believe) works best for you! :C
Dtank 07/16/19 01:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Go 5 miles over in Indiana and foreit your vehicle

Can you say "BS"? The OP has some kind of "agenda". Timbs' was involved in a drug deal - his vehicle was seized. Need more info: Google is your friend. CA has a vehicle seizure law for *spectating* at an illegal drag race (on the street). Don't do drugs. Don't street race. End of story (Somehow the Mods/Admins "don't get it" and allow this drivel to continue)..:S .
Dtank 07/12/19 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying out of state

Smog compliance (factory specs) should be the same for all 50 states. If you take delivery in CA - you *WILL* pay approx 10% in sales tax. Also (delivery in CA) you will most likely have to pay CA registration = big bucks. Take delivery out of state - or purchase in a state with no -or low- sales tax. Advice: Revise your purchase plans !!..:R BTW - "break in period" is no different for a Class C -vs- your car or pickup, or your personal preference. Look at the chassis/eng mfgr's handbook. .
Dtank 07/12/19 04:57pm General RVing Issues
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