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RE: RV furniture by LCI

I'd just buy a decent chair, at a discount furniture chain, and call it good. Jerry Great advice. You *will* be able to call it *WAY* better than what you had previously! I would call it excellent or outstanding - compared to factory original. .
Dtank 04/25/21 08:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV furniture

Take your measurements and go to the furniture stores in your area. You still may have to order but at least you can sit in them. 99% of the furniture in RV's is not meant for anything more than weekend and a week or two a year use. Stated another way......(IMO) RV furniture is junk!...:( Go to LazyBoy or other furniture store advertising recliners. Try before you buy. As others have stated - make sure the backs are removable (it's pretty much "standard" - and easy to do). BTW - thought the factory sofa would be a PITA to remove.....until I realized with a bit of "persuasion" the back came off also. Remove the fold-out bed assembly - and it's easy to do, preferably with a helper. Factory recliners = gone! Factory table & 4 chairs = gone! Factory sofa = gone! Didn't replace the sofa, but other replacements a *great* improvement over the factory stuff!! :C
Dtank 04/25/21 08:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stolen Catalytic Converter

Many exhaust shops sell generic Catalytic converters. Available on Amazon. Theft is common in CA. ************************************************************** Yes to all three. However, Buyer Beware!!- OEM replacements *ARE* expensive! "Generic" cats are not CARB compliant. Can't be sold in CA or NY. They will *not* pass SMOG tests! Poster says, "Been driving both my trucks for years with a chunk of exhaust pipe in place of the Cat." Kinda like regularly driving 10-20 mph over the speed limit on the freeway/expressway. Works until you get caught. Cats were not req'd on some diesel pickups (Dodge) until the 2005 model year. "Cat Delete" pipes were available from many parts suppliers. Not anymore! *IF* you can find a supplier - you must sign your life away - stating the vehicle is only used for racing purposes. A seller and/or installer will be out of business in short order w/ mega $ fine. Try to find a (new) old style 5 gal "Jerry Can". Feds = no mas several years ago. Must have new style "spill proof" (ha ha) spout. Note: As with CA & NY, other states (and the Feds) are adopting the CARB regs all the time. Call it what you want - but from a state perspective, besides clean air....try calling it.... *REVENUE*. CA = Blue State. AZ = Red State - depending on urban vs rural counties, both do Smog Testing. (Voice of a Smog Test Only operator for 20+ years.) IMO - Skip the "plates". Wrap the cat with braided steel cable, secured at both ends - long way from the kitty. Still can be stolen, but time & effort is a thief's enemy. .
Dtank 03/31/21 11:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Removable 5th wheel hitch?

We have a 3500 RAM drw shortbed which we currently use with our artic fox 811 camper. We are thinking about getting a 5th wheel and also keeping the camper for some trips. Is there a sliding 5th wheel hitch that can easily be taken off the truck in order to slide in the camper? A sliding hitch , no not a *chance* unless you have some sort of hoist , or taking it apart . Turnover ball , and the Andersen hitch . Clean bed when removed . Also easily removed by one person . Depending on the brand, model and *weight* of the slider, you may need "some sort of hoist". I have a Pullrite SuperGlide - it's heavy! However I *easily* remove it from the bed of my SB pickup with what I like to call the "one finger" lift. I use a HF electric hoist. One finger to push the up/down button. Lift it out of the bed, lower unto a furniture dolly, roll it into the garage. Obviously, the reverse to place back in the bed. In -or out- takes all of 5 minutes. BTW - The HF hoist has also been invaluable for other tasks as well. ~
Dtank 01/23/21 11:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying an RV in Oregon.

Of course if OP is planning to move the RV to California to a permanent site they might be able to get away with never transferring the title and thus avoiding California' taxes and registration costs.... It is a no win situation. Op could buy in Oregon, never transfer title, nor register title, nor get tags and pay to have a heavy hauler with a flat deck low boy trailer and drop off at the exact spot without the need for title, title transfer and paying taxes.. But, a Heavy hauler with a low boy flat deck could cost a couple of thousand... And if they ever decided to sell they are stuck with an untitled trailer that they can not sell because of the messed up title. Lots of replies from folks in lots of states OTHER THAN California! Ain't the same ball game, folks! *If* the trailer is *anywhere* in CA, it will need to be registered in CA - and pay annual registration. Doesn't matter it it's in a private RV park, or your own property....and never sees the road. Sales tax will be required by CA. The rate varies by county & city - from approx 7% to 10.5%. Riverside County is 7.5% - however, Palm Springs (located in Riverside Co.) is 9.25%. For your non-resident situation - you need to talk to the CA State BOE, rather than the CA DMV. The CA DMV is notorious for giving bad info! On Edit: A search for the CA Board of Equalization still works, but it is now the - "California Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration" - (CDTFA). See the "BTW" below. Some of the Maple-Leaf snowbirds may be able to help....maybe someone with *CA* experience doing same will chime in. (Note: AZ is *not* the same as CA). BTW: Beware! The trailer you register in Oregon is a "red flag" for CA CHP watching for CA residents attempting (CA) tax fees avoidance! A "mismatch" of trailer -vs- tow vehicle plates may raise questions. Good luck! .
Dtank 01/23/21 10:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Enlarging my parking for the motorhome...

Looks good but the only thing i would have done different is skip the straps and add more rebar. Straps kinds look "RedNeck". :B History lesson! Long before the "common" definition of a "Redneck": 1638-1641 Scottish Presbyterians would not accept the Church of England as the official state church. Many signed the National Covenant documents in their own blood and wore pieces of cloth around their neck as a distinctive insignia. The term Red Neck became slang for a Scottish dissenter. Many fled to Northern Ireland and eventually the USA. The Ludlow, CO Massacre, 4-20-1914. From the State of Colorado House Joint Resolution on the 90th anniversary of "one of the bloodiest assaults on organized labor in American history"- between miners and Nat'l Guardsmen which resulted 19 dead inc'l 13 women and children hiding in tents. (Picks up at about the 14th "Wheras" & abbreviated) "Wheras Greek miner Louis Tikias in charge of the large tent camp suggested that all strikers wear a red bandana around our necks, as the Greek miners already wore.. Now the bandana becomes our proud uniform, and every one of us is a redneck!" The Matewan, WV Massacre, 5-19-1920. The coal mine wars. Ten people died, which led to a massive labor insurrection and national coverage ....of ten thousand miners all wearing red bandanas marching through Southern WVA. Lots of the miners migrated South, working the fields (as the only job they could get). So the term "drifted" from it's original meaning. They were poor, often illiterate miners, often called hillbillies, Rednecks (or worse) - but had nothing to do with working in the sun - or "strong ties" securing posts! ~
Dtank 01/01/21 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great time to Sell Your RV!

CW is betting on taking advantage of folks! "Best bet is to NOT ........" ......patronize CW for anything...:R .
Dtank 12/21/20 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great time to Sell Your RV!

Demand has never been higher!! Pic is link to Camping World form on FB that you can fill out...23,000+ comments so far! Folks want to sell their rigs and get out from under the payment. Whoopie! Either the sky is falling - or the moon is rising, take your pick. Guess everyone should rush out to buy or sell...:) .
Dtank 12/20/20 01:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flojet macerator: is it reliable? Maintenance issues?

Good info, O.B. Wondering....is "Sister place" - your Sister's place, a nun, or a place you have in Sisters Oregon ?? :@
Dtank 12/20/20 11:27am Tech Issues
RE: Overnight stay in California

Camping World doesn't pull my puppet strings. I get to use my own brain. It's awesome. It's one of my favorite body parts. Try it. And call it a hunch, but I'd be willing to bet that Camping World doesn't want us to stop camping...in the world. Or maybe I'm reading too much into the company name. Observing the Moderator Posts: As a Moderator you have "free rein" to comment as you see fit without being deleted. The rest of us don't have that advantage. (Old & true cliche - it is what it is!) For the OP: If things don't go well - easy solution for one night, stay at a truck stop. Find a spot off to one side & the noise will be "tolerable". "Down time" for safety applies to you as well as req'd for the pro drivers. No LEO will fault you for doing same. BTW - So. CA "native" - have traveled CA for the past 64 years - (when I got my first DL at age 15 1/2). Tents to RVs. .
Dtank 12/15/20 10:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: sears 3000 inverter

I have this feeling I'm going to be scoffed at, but the inverter generators at Harbor Freight are a great value. They have a 3000 which also has parallel ports like the smaller 2000. It's kind of hefty, but it is also really quiet. Price is fairly competitive. Here's a link. OP: Usually you will receive the best/most replies for GENERATOR Q & A in the *Tech Issues* forums here. Jeromep: Many folks "scoffed at" the Champion brand of gens - because they didn't know any better. Everyone should do their homework and research the various brands....including *customer service* after you purchase. IMO - often the Blue (I have one) and the Red (have one of those also) do not receive the same level of service (when you have a problem) as the dealers have lots of owners of "other things" with engines to take care of...first. .
Dtank 12/15/20 10:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire/wheel change on the road

My 3500 lug nut spec is 140 ft-lbs. Nuts are easy to remove if torqued correctly to begin with. I use a Proto 6014 250 ft-lb torque wrench which is long so I use it to break the nuts and retorque correctly. Tire shops almost always over torque the fastener. Best when you get home from the shop is to loosen the fasteners and tighten correcty so you won't have issues on the road. Sorry, I didn't bother to look up your suggested items. WRONG, wrong, wrong!! NEVER use a torque wrench to loosen lugs! You need to have your Proto re-calibrated and...... Use a breaker bar - with a "cheater" - a length of pipe to extend the bar and increase your leverage. Better yet for those who don't have the strength, or?? - Get an inexpensive torque multiplier - and save lots of $$. No batteries or power required. Look it up on Google, YouTube, to see it used.... check Amazon for prices (yes, the "overseas" -inexpensive- brands work well). BTW - many have mentioned the HF breaker bars. Pass on that, and find the type that has a sliding ball (for lack of a better term) that is the socket connection....rather than a pinned socket connection on the end of the bar. The latter type can/will fail when you need it most. YIKES on the - "tire shops almost over tighten the fastener"...:E That may stretch and/or break the studs and/or damage aluminum wheels if you have those!!..:( *YOUR* job is to watch the guy tightening the lugs with his impact. *ASK* the guy what his impact is set at!!..:@ (Many of those folks worked at Taco Bell last week) They should be tightened *close* to the necessary torque, THEN tightened with a TQ wrench!!...:C Doing that may save you a lot of time (if the shop replaces what they damage), and/or $$ if they don't. ~
Dtank 12/14/20 07:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

That illuminated 100% of the odor. :)..:@..:B..:D .
Dtank 12/12/20 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honest RV Dealers - Are there any?

In my experience there's also a split personality with most dealers, where even if things went perfectly during the sale & PDI, the warranty service is absolutely hellish. My warranty experience from my last dealer was enough to swear I'll never do business with them again (suck it, Giant RV). It took them a full 20 months to finally complete the checklist of items identified during our 12 month warranty period. One of the happiest life-changes for me was hiring a local mobile tech to come fix things instead of driving 90 minutes to the dealer and having them lie to me about how long they'll keep the coach for repairs. I'd rather pay a tech out of pocket to have things fixed immediately and correctly than to continue to pay the loan and storage for an RV that I can't use. I had to pay for some of those warranty repairs to be redone correctly, but at least my guy fixed them right and fixed them correctly. Did I mention how much I dislike Giant RV? IMO - Giant RV in So CA ?? So. CA is chock full of dealers who have an ample supply of "walk-ins" who want to buy it *NOW* !! (RVing / camping year round). So....My last RV was a Jayco 5th wheel (before Jayco went Thor). Jayco had a factory site listing all the prices for everything and anything (options). Also, there is/was an "RV Wholesalers" in the US, who discounted those prices - only catch, you had to drive across country and pick it up. Being well aware of the sales pitches, etc., etc. in So. CA - I e-mailed several (many) dealers all over the US - including: I was ready to "travel" for the best deal (ordering the 5th). Drove about a thousand miles to purchase the 5th I ordered from Marden's RV in Montana. Went without a hitch (no pun). Had a two year factory warranty - which I never needed. The PDI was done by a local mobile service. Stayed overnight on their lot, then a week at a local campground. Had an occasion to call the mobile serviced for (what I thought was a problem - it wasn't). They came out to the campground and showed me *my* operator error. Marden's started way back when by the current owners father. It was just a "sideline" during the warm months. Would I buy from them again? - Absolutely!! I'll relate some of my experiences by/from/with dealers in So CA in another post. Some are humorous.....like the salesman I happened to ask for a brochure at the Pomona RV show on year. Had to show *him* where they were - he admitted it was his first day on the job. Might add - when I was looking at floor plans at RV shows, the best way to *not* be bothered by salespeople: Be by yourself, tell them you are bringing the wife to the show the next day. If you need to "sign in" (really!!) - pick your best phony name, like Chuck Roast or? List the business number for some business WalMart, Target, etc. as your home phone. .
Dtank 11/22/20 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Set clocks back today

No....not gonna do it! Oh wait...we don't play that silly game in AZ :) Yes - AZ has got it right! (For those that prefer Daylight Savings Time - one way or the other would be just fine! - NO spring forward, fall back!) .
Dtank 11/04/20 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exploded Battery!

Did you check the water level in the batteries while you had them disconnected? My guess is the exploded one had a low cell and the charging made it spark internally. Knew of two instances of the above. Both were with factory original batteries in a *(not sure of the Japanese import name -it's been a while)*. Both were owned by conscientious folks who took good care of their vehicles. .
Dtank 10/30/20 06:38pm General RVing Issues
Champion #100263 - 3400 Dual Fuel elect Start?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30156272
Dtank 10/17/20 03:46pm Technology Corner
Champion #100263 - 3400 Dual Fuel elect Start?

Report on "Impressions" if you have one - and price/s?? Thanks! On edit: My bad! Should have been posted to "Tech Issues" forum. "Notify Moderator" won't fly.......so Mod/s if you see this pliz move over to Tech. Thanks again! .
Dtank 10/17/20 03:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

Yes! We actually cancelled our trip from PA to Myrtle Beach SC because at 65 years old driving around the Baltimore and Washington outer loops scares me stiff. I know what its like just driving my 8,000 dually, they play with me like I'm a toy. Don't they respect size and mass? Pulling a 41' fifth wheel with a dually 4x4 8' bed is Xanax time, I can't stop this train on a dime! I try to maintain safe following distance to give me some room to stop......forget it. Three cars cut in front of me. I guess if I leave at midnight is best, shouldn't be too crazy at 2-4 am? Yes - leave at midnight or 2AM !! and....keep the blood flowing to those white knuckles!!...:W You deserve an HDT -instead of the LGT for your 41' 5th wheel. Check who tows what (w/out the Xanax) on the Escapees HDT forum! .
Dtank 10/17/20 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moving on up... to the mountains!

Appreciate the update OP. In my area that would be a million dollar home, easily. We've got a 1300 sq ft rambler on a half acre, nothing special about the location, paid more than that 12 years ago. I'm hopeful that when I retire and we sell this house (for too much money), we'll be able to go someplace beautiful and less expensive! Better hurry!! After seeing the photos, and reading the details..... The *SNOWBIRDS* - and the folks cooking in Phoenix are are on the way!! :)
Dtank 10/17/20 03:28pm General RVing Issues
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