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RE: Anyone have a favorite RV wax ???

Lots of good suggestions here, pick one and go with it! :B Dan Good advice! .
Dtank 04/13/20 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Money from government

Since most or all of us on this Forum are due to get a check from the government to tide us over the pandemic it would be interesting to learn how long it is taking for us to get paid. I checked yesterday and mine was not at the bank yet. Did you get yours? It might be tough to find a location for a "campfire" now, but RV Net (Open Roads Forums) still has one..... ....thread should be in "Around The Campfire" forum....:S .
Dtank 04/13/20 12:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: And Texas Caves In

The last bastion of sanity has jumped on the "stay at home" bandwagon. They just sent me an email that they have closed all state parks to save the 1% who may die from the dreaded super virus. Texas was once a great state. Hey - find a couple of friends, give each a big Texas handshake, grab a six pack of Lone Star - and tip 'em to the one percenters !!..:R .
Dtank 04/13/20 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Register M/H in Calif

OP started this on 3-7. By now he should have completed purchase - or not. However - LOTS of poor -to bad- information. Often -and usually- by folks in states other than CA, posting how it's done where they live. Homework assignment - CA: Correct - the Diesel MH does not need a smog check. Registration fees - CA.....the BIG HURT is the sales tax. Depending on the county, it is right at ten (10%) percent of the purchase price! Claiming you bought it "cheap" - won't help with newer RV - the DMV will use Blue Book fore valuation and tax. CA *resident* Registering in AZ - or other state: CA wants the revenue! It is a violation of the law to do so - resulting in more grief than you can imagine! That includes Montana LLCs !! A MH with a MT plate in CA - is flying a flag for the CHP, which says "stop me" for any probable cause. Better have a MT Driver's License in the operator's name - NOT an LLC. However - there is an easy LEGAL solution (which may de too late for the OP now): If a CA resident purchases a vehicle out of state, and keeps (USES) that vehicle out of state for one year (used to be 90 days), he/she can legally avoid paying sales tax. Franchise tax board will require receipts to prove same. (hint - Be creative for "work-arounds"). The CA resident *will* eventually pay registration fees - but not sales tax. CA may require verification of VIN to register for verification (in CA). Any PD should be able to do that. Look up CA "90 day rule" on CA dot Gov - applies to vehicles, vessels (boats), aircraft. During that "one year" the owner will need to register it somewhere. Suggest South Dakota - or AZ since it's already there - whichever "price is right". (Check with Americas Mailbox, Box Elder, SD.) No need for you or the vehicle to be "physically" in SD to do same. Maybe this may help some CA residents - and folks posting to "investigate" to possibilities. BTW - BIL has had a smog test facility for years. Two CA neighbors with new MHs - now registered in CA - pd zero sales tax. .
Dtank 04/12/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: CDC and the government may be loosening the lockdown

If we all had billions of N95 masks then yes, more of the country could be opened. But lack thereof is a part of the inept federal response. You are referring to the previous admin who depleted the emergency stockpile during the H1N1 epidemic, but then, despite being informed 5 times by his own task force over the years, failed to restock the supplies used. Or maybe the prominent TV personality governor from a big NE state who was told multiple times, by his own task force, to restock supplies but bought 500 respirators instead of the recommended 10,000? Or maybe the large western coastal state's preceding governor, who actually sold off emergency supplies at auction? One of those certainly or more likely all of them. One problem with stocking vast numbers of this stuff is that the masks and paper gowns have a actual shelf live that means something. They get pinhole leaks. So if you had a billion masks in stock you would be landfilling a billion masks down the road. I believe the hoses and such in the respirators also go bad. Far better would be to make sure we have the production capacity in this country's borders to produce these materials. Not US companies, 3M for example, production capacity in China or any other country. In the event of a global emergency any country will take control of production in it's own borders to supply itself first. One of Barr's boys? You sir are terribly mis-informed -or- (politely) no matter how *YOU* choose to slice it, you're full of baloney! ("Balogna" if you prefer) As well as the other RV forums you post on..:R Unfortunately, you are what & who you are - and welcome to your jaded opinions...:( .
Dtank 04/09/20 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fire tools

In an activity where a fire is such a large part of why we do it how come finding simple fire tools is near impossible? How many use nothing but a stick that they have found? Oh sure you can go into a speciality store & find really nice (expensive) sets of fireplace tools but to find a simple poker, a long handled wood gripper or a bellows is impossible. I have both. The poker I stole from the house. The wood gripper I found in a Canadian Tire store for $15. You would think that every RV supplies retailer would have these things. Thread started 2-1-2014 ........only SIX years old on 2-1-2020..:S Great topic for the *Around the Campfire* forum! (Pun intended) Maybe this should be a poll...... "How many use nothing but a stick"....etc.?...:R I prefer the fire dance - get in there and kick the wood around. Keeps your feet warm....:W .
Dtank 04/04/20 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Well, They gone and done it

DW used to groom and show poodles. Haven't been to a barber shop in the last 2o-30- years. .....Does she give you a treat when she's done?.... :B
Dtank 03/26/20 11:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hand Sanitizer

The markets are as much to blame for the empty shelf's in the stores. They should have limited the number of the same idem. News "idem"..... The markets and Costco is So. CA have been limiting quantities for several days now. .
Dtank 03/19/20 02:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus (Covid-19) compared to Spanish flu ?

Ask one of the Spanish Flu survivors how he or she managed to survive! .
Dtank 03/19/20 02:05am Around the Campfire
RE: You can buy S637 tires here, but install: HAHAHAHA

The OP got the Discount Tire Shop employee who just got hired "away" from Taco Bell. OP sounds like one of (long ago) poster Fast Eagle's kin. BTW - The Chinese can -and do- mfgr *quality* tires (to mfgr's specs). Even have Michelin factories in China...
Dtank 03/19/20 01:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco TV antenna

https://www.bestgearsreview.com/best-outdoor-tv-antenna-for-rural-areas/ Web site (reviews) above returned.....as a *link* - Number one choice "Pingbingding" = good price at Amazon! It's a powered antenna - claim is good for 150 miles! The #2 (non-powered) is considerably less - but can vouch for - works great in urban areas (50+ miles). Also avail at Amazon. :C . .
Dtank 03/16/20 12:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Best way to bring shine back to fiberglass body.

I ran out of "elbow grease". White Lithium is a good substitute - and it matches lots of fiberglass! .
Dtank 03/16/20 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone lose a set of keys

No good deed goes unpunished No unpunished deed is good....:? .
Dtank 03/16/20 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: School me on OTA for Dish

dbl post (deleted)
Dtank 03/15/20 02:23pm Technology Corner
RE: School me on OTA for Dish

Your "Dish" should already get local CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS stations, those are typically located below Dish channels 100. To recieve your local OTA channel directly, you do not need the Dish system, plug in a antenna DIRECTLY to your TV sets ANTENNA/CABLE coax input. Once you have the antenna connected, change TV from your Dish input (HDMI, Component or Composite and select Antenna/OTA/Cable from your TVs menu. Once you on the antenna/cable input you need to do a channel scan. Once scan has completed you now can watch your local OTA channels. Yes, it means you must switch between inputs and yes, you will not have DVR capability but you now get all of the local channels plus the sub channels and it didn't cost anything other than the antenna.. Note: The OP stated it's for his S&B home (not an RV). As "BB TEX" also stated....... An OTA antenna connected directly to your TV is easy! DISH now with locals - but when I had DirecTV - didn't happen often, but during heavy rain (etc.) the sat signal would pixilate. Switch over to OTA for locals worked fine, no interruption of the signal/s. I used a (IMO - "Clear Stream") outdoor antenna (about $60 at Costco) mounted on the eve of the house (about 15 ft high) facing the direction of my locals - which are at least 50 miles away. Antenna looks like a single plastic "figure 8" on a BBQ grill (LOL) - about 18" square. Receives ALL - with great HD picture. *If* DISH has any probs - it's still ready to do its thing!...:C .
Dtank 03/15/20 02:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Who's the shortsighted one here

Most of the stores I worked at you either parked "Out a ways" or around the side or back. As an Employee I never took "Preferred parking" . Agree! Parking spaces equate to paying customers - *not* paid employees. When I worked at a major retail store (years ago) with limited parking, employees were not "allowed" to park in the parking lot. You found space "curbside" on an adjoining street - which often was a long walk back to the store....which was no big deal.....then. .
Dtank 03/12/20 04:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jayco TV antenna

"lishcoli" - suggest you work on combining posts, proof reading !!- and deleting the "repeats". Even easier than solving the OP's antenna problem/s, ROTFL On edit: Yikes! - Had to add "proof reading"....:R !! Good web site though. .
Dtank 03/12/20 04:03pm Tech Issues
RE: 2005 alfa see ya 5th wheel

Lwiddis...we had no idea the tenant was planning to skip out on us, he got his stuff out, put the slides in and said come get it. he was nowhere to be found and will not return our calls! his deposit was 500 and he didn't get it back Hope you have the $500. deposit "cash in hand" - or converted to same! WHY would a renter "skip out", "nowhere to be found, and will not return our calls" ??...:R *Very* fishy! Renting a/your personal RV is a serious c**p shoot - as evidenced by your post. Owner BEWARE !!..:S .
Dtank 03/06/20 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Black tank release cable

apparently the cable and valve is accessible as you describe it. Why not go on amazon, get a new assy install and be done with it? The OP says, "It's in a really bad spot". So far all the posts deal with lubrication of the cable. Maybe it will help - maybe not......The cable/s sometimes have a bit of slack behind the pull knob (from repeated use), -or- the cable has developed a kink due to sloppy routing (and clamps) by the mfgr. Often it may be MUCH simpler and easier to check the cable!! Disconnect the cable at the valve - and see if the valve will move freely. If it does = cable is the problem. If it does *not* move easily....unfortunately, it's probably time to replace the valve assembly...:( Not expensive - but it can be a real "PITA" if it's in a "bad spot". No need to ask how I know...:W .
Dtank 03/03/20 07:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Triangle Trailer tires?

So the 2014 5th wheel we have agreed to purchase has Triangle TR656 14ply Load range G tires. They were installed in Sept 2019 with little to no use since then (RV stored for winter). Should I just commit to replacing these before a long distance road trip? Thanks, OJ "They were *installed* ...... etc. Check the *DATE CODE* on the tires !!...:@ *If* it's reasonably close (within a few months) to/of Sept 2019 - and you don't see any obvious sidewall cracking, etc. They're OK. If you're still in doubt, take one wheel & tire to a tire shop you trust (or think you do) - have them dismount the tire. Examine the inside *yourself* along with the shop folks. (I would expect they will try to sell you 4 new ones). If all looks good, then - The answer is *NO* you don't need to replace them...:C If the *DATE CODE* is a "few" years older than 2019, I would be concerned (they may have sat on a tire shop shelf) before a buyer who didn't know enough to check - came along...:( Yes.....that DOES happen - How do I know? They tried, I passed on the outdated tires the shop tried to sell me! Buyer beware! :W
Dtank 02/29/20 08:13pm Fifth-Wheels
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