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RE: slide out issue on Cameo

I don't have a Cameo but I do have a 2008 Carriage product. The slide control motor is actuated by a slide control box which has connections for the switches and the motors. I also believe there is an adjustment (probably amperage) that tells the motor to stop when the slide is in. My box was hidden underneath the refrigerator. Could be there is extra friction on the slide and the box is telling it to shut down with an automatic reset. Could be a bad box. Trouble shoot by switching the leads on the motor then hit the "out" switch to see if it comes in. Don't know if the Cameo works the same but worth a try. Doubt that it is the motor. Same motor and gears for "in and out". Polarity of two leads is just switched. Soaking the access zipper with WD40 will help it move but you are still going to break off the pull tab at which time a small loop pick works well. Make sure you have a good battery connected in addition to powering your convertor.
Durb 11/28/20 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: RV backup camera stuff

I bought and installed that very camera on my fifth wheel this year and have been using it for maybe 8 round trips. Installation was easy and pairing was painless. Resolution is very good as in HD. I made a rear view mirror mount as I chose not to use the provided mounts. I have never had pixelation or frame freeze up to 70 mph. The camera is wide angle so you can pick up vehicles pretty easy. Combine with the truck's mirrors eliminates any blind spots. I don't use it for backing as I am looking at my mirrors instead. I wired it to my clearance lights so lights on powers the camera. Gripes: My camera does not clear when raining so not real useful. I do have a lip on my rear cap so that could contribute. The customer service numbers in the description and instructions are not valid. Go to Amazon reviews to get the right number. I did this to order the no charge suction cup mount which did not come with it. I would like it more if it had a zoom feature.
Durb 11/28/20 05:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

Don't know about NY but where I live just the transactional costs for a vehicle change (sales tax and registration) alone would be more than a new fuel tank.
Durb 11/23/20 08:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Draining hot water tank

Never understood people's resistance to draining their water heater. It take 4 minutes at the most. I drain mine after every trip as I find no need to haul an extra 80 pounds to the next camp trip. Who's going to fill up a thermos bottle with water, let it sit for several months and then drink the contents?
Durb 11/20/20 07:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

Thanks all. I made the 7:00 AM empty station run to Costco this morning and filled the auxiliary tank. 12 cents more per gallon than when I filled two weeks ago.
Durb 11/19/20 07:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

My post is perfectly clear to anyone except those that choose to be only argumentative. I offered information to the OP that I thought was pertinent to his post. Trying to translate my comment on brake light illumination times to marker lights is just childish. Time for some numbers in an ongoing effort to help the OP which some have no interest in doing. Delphi estimates 37% to 74% of rear end accidents could be eliminated with a 500 millisecond early warning. LEDs light up 200ms faster than incandescent. This translates to 19.1 feet at 65 MPH. I'll take a truck's length safety margin by changing lights to LEDs every time.
Durb 11/18/20 12:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

I'm not concerned with the weight or cost of the extra fuel. Do I have to put an anti-algae agent in the fuel if I let it sit for 6 months? If so, recommendation. The weather will be cool and humid (rain).
Durb 11/17/20 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: marker lights to led marker lights

I changed out my marker lights and found nice ones with correct hole spacing on superbrightled.com. I read once about the light-up time of LEDs compared to incandescent; the LEDs were milliseconds quicker which really made a distance difference when going 70 MPH. May keep you from getting hit from the rear as the LEDs light up faster. I just replaced the cab clearance lights on my truck to LED. They look good and are definitely brighter.
Durb 11/17/20 06:55pm Travel Trailers
Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

After a long trip, my auxiliary tank is currently empty. I have winterized my trailer and won't be towing until next Spring. I have no need for the added range the tank offers until then. Should I leave the auxiliary tank empty or fill it up for storage?
Durb 11/17/20 02:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Independent Pricing of New and Used Motorhomes

In my experience NADA was not even in the ballpark. I sold a trailer 6 years ago for $21k and NADA was $8k. The problem is many lenders use NADA for loan guidance. I suggest you do a lot of research and looking. You will soon get a real good idea of what is a good price or a poor price. You may walk away from some good deals but when you see a great deal you will know immediately. I agree with the above, condition is the key.
Durb 11/17/20 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: CPAP Battery for Boondocking

We have a week long houseboat trip planned for next summer. Both my wife and son are on CPAP machines and the boat specifically advises against using their power for CPAPS. My son and I both came to different solutions. He bought a Jackery power station and the foldable 100 watt solar accessory. He used it on his Dream Station machine for a night and it drew down 8% of useable power. I bought a Battle Born 100AH Lithium battery for our trailer and plan to install it in my MinKota battery carry case and take that. I will also take my 60 amp trailer charger with us to top off the battery if it gets low. Should take about an hour on the daily generator run. The case makes it easier to carry (32#) and serves an additional use for my trolling motor. We bought a 12V power cord from Amazon (around $40) and have tested everything in our trailer, works good. The battery was expensive but offers me many other advantages with the trailer. I didn't mind, can't put a price on health.
Durb 11/10/20 07:29am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Boondocking? Tell me where

Thanks 2Oldman. I'm aware of Salmon River Road, I'll take the SUV up there and do some exploring. I was on Highway 20 within the last few weeks as 22 was closed. The area was indeed beautiful and I saw a number of campgrounds. I guess I might have to take a chance and pull the fifth wheel into some of them and risk having to back out. I have seen many snow parks but not what I would call peace, quiet and solitude.
Durb 11/09/20 08:47am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Boondocking? Tell me where

I live in the vicinity of Portland Oregon and we are surrounded by national forest land. When I drive through the forests there is a hill on one side of the road and a drop off on the other. I've never seen a bare field where someone could pull off and camp. Any bare ground around here would have a tree growing on it in short order. After 40 years I can't tell of a single place where we could camp for free. Is boondocking more or less reserved for the desert and plains where there is open flat ground? How do you all find your spots? Do Oregon and Washington offer such information? I'm hesitant to pull my 5er onto an active logging road. Any advice would be appreciated.
Durb 11/08/20 11:04pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Inquiring minds want to know.-- Strange bracket

The piece that is sticking up is an anti-billow device which keeps your topper from rolling out when driving. Can't say regarding the bracket. I installed the same brand toppers on my trailer and there were no brackets like that in the box.
Durb 11/05/20 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for fellow RVing writers

I take my laptop when camping and write novels. I find the process so much more entertaining, fulfilling and engrossing than reading. I self publish for Kindle on Amazon which is a really easy process even though no one buys the books. My plans are to write two books this winter. Durb -- How do you balance your writing and RVing adventuring? I keep struggling to find the time to do everything -- write, hike, explore, do the usual day-to-day stuff, etc. Do you have a schedule? Use self-imposed deadlines? I don't full time and camp only about 40 days per year. We will winterize the trailer mid November as we live in the Northwest. Once the rain starts yard work ceases allowing plenty of time. I write only for personal enjoyment so there are no schedules or time lines. I start with a premise and let the books develop as I write which stokes my interest. I find the hardest part is wrapping them up to keep the word count to 80-90 thousand. This takes about two months of part time writing. I find my camping writing is generally on the front end of the books. My greatest time restraint is my hunt and peck typing. I believe everyone has books lurking inside their heads. The hardest part is sitting down and starting. It flows from there and is very enjoyable.
Durb 11/02/20 11:32am RV Lifestyle
RE: Looking for fellow RVing writers

I take my laptop when camping and write novels. I find the process so much more entertaining, fulfilling and engrossing than reading. I self publish for Kindle on Amazon which is a really easy process even though no one buys the books. My plans are to write two books this winter.
Durb 11/02/20 09:38am RV Lifestyle
RE: Updating 5th Wheel?

Our trailer is 12 years old. Although it is in exceptional condition we still find ourselves trying to cost justify upgrades. We were quoted $5k to reupholster a couch; don't think so. We decided to live with the peeling unit or find an alternative which is what we did. It just doesn't make sense to toss money in some directions.
Durb 11/01/20 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: General Question on Size

Welcome to the forum. I'll see if I can answer some questions regarding sway which seems to be your major concern. Blue Ox makes 3 different weight distribution hitches. Don't use the round bar hitch with chains as it will do nothing for sway. The concept behind the TrackPro WDH is obvious as it is similar to Equalizer and some Reese products. I don't see the physics behind the SwayPro WDH except it relies on shorter chains and maybe a wider set on the bar mounts. It wouldn't be my first choice. Your Escalade may be exacerbating your problem as I am assuming you have automatic load leveling. When you put a thousand pounds on your hitch ball the vehicle will pump up its air bags and level the load automatically. This is bad. High bag pressure on your rear axle will harden the suspension and cause it to serve as a fulcrum. The hitch weight will then unload your front tires and make things squirrelly. See if you can defeat this feature and rely on your weight distribution hitch to level the rig with trailer attached. Thirdly, see if you can cancel your Blue Ox order and put the money towards a Hensley Arrow or ProPride hitch. Either of these will eliminate sway which is your concern. Good luck and enjoy your trailer.
Durb 10/31/20 12:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Changing from 14" to 15" wheels and tires on a TT

Your trailer brakes will be a little less effective. Might have to readjust your controller.
Durb 10/26/20 08:51pm Towing
RE: Torque Wrench for WD Hitch nylock nuts

I have no idea why the springs compressing would concern you. To compress the springs that force must flow though the wrench, then the bolt after it stops turning at 380ft/lbs then the chassis. End result bolt is tightened to 380. Doesn't work that way. If you extend that thinking just put the shank on the ground. When the fastener quits turning and the shank flops around you must be at 380 ft-lbs - wrong. Simple test for doubters: Tighten the fastener without supporting the hitch. Then tighten again with the hitch supported to the same spec - the nut will move. How much will be determined by the stiffness of the truck's springs. One of the first rules of proper torque wrench technique is to secure your work.
Durb 10/25/20 07:12pm Towing
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