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RE: Basic 5th wheel towing questions.

I'm guessing you read the comment about the truck affecting your ride more than the trailer from another thread; don't believe it. Road shock from your truck has to go through the truck's tires, and is damped by the truck's shocks and springs. Your trailer will create bouncing forces (up and down) and chucking forces Fore and aft. A 9,000# trailer will have about 2,000# of pin weight bouncing around back there. A solid joint hitch (Andersen, B&W, Curt, Reese, Pullrite) will very efficiently hook that bouncing and chucking pin to the frame of your truck with no give, which is bolted to the cab, which is bolted to your seats. The truck's suspension isn't even a part of the energy path. Consider also, due to a higher hitch angle and other factors,, shorter trailers sometimes chuck worse than longer trailers. Don't discount an air hitch because you have a relatively lighter rig. Case in point me. 9,000# dry trailer towed by a 1 ton dually. Should be a piece of cake right? Chucking nightmare with a solid hitch. I changed the shocks to Bilsteins, added air bags - nothing. Trailer Saver air hitch to the rescue - comfortable tow now. Sad part is trailer generated forces differ widely amongst trailers and it is hard to tell until you hook it up. That is why you will get a bunch of differing anecdotal information. If you are buying a new truck and new trailer, an air hitch is a no brainer as the cost will disappear relative to the other costs. Towing pleasure will await.
Durb 07/17/19 05:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Update to my Towing analysis paralysis resolved, I think!.

It is too bad you couldn't make the TS3 fit. The BD3 will dissipate the bouncing forces and the MORyde will help with the chucking forces. The TS3 would have been a better solution for your ride. As a fifth wheel's pin pushes down, it also pushes forward; this is why you have both bouncing and chucking forces. When the trailer pushes a TS3 down, the hitch head also retracts due to the high hinge design, eliminating both forces. My trailer was a bouncing, chucking mess with a B&W solid hitch, intolerable. Towed it home from a trip today with the TS3, a pleasure.
Durb 07/15/19 04:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4WD or 2WD

From a currently running thread in this section: "Oil sender failed, cluster failed, transfer case seal failed, front hub/bearing failed" I wonder if "very little additional maintenance" really applies. My 2WD truck doesn't have a transfer case, or front hubs, or front u-joints or CV joints, front drive shaft u-joints, front differential seals, or additional fluids. So, none of that stuff has failed on my truck nor needed to be maintained.
Durb 07/09/19 11:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking into a 2017 Grand Design

Newer Grand Design fifth wheels are effectively populating the campgrounds I go to. Apparently, a lot of people like them as they are not sitting at home. I find that many popular items represent good values. American purchasers are pretty savy.
Durb 07/09/19 10:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Escape 5.0TA fifth wheel

Sometimes small shops like Escape that sell direct keep track of a local customer that would have no problem with you coming by to take a look and talk about their trailer. Also, look on fiberglassrv.com, they have a separate section on Escape trailers with plenty of info.
Durb 07/07/19 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Escape 5.0TA fifth wheel

There is a member on this forum who used to be a frequent poster that had the 2.0TA. As I recall, he liked the trailer a lot. I've seen them on the road, they're small. Should be able to get it into just about anywhere. I've owned a travel trailer with the fiberglass clamshell construction like the Escape. It doesn't take much heat to warm one up.
Durb 07/02/19 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel diameter

Doing ther math, 285/75R18 has a diameter of 34.83". The 285/60R20 has a diameter of 33.46". The difference is 4%. Theoretically, the 20" tires should accelerate better and stop better. The 18" tires might allow for better fuel economy. Your truck should sit 5/8" lower with the 20s, if all other things are equal. I trust Grit Dog that these are the sizes offered.
Durb 07/01/19 09:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need help with a few questions, re: buying first diesel

The 6.7 Cummins had exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel particulate filter. The 5.9 had neither, which is a plus. The 6.7 had the 6-speed transmission, the 5.9 a 4-speed. The 6.7 has more torque and horsepower plus an exhaust brake is standard. You have to add an exhaust brake on the 5.9. I tow a 11,500# GVW fifth wheel with my 5.9; don't know if I would want to go much heavier.
Durb 07/01/19 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bedrug Feedback

I bought my truck used. The original owner sprayed in rhino lining then put a BedRug over it fifteen years ago. It is still in excellent shape as is the rhino lining. I've come to like the BedRug for the softness to my knees and the fact that it helps keep things from sliding around. I installed a BedRug mat (no side protection) in my previous truck which was easily removed when needed. It didn't go when I sold the truck and I use it to lay on when working underneath rigs. If I were to get a new truck, I would also go with a BedRug rather than a spray in liner. That being said, I run a tonneau cover and previously the truck had a canopy. I don't think I would choose it if not covered most of the time. I don't haul anything that requires a shovel to remove. It dries quickly when wet as it doesn't absorb much water. i use mine for all your applications except the junkyard parts. I also have fifth wheel rails in my truck so the liner is cut out around them. The thickness of the BedRug allows lumber to slide right over the rails. Going to try Columbia Sun later this year.
Durb 06/28/19 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford has an answer to the Power Wagon

After you add in the 40mm of lift, the bed rails will be at 62 inches before you factor in the 35 inch tires. I doubt you will see many fifth wheel haulers order the option. I'm 6 ft.tall, 62 inches comes to my mouth. Doubt that I could even see the entire bed without the tailgate down. Not for me, it makes a pretty decent truck 99% useless.
Durb 06/27/19 06:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tripod stabilizer

If your rear jacks are just aft of the rear tires then you have a pretty long lever for shaking things around with the jack as a fulcrum. I would consider jacking or stabilizing the frame of the trailer to the ground as far rearward as possible. I can't see how supporting the pin would help.
Durb 06/24/19 07:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Test Drove a 6.2l Yukon Denali

I remember looking at a truck comparison test before purchasing my 2008 Titan. One part of the test was zero to sixty times. Theoretically the 400+ Hp chevy should have smoked the 318 HP Nissan, as their curb weights were almost the same. The Titan beat the Chevy by over 2 seconds to sixty MPH. Turns out, for fuel economy, Chevy programmed the truck not to make full power unless the accelerator had been fully depressed for two seconds. Not so good for passing maneuvers. Maybe give the motor some time and see if comes on at full boil.
Durb 06/22/19 10:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: We don't need no stinkin 4X4 honey !

After 8 pages of 4X4 drooling, it's time for a contrarian view. I have a 2WD dually, and I love it. Resale value on a 4X4 is better, that is why I got a smoking deal on my 9 year old at the time CTD Laramie with 62k miles. If you are buying used then low resale value is a good thing. Plus, virtually every used 4X4 diesel in the Northwest has been lifted and chipped. Not for me. It would be nice to have 4WD for the 1% you need it. Problem is, I drive the truck 100% of the time. I slide into my seat, I don't step and maneuver. I can lift an 80# bag of ready-mix onto my waist high tailgate, don't know if I could get it chest high. I can reach over my bed side walls and latch/unlatch my hitch. When I need to sit down, which is often now days, I drop my tailgate and have a seat. Plus my truck fits my fifth wheel, a 4X4 wouldn't. I enjoy the precision and tracking of rack and pinion steering. I can work under the hood without using a step stool. I carry chains in the winter, but mostly the truck stays parked when conditions are bad; it is a primarily a tow vehicle and I don't winter camp. I'll take the AWD SUV when things are tough. I may take a hit when I sell the truck which I don't intend to do. The people that ask me about selling it now would probably give me a good price.
Durb 06/20/19 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: front landing gear motor

Try loosely chocking your trucks tires (to allow some movement), then place your truck in neutral when raising the front of the trailer. Use blocks under your landing gear to keep your legs as short as possible to prevent binding.
Durb 06/20/19 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

I towed a 6,000# trailer with a 2008 Titan, so the numbers are pretty close. It had the 5.6 but only 318HP and 380 ft-lb. Plenty of motor for my trailer even going over mountain passes. Average mpg was 9 towing, not so good. I upgraded/downgraded to a 2004 diesel. Although the Titan towed fine and the truck was comfortable, I felt like the duty wasn't there and the brakes weren't up to the job. I'm sure with upgrades some of those issues have been addressed. I used a Reese SC WD hitch, never any sway.
Durb 06/18/19 08:34pm Towing
RE: B&W Companion Slider 20k, used, thoughts??

Sounds like a good deal to me. Some deal killers would be if you have a 8 ft. bed or you have Industry Standard Rails. If nothing is in the bed of your truck then you will have to spend some bucks for a turnover ball system. I believe a ball is standard if you have the factory puck sysstem. I guess if you have a long bed, you could use it without the slide feature. MSRP is over $1,600.
Durb 06/16/19 09:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Hitches 101

A hitch selection depends on how you are going to use the trailer and your specific trailer's towing dynamics (they all differ). I divide fifth wheel hitches into two categories, solid hook-up and energy absorbing. Solid hook-up hitches are good for short hauls or if you are fortunate enough to live where there are smooth roads. They are almost all quality products and will get your trailer to point B from point A. Energy absorbing hitches such as air hitches and those with rubber springs do more. They isolate the tow vehicle from the forces created when a ton of weight is bouncing around in the bed of your truck. I see an air hitch for those with bad trailer dynamics, bad roads, or planned long tows. In my mind, the comfort makes them worth their high costs. Another category would be hitches designed for short bed trucks such as sliders and auto sliders. You can check those off your list at the outset. There are a couple of manufacturers of lightweight hitches to help if you are bumping into your payload capacities.
Durb 06/14/19 11:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Feet on landing gear

I replaced my landing gear pads with ones that were larger and heavier duty, however still rectangular. They didn't add to the trailer's stability. What did help was putting the landing gear on 7 1/2" high blocks. These shortened the landing gear legs and took some shake out of the trailer. Like wood blocks or some type of commercially made block? Thanks! I used a 10 ft piece of pressure treated 2X6 for each side. I cut them into 11" lengths then nailed them together in a crosshatch pattern. That gave me a block 11" square and 7 1/2" high. I also screwed plastic strips on the tops to create a well for the landing gear so they won't slip off. The most important part, I screwed on plastic handles on the sides. Don't think I would want to own them without the handles. If you want, PM me with an e-mail and I will forward a picture.
Durb 06/07/19 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Feet on landing gear

I replaced my landing gear pads with ones that were larger and heavier duty, however still rectangular. They didn't add to the trailer's stability. What did help was putting the landing gear on 7 1/2" high blocks. These shortened the landing gear legs and took some shake out of the trailer.
Durb 06/06/19 07:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fords 5.0 vs 2.7EB vs 6.7PSD Drag Race

I wonder if the diesel has traction control when in 2WD to keep it from smoking the tires, a safety feature.
Durb 06/01/19 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
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