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RE: Ins and outs of mice :)

Cat. Works well.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: Covering up holes in paneling

Cover them with a small chalk board. At night, write on it your current location, and campground site number. When you wake up in the morning and have that instantaneous, "Um... where am I?" moment, you can look at the chalk board and remember immediately. It might also come in handy in the event of an emergency, if you are in a panic and need to call 911. Well... it's just an idea...
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Yet another reason I won't let my dealer touch my trailer

I tend to agree with the other posters here. You are calling "foul" on a dealership you used from 3 years ago and over 11,000 miles ago? Um... I don't think so. I no longer have a travel trailer, but after many years of TT ownership and 3 different TT's at that, I always checked my WD system over carefully. After 10 years and on the 3rd TT, the hitch head bent (age, wear? who knows?) It was a Reese old style, bars with chain and separate friction sway bar. As soon as I realized the hitch head was not straight any more, I got a new WD system immediately. Went with the Equal-i-zer. I can't blame the original dealership for the bent hitch head after 10 years of use. But I am glad I inspected everything, almost every time I hitched up.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 08:15am Towing
RE: This is revolting

I think the OP is saying, this is revolting because there now needs to be a dedicated team of people to clean up graffiti, that there is so much graffiti there are teams of people needed to restore "things" back to what they use to be. Revolting that so much damage is being done. Revolting that ignorant people think it's cute or funny or get a thrill defacing public property. The job description sounds too demanding for a 64 year old with artificial knees though. If I were 40 years young ... well ... sounds like an interesting experience. I get angry picking up cigarette butts from around the campsite I'm on. I'd probably go ballistic looking at a rock formation in a National Park with spray paint all over it!
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 07:55am Around the Campfire
Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

Left the house yesterday heading for the State Park. Got confused, heading for the wrong park. Realized it, made a detour that landed us at I-69 and Highway 3 just South of New Castle. There is a Flying J at that location. Normally, I don't use Flying J's, but since I was nearing half a tank of diesel, went ahead and pulled in for a fill up. Pulled in and saw a tow vehicle and trailer pulled up to the RV gas/diesel pump, and there was a dump station right there also. Nice trailer and appeared to be a solo woman. She was dumping her tanks. I scanned the car pumps and saw diesel on the end pumps, nearest the RV station, swung around to get in line. There was a car parked at the diesel pumps and no one in the car, so had no choice but to wait. I'm getting concerned by now wondering if we'd make it to the campsite before dark, wondering when the driver of that car would ever come out of the store and move. Meanwhile, my wife was watching the solo woman go about dumping her tanks. It became apparent she was being very thorough, perhaps dumping and cleaning up for winterization. She was really taking her time. Then my wife said, OMG, UNBELIEVABLE... LOOK AT THAT! I looked over at the dump station and I said, "What?" She said, look at her mouth! Oh... eeeeoooowww! YUCK! OMG! OK. I am one of those people that never use gloves at the dump station, and really, I admit, I get my laughs at folks that do use gloves, especially what they do with those gloves and their sewer supplies AFTER they dump and storage. But this one took the cake, as the expression goes. Oh yes, she had gloves that were dedicated for dumping the tanks. They were a grey soft knit winter style glove. She was proceeding to rinse the sewer hose (in a very appropriate manor, no problem there), but dangling from her TEETH ... yes ... her teeth ... was the other glove! OK, now you have a new mental image that will stick with you all day. My wife had her phone in her hand and I said, quick.... get a photo of that. But by the time she got the camera, she had turned around and we missed the opportunity.... Well, have a great day. And oh... we did make it to the campsite, parked, and set up and still had about 20 minutes of daylight left! Fantastic site... we're on site 40 at Summit Lake State Park (Indiana). We've tried to get this exact spot for 3 years straight now. It's that popular. We booked it a long time ago. This was the first week-end available for this site... probably in about 3 years trying.
DutchmenSport 10/18/19 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: slide out question when fifth wheel is parked for the summer

There's folks living in their RV's and the slides never come in. I guess we all view common sense in a different way. Wonder what will happen if thev evwr do retract the slides?
DutchmenSport 10/17/19 02:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

Haven't had a fire in the fire pit at home for the last several weeks now. The field behind the house started drying out (beans this year, corn across the road), No fires once things start turning brown. Sparks and ash in a drying corn or bean field could burn the entire field. We've got to use our heads here. Fortunate, it was combined yesterday. But corn across the road is still up. Need to wait just a bit longer for fires at home. But soon coming! Think and act wisely... Fire needs to be highly respected.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

Well...???? this is surely an interesting thread. I guess I'm one of those disgusting slobs, at least at dump stations. I have never worn gloves. I do wash my hands when done dumping though and after putting everything away. That's the beauty of having easy access to an outside shower on the camper and leaving a little bit of water in the fresh water tank.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 05:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: How cold can you go?

We've cold weather camped for years in all 3 of our previous TT's and now our 5er. Our current 5er does not count toward your question, as it's a 4 season, good for zero degrees, provided the furnace stay on. However, our previous 3 TT's were not so robust. But we winter camped anyway. The way you do it is to go ahead and winterize the camper and then absolutely no water goes down any drain, nor does any water go into any tanks. Fresh water is carried in in jugs, or 5-6 gallon containers, (or in our case a 35 gallon tank). Dishes are washed in a pan (not at the sink so the temptation to dump down the sink is eliminated). We keep a port-a-potty in the bathroom that has no dependency on running water, and dump it every day into a pit toilet, or (at home) into a running toilet somewhere. Basically, you use your camper exactly the same way you'd use a tent. Tents don't have water, but a water station is usually set up on a picnic table. You do the same at a designated spot inside the camper. Used water can be tossed out the door, if this is acceptable, bathroom waste goes into a port-a-potty and dumped appropriately. Hot water? Heat water in a pan on the stove top. Washing? Take cat baths with that hot water from the stove. Baby wipes too. Pile laundry and do it when you get back home. You just have to use your camper like a glorified tent, no water in the system at all, and have a great time!
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 04:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric cooler vs rv fridge

Everyone? I don't know what an electric cooler is. Expensive! The ones that I am thinking of can be used as a frig or freezer and cost about $1,500. 2 of my buddies use them in addition to the kitchen frig. They fit in the belly storage and mount to a sliding track. Click here. You can get them at WallMart. Pick the size you want. We had one, like posted in the Second row, first picture and coast about $100 at the time. We used it for over 15 years. Plugged into the cigarrette lighter of the car/truck and worked great. If the plug was reversed, it became a warmer, and came with it's own power supply 120 v AC to 12 v DC. It finally died. We got a second one. It lasted about 5 years and died. We now have a residential refrigerator in our 5er, don't need another one now. For us, the first one was the only refrigerator / cooler we had in our pop-up. First TT, we used it for drinks and kept it outside the camper and when traveling on the back seat of the vehicle. We used it for all kinds of activities, church gatherings, family reunions, and always when traveling when we did not have the trailer. They worked great in motel rooms, at grandma's house, and even in the back yard around the fire pit! Well worth $150 for the box type that is a chest on it's back and operates like an upright refrigerator on it's end. Both coolers we had always kept everything cold ... or hot ... depending! Highly recommend getting one if you are looking for additional refrigerator space. As the ONLY refrigerator space, it was way too small.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 10:55am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Elkhart IN Show

Depends upon what your expectations are. Want something to do to get out of the house? Probably "yes". Looking just to see what's "new" or different this next year in RV's? Probably "yes." Seriously looking for a new RV? Maybe "Yes". If you've attended any other RV show in the last 6 months? Probably "No" unless you are truly serious in purchasing a new RV, then the more you can compare one-to-the-other... "yes." FYI! ... weather turned colder in Indiana just the last couple days. Dress warm. Eat at Essenhaus in Middlebury, and the trip will be worth it regardless of weather or outcome. Click here.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 09:55am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Gas stove in fifth wheel

Perhaps the OP wants to disconnect the gas stove (like ... remove it???) and still have gas available to the water heater. Or perhaps he is replacing the gas stove for an all electric one???? If that is the case, you'll need to simply add a shut off valve or cap it to the end of pipe leading to the gas stove when you remove it???? replace it???? But "no" there is no separate shut off factory installed for each individual appliance that is dependent upon gas. The expectation is to turn the propane tanks off, then do the work on the appliance, then turn the propane tank back on.
DutchmenSport 10/16/19 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: Can't find black and grey tanks.

I would think the handles are near the outlet. It's possible they fell off or were removed. Look for small holes near where the outlet is. You may have to get one of these. They screw back into the slide valve: click here.
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Modern Food?

Just came back to check this thread... you all are making me hungry! :B
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 02:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where in Western MI with 3 tweens/teens

At that age? Any amusement park is a sure winner! You need to determine the intent of your trip. Is the main focus of the trip for the kids "enjoyment and fun", or is it because you want them engaged in historical experiences, like Civil War reenactments or pioneer villages? When our kids turned 15, they no longer camped with us. No matter what we planned, EVERYTHING we did was just plain dumb and lame. At ages 16 and 17 (boy and girl), the ONLY trip we had in over 10 years prior was our LasVegas trip. We let the kids run free as long as they stayed together. The both ended up (somehow) watching a topless floor show in a motel (it was a long story). They said, that was the best vacation they ever, ever had with us! Imagine that! Bottom line: figure out what excites the kids and plan that way, if you want the kids to have a somewhat meaning trip with you. Whatever YOU pick, guaranteed, they won't like it.
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 11:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Basement Heat Pump

Is your heat pump also the air-conditioning unit? If so, run it in air-conditioning mode a few minutes and see if you get the same noise. If so, it's not unique to just the heat pump, but to the entire machine. With that said, considering it started when you moved to a new location, could it something simple as a loose screw, or a loose wire vibrating, or perhaps something is just resting against the machine causing a vibration? Check to make sure nothing is touching the machine causing a rattle. It could be something just that simple. Our on-board water pump started making a very strange noise some time ago. It didn't sound right. I finally found the source. I attached an elbow to the winterizing inlet in the wet-bay. The outer ring that attaches to a garden hose was rattling. Inside the camper, that little rattle vibrated and amplified, sounding very strange. Now, I just put a piece of black electrical tape on the elbow connection and it doesn't rattle any more. Problem solved. Your's may be just that simple... let's hope so. Good luck.
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Modern Food?

I worked at several different McDonald's in the 1970's - 1980's for over 20 years. Back then, a hamburger was still a hamburger. I don't know what they are using now. But even McDonald's admits that French Fries are not real potatoes any more. That's pretty bad. Forget their shakes, that's been artificial stuff for the last 50 years. I suppose that's why we do our own cooking at the campsite. Fortunate, we still have a local small Mom & Pop grocery store not to far from where we live that still cuts their own meat, purchased from local farmers in Indiana. I refuse to cover them with sauces and gobs of seasonings when cooking, because the flavor is in the meat! If it's a good meat, it does not need all the additional stuff to try to make it taste good. And I agree with the OP. Finding places that still serve fresh cuts of meat and non-pre-processed fruits and vegetables are far and few in-between. Even Hostess Ding Dongs aren't the same any more, and when fast food restaurants went to non-trans-fats deep fried grease for deep frying... well ... it's simply never been the same. I enjoyed going to a Mom & Pop shop a few years ago. I think it was somewhere in Tennessee. They had written on the walls across the top, near the ceiling in great big lettering, something like: We use grease, we use fat, we use lard. If you are looking for good taste, this is place to come. If you are looking to loose weight, go somewhere else. We don't make excuses for good food taste. That is where the REAL problem is. Restaurants are trying too hard to do the politically correct "cooking", and crumble to the dictates of those who scream the loudest, they've erased the rich history of what true food is.
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 10:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

Well, completely off topic (maybe, because I didn't read every post here), but IF you have a campfire at ANY campground, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not burn your paper plates and plastic cups. I really like the smell of good campfire smoke. But adding trash to the fire... well, it's not a campfire any more, its a trash fire, and they smell awful. Not to mention, any plastics that is tossed in the fire will still be in the ash for the next person who makes a fire there. One more thing? And I saw this just this last weekend.... why, oh why, oh why do smokers throw their cigarrette butts into campfire rings? Why? And as the case I saw this last week-end, it wasn't even the ring at the guys campsite. He tossed it into a fire ring that had no camper on it! If he could have walked over to the next campsite to toss a cigarette butt, he could have very easily put it in his own trash can! Cigarette butts re nasty, they do not burn, and someone eventually has to dig them out! Don't get me started when they are all over the ground at the campsite I just pulled into!
DutchmenSport 10/15/19 06:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water tank collapse-week supports.

Glad you were not on the road when it happened, and glad you were able to fix it. I've heard stories like this before, and that is the reason I travel with my tanks almost empty all the time. Unfortunately, my current 5er is completely enclosed and to see how the tanks are mounted wold mean tearing up the under cover. I'm not ready to do that yet. So, until then, I'm not taking chances. I just travel with almost empty tanks (just enough to flush the toilet a few times on the road).
DutchmenSport 10/14/19 07:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: flooring

How about those interlocking foam floor tiles. They make the more "adult" version click here and for kids rooms Click here too. A few years ago I remodeled one of our bedrooms for my grandson when he and my son came to live with us. The carpet in the room was completely removed and these put right on the raw wood. It was easy, and not costly at all. They've held up for 4 years now and the corners have not pulled up. In your pass-through area in your camper, you could put a rug on top of them. I put a run in my pass-through compartment in all my TT's and now the bay areas in my 5er. I also carry a couple of those foam squares to use outside when yard mats just don't seem right. https://i.imgur.com/MixHi57.jpg https://i.imgur.com/z9ZFiQU.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ds2oIOK.jpg
DutchmenSport 10/14/19 06:49pm Tech Issues
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