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RE: New to the RV World - Towing Mirrors Recommendation

Considering the vehicle is new, I'd go to my dealership and talk to them. Keep the parts all GM. (But that's just me.)
DutchmenSport 08/24/19 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: propane campstove

They probably don't want folks bringing in bottles/ tanks with rubber hoses to an enclosed space. This ^^^^^ It's not the venting, or the CO2, it's the potential danger of having the gas bottle in an enclosed space with the flame. A LONG time ago, the first house I rented all on my own, in my bachelor days, the house did not come with a stove. I ended up purchasing a household style gas stove, oven and put it in. I used a 20 pound propane tank that my parents had from their camper they weren't using any more. I was informed to not put the bottle inside the hosue if I were going to use it. I ended up getting a rubber hose for gas lines and fed it through the wall in an existing hole and tapped into the 20 pound bottle. However, at home, when we've had power failures, I have brought our Coleman Campstove into the kitchen and used it there, connected to the 1 pound green Coleman gas bottles. I did not blow the house up. Do as you want, just be aware, and maybe ... vent the kitchen real good.
DutchmenSport 08/24/19 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

Dachshund (or 2 weiner dogs).... (We have 2 of them and a cat. They all absolutely love traveling and camping.) https://i.imgur.com/GFTHyhS.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nZN78Or.jpg https://i.imgur.com/74kCpm0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iBrO4MX.jpg https://i.imgur.com/W6Le7XJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HhELfVq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5Kajmy2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dij9W9c.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ozrNSCG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/e8I2PQJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BNmMSTc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jUisovP.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1kkjP9X.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gFrReWG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ejeg5qw.jpg https://i.imgur.com/e5mWfFh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YV3I995.jpg Two hotdogs! The greatest! :B ... https://i.imgur.com/TZMKY2A.jpg
DutchmenSport 08/24/19 08:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Electric tongue jack. Good brand name?

My last TT originally came with a manual crank jack. We had a Barker installed. I got the heaviest duty one they had, capable of lifting over 3000 pounds. Never hand any issues with it. There are other electric jacks "out there" are may not be as pricey, but one thing you need to consider when purchasing one: The jack need to lift, not just the trailer, but the end of the tow vehicle too. The trailer may have only 800 pounds of tongue weight, but the jack also has to lift 1000 or 1500 pounds of tow vehicle too. I've never heard of anyone complaining about any specific model. The only complaint I've ever heard about was the fact that some models are designed in such a way that the tail gate of the truck will hit the jack before the gate can lay flat. So, sometimes, folks will rotate the jacks 1/3rd. There are 3 holes where the bolts attach to the A frame. And, it's kind of hard to determine if you'll have the problem until after it's installed.
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: diesel prices along I40

We use Gas Buddy all the time for Diesel. Never had a problem. I've never joined anything there. If you are using Gas Buddy on your cell phone / I-phone, do you have your phone settings to prevent internet applications from using your phone's GPS? Maybe that's what's going on?
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 08:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th wheel or bumper pull

Disclaimer: Long winded here... my summary is the last paragraph if you want to skip the details: I've been a TT owner and user all my life, except for the last year. We have our first 5er. I'm towing with the same truck as my last TT and now 5er. Length: Last TT was 35.5 feet long (tip to tip). This 5er is 41 feet long, tip to tip. My overall length with the TT was 58.5 feet. My overall length with the 5er is 59.5 feet. (5er wins. 5 feet longer, overall length 1 foot longer) Stability: Stability, towing? Same truck is a 1 ton dualy. I used a 4-point Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitch system for the TT. My 5th wheel hitch is a no frills, simple hitch. Results, I experience no difference. However: The TT receiver hitch had some slack in it where the pin went through. This slight slack in the pin hole would cause the hitch to move forward or backward when starting from a stopped position or moving to a stopped position. There was always a slight "bang" going on. The 5er seems to make some clunking sounds every now and then too. Results (wash out, they are equal). Wind? No difference. I have experienced the 5er being pushed hard by the wind, exactly the same for the TT. Never experienced sway with either one. Breaks? The 5er has much stronger brakes. I can lock them up on demand and almost get whiplash. TT never locked up fully, but could feel the pull. However, my truck has the integrated brake controller which makes the trailer work seamless with the truck. It worked excellent with both trailers. In a real white knuckle panic stop, the TT responded perfect. (Wash out- both equal). Hitching? After years and years of TT hitching, the Equal-i-zer system was by far the easiest. Switching to a 5er was a hard-knocks experience. My first obstetrical was figuring how how to reach inside the bed of the truck to reach the coupler handle, and the break away cable. With dual wheels and a bed that sits high and being short, it's impossible to reach inside from the ground. A 4 foot step ladder solved that. But it took time to figure it out. In my case, hitching was easier with the TT. Although I've adjusted to the 5er, I think the TT was easier. (TT wins hitching up). Backing up: I had a bad learning curve with the 5er. TT was easier. But, I'm getting better after a year with the 5er. With a longer tow vehicle and a longer wheel based 5er trailer, the backing response is definitely slower at first, and then the response is faster. It just takes time to learn the difference. But, I've eventually been able to back into every campsite we've been to. (Backing -- wash - equal, just different). One thing I wasn't prepared for with the 5er was the distance between the truck bed rails and the bottom of the 5er overhang. I have about 6-7 inches clearance, but I also never realized how the side-to-side movement of the camper to the truck can be. The underside of the 5er had contact with the truck bed rail (once) and cracked the fiberglass. I was able to repair it myself, as it was a surface crack, but still, it made me keenly aware, I never had this problem with a TT. In this case ... TT wins by a land slide. The TT can tilt side to side all it want's and never make contact with the truck. Space? I always said I'd never give up the construction workers shell on the back of my pick-up truck. It had panel doors on both sides and 2 full length (8 foot long) shelves, for a total of 32 feet of shelf... off the floor bed of the truck. With the shell and those shelves, it afforded a LOT of storage for a LOT of stuff, keeping everything dry. In addition, I had ladder racks on the top for transporting a canoe. Well, with the 5er, the shell was given away to someone else. I did get a cover for the truck bed to hide the 5er hitch and keep it out of the elements. I have since found alternative locations for everything I use to carry in the truck, which was all for camping anyway. We quit carrying the canoe about 4 years ago. We're getting to old to man-handle it any more. So, really, no need for those ladder racks. So, after finding new places in the 5er to store everything, getting the cover for the truck... (Storage Space --- wash out -- same, equal). Now I could ramble on for another 15 pages about all the interior differences, but really, each floor plan of every camper, of every model has it's own unique attributes. You either love it or you don't. No comparisons there. Thanks for enduring my "thesis" ... but to summarize ... both are equal if the tow vehicle is a one-ton dualy and the TT is using a weight distribution system with built in sway control. If you are using a lesser tow vehicle, you may experience some very noticeable differences.
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 08:37am Towing
RE: What options?

Our previous travel trailer had a storage door that opened and we could pull down a propane stove. It also had a small sink with a hot and cold faucet, with the blue coiled hose. I attached a garden hose sprayer to it. It was great for washing dishes outside. Our 5er does not have a shower or faucet on the front. It does have a faucet in the wet bay on the back side. I can run a garden hose from there, under the trailer to the other side and use it that way, but it's not convenient. I miss the shower sink on the font side. The other thing that we absolutely, absolutely, absolutely love with this 5er is the fact it has a door on each side of the camper ... front and back. After we added an electric awning over the back door, it's been the greatest change ever. We respect the distance on the back side of the 5er encroaching on the next campsite over by positioning the camper giving room to the back side. The real sweetness of the back door on the other side is it's functionality at home. At home, the back is the front, the front is the back. And if camped in some unusual designed campsites, it doesn't matter if we are forward or backward, both sides can be used as the front. The self-leveling system is OK, but I've had my share of issues with it. After a year, I still have not mastered it's idiosyncrasies. The residential refrigerator has sure simplified thing ... really! Pretty much, everything else we did not like, I changed. For example, the shower has a mixer in it. But because of the mixer, the water never truly gets "hot". So, I pulled the faucet, reversed the pipes. Now, that single knob starts all HOT and the farther you turn it, the cooler it gets. Now... it's NEVER completely cold! I think that was the most frustrating thing about this 5er, but I solved that problem. Other than that, very happy with it. I kind of wish the outside speakers were a little louder.
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wet Bay Deck Plate

Very nice job there. Mine came with a hole already in place with a screw cap for both the inside of wet bay and a second one for the underside of the wet bay. I never thought about adding an insert to take up the slack area around the garden hose. Good idea. Thanks for sharing! Yours look very good!
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 06:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Check your Tires! Often!

Always do! Check the truck tires all the time too. Had a leaky tire, drivers side-front, on the truck. When I had an oil change done, I even had "them" check the tire, it was such an unpredictable leak. One day is with at 80 psi, the next it would be down to 40. Then it would stay at 80 for a week, and then drop over night again. They couldn't find anything wrong with the tire. I finally took it back and said, there is definitely something going on. Check the valve stem too! They did... it was the valve stem. They replaced it $12.50. So, while checking your tires, don't forget the valve stem also. If a tire starts dropping in pressure, splash some soapy water on the valve stem, watch for bubbles.
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: 5th Wheel Insurance questions

You did not say who you are currently insured with, but I'm insured with AllState and been very pleased with them. Of course, we have everything insured through them ... house, auto's, trailer, even life insurance. We used them for rental insurance in our younger days. AllState may not be the cheapest, but they are definitely trouble free when making a claim. We had one situation when my teen-age son was involved in an accident and the other guy's insurance lawyers started threatening law suits and such directly at us. AllState's lawyers jumped in and proved the other guy was committing fraud, (proved it), and the other insurance ended up paying everything. We never set foot inside a court room. AllState lawyers took completely over when we received that threatening letter. Sweet. For such service as this, we've been loyal to AllState ever since. One thing you need to consider if you break ranks from your house insurance company: Our homeowners policy covers us while we are camping. In other words, it covers all the contents of our camper (personal property), including computer theft. Also, while camping ... slip and fall is covered under our home owners policy, as well as dog bites and such. As explained to us, if we took the camper and shook it upside down, everything that falls out is covered under our homeowners .... NOT the trailer insurance. Trailer insurance covers damage to the trailer when not in tow, including theft. When in tow, any damage is covered under the automobile policy. So you really need to make sure if you break the "bundle", you are truly covered for every possibility.
DutchmenSport 08/23/19 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: "Downgrading" trucks

If it's paid for ... keep it!
DutchmenSport 08/22/19 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV damage after accident

Make, model, year, and what type of RV? Trailer, 5er, MH, Pop-up? Where's the damage, front, rear, drivers side, passenger side. Not enough info. As with any damaged vehicle, the only thing you can do is start disassembling the damaged area until you reach undamaged area. Replace the damage with new or good used and hope it all goes back together again. If your camper is aluminum skinned with wood framed walls, you'll just have to rebuild the damage, much like you'd rebuild a wall in a house. But, without more details, it's hard to give any suggestions.
DutchmenSport 08/22/19 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: News of RV sales down leading indicator to a recession.

I quit watching the news completely about a year ago. I have no clue what's going on. At work, I catch a snippet on the television in the cafeteria that's always set to CNN. It will catch my attention every now and then, but it seems to always be the same old drama and sensationalism. Actually, I feel better about life, myself, my job, and my future since I stopped watching the news. Even YouTube has the sensationalism dooms-day prophets harping about all the impending bleakness. It get's to you after a while and eats away at your you, robbing you of truly enjoying life. So ya, sales might be slumping, but it's not the end of the world, by a long shot. keep camping, be happy, and forget the sensationalism that's an attempt to keep everyone stirred up, on edge, and miserable.
DutchmenSport 08/22/19 06:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Crispy Camper

For anyone to set their own RV on fire, they MUST be mentally unstable. Glad no one was hurt. I've seen a couple RV fires in the past, one a TT the other a 5er, and yes... they do go up in flames very fast. I wonder how the aluminum framed and Styrofoam filled wall campers do when a fire breaks out?
DutchmenSport 08/22/19 06:03am Truck Campers

You are not that far from the Natchez Trace Click here and Here. It's RV friendly but does have a height limit of 14 feet. My Fifth Wheel just makes it at 13 feet 4 inches. It says there is a 55 foot total length limit, but I'm right at 60 foot and didn't have any problems. The speed limit is 50 mph and enforced. It's a very leisurly drive, so don't get into any hurries. Also, lots of stops along the way for historical information. Great drive! Want to do it again some day. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did (and still do).
DutchmenSport 08/22/19 05:35am Fifth-Wheels

Congrats! You'll absolutely love the ride, and the heavier the tow, the sweeter it is!
DutchmenSport 08/21/19 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice for newbies

Type into Google, Campgrounds and the name of a location. You get hits. Drill down to their websites. We are mostly state park campers. Every state has a DNR website,,,(Department of Natural Resources) to search state parks and book reservations.
DutchmenSport 08/21/19 11:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Ozark resort

I've been to Branson a few times over my life time, but each time was spent in a condominium or house resort place or elaborated motel type place. And this is my take on.... Get the cheapest campsite you can find. If you are truly visiting Branson for all the activities there, you won't be spending any time at the campground anyway. Chances are, you'll be out late watching shows or engaged in activities, and you'll sleep in long in the morning, get up, and hit the streets again. If you are selecting a campground so you can just vegetate around a campfire, you can do that somewhere much cheaper than the Bronson area. Or consider Table Rock State Park. Table Rock State Park would be my choice and none other.
DutchmenSport 08/21/19 05:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery acid crud on top of battery

... The better way is a mixture of baking soda and water, ... The best preventive solution is, ... a generous "glob" of Vaseline ... Agree. This has worked and worked well, I think, since batteries were created. My dad taught me this exact same thing when I was about 7 years old. I'm 64 now. And over the years, I've used my share of baking soda.
DutchmenSport 08/21/19 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: E2 Hitch/Unhitch on non-level spot

I'm long winded, sorry, just trying to describe the steps. Edit: I had an Equal-i-zer 4 point WD system for my previous TT. The head on the hitch would pivot downward if the bars were not attached. There was an adjustable set screw under the head that prevented the head from tilting upward, like a stop. But it could (and did) tilt downward when the weight of the trailer was on the ball. Attempting to move the trailer without bars would definitely cause the head to tip backwards, causing the ball to be at an angle to the trailer coupler. So, in my case, it was never an option to even slightly move the trailer without bars attached. At home, I had a second hitch that was solid, but did not have bars for short movements in the drive way. Only once, did I pull the pin from the receiver hitch and leave the hitch attached in the coupler. Only once, rehitching was a nightmare.
DutchmenSport 08/21/19 05:07am Towing
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