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RE: Pump Silencing & Accumulator

I replaced an old accumulator with a one gallon in our old RV. The pump was already nicely isolated. I’ve been thinking about installing it in our new RV. The pump is really loud when it runs. This 25b is closer to total weight though and the tank would be on the rear axle. So using the little one again seems to make sense. I have a lot of projects one winter is over!
EMD360 11/27/22 05:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Poop Tote Carrier

Looks good. I used the Cosco carrier. Have a welded bumper. https://i.imgur.com/mp9dQ6Jl.jpg
EMD360 08/15/22 05:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Water inside refrigerator

I found the drain from the tray to the tube. https://i.imgur.com/O8JS1Eql.jpg And it’s location. https://i.imgur.com/y2Boe4Ol.jpg
EMD360 08/15/22 05:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Water inside refrigerator

That seems to have been the problem. When I removed the plug water streamed out. The plug has a small hole that lets water into the cup. It was clogged. I cleaned it out with running water and a paper clip end and blew into the pipe. I cleaned out the cup which had mud in it and dusted out the compartment. Won’t be using the fridge for awhile but I bet that fixed it. Thanks!
EMD360 08/15/22 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: Water inside refrigerator

The tray is not draining. I don’t see the drain opening inside but I’ll check the tube. Thanks. The dehumidifier is tiny and damprid is already solid next to the stove. I bought refill but probably won’t need it until we go back East!
EMD360 08/15/22 09:04am Tech Issues
Water inside refrigerator

We just returned from a 3 week trip to high humidity Indiana. It was in the 90’s our first two weeks but cooled a bit the last week. We had a very wet refrigerator inside. I had to soak up the water with paper towels. The fins seemed to be self defrosting. We were parked in the shade. We were always level. I have a small circulating fan I bought for the heat and used that. I even bought damp rid and a small dehumidifier for the coach and we ran the air conditioner. Was the refrigerator just fighting the heat and humidity? It stayed cold inside and the freezer worked without the excess moisture.
EMD360 08/15/22 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: New battery cost.

Renogy was just having a sale in their 100 ah lithium for $499.
EMD360 07/25/22 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Battery and Solar woes

It’s kind of fun to find this stuff out. A new 220 watt panel is now quite reasonable and that cheap controller is obviously inaccurate and could be replaced. Renogy makes a reasonably priced one and so does Grape Solar. A separate battery monitor would be a good idea too. I also changed out the WFCO for PD but I added lithium batteries. More power for fewer amp hr rating. Can be discharged 80% and the electronic monitor just turns them off if they get that low. Also turns off charging if it’s below 32° but they still release power. Insulating the battery compartment helps with this. We camped in the cold this spring and had no issues. You will be glad you had issues because now you are more knowledgeable. I would have removed them for a deep charge too. You could even take them to an Auto Zone and they will do a deep charge and cell test for you. I was a terrible battery user for years. Now I don’t worry about it.
EMD360 07/25/22 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner stopped working

Wondering what happened? Sad tale. I got an appointment at the local Camping World in Golden for a diagnostic. They found that the electronic thermostat had died. Even though it still turned on the heat. Even though I tried reinstalling the old thermostat. So the new run and fan capacitors were fine. I was going to skip the diagnostic if I had gotten it to work. But since I didn’t fix it myself it cost me $650. They also did a 10 minute inspection that was not covered by insurance. The idea was to find anything else that I could claim. Naturally nothing. And excluding the service cost I probably didn’t hit the $500 deductable. They found the high fan was wired to the neutral! I must have miswired when I reinstalled. But I found the new repair shop in Golden to be quite nice. The new regional manager was there getting it up to speed and training new staff. I needed the new thermostat before I left for a trip this week. When it had not arrived by Friday he sent staff to another store to pick one up. Told me to come right in and they installed it correctly. They may be expensive but that was excellent service. While I was there I observed him handling other problems and training new staff and being an excellent customer care person. It was kind of obvious the existing staff was not used to going the extra mile. I hope he is successful changing that. Camping Workd needs a better reputation.
EMD360 07/25/22 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Mach AC won't do anything - no fan, no ac

Had this problem. Air conditioner will not run without the fan. At least on my Coleman Mach 10. It’s easy to replace the capacitors. Mine did not have a start capacitor like the older ones (2018) so I sent that back and replaced the fan capacitor. Then I replaced the run capacitor because the fan worked but not the air. That fixed it. Check that the fan spins freely. Check that the barrel fan above the filter spins freely too. If it’s the fan motor it can still be fixed but that part is more expensive. Still less than a new unit.
EMD360 07/25/22 09:35am Tech Issues
Under couch storage in Minnie Winnie 25b

Today I got a bug when I was cleaning out the under couch storage. It took me awhile to even realize I had this area in our new to us RV. But accessing it was a pain. I was going to leave the cover off when someone said it helps to keep the storage from sliding out. It hangs over the metal edge of the frame with two large metal hooks. Had to lift the couch and lift the cover out of the way. Decided to try hinges instead. After several tries to get the height of the hinge at the correct spot, I finally had the panel on hinges. I added a wood leg to help hold it open. If I had another locking hinge I would have used that but I only had one. I had enough parts and screws to cobble this together without going to the hardware store. https://i.imgur.com/USePoWwl.jpg On one side I used a locking hinge that I had hoped to figure out where to put a counter extension. https://i.imgur.com/QbsYLv2l.jpg On the other side I drilled holes in the metal stand for a hinge. I had to find the right depth for the hinges by trial and error. I added a hinged leg to holdup the weight of the piece when open. https://i.imgur.com/rHU3IE1l.jpg The couch front on hinges made it easier to clean the floor underneath but that chore took me all day.
EMD360 07/21/22 10:06pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tire Valve Disconnect Flat

Must be some killer tires you got on that rig, to not notice you were running with a flat! I wasn’t driving but we really didn’t feel it. Not a blowout just loss of air. On a Dually I guess the other tire just takes over.
EMD360 07/18/22 09:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire Valve Disconnect Flat

Just replaced all the tires with Michelin Aegilis Cross Climate load range E. Here in CO we take the RV out in the snow and I seem to be sticking with Michelin tires. I have seen folks happy with others but I run heavy and wanted the reinforced sidewalls. I also had another flat with a braided valve extension but got it to the tire shop. We used the braided extensions for a decade on our 22e but all the problems others have mentioned happened on our new 2018 25b. So bought the accu-pressure (Borg) metal stems and had them installed. Also have the Tire Minder i10 system. The former cheap system I had lost 2 valve sensors (one was crushed with the destroyed extension) and no way to replace them. I like the idea of the flow through sensors. Should be easy to fill the tires now.
EMD360 07/18/22 09:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lazy Daze is closed permanently

Sad. Used models will be in even greater demand. I liked them on paper but never saw a floor plan I thought would work for us.
EMD360 07/16/22 10:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Solar panels and lithium batteries

Yes I added solar and an inverter. I have 2 105 ah lithium batteries, a Progressive Dynamics lithium battery charger/converter that I moved under the refrigerator, a Renogy DC to DC charger, a Progressive Industries Electric Management in the old converter spot, 2 PERC 180kw panels, a Victron Battery Monitor, Victron MPPT 30 amp solar controller and a Samlex 3000 watt inverter. I’m not sized for all appliances. Have to exercise the generator anyway. I turn the inverter on and off as needed. Never had it run all night. I did all the installs. About $5000 for all the equipment.
EMD360 07/16/22 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Project – 2/3 Done

I did not buy the Victron inverter, PD lithium instead. But I have the Victron battery monitor and MPPT 100/30 solar controller with just 360 watts of panel. I added the Cerbo which is both Bluetooth and WiFi. I have a mifi in the RV. Kinda wish now that I had sprung for the Victron inverter/charger. But the Cerbo tells me a lot whether in the RV or not. https://i.imgur.com/VjXAaLgl.jpg
EMD360 06/29/22 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditioner not working.

I’m the other thread. I replaced both the run and fan capacitors. Turns out my Coleman Mach 15 does not have a separate start capacitor. Nor does it have a speed selector switch. I still have a problem with the high fan option. The high fan wire sparks with power applied. But the air is working again and the fix was pretty easy.
EMD360 06/28/22 12:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner stopped working

I could not figure out why the high wire doesn’t operate. There is no speed selector switch to test. The wires are plugged into the control board. https://i.imgur.com/JZP7IExl.jpg Unfortunately I think I blew the electronic compressor circuit on the expensive Bluetooth thermostat because when I hooked it back up the compressor would not stay on. I re-installed the original thermostat and it’s working. I didn’t hook up the hi fan since it sparks on application of power. So it could be the wire or the control board I guess. The impeller turns freely as does the fan blade but I noticed the impeller has a chip in it wher part of a fin is broken off. That seems weird. https://i.imgur.com/z13hKNDl.jpg
EMD360 06/28/22 12:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner stopped working

It’s the high fan wire. It’s shorted out. I tested the thermostat and got a spark on the green wire. Took off the thermostat completely and got the same spark between the hot and hi fan. All the other functions work; low fan, compressor, and heat. Apparently auto hi and auto lo do nothing. I’m not sure why they cycle through. So sounds like I need to find the short! That does not seem like it’s going to be easy. On the other hand I could just tape it off. The air works fine on low cool. I found the only difference between the lo cool and hi cool is the fan speed. I hope I didn’t fry the thermostat when the green wire sparked! https://i.imgur.com/jUbKDNWl.jpg
EMD360 06/24/22 09:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner stopped working

Maybe. I checked that the thermostat wiring was secure but I probably need to put power directly to the hi fan wire.
EMD360 06/23/22 07:50pm Tech Issues
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