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RE: Nightmare

I seriously considered buying a hail damaged new trailer. Dealer had it appropriately priced at about 30% MSRP. If I'd had a truck at the time, it would have come home with us. It was all cosmetic damage with the side of the trailer looking the worst of the damage. 30% off is normal for any trailer without damage. He did not say "30% off". He said "30% of MSRP".
Ed_Gee 04/10/21 08:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: How many TT are 7' wide?

I'd hazard a guess that just about anything listed as "ultra-light" is substantially less than 8 feet wide. Look for that descriptive designation.
Ed_Gee 04/04/21 12:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: how long of a 12 ga extension cord is safe to use

Without AIr Condx I have often used 2 50' 12Ga extension cords with no problems on my 30A RV. If possible, you might try using 1 50' 12 gage cord to your RV's shore power cord ... which is 10 gage.... if it will reach.
Ed_Gee 04/03/21 08:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: While using my black tank flush

Appreciate the feedback ... but considering how many different varieties of RV plumbing options there are ... still unclear just exactly where did you put the hose to flush out the black tank .... was it screwed to a dedicated and labeled receptacle for black tank flush ... or something else? We need some specifics , like make / model / year of your RV might be extremely helpful for some of us to try to figure out just what was going on ....
Ed_Gee 03/28/21 05:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: While using my black tank flush

Appreciate the feedback ... but considering how many different varieties of RV plumbing options there are ... still unclear just exactly where did you put the hose to flush out the black tank .... was it screwed to a dedicated and labeled receptacle for black tank flush ... or something else? Also, make / model / year of your RV might be extremely helpful for some of us to try to figure out just what was going on ....
Ed_Gee 03/28/21 05:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: While using my black tank flush

I suspect Chris3403 likely nailed the problem. Easy enough to mistakenly plug the flush hose into the city water inlet if they are close to each other and operator not paying enough attention. Still, since the OP has not responded with more specifics we are all left to just guess how that could have occurred.
Ed_Gee 03/28/21 04:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Gray water

In my experience an overfull grey tank will just back up into the shower drain....
Ed_Gee 03/21/21 11:30am Tech Issues
RE: Ground wires

I have always thought of ground wires as GREEN. WHITE wires signify a neutral line. Now sure exactly why you have a bunch of any of that coming out of your RV house bottom, but I agree with previous poster.... leave them alone. At least until you know exactly what their function is.. Sure as heck wouldn't recommend messing with neutral wires... which may or may not be bonded to your chassis.
Ed_Gee 03/20/21 05:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Sealing Tape Option

Why experiment? I'd stick with a winner with a proven track record. Eternabond.
Ed_Gee 03/20/21 10:39am Travel Trailers
RE: mounting my solar panels

3M double sided VHS tape, No. 4950, is probably holding many thousands of solar panels on RV roofs for years - and not a single report of one ever not working. The best leak seal of all is no seal needed.
Ed_Gee 03/20/21 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter -- should I try to repair it?

I'm a retired electronics tech and in my opinion that thing is not worth the effort to spent time on. A 21 year old piece of junk. Probably cost more in parts to fix than a new one, which are pretty cheap now. Good luck.
Ed_Gee 03/16/21 10:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping World Coburg Oregon OK ?

I just googled "Camping World Coburg OR reviews". You'll find lots of Google and Yelp reviews. Maybe some are for repair service. I've only dumped there. That was popular :) Thank you, Janss. I use Google a lot but did not think to use them for reviews . Will peruse the findings. Still interested in hearing about the Service Dept. experiences of anyone here who has used them. I
Ed_Gee 03/11/21 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping World Coburg Oregon OK ?

Are you hoping someone here will say they had a positive or negative experience at that particular CW? Worth a shot in the dark, I suppose. One or two anecdotes does not make a statistically relevant survey, though. To paraphrase the saying, you picks your dealers and you takes your chances. Yes. Exactly. Am hoping to see some opinions from those who have used the service facility. Thought that is what I originally asked......
Ed_Gee 03/11/21 07:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping World Coburg Oregon OK ?

Why do you assume they would pay for better than average skilled people? Who assumed that! This area is loaded with skilled workers......many who lost good jobs at Monaco, Country Coach, Winnebago plants when they closed. One certainly would expect they would find jobs where they could.... and the Coburg Oregon Camping World is right here with their sizable facility.....
Ed_Gee 03/11/21 07:09pm Class C Motorhomes
Camping World Coburg Oregon OK ?

It appears to me that Camping World doesn't have a stellar reputation according to many RVers, but I would like to ask about one specific Camping World. Can anyone attest to the service quality of work done at the Coburg Oregon Camping World? I would suspect this one might be better than average, at least, due to the fact the there has been so much RV industry in this area and the region is loaded with much higher than average skilled service people. I need to have an air conditioner ordered and installed by these people. Opinions?
Ed_Gee 03/11/21 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cell phone service

Assuming you do not want to purchase an expensive Cellular Signal Booster, I suggest you check out ALL the suggestions listed at this site: Improve your cellular reception
Ed_Gee 03/09/21 08:54pm Technology Corner
RE: What do you guys use for communication in your truck camper?

I chose Garmin Inreach years ago.....with the Safety Plan. It serves as my ultimate backup plan should the "big one" hit us here on the Oregon coast. If we lose all other communications ( except ham radio ), The Inreach will always work. The cheaper plans that you can shut off might be problematic for me..... it requires communications with Inreach to turn back on...... thus I choose the plan that stays on always.....
Ed_Gee 03/08/21 11:45am Truck Campers
RE: Keeping a charge on AGM batteries

IMHO I don't like to leave ANY type of battery hooked to ANY type of charger for more than a couple of days. Use a charger designed for AGM batteries but connect it to an inexpensive mechanical lamp timer and on!y let it run 4 to 8 hours per day. Trouble with doing it that way is that everytime the charger starts up again it is likely going to start with the Bulk charge phase, which is hard on batteries when repeated unnecessarily. Leaving charger on nonstop, as long as it is staying at a proper ~13.5 Float level is best. IMHO
Ed_Gee 02/28/21 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Changed to Dish

Finally got fed up with Directv after about 30 years. Got set up with Dish a couple of days ago. I have two big questions. I found out that the receiver must shut down everyday for updates. After this shutdown, I must wait 5-10 minutes for things to reset. After that has been completed, to get the guide to complete loading, must wait another 5-10 minutes. This is very annoying. Does anyone know a way around this? I have a Wally receiver and a Tailgater dish. This long time Dish customer never heard of such thing! Shut down every day? Not with my systems.... and first time I've even heard of it. You need to talk to Dish Tech Support! O
Ed_Gee 02/28/21 10:45am Technology Corner
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

Given the additional info the OP has posted, it sounds like everyone is making a mountain out of a mole hill. The lady merely indicated she would wishes she didn't have to see it when upstairs .... nothing else, apparently. I live in an exact same situation as the OP is looking at... a neighborhood in which the developer created CC&Rs that everyone had to sign off on when buying. Fortunately, no HOA was ever created.... and thus, many people in the neighborhood have violated those CC&Rs ... boats, RVs, ham radio antennas, even the color of the houses. There is no enforcement, and never will be. If an individual in the neighborhood wants to create a fuss over something, he would have to hire a lawyer ... and no guarantees there, too. I suspect if the OP is nice to his neighbor across the street she'll get used to it. She voiced that she would rather the OP "store it elsewhere", meaning in an indirect way that she didn't like the idea of a RV that she could see and would rather not see it. SHE WAS THERE FIRST.. and IF YOU "want to get along all together in the same sandbox" you ARE going to have to at least pretend to get along with HER request. Sort of the same thing that could happen to you Ed_Gee, what if someone decided to buy and tear down several homes across from you and then build a 24/7/365 "convenience" store and gas station and point their bright parking lot lights right into your windows? The same issue goes for someone doing something to a property across from you and parking a big RV or even a old "school bus" where you can view it every time you look out a window.. OP knows that there were some "rules" written, they may or may not be binding or valid, but obviously since they have received a copy there may be some life in them.. You can choose to ignore or just choose a place elsewhere and live in peace. It is far cheaper and less hassle to AVOID such issues before committing to buying. Once you sign the sales agreement and paperwork it is a binding contract and will cost a lot of money to put back up for sale if you find that the neighbor is not as "nice" down the road. Again, probably making a mountain out of a mole hill. The analogy above is a very poor one ... there's a huge difference in tearing down houses and building quick stops compared to parking a vehicle next to your house. The lady merely expressed her opinion, and if one wants to base life's important decisions on a neighbor's opinion, that is his choice. Other's in this thread seem to not be reading the OP's previous comments. Yes, there are CC&Rs on paper.... but enforcement is based soley on an HOA, and there is none. No other entity or government body can mess with a private contract unless someone hires a lawyer to take a case to court. Highly unlikely in this case. Those CC&Rs are nearly 50 years old... a lot can change in a neighborhood over that time....particularly with no HOA. It appears to me that the OP is making the right moves....say's he's going to talk with that neighbor again. Might be worth mentioning its a nice Newmar DutchStar rather than an old school bus as suggested by another poster.... (Edit) I should add that being in the same situation as the OP, I had a neighbor express his dislike of RVs being parked at various houses in the neighborhood ( violating our non-enforcable CC&Rs. ). Over the years he still remained nice enough ... it was just his expressed opinion.... and he held no grudge in the matter. I'd be interested in hearing the OP's finaly resolution when it is made.
Ed_Gee 02/22/21 12:44pm General RVing Issues
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