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RE: Propane tank inside or outside of RV?

I purchased and use the portable buddy which uses the 1 lb cylinder propane inside the RV. Works well except the little tanks last only about 4 hours on low. The portable buddy is made to be use in the inside with of course a vent open to allow fresh air. If using outside you can connect to a regular 20 lb tank. The little heater works quites well.
Elk_traveler 03/19/21 08:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

My 7.3L powerstroke is a 1996 and if not mistaken it is a 420ft.lb of torque. It is pure raw diesel power from the ground up. A new Ford diesel the 6.7L engine is and old gasoline converted block that was put in the Ford 392 cu-ft engines in 1962. The International 7.3L diesel was designed from scratch as a diesel engine. The torque delivered is sustained power even under max load whereas the new Ford engines only deliver instant and temporary power and cannot be sustained which is whats make the old 7.3L a better engine to begin with for diesel power. Sure it has a lot of bells and whistles and chinese electronics so you can pay more money to buy but that is all. My truck has less than 77K. I think at the time the first maintenance was scheduled for the 100,000 mile mark which I never reached. I have thus far done all the maintenance myself and as state 90% if miles came from traveling the Rockies of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado towing towing and 5th wheels. The last 5th wheel was a 33 footer weighing 14K and I traveled the Beartooth Highway down from Red Montana with it. After so many years and getting old we gone to motorhome with V10 engine which is a joke compared the to the old 7.3L which is now in the garage and I make the rounds to car shows with it.
Elk_traveler 02/20/21 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

Never had a truck camper but do have a legendary 7.3L power stroke diesel. Used it to tow two trailers and two 5th wheelers. Now it's a classic and parked in my garage. It has less than 77K miles and 90% of those miles were crossing the Rockies of Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. It's the best Ford ever put on the road. Would still be out there if not for the cost that Ford had to pay International to OEM it and the cost of safisfying the EPA compliance. It's better than any Ford out there now. All the new ones have all sorts of chinese made electronic gadgets, bell and whistles but cannot compete with the raw power that is in the 7.3. My model is a 1996 which I take to car shows only now. I drive a small motor home with a V10 but no comparison to the 7.3.
Elk_traveler 02/19/21 07:25am Truck Campers
RE: Drip

I have a small drip coming from the 1 1/2" black pvc pipe from the gray water tank. Not sure where its coming from yet, could be the pipe or a joint? If I can find where the leak is coming from is there a product that will seal the pvc pipe? Thanks, Mike Flex seal paste. It is a miracle worker for leaks. Had a leak a year ago and I put the stuff on thinking I would go back later and make a permanent fix but never did it works so well. The paste gives you the ability to put it on as thick as you like. Most TV advertise products are junk but this product does what Phil Swift says it will.
Elk_traveler 01/26/21 04:47am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for portable electric space heater for rv!

Well the solution just appeared from Mr. Heater a portable propane heater that utilizes the small 16 oz Coleman propane bottles. the heater is designed and certified to operate inside. s ideal for use during the evenings. I would not leave it running while sleeping but otherwise it is a perfect choice. Simply replace the little propane bottle and keep going. I think the Mr. Heater just recently hit the market. designed and certified and DANGEROUS. They have been around for at least a dozen years. There are through the wall vented propane heaters that use no power. I apologize to the OP for going "off topic". Elk Traveler, if it is the breaker in the RV that is flipping using an autoformer can improve things. I don't load past 24 amps when there is a 30 amp circuit. I use a hybrid inverter/charger to do load support and take care of surges in power demand. I could be wrong but I think the portable Mr. Heater (has not been around very long) The shop version or high btu has been around for years but they are not suitable for in home use. They emit too much carbon monoxide. In our home we use which uses electric heat we use a 30000 btu propane heater also designed for in house use with no emission of carbon monoxide. When using electric heaters 1500 watt (2) on a 30Amp input to your RV will always put the breakers to their limit because you most likely will have on TV, Refrig or some other applicance pushing the circuitry to the limit. The heaters if thermostatically controlled surges on and off up to perhaps 1700 watts. In this case running only one 1500 watt electric and the protable Mr. heater is ideal for an evening of relaxing, reading, TV, etc. Should not operate the Mr. heater while sleeping. During work years I was an electronic tech. As you know propane can always be very dangerous even the furnace mounted on an RV. Propane by itself can be deadly as a potential fire hazard but the carbon monoxide emitted from the burning is even more deadly as it is very silent that is why the heater should not be operated while asleep.
Elk_traveler 01/02/21 03:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for portable electric space heater for rv!

I found one after many yrs. looking for the ideal mini heater for just the waking hours and/or watching TV. We camp mostly in state park and during the winter operate a 1500 watt electric heater evenings. Have tried to run two 1500 watt heaters but breaker is constantly tripping because of current overload. Well the solution just appeared from Mr. Heater a portable propane heater that utilizes the small 16 oz Coleman propane bottles. the heater is designed and certified to operate inside. It's perfect it will run for nearly 6 hours on low and approx. 3 1/2 hrs on high. I operate it on low setting and along with the 1500 watt electric heater the camper is very warm even with temp in the 20 degree range. I do not run the camper propane furance because the it use requires refilling to often. This little heater from Mr. Heater is ideal for use during the evenings. I would not leave it running while sleeping but otherwise it is a perfect choice. Simply replace the little propane bottle and keep going. I think the Mr. Heater just recently hit the market. I purchased at Lowes but have seen it at Cabela/Bass Pro as well.
Elk_traveler 01/02/21 06:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Henry Tropi-Cool VS EPDM Roof Coatings

I put the Henry Tropicool on my 2017 Motorhome back in May. It is excellent. It goes on very well and I used two coats. It binds firmly to roof membrane. I was surprised at how well it looked afterwards. I have in years past used the acrylic coatings on other RVs but the silicon is superior to those. Very good price at home depot as well. Don't think you will be disappointed after using it and now is a good time to get it done.
Elk_traveler 10/18/20 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Transporting Raft from Campsite to Launch Ramp?

We have similar interest in fishing. Unless we're on a sightseeing mission we camp primarily in state parks and primarily those that offer good fishing. I am an avid hunter for good large mouth bass fishing. Just enjoy the sport because I am only interested in catch and release as a sport. My RV is now a Class C and car in tow. I have a small porta bote which I carry on top of toad and initially had same problem as you in how to get the boat once set up down to the river or lake. I solved this by purchasing a small trailer manufactured by Trailex.com. I have the model SUT-300 all aluminum and can be fully assembled in some 15 minutes. Basically two tires, axle, tongue in two pieces. Very simple I think the SUT-300 can carry up to 300 lbs. It is strictly for off road use. As long as I stay within the Park limits there is no issue in towing the boat down to the launch ramp. Trailex.com makes many different style trailers which you can see on their website. Once at campsite I assemble the porta-bote and the trailer and go back and forth fishing until we are ready to leave. I think the total weight for me on the trailer is only perhaps 150 lbs once I have loaded everything I will need when out on the water. I have been using the Trailex trailer for perhaps 8-10 years and its ideal for the life style we like. When we are camping there has to be good fishing nearby.
Elk_traveler 08/02/20 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rear View Camera vs Backup Camera

I'd just like some clarification on this topic. Every time I do a search for a rear view camera, I get a list of backup camera's. I'm looking for a camera and monitor that's on all the time, not just for backing up my vehicle. I can't find any information to clarify this. Are all backup camera's only for backing up? How do I find one to replace the rear view mirror to use for normal driving? Thanks, Puzzled I mounted a separate camera with wide angle lens at very back end of roof that I can switch on and off at will connected to battery. I use a 7 inch monitor mounted on dash of vehicle that delivers a 1080p image to monitor. I am able to see everything behind me as well as on both sides. The only difficult part was stringing the wire down and under the chassis of the motorhome to the engine compartment battery. I previously did this on a 5th wheel and used a disconnect switch in-line when unhooking the 5th wheel. There are numerous cameras around and any back up camera will do this if wired to the battery instead of tail lights. There are wireless camera available but I don't think always dependable because of wireless interference. Its better to wire the camera so there is no problem with always seeing what's on the road behind you. My RV has a factory back up camera installed but I too want to see the road and the traffic on the sides. This set up is worth its weight in gold when you're on the interstate such as I-80, I-90 or any other and and especially when coming in and out of toll booths with so much traffic. New cameras are available that have high resolution such that you can read license plates of vehicles behind you very well.
Elk_traveler 07/29/20 07:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Walmart overnight and running the generator

Walmart is a great place to camp out at night if you are on the road late and no reservation in a regular campground. I always check in with the night manager at the store before parking. They have always been nice people to talk with and just recently camped in Iowa and the parking lot had just been resurfaced with blacktop. The only requirement from the night manager was to please do no put down the jacks because the new blacktop could be dented. Other than that no other requirements. When I arrived there were 3 units and some semi trucks and by morning there were perhaps 10-12 RVs plus the semi trucks. Many were running generators and a little noisy but when you're hot and tired the noise is not so bothersome. I commend Walmart for allowing us to use their lots and suggest that all of us check in with the night manager on duty so we can always have this privilege from Walmart. Perhaps someday Amazon will have stores with huge parking lots. You never know.
Elk_traveler 07/10/20 05:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leaving tow bar connected to MH

I have the Blue Ox and I always leave on. I place a cover on when I return home and detach the tow. Blue Ox has the rubber grommets and plastic spacers which enable movement of the tow bar these certainly would be affected by the heat and sun but once covered I think they're ok.
Elk_traveler 07/08/20 04:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ok what truck to buy ?

After several struggles in the mountains I've decided it's time for a new truck. My old truck has been really good but new trailer is pushing it. Current truck is 2004 Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi pulling 8K trailer, struggling mightily on the big hills with a bunch of junk in the bed. I'm going new here but stuck on the 6.4 Dodge or the 7.3 Ford. I'm a gas mechanic so no diesel please....yeah I know. 6.4 or 7.3 ? Then you want a Ford, period. Currently have V10 in Class C Motorhome but towed 5th wheel for many years with 7.3 L Ford turbo diesel and crossed the Rockies many times including the Beartooth highway in Montana towing 10K trailer. Climbed every grade on the Beartooth in overdrive never downshift for any reason. Still own the 96' 7.3L truck which is now ledgendiary. Sadly the EPA and the cost to Ford from engine manufacturer international was to much for Ford to keep in market therefore this engine no longer available.
Elk_traveler 06/11/20 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sad state of national parks and public lands.

Sadly the national parks and public lands are suffering across the country. It's unfortunate that many people do not see them as a priority for funds. I myself am a subscriber and supporter of Yellowstone Forever but even for those who have never visited one of these areas schools kids should get to know about these areas. When they grow up they can support their government representatives to provide better funding and build a national support for both private and government funding. I have visited many if not most of the national parks and it would be mighty sad to see the nation lose these wonderful areas because of neglect.
Elk_traveler 06/07/20 05:26am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Cody, WY to Yellowstone (East Entrance)

Cody, WY to Yellowstone via the east entrance is a basically no contest of a drive as compared to many routes throughout the Rockies. I have driven it some five times and its has a few spots where you need to slow down and be mindful of grades up and down but can easily be done with basically any size RV unit. From the east out of Buffalo, Wy on Hwy 16 which is probably the least treacherous of most of the ways into Yellowstone the route out of Cody up to Yellowstone east gate is much, much easier. You'll have no problem on this route. Enjoy the museum in Cody which is fantastic and the scenic drive into Yellowstone which is only a little more than 50 miles.
Elk_traveler 05/25/20 05:10am Roads and Routes
RE: rubber roof sealants

I have used the Dicor acrylic sealant on two different units over the last 10 years. It functions well and last for a time. I now own a 4 yr old Class C and just recently recoated the top (rubber roof) with the Henry's Tropicool 100% silicon. I can say it does a phenomenal job. It adheres extremely well to the surface and looks like a brand new roof. It is said to be much better than the acrylic material that Dicor sells which last in my case only 2-3yrs at best. I added two coats of the Tropicool silicon and it makes a tough and smooth finish to the rubber membrane. Don't think you can go wrong with this one. Not so expensive if purchased in the 5 gal size but also available in the 1 gal as well from Home Depot and many others. Check the Youtube site for RV coating.
Elk_traveler 05/18/20 06:22am General RVing Issues
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