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RE: Now This is Funny

Ugh. Deer. Large, four legged varmints. Very destructive on everything around here. There are two herds of about six each that wander through my property every day or so. Dumb as rocks too. I can drive right up to them on the road and they won't move. As far as I am concerned, they could use some culling. We get the 'lights in the sky' this time of year too. Very quiet, orbiting lights over the hills. Oregon State Police Game Wardens looking for poachers at night. I guess the hunter's lights are really easy to spot from the air and they then direct in ground units. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 10/10/19 04:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dude! Where's my tow truck?

Did you have Archie along? How did he handle it? Similar story... I-405, southbound, Renton going past Boeing. Right front tire went flat. Ended up in the split for exit 3. Lift camper off truck to get at spare tire lowering mechanism. Discovered the previous owner changed lug-nuts and the emergency wrench wouldn't fit. Two is one, and one is none, so I grabbed my spare tools...which promptly broke. $196 minimum charge for the tow truck driver to show up and say 'here, use my wrench'. Our Archie (RIP) was with us, and it was a warm September Saturday. I left DW in the cab with Archie, and the A/C running. His area had to be all disturbed to get at the emergency jack. Last thing I wanted was a flat battery after running the flashers, so they watched while I worked. In other news... Looks promising to get a new feline friend this weekend. :B Car riding & camper indoctrination will be early classes in his training. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 10/09/19 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: US Border agent gave my passport to.....??

I remember the days in the 70s when all we had to do is tell them we are going there for coffee!.... I grew up in NW Washington. I remember many times crossing the border in a school bus for a field trip. At the most the border agent stepped on the bus and counted heads to make sure they matched the number of parental permission slips the driver had. Heck, I even remember a number of the school teachers being border guards during the summer for supplemental income. Easy to do since they were already employed by the government. Times have changed. And I don't think for the better. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/25/19 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical

I don't know if your fully drained batteries will come back to you or not...but before charging you may want to make sure they are fully watered (assuming these are batteries you can check). They may or may not survive, but if they are recharged when low on water then it almost guarantees they will be junk. HTH, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/25/19 03:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Brother- Tag on your TC?

As does Oregon, but we also have camper plates so there's no ambiguity. Thinking of the original topic of this thread & Oregon... In Oregon, the cargo carried in our truck bed (ie: the camper), needs to be licensed with its own plate. Thus the front plate on my truck does not match the visible rear plate of my camper. The truck's rear plate is completely concealed by the camper overhang. I wonder what happens with the electronic toll booths? Will it read front & back and say 'mis-match, do nothing'? Or will it read both plates and send me two bills in the mail? -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/25/19 03:12pm Truck Campers
RE: This is what happens when you have too much tongue weight...

More Internet sleuthing.... Doing a Google Internet search shows the picture from Kayteg1 in the 3rd post has been floating around the Internet since at least 2014. Doing a search for RobG's picture at the top of the thread shows no appearance of that picture prior to a few days ago. And I found a second video of it being driven. Too much video & picture evidence to support the theory this was all Photoshopped.
Eric&Lisa 09/25/19 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: This is what happens when you have too much tongue weight...

Looks like the same camper. Looks like the same trailer. Looks like a *different* truck (but similar). Looks like a *different* location. My conclusion: Same owner, different events. Supposition: The owner did something stupid and broke his truck. Got a replacement truck that was similar but not identical. Did the same stupid thing. Thinking through the physics... That would take a heck-of-a-lot of weight behind the rear axle to cause the front end of the truck to pop up. I cannot believe that Ford, or anyone else, would design a frame so weak that it would break in two. Not to mention if there really was that much weight behind the rear axle, that would have lowered the weight on the front wheels and made this a bastard to drive and brake. This picture: https://i.imgur.com/B5lEoF5l.jpg Look at where the front tie-downs are mounted. Total WAG on my part... What if they were welded in place by someone who didn't know what they are doing? If heated & cooled improperly, metal can lose its strength. It is not a big stretch on my part to see someone screw up a front tie-down install and weaken that critical part of the frame... "I'm gonna redneck weld this in place so good that it will never break off."....and they end up with a weak spot at the most critical structural point of the frame. Alternative possibility... Maybe a bad bump at too high of speed broke the frame downward, and the resulting weight distribution generated these pictures after it stopped? Just one guy's armchair analysis... -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/25/19 02:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane tank recertification

I am curious.... What can go bad on an RV propane tank that requires re-certification? I am not looking for 'because the oppressive government says so'. I am looking for some sort of technical issue that causes propane tanks to actually wear out and become unsafe. Obviously physical damage to the tank - dents, gouges, corrosion, etc - can put the integrity of the tank at risk. Those could be present at any time, and thus that tank should be re-evaluated when the damage occurs, not on a preset schedule. Yes, propane tanks can have 100-200 PSI present in them. But it is not the 2000+ PSI of a welding tank or 3000+ PSI of a SCUBA tank. I suppose metal fatigue from varying pressure can impact the life of the tank...but the air compressor in my shop has similar PSI and cycles between empty & full a lot more often. I don't need to re-certify the tank on the air compressor. I did a little bit of Internet research. It seems re-certification is only applicable toward tanks that are 100 lbs or less. The large propane 'pig' behind a rural house does not appear to need re-certification, ever. And it seems there is a lot more propane at risk there, compared to a RV/BBQ sized tank. I just don't see a propane tank in a well maintained RV magically going bad and needing to be replaced. My tinfoil hat is telling me this is some sort of industry regulation put in place by a political lobby to force people to buy new tanks every few years, and has little real world value behind it. If only Hank Hill was on this forum. He seems like the guy who would give me a straight answer regardless of what the official rules are. :) Final question... Has anyone paid to have their tank re-certified and been told it needs to be replaced (and why)? Thanks, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/18/19 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting air fitting for air bags

Mine are inside the fuel door. I don't remember it being a difficult install. Drilled a couple holes in the plastic above the fuel cap. Put the fittings in, connected them, and that was it. Fuel door keeps them protected, and they face down so no dirt gets in them. Never had caps on them. Thirteen years and no leaks or complaints. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/09/19 10:57am Truck Campers
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

...ALL 3 were in their 4th year. All were maintained, and aired up correctly. From then on. None of my TT tires will run into the 4th year of their life. They will be replaced at the end of their 3rd year. Age is what kills TT tires. Why does age impact trailer tires more than it impacts vehicle tires? Is it possible to use vehicle tires in place of trailer tires for better longevity? -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/06/19 01:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where do Americans list their RV's ?

Craig's list can also work but the scammers can be a PITA. "Your RV is exactly what I am looking for. I trust you and I do not need to inspect it. I cannot pick it up, but my bonded agent is ready to take immediate delivery. If you give me your bank information & PIN, I will make a wire transfer upon pick up of the RV." The best part about this one is you get rid of the old RV and empty your bank account in one simple step. LOL! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/30/19 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: You're right!

...I'm too old to put up with those who know everything about everything.... Yup, I get it. A lot of message threads seem to take a single minded view toward a given topic, often based on the first couple of replies. And woe is anyone who dares offer a contrary point of view, regardless of how polite and on-topic the rebuttal is. Facts & statements that do not support the established narrative shall not be tolerated. And if the debate is being lost, switch to personal attacks to antagonize and frustrate the opposition. This forum is actually a microcosm of our current national culture. Pick any hot topic in our national news(*), and any point of view contrary to the narrative will be shouted down and silenced. (*) Note I did not state any national news hot topics, so don't jump on me for any particular positions that I have not stated. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/30/19 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: How to disable propane >> Yeah another fridge topic.

GAS STATIONS FIRES Gee, thanks for that. Just wasted 30 minutes of time watching YouTube videos. :B Only saw one RV in the infinite scroll list, and that looked to be an engine fire. The "Girl at gas station Fails compilation" wasn't as entertaining as I had hoped, but YouTube thankfully provided me a bunch of similar time-wasters for me to diligently get sucked in to watching. LOL!
Eric&Lisa 08/29/19 05:18pm Truck Campers
RE: How to disable propane >> Yeah another fridge topic.

We turn off propane when we travel. I am not going to disagree with anyone that says it's safe though. Did it for years. Never worried about pumping either. For me, the fridge is on the opposite side of the camper from the fuel tank. I could certainly understand shutting down the fridge if the it was right next to the fuel tank and was at risk of having gas splashed on the side of the vehicle. For me, it would take a heck-of-a-lot of fuel vapors to reach around the truck and ignite. Especially since the fridge burner is a good 5+ feet off the ground and gasoline vapors sink rather than rise. I would probably be asphyxiated long before then. Not to mention most gas stations are open-air affairs and not a closed-door building. I just don't see the risk. I think I am more likely to get creamed by a semi-truck when I pull my camper out of a gas station, than I am to be the cause of a magnificent explosion due to my RV fridge. Oh, and I am still looking for the news article where an RV fridge was responsible for a gas station fire. If anyone has a link to an article, I would like to read it. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/29/19 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Took me a while to post this here because I had to come up with a new way to host pics... It's a little more techie than a consumer picture hosting site....but I have been pretty happy using Amazon S3 for hosting pictures for forum posts. It is important to resize pictures and turn down their resolution a bit. That creates smaller file sizes which results is less storage and less transfer fees. Even so, I am only pennies per month to use it. YMMV, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/28/19 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Roof Repair - Lance Aluminum Roof

Lance's roofs are very capable of walking directly on the metal... I should hope so! I walk on my regularly. In fact, when it is in the shop, it makes a convenient platform to hang stuff from the rafters. That's where all the deck furniture hangs during the winter. I can step from my open loft directly to the camper roof, so not even climbing the ladder. Funny thing... I always have the same thought wander through my mind whenever I am on the camper roof: I remember the salesman telling me that it was strong enough to park a small vehicle on. Yeah, total sales blather, but it likely means it is at least strong enough to walk on. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/27/19 01:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Crispy Camper

Yup, in line with the 'Keep Portland Weird' mantra. Big issue with Zombie RV's that roam around here and there. We even had a few turn up in our area out in the sticks with cardboard covered windows and bungie cords holding the door shut. Most of them need exactly what transpired - five gallons of gas & a match. They look unsafe to be on the road, and if exterior represents interior, they are likely unsafe to even live in (mold, rot, etc). -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/27/19 01:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Hippajac Amp Draw

...I dont want to pull the hippajac wiring to go to battery... Going off memory here, someone jump in if I am not recalling this correctly.... I thought it was bad to NOT have the jacks pulling from the battery. The reason being the inverter/charger does not have the capacity to handle their draw. Lifting the camper on shore-power alone tends to burn out the inverter/charger in a hurry. The battery is the only component with enough 'amps in the can' to handle the load. HTH -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/27/19 09:14am Truck Campers
RE: OK --- Guilty!

.....But if everyone, or just a lot of people, do it, you're looking at a lot of bleach going into a septic/sewer system. .... Ah! However, as reference by the OP, not quite everyone is doing it: :) ...for being lackadaisical not attending to my black tank more. No worries. I think we both have made valid points. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/26/19 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: OK --- Guilty!

1 oz. of bleach to 50 gal. of black water will neutralize the waste. More bleach can cause serious harm to the digestive systems of wastewater treatment systems. Please use bleach sparingly on non community waste water systems. It kills the bacteria that treat the waste. Not sure how accurate that is. A good friend of ours retired as the county's septic inspector. She told me bleach was fine in moderation for a septic system, it is the anti-bacterial cleaners to watch out for as they will persist. So I did some quick searching. Link1 Link2 Link3 Short answer is excessive bleach is bad. Moderate is acceptable. Excessive is defined as more than a gallon per day (around 15 loads of whites only laundry with bleach). So yes, a large amount of bleach is bad for systems. But pouring a couple 'glugs' of bleach in to an RV black tank and subsequently dumping it is not going to ruin a septic or municipal treatment system. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/26/19 09:55am General RVing Issues
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