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RE: Is the 2001 Lance 1161 ok if there is no water damage?

Take a few screwdrivers along on the inspection. Randomly pull out some screws around the trim molding, especially in the skirt area. Damp screws are an obvious answer. However, if they are rusted, that is an indication of previous water intrusion. That said... On an 18 year old camper, I highly suspect you will find some rusty screws. Your tolerance toward that damage and assessment of its severity relevant to your decision to purchase or not is up to you. However, it can certainly be a negotiating tactic you use to lower the price. Good luck! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/15/19 09:29am Truck Campers
RE: Confessions of an RV Salesman

Reminds me of an old website where a writer went undercover as a car salesman. I cannot find the original website, but I did find where someone captured it in PDF format. A fun read. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 08/13/19 03:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lesson Learned (fuel station etiquette)

Never had that problem. They take my cash every single time. Some stations even give me a discount for paying with cash. Only annoyance is having to pre-pay at most pumps.
Eric&Lisa 08/01/19 11:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Change the date of Halloween...?

I seem to recall this was also the impetus for changing Daylight/Standard time from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November - allow for an extra hour of Trick or Treat.
Eric&Lisa 08/01/19 10:56am Around the Campfire
RE: Variable speed water pump

I’ve had both a variable speed pump and an accumulator tank. Prefer the tank. +1 on the accumulator tank. When the pump runs, it runs until the accumulator tank is full. If I just need a splash of water, the pump doesn't turn on. Nor does it try to run at a slow speed when there is low demand. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/30/19 04:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Bicyclist/RV Death

'Doo-doo occurs' (Replace those words with the censored ones as you see fit). We can wrangle the blame-game details all day long. However, at the end of that day it won't change the fact that the cyclist is dead. If any one of the three participants had been even a second or two different in time, this could have been avoided. The only thing to be done now is for the legal system to assess responsibility and assign penalties as the law provides. Taking the law and traffic rules completely out of the equation, and I believe the cyclist is 100% at fault. A bad road to be on in the first place for a cyclist - 2-lane, questionable shoulders, and vehicle traffic that is way bigger than them. Situational awareness did not make him get out of the way, and the rest is physics. This was simply a physically dangerous place for that cyclist to be - regardless of the laws or rules that allow them to be there. For me... I rode 23 miles yesterday on a linear trail. There is one section of that trail where it is also used as driveway access. A couple years ago I came through there around the corner and tearing up the trail was a car. They slammed on their brakes, gravel flying everywhere, and I went over the bank and in to the blackberries rather than bounce off their hood & windshield. Sure, the speeding driver would have been at fault, but it would have hurt me a helluva lot more than the blackberry bushes.
Eric&Lisa 07/30/19 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Power

Are RV's at other sites currently powered? It may not be you. Wouldn't be the first time a bunch of RVs pulled down too much power and blew out a campground transformer.
Eric&Lisa 07/30/19 12:22pm Truck Campers
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

"I doubt the any member of the Air Force or military are going to shoot any US civilian on US soil. Just isn't going to happen." You really believe that!? Ever hear of Kent State, Bonus Army, or Bonus March? You are right, of course. In the context of this discussion around Area 51, my point is the location is not secured by the military, it is secured by government contractors. I should have worded that differently.
Eric&Lisa 07/27/19 07:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

I doubt the any member of the Air Force or military are going to shoot any US civilian on US soil. Just isn't going to happen. The "Cammo Dudes" guarding Area 51, on the other hand, are government contractors. They probably already have the hole dug out in the desert. I have followed the Area 51 topic on various web sites for years. Some of the best Area 51 civilian information was in the early days of the Internet from private websites (ie: pre-Facebook). I seem to recall reading the county Sheriff is who the trespassers are handed off to. Then the county judge hands out maximum sentences. All routine, all the same results, and 'no, you cannot ask any questions'. I believe history will someday reveal everything that has happened at Area 51. However, I suspect that will be years after all of us are gone. Sort of like if some World War I secrets were released today - 100 years after that war - they would be very interesting. But they would not change anything about our world today. For fun & entertainment, here is a 25-year old story about someone hunting for a missing CIA spy plane that flew out of Groom Lake at Area 51. The Hunt for 928 -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/26/19 11:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Video: Introducing Kitten To The Truck Camper

Archie Goes To Truck Camper School Many of you know we recently lost our cat Charlie to old age. We adopted a kitten, Archie and he's getting bigger fast. We brought him out to the truck camper to get him used to it so he can learn to travel. If this should be posted in the pet forum, moderator feel free to do so. Enjoy. J&K I have shared this picture before. We lost him to lymphoma in February 2018. His name was also Archie. That is a good easy name for a cat to understand, and we also used "Arch" as well. On the beach in Port Townsend while camping: https://57chevyroadtrip.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Archie_PortTownsend_Beach.jpg One thing we did different from your training is we NEVER let him go in/out of the camper without being carried. We didn't want any idea in his head that it is okay to go through the door on his own. Archie would ride in a pet bed in the backseat of the truck. He was never caged or put in a carrier. Of course he always had his harness on, and the leash was clipped in a seat belt - just in case he got a crazy idea to jump out a door or window. Often on night drives he would sit on the center armrest and 'talk' to the other vehicles as they went by. We live in the country, and he would always sleep quietly until he started to see trees out the window. That meant (to him) that we were almost home. The last 1/4 mile up the gravel lane was the only time he was allowed on my lap while driving. I would put the window down and he would hang on the window sill until we were stopped. Then I would open the door and set him on the ground - again, never letting him jump out on his own. He would run to the back door and wait for us to let him in. This did occasionally create 'false positives' when we were in other areas with trees as he thought we were home. LOL! We have only been camping twice since we lost him. The camper seems empty without him. DW is against another cat (even though she wanted our first cat back in 1995), because she is afraid of the impact it will have on her recently remodeled house. Makes me sad as I miss the companionship. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/24/19 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: what to do if you have a leak?

Here is my experience. Nothing noted as obvious rot until panels were pulled off. See the picture of the rusted screw to determine if water is present. If you wait for moldy walls and soft floors, it will probably be too late. My 2007 repair Good luck, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/24/19 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Fire stick

...Dont make it sound like your smart tv is taking video of you, listening to your conversations and trying to hack your network - again with GIGS of data LOL... Perhaps you should review what I wrote. I never said the TV was taking video, listening to conversations, or hacking the network. I did see it upload gigabytes of data and was reported in the network activity logs. That activity is supported by main stream news articles, which I have supplied on this thread. Your rebuttals seem intent on marginalizing me, rather than discussing the subject. You have accused me of lying, spreading "total BS", wearing a tinfoil hat, and having something to do with Area 51. I don't understand why you are not addressing the mainstream news articles about SmartTVs secretly monitoring & selling user's locations, demographics, and viewing habits. Attacking an individual, rather than attacking the argument, is a classic tactic used when someone is on the losing side of a debate. Finally, to keep this relevant to the RV.Net community, restating what I posted previously... These devices that track users are utilizing bandwidth that the users are paying for. If someone in an RV is on a low-bandwidth link or a bandwidth capped cellular plan, having these devices connected could be consuming that bandwidth unbeknownst to them. They may be disappointed when they go to stream Gunsmoke and discover their SmartTV ran them in to a bandwidth cap when it was busy reporting the Andy Griffith & Bonanza DVDs they watched last night. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/19/19 01:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Fire stick

Sorry but I work in tech as well and I still call total BS on your smart TV uploading gigabytes of data. What is it uploading? Shows you watch or channels you flip too? If you have cable and a dvr they already know what you watch and record. If you want to stay behind the times and get rabbit ears go ahead but dont give out bad information to others. Seriously? You are accusing me of lying and spreading bad information? Do you want to tell the Washington Post, or should I? These smart TVs were apparently spying on their owners "Vizio was literally watching its watchers — capturing “second-by-second information” about what people viewed on its smart TVs. That included data from cable, broadband, set-top boxes, over-the-air broadcasts, DVDs and streaming devices" Since you are also a tech, here are a few tech links as well. Tom's Hardware ZDNet Wired I suggest the next time before you accuse someone of "total BS" that you take a moment to fact check yourself. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/19/19 10:31am Technology Corner
RE: private land camping questions, cell booster suggestions

...Can you really blame the neighbors? They likely bought rural property for privacy and peace and quiet... Yes, I can absolutely blame the neighbors! I live on rural property in the country, and I don't have any cell service here either. I have not voluntarily accepted additional layers over government over me, such as a HOA. Nor do I live in any sort of established community where a government entity controls what I can & cannot do. What that means for me is I don't get to complain when my neighbor (several hundred yards away) puts out her annoying little yap dogs for hours on end. Nor does it mean I get to complain about all the stuff she is storing on her property (and charging for), such as tractors & trailers. They are visible from my house, but our out-of-sight for her house. That also means she doesn't get to complain if I decide to do target practice on my property. Nor does she get to complain if I play loud music on my deck. That's what rural living is about. I can do whatever I want on my property and the neighbors next door can just deal with it. But I don't get to complain about them either. Being a good neighbor though, I do think twice about popping off a 12ga if she is out riding her horses - that is just being courteous, not some sort of rule forced upon me. (Notable exception. My right to do what I want ends when my activities affect adjoining property. I cannot, for example, dump toxic waste on my property that would eventually migrate elsewhere.) My point here is perhaps the neighbors don't know what rural living means. They are free to do what they want, but their neighbors are also free to do the same. If they want to dictate rules to their neighbors, then perhaps they would be more comfortable living in an area with more government and regulations placed upon them. (As for whether the mini 'RV Park' can legally operate as a business or not, that is a different subject from the neighbors.) -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/18/19 02:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fire stick

Paranoid much? I doubt its uploading gigabytes of data LOL. And who cares anyway if they know you are watching a Nascar race anyway. You can doubt it if you want. I work in tech and have enterprise level networking gear on the various networks I manage. Yup, it is complete overkill for home networks. But I did, with my own two eyes, see gigabytes of data being uploaded from the SmartTV. What made it stand out in the logs is the upload bandwidth from the SmartTV exceeded the download bandwidth (the SmartTV was connected to the Internet, but it was not being used to stream content down). Many people close the curtains on their windows at night. Why? Because when it is dark out, it is really easy to see what is going on inside a lit house. Those people value their privacy and don't think the neighbors or anyone else should see what they are doing in their homes. SmartTVs, and similar devices, are electronic windows in to homes. They can, and do, spy on users behaviors & activities. You are welcome to forgo your privacy if you choose. That doesn't mean it is acceptable for everyone else. For me, I value my privacy. I suspect if more people knew what was going on with these devices they might feel differently about leaving the lights on and the electronic curtains open. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/18/19 10:38am Technology Corner
RE: Fire stick

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users' online activities. If found streaming copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick, you could get into serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend you to get a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn. Device makers also monitor the user's activities. I run a PiHole on my home network. I was absolutely shocked at the amount of 'phone home' traffic going from my Roku back to whatever their mothership is. It is constantly trying to pass data out of my network, even when it is not being used. I actually stopped using the Roku and similar devices (like a 'Smart' TV) as a result of this tracking. I have dedicated Mac Mini's for streaming that feed my TV's. That way I can control what data is coming out of the device, install my own ad blockers, etc. Remember, if the product is free (or in this case really cheap), then you are the product. Amazon has low-end Fire Sticks & Rokus for $25. That is just covering the cost of materials. The big money is tracking your activity and selling your viewing habits. I was monitoring the SmartTV on my sister's network. Also shocking is the amount of traffic going TO the Internet from this device. Literally gigabytes of data being uploaded. What is actually going on is the TV is taking screen shots of content coming from other devices. Watching a DVD/Blu-ray on HDMI 1? How about watching the ball game on a satellite receiver on HDMI 2? Of course the TV doesn't natively know what the content is. So it sends screen shots to the mothership so they can continue to analyze your viewing habits. I showed this data to my sister and she promptly removed the SmartTV from her network. To stay on the RV topic... Remember you are paying for the bandwidth these devices are using to spy on you. Probably not a big cost factor when you are at home on a cable modem / DSL with gobs of bandwidth. However, if you are in the RV and working off a cellular hot spot which is not unlimited, then this could be dollars out of your pocket just for that connectivity. Want to stream something with the SmartTV via a hot spot? Sure, go ahead. Just remove the SmartTV from the hot spot network when you are done to keep it from monitoring the movie you just popped in the DVD player. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/17/19 11:12am Technology Corner
RE: Campspreading

We were at a rustic 'resort' campground for a family reunion. They lost our reservation. No problem, they had an open site around the corner they put us in. Fine by us. Until we realized we were the space between two campsites that were the same group. Back & forth through our campsite constantly. When their dog did a job by my camper steps I packed everything up and got out of there. That's probably what they wanted anyway as I think they expected to get the third middle site for free. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/17/19 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Campspreading

I've got a different version of camp spreading. It was at a USFS campground. The people pulled into the site. Immediately, they got out a pole saw and started cutting branches off trees. Then they got out a weed wacker and started mowing down vegetation that wasn't tree sized. I'm not talking just grass, but vegetation that was waist to shoulder height. Probably doubled the open area of the camp site. This was a forested campground with lots of vegetation between sites (which we prefer so as not to be a big open area). Of course, there was a site and trailer for a campground host, but he/she was not there the entire time we stayed at the campground. The camper must have been somewhat local, because he came back and started unloading firewood at his site and stacking it between trees. He probably had a full rick of wood stacked up before he was done. Fortunately, we were leaving the next day, so we didn't have to contend with whatever other modifications or actions he took on. I had a very similar incident at a NFCG several weeks ago. Camper had yellow "crime scene" tape along the sides and front of the campsite. (no registration ticket on post) Tons of gear, but other than the tent, it was household stuff. I suspect he was living there. We have a spot we go to on the east side of the Mt. Hood Wilderness in Oregon. The road to the campsite is actually listed as 'closed' on their maps, but it is clearly open and in use. About a 1/4 mile from our camp spot, is what we call the 'Cowboy Camp'. This is open range land and they will set up in the fall and corral all their cattle for shipping out. They certainly do campsite improvements to keep the brush down, bring in firewood, trim trees, etc. Even build his & hers outhouses. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/17/19 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

The thing is, I would never donate a computer without completely wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the OS. And not a 'quick format' either. Run a full long format that takes hours to run. A 'quick format' only removes what can be thought of as the table of contents - the data is still on the hard drive. It is fairly trivial to recover. Things like credit card and account numbers, haphazardly stored by Windows or the browser, may be lurking waiting discovery. As for me... I will recycle old computers without any hard drives in them. I will do a 'remote disk wipe' on all hard drives....from 100 yards away. https://57chevyroadtrip.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/RemoteDiskWipeSmall.jpg -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/12/19 02:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Why does my Truck Camper list toward the driver side

I have no idea how long you owned your truck. If you are the original owner, then this may not apply to you. However, if you are not the first owner and don't know the truck's maintenance history, there could be something obvious that is wrong. I am thinking like an accident repair done improperly or with substandard parts. My dad used to have a '57 Chevy that sat crooked. Could never figure out why. One day he counted the coils in the springs and found they were mismatched. Lots of frustration over what turned out to be an obvious, but unnoticed, problem. (I solved that problem when I got the car by re-doing the entire suspension.) My point for the OP... Take some time and examine the basics. Do the springs actually match from side to side? Could there be an overload spring on one side that is not functional? Does it sit level when unloaded and do the springs look consistent side to side when unloaded? A drop of "2-3 inches" side to side is significant. I could see a half to a full inch due to the load in the camper being heavier. That is a pretty good tilt, more than I would expect from just all the camper 'stuff' being on one side. If you really want to break it down, you will need to load the truck with a heavy, but evenly distributed, weight load. I am thinking something like sheets of plywood. If it sits level, then the problem is with the camper weight distribution. If it sits several inches down on one side with an even load, then the problem is the truck and not the camper. HTH! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 07/12/19 01:04am Truck Campers
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