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RE: Lockdown Hazard

Hahaha! Careful posting this. I got censored on a different forum for making a post about the virus. When I asked why, I was told politics are not allowed. Gosh, and here all along I thought it was a global pandemic!! Needless to say I stopped being an active contributor on that forum...
Eric&Lisa 11/27/20 12:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lance siding... is this factory?

Run.. run far and run fast.. don't look back at that can o worms.... All depends on what someone is looking for. Clearly repaired. It could be a heck of a deal at the right price point. May get a lot more camper than someone could otherwise afford. Did they document the repair process? A bunch of pictures could validate the repair was done well. Frankly with all the screws holding the siding on, this camper is probably structurally stronger than what Lance produced originally. The skin adds rigidity to the frame. It actually looks like a good blank canvas for a vinyl vehicle wrap. That could seal all the screw heads and make it look pretty cool at the same time.
Eric&Lisa 11/19/20 03:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Escape Hatch Condensation

+1 on venting. The condensation on the aluminum is a symptom, not the problem. I have added memory foam and a down pad on top of the mattress pad. Under them I have an electric blanket (we are not sleeping directly on the blanket). So when we are hooked up, the bed stays nice and toasty warm. This allows me to have the vent over the bed open. The air cools off, but it does keep the camper from filling with stale moist air.
Eric&Lisa 11/19/20 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Rotten wings

Has anyone replaced the wings on their Lance? I'm thinking of using starboard this time. Any tips? Did that, done that, got the merit badge. Looks like Photobucket water marked all my images, but they are still hosting them. My write up.
Eric&Lisa 11/19/20 02:45pm Truck Campers
RE: TC Horizontal LP Cylinders

I have never been hassled about my 2003 horizontal tanks by a propane dealer. Granted I keep the tanks clean, and paint over any scratches. They look relatively new which I suspect is why they never check.
Eric&Lisa 11/19/20 02:37pm Truck Campers
RE: The trashing of our public lands.

.... The cause is the same though - it's all about me, and how much money can I extract for the "shareholders."... Hopefully you don't have a retirement plan which you expect to grow and be profitable. Unless you are an active and picky hands-on investor, you are probably like the rest of us with investments tucked away in a variety of mutual funds and so forth. Just going out on a limb here...but I'll just bet those people managing your funds are instructed to extract as much money as they can for those evil shareholders. Ah, so let's have the government be the answer to everything and heavily tax companies for environmental concerns. Hmmm... Maybe I should move my money over to foreign stocks instead of domestic because they now have a higher rate of return, yeah that is the smart strategy. You can hate it all you want. But that's just how it is going to be until people make the conscious decision to invest their money based upon environmental impact instead of return on investment. Do with YOUR money what you want. But don't try to shame me as a "shareholder" who is trying to get the most out of my investments.
Eric&Lisa 10/08/20 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Germs while traveling

Germs don't have feet, they will not travel. Even before the "pandemic" I was aware of hidden germs. I use my pinky finger as that is a finger less likely to touch my eye, nose or mouth. Leaving the bathroom I never touch the door. I wait for a sucker to open it for me, or use my foot if the door opens out, or use my used paper towel to touch the handle, then toss the paper towel (the though of someones poo on the handle is my reason). On general doors I touch the lower part of the handle, you can typically see a lot of wear on the top as everyone touches there, but the bottom is like new, so would have been touched less. Door knobs that turn just have to be grabbed. Pick your politician, Trump or Nancy, both of them are on HCQ, that is both the cure and the vax, but has to be taken with Zinc (which is really what does the job). Take your vitamins and take a multi-mineral for good measure. Green Tea is also beneficial for helping the body fight off viruses. Flu shots will make you more vulnerable, so take extra caution if you fall into this. Alcohol sanitizer really does kill most germs within 20-30 seconds. Keep that with you instead of a clunky piece of metal, that will be infected on one end anyway... +1 Our immune systems depend on low level exposure to viruses in order to build up immunity. Help your immune system with proper nutritional supplements (as mentioned above), and be smart but not paranoid. I am actually worried this winter will be a severe cold & flu season because we quarantined healthy people and did not allow them to spread low level viruses over the summer - like normal. We skipped the opportunity to build up immunity during the months when Vitamin D was high, and that will probably bite us in the butt this winter. As for the OP's inquiry... It seems to me this device is more about virtue signalling than it is about preventing the spread of germs. "I care so much about you that I am using this tool to prevent the spread of my germs, you should do the same for me."
Eric&Lisa 09/30/20 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Get me out of here! PLEASE

...But, I'm a trooper and I just grit my teeth with the tears.... Representing the DH contingent of this forum.... Thank you for that! My DW gets all itchy on the mountain roads too. I've got it covered, no problem. I'm not going to do anything to make the experience worse for her, but having to attend to her anxiety does detract from the safety of the task at hand. I wish she would just grit her teeth and let me get the job done without the drama and distractions. Suggestion... If you know what time of day you will be traveling the route, plan your sleep schedule so your body is ready for a nap. Take a little something to help it along, buckle up, put the seat back, trust your DH to be safe, and take a snooze.
Eric&Lisa 09/30/20 10:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

Probably because it’s a highly unusual setup. I scanned this thread, but I admit I didn't read every post in detail...so it is possible this was already mentioned. - I did not see details about the model of the truck & camper other than 'Artic Fox' and 'Ram 2500'. In the absence of that information it makes me wonder if this is a classic 'but the salesman said it would work' with a triple-slide monster on top of a 6-foot bed. And unfortunately the lack of additional pictures does not help eliminate that question. - I did not see if anyone has questioned the Fastgun tie-downs. We all know they are spring loaded. And we all know not to use things like chains & turnbuckles to tie down campers as they do not have any 'give' which will tend to break other things. What if the Fastguns are shot and have lost their spring tension, functionally becoming no better than a turnbuckle? Without any spring to give way, such a setup could certainly start breaking things. - Finally, I feel for the OP's conundrum. Posting to this forum has not produced any information about a systematic problem with the Torklift tie-downs. This community by-and-large believes they are a quality product. From a troubleshooting standpoint, that puts the issue back on the OP's truck/camper as the source of the problem. Just my $.02
Eric&Lisa 09/25/20 04:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane gennie maintenance in cold winter

I have tried quick start fluid, with no luck, but this is not an engine. It is a built-in propane generator. Definitely getting spark and all other appliances are getting propane but it appears the generator is not. I have managed to get a couple of hoses off & blow them out. Still no luck. Just cranks over & over. Got it running about a month ago, finally,.....but now again no luck. I know you have spent hours scouring the Internet, so this may be info you already know... - The vent tubes are known to attract nesting insects. I am not sure exactly what problem that causes, but I suspect there is some sort of vacuum signal that is not longer accurate and thus causes a bad fuel mixture. This seems a possibility given it was running fine, and the only thing it did was sit. - I have had trouble getting mine to run if the air filter is not seated perfectly. And it is a craptastic design that is very difficult to get in place with the cover properly sealed down. Seems I had to tape mine in place one time to get it to idle properly. Very fussy about ambient air pressure - won't run without an air filter in place. - I also had a problem where the propane continued to refine in the lines. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum refining. It morphed back to oil in my lines. That oil went to the lowest point of the system - the generator feed line. Messed up the carb pretty good. Ended up capping all the lines off at the appliances (delicate diaphragms), then individually opening them and blowing them out with brake clean & compressed air. I revised the propane lines to include a T-trap which I can drain out a few drops of oil now and then. HTH! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 09/25/20 03:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper vs Mustang ... not a great idea.

I think this applies to driving in general... So many are getting behind the wheel with no idea how the vehicle they're driving handles, and get themselves into trouble. I think modern technology compensates for a lack of driving skill. Even older cars updated with modern suspension components do not handle as good as modern computer controlled suspensions. Left, Right, Stop, Go seem to be the only constraints to driving, 'plan ahead' is no longer prevalent.
Eric&Lisa 09/21/20 04:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

I thought you were going a different way. Long time ago we had a diamond plate tool box mounted to the trailer of a race boat. First time out the sun reflected from the diamond plate on to the black carpet of the trailer. Along with the existing sunlight, melted it right down. Only clue what happened was the diamond plate pattern in the melted carpet.
Eric&Lisa 09/01/20 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow a ski boat behind a TC?

...Do you have to go to a 1-ton dually? At the end of the day, it will probably come down to the load rating of your tires more than anything else. Could you take a SRW 1-ton truck and load up a camper + boat? Sure, I see guys rolling down the highway like that all the time. No doubt in my mind they have exceeded the carrying capacity of their rear tires - regardless of their under-the-hood power, braking capability, and chassis capacity. Naw, I am not going go all weight police on you here. You are paying attention to the details just by the nature of asking this community. Run the numbers, assess the risk and if it works for you, then go for it.
Eric&Lisa 09/01/20 08:36am Truck Campers
RE: Battery Drain Help Please

I dealt with a similar problem with my truck. Sometimes the battery would die after a few days of sitting. Sometimes it would be just fine. I knew I had a random phantom load. I eventually gave up on the basic troubleshooting and went all-in to fix it. Bought an multi-meter that measures DC amps. Also bought a 'Fuse socket connector kit' which is essentially a blade fuse replacement. This allowed me to put the multi-meter in-line on a fuse circuit. If I got any reading, then that indicated there is a draw on that circuit. Went through every fuse in the fuse box. No luck. Finally remembered my accessories. Sure enough, I had a draw on my MSD 6a ignition box. Disconnected the box from the wire, and I still had the draw! Started tracing the wire. Turns out it had gotten pinched between the plastic mount under the ECU and the fender. Eventually it wore through its insulation and the paint on the fender. Not enough to heat up the fuse and pop it, but enough to kill the battery after a few days. That is the only way to trace which circuit has the draw. Multimeter I bought. Fuse socket connector. Good luck!
Eric&Lisa 07/30/20 05:14pm Truck Campers
RE: How to camp with electric only

Newbie question here.... A few years ago we went boondock camping with a friend of ours. His new girlfriend was a first time camper. She proceeded to take a home-style shower. She was the new girlfriend, and it was important to look good and all that... My point is make sure the rest of your camping party knows about water conservation, lest you find yourself in a similar situation. :)
Eric&Lisa 05/19/20 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Road trip Portland OR to Las Vegas

We did our interview at PDX a few years back. Did something change? I had mine up in Longview, WA. I distinctly recall it was an independent agency that did the interview, it was NOT a government/TSA official. I suspect they will open up just like any other business.
Eric&Lisa 05/19/20 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: truck swerved with hard braking

Wow, I read all the comments here and that will teach you to post too many details about your driving! :R FWIW, I have had my truck pull with the camper under hard braking. It seems variances that would be unnoticed are magnified when hard braking. For example, normal braking it might pull just a little and the power steering largely masks the tug. A hard brake application magnifies it and makes it noticeable. Actually, as I write this, it leads me to another line of thinking. A lot of vehicles these days have variable power steering to enhance the road feel. At low speeds more power steering is applied to make the wheels pivot. At high speeds less power steering assistance is needed so less is applied, therefore enhancing the road feeling. Maybe because this braking occurred at speed, the power steering wasn't assisting like it otherwise would have and thus it appeared to pull harder than expected??? -Eric
Eric&Lisa 05/19/20 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Quarantine Mods?

As part of quarantine - I took the 80 proof vodka from the camper and used it as internal disinfectant. I admit it. I checked the camper. The liquor cabinet was already raided sometime over the winter months. For camper activity... The usual spring maintenance. Wax exterior. Water battery. Drain the hot water tank and clean the anode. Defrosted freezer. Extend and lube the jacks. Snug up jack & tie down bolts. Power was out a few weeks back, so fired up the generator just to give it some exercise. I guess that is all I have done for the RV. Camper lives in a heated shop, so no real coming-out-of-hibernation maintenance needed. Found my workbench for the first time in years. I was hanging on to an amazing amount of stuff that just needs to head to the trash can. Yeah, I'm bored... Have been hiking a lot for exercise since the gym is closed. One of the benefits of living in the sticks next to BLM land. Lots of old logging roads to discover and chart out. Even just busting out bottom-to-top reps on my own property - lowest to highest, a 13 minute round trip and about 200ft elevation gain. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 04/03/20 05:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

It will be very interesting to do a postmortem on this experience when it is all done. My opinion, as of the time/date of this post... There is a lot of hype out there driven by a mass media induced frenzy. It is not as bad as the doomsayers say, nor will the repercussions last as long as they are forecast. For me, I choose optimism over fear and hopelessness. Opportunity over misfortune. Dare I risk the cliche of 'If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade?' Even if I ultimately cannot change the fate of my outcome, I would rather face it with hopeful anticipation than to give in to fear and uncertainty. That is my choice, I cannot make it yours. But I can challenge you to join me and move beyond the mayhem of despair to seize the future. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 03/24/20 11:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

...However, I don't agree that we will 'recovery very quickly'. Fantastic article three days ago... it's been a great teaching piece especially for the younger ones who through no fault of their own, can't quite grasp the road we're on. The Atlantic, This Is Not a Recession. It’s an Ice Age. No, I don't think it's going to be quick. Last week, guru's were warning of 20% unemployment. Now, we're hearing 30%. It's a big deal. Personally, I find our value system a bit over the edge for the possible return, but make no mistake, as a nation, world, we're choosing a path. I pray I'm wrong. So here is a question... How many people were laid off just for the purpose of being able to claim unemployment? As an example, one of our local restaurant chains (McMenamins), laid off over 3000 employees due to the 'no dining' order. Those employees have hit the unemployment roles and statistics. When the 'no dining' order is lifted, how many of them will be suddenly re-employed? The restaurants cannot re-open without re-hiring. So I will agree with you - sure we could get a 20-30% spike until these orders are lifted. I don't see a 30% unemployment for the next decade like the Great Depression. The economic answers comes back to how quickly the government lifts the restrictions and lets people get back to work. Thanks, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 03/23/20 01:04pm Around the Campfire
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