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RE: Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

...In the news lately lots of stories about hiding evidence of mis-deeds is socially acceptable to a large percentage of population... That doesn't sound like news. Bad guys have been burning the papers, tossing the gun, and burying the bodies for a long time. :h Deleting electronic data that was mine to delete isn't a crime. Deleting electronic data that *potentially* showed me to be at fault is not evidence of me being at fault. It certainly looks bad, but its absence is not proof of bad. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/26/19 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck alternators

...The thing to remember is that the battery in the car is a power reservoir used to start the car not run other electronics. The alternator is what runs the electrical components in any vehicle, and top of the battery after it has been used to start the engine. When you start running aftermarket accessories you can easily use all the alternator’s capacity and drain the battery, hence the need for an alternator with a larger output. On a related note.... Had to replace a battery a few months back. I have always paid the premium for the "100 month" battery. I could not find them. Started asking around. With modern vehicles relying more & more on electrical/electronic systems and high power demands, the battery manufacturers were having a tough time meeting the 100 month warranty commitment. I guess it makes sense. Look at these golf-cart style cars that shut the engine off at every stoplight (stupid, IMHO). The car will then draw all its electrical load off the battery - radio, wipers, lights, HVAC, etc. A quick stab of the gas pedal and the starter hits it too. Then it gets 30-45 seconds of charge time before the next stop light. Yeah, that has got to beat the snot out of battery longevity. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/26/19 10:39am Truck Campers
RE: Rear end ratios

Darn. Dodge seems better as my Ford has governor at 85 mph. Doing the speed at 1/2 way to redline. Thats strange. None of the older or newer Powerstroke pickups I've been in are limited to 85. The factory speed limit is based off the speed rating of the stock (as-delivered) tires. My experiences back in the day... Mid 1990's Chevy Caprice with the factory 5.7 "Vette motor". Stock tires were 110mph, computer slowed down at 108mph. Exact same car with a different trim package and Z-rated tires, sold as the "Impala SS" had a 143mph governor on the "149+" rated tires. That's also why the cop cars of the era had different wheels/tires (and computer programming) compared to their civilian counterparts. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/26/19 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

Propane bottles need to be mounted somewhere where they won't be damaged if someone rear ends you - or you rear end someone who stops short in front of you. Someone needs to alert the travel trailer folk. Seems most of those propane bottles are mounted to the trailer's hitch, often right next to a battery which could spark. Sure do hope none of them are in an accident where the trailer is pushed in to the tow vehicle. An explosion may occur! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/19/19 12:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Leave it on or take it off

I have typically lifted mine off the bed, even though the truck is parked underneath it. I will lower it to rest lightly on the bed so that all the weight isn't held by the jacks or the truck. That said... I haven't had it off the truck since summertime. A 2nd truck (half-ton) arrived in the household, so it is getting all the light hauling duties. The big truck is only brought out if heavy hauling is needed. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/19/19 12:00pm Truck Campers
RE: digital thermostat

Hey Dusty, could you expand on your post? What part of the post is because homes use 24v and RV's use 12v? Is it the jumper between RH and RC? I've always thought that was weird that they all use an external jumper and don't just connect them together internally. Not Dusty, but taking a guess at the thinking. Home thermostats are powered by a transformer located with the HVAC system. That transformer provides power to operate the thermostat (assuming it is a thermostat that requires power and not an old mechanical one). Thus more than two wires between the furnace and thermostat. RV thermostats will have an on-board battery (a couple AAs) to provide power. On a furnace only configuration (no AC) the thermostat is a simple switch. Two wires. Connect them together and the furnace turns on. Very easy to wire. FWIW, taking out the mechanical thermostat and putting in an electronic one was one of the best mods I did on my RV and on my home. HTH, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/09/19 08:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Portable Generator Insurance?

(Cost to replace) X (probability of replacement) = value of offsetting the risk. So if a generator costs $1000, and there is a 10% chance of it getting stolen during the insurance period (probably one year), then $100 is maximum value of offsetting that risk. This gets more complex when deductibles are added in. My thoughts.... Talk to your insurance people. Find out what it will cost. Then take that money and invest in a good lock & chain to secure the generator to a fixed object while camping. Continue to set aside that same amount of money every year. By the time you reach the break-even point (10 years in my example), it will probably be time to buy a new generator anyway - and now you have a good chunk of the funds set aside and available. If the generator is stolen before then, you also have a good chunk of the replacement funds available - and for what extra you need to spend, well you were going to pay a deductible anyway had you been insured. Essentially self-insure the generator by setting aside the funds which would have been otherwise given away to the insurance agent. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/09/19 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Funny, sad and embarrassing.....

When propane runs out, the furnace fan will run continuously till it kills the batteries.Our fan shuts off if there's no propane. To be more precise... It stops trying to ignite & closes the solenoid if it does not sense a flame. The blower will then shut off after running for a few moments to dissipate any residual propane and to cool any (potentially) heated surfaces. I would be worried about a furnace which keeps operating unlit. Seems that is a recipe for the collection of propane and a potential explosion. That said... An old style pilot-light furnace would not have the pilot to heat up the thermocouple and open the main valve. So I could see how it will happily run the blower without being a safety issue. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/09/19 02:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Gas station guide

I understand it is always a challenge in a strange area trying to figure out how to deal with a large rig. I have found Google Earth and Google StreetView to be invaluable for trip planning. They allow me to see the layout of the area and get an idea how I will maneuver through it. Of course, if I am not planning out my trip & stops in that way, this all goes out the window. Maybe get yourself a co-pilot and mobile access point to help on the ad-hoc stops. HTH, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/05/19 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: RV'ing with a cat

Our newest family member is coming up on four months old and is 'in training' on many levels. We have made it a point to take him with us as much as possible when we leave home to run errands. As a result, he is very comfortable riding in vehicles. Usually curls up on the center console and goes to sleep. Harness on, and leash locked in to seat belt just in case - although he has never tried to make a break for it. He has never seen the inside of a cage. We *always* carry him in/out of the vehicle. He is never allowed to 'jump down' when we get home or anything like that. We want him programmed that the only way in/out is being held. Same thing applies to the camper. Going through the door himself isn't in the realm of possible options in his little mind. We have had one camping night so far. He took it in stride. Litter box in the shower, food under the table, and he couldn't have cared less. Typical feline attitude - "No problem, I can run this camper just like I run the house". The camper will be coming with us for family Christmas so we have our own quarters, and that will be his second camping trip. Our previous companion (RIP) was much the same way. He loved home, and tolerated travel / camping. We have to drive through some trees to get to our house and he always identified that as 'homecoming' and would get excited to go back to his house. It created a number of comical false alarms when there were trees coming in to a campground, LOL! He would 'talk' a bit about leaving home, but eventually learned the lesson of futility and got quiet after the first five miles or so. I think the trick is to get them used to riding in vehicles at an early age. And not just to go to the vet either. Car trips should just be another day for them, and not anything unusual. We didn't start the previous one at an early age and the first car trips were the under-the-seat howling panic, whereas the current one has been in a vehicle at least a dozen times in his first few months. All in, we very much enjoyed camping with our previous companion. After we lost him in February 2017, I think we only went camping twice over the following two summer seasons. The camper was really sad without him. With the new kid, I am looking forward to going camping more often this coming year. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 12/05/19 11:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: $600K Of Marijuana Seized in MH Near Joliet, IL

When Oregon legalized marijuana the price dropped significantly - there were farms/distributors everywhere. Feds are upset because Oregon suddenly became a major distributor of marijuana to other parts of the country where weed was still illegal.... Lots of legal grow operations around Oregon. A number of them are near schools / residential areas and were initial cause for concern. Fears turned out to be unfounded when the businesses said none of the product is for sale locally. Not my thing, but it is the legal in the law of the land. Does seem rather smart for the businesses & Oregon to get a jump on the industry as other states legalize. It will be entertaining to watch other states refer to the early adopter state's tax 'revenue' from pot sales as reasons why they should legalize too....only to find out the supply chain is already built elsewhere. As for the original topic of this thread, there is an amazing the lack of intelligence... "Hey, I'm committing a major felony, I'll just ignore the traffic laws so that the cops have a reason to pull me over." I guess dumb enough to commit the crime in the first place means dumb enough to get caught. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/21/19 01:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire chains needed?

...Ideally something quicker to install would be better since I dont expect to use them regularly enough to get practice.... I have been pretty happy with the chains from Les Schwab (a Pacific NW tire shop chain for those located elsewhere). IIRC, they will sell you a set of chains for around $100 or so. If you do not open the carrying bag, you can return them after the snow season for a full refund. I ended up getting surprised back in 2014 when I was in Eugene, and coming home to NW Oregon. I failed to note that the snow was coming from the south and thought I had plenty of time to drive home. Thus I had the car and not the truck. Ooops. All the freeways were dead stopped, so I took the back roads up the valley. The chains broke outside of Corvallis, so I went to the south Les Schwab that repaired them. That repair lasted until the north Corvallis Les Schwab, where I bought a new set that got me home. I left the old set with them to repair and stopped back there a few weeks later. They couldn't repair them so they handed me a new set. By coincidence they also fit the front tires on my Kubota tractor, so no complaints. Yes, they are quick & easy to install. Do a test run before the snow hits to figure out the system. Once I learned how they worked, it is a no-brainer install. HTH, -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/13/19 10:58am Truck Campers
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

I have really enjoyed "Mentour Pilot" on YouTube. He is a 737 pilot who is adept at taking a rational approach to the subject. He has a number of videos talking about the 737 MAX. Here are two: Why MAX needs MCAS!! Five questions about the Boeing 737MAX Boeing is getting the public black eye for MAX, but there is plenty of blame to go around the industry when the entire issue is looked at. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/12/19 06:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Removal of 10 year old trailer ugly decal pictures

Even if you remove the graphic, after 10 years you will have ghosting on the side of the trailer. Did you end up with ghosting after removal? If so, you might check out places that do vehicle wraps. Probably expensive to wrap the whole RV, but they could probably do something for just that area which would be cool, custom, and unique. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/12/19 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to destroy a truck camper in .5 seconds.

Methinks somewhere in Canada there are lawyers making bucks on writing Liability Waivers!
Eric&Lisa 11/12/19 04:56pm Truck Campers
RE: A camper window with a view

Deleted. Accidentally posted to wrong thread.
Eric&Lisa 11/12/19 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

Probably not a good choice for a long running generator, thus you won't go through that much propane. Maybe an hour or two here and there for A/C. It is rather noisy (though it is within National Park standards). But for quick & easy power it can't be beat. DW firing it up to run her hairdryer sure does beat the alternative of me getting booted out of the camper and being told to set up a generator! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/12/19 04:43pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Lot Insurance Ideas

...My current homeowner’s agent at State Farm pretty much laughed at me... Tough to make money if they don't write a policy. Even if it is for some high risk reason, that just means the premium is a lot more. I have forgotten how many times I have changed insurance because of bravo-sierra from the agent. They always start off competitive and raise rates hoping I forgot. One of the things about paying in full annually is they can't sneak in a few dollars here & there on a monthly account debit. Yeah, it is a PITA, but shop around and move one. Don't lay out the issues for the new agent, let them ask what they want to know. Just tell them you are covered right now but are competitive shopping to ensure your existing agent is in line with the going rates. The agents are in sales, they know they won't get your business if they don't take the time to write you a quote, so don't feel bad about taking their time. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/08/19 01:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: So This Popped Up in the "Recommended" Videos

....Okay, so I am a bit concerned about her showing herself and her rig off so publicly. Not a good idea for a young lady presumably traveling single. Not sure I would discount her abilities so quickly just because she looks good in a bikini. Looks like a pretty well squared away rig, boondocking out in desert. None of us get to that level of ability without having thought a few things through. Therefore, I've got to believe she has thought about about personal security & safety....right up to the point of bringing along a shovel should a body need to be buried. Definitely not the type of person who looks unprepared, downtrodden, or easy to victimize. Oh, and her YouTube channel has a "Dr." in the title. Assuming it is legit, that is not something given away to anyone who wants it. Just my $.02 -Eric
Eric&Lisa 11/06/19 06:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Trouble with California

I scanned through the pages of comments. Isn't it interesting how polarized we can be on such a simple issue. This discourse really speaks more for the state of our society than it does for the subject at hand. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 10/30/19 10:38am General RVing Issues
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