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RE: Intelligent Life !

To the best of our collective human knowledge... Mars is a planet entirely populated by robots. Perhaps we should check there.
Eric&Lisa 03/05/20 02:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do you get to your spare tire with the camper on?

...Anyone have any suggestions as to how you are able to crank down the spare?... Did that, done that. Middle of a freeway interchange. Busy freeway, in the city. On a hot afternoon. Right front tire, so it wasn't carrying the load of the camper. Had to put the jacks down and lift the camper in order to get at the bumper hole to lower the spare tire. Definitely in the not-fun category. That said... This should be a relatively rare occurrence. It will suck if/when it happens, but I wouldn't put too much effort in to engineering a different solution. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 03/05/20 02:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

...We have both worked our entire life, me starting with a paper route.... We did not buy the Lexus and Mercedes but instead a Hyundai.... I am tired of government officials having the ability to take my money and use it for their programs and initiatives I totally disagree with.... Isn't it interesting how those life choices lead to a disdain of government taking your money. Predominately, people who have earned their financial freedom are the ones who cherish it the most and despise those who try to take it. And people who have had it handed to them are the most willing to allow it to be taken. I was driving the aforementioned clapped-out Plymouth when I graduated college. In 1994 I averaged 64 hours a week running restaurants. At 50 years old, last week, I bought my first new car. Paid cash, and it wasn't a Hyundai either. Earned every bit of it myself. Hated having to pay the tax to the government with my hard earned & saved money. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/28/20 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: $590,000 camper van

Looks like a TEOTWAWKI type vehicle. Surprised they used carbon fiber instead of Kevlar. Maybe add some armor plating around the critical infrastructure. That sort of thing.
Eric&Lisa 02/27/20 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question -- "It's Full" Gifts for RVers

...it wasn't old and she said that it was because it was made way back in the 90's... Yeah, um, about that. The year 2050 is closer to us now than the year 1990. I dropped a decade around here somewhere. Can't seem to find it. If you see it, let me know, I am missing it. LOL! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/27/20 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Registration Rant

...To drive ANYWHERE outside of the greater OC/LA area during the day will take you at least 2-3 hrs. or longer.... HA! True story... Had a good friend visit us overnight who brought along his adult son (20's something). The son rents and lives in what is practically a closet on Venice Beach. The next morning I am making breakfast and notice the son sitting out in the yard, at the top of the hill. So I get busy applying all the stereotypes I can think of... California beach bum, coming down off a buzz, or getting started on the next one, etc. Finally I go out and check on him and ask what he is up to. His answer... "I have to drive three hours and then hike two hours for peace & quiet like this." I had to remind him that is 10+ miles to the nearest store, and the nearest metro area similar to where he lives is well over an hour away. So we all make the sacrifices and choices to get what we want most. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/27/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: How much would YOU offer?

...I will add that both campers are clean, and so condition is not an issue.... I'll tag on this a bit. Not so much about clean, more about where they have been stored when not in use. I would put a premium on a garage kept camper. Mid-price on a carport kept camper. And low-price on a camper that has been in the weather 24x7 its entire life. And even lower if it has been stored in freezing weather (water = ice + cracks + time = problems). -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/26/20 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: 1996 Chevy K2500 + Lance LC980 + 6,000lb trailer?

Yeah, uh, no. I have a 1997 K2500 gasser which should have the same suspension as your 1996. I added air bags and a rear anti-sway bar, along with the highest weight rating tires I could find. I am right at my weight limit with my Lance 1030. The 'weakest link in the chain' being the carrying capacity of the tires. I looked up a Lance LC980 - that is no small camper. I suspect you will be at or over the weight limit of the tires with just the camper, much less with the trailer tongue weight. You really need a dually haul that combined load safely. That said.... "Could" you do it? Sure. I see overloaded SRW's with campers & trailers all the time. I cringe a bit and give them some extra space - not something other drivers realize they should do. Just because the diesel under the hood can move the weight doesn't magically increase the carrying capacity of the tires. Am I here to be the "Weight Police"? Nope, but you did come here for advice. You do what you want. Good luck! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/26/20 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Graveside Boondocking?

I guess I am not familiar with any cemeteries which are not on private land of some sort. Just because there is no gate, lights, or groundskeeper does not mean it is public property. Even though the residents are quiet, it seems like it would still be trespassing to me. And the presence of an RV would certainly capture the scrutiny of any law enforcement driving by. I could see a maybe, for rural cemeteries that are partially abandoned and out in the boonies. But if I am out in the boonies already, there are plenty of spaces to go camping without seeking a cemetery. So even then I don't see the point. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/26/20 11:56am Truck Campers
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

.... Currently at New Melones Resevoir ( Tuolumne County, CA ) and about 1/2 of the weekday campers... I was surprised how this finished. I thought it was going to read... "about 1/2 of the weekday campers are retirees with no street address who flock to the southern climates during the winter." That said, it wasn't too long ago I was camping in a tent with a clapped out Plymouth, looking unwashed and disheveled, imbibing to the wee hours of the morning, and generally making a nuisance of myself. :B -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/21/20 03:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: KOA membership

We did a KOA once. More expensive than the state park across the street for partial hook up. Put in a gravel camping spot with zero privacy (no trees, etc between sites). Had to request a picnic table for our site. And to add to the insult, when we went to dump our tanks on departure, they told us to go across the road to the state park. Nope, haven't been back to a KOA since. Your Mileage May Vary! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/21/20 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance Denying Claims

OP registering, posting, and disappearing. Then another new rando dropping a marketing link. Methinks us regulars got hoodwinked by the whole thread. As a forum, I suggest we keep a sharper eye out for new posters and don't hesitate to call them out on their first posts. For example, maybe the first reply on this thread could have been something like... "Welcome to the forum, good to have you along. I see you have just registered and are dealing with a specific problem. Can you post some pictures so we can better understand what you are up against?" I think the nature of this community is to be helpful, and we jump right in when someone posts a problem. I am suggesting we take a quick look at that "Joined" date. If is the same day as their first post (particularly if it is a controversial, inflammatory, or one-sided post), we should dig a bit deeper in to the New Member before putting a lot of effort in to solving their problem. Just my $.02 -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/15/20 11:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative Generator For our campers

...When drycamping and the coach batteries get low, I bring them up a bit by idling the V10 for awhile....idling a vehicle engine to supply non-motive power can be a viable thing in certain situations. A family member of mine owns a generator company. The smallest they make is based on a Chevy 350. It puts out 208a on single phase. The V10 in the motor home is capable of a lot more output relative to the inputs needed to keep it running. Way overkill for simply charging the house batteries. But I do agree - it does make sense in certain situations. Certainly wouldn't be my primary battery charger. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/13/20 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: When does a Pickup become a " Historical Vehicle"?

I have a vintage Oregon "Pacific Wonderland" plate on my '57 Chevy with a current "Special Interest" sticker. For use in car club related activities only, such as parades or car shows. Put 4,400 miles on it the summer of 2018 on a road trip to Minnesota & back. Went to a car show in Henderson, MN during the trip. So while it may be a bit of gray area, in the letter of the law it was completely legal with the intended usage. Last week I got a Special Interest plate for my '91 Caprice as it is over 25 years old. DMV quizzed me on the usage. To illustrate how often the car is driven, I showed them my 2019 tags (issued in 2017) which were never installed on the plates. They backed down. I got tired of shelling out money every two years for a car that is rarely driven. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/11/20 12:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Camper with Built in Genset?

...That idea failed when i measure their height and realized a new AF is too tall for my shop... Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. Problems like this are simply opportunities to upgrade. New camper and a new shop to put it in. Tell DW you have the forum's approval and recommendation to proceed. :B Smart-aleck comment aside... Just how tall is the new camper, and how short is your shop? I looked up your existing AF 811, and it looks pretty much standard size to me. Are you only clearing today by fractions of an inch? -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/11/20 12:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Traveling in a group— How do you handle it?

Wow. Lots of travel alone opinions here. I'll be a bit contrary... I do like traveling with another vehicle, especially if it is someone who understands working together. The smaller, more nimble, vehicle can often work the traffic to help the larger vehicle change lanes, etc. For example, make the lane change in tight traffic, and then slow down to allow the big rig to move over. I know them, and they know me. So I know they are not going to do something stupid like cut me off or not watch my bumper. We have the shared experience and can pass the time commenting on the other drivers on the road, and warning each other. "Watch out for this butthead passing at high speed", or "I'm slowing because there appears to be debris ahead", or "Officer Friendly is making a revenue generation stop", etc. And then there is the fun on sharing a journey with friends. Let's swap passengers for the next leg. Someone different to visit with, some different stories to tell. Maybe some of the kids are more compatible with the others and they can buddy up in vehicles together, without mom & dad letting them get too far away. Just my thoughts... -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/10/20 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Camper with Built in Genset?

...Do they make a truck camper with a gen set? maybe one that runs on propane and enough power to run the AC? OR, Somewhere to store a genset such as a couple of Honda 2KW that I could run in tandem?... Oh. This discussion. Opinions a-plenty! Ultimately you need to analyze what is best for you, and go with that. Plenty of options in the marketplace once you clear that first decision. For me... Onboard Onan propane generator. Plus side: - Built in. No extra loose item to deal with. - No risk of growing legs and walking off from a campsite. - Biggest positive - DW's ability to fire it up without me having to put my beer down. - No additional fuel types to carry. Negative side: - It's loud. Still below national park standards, and quieter than a construction site. But I know it is running. - Sucks propane, especially under load. Run the AC to cool the camper when needed, not to leave running all day. - Expensive. Costs more per watt vs. a portable. - Cantankerous. Propane carbs can be fussy. Map out your own requirements and do what is best for you. Good luck! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/10/20 02:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Electronic Device Addiction

We were out to dinner last night with family from out-of-state. At times we were all looking at our phones. I don't think there was a single text, video, or other external activity going on. We were all looking at photos to show each other as we got caught up on each other's lives. So guilty as charged....kind of. Thirty years ago we would have been pulling the fan fold picture list from our wallets instead, so other than the underlying technology not much has changed. LOL! -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/01/20 11:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Super Bowl Turf....

I just got the breakdown on tomorrow's game... 5% want the Chiefs to win 5% want the 49rs to win 90% are just glad the Patriots aren't playing again Hopefully it will be a close game right down to the final plays. Those are so much more entertaining than lopsided blowouts. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 02/01/20 11:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Zoning Law

...Rural areas I have dealt with basically don't have land use codes that affect this sort of thing. They have building codes, but that's not what we're talking about in this thread... Rural living definitely has more freedom, but consequently takes more tolerance. If I want to target practice on my land on a Sunday afternoon, my neighbors can't say a darn thing about it. Similarly if their dogs are barking at the moon at 3am, I can't say anything either. The tolerance comes when I invite the neighbors over for some Sunday afternoon target practice & BBQ, during which I suggest they keep their dogs inside whenever there is a full moon. I think I know my rural neighbors much better than when I lived in suburbia, and that does help the tolerance and understanding as well. As for rural code enforcement... I think they are really looking at two primary concerns. 1) Is the property owner doing something with their land which will negatively impact the land around it? Dumping pollutants in a stream for example. 2) And can emergency services get where they need to go? Is the road too steep? Is there a place where a fire truck could turn around if they had to? That sort of thing. I don't even think code enforcement would do anything themselves if they saw new construction. They would, however, mention it to their buddies in the tax assessor & building inspector offices. One hand of government watches out for the other. There is a reason a closed gate exists at the bottom of my driveway. -Eric
Eric&Lisa 01/29/20 12:40pm General RVing Issues
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