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RE: Tioga George

So sad to hear of George's passing. I enjoyed his blog for many, many years and his meet ups. RIP George.
FULLTIMEWANABE 02/05/19 11:04am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Any Diving RVers?

Been a few years but we'd not found many opportunities on the East side, but out West had had some off Vancouver/Islands/California coasts in places. Off the Fla Keys, Blue Holes, various Caves, Gulf Mexico for just itsy bitsy messing around (Point of Rocks Sarasota albeit free diving worked as not very deep to warrant full scuba LOL), but we enjoyed various jump off areas around there. Beautiful crystal blue/green waters off Gasparilla Island Fla on right side going in but on the left of the point is where the Pro Tarpon fishing occurs - crabs etc, flushing out of Charlotte Harbour. Mexico should give you some good diving sites if you RV down there. Whale Sharks were the highlight for my daughter and hubby. Otherwise most of our diving was done Bahamas, Caribbean etc. Google is your friend ;)
FULLTIMEWANABE 11/27/18 03:54pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: How many driving hours per day?

I very vividly recall the working/school crazy days of yesteryear when we'd drive 12 or 14 hour days sometimes (including fuel and meal stops), to cram as much time in at a destination as possible. Nowadays, we vary how long we travel from day to day. Find hubby now sometimes finds even an hour half/two hours too long LOL. I think most days of "travel" days, we would average around 3 to 6 hours depending what we are stopping and looking at enroute. When we get closer to home, we are known still to finish the last 7 to 8 hours on occasion in one go. You said you were in no rush! If that is the case, then find some places you'd like to stop at enroute and hold up as and when you want to. It's not a race ;)
FULLTIMEWANABE 11/20/18 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finally joined the Apple bandwagon!

I was a devote PC/Windows user for the longest time and Blackberry Bold - totally anti anything Apple. Excel and the other suite of Office programmes I just loved. Finally a client that works for apple insisted with his working for Apple I couldn't be seen with a Blackberry, on giving me his old iPhone 5 and the next thing on a visit to his home in San Jose, daughter and I both ended up toting MacBook Pros back home with us. Hated the numbers and pages compared to Word and Excel for the longest time, but with practice since 2014 am now a user of all things Mac. One HUGE thing I learnt very very early on was when the new upgrades come out like Yosemite and the others, I DO NOT upgrade immediately, as many have had glitches, which I can't afford the downtime for. I wait a couple of months or so and then do the upgrade after googling what problems others that have upgraded to the new system have had and the solutions have been implemented to those problems. Right now I am still being prompted to upgrade to MACOS MOJAVE, but am resisting for a few weeks to see what problems others might encounter from this upgrade first. Love the fact that the mac doesn't crash as much as the PC did or go as sluggishly slow.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/31/18 12:53pm Technology Corner
RE: overnight stop

South Pointe Casino at the very South end of the LV Blvd has awesome free Overnight area for RV's and Trucks. We stayed there twice very comfortably with security checking in regularly back in June this year and would do so again. Silverton said we could also stay O/N in the designated area when we were just visiting the fish/waterfall display.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/19/18 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Where Do You Stay in Las Vegas

Stayed at LV RV Resort Nellies Boulevard early end May this year and also the year before. We don't toad, and whilst the RV Resort was great and reasonably priced, walking to and from to Sam's Town was a little nerve wrecking, especially at night!! Used the Shuttle at Sams Town whilst staying there to get to the strip and back = worked OK for 3 days when we were generally waiting for an overseas relative arrival at McCarran to come in. On the return trip to drop off at McCarran, we booked into Oasis LV for 3 nights, just off South side of Strip and now they are charging $12 for their shuttle per person per day return trip with very limited schedule, so we Ubered up and down the strip and did Freemont as well. That worked brilliantly. With no relatives on board we prefer to boondock, so in the past we've stayed at the back of Bally's/Paris, but they now charge for parking, albeit we did once stay O/N there. However, right south on the strip is the South Pointe, and they have a dedicated area for trucks and RV's to stay O/N complimentary which we did for two nights and it was perfect, and felt way more comfortable walking around wise than Nellies Boulevard. Like we said, very much enjoyed the Las Vegas RV Resort for pricing etc near Sam's town but felt very very uncomfortable walking around the sketchy area of Sams Town vicinity. Seeing some interesting folks, police checking vehicles often and people urinating on the main boulevard against the small trees. To each their own, and YMMV, just sharing our experience this May. PS: We used Passport America for both stays at the Oasis Las Vegas, so the rate was much more reasonable than the rack rates - Mon to Thurs both times.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/08/18 01:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How long have you had your current RV?

Second RV = Gas Engine A Class had it from new in March 2003 = 15 years. First was a fifth wheel for 3 years.
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/19/18 11:17am General RVing Issues

Thanks all, it was a wonderful trip for hubby and daughter except for the fishing charter (another story another time!) and used Cora for $38 return per person. Thrilled with them, on time, and comfortable both at pickup from airport and from hotel to return.
FULLTIMEWANABE 05/17/18 12:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dump Station Location Listings

We tend to use Sanidumps.com. Most all Giant gas stations have free dump and water, as do most Flying J's but used to charge albeit the one in Great Falls exit 277 has big FREE sign up on it right now! In a pinch we've gone into a State Park and paid a fee to dump and take on fresh water once. Most RV Parks also charge a fee to dump and potable fill.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/22/18 09:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Should I Eternabond or lap sealant

FWIW: Since we discovered Eternabond, it's been a one time repair for us after several years of always going up on the roof removing and recaulking/resealing. Did all our seams, and around every piece of furniture up on the roof, ladder attachment, antenna, skylights, fans, absolutely anywhere that could ever leak we put some eternabond. We also after much frustration cut a very thin strip for around, the windshield edges that we tried for several years to stop leaking including reinstalling to no avail. Eternabond did the job 2+ years ago and it's still working, and I don't think we'll ever use anything else but ......... PS: We've even used Eternabond around the outside of stucco building cut outs for pipes, and it's worked super for that use as well, keeping any bugs/rodents etc out.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/20/18 01:08pm Tech Issues

Latest update: $5820 deposit paid for engine ordered from Jasper engines last Thursday, and yesterday Tuesday 17th, borrowed a truck and headed back home to Alberta (5hrs door to door) rather than spend potentially 10 nights in a hotel/eating out, waiting removal, reinstall etc of engine. The second engine put in in 2013 from arrival being towed in at Pocatello to leaving was exactly a week, but this company today, says that it's a week for engine to arrive and another to remove and reinstall various components and replacement engine. Admittedly I'm not convinced that most items were addressed when the previous engine replacement was done properly, but this company has said for sure they will replace external oil cooler and lines, discussed the MAS and I asked for transmission to be checked (says hard to do much in that regards!), as well brake pads whilst at it, just to try to avoid any further problems after we hopefully get back on the road again by hopefully weekend after the next one.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/18/18 09:29pm Class A Motorhomes

Another update before lunchtime was "Bad news, you need a new engine". Talking about 2 weeks we'll be stranded here now. Kindly agreed to put us in back lot until engine arrives and then we'll need to go in hotel for them to put her in workshop where we are not allowed to stay in until she's complete. So we are glad to be in our rig with all our creature comforts around us even in huge snowfall last night, Luckily we have a full propane tank, and are very very conservative using our tanks/water etc. Pipes are still winterized as well fortunately, with this two day cold snap, as we initially intended on dewinterizing when nearer Mesquite and warmer weather. So here we sit, hoping engine comes in earlier than the ETA, waiting for several inches that fell of snow yesterday to melt, looking at lots of trucks, semis, buses, school buses, Schwann vehicles all no doubt awaiting repair like us. Sigh ...... As hubby and I say "as long as we got each other" we handle whatever life throws at us. And as long as I've got awesome folks like you guys with your advice and feedback it sure helps a ton. So, any advice on specific things I should be asking get checked or done, to try to ensure a stress free trip the rest of the journey once we get out of here? I mentioned I want to be sure nothing can go wrong with the transmission, but was told couldn't really test that until after engine is in so ...... Any tips on what major things should be checked before we eventually leave here is so very much appreciated. FTW.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/13/18 08:55am Class A Motorhomes

Just been told we need to get hotel for tonight as kindly gunna get us in now and try get us out of here tomorrow. Can't help it but me thinks there's more to this and it'll be longer but have to wait and see hopefully know by later today so if more parts needed can be ordered and not have the delay of the weekend on top but you know when you just get that feeling in your tummy that it's gunna be longer into mid next week plus. So very very much hope I'm wrong but ....... Thanks a mill everyone for your help with what to ask and where to go. All useful for the future as well. I log in excel lots of info over the years I've picked up from much more knowledgeable folks than I on these forums which been studying since the late 90's initially. FTW, but not so sure some days LOL.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/12/18 09:17am Class A Motorhomes

Bless your heart Richard, this is for sure info we need to keep a log of for future, as you will see why reading on! As we all know we break down at some point or another. Alas, we only got from MM277 at Great Falls Montana to just south of Helena between MM 172 and 173, and although hubby had checked at a rest area (was closed at gate but we pulled in to check oil anyway), just prior and added more oil, within a very short period after there was a "jingling, like keys noise", so we are now towed back late here to Mechanix Unlimited in Great Falls, awaiting an outcome tomorrow hopefully. The AMA/AAA wanted to take us to Butte or Helena but no one could see us until mid to end late next week at the very very earliest. So here we sit, just hoping we don't get told we need another new engine. Already had one reconditioned put in at Pocatello in 2013. Ho hum, the pain we pay (only 5.5hrs from home LOL), for the joy we get some of the times in this RVing lifestyle eh. So far keeping the premise of "attitude is latitude" so must keep mine. Midnight Sadie you certainly called that one. Just glad to be off the highway and back at the repair place right now. Alas we have little water as stayed winterized with the temperatures bad in AB when we left on Monday night (was going to get filled and antifreeze flushed out at Idaho Falls where temps higher before heading to Mesquite). Living on Strip Washes and desperate to get a shower somewhere tomorrow to do the old hair thing as well!). Dishes in sink afraid to use the carry on water we brought to wash them until after tomorrow when we can hopefully get some from inside as outside taps still turned off due to weather. Enblethan, thanks for that tip. I will be sure to bring it up tomorrow with them. In the meantime anything else "being non mechanical minded" we should ask them to check to avoid any more issues/breakdowns after the fact is more than welcomed. Have a great rest of the night folks.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/11/18 10:19pm Class A Motorhomes

Hoping someone here might be able to help, we are on a trip from Canada down to the USA. Hitting I15 to Pocatello, Mesquite, down to YUMA (medical appointment there on Monday morning). then heading towards Phoenix, Tucson, to then the plan was fish all around New Mexico, before meeting cousin in Vegas coming from Ireland for 3 week trip up to Grand Canyon, California coast. Currently right now, sitting in Great Falls Idaho, at wonderful man Ron's Mechanix Unlimited business. He can't handle the labour intensive repair and get us out of here until Monday, but says we should be OK for a while to get to our appointment in Yuma without too much incident as long as we keep eye on oil levels every 100miles or so, and he has sealed which we are waiting for it to dry right now to hopefully assist in the interim. NEED PLEASE: Recommendation of a GOOD, Reliable repair facility that could handle our 36ft Southwind Gas Engine RV Workhorse Chassis for the above type of repair. Anyone have any recommendation of where best to get this done at a "fair" door rate/hourly rate price for quality work. Many many thanks, FTW
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/11/18 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question for any Brits in the crowd

Ex-pats from quarter century ago, and hubby born and bred Islington North London and I worked at St Barthlomew's hospital back in early 80's. As a local, we loved going to Upper St market at weekends Islington, also another called Club Row (can't remember it's exact location). Petticoat Lane was another favourite - none of the markets are the same as yesteryears of course :( We love walking along the Camden locks, seeing the houseboats and as some enter the locks. On a visit back there in 2011 and 2015 (first return for youngest daughter to see her history, then hubby in 2015 who hadn't been back for over 18 years), we walked from Kings cross station all along the canals to Camden Town, then caught a bus back up to Upper Street Market and walked back down to Kings Cross from their to Tube it back to Victoria. Sadly there used to a good old fashioned British pub on every street corner, most of our old young haunts now though have been torn down and high density flats/masionettes have been built in their place. Soho, Bond Street, Regent Street, Hatton Gardens and many of the other places all looked so different, and the crowds - Holy guacamole is there ever a ton of folks with no manners - crossing to access main line tube stations was like a charge of the light brigade with no sense of one direction to one side. Quite the eye opener from our yesteryears. Sigh. We stayed at the University accommodations both times, just around the corner (quiet treelined street) but within easy walking distance to Victoria Tube station. Get an Oyster card and load it for your weeks stay! We walked for miles and miles without using transport much at all. Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Windsor Castle, Thames River Cruise, Tower of London, London Zoo, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Houses Of Parliament, No 10 Downing Street, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods (because you can!), Madam Tussauds, Churchill War Rooms? Maybe check out the London Pass if it will save you some money admissions. There's nothing like being in a cab with an old born and bred true Cockney - if you find one it'd be worth the entertainment not only on "lingo" (language) used but they'll talk about "the old queen mum", and tons of interesting facts. Maybe ask for a set rate, would they drive you around past the main attractions and ask "where's some hidden local secret must dos". Decide from googling what interests you Gary, then googlemap it to create your daily itineraries. Oh a little out but Windsor Castle you might find interesting as well. We also liked Woburn Abbey further afield. FTW. PS: If you want I have a wonderful generations born and bred childhood friend of my husband's who's a cabbie (taxi driver) I can give you his face book contact if you PM me. PPS: Enjoy the original British culture and ambience if you can find it, just take plenty of "dough" (money) Some Cockney Slang you might hear = Dog and Bone (phone), Apples & Pears (stairs), Frog and Toad (Road), Blue Lady (UK5pound note), Mincers and/or Mince Pies (hands and eyes) and other money slang = pony, monkey, quid. Above all embrace it and have an absolute blast.
FULLTIMEWANABE 04/02/18 11:33am General RVing Issues
Los Algodones Dentist For Best Denture Sizing/Fit Experience

We are looking for a solid based on experience recommendation of a great Dentist in Los Algodones for replacement dentures. Previous experience has been a hit and miss and someone that really is keen to ensure a great fit and practical use of would be appreciated. Someone that's had previous experience with actual full dentures from there would be so appreciated. Thanks a mill.
FULLTIMEWANABE 03/30/18 11:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Best site to search for a site?

Another vote for Ultimate Campgrounds here :)
FULLTIMEWANABE 03/30/18 10:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sea Snakes

When we visited Cozumel back in the early 2000's, we were snorkelling near where there was a sunken plane if I recall correctly. It was beautiful, and we used to take the sealed packets of crackers with us to crumble and release for the fish (parrot, sergeant majors, etc) to swim around us for photos. All of a sudden as we were headed out quite way from the beach snorkelling I looked up and hubby pointed to look down and there was what appeared to be a snake for sure and it was black and white zig zag type pattern. I've never swam/finned back to shore as fast in all my life LOL. PS: A little off track but interesting to us. We've seen other types of very long fat snakes swimming across Lake Shasta as well!
FULLTIMEWANABE 03/28/18 12:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CA HWY 1 - Now. Help Us Trip Plan.

Check out free campsites.net Apart from our time in Santa Barbara and San Fran' we are dry camping without reservations from San Diego up to Napa Valley & St Helena. Rest areas allowed max 8 hrs, but many report they have stayed in them 10 hrs or thereabouts without incident.
FULLTIMEWANABE 03/27/18 11:41pm Roads and Routes
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