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RE: Is a slider hitch worth the extra money?

Extended pin boxes do not change the width of the 5th wheel. If 1/2 the width of the 5th wheel is greater than the hitch kingpin bore centerline to cab distance, then contact is a given at (or possibly before, depending on front cap configuration) 90 degrees. The slider moves the hitch kingpin bore centerline rearward, so it provides additional clearance at 90 degrees that the extended pin box does not. Rusty Some may be confusing extended pin boxes, which just move the 5th back, but retain the same pivot point at the hitch, with extensions like the Sidewinder that actually move the pivot point. With the first Rusty is right on. With the second, it's like your bed is longer and the hitch was further from the cab. What is bad is to get crafty and install your hitch further back to give you the space - all sorts of bad things effecting load carrying and rig handling will result, so don't try it.
Flapper 03/27/15 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where do you park/store your RV when not camping?

Dealers storage facility about 15 mi. away, normally. We do keep it in the drive for prolonged periods when we will be doing shorter trips and/or have need to to some kind of other prep or repair.
Flapper 03/19/15 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Most reliable 5th wheels

Ditto on what has already been said. When we were shopping, the deciding factors ended up being: 1) How long was the warranty? - Most are 1 year, a very few are 2 year. Gotta figure if the Mfg. stands behind it longer, your odds are better.... 2) How good, really, is the dealer? That can be harder, as there are few places to see much in the way of customer reviews. We actually cruised a few local campgrounds and asked those who appeared to be locals about their unit and their dealer. Troll all the various forums dedicated to the brands you are interested in to see what issues there may/may not be. Trailer Life magazine has a "ombudsman" column that helps resolve service complaints, which can be an eye opener on how well or poorly some companies respond. Spending time going through back issues should be worthwhile. Otherwise, it will be one-offs of people loving or bashing a brand, which may not be the best basis, but sometimes is all you have to go on. Count us among the Jayco lovers going into our 3rd year. The only issues have been very, very minor.
Flapper 03/18/15 08:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bedbugs!

These guys are the industry leaders in establishing methods to control bedbugs. Not located in California, but it might pay to call them for a referral to a more local company that follows their protocols. The cool part is that they train dogs to be able to detect as little as ONE bedbug egg, so they know where to concentrate the effort! Better to use them than some home remedy that may have you breathing/eating insecticide everytime you go in your camper for months to come! http://www.plunketts.net/bed-bugs
Flapper 03/17/15 09:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tolls from NY to Orlando

Go to each states Dept of Trans web site and check out their tollway information. Their pass names may be different, but I bet that all of them honor the one you have from New York. If you don't have a transponder, check out the deals from any of those states that can be used in the others, before just assuming you have to have a New York one. You may find a good deal. Beware, some states, like New Jersy, charge a monthly fee for inactivity. So if you don't think you'll use it often, stay away from those places! I missed a deal a few years ago where Ohio was offering to put an additional $25 on the transponder, just for signing up! I originally got a Jersy one, and used it all over the East Coast and then back to Minnesota. Later traded for one from Illinois, and have used that from Minn. to New York, down to Virginia, and up to Maine. All of them automatically detect you have a trailer, and charge your account automatically, so you can always go through the EZ-Pass (or whatever it is called) lane.
Flapper 03/15/15 07:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pictures of campsites at Gulf State Park?

Thanks for the replies - We're hoping that in early-ish March, the need for shade won't be so critical esp. morning and evening, when one is most apt to be sitting outside.
Flapper 03/06/15 04:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pictures of campsites at Gulf State Park?

How did you find out your campsite? Our reservation states "Campsites are assigned at time of check-in". This was for the waterfront "Live Oak" area. Do they actually assign one if you call vs reserve on-line? We're Minnesotans, and will be there March 5-10.
Flapper 03/05/15 03:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: On-line reservation timing

Hoping for Kodachrome after labor day, stay 10 days to two weeks....specific September dates pretty open. 10am eh? Hmmm, I'll be in the Eastern time zone when availability may open up. Sounds like doing some availability testing ahead of time as you suggest may be in order.
Flapper 02/27/15 07:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
On-line reservation timing

I am about to have to enter the wild and wooly world of timing a reservation to a campground. In this specific case, a spot in one of the Utah state parks. Sites become available starting 4 months prior to the first date. To make it harder, you can then reserve up to 13 days into the closed period, which means there may be many sites already taken due to earlier reservations. So there might not be much available. Does this mean getting on-line at 12:00:01 am? And if so - given that some of these centers may be somewhere else in the world, what time zone? Mountain time, because it is Utah, or some other? Although I am asking about a specific state, any words of wisdom you have for tackling other National or State reservation systems would be appreciated. Kinda a bummer to have key elements of a travel plan hang on the roll of the dice...but I guess that is the price we pay for RV'ing being so popular!
Flapper 02/26/15 08:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bryce/Zion with dogs...

Thanks for the update. I saw the reference to the first, but it seems likely that they are out of business. Any general recommendations for campgrounds? Kodachrome might be close to first choice, but it's not available for the length of our stay in May, so private ones may have to be next on the list.
Flapper 02/22/15 05:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Bryce/Zion with dogs...

Looking at either a May or September first time trip to this area. We will have 2 Australian Shepherds with us. Looking for something to accommodate the 30ft 5th wheel, full hookup (plan on about 10+ days in the area). While we are older, we are still interested in "easy" hiking and biking. Dog walking on the trails is a plus - so may spend some time in Kodachrome and Escalante. National Parks seem to be not very dog friendly. Any recomendations for a campground that either is not bothered by dogs unattended in the camper (provided they make no noise, of course), or campgrounds and kennels within a reasonable distance of each other, so we can tour Bryce/Zion on day trips w/o dogs?
Flapper 02/22/15 09:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How to do a bike rack on a 5th wheel with no receiver?

$500 for a hitch is not that bad. You'll be close for on for the front of the truck. Do a search, there are also a few bike solutions that effectively come off the pin box, putting the bikes in front of the 5th's end cap. Or there is always the top of the trucks cab. I would never think of using the ladder - as noted, it's just not built for the bounce-bounce-bounce. If doing a rear receiver, be very careful about the brand/model of bike rack. Only a few are designed for the bouncing, which is far more than would happen on the back of a car/truck. Your receiver will stay on, but the rack itself may fail and fall off.... You have to sometimes dig into the instructions before you find out that a particular model is not intended for RV use.
Flapper 02/22/15 08:36am Towing
RE: Drone deliveries and dogs

I've flown RC aircraft for many years. Our club had to institute a leash rule for dogs. Mine tend to ignore the activity (Australian Shepherds), but we've seen many a lab or similar run down the runway trying to grab a plane (helicopter/quadrocopter("drone")) from the air that was trying to land. As far as shooting them down - that's a no-no - you do not have rights to the air above your property. Not the same order, but legally would be in the same bucket as trying to shoot down a low flying plane (minus the attempted murder part). Gotta wait until it touches down, then you can get into the legal wrangling over "found" items.
Flapper 02/16/15 10:29am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dogs out west and hazards to avoid...

Thanks all, good advice. While we traveled in SDak, NDak, Wyo, Mont, Oregon and Cal this past summer, we really never went much beyond commercial campgrounds, state parks, and the like. The Utah trip would be a lot more hiking and "back country" (well, not major crowd anyway) than previously. The dogs are Australian Shepherds - one 7rs old ~50 lbs, the other 12 yrs @ 55 lbs. So while up north in Minn. I have to think about them encountering wolves, I'm not too worried about coyotes bothering them. Already protected for heartworm, ticks, etc. They'd be indoors with us every night, except for maybe a campground potty walk, if needed. Mostly worried about spiders and scorpians, and snakes to much a lesser degree. Hiking along a trail, there have to be all sorts of interesting places to put a nose. Good to know it is something to be aware of, but not a constant threat (kinda like wolves!). Active dogs, so an off leash place to throw a ball would be nice - but it is not required, esp. if there might be safety concerns.
Flapper 02/13/15 01:14pm RV Pet Stop
Dogs out west and hazards to avoid...

We're contemplating a few weeks this year to visit some of the Utah parks. While National parks aren't very dog friendly, it looks like state parks are better (leashed on trails, etc.). Plus, of course, the non-National Park land areas. But a warning on the state park web site about not putting hands under plants, rocks, etc. along the trails due to snakes, scorpions and spiders got me thinking about the dogs.... So what kind of precautions should I take to avoid potential problems? Leave them in the camper (I hope not, as being able to bring them was exactly why we got a camper...) Any hints and tips?
Flapper 02/12/15 11:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: Electrical Golf Cart -- Tax credit ??????

Ummm, there are tax credits for RV's - you can deduct the interest as part of the home mortgage deduction......
Flapper 02/10/15 11:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Badlands, and wind cave S. Dakota that bad?

I love stopping at the Badlands. It's not that big, and therefore limited in variety of "things to do", but bad?? No way! Not a destination park, but definitely a layover location. Can't speak to Wind Cave - been to Black Hills too many times years ago, so tend to skip the whole area these days in favor of further west locations.
Flapper 01/31/15 06:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Inexpensive places to summer over in WI, MI, or MN

Especially Minn and Wisc, what you are hoping to do is what EVERY resident of the state hopes to do (at least it seems like it). Buy an RV and use it as an alternative to purchasing the expensive "cabin on the lake". That drives the price of finding a place to put it.....$1,000 a month is about average up here. Most spaces are rented for the entire summer. Base camps - those not on a body of water, are pretty few and far between unless they are oriented toward the single night traveler. You may be better off doing a week or two at a time at the state park - but get going on reservations now!
Flapper 01/24/15 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does Such A Computer Program Exist?

Do a Google search for "Nutritional Calculators". There are lots. For decades I was the administrator for one of the big names in the commercial field, CBORD's "Food Management System" - uses the USDA's database, along with many others, to do what you are asking ( and a lot more things needed for managing commercial food operations). For private, one off use, I'm currently using "MyFitnessPal" (google it). It does pretty much the same thing, focused on managing weight loss. But it gives me good info on sodium, vitamins, and all the rest, too. Not very good if you want to get into menu planning, but for creating single recipes, it's pretty easy to use. You can even scan package bar codes using your smartphone to have it call up all of the label information automatically, right into the recipe. If you really want one for meal/menu planning, call your nearest University Food Science/Nutrition school and ask for their recommendations. Then you will get one that you know will be using the best data possible.
Flapper 01/20/15 09:44pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Financing an RV

I hesitate to suggest this, as most think it is a very bad idea....but if you have built up good equity in your house, you might look at a refinance of that to give you the money to buy the RV with cash. In our case, two years ago, we had 6 yrs left on the mortgage, at 4.8%. Doing a refi got us our fifth wheel and an 8 year mortgage at 2% (!!!) So monthly house payments only went up a little, and it's not very much longer till the payoff of both. Current interest rates aren't that good, but they are still very low. It would at least be worth the time to crunch the numbers to see if you can make it work out to avoid the long repayment period that quickly puts you massively upside down in your value and equates to huge amounts of interest payments.
Flapper 01/20/15 09:20pm General RVing Issues
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