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RE: CPAP machine and batteries

What I am not clear on is does the machine have a healing effect, or just temporary relief? As I understand, this is not an age issue.I personally knoe two people between 45 and 50 that have Apnea. Wayne Temporary. It only works while the machine is on. True, it's not an age issue. Often considered to be a weight issue, as excess weight and flesh causes the airway to close when relaxed, as in sleeping (obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA). The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) forces the airway open, allowing unobstructed breathing. So the only potential "cure" is losing weight, or surgery to reduce the material blocking the airway. Hmmm - my sleep center stressed that it was NOT a weight issue. Solely genetics. Neck size and "shake the room" snoring by one or both parents are some of the predictors. I had neither, and was considered a very low chance patient, but did the sleep study anyway (for cardiac just-in-case reasons), and yep - now I too have a CPAP. Running two Costco 6v batteries, through a 600w inverter, to the humidified CPAP. Easily went 3 days, while also using LED lighting, TV/DVD player, water pump, and very, very limited heat. Didn't need it longer, so unsure if I could have gone for 4!
Flapper 02/02/16 06:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Help preparing for first long distance RVing vacation

Sounds like you have the bases covered for most items. Long trips are just more of the same as short trips. The biggest thing to think about is actual time in the seat. The Bighorns, for example, are fantastic - but driving is pretty slow. Very long uphills and downhills, with lots of sections of 15mph switchbacks, etc. Easily do-able, but don't plan to be covering 100 miles in an hour and a half. Go on-line, and purchase a copy of "The Mountain Directory-West" (downloadable). It covers all the routes in the western US and notes where there are steep grades. While you may want to run at 60-65mph when possible to make time, budget an average of 40-45mph for the average per day to account for stops, slow areas, etc. Yes, slower than when just in a passenger car, but your family, and tires, will be grateful. 1200 miles in two days is very, very ambitious when pulling a trailer! You'll be getting up really early, and arriving really late.
Flapper 01/31/16 09:07pm Towing
RE: Who's Towing a 5th with a half ton?

Just to chime in - I Am! But, you have to shop very carefully. My F150 with both the Max Tow and Max Payload packages (a pretty rare, custom ordered, configuration) JUST makes the pin weight of my 5th. And we pack very light. To date, I haven't seen specs (not that I am looking very hard) for a 1/2 ton that can do better. Almost all are worse, and therefore not suitable for a fifth. They can pull, but they can't carry.
Flapper 01/27/16 10:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Not the Drones again

The problem with drones for me is not so much them flying overhead as when they stop flying or lose control and start crashing into houses, people, moving traffic etc. and it will happen. Could you imaging driving on the expressway and an out of control or dead drone comes through the windshield. Let the drone operators have their fun but away from populated areas. X2!!! As a very long time Radio Control flyer, the biggest lesson: they all crash! And so you make sure to never fly where there is a chance of person or property damage. Which automatically eliminates most concerns over property abuse or privacy. There are a multitude of fun/beneficial uses for these, but there has to be responsibility too! And that is the hardest part to communicate. But, it is a self correcting problem - after a $1,000 toy turns itself into a pile of plastic and broken electronics, there will be far fewer who will buy a second one. Primarily only those who have a more serious use for it, or are firmly into the hobby, who by default will be more responsible. But we will have to duck and cover for a bit, for that to work itself out.
Flapper 01/26/16 08:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Blue Buffalo 32 m settlement

it had large hairs,or bristles sticking out, of the chunks, of food. Unfortunately, I found the same thing in the canned beef stew I had for lunch a couple of weeks ago......
Flapper 01/21/16 04:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Max. Trailer length - NP and state parks

Even though I have what may be termed a "shorter" 5th, between the trailer and the truck, I always look for sites that are greater than 50', which usually give me just enough room to drop the 29' fifth, and then still back my truck all the way in when unhitched. Even that is kind of tight. As noted, another issue is the width of the access road, and what is directly across from the entrance to the site. Not a lot of fun backing into a high angle site, with a solid row of trees on the other side of the single lane track they call an access road! If reserving, I always try to find a site that has another sites entrance directly across from it, to give me a little more room to maneuver. Of course, you rarely know what rocks or trees may be flanking the entrance until you get there!
Flapper 01/15/16 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Family RV road trip- Mount Rushmore/Yellowstone/Grand Teton

As others have noted: Day 5 (Aug 10): leave Custer around 8 am & head to Cody making a pit stop at Devils Tower. Stop and camp for the night in Cody. Devils Tower will chew up 3-4 hours, as it is a bit off the Interstate. It's neat, but can be skipped. I assume you're going from DT through the Big Horns to Cody - extremely scenic drive BUT very slow, twisty turny, long sections of mountain driving. Another reason to skip DT. Prior to that, see if you can jigger the trip to spend a night in the SDak Badlands, near Wall. The KOA there is recommended - or the campgrounds in the park itself. First real "scenic" area you will hit on the drive, and worth an overnight, and a slow drive through in the morning (takes a couple of hours). More bang for your vacation time buck then Devils Tower. And then you have a shorter drive to the Black Hills, which will allow for better spirits when dealing with the traffic there.
Flapper 01/11/16 08:45am Roads and Routes
RE: M$'s XP 'red X' scare tactics again - unbelievable

... they'll be threatening us... if we continue to run their horribly unsafe and faulty product. http://www.shorpy.com/files/images/26153u.jpg width=640 MODERATOR'S NOTE: Edited to reduce size of photo to forum recommendations.
Flapper 01/05/16 10:27am Technology Corner
RE: M$'s XP 'red X' scare tactics again - unbelievable

MSFT is too busy fixing the holes on Win10 to have time to fix the holes that still remain in Win7 and WinXP. Win10 IS the fix for the holes in WinXP and Win7! Why even bother to fix the other two?
Flapper 01/05/16 08:31am Technology Corner
RE: Anybody else love those park sensors on their vehicles?!

I wouldn't ever want to be without the backup cam and "lane assist" feature on my F150. It's saved me so many times.... But now I see the new ones have "trailer assist"! The truck automatically backs up your trailer, even around a corner! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyQlRR56t-o
Flapper 12/31/15 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: My towing "faster" experience.

Towing West on 40 with a 40 mph head wind. http://i.imgur.com/JiONELIl.jpg Looks like it is sucking fuel from the gauge. Not messing with ya just seeing it going to E chevman sitting in the snow at this time at home. SUCKS Wife said she was sick of the cold so we poured the coal to it. Was constantly looking for fuel. Another pic shows closer to 5mpg! So doing 75 burns a lot of fuel but add in a 40 mph head wind and it get's very expensive in a hurry. Yep, been there too! Heading to the Badlands/Black Hills truck was only getting 6 mpg. I freaked! Almost started looking for dealers to service it in Rapid City. Luckily, after unhitching and in the still evening air, I found that it was getting 22 mpg on a 30 mile test drive near the Badlands. Stupid wind!
Flapper 12/28/15 09:51am Towing
RE: My towing "faster" experience.

Um, it was my thread that got closed - won't make that mistake again! Next time I'll ask something not quite so controversial, like whether a 1/2 ton can pull a fifth! Blame the question on "Trailer Life", which got me wondering.... As for speed, well...on a couple of trips, we did have to face 450-500 mile days. And after going 55-60 for a very long day, and seeing the mpg at 12-13, we did decide to "put the hammer down" and bump up to 65-70. Getting there after 6 3/4 actual seat time, rather than 8, seemed pretty attractive! The mpg did drop, but it was a price I was willing to pay for the shortened seat time. All that said - we do try to avoid being in that situation - limit ourselves to 250-300, and go about 60.
Flapper 12/28/15 06:06am Towing
Inflating tires 10lbs over?

Sorry to do this, as I am sure it has been discussed a lot - but my searches came up dry... So there was advice floating around on a past boat forum that properly inflated ST tires were rated for a max speed of 65 mph. For speeds higher, then the official word supposedly was to inflate by 10 lbs higher. I see in an issue of Trailer Life that the same kind of advice was given. For my fifth, I did not see any inflation sticker, so I have always been inflating to the max on the sidewall. But, if I am going to be towing in the 65-70 mph range, should I be going 10 lbs over that? Or is the sidewall pressure the "never exceed" amount?
Flapper 12/24/15 09:09am Towing
RE: Toll roads

Illinois I-Pass: Only commercial vehicles need the "blue" transponder. Private vehicles, with or without trailers can continue to use the white ones. My fifth, as well as a big rental truck, all had no problems anywhere on trips from Minn to New York this past year. Here is a map of what state accepts what system: http://www.e-zpassiag.com/about-e-zpass/85-map Note that Minnesota, for one, is not on there. Our system is incompatible with anyone else's (of course!) - but it is only for express traffic. You can still drive the same roads without toll, but you may be stuck in traffic a bit more. We went with the I-Pass for trips "out East" after having our NJ EZ-Pass driven to zero by monthly fees. It pays to check each states tollway site. Sometimes they run "sales" to encourage use. We missed one that matched up to $50 for pre-depositing $$ in an account.
Flapper 12/21/15 06:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Charging Smaller Lithium Batteries Gently?

Lithium batteries can do all sorts of bad things - like explode, if even slightly mistreated. That said, ALL small devices (tablets, readers, phones, etc.) incorporate voltage regulation, balancing and overcharge protection electronics to prevent bad things. They also monitor voltage and shut themselves down before you can do damage to the battery. So, if you are using the standard USB cord, even in a "high power" wall charger, the internal electronics in the Nook will protect things. And letting it run down until its "dead" won't harm it - the battery is a long way from fully depleted, but the device won't let you drain it any more. So, when it does die someday, there's little you could have done differently to have postponed the inevitable. Just don't start cutting wires or opening the case to try and "adapt" it to something it won't normally be able to connect to!
Flapper 12/17/15 09:54pm Technology Corner
MT, WY, or CO suggestions?

We've decided that the big trip to Alaska is being postponed, but are beginning to look at some 7-14 day trips out of Minnesota. We've done the big places (Yellowstone, GTNP, Black Hills, Rcky Mtn Park, etc.) several times over the years, so would like suggestions on second or third tier trips/destinations we should consider. Can boondock for about 3 days at a time. Trails, easier biking, fishing are all of interest along with sightseeing. Not outrageously crowded. Will have dogs along, so don't want to have to coop them up for repeated long periods. Would appreciate hearing any ideas!
Flapper 12/15/15 07:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WeatherTech Mud Flaps

Have them on my F150. They were no drill. Did have to request a new fastener, as the ones that were shipped were defective and unable to be used. No issues with getting them replaced quickly. Have stood up to 3 years of travel and Minn. winters without an issue. Seemed to be a bit pricey, but I have no reason to think something else cheaper would be as good.
Flapper 11/30/15 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I think we'll be cable tv cordcutters - roku tv

You still have to pay COX for your internet connection - or someone. And having a single service from these cable companies often costs more than when paired with one of their other services. This seems to be the big question that is not answered in these discussions. What do folks pay for just the internet? Then when you add additional costs for the other devices and services how did this compare with the bundled service plan? I think most of us feel we pay more than we should for channels we never watch especially when you add the cable/dish and cell phones together. Our cable bill was $180 and change for HDTV, a DVR, and Internet. No premium channels, no sports. With a TiVo and antenna, plus Netflix, Amazon Prime and paying for season subscriptions to recent shows ("Walking Dead", etc.) we average now about $90 per month. Internet alone was to be $62, but Comcast had a bundle deal with internet and very basic TV for $54 - so we took it, and didn't bother hooking up the TV. We pretty much watch what we always did with cable. Can't think of a single show we haven't been able to find one way or the other since dropping the TV portion of cable. There is chatter that Comcast is thinking of converting to "pay per gigabyte" like cell phones, to recover the fall off in income from cord cutters. That will be a sad day if it comes about.
Flapper 11/28/15 08:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Yellowstone, '16

Yep, second the concern about dogs. Oregon is dog nirvana, but it seems that many parts of the country, especially National Parks, can be very, very limiting. So do some specific reading about each location about that, and make plans accordingly.
Flapper 11/25/15 07:21am Truck Campers
RE: I-Phone for Each Spouse?

We each got one last Xmas. Cost per phone is high, but with AT&T you share the talk/data time. We have the smallest plan, which has unlimited talk/text, and most data we use is over wifi (free). When we are on trips, it's only $20 extra per gig if we go over on cell data, so over the course of the year we save big time, rather than enrolling in a higher data plan.
Flapper 11/23/15 06:18am Technology Corner
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