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F-150 non-recall fixes to have done?

We're looking at an extended trip to Alaska. While there are a lot of things to do to make sure my truck is in top condition (tires, brakes, etc., etc.) what bothers me is what I don't know. For example - mine came off the line a couple of months before they made modifications to fix issues with water build up in the turbos. Because mine has not exhibited problems, the dealer doesn't want to do the update (even if I would pay for it all). Given a problem we had with the truck going into limp mode while towing this spring (bad wiring connector that there was a service bulletin about - thank goodness we weren't too far from a major metro area), I am of course skittish about something similar while way off in the wilds. Any resources anyone can direct me to that could be helpful in discovering above and beyond things that might be considered for updating, beyond established maintenance? Just want to do whatever I can to make sure the truck will be as close to 100% as we can be....
Flapper 08/21/15 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: KOA ridiculous charge

KOA's are like Holiday Inns used to be, or Howard Johnson's. We pretty consistently use them when on the road because of the usually dependable minimal standards. If there is a high rated alternative in the area, we of course will take that. But many times, it is "Joe's Slum" vs KOA. In the end, my benchmark is pretty much always - what would we have paid if we didn't have an RV and this was a Motel 6? $40-$65 in a tourist area is still a deal, especially if it is for a shorter time. For destination stays, I'll look harder for alternatives, but either way, campground pricing is generally the least of my concerns.
Flapper 08/19/15 06:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Windows 10 problems

Just upgraded from 7 yesterday. Haven't found anything that doesn't work - but I never play DVD's anyway. Sure, it wants to connect you to the Cloud and share lots of stuff, but it gives you the option as installing to customize and turn off those things. They've actually done a pretty good job of notifying you as to what will be shared, when, and what to do if you don't want that to happen. Since my machine is fast, but older, I don't have the fancies - no touchscreen, microphone, camera, etc. so I can't say it is a big improvement from Win 7, but it is on the plus side, and looks to be a keeper.
Flapper 08/06/15 07:41am Technology Corner
RE: Gas pump card skimmers

Don't jump to conclusions about where/how your number was stolen. It may have been at someplace that got hacked a year or two (or more!) ago, and your number finally came up to be used. Very frequently, especially in the large breaches (Target, Home Depot, etc.) The thieves sell a huge batch of card numbers to others for resale. There are web sites where you can buy as many card numbers as you want. Then the purchaser makes their own cards, and takes them out for a quick spin - usually only a few places as the banks are pretty good about detecting questionable transactions. Frequently the purchase will be Gift Cards from convenience stores, which are untraceable, and therefore are then a guaranteed source of spending. It's pretty rare for people using skimmers to turn it around the next day - they are gathering lots of numbers for their use, or for resale - so yesterday's gas station use is unlikely to be the reason you got hacked. ALWAYS report this to the police! They may not be able to do anything specifically for you, but it aids them tremendously in detecting a pattern in an area, and being able to zero in on the bad guys. Just yesterday a pair from out of state were arrested after police were alerted that they were using numbers from last years Home Depot breech in our area. Secondly - always demand a new card number from your bank! Most do it as soon as notified, but never assume... The mandatory conversion to EMV chips in the cards this summer/fall should help reduce this kind of thing a lot!
Flapper 08/06/15 07:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv Insurance

I got a good deal as part of my bundle with Amica - Home, cars, and now RV. Coach-Net for on the road stuff.
Flapper 07/31/15 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Garmin RV 760 vs Rand McNally 7720

Rand used to, and may still, offers their RV GPS as an ipad app. At the time (2 years ago) I downloaded it to give it a test workout to see if I liked it. While it was $50, it seemed like a good way to really get a feel for it, rather than try and return a unit if I didn't like it. Been too long as to specifics, but in the end, I got the Garmin dezl 760LMT. Lane assist was the big bonus, as far as I was concerned. The dezl doesn't do a very good job of allowing you to determine what hazards far down the road (low overpass, etc.) it is routing you to avoid, but at least it does try to avoid them! Some of its choices are questionable, but that is true of all GPS's.
Flapper 07/24/15 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fifth wheel dolly?

This being Minnesota, a LOT of places have a parking pad along the side of the house or driveway for a boat. I have seen several where the parking is at a right angle to the drive. For some of the places we have looked at, the space is big enough to park a 5th. The problem would be in maneuvering both the 5th and the TV around to get into the spot. Several of my current neighbors have smaller dollies for their boats to address the issue. So something like the links provided (thank you!) might just fit the bill. While expensive, it would be cheaper than buying more acreage with suitable access. So in future shopping that opens up options....now I just have to find a place that accommodates both the 5th AND the boat!
Flapper 07/18/15 06:21am Fifth-Wheels
Fifth wheel dolly?

Anyone make a power, castering dolly similar to those sold for trailers that can be used on fifths? The better half is house hunting, and while we've seen some interesting properties, only a few have potential for parking the fifth next to the house - but then the angles, etc. to get it in place preclude using the truck without major lawn damage every time it goes in/out. Would not consider a place with any kind of a slope, but it would open options if there was a way to turn it 90 degrees or so, and then back it up 1- 1&1/2 lengths.
Flapper 07/17/15 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Other RV'ing falacies

Cubes of ice dumped in the toilet will break up the "black pyramid" as you drive around. There is a U--tube video of a guy that built a clear tank in his truck to see, and no it doesn't work. Unless (1) it's a different video or (2) the guy reshot the video, he didn't add cubed ice. The video I saw has this guy using artificial poop and driving around with it in a clear tank with a variety of different additives, but cubed ice wasn't one of them. Different video - here's the one referred to: http://www.thefitrv.com/rv-tips/do-ice-cubes-in-the-rv-black-tank-really-work/
Flapper 07/13/15 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: snake skin

Judging by your map, there is one other solution - a trip to Minnesota in January. Leave the heat off while you and the DW spend the day shopping at the Mall of America. Problem solved.
Flapper 07/08/15 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No more free wifi at our CG. What the heck?

The OP may want to understand what they are referring to first, before going off on a rant about loss of service. Amazon Echo is a device for streaming music, so I doubt that is what they were referring to. More likely they were talking about a service from Brightstar (an ISP) called "Echo". That allows customers to share a businesses internet account. Just like any of the other campground/coffee shop/etc. wifi providors we have seen everywhere. There is no reference by Brightstar to a model that requires the customer to pay. Only the business pays as part of the package they buy for interent service. And "subscribing" by the customer is just basic signup so they can regulate who has access and who doesn't. The above doesn't mean there isn't a way to charge customers, but it seems unlikely. I would get more specifics from the campground before jumping to conclusions.
Flapper 07/05/15 09:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Consignment...Seller won't budge off of asking price.

Of course, you could try to get the salesperson to cut their commission, thereby lowering the price to you. After all, it was misrepresented to you initially by said sales person (not the owner).
Flapper 07/01/15 08:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Making a Desk Top Icon

Why get the operating system (Windows) involved in something that is a web function that web browsers excel in doing, i.e. managing bookmarks or favorites, and do it more efficiently. It suggests a lack of understanding of the functions of their web browser. Um, the above suggests a lack of understanding about how systems work. The operating system is involved in EVERYTHING your computer does, including web functions. For his needs, the OP was asking how to automate several inputs (clicks) into a process that took only one to initiate, which is the essence of what computers, and their OS's, were built to do... By definition, the browser can never be more efficient than the operating system (or vice versa).
Flapper 07/01/15 07:05am Technology Corner
RE: OH...the things you "learn" RVing

Back in the 70's, when I flushed the toilet on an Am Track train I could see the ground under the moving train. Since that time, I have stayed away from walking on the RR tracks. Yep, same thing. The ride on the Empire Builder was an eye opener. Kept me off of railroad tracks for the rest of my life!
Flapper 06/18/15 03:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: KOA standard charge now $60?!

In May, we stayed at several "non-destination" KOA's. They were $49 per night, $44 with the KOA "Kampin' Kard". One friendly owner clued me in that all franchise owners had been hit with much higher fees from the central office. One example: While you pay central to buy a card to earn points redeemable toward additional $$ off on camping, it is the franchise that has to give the discount, and is not reimbursed. On top of the 10% discount the card gets you. So, less franchise income to cover costs. Hence price increases. RV'ing in general is up, and they are seeing increases in reservations, so overall the franchise owners figured the time is right to make up for the losses racked up during the recession. We use them because they tend to be the "Holiday Inn" of camping - may not be great, but one can count on a reasonable level of standards. But I should note, we have stayed for a week or more at a couple of their "Destination Resorts" and paid the higher rates. Why? Great location, primarily. And comparing it to a motel at $150-$250 a night in the same area, it is still cheap!
Flapper 06/10/15 07:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Introducing a new comer to RV vs. conventional travel.

Slight disagreement on the premise! I ran the numbers before plunging into the RV world, and in our circumstances, we are saving money! 1. We needed a new vehicle anyway, so that cost offset what we invested in a dual purpose - tow and general driving. Day to day costs were about the same as my previous vehicle. 2. We tend to stay in middle range motels when on the road, so that is well reduced by campground fees. 3. Three meals a day at restaurants adds up in a real hurry! 4. The dogs generally could not come with before, and at $60-$80 a kennel night, their room rate was a big savings! 5. Fly and drive seems like an option, but there is the additional for a rental car if going to a place that requires it. 6. My Prius is cheaper for cross country, but compared to flying or train, the RV beats the milage costs considerably. So, for us, including depreciation over 10 years, and comparing the same number and kinds of trips and "trip days", we come out ahead with the RV - even with storage and maintenance. Of course, those that already travel cheap (or buy bigger/more expensive) will not see the savings, although as noted, the quality of accommodations will go up!
Flapper 06/08/15 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bike Rack receiver wiggle

We made it from Minn, and are now in Gulf State Park in AL. Just got done with a nice ride to view wild gators! Bolt solution has been rock solid so far. So the quick solution seems to be working. That said, I will be ordering a Hitch-Vise timed to arrive just after we get home. If for no other reason, it's portable between hitches, so I can use the rack on the truck when not camping!
Flapper 05/09/15 08:11am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Bike Rack receiver wiggle

Deed is done, theory worked out! Very solid with one bolt. Turning the bars? Well, not what I purchased a rack for, needing to readjust a pretty well tuned bike every time I take it off the rack (will use this for non-RV biking also). These are better bikes, and while not hard, is not as easy as a simple allen wrench, either. More importantly it was all about the bounce. Slamming up and down for 1,000's of miles just has to lead to stress failure of something. Now that it is all clamped, the ride in the back should be much smoother. And clearance from bars to window is excellent, and should stay that way!
Flapper 05/01/15 06:40pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Bike Rack receiver wiggle

Probably better off drilling from the top as all of the weight will be on the bolt of you drill from the bottom. Was thinking about that. In theory, bolt will be on the trailer side of the pin, which sort of acts as a sloppy pivot point. So while the rack hangs down a bit, the end of the extension inside the receiver would be up. Bolt would keep it up, preventing it from pivoting down (and the rack up). But, will see what's really going on first - may be enough slop that my theory doesn't hold up, and then coming in from the top would be better. Maybe even two - top and bottom, forward and back from the pin! Two auto parts stores, and a web search/call to a trailer parts place 15 miles away gave nothing even close. Guess it will be drill time, after I mow....
Flapper 05/01/15 08:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Bike Rack receiver wiggle

5/8" is overkill for your application. 3/8" would work better. Mistype, sorry - they are 3/8". Yeah, 5/8 would be a little too much for the hitch, my drill, or even my ability to turn the tap! The only bad part in all this is how to avoid the thread cutting oil from dripping back on my face as I lay underneath it all....
Flapper 05/01/15 05:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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