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RE: Yellowstone, '16

Yep, second the concern about dogs. Oregon is dog nirvana, but it seems that many parts of the country, especially National Parks, can be very, very limiting. So do some specific reading about each location about that, and make plans accordingly.
Flapper 11/25/15 07:21am Truck Campers
RE: I-Phone for Each Spouse?

We each got one last Xmas. Cost per phone is high, but with AT&T you share the talk/data time. We have the smallest plan, which has unlimited talk/text, and most data we use is over wifi (free). When we are on trips, it's only $20 extra per gig if we go over on cell data, so over the course of the year we save big time, rather than enrolling in a higher data plan.
Flapper 11/23/15 06:18am Technology Corner
RE: Blow out or Use the pink stuff my personal review

Anything that has propylene glycol as the main ingredient is the one to use. It's actually a food additive (google it!). That is safe for you and everything else. Anything else is bad, and if it is automotive type, it can be really, really toxic if you ingest it.
Flapper 11/22/15 06:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Garmin and "road closed"?

Oh my! There it was, preset under the three bars icon. Asks me how far ahead the detour is (.2 mile, 5 mile, 10 mile, etc.) and then reroutes around. Tried it out on a couple of grocery store runs, and seems to work well!
Flapper 11/22/15 06:31am Technology Corner
Garmin and "road closed"?

Currently have the dezl 760 for RV/Truck. Have run into issues with finding a way around road closures. Meaning, following an active route, we come to a "bridge closed" barricade (or whatever). Is there a quick way to tell the GPS "can't go here, reroute me"? Yes, I could delve deep into the menus to set up a custom avoidance, but that's not practical while driving. The first time this happened was in trying to get to a state park, that we had to abandon completely as there was no way to reroute (and we had no backup map for the area), the next two were in city where I just randomly drove far enough away from the closure until it stopped trying to get me back to the closed bridge, and another became the better choice. FYI, in both cases, Google was just as bad.....
Flapper 11/20/15 09:13am Technology Corner
RE: Now that I have a smart phone..do I even need a GPS device?

As others have noted, unless you have paid for a specific "GPS" app that downloads maps to the phone (and takes up BIG chunks of it's memory), you can run into problems when in "no coverage" areas. Suddenly, Google will not load a map of the area, and you're navigation is dead. Cell phones have "budget" GPS chips - they're accuracy is enhanced by information they get from cell towers and/or wifi. Without that, they can be pretty poor at accurately telling you where you are. Dedicated GPS systems have much better satellite reception, and can then always be much more dependable. Routing algorithms for either can be hit-or-miss, so neither can be better than the other - they can both get you there, but it may be a pretty exciting route. Says the guy who just got back from trying to navigate a big truck for the first time into Brooklyn, NY!
Flapper 11/20/15 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: Can a fixed 5th wheel hitch be used on a standard bed truck?

What do you consider a "standard bed" to be? Many would consider it to be 8 feet deep, with "short beds" being 6.5 or 5.5 .... If the short ones, a slider may be in order. With the 8 ft, you will be fine. Can't speak to the specific model of 5th you cite....
Flapper 11/17/15 01:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cable went up. Again.

There are a lot of factors that play into your specific area, and what is available. We cut back to just internet. Actually, Comcast had a bundle deal for really basic TV and Internet that was cheaper than just internet. So dropped the bill from $180 to $54. Got a Tivo "OTA" (over the air) for recording shows off the antenna, which is better HD than what Comcast provided at a premium. Costs $14 per mo. for the "TV Guide" service from them (needed to be able to set up future recordings). We get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, free via antenna. Had Amazon Prime already. Added Netflix ($8 per month). Tivo allows connecting to both Amazon and Netflix, so you don't need a Roku, or other additional box. Between the two, you can find almost any cable show. May cost from $25-35 additional to get the whole current season of a show. Many older shows, and the shows they themselves create, are free. Lots of older movies for free, but new releases are charged for. So, over time, we've cut the bill from $180 to about $90 per month. Phone was never part of the above, but for a really basic AT&T landline here, it's $14 per month. No long distance, but we have cell phones for that. Tivo is a bit flakey (especially over home wifi), but for a "plug and play" alternative, it is the easiest. There are cheaper ways to go about recording shows, but they all involve some level of hands on techie work to get them up and running. The only downside might be sports - we don't watch, but that is the big hook that cable companies still have to keep people subscribing. Just heard that Comcast, and therefore probably other Internet providers, are exploring how to get us to pay based on the amount of Internet used (like cell phones). Looks like they are trying to figure out how to make us pay lots more for TV, even if we did "cut the cord".
Flapper 11/10/15 10:20am Technology Corner
RE: AGM battery advice

Another vote for Cabela's. Have two 31's in my boat for trolling, and they've been trouble free for 4 years now. Best $$ for Amps ratio I could find. Would have put them in my fifth too, but 6v Costco won the $ for amps contest there, where I don't have to worry about acid sloshing out, like happens in the boat.
Flapper 11/08/15 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: 6v vs 12v

I didn't look at the threads, which probably contain great, and detailed, information...but I would add: In general, you trade capacity for weight. Sure, this is highly variable depending on what you have, and what you are going to. While 2 6v can give greatest capacity, they are pretty heavy. By downsizing capacity to 12v, you may be able shave off 50 lbs or so, which makes a difference when it comes to loading/unloading the batteries, plus of course in overall trailer weight. And, in going with 12 vs 6 (and lower capacity), your charging system doesn't have to work as hard, which prolongs its life.
Flapper 11/04/15 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is wrong with this industry?

Although you asked for a PM, I'll reply here, so everyone sees it! Since you are in the Twin Cities, go to: Hilltop Trailer Sales in Fridley. Period. I'm not an expert RV'er, having had our first and only for 3 seasons now, but Hilltop has bent over backwards by being a top tier dealer in that time. No, their pricing is not bargain basement, but you can negotiate down into a fair range. Their salesmen are good, but not great - they don't always know what they are talking about, and may give poor advice. But they are only out to sell you things, not to hoodwink you. Far better than several other places we looked at. And during the purchase process, if something isn't right, the management will work hard to make it right. Although we were lookers for a long while, it was one trip in particular that sold us - everyone was at the big local RV show, and the dealership was slow. An older gentleman offered to help, even though he noted he wasn't totally up on all the details of all their offerings. Took a while, but we found he was the owner, who was easing out of day-to-day, but helping out during the show period. We had a long chat about the challenges of running a business, especially with the big recession. I found his philosophy about how to attract and retain staff, and how to treat customers, inspiring! He spoke highly of many individuals on his staff. In our three years there, there has been no staff turnover that we could see. He was very proud of the fact that his dealership had the highest rate of Jayco warranty repairs in the country! Why? Because he made sure that EVERYTHING was 100% BEFORE delivery to the customer. He noted it was a black mark on his company if a customer actually had to come back for any work! Of course it happens, but they work hard to minimize it. We found that ethic to be true for our purchase of our fifth - the only thing needed was to replace a drippy outside shower head! A prior fall, when picking up from service, they forgot to remove the bolts pinning our Revolution pin box, before letting us leave. Resulted in a totally destroyed pin box and hitch (big $$ repairs)! They same day (on a Saturday!) admitted fault, picked up the unit from our driveway on the other side of the Metro area, offered to pay for any possible frame damage to our truck (there was none), and then replaced everything with new within a matter of days. Because some parts were on backorder, the head mechanic used parts from his personal fifth as "loaners" so we could go on our trip with no delay, with the finish work being done after we went into winter storage. We've only otherwise had maintenance work done to date, and during busy times may have to wait up to two weeks to get an appointment - but all work has been done either same day, or by the next. Can't say yet how major or other more complicated repairs are handled, but based on current experience I would be confident they will do whatever they can to get you going ASAP. Service pricing is not the cheapest, but is fair. There were some things they can improve on (our PDI was rushed, and the person didn't really know our particular models features). Accessories/Supplies are sold at MSRP, so we usually buy that stuff elsewhere. But overall, they have earned a customer for life. Even if there may be a cheaper deal somewhere else. During a chat with the owner, he noted that he had just bought out a dealership in Rochester, Minn, and then later they did the same in Brainerd. Speaks well if they were able to expand right on the heels of the big recession, while others were forced out. Wouldn't work if you can't attract and keep customers long term! Can't say how the transition has worked at those, but at least at the Fridley location, the owners philosophy still holds, even if he has turned the reins over to his younger generation.
Flapper 10/28/15 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Winterizing question

Burst pipes are due to water trapped between two slugs of ice, not the ice itself. If there was just ice and air in the lines, the ice would compress the air, which is easy to do, and pressure would be extremely unlikely to get high enough to cause any issues. But if the expanding ice tries to compress water (which is basically incompressible!), the pressure skyrockets, and pipes burst where the water is. So...if you've removed enough water that it is unlikely to form ice plugs, with water trapped between, then any left over that freezes does no harm. I blow mine out, add the pink, and leave taps open, just as a belt and suspenders thing, even though I know it is being overly cautious!
Flapper 10/20/15 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Lots to know!

Just a caution - I have found that every day really is Saturday...that means you spend all your time doing whatever you used to only do on Saturdays! For me, that means several trips a day to the hardware store.....
Flapper 10/19/15 05:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Trip planning input / help request

DT is pretty cool, and the KOA there has an awesome view, plus plays "Close Encounters" every night. But the road to and from is longer/slower than you might assume. As something to see - the drive in and out from the Interstate takes longer than you might spend there! We did it last year as an overnight stop, but we skipped the Black Hills, having been there a lot over the years. If you've never been, skip DT, and concentrate on a night and a full day for some of the Black Hills sights. Even then, you'll have to make some tough decisions as to what to see, and what to miss!
Flapper 10/19/15 07:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Last Major Pre Retirement Purchase

Sounds like your next add-on/project is to install an inverter, so you can run the recliners and TV from the batteries, if needed! Not practical to run the whole house on the batteries (AC,and any kitchen thing that gets hot - microwave, coffee, toaster, etc). But the recliners and any electronics don't use very much electricity, so it is a pretty practical upgrade! Note that inverters run all the time, wasting electricity, so they need to be turned off. Most sell a remote on/off switch that can be installed inside, making the use pretty painless.
Flapper 10/19/15 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Visiting Washington DC

We went this past spring. As noted, most things are free. Holocaust Museum is privately run, so does cost to enter. Plan to go early, as they frequently stop allowing people in by early afternoon. Plan well ahead for contacting your Congressman for the White House, etc. We were two months ahead, and all reservations were taken. It also helps to give them a broad range of dates/times for your tours.
Flapper 10/18/15 08:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5th wheel help

OK, as a Revolution owner, I've been there, done that! 1. Read the instructions, and make sure to grease the back side of the king pin as they describe. Makes a huge difference. 2. As noted, make sure you have removed all forward pressure, by backing up and setting the parking brake. 3. Also as noted, relieve some of the weight. I usually lift the fifth until I just start to see the pin box and hitch start to barely separate, then I drop it back down some to put weight back on the hitch. 4. Revolution advises getting the wedge pretty tight into the hitch funnel when installing. Mine was just too tight! An adjustment to get the wedge seated, but not jammed into place, may be in order. If you have any play, though, you can get wear on the wedge, which can rapidly get very bad. This made a world of difference between my first and second Revolution (see below!) 5. Make sure you are straight! Centerline of the truck running through the center of the pin box, which is square to the trailer. For whatever mechanical reason, having the truck and pin box angled off from the fifth, even a little, seems to make it much harder to unhitch/hitch! There are still times I have to move the truck forward and back against the landed fifth to get to a point where I can release the jaws. But I've not needed a crowbar, ever! Of course, it seems to happen mostly in the rain..... Not related, but if ever having service, the pin box can be locked with bolts, so it is easier for the service guys to move it with their tractors. MAKE SURE THEY HAVE REMOVED THE BOLTS before you drive away with your newly serviced fifth! It was really, really bad when this happened to me - new pin box and new hitch, plus costs to make sure both fifth and truck frames were not bent! Luckily, my dealer owned up, and repaired and covered all costs!
Flapper 10/12/15 05:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacing nuts with chrome closed lug nuts?

I'd be hesitant. On my 2012 F150, the dealer tried to convince me I had to replace all 28 of mine, because they were "swollen". Apparently most of the fancy lug nuts are two piece - interior steel, with a dress "cap" of some other metal to give it the fancy look. Salt, sand, road grime can get between the nut and the cap, causing them to "swell", to the point where a lug wrench won't fit anymore. True solid steel are much pricier than the set you posted. $5 to $10 per nut. I talked to the tech doing my tires and she said "I had no problem, one is just a bit sticky in the socket." I declined the dealer's offer to "fix" the problem, especially because they could not get solid steel ones!
Flapper 10/11/15 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: My over 13' rv went under a 13' clearance bridge

That is why I run a Garmin RV760, it will let know where the low overpass are. It warmed me of a railroad overpass down at Beaver Lake Arkansas that would of required me to back up about mile on heavy travel road and turn around in a very narrow private driveway. It is worth every penny I paid for it and even has free upgrades for life. Well....except that it's database only knows what has been pointed out before - the clearance posted is usually the least. My Dezl 760 tried to reroute me hundreds of miles away and then back to 101 in California. And it is almost impossible, sometimes, to find why it decides to take the long way. Not until I was a couple of miles away did it start to scream at me about low overhead ahead. No possible way to turn around on that highway! Several RV's coming at me in the other lane, so with white knuckles, I forged ahead. Came to a tunnel, clearly posted as 11'6" (I'm 12'), but the opening was arched, so by being close to the yellow line, I cleared by several feet. Maybe if I had been as far over on the shoulder as possible, I might have touched. Not saying to ignore it, as it sort of did it's job - but we would have missed a lot of spectacular scenery if we trusted it without knowing why it was telling us not to go!
Flapper 10/02/15 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Anti freeze in water heater

Some people do believe the RV anti-freeze is completely toxic free. I do not! Read the label on the bottle. Then read the labels on the foods you buy. You've been consuming it your whole life, unless you never have bought anything canned, bottled, bagged or boxed at the grocery store.
Flapper 09/28/15 08:47pm Class A Motorhomes
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