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RE: gas mileage

My wife and I are headed up to Endless Caverns for a rally. With a 4500 pound toad and running the genny about 80% of the time my National SeaBreeze with the Ford V-10 got 7.1 mpg combined on the last 2 tanks.... Al
FloridaRosebud 04/11/21 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Over the years, and there have been many, I have made dozens of 'jigs' for projects and have them hanging all over the shop. Problem is, I have forgotten what some of them are/were for and how they were used. Hahaha...I sooooo resemble that! Al
FloridaRosebud 04/06/21 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter

Honestly I prefer separate components for this very reason. For $150 (link above) you can have a converter to work alongside the inverter/charger that no longer charges. Put the higher rated charger money toward the new converter and just move forward. If the inverter stops inverting replace with a stand alone inverter and separate transfer switch. Either way I am sure you will be back on the road soon. That is a great idea. And why I posted! Now if we can just get the inverter/converter back...:( Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter

Again, I'm not asking folks to help me fix this. I just had the simple question in my OP about running just a charger for awhile based on my situation. I thought I was clear.Yes about any battery charger is fine to keep your battery up and use the RV is fine. I recommend 5+ amps rated if spending money but 20+ amps is better if you will be using the RV. Sorry, we try to fix everything around here ;) Everything is slow right now. I recently shipped a programmer for replacement. (not Xantrex) First class mail was 2-3 days actually took 28 days and then no access due to snow storm. Took another week. Then another 10 days to process and return. I feel your pain. Could ask for a tracking number. We are guys, so fixing stuff is what we do!! I hear you about shipping, but you would at least think calls would be returned. AFA the charger, I have an 8 amp one I'm using (already had it in the garage) but on occasion it trips out (it's own internal protection) due to an overcurrent, so your 20amp suggestion is a good one. That might be the cheapest way to go until I can budget for a new inverter/converter. We are having our roof redone, so that's a large expense and kind of killed the budget this year. At this stage of my life I tend to pay folks to do some things. I'm and EE, and have always been someone who does my own work, including wiring a house. I've been all over that RV, and will be helping a friend upgrade his RV electrical system from 30 and to 50 amp. However, some stuff I'd rather pay someone you do, like changing out my fridge to a residential one. I haven't decided if I will do the inverter/converter myself. Depends on what my RV shop does for me. So we shall see. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter

If the budget would allow I'd put in a new inverter/charger and be done, and let everyone know of the poor customer service Xantrex has. Right now I have a 12V trickle charger set up to charge the batteries when on shore power or on genny and I want to be rid of that before we start our camping this year. Do it once and do it right. (Or ... you will only cry once !) Get rid of that Xantrex inverter/charger and buy a good inverter(pure sine wave, yours is not)/charger/automatic transfer switch. That is the eventual plan, but not doable right now. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter

Xantrex does not have poor service. I have been dealing with them for 30 years. From when they were Heart and Trace. Xantrex is the company from the Heart/Trace merger. What they do have is disdain for so called Techs and Service centers that do not install the correct product for the applications. NOT installed to spec or they have a problem with the customer or Service Center NOT giving them adequate info and they will not just replace parts or complete Inverter/Chargers. NOW, I take YOU to task. You stated just a 1000 watt Xantrex. You then repost and state you either had a 458 or you are installing a 458. Now, the 458 series is a 2000 or 2500 watt Inverter/Charger, NOT A 1000 WATT. So, from your 2 posts, you could not adequately explain your problem and what was done to your RV. We still don't know. So, how is Xantrex supposed to get to a resolution when you cannot even post a easy description of your problem? Doug Man, this is getting silly. To the first point you made - Xantrex has had the unit since October. That's right, October. They would not return calls from me or the RV shop, then got around to finally looking at it in early February. I call that terrible service. Now they said it was a power surge (I investigate things like that for a living and I would testify in court that it was not) and they were sending it back SIX WEEKS AGO. They offered to fix it for $1400 but I declined. I want to examine the unit myself, BUT we still don't have it yet. Again, terrible service. What is is is a Series 458 Freedom 10, and I'm looking at the manual right now and it says it's a 1000 watt inverter with 50 amps of battery charging current. If I could, I would give you the serial number and such but again, I do not have it!! Again, I'm not asking folks to help me fix this. I just had the simple question in my OP about running just a charger for awhile based on my situation. I thought I was clear. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter/Converter

OK, it is an inverter/charger. Came that way from the factory. Sorry for the confusion. Right now we are waiting for the inverter/charger to be returned from the Xantrex service center. It's the replacement for the Freedom Series 458 which was installed in 2006. That said, I was not asking what I needed to fix it. If the budget would allow I'd put in a new inverter/charger and be done, and let everyone know of the poor customer service Xantrex has. Right now I have a 12V trickle charger set up to charge the batteries when on shore power or on genny and I want to be rid of that before we start our camping this year. I was just asking if I was missing anything in my thought process. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 08:03am Class A Motorhomes

OK, a question for you all. I have a Xantrex 1000 watt converter. It's new, BUT it will not charge my house batteries. It is within the one year warranty but Xantrex will not honor it. I (and the RV shop) have been fighting with them for 7 months now (yep, that's right) and I'm ready to just give it up. So I can do one of two things; buy a different brand inverter and spend $1800 installed, or just buy a 60 amp converter to charge my batteries and convert 120 to 12V. The RV place will sell me the converter at cost with two hours of labor for install. We do not boondock, and most of the time here in FL when traveling we have the genny on to run one of the roof A/C units because of the dogs. So for the time being we do not really need the inverter. My inclination is to go with the converter for now (money is a bit tight for the moment) and maybe next year put a new inverter in the budget. So am I missing something? Any thoughts? (I'm going to post this as well on the iRV2 site) Al
FloridaRosebud 03/21/21 06:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jack Lube

So, went under each corner, and NO Zerk fittings. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/14/21 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 Shock Suggestions

I'd like to add that I replaced only the front shocks with the Konis. The rears are still the Bilsteins, and now, when we say, go over an expansion joint it's bam....bam. A rather large difference. I'll change the rears sometime this spring. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/10/21 02:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 Shock Suggestions

Shocks are always a personal choice. The Bilsteins are gas charged which means there is always a certain amount of resistance to even the smallest bump or road joint. I took off my Bilsteins and replaced them with Koni FSD shocks which are NOT gas charged. They do a much better job with the small bumps and road joints and do not transmit that jolt back through the steering wheel. Both the Bilsteins and the Koni shocks did just as well on the large bumps and potholes. I did the same and like the Koni over the Bilsteins. I replaced 4 year old Bilsteins. The Koni's do indeed ride smoother. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/10/21 10:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Too old to drive ?

I know the decision is mine and mine alone. But, I also believe input from those of you who have personally experienced and gone through similar situations will be of assistance to me. About a year ago, I ‘hung up the keys’ and sold our coach due to my age. I’m 80. I was concerned that my driving skills may have deteriorated over the years and that it might not be safe for me to continue ‘piloting’ the rig down the highway. The reason I’m posting this is because I really miss having our coach and am contemplating diving back into RV’ing. I badly miss having the ability to climb into the motorhome and take off for…wherever. Please, for those of you 80 and older, I would like very much for you to respond and let me know if you are still driving and at what age. Also, if you have ‘hung up the keys’, at what age and was it due to feeling there might be an inability to safely operate the coach at your age. Please feel free to provide any other information that might help me determine whether purchasing a new coach, at my age, is or is not a wise move. Many thanks! I'm the OP. Thanks to all who responded with many good suggestions. Here's what we (wife and I) are going to do. No more large class A's. We will, however, continue to have a motorhome but it will be a much smaller one that my wife will fill comfortable driving...probably in neighborhood of a 24 foot class c. She was never comfortable driving the class a's we've owned but she says she'll have no problem with the smaller 'C's. We will avoid major city traffic congested areas such as Atlanta. And, I'll continue to monitor my driving and when (if) I feel my driving is no longer safe or if my wife tells me it's unsafe, I'll hang up the motorhome keys for good and relinquish further driving to wife-mate. Again, thanks! Again, props to you for being so aware. The good news is there are many really nice class C MH now, as compared to 10 years ago. Two slides, king bed, and so on. Good luck on your quest!! Al
FloridaRosebud 03/08/21 02:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jack Lube

Thanks everyone! I'll have the MH here next weekend to begin the spring wax job, so in addition to changing the oil and filter in the genny I'll look at the jacks. It's a 2006 National SeaBreeze, so based on Dougs comment I probably have the Zerk fittings. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/08/21 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
Jack Lube

What do you folks use to lubricate your jacks? We've had the MH almost 3 years, and this is the one area I have not delved into yet, but need to. My jacks are hydraulic PowerGear. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/07/21 01:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What the heck? I thought motorhomes lost value fast!!

Everybody seemed to latch onto RVing as the best way to socially distance while on vacation, dealers can't keep units on their lots. Camping World is running an ongoing campaign on FB saying "Why store it when you can sell it? We will buy your RV!" 2020 was the best *ever* year for RV sales even though the industry lost a few months of production. Consensus seems to be that by 2022 the RV market will flip to being a buyers' market as many of the folks that bought RVs in the covid period decide that they don't like RVing and look to unload their lightly-used units. If you don't have to buy right now, wait another year and you'll get a much better deal. I agree. And factor in the "I have to pay HOW MUCH to store this" factor and 2022 might be a nice buyers market as you say. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/07/21 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire pressure and temperature recommendations

My MH weighs 19,000 lbs loaded, and I run 80psi in the front and 85psi in the rears. Based on both the Toyo and Michelin tire tables and the true weight of the MH. Al
FloridaRosebud 03/06/21 07:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Too old to drive ?

I know the decision is mine and mine alone. Some thoughts (trying to be honest...not mean): While you may technically be able to keep possession of a license, that doesn't make it your decision alone (or at least it shouldn't)...if you have an accident and someone else is injured... But the fact that you are asking the question is a good sign. While there are certainly trends that follow age, capability isn't solely based on age. The problem with self assessing is you have a strong bias, since you want to get out there, so I wouldn't trust your self assessment. As you are suggesting driving "less congested routes", it suggests to me that you really don't trust your driving skills anymore. Particularly in rural areas, I would recommend not driving back roads to avoid freeways. Non-freeways literally have 50 times the crash rate as they are not designed to be as forgiving, so it's a false sense of safety. I think the idea of an independent 3rd party (such as a truck driving school or even a general driving school) give you an on the road driving test is a good idea. Make it very clear that you want honesty and not just a rubber stamp. Honestly, at some age, it should become a standard that everyone has to pass an on the road test periodically to keep a license. It's hard to lose that independence but I've seen enough scary drivers who simply don't have the capability anymore. These are good points. I agree, the fact that you are asking the question means you are aware, which is way good. So this is how I got my mother-in-law to give up the keys. Might sound stupid, but i asked her to stomp her foot on the ground. She didn't understand why. So I showed her, and she did it - BUT - it took her probably at least a second to pick her foot up and stomp it to the floor. I showed her how fast I did it compared to her. I then asked her what if a child or a dog ran out in front of her....she wouldn't have been able to slam on the brake fast enough. That afternoon she gave my wife the keys and never drove again. So for me, this issue is about 2 things; judgement and reflexes. If you still have both you're probably OK. If one is lacking, that could be an issue. My 2 cents.... Al
FloridaRosebud 03/02/21 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fulltime 5er to MH - Help?

OH BOY, Most diesel pushers are designed for cocktails for six, dinner for four, and sleep too. There is not a gas Motorhome made that will tow a large stacker trailer...7500 lb hitch max. You could go with a toy hauler pulling a van 4 down (no trailer) is a possibility but 99% are gas. Once you go over about 38 feet you are in diesel pusher territory. There's a very simple, basic reason why diesel pusher toy haulers don't exist: the garage and the diesel engine would need to somehow occupy the same space at the back. A front engine diesel would be possible, of course, if pretty rare outside of a super-C setup. Didn't Travel Supreme make a DP toy hauler in the mid 2000's? Al
FloridaRosebud 02/24/21 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing

All this discussion reminds me of a saying a friend of mine told me years ago - "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD" Al
FloridaRosebud 02/19/21 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor taking Tiffin ???

Tiffin went to Thor with the idea rather than the other way around. I guess Tiffin made Thor an offer then couldn't refuse. Not sure how having both Tiffin and Entegra under the Thor umbrella will work. If I understand correctly, a couple years ago Bob Tiffin retired and put his son(s) in charge. As might have been expected, quality and sales dropped off such that Bob apparently felt obligated to come back in. After a while of that, Thor buys Tiffin for a reported $3,000,000 so we can probably read between the lines. I say good for Bob, he earned it with hard work and customer care. Beyond that, caveat emptor for future buyers. I think you dropped a couple of zeros....$300,000,000. Al
FloridaRosebud 02/18/21 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
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