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RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

Human drivers kill thousands every year, but we somehow live with that. We'll all be dead before this technology really takes hold, so it doesn't matter. All part of human nature. Yes, human error kills tens of thousands per year, but if self driving cars malfunction and kill 100 per year they will be branded unsafe. Case in point- a software problem with the 737 Max caused two crashes, killing around 350 people. Despite transporting 6.5 million passengers safely in one year, the aircraft is grounded indefinitely. For some reason we find it acceptable for human error to cause accidents and kill people, but unacceptable for a tech malfunction to cause accidents, even at a much lower rate. Because I've not caused accidents or killed people in my driving tenure. But put me in a rolling computer without any override controls, and I'm merely a passenger. And when the computer prevents or fights me from being able to take control when the talent of the software runs out, you bet there will be an unsafe label applied, just like when those planes crashed despite what is likely experienced pilots trying to keep them from going down.
Fordlover 01/22/20 06:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

Not sure why anyone cares about the 7.3L. According to the HD gas owners here, they don't need more power which is why they bought the gas engine instead of the diesel. So why would an engine with more power that you will have to pay more for matter now? I believe it is about a 1,600 dollar premium over the 6.2 once you account for the 10 speed automatic, so a bit less than the diesel upgrade. 1,600 bucks for a bit more power and never having to buy a drop of DEF.... Personally, I've yet to run into a situation where the 6.2 wasn't up to the task, but then again I only pull ~8K and live at 140' above sea level. What are the cost over the life of the truck? And don't forget to add in resale/trade-in. It's easy for me. I've got less than 10K miles on my 2018 that I've had for about 20 months, I expect to own it for 15-20 years. By the time I sell the resell value I'd get out of the diesel would be insignificant compared to the cost I'd have paid up front. I just don't drive it enough to make a diesel pay for itself in fuel savings. For some, dare I say most, the diesel is a no brainer choice. However, for me the justification using math just doesn't work.
Fordlover 01/16/20 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

Not sure why anyone cares about the 7.3L. According to the HD gas owners here, they don't need more power which is why they bought the gas engine instead of the diesel. So why would an engine with more power that you will have to pay more for matter now? I believe it is about a 1,600 dollar premium over the 6.2 once you account for the 10 speed automatic, so a bit less than the diesel upgrade. 1,600 bucks for a bit more power and never having to buy a drop of DEF.... Personally, I've yet to run into a situation where the 6.2 wasn't up to the task, but then again I only pull ~8K and live at 140' above sea level.
Fordlover 01/08/20 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Mustang

I went to the local BBQ joint the other day for lunch, and saw a strange sight, 7 teslas were parked in the EV parking area getting juiced up(the most Tesla's I've seen at one time). The owners were just sorta loitering around their vehicles, and appeared to be in no hurry at all. Honestly I was a bit jealous, I wish I could just hang out in the middle of a work day in a parking lot for a half hour+ or so to refuel my vehicle. In the mean time I'll have to rely on my ICE vehicle and rely on the <4 minute refill time.
Fordlover 11/20/19 03:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 F-150

I don't think there are many base model 3.3 F-150's that are going to have the tow package. So you will likely want to add those features, like trans cooler, hitch, wiring, brake controller, etc. I expect the F-150 will perform well enough for you.
Fordlover 10/18/19 11:36am Towing
RE: Yet another reason I won't let my dealer touch my trailer

No such thing as a grade one bolt. OK, I am familiar with grade 3 and 5 and how the head is marked. So what grade are the ones that have no marking on the head and are sold by the pound? The cheapest and the softest? This should help. https://www.atlanticfasteners.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/hcs_comp.gif height=300
Fordlover 10/18/19 11:28am Towing
RE: Ford 6.7L 1050 ft lbs TQ at 1,600 rpm, 475 HP at 2,800 rpm

A little off topic, but I have to ask. When is enough going to be enough for everyone regarding towing in a class 3 truck? 40k, 50k, 60k? Mine was 30k, but I am wondering what ya'lls is. I saw an article a little while back that basically said the manufacturers hadn't found a price of truck yet that people aren't willing to buy. 60K, no problem. 80K, no problem. Now we have 90K F-450 platinum trucks and folks are still climbing over each other to hand Ford their money. So Ford is constantly looking for the next feature to add to the truck so they can charge 100K. Not a hater by the way, I enjoy the heck of out my Lariat ultimate pkg.
Fordlover 09/30/19 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is what happens when you have too much tongue weight...

I'm beginning to believe this is a result of modifications the owner is doing. for a 350 and a 450 to fail apparently in the exact same way... Perhaps he's doing something to the frame to accomodate the hitch and it is weakening the frame and allowing it to bend in the same spot. The lengthened tongue on the trailer looks like a custom job/shade tree engineering job. I'd think he would have learned his lesson after the first one! The frame on my 250 is way weaker than the 450, and mine hasn't bent even one time. ;)
Fordlover 09/25/19 11:46am Truck Campers
RE: Two honda generators in tandem

First of all 2200 + 2000 = 4200 (not 4400). Secondly at that altitude you are losing a lot of power; however, the AC should still run. Also, is that running watts or starting watts? Running watts could be way less and make a difference depending on other loads sucking power away at the same time as you trying to start the AC. Make sure everything else is turned off before you start the AC. Lastly, the start capacitor in the AC could be going bad. 4200 isn't running wattage, it is only peak wattage. I believe the 2000 is 1800 running and 2200 is 2000, so you're down to 3800, and at a mile high, it could be significantly lower. You might need to look into changing jets out in the carb, I seem to recall my BIL had to swap jets when his Honda wouldn't even start/run at high(er) elevation.
Fordlover 08/20/19 10:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Is the EV transformation of the market over hyped ?

Range isn't the issue, I only have 250 miles of range on my F-250 while towing. The difference is I can pull in to any gas station and get another 250 miles of range in about 3 minutes. Come back and talk to me about electric trucks when they can get 250 miles of range in 3 minutes, while pulling 8,000 lbs.
Fordlover 08/19/19 02:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

At least in this case there is always the GMC, which looks sooo much better. I wonder if Chevy got the same focus group that said the Aztec was a good looking design and ready to go to market.
Fordlover 08/19/19 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Equal-izer Hitch Bars

When I approached the manufacturer about this concern, they said go with the heavier bars, as the hitch can be adjusted to distribute the proper weight. This isn’t my advice, simply what the experts told me.
Fordlover 08/11/19 11:20am Travel Trailers
RE: first post: 2010 explorer and wolfpup 16fq

ok, quick intro: 15 yrs of boating in 3 boats last one weighing in at 9600# 30' cruiser. alwayz towed with 06 f150 v8. just had first baby freaked when saw the price of day care sold boat, sold truck. got a sweet deal on. 2010 xlt explorer. Once dust settled i realized the explorer i bought os the last year it was built on a truck frame... it has factory tow package, class iii/iv hitch and brake controller jist like my f150. seems that my tow rating is 5200#'s. always wanted to dip my toes into rv life. went to rv dealer looked at a bunch of trailers that had gross wt under 4k. coachman clipper 17fq but really fell in love with the Wolfpup 16fq. man 8' feels huge compared to 7 but i should have known that. Am I out of my mind thinking i can tow this? Ive never towed with anything but a pickup. dint want to buy this and then be whiteknuckling all over the place???? You didn't say which engine your Explorer has, it would be the V6 or the 3 valve V8. Last year I retired my older V8 explorer and 21 foot camper which was a great combo for 10+ years, my young family simply outgrew the setup. My advice is to use a quality WD hitch and brake controller, dial it all in, and you should be satisfied as long as you don't expect to win any races.
Fordlover 07/26/19 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: PU sales 2nd quarter (from an interesting source)

I can't believe how much trouble GM seems to be having with sales on the new trucks. Have you not seen them? https://cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/yOMwe/s1/2020-chevrolet-silverado-hd.jpg width=800 https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/screen-shot-2017-05-25-at-6-35-25-am-1495690657.png?crop=1.00xw:0.978xh;0,0&resize=480:* My guess? GM got their focus group from the local school for the blind. They thought it felt great. https://themorningnews.org/images/made/images/blind_prom/01_890_593.jpg height=250
Fordlover 07/24/19 01:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford aluminum body reduces repair cost

That’s all great! But what happens when the paint starts falling off when the aluminum starts corroding? All the manuf can’t keep paint on the aluminum panels they have now, wonder how it will look with full aluminum! The aluminum body for the F150 has been out since 2015 so there are some trucks on the road for almost 5 years. There is not one post on the FTE/F150 website regarding paint peeling. So that would tell everyone it's a non-issue. S The hood on my 2002 explorer is aluminum, and still has all the paint. Not sure how that knowledge would have been lost between then and 2015?
Fordlover 05/23/19 08:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Guys with generators ....

Solar is the only quiet generator. For internal combustion there's loud inverter and really loud contractor. Just my 2 cents. I suppose. But there really is a difference between a mid 50's dB genset that can be drowned out by the sizzling steak on the grill and a 90 dB gen set that only a 747 approaching the runway can drown out.
Fordlover 05/20/19 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: We don't need no stinkin 4X4 honey !

Wife and I upgraded our tow vehicle a few months back from a 150 SuperCrew to a 2016 F250 CC gaser 2 wheel drive. We test drove 2 identical trucks. One a 2wheel drive and the other a 4 wheel drive. My wife found the 4X4 difficult to get into because of a bad back. I told her that we didn't need 4 wheel drive. Haven't had a need for one in 20 years. Fast forward to last Saturday night. We attended a wedding in the country where it had been raining cats and dogs for 2 days. Yep, the parking was in a grassy field on an up hill slope. Yep, you guessed it. We sunk up to the rims on the truck. Me and several others had to be towed back to the road. Guess this truck is a little heavier than the old 150..... Lesson learned, stay on the pavement ! To be fair, it's been pretty wet around these parts lately. I've had to use the 4x4 twice recently at an investment property, because the locker couldn't get the job done, just kept digging the rear end deeper.
Fordlover 05/10/19 12:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Has anyone else panicked after they bought a trailer?

I pay cash for toys which I think keeps us from spending too much. Because you stayed within your budget my guess is you'll get over it. This helped us out as well, we'd saved the cash up to buy the camper, so it was no biggie before or after the deal closed. Now the truck, sometimes I wish we didn't owe so much on the truck, but ah well, I keep them for a long time, and the payment will be gone in less than 2 years.
Fordlover 04/25/19 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sedans, hatchbacks and wagons.

I think the SUV/CUV/truck era we are in just shows how vain we are in the states, which I think is a symptom of our success/wealth as a nation. This coming from someone who owns a $60K truck. I also believe dropping all sedans is a mistake, and believe Ford should have held on to at least one, like the Fusion or Focus for the next time gas prices head towards 4 bucks a gallon.
Fordlover 04/08/19 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: narrowing down our TT manufacturer and models

We had a 2007 Crossroads Sunset trail and generally speaking it was a pretty well built camper. The cabinetry inside was leaps and bounds better than our current Skyline/Evergreen. Good luck on your shopping
Fordlover 03/13/19 12:31pm Travel Trailers
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