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What is the best way to deal with snail mail?

My wife and I have sold our stick and brick house and are relocating to Florida, our house will not be done till late June. I travel for work, but in short stays covering long distances, logistics of getting a work truck and tool trailer moved prohibit moving the TT moved as frequently. The current plan is to park the camper near Wichita Ks. till mid March, then move to Tifton Ga. (my next work site) for several months, then moving the camper to Punta Gorda Fl. till our house is completed. What would be the best method of dealing with snail mail when we are bouncing around the country? Thanks for any help Erik
Fstmvrerik 01/17/21 03:15pm Full-time RVing
RE: SRW Tires

Always check your rim capacity also. I bought a SRW F350, I checked the tire capacity of Nitto 20" tires, it is 3750lb each. The rims that came with the truck were rated at 2640lb. I did not know this until I had cracked a rim (weight or off road hazard). I now have 4 k rims.
Fstmvrerik 12/31/20 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WD hitch setup with air bags

I am using an Anderson WD hitch and I set it up using the recommended settings and installation procedure. I do however have wildly fluctuating weights in my camper and the bed of my truck, between fresh and waste water and fuel, over a thousand pounds of weight plus or minus. I have found that by using the airbags after the trailer is hitched and WD hitch hooked up, I set the bottom of the hitch to the same measurement as the original set up elevation. The weight transfer is good and the trailer tows like a dream. I have scaled the truck several times, when the tongue weight gets heavy the weight transfer is effected, by unloading the front but I can still get close to unloaded weight on the front wheels. The bags do not effect the weight transfer, but do keep my headlights on the road.,
Fstmvrerik 12/26/20 07:09pm Towing
RE: Towing with a dually or single?need help please

I have pulled heavy fifth wheel campers and trailers for pleasure and work. The percentage of having a trailer hooked up to the truck has gone down to towing a trailer 3 or 4 times a month. I switched from DRW to a SRW one ton truck, the only time I miss the DRW is in high wind towing. I did worry about the safety factor of drive tire loss while towing, but got over that over the years. IMO the convenience and cost reduction of the SRW (when not full time towing) make it the best choice for me.
Fstmvrerik 12/20/20 08:42pm Towing
RE: RV without a WD hitch

I was exactly the OP. I bought a 39' TT after pulling 5th wheels. I knew my truck was more than capable, (15 F350CC 4X4), I towed it home with just a ball in 35-40mph crosswind. what should have been a 5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour trip at 55 instead of 70mph. Before we took the trailer out again I got an Anderson hitch that is not super great with weight distribution (that is not a necessity) but is great at sway control, and super easy to install, hook up and get correct adjustment for sway control. I have put over 7k on trailer since and I am very happy with my set up.
Fstmvrerik 12/18/20 09:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting close to a TT

I am pulling a 39' TT with an F350, it may not need the weight distribution so much, but sway control can be an issue in wind. I am really happy with my Anderson hitch, it helps a little with weight distribution, does a great job with sway. As far as being over length in older RV parks. I have been told parks have nothing for my rig length, but I have been easily able to back into sites and leave my tail overhanging the "parking" area and been just fine.
Fstmvrerik 11/30/20 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator use during travel

I did a road test this morning, the heater did not skip a beat (I was amazed). I was still worried about the underbelly tanks and knife blades on the waste, so I put a diverter on the front bedroom floor vent so I can run heat directly into the belly next to water and bathroom waste storage. Now I just wish I could replace my 30lb tanks with 2 100lb tanks I have in my garage, not going to start that project since I am really happy with my hitch adjustment and the added weight directly on the tongue.
Fstmvrerik 11/15/20 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator use during travel

I have never tried to run the propane furnace while driving, I always assumed it would not vent correctly and shut itself down and cycle on and off.
Fstmvrerik 11/14/20 09:13pm Travel Trailers
Generator use during travel

I plan on doing quite a bit of winter camping, including driving during midwest weather and temperatures. With my last fifth wheel I had an onboard generator to run 120v electric heaters to keep everything above freezing. I currently have a 39' Outback TT, that has a winter package with sealed underbelly. I have a gasoline 30 amp stand alone generator, and the camper has its shore power at the very rear of the rig. I have a class 3 hitch on the rear of the camper and was wondering if anybody has put a cargo carrier on the rear of the camper and used the generator on the carrier while in motion. I know from past experience the rear of the camper can be a fairly "active" area for cargo on some highways. I worry about a 120lb generator bouncing around on the back of my rig. Does anybody have any experience doing this?
Fstmvrerik 11/14/20 08:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen hitch doesn't suit, any other recommendations?

I am very happy with my Anderson hitch, I have the 3394 model that is rated at 16k trailer and 1600 tongue weight. I am pulling a 39' Outback and the loaded tongue weight is 1200 to 1300lbs, the trailer max weight capacity is 14k. My TV is an F350 srw with ride rite air bags installed. My primary concern in towing a long trailer was sway control and the Anderson hitch does an excellent job with my current set up. I chose the Anderson primarily for quick hitching and un-hitching and ease of adjusting weight transfer with changing trailer weights. The hitch is silent during travel and does not need to be removed for tight backing (as is required with some hitches). I was impressed by the anti-sway characteristics after driving in high Kansas winds on multiple occasions. I will note that the Anderson may not be a good choice if you are relying on the weight transfer aspect of the hitch. I can get my front end near unloaded weight, but not at fully unloaded weight. This hitch will not take the place of a correctly sized tow vehicle. If you have an over capable tow vehicle, and are looking for an easily adjustable and user friendly hitch that is quiet, the Anderson is a good option. It is not as inexpensive as some hitches mentioned here, but it checked off all of my requirements.
Fstmvrerik 10/15/20 08:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are truck/trailer rims a weak link?

I work doing traveling construction, dragging our office/tool trailer with me. Usually weight is just under 24k, which is our max tagged weight. I average about 95k miles a year, 2 or 3 sets of tires on average. On vacation a large percentage of destinations wind up on logging or fire roads. Mostly kayaking, hiking and a little climbing. So my tires and wheels see a lot of bad surfaces.
Fstmvrerik 09/19/20 07:35pm Towing
Are truck/trailer rims a weak link?

After reading a lot of information in regard to weights and towing on this forum I was crawling around my F350 srw looking at weight ratings for the various components on my truck. I have 3750 per tire, and 3640 per rim (both aftermarket). My heaviest scale ticket shows 6120 on my drive axle, which is under the 7280 weight rating of my rims: when you think about the pounding that happens driving down the road, how often does the weight exceed the rating of the rims? I have broken several rear rims and 1 front rim over my lifetime, but I have chalked them up to when I de-bead tires, or rock strikes doing stupid stuff driving to places probably above the trucks paygrade. Now wondering if highway travel and heavy trailers could be part of the problem. How frequently do rims fail?
Fstmvrerik 09/17/20 12:06pm Towing
RE: Scale weight, confused by to much data

Just completed first trip out, 1400 miles: western Ks winds, Colorado snow and wet roads. I am very happy with the quick adjustability of the Anderson. I have come to the conclusion that getting a perfect setup may be impossible as depending on how much water and waste water I am hauling (plus or minus 160 gal, all in front of the axles) and 120 gal of fuel, my weights swing pretty wide. After tearing down camp, re-hooking up and moving 6 times it seems I can keep the truck slightly nose down and the trailer level and everything rides and feels great. I usually have heavy trailers on the rear of my truck, and I do not believe it when people say "I could not tell there was a trailer behind me". In my opinion you always can feel a 14k trailer when driving. I know what it was like to pull this trailer with just the ball, scared the **** out of me over 65mph. With the Anderson ran it up to 75 and it felt solid, then backed down to 68 where my truck is happiest and was able to drive like I had a well loaded 14k trailer. I may re-weigh the truck just to see what is happening to my steer wheel weight if I get a chance, but overall I am really happy to be able to change the way the truck runs in a few minutes with the Anderson. It never made a peep of noise and I was able to back up at nearly 85 degrees without having to drop any bars or loosen chains. I appreciate the knowledge on this forum that is freely offered, it is an outstanding service offered to keep idiots like me out of the ditch!
Fstmvrerik 09/14/20 09:28pm Towing
RE: Scale weight, confused by to much data

Right now I keep 30 psi in my airbags for a nice ride, so the trailer tongue weight does not squat the truck much. I can easily drop some air and crank up the hitch, it may go to perfect level across the board. One downside to the Anderson hitch is that the height adjustment jumps by 1 1/2" increments, so I have to adjust elsewhere to keep the trailer from going nose high or 2" plus low on the front.
Fstmvrerik 09/08/20 04:27pm Towing
Scale weight, confused by to much data

I have just gone from a fifth wheel to a TT. I have installed an Anderson 16k hitch and have airbags also on my 2015 SRW F350. I have been weighing the truck as I go adjusting for a nearly level truck and trailer, also doing test drives. My freshwater holding tank is in the nose of the trailer (60 gal) and can carry 95 gal of fuel. I have the ability to shift 250lb of loaded weight fairly easily. My hitch is set for sway control reduction primarily, I used the hitch height adjustment to get truck/trailer leveled out. I have been scaling the truck as I go but am a little unsure of the data as to what it means as far as safety and longevity of the truck. GVWR truck: 10800 trailer: 10500 GAWR trailer: 5200 each axel GCWR 21000 Weight tickets: Truck fully fueled and loaded for travel Steering: 5000 Drive:4080 Gross:9080 Truck/trailer with standard ball hitch empty trailer Steering: 4420 Drive: 6200 Trailer 8080 Gross:18700 Truck/trailer with Anderson hitch fully loaded for travel TV/TT nearly level, trailer nose down, truck level. Steering: 4580 Drive 6100 Trailer 8440 Gross:19120 It drives very well considering todays wind (25 30 mph), what should I be looking to get by either shifting load, or tensioning up the hitch? Thanks for any advice offered. Erik
Fstmvrerik 09/07/20 05:47pm Towing
RE: TT Insurance

We have State Farm, when we were shopping around we were shocked to find out that fiberglass or composite trailers are 20/30% cheaper to insure than corrugated steel or aluminum in the midwest due to hail damage claims. Make sure you tell the agent.
Fstmvrerik 08/14/20 09:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

I just installed the air bags, and did a test pull. I hooked the trailer up and leveled the trailer, (slightly nose down). The truck was a little rear end high due to my non adjustable hitch. On the highway there was a slight side breeze (15/20 mph). The trailer behaved itself pretty well. I did not scale the truck trailer yet to figure out how much weight I am pulling off of the front wheels. I need to get the trailer fully loaded, and get the truck full of fuel (140 gal) so I can figure out what is going on weight wise. Still do not have the Anderson hitch, they are backlogged still. The main reasons I went with the Anderson is its ease of hookup, quietness, and I do not have to mess with it backing up. It seems I spend quite a bit of time going backwards when we camp. I am hoping for anti sway, not to worried about weight yet, I will see what load management does to keep my weight on the front wheels.
Fstmvrerik 08/14/20 06:56pm Towing
Learning curve going from 5th wheel to TT

I have logged thousands of fifth wheel miles, my wife and I decided to switch to a TT to allow us to carry our kayaks on the truck (easy to load). My truck is an F350srw 4X4 short bed, the trailer we bought is an 2021 Outback 340BH, 39 ft long empty weight 8787, tongue wt 1040. When we bought the trailer I hooked up with my regular hitch that after hitching up the top of the ball was about 2 1/2" below what was level on the trailer (the weight dropped the truck about 3") the springs were just touching the helper springs). I drove home and found the trailer was a real handful over 60mph, with sway issues starting (also 30mph side winds). Once we got home I ordered an Anderson hitch for sway control. I have a set of air bags that I am going to install. I am wondering if I should set up my new hitch with the truck kept level, or slightly nose down when adjusting my ball height to keep the trailer level, or slightly nose down; or should I set the ball height with air bags at 5psi and adjust the trailer after loading with the airbags to level or slightly nose down. I am not terribly worried about my steering axle weight, so the hitch is primarily to help control sway and bouncing. I am totally new to TT towing and it is an entirely different towing experience. Am I headed in the right direction, or is my thinking flawed?
Fstmvrerik 08/05/20 07:45pm Towing
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