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RE: Tearing down an RV safely

If I take it tot he dump, it'll cost me more than tearing it apart and taking the pieces to the dump. Also, if the frame is good, I'm making a flatbed out of it. Rent a small excavator for a weekend, dig a large hole, then use the machine to rip the structure from the frame. Bury the metal, burn the remainder. Mostly a waste of time and money as the frame will probably need a lot of reinforcement added to be used as a cargo or utility trailer, and the axle capacity will most likely not cover its repurposed use after conversion. A deck substantial enough to use will weigh as much as the box you ripped off the top. It would be cheaper to buy one designed for the intended purpose. Around here local auto salvage or scrap yards will take them free, some will even pay you for them.
GDS-3950BH 01/21/21 03:30am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tampa RV show

If you go to the RV show tell us about it. Superspreader event.
GDS-3950BH 01/16/21 07:26am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

.... - no one will ever force you to get vaccinated. I would not bank on that statement. We are in a brave new world of constraints on freedom. Wanna travel? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna go to school? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna shop in our store? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna be a part of society? Show us your papers. Exactly. LOL......exactly twice. My brother in PA was telling me last night that the mayor of Pittsburgh is talking requiring all city employees to take the vaccine as a condition of employment. Dont take it, give up your job. Also his mother in law is in a care home and is 93, she has yet to be able to get a shot as the state of PA is only about 40% completed with those high risk folks. Interestingly they have vaccinated 98% of the state prison population. Line up for your tattoo and registration number. Its not really going to matter much while you're standing in bread and soup lines. An additional $1400 handout to most, and extending UIC through Sept 2022 while tacking on an an additional $400 per week. Bend over folks, someone is going to pay for this financial suicide.
GDS-3950BH 01/16/21 07:24am Truck Campers
RE: Opinions on Grand Design Fifth Wheels

As a 6 year owner of one and a frequent RV show attendee, my opinion is that GD charges a premium price for a rig not built or outfitted with any better appliances/components then Keystone, Jayco, or any of the rest in the $40-$60 thousand price range. Two things happened to GD that to me that diminished the quality; they got too big too fast and they got bought out by Winnebago. The GD faithful will vehemently dispute that but around 2017 when sales really took off and the original 3 owners of GD sold out(one stayed on) the complaints about quality really started to increase. If I were looking again, I'd base my criteria first on floor plan/livability and then on price comparison. If a Jayco or Cougar has a similar floor plan and was cheaper, that's where I'd go. Exactly, and thats coming from a two time owner. The first made early in the first year of production which was not bad at all, the second made early in 2019 which was a total piece of garbage. Grand Design started using more Lippert garbage than anyone else which is a hard thing to accomplish. They were very successful at pulling the wool over a lot of folks eyes, mine included. You have to give them credit for the marketing though. PT Barnum said it best.
GDS-3950BH 01/15/21 02:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

I won't waste my time waiting in line for an unproven vaccine with questionable side-effects, kind of like not buying a new car in it's first production year until the kinks are worked out. I'll give it some time to prove itself before I partake. Even with the vaccine, people still have to wear masks and follow the protocols. Wow! With that mindset Covid will be around a long time for some people. In the healthcare community they are of a mindset where somewhere between 30% to 40% of healthcare workers are refusing to take the vaccine, now what?
GDS-3950BH 01/14/21 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Trion V10

Was this a GM sponsored show? GM sponsors shows on backwater AM talk radio stations to bash the competition? Interesting. Please tune in to Joe the mechanics Automotive advice line Saturday morning at 10 on KEGR, sponsored by Mary Barra.
GDS-3950BH 01/14/21 02:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Border Regulations

The border is not closed to Canadians. If your friend has a Canadian passport they cannot refuse entry. Something is missing in that story. But I read it on the Internet.
GDS-3950BH 01/14/21 02:34am Snowbirds
RE: Chipmunks

Squirrels will get rid of chipmunks, get a squirrel. Then get a woodchucks to take care of the squirrels? Then get Bill Murray to get rid of the woodchucks? Prolly easier to just kill the chipmunks. Will they not go to a trap with peanut butter on it or similar? Bill Murray has reached official geezer status, his gopher safari days are long behind him. He's probably posting under an incognito moniker on these boards such as Carl Spackler or Sandy McFiddish. I'd find a Honey Badger.
GDS-3950BH 01/12/21 02:55am General RVing Issues
RE: How difficult to install new brake drums

Almost any brake shop or even a Napa with a machine shop can measure the drums to see if they are worn out. But just think about this. Most every car with 200,000 miles on it is still running the original rear brake drums. That is if the shop can even find the specs to measure them. Then what? The typical drums for trailers do not have enough meat to do any resurfacing, they can not be compared to a car drum, they're basically a consumable. Napa and most brake shops will not be set up to resurface the face where the magnets ride regardless. Even the shoes have little lining, Dexter's have 5/32" lining when new. They're designed to be supplemental, not primary. The entire package can be had on Ebay, Eastern Marine etc for @ less than $200.00 for a tandem.
GDS-3950BH 01/11/21 02:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving breakers in the camper on while away?

Sounds like paranoid old timers Here? You're kidding right? LOL!
GDS-3950BH 01/10/21 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Chock RV on snow/ice. NEED HELP!!!

will not be publicly ridiculed. Famous last words.
GDS-3950BH 01/09/21 08:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Shore power plug conversion?

RVnet solutions looking for problems.
GDS-3950BH 01/09/21 06:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First Diesel trip in US 1930

Were all going to wake up on Jan 21 and be green, and we'll all join in song, after breakfast of course, and belt out Kumbaya. By summer RVing and camping should become a little less popular resulting in increased campsite availability. That's going to take a little longer. Covid should be a thing of the past by Jan 31st, but the price of fuel hitting $4.00-$5.00 per gallon may take a few months, probably until May or June. They're already getting a head start on it though.
GDS-3950BH 01/08/21 01:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Montana Fifth Wheel

A little write up in the RV magazine rating the Montana Fifth Wheels in the top eight for cold weather camping . I never felt my previous 2008 Montana was very good in sub freezing weather. Apparently they have improved with their Arctic package. Having owned a Montana previously, and taking into account my brother has a 2019 Montana High Country, they have improved nothing. Its all a load of BS just the same as the spew Keystone puts in their brochures and on their website. RV magazine is owned by Camping World, Camping World is a Keystone dealer. Not hard to figure out.
GDS-3950BH 01/05/21 12:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

I sure hope they bing back the Q and A and the area where they go to bat for the owner with a manuf. Why would they have an interest in going to bat for you with a manufacturer? When Camping World took over it went from being a magazine about trailers and owners to being a magazine published by the same folks that are trying to sell you the junk product. They would be going to bat for you with the manufacturer/s they are in bed with.
GDS-3950BH 01/03/21 10:27pm Good Sam Club
RE: Anybody in Quartzsite?

Well the Escapees have just canceled the scheduled Boomerville which is a big annual event. That won't help attendance. Interesting....wonder why? Perhaps so they can all have time to go stand on top of each other for hours at Walmarts, Home Depots, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's LOL.
GDS-3950BH 01/02/21 10:36am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Dometic Fridge Problem in a brand new unit

The Forest River site has a Dynamax Rep member that responds to questions about his products. The Forest River site also has lots of posts/threads about that DMR-702 model fridge being garbage in a lot of cases. Its the first model that Dometic had the entire fridge outsourced to China and then slapped their name on it. They call it the Renaissance Series, perhaps the Junk series would be more appropriate? Dometic today is not the Dometic of 10 years ago. They took lessons from from LCI.
GDS-3950BH 01/02/21 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: I just got the new RV Magazine

I noticed a sign at Manassas Camping World that when you buy one of the overpriced RV's, which also includes busting out a few thousand in fees, prep, and other assorted charges, you get a free subscription to the catalog you folks are discussing LOL.
GDS-3950BH 01/02/21 05:03am Good Sam Club
RE: Anyone good with A/V receivers?

Have you guys cut holes in your cabinets and installed cooling fans? Its very dusty here and wondering how the different computer fan filters compare. Seems like several options in the 120mm size. I see an Artic brand fan that comes with a temp probe on amazon. It doesnt list the temps it gets activated at. Still such a novice i need to check the back of the AV receiver. Im guessing there is a good spot to give power to cabinet cooling fans. Whats the most common is it 5v or 12v back there? I need to pull the instruction manual out start reading. I love learning. Not so much reading. LOOK HERE But I doubt you'll need cabinet cooling with that Yamaha. On 2nd thought, if you push it enough to need cabinet cooling you'll surely have some pissed off folks around you in a park or campground.
GDS-3950BH 01/01/21 11:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Turning Point pin boxes on new campers!

Makers have written off a small RVer segment who want short and light fifth wheels. They did not write anybody off, they went with the cheapest option possible where they could throw the most $ at the bottom line like they do with everything, and it usually involves Lippert. Most have the same MO and if you think they don't your living in Fantasy land. Bottom line is they could care less if you purchase as they know someone else will.
GDS-3950BH 01/01/21 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
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