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RE: Canada sizzling!

Sizzling here in VA also.....Charlottesville is supposed to be 94 tomorrow. Hoping its not Armageddon, perhaps its just Summer, like the ones in the past.
GDS-3950BH 06/27/21 07:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Bike rack

It depends on the gauge of the tube used for the bumper, and how its attached to the frame rails. Lots of variables. About the only thing that is kind of common is if its a Lippert frame most likely a bad idea without a lot of added reinforcement and there is a 100% chance your Grand Design has one. All of that said I see plenty of folks with bikes hanging off of rear bumpers and have yet to see a pile of them on the road other than pictures posted in RV/camping related forums, and its usually the same picture that has been posted thousands of times for 15 years LOL. Heck I seen a Grand Design TT picture where the entire rear wall fell off on the way home from the PDI.
GDS-3950BH 06/24/21 03:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

GDS-3950BH 06/24/21 03:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can tires be off ground on auto leveling system?

It's all good until one of the jacks decides to break loose at its mounting points or bends the frame, such as happened with the POS Grand Design Solitude we had. Underdesigned Lippert junk.. Also the equalizer link can flip when the wheels leave the ground and in that case you need a good stout jack, or some blocks to jam under the spring eye and lower the leveling Jack's to flip it back. Careful using the blocks and leveler to flip an equalizer back, you might bend the frame or rip the jack off. When we had our frame problems we put the 5er on a perfectly level shop floor and ran the Jack's in both auto level and manual, checking frame deflection with measurements and string lines. No wonder we experienced the frame issues. If ran in manual and we raised the wheels off the floor, the amount of frame deflection was shocking. Of course Grand Design claimed all was normal. So normal they took it back to the factory and repaired it. The repairs quickly failed. I don't know how things bending and welds cracking is normal but so be it. All the creaking and moaning when those Jack's are operated is your rig telling you how shoddily it's put together.
GDS-3950BH 06/24/21 02:53am Tech Issues
RE: 50 Gal Water Tank Mounting

What failed allowing it to fall out? Did the straps bend or the self tapping screws fail? If the screws failed did the pull out of the frame or just pull apart? If the straps bent or sagged you can get some thicker angle or tube steel to stretch across the frame under the tank. If the self tapping bolts broke or came out you can look into bigger self tapping bolts or even through bolt with a bolt and a nut. If the bottom of the tank is flush with the bottom of the frame then consider adding a third or even fourth cross piece under the tank. The first thing to fail were the self-tapping screws, which allowed the supporting l-beams to twist and the tank fell out full of water. The only thing that stopped it from crashing to the ground was the underbody cover. I was in the trailer when it happened and I thought someone had crashed into me. I've come to the conclusion that I can't really use the original hardware at all because over time trying to jury rig a solution, the original support beams have warped and just don't seem reliable anymore. I currently have it rigged up with cargo straps, which seems to sort of work, but I don't think it's a long term solution, especially since I think movement will eventually cut through them. That's why I'm looking for a preferably easy design for something I can just rest on the frame of the trailer and maybe keep in place with a bolt or something that supports the entire tank from the bottom. Go to some of the brand specific forums such as Jayco owners or Forest River and you'll see this is a recurring issue usually caused by the use of Lippert Frames and the standard tank mounting system Lippert provides these manufacturers, including Winnebago, Grand Design, etc. What you call support beams are probably nothing more than some underdesigned soft steel plate bent into an angle. You can find hundreds of examples, maybe thousands, if you search around. Forest Rivers response to owners whose tanks fall out is to tell them they are not supposed to travel with water in the tanks. Read through this one.
GDS-3950BH 06/24/21 02:24am Tech Issues
RE: What a deal!---no thanks

Can we start a few more threads on the price of trucks right now? Nobody is forcing you to buy. Nobody is forcing you to sell. If you can take advantage of the current market, though, take advantage of it. It won't last. Really? No one is being forced to buy? Amazing! And as far as the thread in general why not a few more on the price of trucks? As opposed threads on subjects that meet your approval?
GDS-3950BH 06/23/21 10:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

Did you really expect to get into a 6 year newer truck for only 9-16K? No, not at all. I also don't expect to get into that one for $34K nor will I. $38K trade for a 42K mile truck that will get upper $50sK on their lot the day after being traded, and $5K over sticker on new? No thanks. FYI I've moved into a few for @ $16K or a little more in the past. In a year or so this market could be 180 degrees turned around, and probably will be.
GDS-3950BH 06/23/21 02:01am Tow Vehicles
Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

Found this online https://i.imgur.com/U1WIbu2l.jpg Nice, and supposedly in stock in Ohio, has just about everything I would get if doing a special order. Even called these clowns and asked about this.................the sticker lol. https://i.imgur.com/mcZarSll.jpg "All of our Super Dutys are priced $5000 above sticker and this price is not open to negotiation" ROFLMAO Clicked on the "get E Price" and that came back at the "sale" price of $72K LOL. Needless to say we talked trade, just had to do it, 2015 F250 Lariat 6.7 with 42K miles and they shot back a lowball price.........$38K........KBB says a range of $51K to $58K FWIW........ Someday things will get back to some resemblance of normal and these guys can go out back and screw themselves. Why do I need to know what the California Air Resources board says about Environmental Performance when buying a truck in Ohio? Welcome to 2021.
GDS-3950BH 06/22/21 03:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

When I was campground host back in 2014 up above Truckee, CA. We were instructed to let generator run past posted hours if violator say they're on CPAP. This rule was dictated by ADA. No exceptions. So, everyone heading to doc to get script for CPAP so they can run their genny. Like an old neighbor 15 yrs or so ago. Was on disability and had a blue HC tag hanging from his rear view mirror. Did not stop him from splitting wood all summer long or carrying bundles of shingles up a 40' ladder when he re roofed his house lol.
GDS-3950BH 06/14/21 03:12am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: It’s that time again.

Motorhead, Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Helen Reddy, Debbie Gibson.
GDS-3950BH 06/14/21 02:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

The best were the cheap geezers with expensive MHs with onboard generators at the state park campgrounds who reserved a non electric site to save $5, then ran thosse things 24/7, while surrounded mostly by tent campers. Inconsiderate indeed.
GDS-3950BH 06/13/21 11:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Virginia GCWR rules / commercial / travel trailer

I got the f350 srw 11300 gvwr, if registered that way it is right at $100 more to register annually. Tell them 10000 gvwr and a cheaper registration annually. Yeah but what happens if you are pulled over and they realize your tags don't match real GVWR? Besides I am talking about a 14,000 lbs gvwr dually ;) Yeah:S. Because that happens so often I've never seen nor heard of it happening to anyone in 40 years of driving. Slap your head all you want ;) but what you are suggesting is technically fraud (tax evasion), no? I know my vehicle is 14,000 lbs GVWR, it says so on the sticker and I go and tell them it is 10,000 lbs GVWR... No shooting offense but why willingly put yourself in a situation where you can be dragged through the system. I am pretty sure nobody will pull you over for fun and check your tags for correct weights but it MAY happen if you were involved in a (serious) accident, no? No and No......unless you like drama. It's a non issue unless you are operating commercially in VA. :S :S :S
GDS-3950BH 06/13/21 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Virginia GCWR rules / commercial / travel trailer

I got the f350 srw 11300 gvwr, if registered that way it is right at $100 more to register annually. Tell them 10000 gvwr and a cheaper registration annually. Yeah but what happens if you are pulled over and they realize your tags don't match real GVWR? Besides I am talking about a 14,000 lbs gvwr dually ;) Yeah:S. Because that happens so often I've never seen nor heard of it happening to anyone in 40 years of driving.
GDS-3950BH 06/13/21 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Thor Industries now has $14 billion in backlogged orders

Lots of Grand Design units for sale in Gadsden. I'm surprised people think those are good quality durable units on the web reviews, to me they are built like ultra light models. Very thin counter tops, very light duty cabinets and the floors flex as I walk around. Grand Design did a great marketing job and created a cult like following which I never bought into despite owning two Grand Design products. The first built in 2013 was ok, but nothing above previous owned trailers built by Forest River or Thor companies. The second built in 2019, a Solitude which is their self proclaimed top of the line, was absolute junk. So much so that we dumped it at a loss to get from under the recurring issues and trips back to their factory. Nothing much Grand about them.
GDS-3950BH 06/12/21 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Thor Industries now has $14 billion in backlogged orders

Articles in business and trade publications like that or corporate reports reflect the past. Orders are not sales. They have to have a rosy picture for the investors and always paint it that way. Wait 6 months to a year until inflation, which is running away with no topoff in sight, and the increased prices of energy and materials catch up with the RV industry. Plywood has more than doubled in price, steel and other metals also. That has to be passed on in future prices which will eventually slam the brakes on sales. Then they tear up or hit delete key on the orders.
GDS-3950BH 06/12/21 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Loose Grab Handle

If using those toggle bolts. You might have to snip those expanding ends to get into that narrow wall. Those toggle bolts are made for 2" regular homes where as the RV walls are 1"-1 1/2". 2" walls in regular homes? Remove the handle, take a drill bit and mark it with a piece of tape so you don't penetrate the interior. Drill out the holes and rout the bit around at an angle, creating a cone in the interior foam. Inject some epoxy, power grab, liquid nails etc into the holes, then reinstall the handle after it has cured.
GDS-3950BH 06/11/21 02:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

...going to be annoyed that you haven't bothered to invest in an appropriate solar setup for your usage. ...solar set up cost about the same as a factory installed built 5500 Onan. Being annoyed at other people that they haven't spent a few extra thousand dollars (at least) so *you* don't have to hear a generator... priceless :R ;) This entire thread is priceless lol.
GDS-3950BH 06/11/21 02:56am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Border open?

What a joke. They're initiating a "GROUP" to study it....again? https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/canada-soon-say-how-it-will-ease-curbs-us-border-fully-vaccinated-citizens-pm-2021-06-08/ This was said over a month ago. and the results are??? Well, no problem. As I said previously, if the border didn't open by April 21, we wouldn't be heading north this year or ever again. And it didn't and we aren't. We have a contract pending on the RV and will NOT be buying another. It was a good run while it lasted, over 250,000 RV miles since 2003, (9 driving trips to Alaska and Canada) but as long as the idiot politicians continue to play politics, they won't have us in the game. A great time to sell a high end RV though. :S Has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with people's safety. “Safety” according to which political party? Last time I looked the rest of the world wasn't made up of reps or dems and they got to share in the pandemic too. Many of the same precautions were implement all around the globe. Didn't look like party affiliation to me. Too many people get but hurt if they can't have their own way. Where in the US or a state constitution does it give government the responsibility to "keep folks safe"? I have now heard "we're keeping you safe" or some rewording of it enough times in a year it makes me want to hurl chunks when I hear it again. Quit being wussies. We're well on our way to raising a 2nd generation in a row of those. My HR dept and new hires over the last few years confirm that. Personal responsibility is very rare.
GDS-3950BH 06/11/21 02:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Idaho raising rates at selected state parks

This is nothing. State and Federal Budgets are a mess, some a lot more than others, and no bureaucracy generates one dime of income, that comes from taxes and fees. The can can only be kicked down the road so far, and since March 2020 they've been kicking continuously. This bubble will burst soon and make 2008/2009 feel like it was just a small bump in the road.
GDS-3950BH 06/11/21 02:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: GRRR Ford Dealer - 2022 SD

Don't be so quick to throw the salesman under the bus. Orders are not placed by the salespeople -- they're placed by management. A little common sense tells you that a salesman doesn't get paid until the vehicle is delivered, so where's his incentive to see that it goes anywhere but to his retail buyer? I notice on this forum that people jump on salesmen a lot, and deem them mostly dishonest. Spending 30 years in the automobile business prior to retiring and going into Real Estate in 2012 showed me otherwise.What's your impression of realtor honesty? My daughter has a low opinion. She has had bad experience after bad experience with realtors. On her recent home purchase the realtor and inspector seemed to be in cahoots and tried everything possible to get her to sign a new contract with less advantageous terms than the one already in place. And now she's found additional rain damage from the bad roof (it was sold as is) that the inspector didn't "find."You do realize that a realtor doesn't work for the buyer right? They work for the seller who pays themfrom the sale proceeds, and signed a contract with them, before any buyer is even on the scene. PhilH............ Perhaps you need to get a Realtor involved in your truck order fiasco?
GDS-3950BH 06/10/21 03:00am Tow Vehicles
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